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K1 visa
6:16 am


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So my fiancee wasn't interviewed in her appointment date because the embassy wasn't ready for her though her case was ready for interview. She sent them a message and now they replied her message saying "HER CASE HAS BEEN UPDATED SO SHE SHOULD LOG ON HER ACCOUNT" which account are they talking about precisely? Any help? Thank you

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No interview for my fiancee in Ghana
4:27 am


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So am in Ghana now. My fiancee interview date was 31st of January 2018. She wasn't granted an interview because the embassy waiting for a letter from NVC. I called NVC and I was informed they sent in our case to US embssy in Accra 30th November 2017 and there's no letter coming from them to the embassy again. Been calling/messaging US embassy in Accra and no response. Our Case expires 22nd February ,2018. Any help please. Thank you.

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I got dates wrong on I-129
7:45 pm


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In my attempt to recall the events of me first meeting my fiance I got the dates wrong. I have the wrong year for the 1st time we met and the last time I filed the I-129. I did include the correct A # so they will be able to get the correct information. How can I correct the record before they interpret my errors as an intentional effort to defraud. I filed in September and have not been notified beyond the initial acknowledgement that they received my application. Is there a form to submit an amendment? Will this cause a delay? Thanks in advance.


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dv ghana
4:19 pm

michael asamoah

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Spinster or single status certificate
4:07 pm


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Okay hellooo... Can anyone who has done k1 visa in Ghana help. So my fiancee in GHANA applied for SPINSTER or SINGLE STATUS CERTIFICATE . She was given 3 diffirent forms. 1). affidavit by her parents.... 2). A form headed. REPUBLIC OF GHANA, JUDICIAL SERVICE, ACCRA GHANA. 3). A form headed REPUBLIC OF GHANA, MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AND REGIONAL INTEGRATION. My question is , is that the right procedure? Secondly, do you take all the 3 forms to the interview? if NO? which one/ones should be she taken to the interview. Much appreciated in advance for any help. Thank you.?

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