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  1. @Amisharjil back 2014 my husband pay it after i received my Visa Packet. when i get to US it took only 2 weeks and i received my green card.. the sooner you pay the fastest you received your green card.. Congrats and Enjoy while you're still in your country.
  2. @soniavh i dont think you need to send passport photos. I think thats for NVC stage. here's what i send to my parents I130 form G1145 form checked $535 copy of my Naturalization certificate copy of my birth certificate copy of my marriage certificate copy of my mom birth certificate and dad birth certificate since i petition both of them w/ separate folders copy of my mom and dad marriage certificate Hope that helps.
  3. Joining this thread for my Mom and Dad.. Sent: June 23 Received: June 25
  4. That is way long.. back 2014 i meet a woman in my interview and she forgot to bring the IRS transcript.. we exchange phone number after the interview thats how i found out she got visa issued after 2 weeks she send the 221g which is the IRS transcript. Did you try call the US Embassy? or ask help State Senator? Your Father needs a new medical exam since its expired 6months. sorry to hear that.
  5. Hello Everyone... Anyone who applied n400 while pending I-751? Received my 10 yr green card after passing my N400 interview.. i though no 10 yr green card issue since i got approved in N400... anyone? thank you
  6. Received my 10 year green card after my N400 interview... IO confiscate my 2yr green card during my N400 interview and told me i wont received green card but today i received it. now waiting on my Oath taking... Good luck everyone
  7. Thank you @xilef. i was there for N400 interview but when the woman called me she said "Sir i need you to come with us" and then when we are in the room she explain the reason. and he interview us about our marriage. just simple question. and then she asked me if i want my husband inside the room while doing n400 interview and i said no.. i get nervous when my husband there.. and yes i filled online.
  8. Case status changed after my interview. They dont give me Oat Schedule since i have pending I-751. Thank you Everyone and Good luck.
  9. Case status changed after my interview. They dont give me Oat Schedule since i have pending I-751. Thank you Everyone and Good luck.
  10. Thank you @Ozgirl1981 make sure bring your husband in your interview. and bring supporting documents. They interview us since i have pending I-751. She ask my IRS transcript and bank account but when she dig on my papers i have lots of copy there so she us me anything supporting documents that i didn't sent on my I-751. lucky i bring a copy of our house title and thats all she took to me.
  11. @Ozgirl1981 N400 interview schedule on May 7....