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Is now a confusing time to active the GC?
4:42 am


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Good Morning.

I am quite confused as I need to travel to USA to active the green card before 27 of March.

There is a huge confusion now at USA airports. People who are not even from the banned countries have been

detained and asked to sign the form I-407. There are so many rumors and apparently not even the immigration

agents are fully aware about which procedure to follow (according to CNN).

Shall I wait until the situation is calmed down? Shall I go earlier to prevent that at some point, Trump includes more countries to the list and

stop me to activate the green card?

I am so confused now. Honestly I would not like to loose the opportunity as Luckily the presidency period is only 4 years, but the green card is

for a lifetime.

Your recommendations will be highly appreciated.



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RFE Advice
9:21 pm


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Hi Everyone!

I filed to remove conditions in February of 2016. My husband and I (same sex) are currently in a long distance relationship because he is getting a medical degree in the Caribbean. I just received an RFE. It isn't exactly unexpected because of our situation, but I am very confused because it seems like the stuff they are asking for is stuff I have already sent them and that they acknowledged to have already received in the RFE letter. An interview would have made more sense but now I am really confused as to what else to send USCIS since what they are asking for is what I already sent. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

List of acknowledged received documents by USCIS:

-Copy of Greencard.

-Copy of marriage certificate.

-2 Affidavits attesting to our relationship.

-Last Will and Testament.

-Health Care Proxy authorizing my spouse to act in my behalf.

-Statements from joint Wells Fargo account from May 2014 (right after getting my conditional GC) through November 2015.

-Joint Chase credit cards with 4 statements.

-Sprint phone bills for both of our phones (unfortunately the phones are only under his name)

-Joint gym memberships.

-A newspaper article The New York Times wrote about our long distance relationship habits.

-Travel itineraries to see each other.

-Text messages and letters.


-Joint AAA membership.

-Form from the DMV appointing my spouse as my power of attorney to sell my car.

-A certificate from the Continental Kennel Club listing our pet with both of our names.

List of documents they are asking for:

-Documents regarding children: We don't have any.

-Joint lease or mortgage: I sent a letter with my original application explaining that my mother owns my apartment and that we do not have a lease or mortgage because of this.

-Joint checking and savings account statements: They have been sent. I can send more from 2016.

-Joint credit cards: we only have one and we have sent it. We can send new statements.

-Insurance policies that show other spouse as beneficiary: I did not have this but I got a new job and I have appointed my husband as beneficiary for my life insurance.

-Joint utility bills: The only utility we pay is our phone and it's in his name. I can try to have him change that.

-A will, trust or power of attorney for health care or property: This has clearly been received by them.

-2 Affidavits from third parties: I have also included this.

Besides from sending them more bank statements, travel itineraries and my new life insurance policy, I am not really sure what I can add that I have not already sent to convince them that our marriage is real. I will include duplicates of stuff I already sent just in case.

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I-485 with I-765 co-filing
2:48 pm

Ross Graves

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If we are K-1 visa married couple within 90 days of arrival in the US from Venezuela, and filing I-485 along with I-765, do we have to pay the fees for both? The code for eligibility to file for form I-765 seems to be a/6, but says it does not qualify for waiver of the $420 fee...my former lawyer said it would be waived...any info?

Thank you

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K-3 when Wedding was in a third country
1:36 pm


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So many questions and so many things to say since this adventure started, but I'll try to be specific in the explanation of our situation and about the questions and the doubts we have.

Over a year ago I started a relationship with my actual husband. He is U.S citizen and I'm from Venezuela.

We tried to find ways to spend time together before even thinking about to get married, but the insecurity and the instability of my country made impossible the idea of him coming here to visit me. We also thought I could go to the states, I've never had the idea of going to USA, so never tried to get a visa, few weeks after we were planning everything for me to get it, the U.S embassy in Caracas closed the new applications for tourist visa (May, 2016).

We even decided to get a student visa for me, so in that way we could see how we work together, and why not, also a chance for me to learn English... waited till September to have the interview at the Embassy and I just got a denial.

After all that, we both realized we really wanted to be together forever, and not anymore looking for being together "just for some time", and that's how our wedding project started.

We knew getting married in Venezuela wasn't going to be possible, as I mentioned at the beginning, the insecurity in here is totally insane, keeping him in a low profile was going to be very hard. Another problem is how difficult is to find food and basic products in here, but I think my biggest fear was he having troubles at the airport after he arrives in, because of the irrational and crazy attitude that Venezuelan government and authorities hold against Americans and foreigners in general.

We didn't have other choice that get married in a different country, and thanks to the help of a lawyer in Costa Rica, we decided to have our wedding in that country on December 2016.

Despite of not having our family and friends there, everything was great.

In January our amazing trip ended and each one returned to their countries.

We should receive our marriage certificate in 1-2 weeks.

After this long explanation, I'll like to ask for some help in this forum, mainly because we are not sure yet which visa we should go for (CR-1 or K-3).

Right now the most important questions we have are:

1. If we decide to go for a K-3 visa, then I'll have to travel to Costa Rica for the interview at the U.S Embassy in that country, and it will be that embassy the one that will handle our case?.

As far as I know, with the CR-1 it doesn't matter where was issued the marriage certificate and all the process will be handled by the U.S embassy in Venezuela.

1.1 if my K-3 is handled by U.S Embassy in Costa Rica, it means the medical examination will take place there?...Or I could take the medical examination in Caracas and then have only the interview in Costa Rica?.

2. I know U.S embassy in Venezuela is having troubles for issuing visas, making very slow the process of schedule the interview. I don't want to debate about the causes of this, but more important is to know if the process of a K-3 (handled in a different country) will be faster than a CR-1.

I apologize again for the long story

And thanks in advance to all for the help

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Visa packet with passport recieved
11:02 pm


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I just had a question. My fiance got his passport package today.

Inside the mail package, there is a manila packet.

I heard theres supposed to be a packet that he's not supposed to open, will that be inside this manila package along with the passport?

He hasnt opened it because he really paranoid this is the packet hes not supposed to open.


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