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I-129f Engagement photos?
8:03 am


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I'm reading several threads regarding front loading engagement photos as a bad idea for proof of bona fide relationship for K1 visa. Has anyone ever been approved? Were you questioned about it at the interview? Did it benefit your petition? I would like hear positive feedback if any.

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K-1 Proof of Meeting versus Proof of Ongoing Relationship Advice
2:33 am

Ashley & Derrick

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Hello Everyone,

After submitting the petition, I am a little confused about whether or not we included everything I need for "proof". I am reading through posts and the reviews/experiences with Ghana embassy seem to be varied, but many have negative experiences regarding the K-1 Approval.

My fiance and I met in person when we both worked in the Middle East. The first part our relationship was in person and we continued our relationship long distance after I moved back to the States. I visited Ghana (his home country) last year for the first time to meet his family and he proposed.

In the petition, we included about 6 pictures of us together, visa stamps and a few of our engagement photos. Now, I am reading that many suggest including chat logs/phone logs, pictures with friends/family, cards/love letters and other items to frontload the petition.

Is this something we can correct when we submit the proof of ongoing relationship at the interview? I was under the assumption that only proof of meeting in the last 2 years was needed, but I guess I was wrong.

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Need help on good case building.
10:11 am


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We filed the I-129f with all supporting documents that is:

Letter of Intent to marry

Proof of ongoing relationship (both chat and call history)

Receipt of engagement ring

Pictures of time spent together during my two weeks visit

Pictures of his family and friends

Pictures of places we visited together

Pictures of gifts for him and his family

Receipts of historic places we visited

Receipts of every item we bought during my visit (food,shopping,hotel,road toll tickects)

Copy of my return ticket

Copy of my passport showing stamps.

What other elements do we need with regards to front-loading our case with enough / substantial evidence?

Thank you.

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K1 visa
6:16 am


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So my fiancee wasn't interviewed in her appointment date because the embassy wasn't ready for her though her case was ready for interview. She sent them a message and now they replied her message saying "HER CASE HAS BEEN UPDATED SO SHE SHOULD LOG ON HER ACCOUNT" which account are they talking about precisely? Any help? Thank you

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No interview for my fiancee in Ghana
4:27 am


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So am in Ghana now. My fiancee interview date was 31st of January 2018. She wasn't granted an interview because the embassy waiting for a letter from NVC. I called NVC and I was informed they sent in our case to US embssy in Accra 30th November 2017 and there's no letter coming from them to the embassy again. Been calling/messaging US embassy in Accra and no response. Our Case expires 22nd February ,2018. Any help please. Thank you.

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