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Administrative Processing
1:52 pm


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Hi everybody, I had an immigrant visa interview at Islamabad US embassy in November 2017 along with my spouse and kids, since then our case is under administrative processing and it's being updated on frequent basis but don't know how much time it 'll take to finalize. I just want to ask, has anyone recently got a US immigrant visa in Pakistan? if yes, how long it took to finalize the case?

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Field investigation after returned to USCIS?
10:14 pm


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Hi Everyone,

So my husband had a conversation with a shop keeper today near his home. He told my husband that recently two men came in his shop and were asking lots of questions about my husbands house about my husband, about his marriage to me and they kept prying about my husbands past divorce. I find it very strange since our case was returned to USCIS and they just received it February 23rd.

Do you think its possible they would send a field investigation at this stage? Has anyone seen this before?

Thanks goodness for us the entire village knows all about our situation I just wish they would have done this type of check before they refused his visa.

Thanks for any insight :)

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7:26 am

Peterson John

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Hello Everyone,

I got a call from Islamabad embassy yesterday inquiring about the contact numbers I use and my email address and places I have worked.

the officer was a Paki guy and was talking in Urdu and was very strict in Tone.

this is the first call I have received from the embassy after my interview, my interview was on 1st June 2016.

Does this means they are about to speed up my case or is it just a normal process for the Visa Admin Processing's?

I read most of the people have been visited by the field agents who were inquiring about them.

BTW, my visa case is I-730, follow to join case.

Everyone please kindly share your views

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221g questionnaire additional information
4:05 am

Mian adil

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Questionnaire for Additional Information for MXXXX YYYYYYY
Dear Visa Applicant: Thank you for interviewing at U.S. Embassy, Islamabad. Your visa application has been refused under Section 221(g) of the Immigrant and Nationality Act pending the submission of the requested information below. Please don t change the format. Send it back via email by filling/replying against every question.
Please help me

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Pakistani! Need help
11:16 pm


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Hi, my husband applied for me in last June. He's a LPR. I want to know just because I'm pakistani can it take more than two years? Cuz of being from pakistan. Or can this normally take more than two years for F2A? & why. Please assist me.

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