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Green Card in hand!!!
3:18 am


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Vjs i want to share my experience with you, related to the interview and the whole experience till today.

We were scheduled to attend to the interview last Friday march, 24th, 2017. at 9:20am. in the USCIS office in New York. we arrived early in the morning, We were called to the interview and a lady start asking questions, she was not rude but very serious.

something very curious was that she made Weird and mocking expressions while she watching the photos, papers, in general all the evidences, like mocking, I suppose it was to make us nervous. The interview was relatively short, lasted no more than 15 minutes, the officer gave us all our documents and a letter indicating that at the moment she could not make a decision. My wife asked if that was going to take a long time and she emphatically said that she did not stay long with cases. I left the office with a lot of doubts. when we returned to the waiting room, i could see happy faces, all i saw was sad faces. On the weekend my wife made great efforts to raise my spirits because I thought that this would be another long period of waiting in that limbo in which one walks. I even had some fever. On Monday 27 I went to the office particularly late and without encouragement and in the middle of an endless meeting I received a message from uscis indicating that there was an update of my case. i updated the USCIS app and It said that my card had been ordered. In the afternoon another message and when checking in the app it said that the request for adjustment of status had been approved. Even in disbelief, I saw that an email arrived for my wife on March 30, saying that the petition had been approved, then another mail on Friday came for me giving me the welcome to USA. And the message that the card had been sent. This is to say that I have reviewed the app hundreds of times to see a change of status and when we arrived home today, checking the mail we found a big envelop with a beautiful green card inside and the app remains in the same state ( card was ordered to me)

Now we are celebrating at home the new status :jest:

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Traveling out of country K-1 visa with Green Card, Which Name do I use on travel documents
12:31 pm


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I married with the K-1 visa and have my Green Card with name change. I am planning on traveling back to Venezuela. Which name do I put on the airline ticket? My Green Card has my married name and my Venezuela Passport has my single name? So when I go online to buy an airlinne ticket, not sure what name to use. Any help....thanks????

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April 2017 I-130 Filers
3:52 pm


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Hi everyone,

I know is not April yet, but husband sent the I-130 on March 27, so it will be processed in April.:P

Good luck to everyone!

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2:14 pm


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Hello dear friends,

My worse nightmare came true, they returned my AOS , this is what we sent:

all the supporting information and 2 different checks for

Petition for Alien Relative

Check for the quantity of $705 ($535+$85+85) $535 fir the form I-130, 85$ for each ( the petitioner and the beneficiary biometric fee) made payable to Department of Homeland Security.

I-485, Adjustment of Status:

Check the quantity of $1310 ($ 1140+ 85+85) made payable to Department of Homeland for Security, $1140 for the AOS fee, 85$ for each ( the petitioner and the beneficiary biometric fee)

also we filled the form for the EAD, my question is did we send more money that we suppose to? do we have to redo our forms ? ( because all our evidence and forms have some type of seal in each page) also how do we should sent the checks? i really need help this is so frustraiting!! thanks so much!!

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I'm married. Can I act as a sponsor for someone on my own?
1:49 pm


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Here's the story:

My best friend from college got a scholarship to pursue a doctorate at Penn State U. To get the visa, though, he needs a sponsor. I'm hoping to help him and I'm preparing to file the I-134 for him.

I'm married and have a kid, and my household income is of about 100k a year. I contribute to it with approximately 55k, the rest comes from my husband. We have no debt other than our mortgage and I we have investments for about $75k.

My question is: Can I file the I-134 on my own, without my husband as co-sponsor?

Thanks for all your answers!

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