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  1. I requested that it should be merged, I will like to keep my Felix 1 account. Thank You
  2. If you read my earlier post, have been following up, calling and writing and they tell me on phone that they cannot discuss my case and I have also been stamping my passport which has enabled me work and travel. Its not as if I have been sitting and doing nothing.
  3. I meant December 2014. What if its being processed as a VAWA. I sent them my final divorce in Oct 2015 and had an interview in Feb 2016 and yet no response
  4. I meant December 2014. What if its being processed as a VAWA. I sent them my final divorce in Oct 2015 and had an interview in Feb 2016 and yet no response.
  5. state senator or federal senator?
  6. The USCIS already has all court documents, including the dismissed charges. They have had everything since 2015. I just want to know what I can do at this point? How can I escalate the situation?
  7. What proof are you talking about?
  8. Its a very long story. I need not tell it here. But she wanted a divorce, some times I wonder , maybe she just wanted the baby, because she tried really hard to get me deported. Though she filed several criminal charges that would have had me deported , all were dismissed. Those charges are enough to scare a novice away from the country. I wish people can learn from my story, not all that glitters is Gold, look before you leap, people also use people for various reasons. If I never had a child with her, I would have been long gone. Now that I have a daughter, I need to be in her life, don't want her calling another man daddy, my ex never had a father in her life, not because her father was a dead beat, but because her mother also scared the hel out of him and even had him locked up, eventually he had to leave the country. I do not want my daughter to turn out that way. Now I am getting into parts of the story.
  9. Hello all, i have been a member of this group for a while, though i have not been participating actively, but i do follow most topics every now and then. I moved here in 2012, after being married to my USC spouse for almost 2 years. We had a baby 2 years later, but we later separated , when baby was barely 6 weeks old. This was her decision, all efforts too get her to reconcile with me was unsuccessful and she filed for divorce a few months later. I really dont want to go into to much details here, but due to the nature of our separation and also because our divorce was not final , when it was time to remove my conditional 2 year GC, i ticked the 3 options, including VAWA. i did not get an interview until Feb 2016 and till today i have no heard a word from USCIS. Just to let you know, though my ex has since remarried, our separation was very messy, as i mentioned before, i really don want to bog you all with too many details, but she attempted to remove me from the country, by filing several bogus criminal charges and calling ICE and DHS several times. Her communication was revealed to me during the interview. During our numerous court appearances , she also accused me of marriage fraud. Well fast forward 2017, i have been cleared of all criminal charges, i have since expunged all traces of criminal complicity in order to enable me get a job, We have joint custody of our child , whom i see 2 times a week,including biweekly weekend visits, though i pay child support and have never defaulted. When my divorce was final, i sent in my divorce certificate and i thought my application will be taken away from vawa and moved to separation due to divorce, but i was wrong. Since my ex was in touch with USCIS and wrote bogus letters accusing me of every thing in living day light, from theft, to rape to fraud, though i am an accomplished professional, i am of the opinion that my 10 year GC is being delayed because i am currently under investigation. I have written , called and tried all efforts to communicate with USCIS, but i keep being told that due to nature of my case, they cannot respond to me directly. Its been more than 2 years and by the end of this year, i will be due to file my citizenship. I will like to request advice from learned members on what my next steps and options are. I cant afford an attorney at the moment and i cherish the bond between me and my daughter, so leaving the country may not be an option. Thanks.