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  1. That's really interesting. Congrats. So they went ahead and did the interview in STL anyway, even though you told them you're now living in Chicago? I thought the interview had to happen in the district where you're currently living. Yeah, she wouldn't really mind coming back up to Chicago after we move south, if that's how it turns out -- just want the interview to HAPPEN! :-)
  2. Here's our data point, in case it helps: My wife successfully applied for Global Entry while waiting for ROC. We followed instructions from an officer, who said to add exactly one year to the expiration date of the conditional green card (i.e. the one-year extension noted in the letter) when asked to enter the GC expiration date in the online application. She did that, had the interview, and was approved with no issues. (Actually using Global Entry was another matter; she was able to cut the line and go to the front to speak with an officer, but could not use the kiosks themselves until the 10-year GC eventually came. We knew this in advance. To us, though, it was worth it to have PreCheck together during the ROC wait.)
  3. Chicago N400 filers

    July 12, 2017 (online).
  4. Chicago N400 filers

    Nope. Still waiting, alas.
  5. Is this similar to your case? (When you say I-400, do you mean N-400, which is the citizenship application form?)
  6. Yay! It's so nice to hear that sometimes, things do go well with parts of this process. :-)
  7. Did you end up getting your passport in time for your trip on April 9? (I hope so!)
  8. Apparently this just happened to @tiglon the other day, too.
  9. Cool! I read your post, and then I read this: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/10/nyregion/supreme-court-ruth-bader-ginsburg-naturalization-ceremony.html Your ceremony made the New York Times!
  10. Ha! We're swapping! My wife applied in July 2017 in Chicago, but we'll be moving to St. Louis soon and fully expect to have to change addresses & do the interview there because Chicago is taking so long. I hope your interview comes up before too much longer...
  11. Chicago N400 filers

    So frustrating! I really hope this gets resolved quickly, so you can move directly to your oath.
  12. Jury duty letter!

    Yes. You may be called again to serve in the future. Any citizen who is called must follow the instructions to serve, unless you have a valid reason to seek to be excused at that time, in which case you must communicate that through the official channels as described in the instructions.