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arrowPlease help-- taxes and NVC
April 17, 2014, 7:17 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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Hello everyone--


The good news is that my husband's case is at the NVC  and we are just waiting for a case number... the snag that has come up is trying to figure out how to pay my taxes for 2013-- I was married in 2013, so this is my first time filing as married.  I am in my husband's country with him so that he can get to know our son while we are waiting for the visa-- I had asked a family member back in the us to file for me, but he wasn't able to figure out how to do so due to no SSN or ITIN for my husband... I am figuring I will have to rely on the extension for American's living overseas,  but would still very much appreciate any advice on how to proceed when I get back to the us...probably in the next few weeks.  


I have seen people on this site claiming that a SSN or an ITIN is not necessary if filing as married filing separately, but according to my family member the pproblem he ran into was that California where I reside, is a common property state, and there is form that must be submited together with the federal return in order to file as MFS in those states which does require an ITIN.   So what I am trying to ascertain is: is it truly necessary, and if so how can I request the number and file in the most expeditious manner.  I am assuming that I woin't be able to progress through NVC until I have my 2013 taxes filed?


Please help, this is stressing me out, just when things were finally starting to work... 


I don't have regular internet access here, and so may not be able to respond to question right away, but will definitely be checking back when I can.


Happy Semana Santa to those in Latin America!



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arrowWhat type of greencard?
April 16, 2014, 3:46 pm Last comment by Yang-Ja

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I have a quick question

When someone wins the chance to apply for a greencard through the diversity program, when that person comes to the USA, do they receive a 2 year (conditional) greencard or a 10 year greencard? Thanks

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arrowSubmitting RFE without color paper sent to lawyer
April 10, 2014, 7:30 pm Last comment by Avery Cates

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Ok, I feel like a terrible person but as many of you know the whole green card process can be a nightmare. I was getting mine with a lawyer, who does not work for a law firm but who had his own office, and everything had gone right. I got an RFE last week for my I-485 they are requesting a certified translation of my birth certificate (no big deal) when I started trying to contact my lawyer and got no reply started getting worried. Left messages and nothing; just googled him and found out that he tragically passed away on a car crash. I am very saddened by his sudden loss but I do need help, because I only got a copy of the letter the USCIS sent that specifically asks for a gold sheet that was sent to him to accompany the documentation solicited, but I have no access to it. So my question is do any of you know if it would be a big deal if I sent the documents without that gold sheet? Should I hire a new lawyer? Please need advice and appreciate all your help and comments.

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arrowGreencard being returned to Laguna Niguel, CA because it is listed as "Undeliverable"
April 8, 2014, 3:12 pm Last comment by Eric-Pris

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Hi you all.

I have a questions regarding my wife's ROC. We sent in our ROC application in August 2013. She did her biometrics, thenw e recevied a notice that our petition was being transferred from VSC to CSC for processing in October 2013. Since then we had not heard anything from USCIS, until March 2013, I recevied an email and text alert. Online Status update said "Card Production". We looked at the forums and from the sounds of it, my wife was approved. Then we recevied a new email/text notice stating it was mailed USPS and tracking number.


This is when things get worrisome for us.


We tracked delivery almost hourly (we were pretty excited), on the scheudled delivery day in NYC, USPS said our package was "undeliverable". We were worried, because all of our other I-797s came in just fine to our apartment. We called the Post Office and one guy said they have an image scan of the package and they said it was missing our apartment number. Literally one (1) number. I told him they have sent prior letters from USCIS to our address and I also gave him our apartment number. He said that they will redeliver the next day. We waited until the next day, USPS online still says "underliverable", my wife goes to the Post Office and they say they cannot find the package and to check back the next day.


We look at our old I-797s and we finally notice that our old notices didn't have the apartment number on it. But they were delievered to our mailbox anyways.


So we called USCIS, I was on hold for a while and then I finally spoke with an agent and explained the situation, I gave her the correct address (made sure she had our apartment number) and then she said that USCIS will mail a new card in 10 - 30 days. She gave me a long record number to reference to.


Then the next day our USCIS online status changes from "Card Production" to "Initial Review again" because of the address change.


USPS Delivery tracking still works on the package and after a couple of days, it left NY and was listed as "Delivered" to Laguna Niguel, CA.


Has anyone had any experience with this?


Since I spoke with USCIS, we still haven't recevied our paper notices (I-797s) either. The agent on the phone said that our petition was approved, but the card will have to be re-sent. We are just worried as we've been told that if it isn't in writing from USCIS then to take caution.


Its been three weeks since we first recevied the Card Production email/text and no new Green Card and still no I-797 Approval Notices.


Should we be worried?


Should I contact USCIS again?

Thanks so much for your help!


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arrowAOS from tourist visa
April 8, 2014, 1:25 am Last comment by f&c

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Hi, Me and my girlfriend are getting married on Monday. I've been in the US for the past 2 months on a tourist visa.
At first the idea was to get married and then filed for CR1 process, but after a lot of talking we have decided to file for AOS since we dont want to be apart from each other anymore.
We have picture since early last year when we started dating from every time I came to the US to visit her, we even have pictures from a Cruise trip we took with my mom in November to celebrate her birthday.
We already have a joint bank account, she opened a t-mobile account for me where I appeared as an authorized user, She have an extension of my credit card.
I wanted to buy a life insurance and add her as the beneficiary but since I dont have a SSN I'm not able to buy yet.
What other documents you recommend to send af a prove of bona fide marriage when we send our aos package?
We are both from Venezuela, she's a US citizen by naturalization.

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