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arrowFollowing guide but still confused
May 24, 2015, 12:25 am Last comment by GurkenSalat

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So I spent most of today filling in forms and have a simple question.


I am going to file both I-130 packet and I-485 packet but noticed they ask for a few of the same things ;


certified copy of your marriage certificate

copy of the petitioner's and/or intending immigrant's divorce documents

G-325A filled out by the foreign spouse


I guess I just duplicate some things since it is a bureaucracy.


And I have a question about the I-693, does everyone have to do that?



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arrowLPR wanting to bring child after entering usa (via consular processing)
May 20, 2015, 10:25 am Last comment by milimelo

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Ok this is a somewhat complicated situation.


My girlfriend is a LPR who came to the USA last year on an F1 visa via consular processing.


On her F1 visa application her 10 year old son was also listed.  However, she was unable to gain permission from her ex-husband to bring their son to the USA at the time of her interview.  During her visa approval interview (at the embassy), she explained that she is still trying to secure the proper court ruling to allow her son to come to the USA as well. The person at the embassy said that was ok and that they will 'leave her sons file open' as long as she continues to notify them at least once per year that she is still trying to bring him to the USA.


Fast forward 8 months.  She was recently able get a court ruling allowing her son to come to the USA without fathers permission (full custody).  Where do we go from here?


Questions are mainly:

1) how do we schedule the interview (is there a form to fill out? Call the embassy? etc)

2) will the embassy still allow her son to come under her visa petition? (impression is, yes because his file is still 'open' and on file according to the embassy)

3) Does "follow-to-join" rules apply to her and her son's situation?


I appreciate any insight, thanks in advance.


FYI this is for Ukraine.

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arrowmore than 2 prior marriages
May 19, 2015, 3:05 pm Last comment by bhindzioncurtain

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Hi I am a newcomer to site and using the I-130  guide which is very helpful.


My question has to do with several forms ask about prior marriages but there is only space for two. what do I do about more divorces than there is lines on forms?



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arrowwe have approved what is next?
May 15, 2015, 9:48 am Last comment by MarinaSummers

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We have NOA2 who knows how long time takes to process documents in the NVC?

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arrowK2 visa 2 questions
May 11, 2015, 5:25 am Last comment by MichaelMisha

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Hi Guys!! I would really appreciate if anybody could share their ideas about 2 questions I have regarding the fiance's child in the K2 visa process:

- the child is 14 years old. Does she need to have her own passport or her mother's passport will be enough?


- the declaration of the father consent to let the child go away. Should it be sent with the first package of documents along with the I-129F petition? Or it can wait until the interview at the embassy?


thanks a lot guys!!!

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