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  1. JunkTardis

    Knighstbridge London Medical Cost?

    Oh! That's fantastic news, thank you! I wasn't thrilled at the prospect of paying such a high price. Well, looks like I can have a more relaxing 2 weeks before my medical!
  2. Hello, okay so in my mind I have had the medical cost being somewhere in the region of £635 as I am expecting to pay for: Non-Immigrant Visa Exam - £385 Drug & Alcohol Test - £50 Chain of Custody Drug Screen - £95 DNA Specimen Collection - £105 All of these costs are found here on the knightsbridge website: http://www.visamedicals.co.uk/us-price.htm From your experience, is this the cost I am likely to incur? Or am I only paying for the £385 Visa Exam fee? I have plenty of money saved to cover it all, but I would like to avoid large costs if I can. Vaccination wise I am 100% completely up to date, so I won't need any of those. Thanks
  3. JunkTardis

    Save the Dates?

    I'd personally rather avoid save the dates altogether as I think it's a terrible idea and a poor way to plan a wedding of this nature. For an every day wedding it would be excellent, convenient and would make life easier. For a K1 wedding though, I firmly believe that the dates need to be flexible and fluid, and you need to be able to change things at a moments notice which is why I'd rather to a basic and simple wedding ceremony, and then a larger get together and vow renewal further down the road where the plans can be more fixed and elaborate.
  4. JunkTardis

    Question about the medical at Knightsbridge London

    I am pretty sure in the t's&c's of the 'Feel at Home' thing from Three it stipulates that using your SIM internationally works for a maximum of 3 months as it costs them for us to use it when roaming. My longest US stay was 1 week shy of 3 months, but I did not get any warnings or anything like that, so I am not sure how true that 3 month thing is or if they follow it too strictly. I will try to use it for as long as possible, for the same reasons you gave too! It would be nice to call home for free so no one has to plan to be on Skype or anything like that, and unlimited data and texts are a winner too
  5. JunkTardis

    Question about the medical at Knightsbridge London

    Thank you for this! I wasn't looking to be having to find a secure place to keep it locked away for the duration. It's a long train ride (4-5 hours) so I'd love to take my laptop with me 😁
  6. My status shows READY on CEAC, and I'd already booked my medical for the end of next month and so today I went ahead and booked my interview. I have not yet received P3, but because it shows 'READY' it's okay to go ahead and book. I set my date for 2 weeks post-medical so I have some wiggle room if anything crops up and they need additional documents about a pre-existing condition.
  7. Sweetie, you may want to correct this! To anyone following, I booked my Interview today, having just got the Ready status on CEAC and they gave me the soonest interview date of August 9th, however my medical is not until the 28th of August so I picked out my interview date as being 2 weeks after for September 13th. So I'm hoping now for visa approval by September 20th, and flying out September 27th
  8. JunkTardis

    Shipping UK to USA

    Anytime! Replacing a power supply is cheap and easy, having it conk out after you move would be a nightmare if it damages anything else. Good luck!
  9. JunkTardis

    Shipping UK to USA

    Your PC would be okay to ship with UPS! I build PC's too, and have shipped over quite a lot of PC related hardware. The only thing I'd advise, is if you have Hard Drives (not SSD's), ship those seperately with more padding in the package or do what I did, pack those in a smaller box filled with bubblewrap and pack the box inside the large box you're shipping so it has some protection. Most importantly, remember to change the voltage on the switch on the power supply! If it has no switch, you'll need to replace that part.
  10. JunkTardis

    Shipping UK to USA

    You're welcome! The only things you'll really need is a tape measure, and some form of scales. I actually just used my cheap Aldi digital travel scales which gave me no issue. I prepped early on this one as I saw the cost of cargo services and was mortified 😂
  11. JunkTardis

    Medical Date Delays

    I am going to be attempting to get on a cancellation appointment this week when I eventually get to be off work. I booked my Medical 30/7/2018 and the earliest appointment the lady could give me over the phone was 28/8/2018 which is an infuriatingly long wait. I have everything ready, documents filled out, DS-160 submitted etc so it's 4 weeks of nothing now. I want to go ahead and book my Visa interview but I'd like to leave some space after the medical in order to give me wiggle room if anything crops up.
  12. JunkTardis

    Question about the medical at Knightsbridge London

    One of the main reasons I'm glad I moved back home with my parents is the fact that none of that stuff is in my name! It's made things a lot easier on this end of the K1 process. I think all I really have to deal with is my phone contract, but that's now a rolling contract as it ended 2 years ago and I plan on keeping this SIM until they basically kick me off it (about 3 months after moving). Just for the reason of it costing me £15 a month with 'Feel at Home' from Three. I've seen the expense of US phone providers and I'm not in a hurry to switch to Cricket for a cheap plan at $50 a month sim only. I will definitely miss cheap phone and internet! Luckily I sold my car a few months into our relationship to save on monthly costs to expedite my savings, but I am eager to get my US license in order and get back into driving. I actually almost missed the P85, I didn't even think about it until it occurred to me in the shower, in my eagerness I calculated my estimate refund and it should definitely cover the huge expense of the medical and half of my flight, which is a lot off my mind. It is somewhat frustrating knowing that if we didn't get an RFE, my medical would be £45 cheaper since they raised the cost last month 😂
  13. JunkTardis

    Shipping UK to USA

    https://www.parcel2go.com/ I have used this website to get reduced priced UPS shipping on all of my belongings ahead of my move. I average about £40 per large box at around 10-13kg per box. It's far cheaper and quicker than ParcelForce and generally my fiancee has my package in 3 working days with UPS Super Saver, which is great because they even pick up from my house. The most I paid was £70 to ship my 40" HD TV. I only sent that over because she did not own a TV in her apartment, and I bought her a Roku Stick to use with it. I used this service to ship my vintage turntable, soundsystem, computers, various electrical items, glasses, mugs and a lot of random ####### I own and nothing has broken at all during some 12 odd packages.
  14. JunkTardis

    Question about the medical at Knightsbridge London

    I'm kind of an OCD prepper, so this visa process I think was made for me 😂 I've been prepping for my medical since we filed the I-129f and got all my vaccinations up-to-date within weeks after, and mailed off a lot of packages full of my stuff for months. £40 for a giant box delivered within days via UPS is pretty decent. I even have a printed P85 form ready to obtain my tax refund when I leave. I just want to board the plane with a lightweight suitcase, deal with the visa stuff at my POE and have a nice relaxing journey. I plan on handing in my notice at work a few days before my interview, and just having 1 solid week before I leave to spend with family, and then change my address with my bank and I should then be all sorted. I'm just hoping with a change of address I'll still be able to use my UK cards until I can get my SSN and open a US checking account! It's amazing how much work there is still left to do really
  15. JunkTardis

    Question about the medical at Knightsbridge London

    Definitely a day trip! 5 hour train ride to and from, the joys lol. The things we do for love, right? I think the only thing keeping me sane through this process is knowing it should be 5-8 weeks from now until jumping on the plane or having a move date.