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Question on I29F form
4:28 pm


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Good day everyone,

Can someone please clarify for me whose information needs to be filled out on part 4 of the application where it ask for information such as the race, height, weight, eye etc. Is this for the petitioner or the beneficiary? Thank you all so much.

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affidavit of support for K1 visa
5:04 am


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Good day everyone,

I am in the process of gathering information for the K1 visa and have gone through the checklist here on visa journey and also on the uscis website but I didn't see where it states to include the affidavit of support and proof of income. Do I need to include affidavit of support form i184 or the i34 with tax returns or is this suppose to be sent later in the process like when you receive NOA2?. I am confused. Also my fianc sent me his passport picture via email. Is there anyway for me to resize it to the required dimensions or does he have to have that done and sent to me via mail? Thank you.

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Just beginning
4:13 am


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Hello all, newbie here... So after about 6 months of video chats and voice calls, I finally met the man of my dreams. Yet we spent such short time together, i feel like ive known him a lifetime. During my visit he proposed day 7... I am so anxious to have him by my side (if i could've packed him in my suitcase and brought him back i would've done so lol). He currently resides in Ghana. I want to begin the preparation for k1 visa. Just curious, from what i been hearing from others is that Ghana visas are almost always denied. Is this true? Is there any particular forums here that focus more on Ghanaians and obtaining visas? And just for clarification... For k1 visa packet i need to include the following with the petition form: proof of intent to marry (from both of us), passport photos, copy of my passport (for proof of citizenship), evidence of our meeting one another (pictures, boarding passes, all receipts), is it necessary to add chat and call logs? Did i miss anything? All advice, tips, and help is appreciated. Thank you in advance. *I'm sure i will have more questions arise as we continue this journey

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K1 Fiancee Visa
12:10 pm


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Getting ready for my K1 process.My questions are:

1-I have over 500 pages of wassup chat with my fiancee,Is it acceptable to take screenshot of some of our conversations just add then on word doc and send? And print some of the normal chat?

2- Some of our chat specially old one are on facebook. How do I print messages from Facebook? The only options am seeing right now is screenshots and paste them on word document. Will that work?


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evidence of termination of previous marriage
2:07 pm


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pls what constitutes proper documentation as evidence for termination of a Ghanaian customary marriage.pls Ghanaians who have submitted divorce papers before should kindly share their experiences.thank you

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