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arrowK1 visa DS-160 Question, Ghanaian and Nigerian Members
November 4, 2015, 8:13 am Last comment by B and E
B and E

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Hi all, 


This question is specifically for my Ghanaian and Nigerian VJ members.


On the DS-160 form in the Additional Work/ Education section there's a question asking " Do you belong to a clan or tribe?" I wanted to know how you answered this question. Did you say yes or no?  If you said yes did you name your language group?




B and E

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arrowK1 review (split thread)
November 3, 2015, 2:55 pm Last comment by Ebunoluwa

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Hello everyone, please not sure if this is where I shld paste this but I need advice.my k 1 visa interview is coming up soon in some few weeks...
This is my case..
Been dating my fiance for 3 years now..though he was married in the US but separated but jux got divorced. We v a 2 years old son together.he was married for almost five years but his ex wife in question did not want to have a baby for him so eventually dey got divorced last year. I v also been married before but got divorced coz I had issues with my ex husband and my son.now my fiance has filed for k 1 visa for both myself n his son.
Hes also coming down for us to aattend the interview together. 
What r our chances
Wat shld we expect
the supporting doc we have in question are;
Pictures of us together, our son n some friends, pictures of me n his family
western union receipts
phone records
Receipts from weddin venue reservation
Receipts from restaurant food reservation
Letters of intent from both of us from a public notary service
I v facetime pictures but dnt kno how to print them out
We also v letters from our mothers attesting to our relationship

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arrowsending in i-129f package
November 2, 2015, 3:53 pm Last comment by maxy&shirley

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hi all, so my fiancee(petitioner) and i( beneficiary) are sending in our i129f and we just wanted you all(as possible as can) to review our package to make sure we are sending in the right stuff.


1) personal check of 340 $

2)form i129f( properly filled out and signed by my fiancee with attachment for Q14 and 34

3) G325a( petitioner and beneficiary)

4)G1145 e notification form

5) statement of meeting my fiance in person

6) intent to marry( petitioner and beneficiary) signed and dated

7) proof of meeting in person( visas to come see me, pictures of us together, pictures with family members and also pictures taken when we went to an orphanage to donate some items. we also included the letter of appreciation we received from the orphanage bearing our names. we also included receipts from places we visited like the kakum national park, museums and a guest house we passed a week over at.

8) proof of ongoing relationship( first page of the very first chat we had on the dating site we met( christian dating for free) we also included random snapshots of whatsapp chat from july 2014 till date, we also have included skype video call shots as well as facebook chat logs.

we also included videoshots of us talking to each other families on skype.

9) we have also included a list of things we have planned for our wedding.


please advice on this..thanks


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arrowAddress Change K1 Visa
October 24, 2015, 6:11 am Last comment by B and E
B and E

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Hi Everyone,


  I (USC) recently moved and we have our K-1 interview coming up soon. I used my former address to fill out my I-129F and my I-134. At the medical my fiancee gave my current/ new address.

  I need to know if I need to change my address with the USCIS or the NVC. We will be using my new address to fill out all future forms. Is there anything we need to do because of the change of address?



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October 7, 2015, 11:21 am Last comment by dza

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Hi all, I don't know if this topic has been discussed in any forums but I wanted to pass on that the IRS website for obtaining tax transcripts was HACKED in May 2015 so at this time after trying several times to get transcripts sent through requests on the IRS website and automated phone system with no response...I found that calling the IRS and keying through the prompts for individual tax returns got me to a customer service person who took my information and I received them in 7 days.  He was the one who said the system was hacked, this is why you can't order them directly online and apparently they are revamping the system so it's delaying other types of requests.  Hope that helps someone out, it took me 2 months to figure this out lol!


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