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  1. Here's the convoluted story: My wife lost (theft of wallet) her GC back in 2015/2016 timeframe. We just applied for a new card a couple weeks ago, have appointment for Bio-Metrics (3/23) in a couple weeks and, *wala*, as if magic, a real life coincidence happened and we have been contacted by someone that has found her wallet and will return the contents but did not say if GC is there or not. I assume it is. Should have his mailing next week (week of 3/13). We were under the (false) impression that we needed a valid GC to apply (N400) for citizenship and take the test so we applied for a replacement on that premise: $550 I think the fee was.......I have recently found out that a GC is not required to complete the citizenship process. 1) So now I'm wanting a refund (best case), OR, to get USCIS to divert the funds towards the N400 and cancel the GC replacement???.... 2) How does one set up an Info pass appointment with a local INS office, online? 3) I did some searches on refunds and there is a form mentioned, G-266, Request for Refund of Fee, that I have yet to locate. Any source would be appreciated. If I have the form I will fill it out in anticipation of needing it. Nothing ventured nothing gained..... Anyway, any advise or experience with this kind of situation would be appreciated. I can't be the only one that has lost a card and then found it later.
  2. Wow. Well, I now have enough information to go forward. I'm not sure he will want to though. She is not yet a citizen and I read that only U.S. Citizens may petition for siblings. It is a profound injustice that the people that sauntered across the border or overstayed their visa's will get preference. But that's a topic for another thread. Thanks for the information Bob T.
  3. So, he would be considered a "F4"? If I'm reading the estimator correctly that would be a date of 2032?
  4. She is going to take the test soon. She didn't sooner because she had her green card stolen (along with other important things) and you know how a_nal the USCIS can be. No test without a green card even though we have her alien number and a copy of the card. I currently have it on order. A card replacement costs the same as going through the process the first time: $545! Fifteen years sounds absurd. Maybe I should just buy him a ticket to Mexico:)..... Where can one find the timelines for this class of relative from Ethiopia? I assume it's different depending on where you're coming from.
  5. Hi there! Haven't posted here for literally years, 12 years to be exact. Was surprised to see my username and password still worked..... Anyway, I brought my wife here under a Fiance Visa nearly 12 years ago. Now we want to bring her brother here but I need clarification on whether it's best that I petition for him to come (I'm a citizen) or she should petition him (she is not yet a citizen). I guess my first question is whether I am eligible to petition him give he is not a blood relative of mine but rather an my brother in law? I read some of the stickies above but nary a word regarding in-law's. He is of course a blood relative of my wife. I'm not sure if they shared the same father but of course the mother is the same. I assume he is eligible under these circumstances? Comments please.......