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  1. Captain Ewok

    Post Bugs here!

    Fixed, thanks!
  2. Captain Ewok

    Patrick & Patricia

    Yeah I'll have it working :-).
  3. Captain Ewok

    Patrick & Patricia

    Here: http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/subcriptions.php Also, can you confirm the latest email does have the right member number? Copy the email here if you can.
  4. Captain Ewok

    Patrick & Patricia

    Yes but does the link have the proper member # now? If you want them to stop, in mass, you need to turn off auto-subscribe.
  5. Awesome!! Keep an eye and let me know!
  6. Any difference? We basically blocked one of our downstream suppliers from showing ads on the forums for mobile devices (we didn't block other areas of the site... so please only check on the forums).
  7. Hi, we were doing some A/B testing on filtering these ads. We made a new change about 1 min ago to filter mobile ads from a downstream ad provider. Can you monitor the issue over the next few hours on the forums via a mobile device?
  8. Captain Ewok

    Disturbing ad

    It's not https that is the issue. It's downstream ad networks.
  9. Here ya go: http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/intro.php?cfl= Enter your info, visa type and dates!
  10. I'm not sure the technical hooks are built in to our software, sorry!
  11. Captain Ewok

    Patrick & Patricia

    Found the issue. Should be fixed now!
  12. Sure! I just updated so you can see the new icons if you do a hard refresh (click "shift refresh")... star is at the center of the envelope. Many other options if this is ugly or distracting. Let me know!
  13. Yep. I’m trying to decide which 🙂.