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F4 interview questions
1:34 am


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My priority date is May 3 2004 for Venezuela (F4 visa), my husband and my 2 kids are immigrating with me. It is current since April bullietin, but I haven't got my interview appointment yet.

I hope to receive the letter next month.

I am wondering about the interview questions. Anyone can share their experience?

my family has to come to the interview as well, the consular officer will be asking them questions too?


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Green card received!
9:20 am


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Hi All!

Just two days ago I have received my GC at my friend's home in Miami. I am still living in London. Shall I ask my friend to send me the GC and social number via courier? Or it is OK if I enter to USA with my endorsement visa on passport when I move indefinitely?

I would like to thanks all of you during this process! Very helpful and accurate information!! All the best to new winners

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Can I do AOS with the second chart? I'm F2A
11:36 pm


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I really would like to know if I, been an F2A, could do an AOS if my PD is current on the second chart of visa bulletin.I have a tourist visa, so, sometimes I travel to USA to visit my husband. But now I saw the new visa bulletin of may 2017, and my PD in the 2nd chart is already current. The NVC hasn't sent us any notification yet, but I just want to know if there is a possibility to do the AOS and never again been separate of my husband. It's hard for both living in different countries.

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PD current in chart B, what to do?
10:33 pm


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my PD (march 2016) is current in the chart B in the new bulletin visa for may 2017. I'm in the category F2A. My question is, can I do an adjustment of status while I'm in the united estates now that this date finally moved on? Please, any information is important.

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Trying to open a joint bank account
9:19 pm


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Hello everyone!

My husband and I are applying for AOS for me and we're trying to open a bank account. This is the last step needed for us (unfortunately it should've been the first) but I'm having an issue right now. I'm from Venezuela and my passport expired on dec 2016. It'll probably take a couple of months before I get my new one because of the situation on Venezuela. We tried to open a joint bank account in Chase and we were rejected because they need a not expired passport.

What are my options now to show that we share the financial burden?

Thank you so much for your time!

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