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arrowTax Transcripts
May 27, 2015, 4:46 pm Last comment by JJ Day

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Hey y'all.


Do I need to bring Tax transcripts to the interview??? I tried to have them delivered through mail, but I haven't received them yet. So I went ahead and tried to download them from the website and turns out Tax payers data was stolen last week so the system's down and it will stay that way until the issue is resolved. :( Do I really need to bring this with me? 

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arrowNVC Case Number NOA2 and Wait Times
May 23, 2015, 2:25 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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A quick background on our case:


1) Filed I-130 from abroad. Case was approved by USCIS.

2) Received both NOA1 and NOA2 by email and text message only.

3) We never got NOA1/NOA2 Hardcopies because Venezuelan National Postal Service is unreliable and/or extremely slow.

4) Have not changed address, and never called USCIS to notify or anything about this.

5) We will never receive paperwork to this foreign address. So we are relying on EMAIL/Phone only, we really have no choice.

6) I got family in FL that could receive our papers, but we have not used that "card". We were aiming at getting expedited @USCIS and it worked!


Three questions:

1) Will we ever need those NOA1/NOA2 Hardcopies for anything on the future? Email said there are instructions on those NOA1/NOA2 hardcopies, but obviously we will never know!

2) Saylin's Wiki Page on NVC Process suggests we should be calling NVC weekly after NOA2 and tell them to use our email addresses and get our NVC Case Number. But NVC's automated phone system has two options:


  • Option 1, for approved cases from USCIS where it's been 35 days and they haven't received any paperwork from NVC
  • Option 2, for immigrant visas at NVC in English


That menu clearly says we should wait 35 days, but Saylin is suggesting we SHOULD call 1 week after, what option do I have to choose to get trough?


3) We just received NOA2, and since we cant rely on this foreign address, what should we do about NVC? Will they email us, or MAIL us? We feel in limbo...

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arrowWhen can I apply for citizenship??
May 17, 2015, 1:31 am Last comment by JimmyHou

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Hi! I'm new here ;) bad thing I found this website after paying thousands of $$$$ -.- Anyways!! I got my greencard through marriage (I was working with a company who sponsored me) and met my husband there. I got my greencard on february 2013 and applied for ROC on late october. I was approved!

When can I apply for my citizenship? I'm a LPR since february 2013 so can I apply on february 2016 minus 90 days which is someday late october 2015. Am I right?


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arrowPrior felony conviction and non extradiction warrent
May 12, 2015, 2:01 pm Last comment by KennyG

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Question:  I had a felony conviction from 15 years ago and there is a non extradition warrant (meaning if I return to that state I could be arrested).  Aslo, I did have a DUI.  

Do I need a waiver or how does this change my application???   Thank you.

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arrow3 QUESTIONS 1.Job Change 2.Need to Attend Interview 3. Trip
May 9, 2015, 1:03 pm Last comment by KennyG

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Hi, Have three questions.....  :goofy: Awaiting the NOA1.

I was wondering how do I inform or change or do I need to inform for the following?


1.  How does that work if I was to  change jobs?


2.  I am limited with time off form work and possible job reasons and Venezuela is very unsafe country--Do I need to attend the interview?  If so, I will!!!


3. We are planning another trip to meet up again in Ocotober,  How do we inform USCIS of such.   DO just keep as proof all information to take to interview?

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