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  1. I can't find a way to edit the misspelled word - it should say 'Marriage' not 'carriage' - Can you tell me how to do it, or do it for me? Thanks
  2. What I am asking is not the 'official' process but which document do I need for the Marriage certificate ONLY. An apostile or the notarial certification. My wife did talk to the consular staff who rejected the apostiled certificate as it had to be done in Florida, but when I go to the website ... it is saying something else.
  3. My wife who came from Colombia (on K1) is now a US citizen. She is trying to get her marriage registered in Colombia. Recently the Colombian consulate were here in Denver but they did not accept the marriage certificate. What they want is the marriage certificate 'Apostiled' in Florida (we got married there). However, the Secretary of State in Florida's website says that Colombia is NOT a member of the 1961 Hague convention; and therefore they are not issued an apostile document - They are issued a notarial certification! The Colombian consulate said "she needs an 'apostiled' marriage certificate"; the Florida Secretary of state says "they should get a 'notarial certification'"! So, what is the right document to get? Anyone else went through and register their marriage in Colombia? And which document they used? Thanks for letting me know what to do. Here is the website of the Florida Secretary of state office http://dos.myflorida.com/sunbiz/other-services/apostille-notarial-certification/faq/#faq-answer2 Confused N.B. She would register her marriage in Colombia, which will (at some point in time) allow me to get the TP-10 and after that apply for the resident visa of Colombia.