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US Immigration from Venezuela

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How long for getting EAD approved?
6:12 am


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I filled for AoS on November 6th 2017 and on December 9th I received a RFIE which they received on December 22nd.

Since then I've been waiting for my EAD and I haven't heard of anything about it.

I've made 2 SR and contacted the Ombudsman like three weeks ago, and two weeks ago they said they inquired USCIS about my case.

One of my SR was "answered" said on the online tracker, but I never received any email or mail, and when I called to say if I should receive any notification they said I should wait 30 days after the notification on the online tracker.

I see that the EAD is taking waaaaaay longer than it used to, since I'm over 180 days waiting for it, so I'm asking people who applied earlier, how long you had to wait for it? and what did you do to expedite it?

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DS-160 Form for K2
6:46 pm


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Hi guys! I'm filling the DS-160 for the interview at the embassy. My form is already done, but I'm wondering if i need to fill one for my child that's coming with me as K2? I don't see the option on the form when filling the info. There's no K2 option, only K1 as fianc e. Thank you so much for your help!

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DI-134 Question
11:16 pm

Scott Rusticus

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Am I able to begin filling out the DI-134 as soon as I have received notification that the I-129 has been received? I have a question about the information about the life insurance. What is meant by the "cash surrender value" of my life insurance policies?

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Venezuelan Fiancee
11:08 pm

Scott Rusticus

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Greetings. I have filed the K1 Visa for my fiancee and last week received the letter and text stating that it had been received. I am a little concerned that the current situation in Venezuela may slow down or even prevent her from moving forward though. Any thoughts on that?

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Jobs in Law enforcement in California
7:24 pm

Our Journey

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Hello guys, I wanna know is a legal permanent resident can work in law field. (Police, Military) Ect...

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