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arrowRecieved SSN three weeks after POE
May 20, 2016, 2:19 pm Last comment by Bluelight

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I would to share my experience with you all
I entered the united states on an IR1 visa wiated for two week and no SSn was recieved .. I went to theoffice and the officer looked out the database for my name and didnt find it ,then he looked in the immigration system and 'pending' was what he saw( dont know what does that meens!)
He advised me to apply anyway ..I applied and recieved the card one week later.

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arrowMay i have trouble going into the airplane when comming back only with I-1551stamp?
May 20, 2016, 1:31 pm Last comment by KierenHby

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Hello every one:
Last month I entdred the unitedstates with my wife on an IR1 visa.. Still didnt recieve the green card yet and I have to travel abroad for a while, Iknow that my visa turned into a greencard for one year ,but what if the officer in the foriegn country refused to let me pass and didnt understand what does this expired visa means! In such acase what should I do? Any same experience will be very helpful

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arrowIRS TAX TRANSCRIPTS, living in NJ
May 12, 2016, 5:00 pm Last comment by rjm_cmyk

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Hi All,


Hope every one is doing great. 


One quick question. I live in NJ. Is there an IRS office where I can go and get copies of our transcripts on the spot?

I ordered them online I believe it was last week sometime, but they haven't arrived yet and that is basically the only thing missing for ROC package. And a second question is, since that is the only thing missing, are the transcripts absolutely necessary? isn't our actual tax returns that we get back from the accountant enough? I don't really know the difference between the transcript IRS would supply and the one we get from the accountant, I thought they were the same thing until I read a few posts stating they were different :/ 



Thanks ya'll!!

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arrowMedical insurance at point of entry?
May 11, 2016, 9:50 am Last comment by NLR

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My wife will be coming to the US for the first time soon under a CR-1 visa.  We are bringing her medical exam, immigration packet, and visa with us.  Do we also need proof of insurance for her?  She doesn't have insurance right now, but will be covered by my employer when I start my new job (about a month from now).


Thank you

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May 11, 2016, 5:24 am Last comment by fmonda

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I am USA citizen my husband is Turkish, thsi is all new for gays , My self and my same sex spouse got married last year JULY 4 2015 in Cape Town South Africa , we went there for gay marriage is legal there but we are recognized here as a couple.  We filed 130  in August and the process moved along with no significant issues and received by UCIS he was approved easily in Sept 2015; then it went to NVC and that process took at least 5 months and March 18  was completed with NVC and in line for interview date , We just got our appointment this morning MAY 11  yeahhhhh!!!. i  have been living here in Turkey and have have been together since Nov 2014 and we both live together but we have a big age difference he is 20 I am 57, but we love each other immensly. So far no glitches in the process and I have domicile in USA I have my own home it is currently there and have roommates living in my home, with additional income plus my income from the states. now the nervousness of the interview, we are in a bonafide true loving relationship have spent our holidays together travel together , same bank account , record of our home address and thousand of photos together and my sister visited as well amd signed affadavits from family and acquatiances. I guess I am nervous about the interview, he was just asked to go my TURKISH HUSBAND , i THOUGHT BEING WE RESIDE TOGETHER THEY WOULD INTERVIEW ME AS WELL. But i plan  on tagging along and giving him my passport to take in with him and he can say my husband is sitting outside. I dont know what they will ask , I hope all goes well, any idea what they will ask , I AM SURE ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP , MAYBE OUR AGE DIFFERENCE. H e is currently in a Turkish university .  Any advice I  feel comfortable that the NVC process went easy with no problems at all. I was anticipating it drag our requesting additional info but i guess i sent sufficient  documents, I sent alot .

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