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do I need to be with y Fiance during the interview process?
10:34 pm


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Hi, I am new to the K-1 visa process. My fiance lives in Venezuela and I am a US citizen. I am not sure if I need to get a Visa to go to Caracas or how difficult that would be given the current political climate. She has traveled here on a tourist visa, multiple times, and we have many pictures and a picture of the ring I gave her. Obviously it would help her case to have me there, in addition to showing her support. But, is it a deal breaker?

thanks for any and all replies!

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Re-entry permit I-131 form information
2:00 pm


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Hi Everyone,

I hope you could help me as soon as possible as I can not find any information online.

I am applying for a Re-entry permit, do i need to include 2 photos or this is only for the other two type of application on this form?? If I need to include the Photos, where do you recommend to take that photos with the thin paper instruction? is that a passport or visa photo that I can take in any walgreens??

Also, on the form there are two fields I can not find out how to complete. Province: I am in Orlando, florida and I dont know if this area have a province . Postal code: I have 32xxx-60xx this is the zip code and postal code? is the same information???

I need to arrange an expedite biometric appointment , shall I pay an additional fee for this ? or only mentioning on the envelope they will take that in consideration?

Thanks for all the help I can get from you as usual.

Have a lovely day!! I love floridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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How do I renew Venezuelan Passport living in U.S
12:58 am


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I am a US greeen card holder (K1 Visa). I want to renew my Venezuelan Passport. How can I do this by extension, etc.. while living in the U.S. (Florida).

Thanks .

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Total amoun
2:10 am


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How much is the cost of the AoS from tourist visa? Is for a US citizen claiming his spouse.

I think is the fee of the AoS plus biometrics plus i130 fee?

How much is it exact? And the payment can be done in just 1 check or money order?

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Derivative police records and High school degree
10:41 pm


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Hi All,

My cousin received the interview appointment email today and she is having difficulties with one of the police records of her husband. He lived in Mexico from 1980 until 1984, and he has been trying to get the police records from Mexico and the have as a request that the person should be present in the country to get the police records or give a authorisation to a direct member of the Family to proceed with the request on his behalf.

Sadly, my cousin husband is not able to travel from Venezuela to Mexico to just request the police record and he has not direct family over there. What is the worst case scenario if one of the police records is missing?

Additionally, he is waiting for high school degree registration and apparently is going to be longer than the interview appointment. As he is not main applicant, but my cousin does that affect the visa approval?

Thanks a lot for your help.



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