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arrowAdministrative processing gone wild...
September 21, 2016, 2:18 pm Last comment by Jan_F

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My dear friends

I wished I was never on this forum, but I am because of AP(administrative processing)... Well ; my history was quite diabolical! ...so i started a new thread. :)
I had applied for a B1B2 visa in april 2006, i got into AP...and on 21 st december 2006 i received my visa, so i visted the US in 2006 and then again in 2009, the visa was valid till 2011.

On 15 th june 2016 i applied again, but now things are more fishy, as I work for a company that works for ministry of defense pakistan, the VO told me...

VO: i approve u the visa but do you have your CV?
Jan: no its a tourist visa , thats why i did not bring my CV?
VO: ok send it to me ...sorry you will have to go through AP?
Jan : mam this is like last time, i had to wait 8 months ? This time I have booked a package tour with yellow stone park ...i will loose my deposit?

VO: shrugs her shoulders...

My question here is
1. that do they have any records of people who have cleared AP before, or they start a fresh.
2. Iread the AP explained and they send your name to different departments, CIA, FBI, dept. Of commerce! And the dept of polliferation..now if my organization is in their list of polifiriation....will I Get a visa ?

If i am not a theive? Or never have been? How can they put me in a catagory where they think i will do theft? This is just absurd...

Please let me know your opinions.....

PS i have already missed my vaccation...

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arrowAdministrative Processing explained
September 19, 2016, 6:28 pm Last comment by Anitafeliz

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I was googling what AP is and found the two links that explain what transpires during AP. Hope it helps.





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arrowAdministrative Processing ISB
September 19, 2016, 5:27 am Last comment by zmm2500

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Salam guys,
I went for interview at ISB on 16 Sep CR1
The lady gave me white slip 221g and tick mark on AP.
Took my passport , birth certificate, police certificate , Nika Nama , Ask some question , looked at wedding photos.
So on website I check after interview is on AP next day 17 date change n 19 date change n still on AP.

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arrowAdministrative Processing Since Jan2016
September 18, 2016, 10:11 am Last comment by Lovepaki

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is anyone got i-130 or V-92 / i-730 visa after administrative processing? if yes mention the time span after interview and visa issuance.

its been 8 months since my case is under administrative processing.

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arrowk1 interview, Got 221(g) CO require more Document
September 9, 2016, 7:51 am Last comment by Meg&Andrew

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Hy guys
I had interview on 8 Sept, 2016 in Us Embassy Islamabad
Interview went well, but he asked me for the fiance entry/exit stamp on the passport which unfortunate i didn't had. He gave me 221(g) white slip and said you must submit the passport pages copy then we'll review your case. He kept my passport and gave me back the police certificate and Birth certificate.  I submit the passport pages on the same date 8 Sept, 2016 to the assigned couriers. I want to know guys

Will they issue me the visa? or its a refusal?

What you think guys how long now they will take to issue the visa?

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