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arrowWho can i hire for help?
September 3, 2015, 9:34 pm Last comment by aaron2020

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Iv looked all over my city (Nashville) for help and have been too 3 separate lawyers all saying don't trust anyone else and charging anywhere from 2500-4500$. I have issues with some of the questions and how I cant check certain boxes on some of the forms even though i fall into several categories. Who can I go to to just have the paper work looked over? I dont need people to do do it for me, just look over the paperwork and make sure its filled out the the best of my ability. Filling for my wife by the way and im ex-military.

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arrowNVC Process I-30 Petition
September 3, 2015, 12:09 pm Last comment by jayden1000

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Hi all,


I recently received the NVC  welcome letter with my case and invoice number  for my mom's petition I am a little confused and I was wondering if anyone that has gone through the same process that can help me out I am just wondering after I pay my fees online what documents do I need to submit to the NVC ? they did send a sheet but is not specific to what documents I need to submit for my case , I have read that they need financial documents so do I send my last 3 years of tax returns ? and the tax transcripts ? do I need to resubmit my birth certificate ? and the affidavit of support document I864 I believe it is  ( correct me if I am wrong ) do I submit that to the NVC as well or does my mom need to take that to her interview at the embassy ? one more thing I am also confused about the DS160 can I submit that for my mom since she doesn't have access to the internet if anyone has gone through all of this process before that can shed some light it would be truly appreciated it.


thank you :)

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arrowI-864EZ, (EXP.7/31/17) Part 3, question 4
August 28, 2015, 11:59 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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I send documents last week, I just realized I left blank part 3, question 4 (Physical Address)....I did type my mailing address and then following question asks "is your current mailing address the same as your physical address? YES or NO......(check box) ...I checked YES


if you answer NO provide your physical address below....(I left it blank)


any of you have send the new i864ez recently???  I am concerned I might get a checklist...although it is clear the question if you answer YES (both addresses are the same) but I read you are not supposed to leave anything blank...

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arrowDS260 review
August 28, 2015, 2:32 pm Last comment by mckwong

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Hello I completed DS260, how do you know when it was reviewed?/mine says completed now..

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arrowIntroducing myself! =)
August 27, 2015, 6:55 pm Last comment by Arelys Weimer
Arelys Weimer

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Hello all, 

Im new to the forum even though I have been reading it since my visa process started.

Im a 28 year old venezuelan who met my husband through an online game. We've been together for 5 years and we got married on 02/14/14. 

Starting the process with the USCIS was challenging and slow. They kept us waiting for 8 months, we sent our paperwork and didnt hear form them for for period. We kept calling them and they said it was being processed and multiple times we got all kinds of versions of what had happen to our application.  


Until we hired a lawyer that force them to move our paperwork. They finally recieved our petition for a K3 visa on May 6 of the current year, and 3 days later we got the hard copy of the NOA1.

Currently waiting for the NOA2, thats being processed at the Nebraska Service Center.

I can't say that im patiently waiting to be honest, its been a long wait and sometimes I feel discouraged. Reading through all of your stories is what has kept me standing because I see im not the only one who went through all of this.

Hopefully I'll give you guys good news soon!  :clock:


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