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Help! What name is going to be on green card??
2:17 pm


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Hello everybody! I'm really confused how about the AOS because of this...

I moved to the US in August, applied for SSN before getting married with no problem, then got married in October... here is my problem, I couldn't apply to get my name changed right away so I went last week and they told me they can't change my name until I have my green card... My question is: If I change my name on my SSN card then it won't match the name in my green card, will I be able to change the name? Or my name on the green card will be my married name?

I'm really confused about this whole thing, I should have applied to get my name changed a while ago, now I don't know if things are gonna get all complicated...

I'd really appreciate your help!



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Entering the United States
6:59 pm


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So my husband and I finally have his visa and will be entering the United States soon. Any advice? What will the processing be like through immigration? Are there a lot of questions? Should we be aware of anything in particular?

Thank you,


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5:34 pm


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I am ready to apply for my citizenship and I would like to know any advice and tip, I was reading that is not recommended to file the application on the computer because the process can be slower, is that true? another question is the N-400 application need to have a barcode? I found the application on the USCIS website but I don't see any barcode when I printed it, thank you in advance for any help!

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12:29 am


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I am in the process of filling out paperwork for my fiance to get his visa. He has a child, who will not be immigrating with him. Do I have to fill out the section about his children?

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Minor K2 Venezuelan Passport
7:05 pm


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We are in the beginning process of the K1 visa request. I recently got an email response from the Caracas Embassy about some questions and one was about the K2's (under 18) passport I pasted their response.

3. My fiance has been trying to get her daughter a passport for a long time. The daughter is 11 years old. Will she be able to travel with her mother if the K1 visa process is approved to the United States without a passport if she is unable to receive one by that time? No, according to the Venezuelan laws, each person has his own passport irrelevant of the age. The daughter has to have a passport in order to be issued a visa.

I wanted to post this and see if anyone has experience with getting a passport in Venezuela. Her passport (the K2 daughter) has been in a holding pattern it seems for more than 3 years now. There are some unconventional (basically bribery) ways of getting a passport made in Venezuela but that is just wrong and expensive. So, just wondered if there was any info out there.

Anything I have searched for on here has been either outdated or more country specific.

Thanks everyone.

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