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arrowIncome guidelines. Living with parents
July 25, 2014, 6:54 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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I live with my parents and sister but i do not claim them on any tax returns. My parents do not claim me on their tax returns and they are all working too. I file as a single with no dependents. I make well over the required amount for 2 people. (myself and fiance)

So in my case when taking the income guidelines in mind do i have to have enough form me and my fiance or the whole household where i live? 


Thank you! 

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arrowExpedited K-3 Visa
July 25, 2014, 9:31 am Last comment by san diego

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Here is the situation.


I married my wife in the Ukraine in June 2014 (Yes, last month!) At the time is was relatively safe to travel to Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine.  However, it is no longer the case.  The threat of War is imminent.  Obviously, this has me, my wife and step-daughter very scared that war will come.  There is already a real threat that Russia will cut off the supply of natural gas which will leave them without heat in the cold months and severely limit the amount of power each household can consume. 


Additionally, upon our marriage, her ex-husband (who isn't a nice person to begin with) decided that because she got married (to me), that he no longer has to support his daughter.   So now she has no money to live on unless I support her--which I will, but I don't have endless funds and will put me in financial distress--but I will do whatever it takes!


If that wasn't enough, Her daughter was diagnosed with Pyelonephiritis (swelling of the kindeys due to a bacterial infection that is chronic and rare) The acute version of the disease is bad enough, but if she needs to be kept at moderate temperatures and monitored continually at the age of 5 and the next two years. 


I only got the opportunity to be with my wife for a total of 5 days (1 day before the wedding and 3 days after).  Originally, I had plans to visit in October (For my Wife's, Step-child's and Mother-in-law's birthdays (Yes, all in October--heaven help me :-)), but now it is too dangerous.  


So my question is, is this enough for an approval for the expedited process.  I have not yet submitted the I-130, but I have all supporting documents (translated birth certificates, marriage certificate, Passport photos, Divorce docs, G325A, etc.. ) and I have an appointment with the local USCIS field office to submit in person and request that it be expedited based on the above circumstances on Monday.


Also, I originally was going the K-3 route, but is it better to go the CR-1 route for the expedited process?  Is there anything different for the I-130 stage of the process that I need to do for a CR-1?


Thanks in advance for your answers!



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arrowHow long it took you to forward your case from the NVC to your embassy?
July 23, 2014, 3:04 pm Last comment by Inna&Chris

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I need some help and advice,I'm worried a lot, we got our case number on July 17th and our case stuck over there for 7 days already! Why it takes so lots of time to forward it to the Embassy? I've read some postson VJ, it usually takes 2-3 days after assigning cases! But for us it took 7 and we still there! Maybe we should try give them a call and find out abt, why it so long?
I checked DHL site, and they already sent some cases to our Embassy in KIEV yesterday and today, but our case is not there,cause status still says " AT NVC".
Please share your experience!


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arrowPetition (I-130) for a Minor Child
July 23, 2014, 11:43 am Last comment by ianhalliwell186

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Can you submit the I-130 for an unmarried minor child along with my spouses I-130 and supporting documentation.


I realize that I will need to submit a photograph without a G325a for the minor child

I know that I will need to submit an additional payment ($420.00) for the Minor Child.  Can I just write a $840.00 check?


Thanks for your help in advance!!!


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arrowDid you use your middle name? Ukraine
July 22, 2014, 8:22 pm Last comment by Amy_and_Victor

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As you know in Ukraine we do not have a middle names like they do in the States. There we have a Patronymic name which is just the name of your father. My fiance and I will be going through the K1 process and I have already filled out some some of the paperwork. In her Ukrainian travel passport she only has her First and Last name, no other names. 


My question is this: 


Did you use your middle name during the K1 process? (in the G-325A, I-129F. etc)

Would there be problems if we didn't use her middle name in the forms?


Thank you! 




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