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Visa Approved -221g
5:24 am

Nauman sh

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I am a new immigrant and i was required to submit Confirmed Air Tickets of me and my wife for Travel to USA to establish Domicile during my interview and my case was put in AP. I submitted the tickets and was granted visa. However, I wasn't able to travel on the dates of tickets submitted due to some personal problem.

Would it have a negative effect and will the CBP be inquiring on why i didn't traveled during my first entry ? Or they cosndier it normal thing to delay plans?

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Administrative processing 221g
6:47 am


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Case Category: F4 (Brother of US citizen)

My family and I had an interview on the 13th of April 2017, the interview went well and all our documents were in order. At the end of the interview Visa officer handed me a white paper with a check mark on 221g denial. He said your paper work is complete but i will review your overstay and will get back to you. He has also kept our passports.

I overstayed my visit visa back in 1999.

Is this something i need to worry about? How long do you think it will take for them to respond? My petition was submitted in 2004 I have already waited for 13 years and now again the waiting game has come.

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Administrative Processing Abu Dhabi Embassy
11:25 am


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I gave my interview on 7th of March 2017, the consular said all paper work was in order but he only wanted proof of exit from Dallas, Texas and that he will request it from some one and can take up to 1 month.

I received a call on 12/03/2017 asking me to provide additional court records and bring it on 14/03/2017. On that day I delivered the documents they requested court records and they also asked for my passport/white paper and told me that they I will be receiving a phone call from impost after 5 to 10 days.

Today is 6/4/2017 (30 days) and so far I have not received any feedback, the online status date changed 3 times but still in AP mode.

Can some one please share their experience as why it takes that long? What is the normal processing time for AP?

Need to hear Good News!

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11:13 am

Peterson John

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Hello Guys,

how are you all? trust all is well with all you guys.

I am still waiting for my visa and the Case is pending in AP from last June and since then there is no update.

only updates when I email the embassy for an update but they simply reply that the Case is Under AP and cannot be predicted how long will it take.

let me know if someone has been through the same situation and what can be done?

my friend Zain Rafique and me we both are going through the same situation

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Embassy asked for new medical & photographs
7:00 pm


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Parents were put in AP 5 months ago at Pakistan embassy. Passports were retained by the embassy. 3 weeks ago they asked to submit the following:

-New medical exam (since old ones expired)

-Two photographs

I submitted them right away. Today, the status update date changed, but not the status itself.

Are these a good sign? When they ask for new medical and photographs, does it mean they are about to issue the visa? Also when they ask for these things, and the status update date changes, does it mean they are about to issue the visa?

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