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arrowPost NOA2 paper activity in Ukraine. What can I finish while waiting for package 3?
April 22, 2014, 2:34 am Last comment by vbtwo

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Good day everyone!


Gladly, we already got our NOA2 (with hard copy) on April 17. No news after that, but I guess it's ok.

If I understand it right, we just need to wait a package that will come to my home in Ukraine with instructions what to do. It will take few weeks to send it to embassy and around a week before they will send me this package 3, right? Well, it's ok.


Anyway, since as we got our NOA2 just in 2 weeks we haven't really had mych time to goo deep into all this post NOA2 paper work while waiting :/ So I need so me help, please.


1. His part

 My fiance is coming to visit me in Ukraine for my birtday and can bring me all papers that I require for next steps instead of sending them. And if we're not missing anything he needs to bring:


- I-134 signed

Statement(s) from the employer with position, all dates, salary marked there

- Document from bank with total amount deposited for the past year and curent balance

- Certified copy from court house of his divorce decree (it was made years ago, but was a photo copy or something... we didn't know if the copy he had will work, so had to call to court house named on that paper and request for new one)

- Copy of NOA2 (do I need one?)


- cover letter as it was in our petition

- letter of intent, but with fresh date

- the exact copy of package he sent at the very begining? Just I-129f or WHOLE thing with biography forms for both of us, work, letters


Do I miss something? Anything else HE needs to prepare?


2. My part

I already have a copy of all translated documents like


- divorce decree

- my birth certificate

- passport (because there are stamps with dates about being divorced, too)


All possible proofs are alredy made (chats, sms, skype, stamps, tickets and travel info ...)

But as long as I still don't have any mail from embassy, I'm not sure if I can prepare anything else.


- Can I make my police record?

Or should I wait for package? Some people say that police record paper expires in 30 days ... and I have no idea how long it takes to make it here. So just want to coordinate it a little if it's possible...


- Can/should I pay for visa?

As long as I already had B1-B2 visa,I have an old account on tha site where you need to make registration to be able to make an appointment for interview. And to be able to do that, one of the steps is inserting code from paid receipt in bank. 

Should I do it now while I wait or I have to get package first?


Just want to do as much as I can while waiting and solve the rest in few days after getting package. medical takes here one day, will get results in a same day. The embassy shedule is pretty empty lately, closest available date is just 24 hours away already for a week (yeah, I was checking every day )) it moves, but stays in a same range), so it seems possible to do it fast =)





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arrowk1 intervew
April 21, 2014, 3:13 pm Last comment by Al422

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when I was talking to my lady in UA, she said they can ask about sex and even ask "what is his favorite position?". I do not believe they can do this. Can someone confirm this? she said a friend of hers was asked this in the UK embassy for a K1

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arrowhow long it takes for NVC to Recv Package
April 21, 2014, 1:28 am Last comment by Ryan H

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Hello VJ Happy Easter to everyone 

please i need your help, our Pet was approved on the 1st april 2014 

and it's 20das now yet the NVC keep saying they have not received our package from USCIS, please how long dose this take to get to NVC

it's taken the whole year lol


please i will like to know what are the documents i need to put together

i'm a Nigerian and i live here in Ukraine and a friend told me that i will need police certificate from Nigeria and Ukraine. i have lived in Ukraine for 3years now

please i need to know step by step documents i need for the NVC 


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arrowK Visa cost and exchange rate
April 20, 2014, 11:45 pm Last comment by vbtwo

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Just trying to get my arms around certain costs and the exchange rate.  The UAH has been fluctuating a lot lately.  

The cost of the K Visa is $240...not a problem.

On the MRV form, however, which needs to be completed and submitted to the bank when paying they have the amount in UAH at 3120UAH.  At today's exchange rate:  $277.77

The form expires on April 25th when I assume a new UAH, based on new exchange, will be posted.  The current exchange at the embassy is stating:  13UAH to $1

Today on the exchange is:  11.23UAH to $1


I am not trying to quibble, but when paying for 3 visas, this is quite a bit more than $240 per visa.


How does each of you handle the exchange rate?  Why are we overpaying for the cost of the visa?  It should always be $240...since it is being paid at a bank, the lowest exchange should be offered, as aren't we paying directly into the US Embassy's account?


Just curious what everyone else is doing in this situation.



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arrowFiance from Ukraine to USA has B1/B2 visa moving here...
April 18, 2014, 8:14 pm Last comment by Harpa Timsah

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So my fiancé from Ukraine has a good B1 business and B2 tourist visa already which allows her to come here for 90 days without trouble.


Now we have decided we will be a family after dating and my visit to her and her family in Ukraine.  We have photos and plenty of communication evidence of the relationship.


My question is this:  If she comes to me should we plan on her staying here and adjusting her status or should we go through the K-1 fiancé visa process or get married and use the K-3 process?


My ex-wife is from Russia and we used the K-1 visa process so I am familiar with that.  BTW I divorced her after 6 years of marriage because she was unfaithful there was not any other problems that would stop me from remarrying.


Thanks in advance.


- Maxx


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