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Can't verify myself on save case check and driver's permit hard copy takes so long
10:45 pm


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Hi, i came here with k1 visa and got married applied for aos and ead. Got my ead a month ago. I can't get my drivers license because before i get my ead, i went to dmv and try to get driver's permit. They said they will send the appilcation to tallahassee dmv and tallahassee dmv will mail the hard copy to me. They printed a driver's permit paper to me for 60 days. 4 months passed and i didn't get any hard card of my drivers permit. After i got my ead i went to dmv and told them i try to get driver's permit but i didn't get any hard card and now i want a drivers license. They told me they can't do that, i need hard copy of drivers permit and i should come back and take the driving test.

Well, it has been 3 weeks since they resend the application for my drivers permit to tallahassee, I tried to check my status on save case check, it gives me this "No cases found that match the search criteria.". I called uscis talked with a tier 2 person he told me save check is a federal something and only dmv can call them. I went to dmv today they told me they don't know save case check. They called tallahassee and they said my case is pending and i can't do anything about it except waiting.

I thought i can get my drivers permit instantly printed on dmv with my save case check verification. But i can't verify myself on save case check anyways...

I don't know what to do. I need my drivers license so badly. There is no busses around and i need to go to work and come back. Soon, there will be nobody to take me to work. I am so desperate.

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Accompanying Fiance at Ankara Consulate
1:46 am


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My fiance and I are applying for the K1 visa, but we're a long way off from the interview. Asking for anyone who may know details on the Ankara consulate: I know the USC isn't allowed at the interview, but does anyone have any experience with them still being present and simply bringing in their passport or something similar? Does it make a difference at all?

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Fiancee Flight
6:22 pm


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If we get a connection flight will they give my finace problems boarding to the US?

I dont know if a straight flight is better?

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12:42 pm


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I had a refusal on a tourist visa on May 2 ... how do I get a visa?

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Can someone help me?
3:45 pm


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Long story short, but after the additional background check they did on my fiancee, the embassy said they'll call him to send his passport, which they called after a week and said send ur passport in which he did 2 weeks ago. Well after 2 weeks, CEAC status changed from Application Received to AP today but all of last week his case got updated mostly everyday. Well today he got a message on his phone for a delivery from the US Embassy that'll arrive tomorrow. So im so confused? The CEAC is saying AP still not even issue. SO is the visa there or not? Has anyone been through this before?

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