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maiden or married name on tickets
4:25 pm


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My wife is returning to mexico to visit her family and we are wondering what name we should get her plane tickets in. Passport has her maiden name and the green card has her married name.

any help would be greatly appreciated

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Tentative Nonconfirmation while ROC
1:12 am


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I'm in the process of removing the conditions of my marriage based green card. I already filed my I-751 and received my 1 year extension letter in the mail.

I just got a new job, signed the contract on 3/28, now my Green Card expired 4/3. They did not accept my DHS letter as enough proof of my work authorization, they did E-Verify but I think the employee input my information incorrectly because a message error kept popping up, she said it's a new system and they're not even sure how it works... so now I'm stuck with a Tentative Nonconfirmation email that I just received and I don't know what to do.

I tried calling the phone number but they're closed now, so I'll call back tomorrow. And I'll have to ask my employer for a copy. I'm seriously losing my mind, I've been having issue after issue since that Green Card expired. The Social Security Office couldn't help either. I can't take it anymore! Give me advice please. :(

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deported for life
1:27 pm


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Help! Is being deported for life permanent is there anyway any loop hole to get a pardon or permission to re-enter, there is a 4 month old involved.

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After getting the K1 VISA: Work Permit (EAD) & AOS? Help please!
11:21 pm


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Hi guys,

So I've been researching and reading and I don't think I have it all clear yet.

I'd like to start working as soon as I enter the country but I also need to understand if its worth it, cause I know I have to pay the fee for the work permit and I read that cost can be "avoided" once we submit the AOS. (Cause the cost is included in the process)

If I go through the option of paying the fee, that only will work until we start the AOS? And then what? I won't be able to continue working? How does it work? I'm confused.

I also read that, that fee is only for a certain amount of time and then I'll have to renew it, is that correct? How often do you have to?

What would be your suggestion?...

Thanks in advance.

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Checkpoints i 10 to san antonio
5:12 am


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I am planning a 2 day trip to San Antonio. My hubby and I haven't filed for AoS yet because of complications out of our control.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I would like to spend it with him somewhere we haven't been, thats why San Antonio.

Is this a good idea? He is an overstayer of a work visa. I definitely don't want our little vacation be our last.

Are there any check points along i10 from Houston to San Antonio?

If it's too risky, i wouldn't go through with it.

Thanks for the answers!!

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