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arrowConfusing USCIS Case Status Updates
July 22, 2014, 10:28 am Last comment by HM1402

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Hi everyone, 


My husband had his AOS interview on July 9th and we received the following string of emails/SMS starting on July 16th, 2014:


July 16th, 4:30PM - I-485: Card/Document Production - Ordered Production of Hasan's card

July 16th, 6:30PM - I-130: Approval Notice Mailed (this was received on Friday, July 18th)

July 17th, 8:30AM - I-485: Decision - Welcome/LPR Status Registered Notice Mailed (this was received yesterday, July 21st)

July 22nd, 7:45AM - I-485: Card/Document Production - "We mailed the new card directly to the address on file" (no tracking number)

July 22nd, 8:15AM - 1-485: Decision - Welcome/LPR Status Registered Notice Mailed (again..?)


I've read a bunch of forums online that say that pretty much everyone gets really weird case status updates from USCIS upon approval but I just find this very odd.  Why within 30 minutes of receiving the "card mailed" email/SMS did it go back to "Decision"?  If they say his card was mailed I'm assuming it was mailed, but I cannot see a tracking number or anything since it is no longer on "Card/Document Production" on the USCIS Check Case Status website.


Thoughts?  Judging by the amount of similar posts online from stressed out AOS-ers, USCIS really needs to revamp their online tools..




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arrowI-693, vaccination work sheet, ds-3025!
July 13, 2014, 3:22 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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we will mail our AOS application package soon. However, when reviewing the online information/instructions it says that in certain cases, people who had medical exams in their home countries still *may* need to see a physician here. I already had my medical exam in my home country and I have a vaccination worksheet and a sealed CD. My question is should I send this work sheet with my package without form 693 or should I again see a physician who is certified and have him/her fill out the form. 


Basically, do we have to send this 693 form?


what will I do with this worksheet that I have several copies of (that shows my vaccination records that I received before the visa interview  at the consulate a few months back)?


on my vaccination worksheet it says "for ds 3025"--so what does this mean?


I am done with the AOS package except from this crazy vaccination form part. 


one last question, do I need to send evidences of my relationship with my AOS package (photos, bank accounts)?


Thank you very much for any help!

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arrowDifferent last name on Green Card and Passport and I'm traveling soon!
July 3, 2014, 10:10 am Last comment by subwayguy

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I'm in a bit of a pickle right now and I've been trying to call the Border Patrol (USCIS referred me to there) but I can't get any phone calls through. After I got married to my wife and receiving my green card, I have changed my last name at the Social Security office. This is the weird part, because I believe Social Security office can't normally change your name, I was supposed to go to a court and see a judge about it. But either way, I went there and showed my marriage certificate (with my old name) and told them I wanted to hyphenate my last name, and they did it! I received a new social security card with a new name and I've been filing taxes with my last name ever since. When my conditional green card was about to expire, I applied for the 10 year green card with my new last name and I got my new green card with my hyphenated name.


I'm traveling next month and I still have my old name on my passport. I've purchased my ticket with my old last name as well. Is this going to be a trouble while I'm traveling?


I have traveled with my old green card before and I still keep it even though it's expired. I have that as a proof I can show, and I have the marriage certificates (even though they both have old names) but other than that, I don't have any other proof that I've changed my last name other than the paper they gave me at the social security office with a request to get a new social security card. (I could also bring both my social security cards to further prove the case). Did anybody else have a similar situation?

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arrowForeign Number on G-1145
June 23, 2014, 12:27 pm Last comment by J & L

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I am about to send of the I-129.  I have all of the proof of a relationship organized and my parents just came to Turkey last week to visit us and meet him so I am now including pictures from the visit.  My fiance and I are both in Turkey and I am filling out the G-1145 form. For my phone number can I put my Turkish cell? Or can I just leave the cell number blank and just give my email?



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arrowCan the beneficiary call USCIS and inquire if there is an RFE?
June 21, 2014, 6:58 pm Last comment by Andie

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Hi everybody, my fiancee is very busy nowadays and he doesnt have much patience as to being hold on the phone for a long time. I was wondering whether I, as the beneficiary, can call USCIS and inquire if everything is OK , or whether we have any RFE pending. We are approaching our 5 month, and I just want to be pro- active. Thanks

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