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Chance of encountering ICE at Airport when traveling for interview
1:13 pm


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We are traveling from US to Ciudad Juarez for interview and are afraid of ICE at the airport. Are there immigration check points when you travel to let's say Monterrey Mexico. We where thinking going to El Paso from Atlanta and then just get a cab to cross into Juarez but stepping at 2 airports twice creeps us out. So we just want to fly to Monterrey,MX and from there to CD Juarez ,MX. All of you who have file for a 601a waiver or know of someone that has been in the US but has had to travel to have their interview abroad please advice.

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Help! Original extension letter lost
3:39 am


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Help please! My husbands conditional green card expired so we have the one year letter of extension. We are traveling to Mexico tomorrow and can't find the original. Is it okay if we just present immigration with a copy?!

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Error on Ead Card
11:46 pm


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My wife just received her EAD card/ advance parol combo card and she was really exited... Untill she realized it said that her country of birth was "USA" instead of what it really is "Mexico". I checked back on the documents we submitted and sure enough we put the correct city and state (Merida, Yucatan ) but than under country we put "USA" like dummies.

the question is what do we do now. It is tough because to fix this we would have to send the card back and re apply for both advance parole and the work permit. We will have to pay again. Plus if it take too long to come it will really hurt my wife because she needs to apply for jobs at school around July or beginning of August for the next school year starting at the end of August. I consulted with us customs at the likely port of entry (Houston ) and they said it shouldn't be a problem showing the card even with the error because they have other ways of verifying that information. However, my lawyer is worried that, doing that may get her deported because it is against the law to pretend to be a us citizen to gain immigration benefits. (I disagree that, that is even what we would be doing as we would be 100% truthful about the error and a Mexican passport would be required anyway.) I plan on checking with the people on the forum along with maybe a few more ports of entry to be sure. Right now I am leaning on keeping the Ead card with the error and using it if our green card is not finished by the end of November .(we are visiting Mexico at that time) I don't see the point of spending the time and money fixing a mistake that most likely will not cause us any issues.(given that the other ports of entry agree with the Houston's customs, that they would not deny entry) plus it is only a temporary card until the green card arrives and it may get here anyway before we travel.(though it possibly could take longer we applied at the end of February)

I wanted to know what everyone else thinks we should do? I am just worried because I do not want her to get denied entry or other negative things .

thank you in advance!

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maiden or married name on tickets
4:25 pm


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My wife is returning to mexico to visit her family and we are wondering what name we should get her plane tickets in. Passport has her maiden name and the green card has her married name.

any help would be greatly appreciated

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Tentative Nonconfirmation while ROC
1:12 am


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I'm in the process of removing the conditions of my marriage based green card. I already filed my I-751 and received my 1 year extension letter in the mail.

I just got a new job, signed the contract on 3/28, now my Green Card expired 4/3. They did not accept my DHS letter as enough proof of my work authorization, they did E-Verify but I think the employee input my information incorrectly because a message error kept popping up, she said it's a new system and they're not even sure how it works... so now I'm stuck with a Tentative Nonconfirmation email that I just received and I don't know what to do.

I tried calling the phone number but they're closed now, so I'll call back tomorrow. And I'll have to ask my employer for a copy. I'm seriously losing my mind, I've been having issue after issue since that Green Card expired. The Social Security Office couldn't help either. I can't take it anymore! Give me advice please. :(

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