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Long administrative process after interview
8:08 pm


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Hey friends. Why Islamabad embassy put sooo many cases in administrative process for soo many months

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Congressman Inquiry. In how much time we get answer
9:13 am


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Can someone please tell me, if we contact our congressman and if he do inquiry to US Embassy then how much time did Congressman take to reply us back? My wife submitted inquiry form to Congressman on 22nd September and on phone call Congressman told my wife we sent an inquiry to US Embassy on 10th October and now waiting for their answer. Also date changes twice on my CEAC status ones on 11th October and second time date has changed on 20th October.

How much time Embassy take to reply back to Congressman and when Congressman will inform us about Embassy answer.

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US Consulate Islamabad AP update
1:04 pm


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Hello All,

I am creating a new topic for AP update from US consulate Islamabad.. Please share your update here...

My case still in AP 135 days completed today and still pending... i sent inquiry on 10/18 and still got the same reply. I also contact congressman they receive the same response as well so the best way is to wait for their response..Hope everyone AP clear soon.:rolleyes:

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Administrative Processing
4:22 pm


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Has anyone got I-130 / I-730 visa after administrative processing in 2017? kindly mention with visa category. People whose visa has been denied afte AP can also share their experience.

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Administrative Processing Islamabad, no paper? (merged)
7:31 am

rafiq akhtar

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hi my wife had her interview on july 24th at Islamabad embassy for her US visa... after the interview the officer took her passport and said will call u to retrieve ur passport with ur visa... today is august 11th and we dident get a reply.. i checked online and its on administrative processing.. why is that??? they dident give my wife no 221-g form or anything.. all papers etc was completed.. i have a 4 months old daughter whos in pakistan and i eant her to go america due to the heat... can someone help me on why they taking time????

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