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arrowI-693 Form Report of Medical / Vacination
May 5, 2015, 6:23 pm Last comment by KennyG

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When fiance goes for their medical clearance in their country, I read it is recommended that they have the vaccination part on Form  I-693 Report of Medical / Vaccination filled out to have when they file in the U.S. for change of status??    Thank you!!!

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arrowK-129F Sent!!! Medical / Criminal Record When apply
May 4, 2015, 11:50 pm Last comment by KennyG

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Hello,   Any advice on the below is appreciated. Thank you!!! 

Fiance is Venezuelan.

Sent K129F application packet off and it was received at Texas Lockbox 5/4/2015.  The process has begun.

How soon does Medical and Criminal clarence should be started?  Do we fill out forms or does the agency?

Some information said medical exam is 5 days before interview? 

Proof of vaccinations--He does not have record?




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arrowHelp from those who had interviews in Atlanta, GA
May 4, 2015, 3:52 pm Last comment by GJen

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For all of you who had an interview for citizenship in Atlanta, GA. What was your experience like? I would love to hear how your interview went and any advice is also welcome! anything I should be aware of? Did you have a same-day oath ceremony?


Thanks for taking the time to read this! I finally got my interview letter and my interview is scheduled for June 1st :D.

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arrowGathering documents -- help please!
April 22, 2015, 9:20 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hello everyone!


My boyfriend and I just got engaged, which means we're officially starting down the long, long road to citizenship.  This forum has been exceptionally useful so far, and I'm hoping someone can help me with some specific questions I have about submitting the evidence that we've met over the past two years.


Some background: my fiancé is from Venezuela, but we're currently living together in Argentina.  I came here in March 2014 on a Fulbright grant, and he joined me in June after things started to get really bad in Venezuela (we've been dating since 2011 and prior to Argentina had been back and forth many times between the US and Venezuela).  Although I had to go back home after my grant ended in December, he ended up getting a job and has been here ever since. He is now a legal resident with a bank account, DNI (Argentine ID), etc.


My next job doesn't start until July, so I was able to come back to Argentina for a few months and want to gather as much evidence as possible before I leave so I can start the petition in July/August.  We actually have 4 trips we can work with during the 2 year period: I lived in Venezuela with him from August to December 2013, we both came back to the United States in December and he spent Christmas 2013 with my family, then June to December 2014 in Argentina, and finally April to June 2015, also in Argentina.


I'll definitely be providing copies of both our passports, and I have copies of all of our flight itineraries, although not the actual boarding passes. I'm a little worried because we never actually traveled together, not even when he came to the US in December 2013 (the only flight he could get left a day earlier than mine), and our particular timeline is very confusing.  I can keep the boarding pass for my flight back to the US, but I'm flying out of Chile, not Argentina, which makes things even more convoluted.  


I also don't have any credit card records for either of my trips, since both Argentina and Venezuela have a currency control that makes it way more cost effective to pay in cash.  He might be able to get access to his bank statements from when he was in the US, but I'm not sure.


We do live together here in Argentina, and I was thinking I might be able to provide a copy of our apartment contract, though it's signed only in my name.  I also have copies of cell phone and internet bills that are addressed to each of us individually, but show the same address.  His DNI (the Argentine ID) also has our address listed on it, as does a Certificate of Residency he had to get (this is the best because it actually states that he lives with his "pareja" and gives my name and passport number).  Will this be enough (in addition to plenty of pictures)?  I'd prefer to translate as little as possible -- the contract, for example, is very long and would probably be a big pain.


Does anyone have other suggestions for primary documentation? It's very possible that my fiancé and I won't see each other again until he has a visa in hand (he has to go back to Venezuela to finish his degree, and it's getting very difficult and expensive to leave the country) so I want to make sure we have as much done as possible before I leave in June.


Thank you, and please excuse the long post!

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arrowChanging Foreign Address to --> US Address
April 15, 2015, 5:11 pm Last comment by Dani&Juli_VE

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Hey guys, I got another issue, your experience would be very useful for us!


We are abroad, so we used our Venezuelan address in the I-130 form. We already got NOA1 trough email and text message (my sister's in US) but of course USCIS will attempt to send NOA1 Hard Copy to our foreign address. I'm afraid because Venezuelan postal service is a complete disaster: its slow, unreliable, they lose things, they're unreachable… it’s just a Russian roulette. I guess we will simply forget about receiving this Hard Copy from USCIS. I've read we really don't need that one anyway...


BUT I'm afraid there are OTHER notices/packages/documents I might need to receive on paper from USCIS/NVC, right?


So, there is an option on USCIS website to change mailing address. Maybe I could change it to my sister's address in the US, which will eventually be my domicile. Has anyone had experience with this? Will it cause any delay the my process? (I've read there is a tendency to speed up / expedite petitions filed from abroad) is that still true?


I really appreciate it guys, thanks in advance!


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