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arrowNeed i apply for SSN?
August 30, 2016, 11:41 am Last comment by inloveVEN

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Hi, and thanks in advance 


Our case start at USCIS at Jun 2, 2016. We filled concurrently I-130, i-485, i-131 and i-765.

Fortunately, last Saturday Aug 27th, 2016. we receive 2 letter telling us that our I-131 and i-765 was approved and the card was sent. we feel so happy because we feel like all thinks are coming to normality but we are kind of confused, because we are not sure if i need ( as beneficiary) to apply for SSN or it comes by the mail?


thanks again for any help

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arrowDHs checking / Dmv 40 days.
August 23, 2016, 10:22 am Last comment by PilsenCanela

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I just received on 07/12 my work permit,and  the 08/12  my gc. I waited the 10 days mandatory to go to the ssn.   At this day I'm still waiting for the new Security card with my new name ( I changed when i married) and i;m still waiting for my Driver's leanring permit (that i did with my  last name of birth) because i need it and then i just will change the name. It's almost 40 days waiting and I  called to the dmv and the said that is still on Homeland Security checking. 
I'm worried because i just got a job and i don't want to lose it, just for the incompetence of the DHS.
It happened to someone???

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August 22, 2016, 5:00 pm Last comment by ninavmp

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I've been looking in the forums for about an hour now but I still have some doubts about my questions.

I applied for AOS (got married on January with K-1 process) in February of this year.  I had some problems with the I-864 forms so I got a request for evidence and my process got delayed. I ended up receiving my EAD and Parole to travel in the mail in late June.

My question is: How long should it take until they ask for an interview and how long does it take to receive the Permanent Resident Card?


I've read that sometimes they don't ask for an interview for the AOS and if that is the case, then how long will it be until I get my Permanent Resident card? We've been trying to find an apartment (in New Jersey) to move out from my in-laws house but apartment offices always ask for my Permanent Resident card so I just want to know how long do we need to wait until we can move out?


Thank you for your help!!


Neyla S.

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arrowRequest for initial evidence, no I-94
August 20, 2016, 2:41 am Last comment by Hypnos

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After lots of reading this is my first post. If there is an answer somewhere else, a link would be Great.

I'm US citizen. I just got marry about 4 month ago. My wife got into the US illegally 12 years ago. She did apply for DACA, so she is technically legal right now. We sent both I-130 and I-485 a few weeks ago, but today we received a yellow sheet which says request for initial evidence. They are asking me to submit evidence of her lawful admission or parole into the US, or parole in place(which is granted if I serve in the US Army), or evidence of eligibility for adjustment under 245(i) of INA( which I did some research and she doesn't qualify because she had to be present in the US before April 30,2001 and she came into the US in 2004!! I'm not sure but I think we don't qualify for any of this options. I hope I'm wrong and someone could help me. I have 87 days to submit whatever I need to submit. She has her SSN and a work permit (it say not valid for re-entry to de US, and in the back show me is form I-766

Please help me with this.
God bless you.

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arrowTourist visa, waiver
August 19, 2016, 9:20 pm Last comment by Boiler

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Hello everyone, 


15 years ago, my dad was convicted for a minor crime, was in jail for 1 year and his visa got cancelled. He was banned to re-enter the US for 10 years, but was told at the time that he could re-apply for a visa 10 years from then. Now that I've been a resident for 2 years, he would like to come and visit.


Almost a year ago (Sept 9th), he applied for a B1/B2 visa and the US embassy approved his petition, but said he needed a waiver. The embassy processed everything and he was informed that they needed to wait for the approval of DHS to approve such waiver. They told him it would take 2-6 monthsfor a response, but almost a year has passed without an answer. He reached out to the US embassy a couple times but they said he could only wait and there was no way for them to get more info.


What suggestions do you have? Should he start the process all over again, or wait a few more months? Any ideas on how long this process really takes? Anything else we could do in the interim?


Thank you so much for your input!!!

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