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  1. Just one point of clarification - the 3 year rule applies to anyone married to a USC, not just the USC who originally petitioned them.
  2. As long as you go through an actual officer who looks at your documents you're all set. Just no automated kiosks.
  3. You were notified that USCIS is aware your adjustment of status was improper. That's about your green card not being legitimately given.
  4. You can't file for citizenship without being a LRP first. Sounds like your best bet is going home.
  5. R1 Visa Holder

    Each job requires a separate visa.
  6. It's hard to prove a negative. Do you have links to cases where ROC was denied solely because of annulment based on fraud? Or any documentation that says that would happen?
  7. Standards for annulment based on fraud are not federal, immigration is.
  8. Not necessarily, divorce and immigration are separate. As long as OP can prove he entered the marriage in good faith he can ROC. Sure, that might be harder if there's enough evidence of fraud for an annulment, but still possible.
  9. OP, you can remove conditions on your green card even if she gets her annulment, so worry more about collecting evidence that you entered into the marriage in good faith. Or you can go home if that's what you want.
  10. This would be the case if there was an overstay.
  11. My letter expired and I got a stamp. I did not get an RFE.
  12. I tried that and was told I had to wait until I had the green card to file (and pay) to have it changed.
  13. To add to this, the ### on the line is yours, not theirs, so always remember to double-check what they do. Sometimes it's easier to just DIY.
  14. No, your wife can't petition her mother as an LPR. She needs citizenship. Sponsorship for immigration is determined by your number of dependents - so yes, a child will mean you need more assets.