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  1. The "white books" from the Gong Zheng Chu are Official Chinese documents intended for use "overseas". The consulate RECOGNIZES them as such. The USCIS occasionally doesn't - China is not a party to the Hague convention, so this format is different from what they usually see from other countries. It IS, however, the Official Chinese format. The consulate even expects the new birth certificates issued since 1996 to be in the "white book" format, even though they are bi-lingual.
  2. The language requiring an actual residence permit was dropped from the USCIS in 2011 - the only actual requirement is that you RESIDE in China. Lease agreements, job contracts, passport stamps, etc. CAN be enough, but it's largely discretionary on the part of the USCIS officer who accepts your I-130 petition as to whether you qualify or not. If you do not qualify for DCF, you can still apply at the PSB for a Residence Permit, and try again, which may STILL be faster than filing stateside. I know someone who did exactly that. It sounds like you DO have a residence permit, though, so it should not be an issue, as long as the "Residence Permit" is an actual visa in your passport, and not simply the Temporary Registration of Residence slip issued by the PSB. But even that can help.
  3. It is YOUR responsibility to resent an ACCURATE picture of your circumstances to the Visa Officer. A cover sheet for the Affidavit of Support briefly describing what you have told us can work wonders, along with accompanied evidence. Yes, career evidence is VERY important.
  4. Without having ALL details of your financial situation available, no one here can give you an adequate answer. There are no yes or no answers as to what will satisfy the Visa Officer. Having enough money in the bank to buy a Lamborghini is NOT an indication of financial responsibility. A CAREER, and an active job search may be MUCH more helpful. "Enough" is sometimes just not ENOUGH. The Affidavit of Support is NOT the be-all end-all that most people will tell you it is. a) Your income is your income - they look at THAT, NOT at how much tax you pay. But foreign earned income will not continue in the U.S. this is why many people in your situation get a joint sponsor. b) the LAW (the INA) is that the Visa Officer made a judgment as to whether the intending immigrant may become a public charge in the U.S. It is up to you to paint the appropriate picture for the Visa Officer to make this determination, ABOVE AND BEYOND the Affidavit of Support. You can be required to get a joint sponsor if your career opportunities are judged inadequate.
  5. They will hold the casefile open for one year
  6. The PSB will tell you what their requirements are.
  7. You will need to get it from the "shitty" PSB. They will usually require a letter from your employer, or something along those lines. China's and Hong Kong's police records are completely separate, so you WILL be asked for police reports from both. If you are unable to get a police report, be sure to thoroughly document the effort (contact names, what was said, dates, etc.).
  8. RandyW

    China-dependent visa for foreign spouse

    You will ultimately need an answer from them, regardless of what visa he gets from the Chinese consulate in the U.S., or what anyone else has gotten through their own PSB. They are the determining authority.
  9. RandyW

    China-dependent visa for foreign spouse

    You didn't bother to say what passport he holds. Apply for a visa at your Chinese consulate where you currently reside. Regardless. you would need to talk to your PSB in China about getting a residence permit for the spouse of a Chinese citizen.
  10. RandyW

    Moving to china with Wife

    No - Read my previous post. Yes they do stamp it, at the consulate AFTER it's been authenticated by your Secretary of State. It's done to international standards, except that China is not a party to the Hague Convention.
  11. RandyW

    Moving to china with Wife

    Yes - I'm not surprised - the Houston consulate told me the same thing. Go with the flow there, but they'll tell you at the PSB that you DON'T need it. Your tourist visa will allow you to enter the country, same as the Q1 does. Then again, you don't want any surprises, so you would probably want to go with the Q1.
  12. RandyW

    Moving to china with Wife

    Your U.S. marriage certificate will need to be "authenticated". Your marriage certificate probably already has a notary seal began at the THIRD step here. For more details, see Authentication of Documents China is not a party to the Hague Convention. Send the document to a local notary public for notarization; Send the notarized document to a County Clerk for authentication (often required in the States of New York State and Ohio and may be required in a couple of other states. Please consult the local notary public); Send the notarized/authenticated document to the office of the Secretary of State or the Treasurer (of the state with jurisdiction over the place you were married) for authentication; Send the authenticated document to the Chinese Consulate for authentication.
  13. RandyW

    Moving to china with Wife

    If you were married in the U.S., you will need to have your marriage certificate authenticated by both the Secretary of State for the state you were married in, AND the Chinese consulate with jurisdiction over that state.
  14. RandyW

    Moving to china with Wife

    The Q1 visa is unnecessary. What you NEED is a residence permit, which you will apply for at the local PSB Entry and Exit Bureau. The residence permit is a visa which allows unlimited stays and unlimited entries and exits. It is NOT available when applying in the U.S. The Q1 will simply allow a single entry, and 30 days to apply for the residence permit. You can do this on your tourist visa.
  15. See http://candleforlove.com/forums/topic/49241-cgi-old-confirmation-code-problem/?p=633424