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  1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. Its so cool how we are all strangers but we understand each others frustration regarding this immigration journey, more than any one else could. Someday soon it will be our turn to hear the happy news. Remembering the first days of our immigration journey, I would see ROC &N 400 applicants forum and would be like whoa, thats so far away but here we all are. Thanks to all of you who keep encouraging, supporting, sharing. Blessings🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼
  2. Recent case transfer

    I see, so it would make sense to assume that we may be hearing anything tomorrow or 2 months away also right?🤔😥
  3. Recent case transfer

    I so badly wish atleast a few of us would recieve some update on this so that the rest of us could know what to kinda expect. I checked about 100 cases in the case tracker app and about 2 of us in the near 100 cases I checked have the case has been transferred to office with new jurisdiction😩🦉
  4. Recent case transfer

    Awww @YafaUSA You made by day! It would be crazy hard to struggle through this immigration journey for me, without the support of all you incredible folks. Seriously thank you again. @shell20 @Name O Boy @YafaUSA @ramus_maximus @Dualie @ApplyingforN400 .Will update the moment I hear anything. Hope y all having a pleasant evening.
  5. Recent case transfer

    @YafaUSA @Name O Boy You guys are so kind and supportive, thank you. Lets see if more folks want to chip in. No new updates from me.
  6. Hi folks, Just trying to get a sense of how many of us with ROC pending recieved the recent case transfer. No pressure, but if you could kindly fill the details( in order of the month & year please)maybe it may help us understand better.Again this is in regards to the Case transfer for those of us who have applied for N 400 and pending ROC. Thank you. Name| ROC applied month& year| N 400 applied month& year |Case Transfer date| Transfer Center| Local Field office| Coffee Vegan| April 17| March 18|05-03|NBC|MI
  7. That was what had me confused intially. It is making better sense now, Thank you.
  8. Oh that was it? I thought there was another one coming our way😥
  9. Oh my!😥😩 We got the same letter stating we completed preliminary review. Does your letter ask you to contact them if you dont recieve some letter of explanation before june 2nd? Thank you.
  10. I am assuming that the May 19th website update may have something for us hopefully🍰
  11. Our case was transferred to Lee summit. So if it had been Nebraska, it would have been an approval for sure then? Thank you.
  12. ☺ Thank you for asking @ramus_maximus. Nothing yet😑. Will let you guys know the moment I hear anything.
  13. Congrats in advance!!! You will rock it!!!
  14. Same here!! This week,hopefully we hear the good news. BTW , I thought that NBC schedules appointment date and the local office goes ahead and conducts interview.At least a GC approval would have been a great morale boost at this point.Thank you @YafaUSA @Name O Boy @shell20 @thilimaa you guys continue to be such an encouragement and make this tedious journey so much more lighter. Have a blessed day!🍉🍊🍍🍏🍎🍓
  15. Thank you, you are kind. Thats the same letter we recieved as well.