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  1. This is exactly how Infilled it and submitted it in the initial packet. Should I send it again?
  2. So do I need to send form I-864 again or not?
  3. Yes my spouse makes makes plenty on her own. Since we filed taxes jointly, do I need to include my work permit? I know my income is not considered but I am thinking that USCIS would be interested in knowing that my source of income was legal.
  4. Yes I legally made the income. I am an F-1 student and made that income working on campus at my college with a valid on campus work permit and paid my taxes.
  5. So we just received an RFE. My USC spouse makes about $38,000 annually. Last year she made about $35k and I made about $15k. Our combined income was about $50k. In the RFE its asking for W-2's, 1099's and tax schedules(if any). The RFIE also stated that her income did not meed 125% of Poverty line. I do not know how this could happen when we provided our 2016 IRS tax transcript, Letter of Employment and 3 pay-stubs in the initial filing. We have no problems sending them again. In fact, this time we are sending 2016 Tax return transcript W-2 for both my USC spouse and me Letter of Employment for spouse Last 6 months of pay stubs 1040 Form filed directly with IRS Do you think we need to resubmit form I-864? In Part 6, Question 19a, under The most recent gross adjusted income, we put $50k as we filed our taxes as married filling jointly. Do you think we need to put her "individual" income of $35k there as opposed to our total income since we filed together? I do not think we need to use assets or a joint sponsor since we make enough. Also, last year in May my wife switched jobs so she has 2 W-2's for last year. Is that OK? This is for a concurrent filing AOS.
  6. When filing concurrently, do we need to include the beneficiary's birth certificate with translation with the I-130 or just the I-485?
  7. No she had not. Her passport is in her maiden name. Everything she has is in her maiden name except the marriage license. We are in MN and she is the petitioner
  8. My wife changed her last name to mine when we got married but later decided to keep her maiden name. The marriage license states that her name is Jenny Smith-Foster but She wants to keep her name as Jenny Diane Smith. I do not have a problem with it but wanted to ask here as to how should we put her name in all the documents. She was married previously so her old name would go in "other names used". She called the county court to ask her name to be reverted back to her maiden name but they are asking $500. We can't afford that right now. All the documents(legal and evidence of bonafide marriage are sill under her maiden name) So in all the AOS forms should we use her maiden name or the name on the marriage certificate? Jenny SMith-Foster vs Jenny Diane Smith?
  9. Hello I am filling the I-130 form but I don't see any barcode. Is this Normal?
  10. Thank you. Should I attach e Notification form with each form?
  11. We are filing concurrently for AOS from F-1. How many photos would we need for the petitioner and Beneficiary? We are filing I-130, I-485, I-131, I-765 with E-notofications.
  12. On I-864, should we put my spouse's new income(Which is slightly higher, and she has proof for it in letter of employment/paystubs) or the income stated in our 2016 Tax transcript? Also, does that income has to be joint(we filed jointly, married) or just her income alone? We are filing concurrently.
  13. I am an in status F-1 student married to a USC and filing for my AOS concurrently. DO I need to send I-20's or College Transcripts showing that I am in status or they just can check it themselves as they have access to SEVIS? I will be sending my I-94 but for F-1 students, I-94's are valid for "Duration of Status"
  14. Since you are adjusting from F-1, how much evidence for Bona Fide Marriage did you send?