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  1. Hello everyone, First, thank you all for your inputs on this forum, we would not have gotten this far if not because of you. We are wondering if you can share your interview process with us, especially those who were held at the downtown office. (Jacob Javits Federal Building) We have gone through many sites online seeing the same core questions to prepare ourselves, but we want to be ready when a curve ball comes. We also want to know if the questions differ from couples that are newly married (2 years or less) to those who are married considerably longer. Most of the questions seem to be designed for the former. A little bit about us: We met in High school, I was an international student, she, a pretty Brooklyn girl. We started dating at her senior year ( we are the same age but i was held back a year because of ESL) and continued into college. We got married in 2004 while we were still in school but did not file for AOS because she wanted to be the sponsor. I fell out of F-1 status (over-stay) after school ended. At 2010 we first tried to file through a lawyer and it got no where. We changed a few lawyers over the years and were not satisfied with all of them. (One even passed us along to colleges and delayed us for almost a year without doing anything.) At the end of 2015 we were so fed up and started the process ourselves. I combed through VJ and other similar sites, gathered all the documents and filed everything at once. (including EAD/AP) The package was received in Apirl 04 2016, we were asked for additional evidence (2015 Tax return specifically, since at the time of prepping was before the deadline for filing tax return) and supplemented those in June 2016. Received the I-797 on Feb 2017, and scheduled for interview on March 22 2017. We file taxes together through out the years, with me as dependent. I have not worked - in fear of complication. (Wife is ultra paranoid since she had a hard time getting her citizenship, originally from Poland) Thank you for your inputs and I will gladly answer any questions you have regarding preparing the package.