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  1. I'm all for people bringing their families here that aren't a burden on the system. I'm against people bringing their families here to latch onto the govermnent teet.
  2. That article wasnt written for people like you and me who know better. It was written for people who dont know anything ahout guns to make them dislike people like you and me more than they already do.
  3. Owning a yacht is racist! As are mortgages.
  4. The suspect is a black guy. How is it that he was not killed by the police? I've been told that only white suspects end up not being killed by the police.
  5. Russians have been meddling and spying in the U.S. long before Trump was around. Now all of a sudden everyone is interested?
  6. And what the people of London think of the President of the USA matters how?
  7. I'm never able to itemize, but i just found out in this thread im upper middle class because I own a home and have a morthage. Yay for me.
  8. They also loan money to people who have jobs and don't have bad credit.
  9. Back when I had just gotten out of active duty and used my VA benefit.
  10. I bought my first house in 1999 for $97,000 and was making around $35,000 a year at the time. I guess I was upper middle class and didn't even know it. Sure didn't feel like it to me.
  11. Yep, only us wealthy folks own homes.
  12. The Pentagon stopped allowing Phillipinos to join the Navy some time ago. http://articles.latimes.com/1992-02-27/local/me-3911_1_filipino-sailors
  13. All hail president Hillary! Oh wait, that contest doesn't matter at all actually.
  14. Tumwater WA is right next door to Olympia. Very liberal, anti-gun place. We'll see what the outcome is.