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Venezuela K1 Visa filers
6:06 am


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Hello everyone!

Im trying to find out an estimate from anyone else who is also going through a K1 visa process (or recently did) regarding how long it took you to have your interview at the US consulate in Caracas, Venezuela? I have read here and there that the embassy is pretty backed up and I'd like to have a better idea on how long you may have had to wait. I checked the country portal here on Visa Journey but was unable to locate any information on this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you! ?

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How long do I have to wait to back US if the last time I stayed 6 months
3:44 am


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Hi, I'm married with a Legal Permanent Resident and I visited him last year from July to January 2017, 6 months. Now I'm planning visited him again, I have almost 6 months in my country now. Do you think I will have any problem or my entry could be denied? My husband made a petition for me which is still pending.

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Help , tips , suggestions on bringing my soon to be husband from venezuela
9:30 pm


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Hello, I would just like any help you guys can give me, I plan on marrying my fianc in about a month in Dominican Republic my boyfriend is Venezuelan and I'm a US citizen that will be claiming him from venezuela as my husband, does any one have any tips comments or suggestions on this journey. Thank you all ok advance

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International Student
4:12 pm


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I would like to apply for a F-1 visa in the near future. I'm a venezuelan national, lived in the USA for 5 years under a J-2 visa and had the two year home country residence rule apply to me. I have now been outside of the USA for 4 years. I moved to Peru afterwards instead of Venezuela so I did not fulfill this two year home country requirement.

My concern is: would I still be able to apply for a F-1 visa even though I did not fulfill the two year requirement or would I have to apply for a waiver (and actually be able to after 4 years)? I understand not completing the two years does involve some restrictions on applying for some visas. I would appreciate any help or guidance. Thanks!

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Who got the Welcome Letter? PD 2016
9:41 am


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Hi, I started this topic to know who already got the welcome letter from NVC. My PD is 24march 2016 and I'm waiting for it to start the six steps.

please I really would like to know who is in the same situation.

The NVC sent a notification in September 2016 saying that there wasn't visa available for me yet because my PD is not current.

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