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arrowPOE for CR-1, advance clearance versus US soil?
December 15, 2014, 5:53 pm Last comment by dawning

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Hi Everyone,


So, my husband's visa was FINALLY delivered last week, and we are in the process of shopping for airfare.  Airfare from Venezuela to the US is very expensive these days, and I am considering buying him a flight to Aruba, and a separate booking to continue to California, as that comes out significantly cheaper. 


I am recalling from my recent experience traveling through Aruba that it involves advance clearance on most, if not all, of the flights going to the US (that means that travels go through customs and immigration in Aruba before the plane departs, which allows them to arrive in the US as though it were a domestic flight).  My question is, for a CR-1 visa recipient entering the US for the first time, will there be any problems associated with going through immigration in an advanced clearance facility, as opposed to a US POE, such a s Miami? 


Part of what leads me to ask the question is that I seem to remember a member on one of the NVC threads whose husband from the UK entered through Dublin, which also has advance clearance, and they were blaming that for something (EAD?) not having been done properly.  Has anyone else had experience, either negative or positive, with using advance clearance POEs?  The only references I have found so far were for K-1 visas.


Thanks for the info!

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arrowPassport expires soon, wait to file I-130?
December 12, 2014, 10:47 am Last comment by Ryan H

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My wife's passport is expiring soon in February 2015. We're waiting on the renewal, which is not a quick process. Can we go ahead and submit our completed I-130 packet and get this ball rolling with a photocopy of the soon-to-be expiring passport (She'll have the renewal in a few months, well in advance of the interview)..... or do we need to wait :( for it to be renewed first?

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arrowHow is auto-expedite queue applied? (split topic)
December 12, 2014, 9:37 am Last comment by spectrrr

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It's actually better to start the process abroad because it's faster. It may also be better to move back soon afterwards to establish domicile and if possible have a job for the affidavit of support, unless you have a joint sponsor or sufficient assests.
There is an unofficial auto-expedite for couples who live together abroad. But only if your file is sent to California or Vermont service centers which is beyond your control.


I live abroad with my wife (18 months now) and we are getting ready to send in the i130 packet finally for the first time on Monday (December filers, yay!).


HOW is that quiet auto-expedite determined and applied??? How will they know I'm living abroad? Mail service here is VERY unreliable, so I had planned on putting my USA PO Box as my contact, and someone back home will be checking my mail and scanning anything of importance for me... BUT.... how will that impact that possibility of an auto-expedite? How can I show that I'm really living abroad?

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December 9, 2014, 7:39 pm Last comment by RAFBC

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I have been a Conditional resident for the past 2 years, I finally sent out my application to have my condtion removed and now  they have responded  saying that they are going to extend my conditional residence for an extra year which would make it for a total of 3 years condition, here is the question(s) I have for you guys:


1. What happens now with my time frame in order to be able to apply for my citizenship? 

2. What is the actual time frame  to apply for my US citizenship?

3. What could be the reason why they would extend my condition instead of revoking it?

4. can I appeal the decision?


Thank you so much in advance for your responses, im just frustated right now....



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arrowThey seem to have lost the visa-- what should I do?
December 9, 2014, 5:16 pm Last comment by dawning

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So I have been worried about the late delivery of my husband's visa for some time now.  The embassy IV unit gives very little information in their e-mails, but have referred me to the courier (grupo Zoom) and the support(I e-mailed them, and they wrote back to say that they had created an account with my e-mail address, as I had used my husband's address when I made his account... not helpful at all, and from a no-reply address).

Meanwhile, CEAC has been saying "issued" since November 14th, the day after the interview. says that the embassy still has his passport.  But obviously something doesn't add up, and so I have been trying to figure out who could help me.  Last week I called the NVC, and talked to someone who seemed to be looking at the same information that I was, who encouraged me to wait. 

So yesterday and today I have been calling the embassy in Caracas and asking for help.  They haven't been very helpful, as it seems like the official answer is that there is no way to talk to the visa department, that all correspondence must be through e-mail.  But finally they transferred me to someone in the American Citizen Services department, who listened and said that they would contact the visa department and try to find out more, and get back to me.  A few hours later, I had an e-mail saying that they had given the visa to the courier back on November 17th, the day before I created the profile on, and that they can't help me anymore.  I am very frustrated that it took so long, and so much effort on my part for them to share that information, but I also have no idea what to do now.  


Does anyone have any advice? 


Also, I wrote a review about my husband's interview experience, which was fairly positive, but my view of the embassy has changed a lot since then, as I have been trying to deal with this.  Is there a place to submit a review on this topic? 

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