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Step 3
8:15 pm


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I received NO2 and now waiting for NVC to send me my case number. What paperwork should my fianc start to collect for the interview?

Thank you in advance

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Buying Plane ticj=kets before AP ?
7:44 pm


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My wife and I are planning to go visit her family back in Kiev after we receive he AP. The question is, can I save some money, buy the ticket a month and 1/2 from when we should receive the ap? or is it not worth the risk. Our AOS, AP and Work A were accepted on Dec 15. WE are thinking of leaving in middle of April. Is this too close? any one have anything more specific than what I can see on website


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Name change and travel
8:29 pm


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My wife will be travelling back home to Ukraine for a visit with her mother and to take care of details after coming here. She would like to change her name while there on her Ukrainian passport. She will be flying home under her maiden name and coming back under our last name. How do I get the airlines to understand this. Getting lots of push back about not being able to change names on ticket. Their solution is to buy two one way tickets under each name. SOunds like a rip off scam when they put it like that. Anyone have any experience with this?

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FYI-Processing case time changed to 8 weeks
5:58 pm


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Just called the NVC to get my usual weekly update in regards to the case(IR5) (yes I bother them often:-)

We know that it takes up to 6 weeks, even the official site says2-4 weeks to review the case. But the guy told me that 2 days ago that was changed and now the timeframe is up to 2 months.

When I asked why this isn't posted on the site, he said he thought that it was. But everyone who sent a case up unitl 2-3 days ago will still be under "up to 6 weeks " timeframe.


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Will I get a second chance ?
12:04 pm


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Hello all , Its been awhile. Ill try and be short and to the point and answer questions if needed. If I posted this thread in the wrong place Mods please notify : ) In 2006 I applied for the fiance visa to bring a girl from the Ukraine. Things didn't work out and I didn't cancel my petition and she never came. In 2007 I brought a girl from Ukraine. and when the approval was accepted and I recived mycongrats letter, on the letter also read that this was my second and last petition. We've divorced now and now if I wanted to bring another Gal without Marrying her over there how should I go about the process of explaining that the first gal I applyed for never came here ? Please giude me : ) a little unless you think im cooked ? Thanks for any help and Id be happy to answer questions if needed

Eewm nitch kah : )

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