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Petition sent back to USCIS for review
7:33 pm


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I learned this month that our Petition was sent back for review by the USCIS, it will either be reaffirmed or denied. Does anyone have any idea how long until I should receive notice from the uscis and will it be emailed or postal mail?

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Ghana interview questions (split)
11:25 am


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On 5/26/2017 at 4:27 PM, jmhargreaves said:

You can get the police report no problem. It is valid for 6 months and I do believe that you need to get one from SA too. But, I am not 100% sure about that.

For the medical you will need to have your confirmation page from scheduling your appointment. If your case has been sent to Ghana from NVC you can schedule your appointment yourself before you get the letter. The letter the embassy sends from Ghana is only informational. Just go online and fill out the DS-160 application. When you finish it will give you a confirmation code. You will need that to go to GT Bank to pay the visa appointment fee. One you have paid that you can schedule your appointment online with the embassy and get your medical done. But, you first have to have your receipt confirmation code and DS-160 code before you can schedule. Hope this helps! Goodluck!

Hello, I have a question, my fiance is in Ghana, we sit waiting on our approval. What tests are conducted in Ghana for the k1 visa?

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next line of action after 129f approval
3:35 pm

ashley &jonah

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hello good people out here.Am quite confused about how the fiancee visa (k1 visa ) is processed in Accra ,Ghanabe very glad if anybody could help me out here.My i 129f petition was approved in march of 2017 and since then nothing has happened.I was told the consulate in Accra handles the rest of the processing and that,they were gonna contact either me or my fiance through an email on the next line of action.ItS been about 4 months now and we still havent had any response.I have sent so many emails to the embassy and i still havent gotten any response yet.My question now is ,do we have to schedule the appointment for an interview or the embassy would send us an appointment letter.I hope someone helps by clarifying how it goes .Thanks.

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What would be considered red flags in High fraud countries?
12:57 am


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My fiance has his interview coming up and knowing that Ghana is a high fraud country. What are some red flags the CO could bring up? Or what have gotten people denied from high fraud countries ?

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Police Certificates
7:03 pm


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Hello everybody,

I just have a couple of questions about the police certificate requirement for the K1 visa. I lived in the United States for 8 months on a student visa. Do I need a police certificate from the United States for that period? And if I do, does it have to be a local one or state one? Any help would be highly appreciated!

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