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arrowOur recent experience flying from Mexico City to Atlanta with combo card
March 4, 2014, 7:34 am Last comment by JohnE

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My wife Elizabeth and I flew home to Atlanta on March 1st from Mexico City after a vacation to see family.  Unlike the problem we had when we left Atlanta (see my earlier post  

we had zero problems.  We checked in at Benito Juarez airport in Mexico City with Delta and Elizabeth presented her Mexican passport and combo card with AP and had no problems.  In Atlanta we got in the US citizen/LPR line together at the passport control area.  Elizabeth was asked for her fingerprints and was asked how long has she been waiting for her green card.  She received the combo card the first week of January and she told the agent we are still waiting for the green card.  We were directed to the tripod area (secondary) and had an official escort take us there.  The tripod area is just past the passport control booths and just before the baggage claim area.  We were at the tripod area for 5 minutes and were called to the booth.  They asked Elizabeth if she had any food she carried from Mexico which we did not.  We were then told thanks and could proceed to baggage claim.  Zero problems which we were happy.  Now if we would just get some news about the green card! 


God Bless



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arrowReturning to the USA 1 month before my GC expires
February 20, 2014, 11:05 pm Last comment by Jay-Kay

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Hi everybody!! kicking.gif


I have one question and i hope somebody can help me!! helpsmilie.gif


Right now im in Mexico, I came here on january 24 and i want to get back to the USA on july 15, my Green card expires on agoust 15, my question is: Can i go back to the USA 1 month before my GC expires or should i come back before?? my husband is going to come to mexico for work on may 20 and i will like to stay with him until he finish his work.



I hope you can help me!!!


Thank You!!biggrin.png

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arrowProblem with combo card at Atlanta airport this morning
February 7, 2014, 6:57 am Last comment by nobbie

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My wife Elizabeth had an issue with her combo card this morning when she was checking in at the Atlanta airport flying to Mexico City.  Elizabeth received her combo card (with advance parole) the first week of January.  We are still waiting for the green card and are adjusting status from a K1 visa.  I am flying to Mexico City on 2/21/14 and we both fly back on 3/1/14.  When she was checking in at the Delta ticket counter the Delta employee asked to see Elizabeth's visa or green card.  Elizabeth produced her combo card and the Delta employee had no idea what the combo card is and was clueless about AP.  Lucky for us when Elizabeth received her combo card she also received a letter from USCIS that explained what the combo card is.  One statement on the USCIS letter says "presenting a valid combo card will authorize a transportation operator to accept you on board for travel to the United States without liability under section 273 of the Immigration and Nationality Act provided that you arrive in the United States on or before the expiration date on the card"  The Delta employee had an issue with Elizabeth's return ticket on 3/1/14.  Elizabeth let the Delta employee look at the USCIS letter when helped a little.  The Delta employee then manually loaded information into the Delta computer system which also included Elizabeth's A number (Alien number).  Elizabeth also produced our marriage license to prove to the Delta employee we were married.  What a crock!  Anyway to make a long story short she was allowed to check in and was given her boarding pass.  She had zero issues going through the TSA security check as they simply asked for her passport.  Thankfully we had front loaded the paperwork that we might need to produce in order to help the Delta employee do her job...something I would think a person working in the international terminal would be trained on.  I plan on calling Delta this morning in attempt to get some answers.  When Elizabeth lands at Benito Juarez airport in Mexico today she will stop by the Delta check in counter and ask the employees if they understand the combo card.  I am a little worried about checking in on 3/1/14 with this wonderful combo card that nobody knows anything about. 

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arrowHelp Advance Parole
February 2, 2014, 3:03 pm Last comment by A&B

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My wife Adjustment of Status Application (AOS) is currently pending.

Recently we applied and received the Employment Authorization Card and Advance Parole Card.  However we were unable to travel internationally when we received the card.  We detailed in the I-131 application we would like to travel on Dec 20th 2013. 


Yet we recieved the notification that the I-131 application was approved on Dec 20, 2013 and then we received the actual card on Dec 24th.. 


Now we are in a position to travel, but we have some concerns since reading the instructions more carefully for i-131, it says "

If you are in the United States and seek an Advance Parole Document, you may apply if:
You have a pending application to adjust status, Form I-485, and you seek to travel abroad for “urgent
humanitarian reasons” or in furtherance of a “significant public benefit,” which may include a personal or
family emergency or bona fide business reasons.

Travel for vacation is not a valid purpose."

Has anyone used the Advance Parole for just seeing the family, vacation?

Thank you for your consideration

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arrowQuestion about the CBP
January 30, 2014, 7:55 pm Last comment by Hypnos

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My wife Adjustment of Status Application (AOS) is currently pending.

Recently we applied and received the Employment Authorization Card and Advance Parole Card.

When she returns back to the United States, she needs to present her EAD/Advance Parole Card along with her passport, marriage certificate, etc., to be allowed back in?

Thank you for your consideration

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