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arrowCrossing and returning to Mexico after visa issuance
February 17, 2015, 2:35 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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I wanted to see if people could give me their opinions regarding a plan I have. My husband has his interview next week 2/25. We plan to cross the border in Tijuana as soon as he receives his visa/passport. However, we both live in Tijuana at the moment and won't be ready to move to the U.S. for about a month (end of March). Do you guys think this will be a problem? 


The reason for crossing before actually moving:  I read that the SSN and green card are not mailed until after he does POE. Because the green card can take months for him to receive by mail and he will need to cross into mexico everyday because he is in medical school there, I don't want to wait any days before he does POE to make sure the count starts immediately and he receives his card before his visa expires. 


My concern is that I work in the USA so I have to cross everyday in the morning and I don't want to get him in trouble because we have not moved yet but he did POE already. 


Is this concern valid or should we simply wait until we have a new apartment in the USA and then do POE? This is not my favorite option but will do if the other option will get him in trouble. 


Thanks for any advice/suggestions. 

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arrowDo you have to return your I-94 "paroled" permit if you fly out of the US?
February 9, 2015, 10:28 pm Last comment by Laiza

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Hello there,


I am travelling to Mexico in a few days with EAD-AP combo card. I had already traveled to Mexico twice. First by airplane, and got a stamp at the airport. Second, by land, and got a stamp and a I-94 "paroled" permit when entering the US. Since the permit says it's valid until June 1, 2015, but also says that is for single use, I really don't know if I have to give it to the airline when leaving for Mexico, or should I keep it with me and show it when returning to the US. 


Does anyone here have a similar experience????

Any recommendations??

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arrowLeaving the country after getting married
January 20, 2015, 4:34 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hi everybody.


My fiancee and I would like to get married this year both in Mexico and the United States.  We'd really like to get married through our church in the US December 2015 but also want to get legally married in Mexico beforehand so that her family and friends who aren't able to obtain a visa may at least attend our civil union.  If I were to apply for a K1 visa now, and were then to legally marry my fiancee in the US around October/November 2015 (it would just be a signing ceremony), could we then fly to Mexico, hold another civil wedding there (so that Mexico may recognize us as a married couple), and then return to the US to hold our church wedding in December without running into any issues?  I'm aware that after we get legally married in the US, my fiancee would be required to stay in the country until the adjustment of status process is done, but is there a way around this (such as the advance parole application)? I'd really appreciate any helpful suggestions. 


Thank you!

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arrowHow can I pass Texas checkpoint with still I-94 unexipired and NOA
November 12, 2014, 3:15 am Last comment by NancyNguyen

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Hi everyone, I live in Phoenix, married to a USC, but now I need to drive my mexican car to San Antonio TX, and my brother and dad will travel from Mexico to San Antonio,TX for drive it back to Mexico, because I need to sell it. My husband will help me to drive it, but I need to drive with him because it has mexican plates and his AZ driver license is not valid for insurance, only mexican DL.


Well, I came to US as tourist visa and got married, I have I-94 which will expire until january 2015, Im going to drive I-10, people who has driven it knows is close to the mexican border and many check points are there. so, when I will cross the check point after El Paso, TX , I don't want to lie, and say I'm tourist, because I filled I-130, AOS, AP and EAD.  Some days ago I received NOA's in mail (i-797C) with my married name, no maiden name as my I-94 and passport, and these are my questions, What I need to say, and which documents I need to bring with me when they ask me routine questions as if Im USC, where am I drive from, and where is my destiny.


Sorry for my english, its not good I know, I will apreciate all answers.

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arrowafter receiving green card.. living abroad???
November 7, 2014, 1:27 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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ok hopefully someone here will know the answer to my question...


My interview is next week for my wife ( Im the USC) I am currently living abroad with her and our children, I have a job offer for when we enter the US, but they just contacted me and apparrantly the job they have for me just changed to be a job in another country, (not the US nor Mexico). They would also be hiring my wife, so this is a US based job and we would be getting paid through the US systen with w2 and what not, but we wouldn't be physically in the US, and I understand that once my wife is issued her residency, she must spend a minimum of 6 months per year within the US. Is this going to cause her to lose everything we have been working for these past 17 months? Or is there a way to keep her green card valid even if we are not within the US, because in order for her to work for this company they will require her to have a social security number to be able to work and get paid.


Thank you in advance, hopefully someone will have an idea or could suggest where I could find the answer.


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