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June 16, 2016, 10:21 pm Last comment by Luifer

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Hi everyone! 


I'm about to send this I-751 package in 2 weeks and I'm confused about Part 7 and 8. So from my understanding, in Part 7 is where you write the conditional permanent resident's name and sign and Part 8 is where you write the USC spouse's name and sign? Even though it talks about the ASC appointment and the spouse or the USC doesn't have such an appointment for fingerprints, photographs, etc? I would really appreciate any help on this! 


Thank you!!!!! 

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arrowK1 Visa g-325a Form and Photo
June 15, 2016, 9:24 pm Last comment by tonyg279

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My fiance is from Venezuela we start to built our package for k1 Visa.

During the last 2 day she sent me a package with all the docuementation required to get done the application. But we facing problem with the photo like is supposed to be attached with the g-325a, I have the photo of my fiance but not signed in the back because any shipping company in Venezuela allow her to sending this kind of document.

She sent me over the email the required photo for this form.

Any advise..or any work around ..i thinking about notarized letter from her with statement abot aknowlege like she is the person in the photo.

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arrow┐How long is now taking the NOA1 to arrive?
June 14, 2016, 12:03 pm Last comment by Pitaya

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How long is now taking the NOA1 to arrive??  :clock:

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arrowMy Fiance is Immigrating from Venezuela
June 7, 2016, 10:14 pm Last comment by Andrea&Henry

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Hello all, I was recommended to try this website to get information and support from people who are going through exactly what I am. 


I have so many questions and I'm sure they have been asked before, but please bear with me.


I met my fiance over the internet back when I was 16, and have visited him this past November and stayed for 7 weeks meeting his entire family and his friends, everyone is very excited for us and we both want to be together. At first we thought about being in Venezuela but we decided it was too dangerous for me to stay there for a long period of time seeing as both our countries are having severe conflict politically and economically. We have been going though getting all of our paperwork ready to submit the application to the USCIS and I am unsure just how much to include in the packet itself.


Here is what I know/plan to send with the application form:

1) "I-129F: Petition for Alien Fiancé(e)"

2) Both his and my birth certificates (his to be translated officially)

3) His and my passport (including scans of each informational page and translated)

4) His letter of intent to marry, signed and scanned.

5) My certificate of single status

6) My plane ticket stubs form visiting/ scans of my visa and entry stamp into the country

7) Pictures of us together and my visit there

8) My proof of employment with an official company Letterhead (for example I work with OfficeDepot as a Supervisor)

9) 2 colored photos of both of us in 2x2" with a white background (passport style) taken within 1 month of sending in aplication

10) A statement of household income/ household expenses

11) Proof of relationship (letters written to each other, chat logs, proof of relationship longevity.

12) 340$ Money Order/Personal Check from my bank


My question is: is this more than what is required? Should I be providing more than they require? Do I need to have a place of my own before I submit this application? While I do work full time, I do still go to college and live with my parents. Is there any leeway so that I can still sponsor him but not have to list my current place of living as where he will be staying? I am very afraid of the change in presidency affecting our ability to be together, and I am trying to get this done as fast as possible to avoid future problems. I am doing this completely on my own without much help beyond supportive words from friends. He wants to be able to help but due to the instability of his country he is very limited in what he can accomplish, otherwise we would be working together on this more. Is it at all possible for the USCIS to grant him a K-1 visa without needing me to have a certain amount of income? My plan was to take out a loan with my closest friend as a cosigner to be able to get an apartment when my fiance gets his visa so we can have a place to be and start our life together, but I am being warned that we are not allowed to move at all from the address I give to the USCIS from the beginning of the application process. 


I have an idea of how this is supposed to go, but I am reading and being told so many conflicting things and I think being able to speak with others who have been through the same thing (especially recently with Venezuela) would be incredibly helpful. I'm doing my best and I know people just tell me patience over and whatnot but it already has been many years since we started this whole process and I very much fear for the future and have been doing everything in my power to get him here, but I fear I am not knowledgeable enough about this process and I know I will not be able to afford a lawyer. Can anyone give me insight on how to make this possible? All I want is for us to be together, and it feels impossible very often. Please help. 


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arrowHelp me understand cR1 visa
June 7, 2016, 6:37 pm Last comment by Harpa Timsah

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Hey guys

I need some help from y'all. I have a friend in Venezuela who applied for a CR1 Visa, they got married in Venezuela. The husband (US citizen) has never lived in the US. He has his US passport and he has family in New York, but that's it.

My question is, does he have to be living in the US in order to file for her? Does he have to have a job or can someone else sponsor them? (Such as a family member) if he does need to have a job what's the poverty line he needs to meet in order to file for her? (They don't have any kids) and my last question, If he is required to have a job, is he required to have it for a certain period of time before he can file for her?

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