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arrowGetting married on Monday
December 19, 2014, 8:07 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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We will be married on Monday.

If any of you can show just cause why we may not lawfully be married,
speak now; or else for ever hold your peace.


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arrowPetition denied - problem with G325A forms
December 18, 2014, 10:23 pm Last comment by Ketsuban

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On October 10th, I was sent an RFE to submit "properly filed out and signed G325As" my myself and the beneficiary.  There was no indication what was wrong with the original G325As which I submitted, but after reading them over and over again, I found two errors:


1)  In the "form is submitted in connection with an application for" section, we wrote "K-1 Visa" rather than "I-129F" - that doesn't seem serious, but I can see a strict adjudicator not liking it.

2)  In the bottom box which asks for family name, first name, middle name, we accidentally wrote my fiance's name in Cyrillic letters.


I corrected these two mistakes and sent in these new G325As.  They received them on October 10th.


My denial letter, which I just received, states the following:


"The petitioner responded to our request on October 30th, and submitted an additional copy of the Form G325 already submitted for the petitioner and the beneficiary.  However, he did not submit the required Form(s) G-325A as requested.


The petitioner has not complied with the instructions on the forms by submitting the required evidence.  Therefore, the petition is denied."



I note their lack of consistency - is it a G325A or G325 form?


The appeal process appears to cost $630.  This is quite obviously their mistake, I'm going to refrain from some editorializing about the irony of them insisting on absolute accuracy when they don't seem to pay attention to details either.


Suggestions?  Refile?  Have a good lawyer look over the application first?  At last check, my state still goes through CSC, which is moving relatively quickly, I have to think refiling is not only cheaper, but faster.

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arrowNaturalzation while in the process of ROC
December 18, 2014, 8:04 am Last comment by Phil & Alla
Phil & Alla

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I tried to research this and from what I have read, it is not specifically addressed. My wife is in the process of having her conditions removed and has had her biometrics completed. The 3 year mark will be in February and she wants to become a citizen. My question is, can she apply for citizenship before her conditions have been removed?

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arrowK1/AOS and Health Insurance..need advice
December 17, 2014, 10:30 pm Last comment by jfgk1987

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Hello wife and I got married this September after she entered on a K1.  We are in the process of Adjustment of Status.  I have a health insurance plan offered at my job in which they pay for my individual premiums.  If I enroll her, then the cost shoots up to approx. $300/month.  


 Instead of enrolling her in my plan, is she eligible for a possible cheaper Obamacare plan while adjusting status?



Any insights or suggestions would be appreciated.  Not having to pay the extra $300 out of my pay would be a great help on a single income right now.  Thank you!!!!



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arrowVisa's issued! Now what?
December 17, 2014, 4:16 pm Last comment by PK and PK

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So, once the family members of the US Citizen have received their Visa's, what happens next.  Obviously, come to the USA.  But, after landing and entering in the country, what are the next steps in the process???  Once they get through Customs/Immigration, and are sitting in the house, what do they do next?


Work authorization?

Social Security numbers?

Adjustment of Status?

Permanent Resident application?


What is the process and steps after they get here?  Thank you!!!

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