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arrowWhich one/
April 14, 2014, 9:36 am Last comment by EM & JESH

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Hello guys, I believe everyone is doing great? So I have a very confusing question. I have already filed my tax return with my old company W-2. I say old because I stopped working there last month. I do have the letter of employment from them for the embassy & I have a pay check from January to February from them...Right now am working in a different company & I do have pay checks from them from March to present, but don't have tax returns from them since I just started working. What should I sent to my fiance back home? The old pay checks pulse the new one or just the old ones?? Or should I get the letter of employment from my new company? By the way I do have someone who has already filled out the affidavit of support for us....Thanks guys, please help.

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arrowSubmitted DS-160 without passport pictures?
April 12, 2014, 12:56 pm Last comment by Curry and Cherry
Rick & Mavis

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My Fiancee was trying to complete the DS-160 and accidentally submitted the form without uploading the passport pictures.  She tried to upload the scanned passport pictures she took the other day it said the pictures were too small.  She doesn't know what to do now.  Does anyone have any suggestions for us.  Thank you for you help.

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arrowHelp Me Out
March 31, 2014, 8:17 pm Last comment by lou-nic

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I email the embassy to start the process for my child and i put in WAC 10 digits number as my case number but the embassy replied me and said is rather ACC and a 10digit number..i have looked on all my documents cant find the number i wanna know on which paper from the ghana embassy can i find the case number.

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arrowHelp!!!stained I-134 form
February 19, 2014, 2:10 pm Last comment by jahk18
Curry and Cherry

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Ermmm I know it's dumb of me to have all my docs in one place while working with a highlighter but well I did. And the highlighter stained the I-134 which is the original copy. It wasn't all over the page just some portions. There's no way I can get another through the post before my interview. Do you think it will pose a problem? I'm worried sick as I'm already stressed out to the max

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arrowEnough evidence for the K1-Visa
February 16, 2014, 12:17 pm Last comment by Kwasi&Jenn

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Hey Everyone!


I am a student with a part time job and also a petitioner. I am new to this and recently found this site out from a friend. Long story short

I met my fiance years ago freshman year of high-school when I used to go to school in Ghana. I left a year later unexpectedly and lost contact with her. We recently got in contact with each other September of 2013 and have been talking ever since. I decided to go to Ghana to visit her December a few days after Christmas and stay with her until she had to go back to school which was mid January. We took the risk in trying to rekindle our relationship since we both had been in bad relationship ever since our departure and lost contact. I believe she is the one for many have told me it isn't worth the time and money. To much success we are dating now and I plan to bring her here to the U.S. to live with me. As of now I am a university student with a part time job as stated earlier. I know don't have a stable income and will be asking my mom to be the co-sponsor.


So far the only proof as evidence of our relationship is whats app messages dating from January, some Skype messages, my plane ticket for the visit and about  5-8 photos of my visit with her, we have been exchanging pictures over  Whats app so can that be used? They are non explicit just to keep each other up to date on what we are doing. I pray this will be enough. have heard terrifying stories of being denied and having to pay for all the process again due to insufficient proof of a genuine relationship 

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