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7:13 am yesterday

Peterson John

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Hello Guys,

how are you all? trust all is well with all you guys.

I am still waiting for my visa and the Case is pending in AP from last June and since then there is no update.

only updates when I email the embassy for an update but they simply reply that the Case is Under AP and cannot be predicted how long will it take.

let me know if someone has been through the same situation and what can be done?

my friend Zain Rafique and me we both are going through the same situation

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Embassy asked for new medical & photographs
3:00 pm yesterday


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Parents were put in AP 5 months ago at Pakistan embassy. Passports were retained by the embassy. 3 weeks ago they asked to submit the following:

-New medical exam (since old ones expired)

-Two photographs

I submitted them right away. Today, the status update date changed, but not the status itself.

Are these a good sign? When they ask for new medical and photographs, does it mean they are about to issue the visa? Also when they ask for these things, and the status update date changes, does it mean they are about to issue the visa?

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First cousin marriage wifes visa on hold pakistan Islamabad
5:39 pm yesterday


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Hi guys. Im trying to find an answer. Or some help. I tried posting this in another forum but never got s response.

Anyway. Im u. S citizenship. Pakistani who has been living in Texas for 12 years. I got married to my first cousin in Karachi Pakistan 5 years ago. She just had her interview in Islamabad american embassy. Everything went well on her side but since i live in Texas and first cousin marriage is not allowed here the consular put the visa on hold until i move to a state where cousin marriage is legal. Im thinking about Massachusetts. And i have to resend my lease papers of that state and job description. My question is does anybody know how long i should live there before resending the required lease papers for Massachusetts? I was thinking 1 month. Is that enough time? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Admin Processing - Domicile
2:20 am yesterday

Nauman sh

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Interview Date: March 8,2017

Admin Processing: Domicile

Document Required to be submitted: Confirmed Air Tickets of both Petitioner and Applicant

Embassy: Islamabad, Pakistan

Guys share your experience if went through same or are also in AP on Domicile basis.

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Stuck in administrative processing
10:18 pm yesterday


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Hi guys I am stuck in administrative processing 5 months now and my case went to administrative processing then changed to ready status and then again went to administrative processing now it's changed again in ready status and its updating I heard when administrative processing to changed ready status it's mean your going to hear something soon but when I make an inquiry to us embassy islamabad they said to me the case can be possibly quite lengthy so if anyone tell me whats going on with my case I highly appreciate your help thanks

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