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arrowDS-260 Previous Work/Education Tab
August 26, 2015, 7:37 am Last comment by Ryan H

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hello, my wife is completing her DS-260, but the previous work/education tab is missing.  is this not required anymore? I found a DS-260 sample from the travel state web site and it did have the previous work/education tab..

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arrowWondering about processing times for K-1 visa applications at SRC
August 26, 2015, 1:04 am Last comment by FN&KO

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Hello to all,


I was checking the timeline for K-1 applications at the visajourney timeline pages. I noticed there are quite a few cases with very short processing times (90-120 days) compared to the average (180-240 days). Anyone knows why there are cases with such a short processing time? Thanks!



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August 24, 2015, 12:17 am Last comment by Greenbaum

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Hello all I sent my i29 petition on July 20th yesterday while on a little getaway with my daughters I got an email from USCIS stating the following : case status : request for evidence I'm guessing this is what the famous RFE stands for I have been worried sick since yesterday since I don't want our case to be denied it has been way to long that we have been separated I tought I had sent such a complete packet I can't think of anything I am missing or missed anything .. we saw each other last year I dont travel every year to see him because Is financially difficult I sent the first two pages of my passport where it shows my entry stamps was i supposed to send every single page of my passport ? I also sent itinerarys because I don't have the boarding passes Also I have dual citizenship I was actually born in Venezuela so my Venezuelan passport was the one I used to enter Venezuela last year does USCIS cares? I sent about 5 pictures of us only two or three of us alone since we spent a lot of time with family and friends were we supposed to send pictures of us kissing to make it beliavable ? I also sent tons of chat logs phone logs etc I know all of this is secondary evidence but I am trying to narrow Down why we got and RFE ? We are both divorced I sent those his translated and his birth certificate I didn't send mine only my certificate of naturalization I've been reading other websites and one of them said that once you get an RFE you will most likely get denied since the officer working on your case has probably made up their mind ? Or doesn't believe is a bonafide relationship... Can anyone that has had RFE before give me some advise I'm really worried and I want to be positive but the not knowing is painful and stressful please any positive advises would be so helpful for me at this time

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arrowconditional green card question please help
August 23, 2015, 7:20 pm Last comment by Bong&Oun

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so my wife got her green card last month on july 7. shes a little worried because shes traveling back to her country very soon after getting her green card last month and she going next week on the 26 of august to visit her family. my question is would she be ok traveling despite that shes technically been only a permanent resident since july 7? shes only going to venezuela for 15 days..

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arrowK-1 Visa process
August 22, 2015, 3:57 pm Last comment by Jose&Eli

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Hello all,


I have a few questions about the visa process to help ease my nerves. A little bit about myself; I am 21, and my boyfriend is 23, I met him online in May, I'm the US citizen, and he's from Venezuela. We will meet face-to-face this coming December, and we plan to start the visa process early next year.


My first question is about the affidavit of support. I am currently a full-time college student and I use the G.I. Bill benefits, so I receive a little over 1,000 dollars a month. I also don't have a job right now, but I do plan on getting one after the new year. Will I have time before the interview to find a job and have a bit of income for an employer letter, or do I need one before filing for the visa? Am I able to include my income from the G.I. Bill on the affidavit? Also, I plan on asking my mother to be a joint sponsor, and she is retired from the US Navy, so she receives Veterans benefits. Will she be able to use her award letter as proof of income? And do I need to include a copy of her birth certificate to show U.S. Citizenship? 


For evidence of our relationship, I have saved the receipts from the letters I've sent him, our plane tickets from our visit, and I will also print out our Facebook chat logs. What type of chats should I include in the packet, and how many pages is acceptable?


And my last question is I've read conflicting information about what type of tax documents I should have. Should I send my last 2 paycheck stubs or three years of tax returns?



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