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Entry / Exit Stamp or Proof with expired passport
8:14 pm


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K1 Fiance with K2 (2) boys - Married - (Conditional) Green Cards

ROC window opens Oct 2018

We totally spaced out on this and my wife's two boys have their Mexican passports expired now. I know, my bad, I should have been on top of it. So, we thought that we could renew them here at the Mexican consulate in Los Angeles - low and behold, you cannot. Even if you have sole custody (patria potestad) court paperwork. They won't accept it and we got turned away. (Who knows if we got somebody who knew the rules or not, but moving on.)

So, two options are: (1) have the father in Hermosillo, Sonora (Mex) go to their designated office over there and give authorization, which will be received here at the consulate and then we can proceed to get the passports renewed here in the states or (2) just cross over (land crossing by driving) on our next visit to Hermosillo and get them renewed there (much easier to say the least).

Here's the dilemma I'm thinking about if we go with option 2 (the easiest)... Since we'd be crossing into/out of Mexico, how would the boys get the stamped date of entry if they have their passport expired? Would they still stamp the entry on an expired passport or would they issue some other kind of proof for date of entry? I'm just concerned for when removal of conditions comes around that it would somehow become an issue if we cross over with the boys with their expired passport.

The easiest would be for us to just cross over and somehow still get that stamped date of entry or proof of entry and then on the way back out just get the stamp on exit into their new passport.

Suggestions,comments or advice... anyone?

Thanks in advance!


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Passport and green card last names are different
9:54 pm


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Hello everyone,

This may be a silly question but I have not traveled via airplane out of the country since I became a permanent resident in 2009. I recently got married in Sept. 2017 and want to travel to the Philippines to visit the mother in law in Sept. 2018. I did some research and it looks as if I do not need a visa to enter said country. The issue is (or may be) that I got my state ID and my foreign passport with my married last name but my green card which I would need to get back into the country, has my maiden name. I read in various places that I should carry my marriage certificate with me just in case there is an issue. My question is if I am going about traveling outside the US correctly? As in getting my native country's passport and traveling with it, my green card, the marriage certificate and ID? I even called USCIS to ask and they told me that they can just tell me that I need my green card to get back into the country but could not tell me about the issue with the last name.

Any info is appreciated! Thanks!

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Traveling within US with K1 Visa
6:26 pm

Renee & Miguel

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Once my fiance arrives here, are we able to travel within the United States before we were married? If so what would he use for ID since I don't think his driver's license or passport from Mexico would work?

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I have a very important matter need to Cross a CBP checkpoint
7:35 pm

From Tx

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Hello I have a question hopefully some one has been in this situation. my son he is a 3yr old he will be having a very important surgery but i need to Cross a checkpoint his surgery is in Corpus Christi and i am From Pharr TX. we only have the receipts from I-797C and Biometrics letter and Of Course the approval of the I130. i am so confused I've read yes u can cross and then i read some i cant cross. hopefully some one can guide me pls thank you.

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Cruise Experience with Advance Parole
7:26 pm


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Hey everyone,

I've been lurking on these forums for awhile and have use the information here to my advantage, so I figured I'd return the favor and possibly help someone else out.

My wife's I-485 application has been pending for nearly 2 years now (USCIS lost the application when we moved and we had to go through our Senator to find a solution). We didn't apply for AP originally because we expected a relatively quick adjustment timeline and didn't have any immediate travel needs. This summer we decided we were sick of waiting and wanted to travel. So we sent in the AP application in July and received the document in about 3 weeks (super fast!).

Similar to most of the experiences on here, we were nervous to use the AP but decided to book a cruise with some friends. It took us a few extra minutes to board at the cruise terminal (Miami) because the cruise employee had never seen the AP document before. She went and spoke with her manager and cleared us to board. When we returned, we went through the immigration line. The officer checked my passport and we gave him my wife's Mexican passport and AP. He told us we'd need to go to the secondary screening room so they could verify that everything was okay. We went to the room and sat there for about 10 minutes while an officer typed a bunch of info into the computer. He seemed kind of inexperienced with the AP document, but was nice about it. He asked us if we had been told when we were going to receive the green card and we told him we weren't sure, but hopefully soon. He returned the AP (both copies) without any stamps. I asked him if he needed to take a copy and stamp them and he said, "Nope, you're all set to go." So we grabbed our things and left.

It was a pretty relaxed entry process, and I'd imagine that airport entries are a bit more strict. But my advice to anyone looking to travel on AP is to go for it. It was quick and painless.

I'm curious, has anyone else had a similar experience with the officer not stamping documents? He did take my wife's I-94 (she had left it inside the passport), saying she didn't need it anymore with the AP.

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