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    Openly gay and happily married since 08/15/2013. We could not get married in California until 2013 because of Prop 8 the gay marriage ban, which was tossed out by U.S Supreme Court in summer 2013. The Supreme Court in late June 2013 also struck down the congress approved Defense of Marriage Act which rendered LGBT families ineligible for immigration benefits, so for the first time, we were able to file AOS as a married couple. I've known my spouse for 20 years, we got married and filed for AOS in November 2013, but I was found inadmissible due to my two misdemeanors at the AOS interview in March 2014. We were requested to file 601 waiver. We filed in April 2014, and we got 485 and 601 waiver approved in late October that year.

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  1. Yes, congrats. Finally, that is a real update, yes. And you know your both applications are not in Lee Summit,lol. Now, that is a real update you got there.
  2. Yes, thanks for the wish, I will do my best next Wed.
  3. And Trekkipj who got his citizenship certificate yesterday just got a whole bunch of updates saying his 751 was transferred to another office, lol, that is retarded. Seriously guys, I would not look into those updates anymore. The real update is when you are approved unfortunately. These updates don't mean anything, they are just created to basically stop us from calling or requesting inquiries because it seems indefinite for 400/751 combo applicants. I have seen a couple of bloggers got "green card was mailed" after they got naturalized!LOLOL
  4. I think CSC's severe backed up is causing many problems. These so called "updates" are a ploy to falsely make applicants think their cases are going somewhere. There's no way that my application is now in Lee Summit, Missouri. So many of us who have applied for 400 while 751s were pending all of a sudden are back to "initial review" and back to NBC after our both applications were sent to our field offices? Yeah right. The new processing time for 751 at field offices is 2 to 4 years, it is obviously a ploy to discourage people from applying 400 while 751s are pending. It probably has something to do with Trump.
  5. Most likely means nothing. A buddy just told me he took the oath yesterday and his 751 just got updated to transferred to another new office, like me.
  6. The strange thing is they knew my husband was dying because I presented evidence at the 400 interview, I put up a packet to request immediate swearing in and approval of both applications based on humanitarian ground with tons of medical evidence and dr's letter, and my husband passed 3 days after the interview, but they did it not approve my 400 until May 2nd. I submitted my husband's death certificate in early Apirl already. So they had to know the passing of my husband before they approved my 400, maybe they granted my packet then and they just didn't notify me. We will see.
  7. Oh thank you so much. You are the first one who told me you were still getting updates even after you took the oath, so I am not the only one, I am not worried about the two updates anymore. Thanks for confirming that with me. Yes, of course, I will he honest and upfront, and I will have my husband's death certificate ready, I have already filled out the 445. Maybe they will naturalize me anyway, if that is the case, that will be a miracle and I will also try to have them stamped on the copy of my 445 for self protection as instructed by my lawyer because as long as I answer the form truthfully under oath, I will be ok if they naturalize me, if not, I will just re apply for 400 next August. I Just have to have a copy stamped or signed by USCIS if they end up naturalizing me. Thanks for your condolences. I am glad my immigration journey is coming to an end soon. Congrats to your naturalization.
  8. Exactly. I will find out if they made a mistake or not. I will try hard to protect myself for the long run too. My lawyer advised me if they end up naturalizing me regardless my husband's passing, I need to have evidence that shows I answered every question truthfully under oath so they won't use it against me in the event of their attempt to denaturalize me. What Trump and his justice department have been doing to our immigration scare me though. We will see what happens.
  9. Just so you know, I got the transfer notice after my 751 was approved, but they also approved my 400 which might have been a mistake because my husband passed away 3 days after the 400 interview. It is a mess, but I am going to the oath next week as ordered, I should know what is going on next week.
  10. That is what I thought, congrats.
  11. Congrats. I assume you didn't apply for 400? Correct?
  12. Will do, can't wait till next week. It will be concluded one way or another. Thanks for the wish.
  13. I hope you are right, from your mouth to god's ear. I guess they did approve my 400, otherwise, they would not have scheduled my oath ceremony unless they made a mistake. However, I am going to be cautiously optimistic and realistic at the same time. I will go in and just do what I am supposed to do and turn in the form i already filled out and see what happens. It is either the naturalization or green card status. Of course I am hoping for the former, but I also want to be realistic so I don't set myself for disappointment. We will see what happens. thanks for the wish and encouragement. One more week, and I will find out what the hell is going on. Good luck to you, I hope you get approved soon too.