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Taxes- Moving to US
12:12 pm


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Dear All,

I have been living and working (and paying taxes) in United Kingdom. I moving next month to US and I know I need to fill a form to declare my taxes as I have been LPR since 1/03/2017 when I flew to US and activated the Visa.

All my savings are in pounds and I already paid taxes on that earnings. What will happen when I transfer my money to any Bank account in the US, will be that considered as an income? How could I declare that money?

Additionally, I would like to tell that I am a little bit anxious about entering the US as on 1/03/2018 expired my year, I left the country on 08/03/2017 and I am planning to go the second week of Feb. They reason why I stayed until now it was to save money. Could I still be denied when the date is so close to the year or is still valid?? I am staying, but I can not afford one way ticket as the difference is 1:5 .

Thanks for all the guidance and advice :)

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Case Status "AT VNC"
3:54 pm


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Hi All,

I am helping my cousin in the DV process to get the green card (hopefully). Her case is lower than 1.000 for South America area.

I have received a notification from britsimon.com and he is recommended to check the status, when I checked it the status was "At VNV" and they are stating that there are 6 steps to follow before NVC can arrange the interview appointment. This is totally different from my process, I just waited for the KCC email informing me about my appoinment, I did not do any step.

My cousin has not received any email yet.

Another question I have is the following. I have helped her to submit the application, she is currently living in Venezuela and this is stated on the DS260. Could she move to the US and when she receives the appointment in Caracas travel there or change the status if she is inside the US.

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards,


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Supply Chain / Procurement professional
3:47 pm


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Dear All,

I am an experienced procurement professional, with over 11 years of experience working with a wide diverse industries and I would like to test the Job Market.

I am applying from Outside of US, I am currently living in UK but I am moving next month to US. As I am originally from Venezuela, I am interested in Florida Area, pretty much as there is a huge Latin Community and also Spanish is almost necessary over there.

If someone could help me out with tips / advise I would be really greatfull.

Thanks in advance for your attention!


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Venezuelan at Peru Embassy
3:59 am


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My fiance is Venezuela, and lives in Caracas...but he is leaving for Peru in the spring. He has been there before, and actually trained for the job he currently holds in Venezuela. Will he be able to do his interview at the embassy in Lima, as long as he is there legally and has established a residence? Or will he have to go back to Venezuela and interview in Caracas, which is what he doesnt want to do?

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System Broken?
11:16 am


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I-130 applications for my wife and two dependent children(Venezuelan). I am natural born US citizen.

Priority date 05 Dec., 2016

11 Nov., 2017 received request for additional information: certified translation of marriage certificate and certified copies of children's' birth certificates with translations.

28 Nov.,2017 USCIS received requested information and resuming working on our cases.

Crickets again.......

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