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February 13, 2016, 6:41 am Last comment by Adil & Jeanne
Shisu n Al-Nisaa

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How long does the NVC holds a petition before forwarding it to the right consulate? And how soon does the beneficiary gets notified by the consulate?
Thank u

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arrowconfused about tax returns
February 13, 2016, 1:06 am Last comment by kingjulian

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Hi everyone, so, we got our Noa2 yesterday, so happy, we headed straight for NVC. But my greatest concern now is how to calculate and get ready for papers for the affidavit of support. I'm totally lost at calculating whether I make above or below the poverty line.. I work 2 part time jobs.. Pls advice in the simplest of way how I can easily find out how to calculate from the 2 jobs I do.. Pls pls help.. Thanks in advance

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arrowhello guys
February 8, 2016, 7:53 am Last comment by Jephther Addiah
Jephther Addiah

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I would greatly appreciate if any of your share your experience on this or any suggestion.. You have
.I want to know your view on this my fiancee and myself met through social media and we were just friends till somewhere 2015 where we got to know we have been more than friends we started talking and now I engaged her .. when she came to visit me in Ghana we had really a good time .. Now we want to start the petition but we don't know where to start from we are both scared of unnecessary delays ... And we wanted to go in for attorney but that's really a big money so we thinking of doing it on our own and doing it right we have copies of the airline ticket and just a receipt of a guest house she spent the night in .....the rest was at my apartment we have receipts of shopping malls and restaurant we ate from and bus tickets and others. my question is
Are all this evidence enough?
And whiles the petitions is going on can she visit me or I visit her in the USA ?

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arrowgeneral waiver for multiple filer
January 24, 2016, 2:44 am Last comment by Ebunoluwa

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I have a question? Around 12/12/2013 i filed for my ex husband i-129f petition and it was approved
June 2014. We divorced may 2015. We never did the i-864 not did he attend his interview since we were going throuh a divorce at the time. We got married here in the states. Anyway last year i met a wonderful man and I started the fiance process. This time we are doing the k1 visa since we are engaged and not married. Anyway, i got an RFE since i forgot to send in my waiver for filing multiple i-129 to explain my ex and how now i am engaged to someone else. Anyway, I also made the stupid decision to not cancel my old petition for my ex since my stupid lawyer told me it would cancel out on its own since my ex never showed up for the interview or anything. I never thought i would be going through the NVC again but I truly love my fiance and I known he is diffrent and a great guy. My question is how long will it take to cancell my ex petition? And how can i do that? Do i need to write a letter to NVC or the embassy in mexico where my ex was supposed to be? Does this letter need to be notirized? I also got an RFE for my k1 fiance visa since i am a multiple filer. : ( sad face! I guess i was silly enough to assum my ex petition was cancelled and i assumed i could move on. So since now i have an rfe for a general waiver of why i am filing again. I know its a letter i need to write and respond to NVC with the original RFe blue paper and my evidence. But I am worried the only evidence i have so far is my divorce decree which by the way i did send with my i-130 for my fiance k1 visa. So my questions are? Would i have enough time to cancell my old k3 petition? I have till april 3 2016 to respond to my RFE and will it effect me? Should i wait till my old petition is cancelled before continuing? Because i almost feel that my divorce decree and a letter explaining what happened might be enough? I worry about my withdrawal taking to long and my k1 fiance visa being denied because of it. Will someome please help me? And thank you.

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arrowaffidavit of support
January 21, 2016, 8:37 pm Last comment by Penguin_ie

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Hi all, I'm pretty sure this has been asked before but need some clarity. Question is, how do I prove I make above the federal poverty guide for this year. How do I know if I need a Co sponsor and last, what are the exact documents needed to file together with the affidavit of support?. Thanks

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