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Traveling with a different country passport.
11:21 pm


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Hello. I have a quick question. I have a family member that recently gained her green card and she wants to travel to canada. The issue is that she has a venezuela passport and it is expired. It is near impossible to have the passport renewed here in the US. She also has a valid passport from Guyana and she wants to use that passport to travel to Canada. Will she have an issue traveling due to the fact that her green card says the country of birth is venezuela and she is carrying a guyana passport for travel? Any input on this issue would be grateful. Thank you!

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Travel with NOA2 awaiting interview
2:10 am


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I'm sure this has been covered, but i just would like to ask can the beneficiary travel with NOA2 on esta while waiting for interview at the embassy?

Thank you.

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Lost with Taxes- 1st time LPR since March 2017
2:35 pm


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Hello All,

Please help me with this request. I became LPR on 1st of March 2017 after GC activation (diversity visa).

I have been living in United Kingdom. I read that I should not be paying double taxes, (here in UK and there in USA).

My income last year was about 31K dollars (gross) and I already paid taxes for that amount here in UK.

How should I file my US taxes? It is a simple step? I have been trying to read different posts and also I completed a set of questions from the IRS but I really have no clue on what to do??

hopefully someone could give me some guidance.



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A little confused
3:43 pm


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Hello i have a friend planning to petition her father and mother, she is a US Citizen, as i was reading the forums i already found the forms and requirements for her petition

but i am kind of confused if form I-864 is also required with form I--130 i did not find anything on USCIS website about form I-864 if you are filing form I-130

If anybody can shed some light into this i would really appreciate it

thank you.

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K1 Visa received...What now??
10:27 pm


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Hey Visa journey!!

Thanks to your help I finally have my fianc here in the states, and we are now married!! However, now I would love to know what my next steps should be. What evidence do I gather what do I fill out, who do I need to do so that I can now keep my wife??

Again I thank you all so much!!

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