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US Immigration from Venezuela

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Green card holder petioning husband
7:30 pm


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Hello - I petioned my mother, she s a green card holder now. She does not work she now needs to petioned her husband (not my father). Would the fact that she does not work affect anything? What forms that need to use ? He will be here in the US soon so it would be whatever form pls adjustment of status. Would she do form I-130 plus I-485 together? Thanks.

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Social security card when will it arrived?
5:31 am


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I petitioned my mother, she s in the US we pais the immigrant fee when she arrived, her green card has been mailed to us so she should get it soon but how about her social security number? We chose the option on the form back then to be mailed to us and her paperwork says she doesn t need to apply for one. Thanks for your help.

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3:27 pm

Our Journey

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Hello guys

This morning i noticed that in ceac website the AOS info is gone and when i check the status it sait at NVC. What does means? Why the AOS info is gone?.

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Income Requirements for filing the I-134 form and when do I file
8:13 pm


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I am wondering when I should file the I-134 form? The same time as I file the I-129F, or after I get the first NOA.

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SSDI and Company pension, and my assets for I-134
11:50 pm


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I am getting ready to send in my I-129f packet. I need to start preparing the documents to prove that my spouse and two kids are not going to be a public charge. A possible problem I can see is that i am disabled and receive SSDI and have a company pension. I also have stocks, CDs, savings accounts etc.. I am above the 125% poverty level for a family of four. My question is in our "the current environment -- MAGA", do i have anything to worry about? Will I need to obtain a letter from my doctor saying that I am permanently disabled? (I turned in the SSDI continuation form in January, where the SSA determines if you are still eligible to receive benefits). I also turned in a form to my company, filled out by my doctor to prove that I am permanently disabled, last year. Is this necessary? Or can I just send in my last checks and SSDI payments as well as my assets?

Many thanks for any and all replies!

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