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    We met online when I was in Bosnia with the British Army, she sent me tickets to see her in Florida a few days after I got back and the rest is history. We've had to wait for her divorce to be finalised but it's all worth the wait. We now have two children, our little boys Sully is 4 and our little angel Julie is 2. Somehow having children didn't help me get over there any quicker and actually counted against me going as a visitor. Everything will be perfect when we can be together again for good.

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  1. Why? Making up attendance numbers is your presidents favourite hobby **cough**inauguration crowd**cough** I just prefer getting info from reliable sources rather than Fox News
  2. Were you there? Friends of mine in London have said it was probably over 200,000 protesters.
  3. MacUK

    2018 World Cup

    England naturally
  4. MacUK

    2018 World Cup

    They're coming home... They're coming home... They're coming, England's coming home I'll be rooting for Croatia on Sunday
  5. MacUK

    2018 World Cup

    England getting through to the next stage will only make their inevitable downfall all the more painful!
  6. Just to be thorough, how long was you in the U.S. on your K-1 before you decided to return to Canada?
  7. MacUK

    2018 World Cup

    As a civilised Englishman living amongst the heathen Scots most of the natives around me are devout ABE supporters. I'll be happy to support England while they're still in the competition, so that'll be until about 10 minutes after kick-off in their first game. Do I think England will win? Not a chance. Not really a footy fan anyway, prefer rugby
  8. MacUK

    Assisting a friend -- B-2 or B-1 visa?

    Sounds like the work stuff was your main reason for wanting to go
  9. A business visa still has to overcome 214(b), exactly the same as a tourist visa
  10. I'll keep hold of my crisp £10 note until I receive my cheque from the Italian government for all them slaves what the Romans took
  11. You need to stop being hung up on what you think is legal or official. None of that matters. You can be denied if the CO thinks that you've had a wedding ceremony, official or not. They can deny you for just about anything, getting a visa isn't a right, it's a privilege. You can be denied even if the CO just isn't convinced your relationship is strong enough. It all comes down to a COs decision. I know it's logical to assume that immigration should be a purely logical process but it's far from it. It should be a case of "Pay the fee, fill in the forms, tick all the right boxes and get a visa" but that's far from the truth. It actually comes down to the personal opinion of the interviewing officer deciding if you qualify or not. There's many stories on here concerning people being denied for having "unofficial" weddings, religious ceremonies without paperwork or elaborate "wedding style" engagement parties. As others have said, too married for a K-1, not married enough for a CR-1. It's simple really, there's no reason why you would need to bring up this party at your interview so don't. You haven't done anything legally wrong by having a party but it's a possible reason for them to deny. It's not definite that they would deny but why take that chance? I'm not sure what you think your local government can do to help. Theresa May herself could go banging on the embassy door demanding that they give you a visa and it wouldn't change a thing.
  12. It was always worth watching at the end of the night, after the painful "music" has finished, just to hear Sir Terry ranting about the political voting after he's had a skinful of the local adult beverages 😎
  13. Well, I'm not on a K1 or CR1 journey so I don't have that grumpiness from any feelings that people "jump the line" when they AoS. But I do feel that the system for adjusting status needs a severe overhaul, it's far too open for abuse. I think a lot of people on this thread have misunderstood what others have meant when they've mentioned fraud. People have brought up comments about K1s and CR1s being fraudulent and while that is indeed true I don't think that is what this thread is about. Fraud in this thread is not about the marriages being fraudulent, it's about the methods of entering the US being fraudulent. And for those saying that tourists being able to adjust status has no negative effect on others then I think you're wrong. I have no idea about exact statistics but I imagine that the biggest reason for tourist visa denials is 214(b), presumption of immigrant intent. The simple fact that tourists have a legal path to immigration raises the bar of suspicion for genuine tourists. How many immediate relatives of USCs are denied the ability to visit their families simply because it's suspected that they'll adjust? If the ability to adjust wasn't there then tourist visas would be more easily approved. There'll still be overstayers, but I don't think anything will ever stop people overstaying. I'd love to hear suggestions on that. As for B2/VWP. First on my list of necessary changes, parents of adult children being included in the immediate relative category that allows AOS. I don't understand the logic that parents of children under 21 don't have an avenue to live with their children in the US while parents of adult children do. Surely children have more need of their parents than grown adults. Of course though, that would entice people to go the anchor baby route to stay in the US so I'd do away with parents AOSing completely. Next on the list, forgiveness for overstay and illegal working for people doing AOS. Whilst I disagree with the thought that people can just drop all their ties to their home countries when they spontaneously decide to marry on a whim, it's nothing compared to my thoughts on those who stay and work illegally for years and even decades, then face no real consequences for their flagrant abuse of their tourist visa and get their greencard. I just don't understand the logic in the US making it difficult for tourists to get a visa because of the presumption that they'll abuse it, and then making it so easy to abuse if you do get it.
  14. MacUK

    Passport Stamps or I 94

    Thems would be all those upstanding and honourable forums that have no problem promoting fraud and misrep 😀
  15. Look at it this way, how strong are those ties considering you're going to be leaving them behind when you get your CR-1?