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Embassy rejected I-864 NVC not
7:42 am today


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I am a US citizen since 2000, I married my actual husband almost 2 years ago, I began the paperwork June 2015, finally he got the interview at the first days of Feb 2017, everything looks wonderful even, I flew to be with him in the interview and return home together, but for my surprise, they rejected my request because they need another sponsor, I did not have enough income but I have a property split with my ex husband, I used that asset 10 years ago to get my mother and past father with no problem, where the property value was less and the I owed more. Now, that I send even the property documentation with actual values and how much we owned, the Embassy did not want to take it as part of the affidavit. I do not have anyone to be an sponsor. And all the documents are in the embassy waiting for the sponsor. Right now, I am desperate, I had been separate for my husband too long going back in for from Venezuela to USA, trying to be with my husband, now the time is limited. I need advised, please help, the NVC never ask me for another sponsor, they did not ask for more documentation because I gave them every single one that they require. Now what I should do. The embassy will retain my documentation, what are the possibilities that I have to bring my husband to live with me to the USA. I am disconsolate. What it would happen with all the documents that I had been given, paid, recollected all this time. Please help what I should do. Thanks.

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Change of address
11:29 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone! My fiance (petitioner) moved a month ago to another place, we asked our lawyer to make change of address on the USCIS, but he didn't do it :angry: our case was approved on 02/09 and it's now on its way to Venezuela for the interview. We are worry now because we (he -the lawyer-) did not notified on time about the new address, and we are afraid that that might be a problem in the interview. I put the new address on the DS-160 but anyway... We are worry.

Do u think that would be a problem?? what can we do to fix that??

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Help! What name is going to be on green card??
2:17 pm yesterday


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Hello everybody! I'm really confused how about the AOS because of this...

I moved to the US in August, applied for SSN before getting married with no problem, then got married in October... here is my problem, I couldn't apply to get my name changed right away so I went last week and they told me they can't change my name until I have my green card... My question is: If I change my name on my SSN card then it won't match the name in my green card, will I be able to change the name? Or my name on the green card will be my married name?

I'm really confused about this whole thing, I should have applied to get my name changed a while ago, now I don't know if things are gonna get all complicated...

I'd really appreciate your help!



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Entering the United States
6:59 pm yesterday


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So my husband and I finally have his visa and will be entering the United States soon. Any advice? What will the processing be like through immigration? Are there a lot of questions? Should we be aware of anything in particular?

Thank you,


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5:34 pm yesterday


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I am ready to apply for my citizenship and I would like to know any advice and tip, I was reading that is not recommended to file the application on the computer because the process can be slower, is that true? another question is the N-400 application need to have a barcode? I found the application on the USCIS website but I don't see any barcode when I printed it, thank you in advance for any help!

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