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arrowHow much time can you spend outside the US having AP?
October 21, 2014, 10:53 am Last comment by Caryh

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Guys, quick question


How much time you can spend outside the USA having EAD AP card?  


Entering the USA without a spouse is a big problem or does not matter? (marriage certificate copy is present) 


Any advice as for personal experience entering USA with EAD AP appreciated! 



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arrowCurrent NVC Processing Times K-1 Visa
October 20, 2014, 2:05 am Last comment by azzein

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Hello Everyone,


Our I-129F was approved--finally after 183 days--17 October. Now we move into the back end of the visa process described by some as being quicker and easier. According to information on the K-1 flow chart, NVC should receive the I-129F file from USCIS within 2 weeks of the NOA2, but I've been hearing about delays at NVC that have resulted in 60 days just to view documents, yet some people still seem to have sailed through who applied for the K-1 recently. 


Does anyone have any experience or knowledge pertaining to how long it takes NVC to receive the file and move it forward to the Consulate? We have 56 days until our wedding day, so I'm aiming to do whatever I can, if anything, to make it.


Thanks in advance.



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arrowInterview Letter Status Codes -- Help Please
October 18, 2014, 6:23 pm Last comment by Ian H.

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Hello all ... my wife's parents have been formally invited to the US Embassy in Ukraine for their Interview to enter the USA.  I have a few questions about the Interview Letter and the associated Document Status Codes.


1)  The letter says that the applicant MUST bring Two Passport Photos ... but, the Photography code below designates a "Y" -- which means it's already been sent by NVC to the US Embassy.  So, does the applicant still bring another two passport photos???


2)  Similarly to #1, the letter says to bring a valid unexpired passport ... but, the Passport code below designates a "Y" -- which means it's already been sent by NVC to the US Embassy.  So, does the applicant still bring the passport???


3)  Some documents have a code of "F" -- which means, the NVC did not request this form or document.  But, does the applicant still need to provide this?


It's a bit confusing.  Can someone shed some light onto this topic for me.  Thanks!

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arrowForeign beneficiary signature on G-325A still optional?
October 18, 2014, 12:06 am Last comment by Pianist27

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According to the attached memo, a signature is not required by the foreign beneficiary on the G-325A form.  However, this USCIS memo dates from 2005.  The last mention of it I could find searching the forums is from 2009.


Can anyone confirm whether this rule is still in effect?  I ask because of an error we made in our application triggering an RFE on the form - I would much rather just send in a corrected version immediately rather than waiting about a week to get my fiance to send a version with her actual signature.

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arrowMy silly mistake on G-325A form caused an RFE, help!
October 17, 2014, 8:11 pm Last comment by Pianist27

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I got an RFE asking for a "properly completed and signed" G-325A for both petitioner (me) and my beneficiary.  As I look at the scans I made of both before submitting them, I realize my stupid mistake.


On her G-325A, in the bottom box where it states "Applicant print your name and alien registration number"...., when we both filled these out, she wrote her name in her native alphabet in that box. 


I have two choices here:


1)  Get her to sign a new one and courier it to me, which will take time.


2)  Take liquid paper to the second copy I have (with her actual signature) and correct the mistake and overnight it back.



Is #2 too risky? 

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