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  1. Thanks for the link to the new website! Congrats to all the approvals! It now says received Feb 13th instead of Feb 6th (when it actually got there according to FedEx) but hey, just happy i found the new website and now waiting for some good news - rather sooner than later pleeaaase... 😅😛😁
  2. Yup, Nebraska here too. Waiting... Trying to distract myself but at the same time, my husband, children (all US citizens) and i (plus dog) are all moving back to the US together so... Yeah. Hard to plan school enrollment for one child, renting / buying a house again, etc etc ugh lol
  3. Can anyone please post a link to this new case status website? (where people apparently see two lines now) Or do i just check on the computer instead of on the phone? Thanks! Btw, PD Feb 6th and no news....
  4. Nebraska here too. Filed beg of Feb Trying to focus on other things lol
  5. afk

    How to Speak to a Human at USCIS

    Have called twice within the past week and yes, it worked! It is true, apparently they go by the time zone according to your phone number.
  6. Ha, yes please Universe! Do you hear that?
  7. afk

    How to Speak to a Human at USCIS

    Waiting until 8am California time worked. Unfortunately, they don't call back international phone numbers so we will try a three way call with my mother in law tomorrow to speak to an officer.
  8. Received our NOA 1 (receipt notice) in the mail today. Had to send them a typo error message. Now we are waiting again
  9. afk

    How to Speak to a Human at USCIS

    Will try this later (waiting until 8am West Coast time). Ugh will let you know if it worked but i am hoping it does!
  10. I would call USCIS about that. However, it can take a bit longer for a letter to arrive in the mail, depending on where you live.
  11. Hallo! I am from Austria Unfortunately, i won't be of any help as my husband (also living here) just sent off the i-130 to Chicago. NOA1 received via email Feb 14th, 2018 and case sent to Nebraska sooo now we are waiting. Trying to get all the paperwork ready for the actual Visa in the meantime. Good Luck!
  12. Hey everyone! I-130 email NOA1: Feb 14th, 2018 Received on Feb 6th, 2018 Sent to... *drumroll*...... NEBRASKA LOL
  13. Sooo, i-130 routed to the Nebraska Service Center... Filing from Austria.