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arrowGetting ready to send in I-129F, Your input please!
March 23, 2015, 11:02 pm Last comment by FHL

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Dear VJ Members,


My girlfriend and I met in 2012 when I was in MN as an international student from Venezuela. I completed a post completion OPT and worked with an EAD in CA and during this time, my employer decided to send an H1B visa petition. Unfortunately, it was not selected and therefore, I had to move back to Venezuela.  Her parents want her to finish college before getting married, so that's why I ended up coming back home.  Despite the long distance, we are still together.  She is in her senior year now and we are getting ready to send our packet to the Dallas Lockbox soon.


We decided to do this without a lawyer since it seems that our case is pretty simple: no kids, never been married, and have plenty of pics.


We've been following the K1 guide provided here and it's been very helpful, but we still have some questions:


  • For evidence, we collected about 40 pictures and we used to add captions on the back of it with our names, location of the pic (just city and state), month and year taken, and a short description (an event, place, etc.) Shutterfly prints it in photo paper and prints that info in the back of it for you. The question is: Are we sending too many pictures? 

I read that this is considered secondary evidence, but we have pics corroborating how we met, trips, anniversaries, my graduation pics. We also have flight confirmation emails (we visited each other 5 times in one yr while I was in CA), a confirmation email of a bus ticket showing both of us as passengers. We are sending these as well. I am also putting together a doc with screenshots of our skype call history since I moved back to be sent as evidence. Are any of these considered primary evidence?


  • Before I left the US, we signed a power of attorney doc that was notorized. Can this also be sent as evidence?


  • This might be a dumb question (and I think I know the answer), but for the beneficiary letter of intent (me) and G325-A, do I have to sign in ink or can it be a digital signature or can it be just typed? if it's ink, I'll have to sign them and mail them to the US which takes about 5 days. Just trying to be smart with the timing here, that's all.


  • The format of the addresses in Venezuela are different from the US, so my address doesn't fit in the field in the I-129F. We entered an abbreviated form of the address. We omitted the street and just wrote the name of the residential complex where I live.  Can I write "see attachment" and attach a sheet with my address instead? Could this be a potential processing problem since I am using my full address in the letters of intent?

Sorry for the long post, but wanted to be as specific as possible with our situation. Your comments will be much appreciated! I cant wait to create timeline and see it change.



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arrowNeed to change stamp in passport?
March 11, 2015, 3:11 pm Last comment by dawning

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Hello everyone,


I would appreciate any information that anyone can share regarding post POE process... My husband is concerned because the POE official (the second one, who talked to him in Spanish) told him, as far as he can understand, that before his visa expires (6 months from the date of issue, which was November) that he should go to a place where the deal with immigration issues (I assume the local USCIS office?) and have them update his visa so that it is permanent instead of letting it expire.  I haven't heard/read anything about that anywhere, as I was under the impression that the CR-1 was a one-time visa for entry to the US, and that after that he would enter or leave with the stamp in the passport or with his green card (which has now arrived), and am wondering if the guy was confusing the ROC on the green card with the visa? 


But he's also wondering if he doesn't maybe need some current visa papers in the future when he goes to Venezuela and needs to show travel documents to leave? 


Anyway, any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.  Our local office is more than 3 hours away, so I don't want to go unless it is a valid requirement.



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arrowJudicial Oath Ceremony
March 3, 2015, 7:31 pm Last comment by wolfang

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08/14 N400

08/14 fee waiver

09/14 receipt notice

10/14 fingerprint letter

11/14 interview letter

12/14 deschedule interview letter

12/14 2nd interview letter

01/13 interview(no decision made I answered first 6 questions right, officer upset I was not living with wifey 

YESTERDAY" case touched email" basically stating I have been schedule for oath Judicial ceremony

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arrowChange of address
March 2, 2015, 9:18 pm Last comment by Loving_girl

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Hi everyone! 


I applied for AOS for my mom back in november 2015, we We recently changes our address and even though we notified immigration immediately and they sent us a confirmation of the change. However, they still sent the notice to the old address. Fortunately, the forwarded the mail (I though immigration mail was not allowed to be forwarded?). Anyone has any advice on how we can make sure they send all future correspondence to the right address. I am worried they may send something in the future and we will miss it. Thank you!


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arrowQuestions about my responses to I-130 address questions
February 5, 2015, 6:29 pm Last comment by mallafri76

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OK… I'm still not completely comfortable with my answers regarding addresses. I've debated back and forth a few times as to which address to use. Thinking about doing the below as a solution, but, I'm not convinced. Here's what I've got put down. Anyone have some thoughts? Can I do it this way?



Our situation:

I am an expat living in Venezuela. 21 months ago, I put everything in storage in the US, moved to Venezuela, got married, and have been living here with my wife since then. Same address, joint rental contract. I know domicile will soon become a big issue, but I’m not worrying about it right now, I’ll address that at the NVC stage.


We have THREE (3) different addresses available to use.

1. A VENEZUELA physical street address which does not receive mail.

2. A VENEZUELA P.O. BOX address with Mail Boxes Etc.

3. A USA P.O. BOX address with Mail Boxes Etc. that auto-forwards to the box here in Venezuela.


Everything in blue is what the USCIS would actually see.



Question B.2. – Petitioner address





Section B. Information about you

Question 2. Address



I live together with my wife (the beneficiary) in Venezuela. We share the same addresses. The government administered postal mail service here in Venezuela is VERY UNRELIABLE.

We have a physical address (our apartment) which cannot receive mail. To receive mail, we also have a P.O. Box mailing address which forwards mail to a local Mail Boxes Etc. office here in Venezuela.





Does not receive mail.



Auto-forwards all mail to our box here in Venezuela.



Short format address, formatted for a limited size 4x32 character text block.




Can I do that? Can I put down three addresses?

I really want to use my foreign addresses to make it CLEAR I'm living abroad.

But, I want them to send mail to the USA po box in Miami, to maximize reliability...

And of course, since I'm living WITH my wife, it seems to make sense to indicate the same address(es) for questions B.2. and C.2.....


Question C.2. – Beneficiary address


Contents: page 2 is identical to the response above on page 1 for question B.2., I just repeated the answer on a separate page to avoid confusion, and labeled it with the proper page heading and question number.


Question C.18. – Address in the United States where your relative intends to live


I could put down the address of a friend’s house where it is likely we’ll end up for a few months when we get back to the USA, but I’d rather leave that sleeping bear alone until the domicile fun starts at the i864/ds260 stage.


Question C.19. – Your relatives address abroad

My answer: <Our PHYSICAL STREET ADDRESS here in Venezuela.>


Question C.21. – If filing for your spouse, give last address at which you lived together.

My answer: <Our PHYSICAL STREET ADDRESS here in Venezuela.>


Question C.22. – Adjustment of status / consular processing

My answer: Caracas, Venezuela


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