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arrowN 400 & Taxes
December 7, 2016, 6:15 pm Last comment by Lollamary

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     Has anybody gone on the interview, and the IO asked to see an arrangement plan from IRS? How was it? How long after did you hear from them? Did you need to submit payments or only the arrangement was enough?! Am I the only person going through this!? Please let me know your experience or anything related! 

     Many thanks in advance :) 

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arrowImmigrating to the US, need help. - Worth Reading
December 5, 2016, 1:47 am Last comment by randomstairs

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Hey there, I'm a 21 year old man interested in moving to the USA. At the moment I live in Venezuela with a huge descontrol of the government, my parents are Lebanese but I was born here, my father owns a somewhat famous Arab restaurant for 16 years. With the situation in which we live, my father decided that we should go to Lebanon. We traveled to Lebanon in May but first went to the United States for a few days, stayed at Leb for 4 months and then returned to the United States and then to Venezuela, we are planning on what to do with the store in the meantime I am looking to immigrate To another country (do not get me wrong) Lebanon is a very good place to live, but I feel too young to live that quiet life, I even used to run at 3 in the morning, I preferred to explore other opportunities and maybe one day Lebanon, right now I would only go to Lebanon to visit my family) my father does not want my brother or me to stay in Venezuela, since he would never sleep peacefully knowing that we are in danger, I am trying to figure out what to do.
I really liked the United States, good economy, I felt safe and I felt great with the way people behave. I would never think of moving to the United States Ilegally using my b1 / b2 visa I am trying to find a way that I could move and get everything done legally. I was in New York during that transit (round trip) and opened a bank account as a tourist. I was studying Economics at a local university but I was going to be there now and I know I can not finish my career here, my father told me that I would help me and my brother start a business wherever we choose to go. Can I open a shop using my B1 / B2 visa and hire US citizens to run the shop? What are my options for legally immigrating to the United States? To study in a university? Unfortunately I do not have $ 500k to invest in anything and get a Green Card, but I could get about $ 100 / 150k or $ 100 / 200k and open a store, I've been reading about an L1 visa or something, All the paperwork would ask for around $ 30k for the rates and that's too much. My father owns the Restaurant company and he has been doing so for over 15 years, if we decide to he can transfer the company to me and my brother maybe president and vice-president as my father wants to retire and live happily with his brothers and his family in Lebanon.
I  don't want to marry any US citizen to get my green card, I wouldn't lie to myself and cheat my way through risking my permission to enter the US even as a tourist. I'ts not about not marrying a US citizen, who knows if one day I fall in love and get married in the US but first I feel too young to think about doing so and second I still want to be "free" lol
I don't want to ask for political assylum because I may be denied so I don't want to risk my permission to enter the US as a tourist either. At the other hand I don't want to ask for assylum as I would still want to come to Venezuela even if it's only for a week and visit my friends and the lovely country I was born in. 
I would never think about doing any illegal stuff not here nor in the US or any other country, whatever the country I move in I plan to respect every single law, to respect every single citizen and do my best to improve the country that gave me her hand when I needed it the most. And if one day shits go down and someone tries to hurt the people of that country I would be the first one to wear the boots and defend the flag even if I risk my life. My life is already in danger right now, tomorrow i'll go to the store and I don't know if i'll make it home alive at the end of the day so...
I learned English thanks to Al Pacino, Rober De Niro and a lot of other actors. (Huge fan of Midnight Run, The GodFather, Scarface, Without License to Drive) so i'm sorry for any typos you may find. 
Some stuff about me and my current life;
Working with my father Monday to Saturdays, 11am to 7pm.
Saturdays night I go to my cousins house and have a bbq with my group, Sundays we go out do something and latenight smoke hookah and play cards. That's pretty much all I do besides playing Videogames to kill time, we can't risk ourselves and hang out in the streets as there is no safe zone in Caracas (at the time i'm writing this I just read that the son of a very well known franchise named King David has been killed in one of his own stores in one of the "safest" places in Ccs". Search for Renny Teixeira in Google for more info).
I workout a lot and have a healthy lifestyle. I began to lose my hair back in September and can't find Propecia, Folister, Finasteride or any other medication to stop DHT. It's pretty fucked up!
Lenguages; Spanish, Arabic, English. 
Been working with my father since I was 10, I'm not registered as a worker but I own somepart of the company. Studied Economy for two semesters and stopped.
I've been a victim of armed robberie few times and it just doesn't make sense to work and give everything to a man pointing a gun at you wanting you to do anything he doesn't ask you to do so he gets to pull the trigger. What's the point of a law that prohibits citizens to hold guns an all the assasins and robbers have grenades and assault rifles?

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December 1, 2016, 5:43 pm Last comment by Jmarinccs

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Please Help! My petitioner has sent the affidavit of support documents to NVC. He has completed my mothers DS260 and waiting to complete my sister's DS260. I am still waiting for a new passport which will arrive in February. Once i complete my DS 260, How long will the wait be for an interview. Our priority date is from 1997 way older than the current date being processed. Will our family case be expedited any faster for this reason ? #concernedincaracas

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arrowOriginal tax returns at interview...
December 1, 2016, 2:22 pm Last comment by spectrrr

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hitting a speed bump, trying to figure out the best way to proceed. 


My joint sponsor had some delays in acquiring and sending out his original tax documents to me.
He earns well above the minimum, and his taxes are complicated (the full packet is nearly an inch thick).

To make a long story short, I may not be able to get the original documents in hand before the interview on Jan. 11th. 


So, what does that potentially mean to us? 


I know the common advice is bring *EVERYTHING* you could possibly think of to the interview. But... 


#1 - What are the odds they'll ask for the original tax docs? 

#2 - If we don't have them due to still being "in-transit" between here and there, what happens? visa put into administrative hold and a new interview scheduled for a future date when the docs are in hand? (a month delay maybe?)

It won't be "impossible" for us to get the docs beforehand... but would be prohibitively costly to do so... Just trying to get a feel for what the consequences are, so i can weigh the options and costs......



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arrowUSC living abroad, moving back before the interview?
November 23, 2016, 3:51 am Last comment by JFH

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I feel like this has been answered before, but I couldn't seem to come up with the right search terms. 


THE INFO: I'm a USC, living abroad together with my wife continuously since we were married 3.5 years ago. I filed for for an IR1 visa as a USC living abroad, and we have always presented as living together. Visa process is almost complete... NVC is CC, we're expecting an interview date any day now for 1st week in January. 


THE QUESTION: If I accept a job offer in the US that starts earlier, will my wife have any problems going to the interview alone if I move back to the US in mid-December, before the interview? 

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