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arrowIs scheduling an interview appointment possible before embassy receives the case from NVC?
October 2, 2015, 2:16 am Last comment by Kyle and Linh

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Hi all,


Our case is approved by uscis on 9/11 and it should be in nvc soon. as soon as I get the case number, I want to start filling up the forms and sending out the docs to the embassy. US Emb.Ankara requires to receive docs at least 15 days prior to the appointment.  


Is scheduling an interview appointment possible before embassy receives the case from NVC? Can I fill up DS160 before they receive my case in hand?




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arrowmarrying to a military person
September 29, 2015, 5:27 am Last comment by Transborderwife

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Hey! I need some help if any of yall know anything about the military marriage. His duty in Turkey ends in May. We are going to marry in March. As his wife at that time how im gonna be able to leave with him? If there is no chances other than waiting for months and months is it okay to get a tourist visa before all of this and after marriage apply for the marriage visa so i can leave with him? Im hoping there should be some differences since we have no idea where his next duty is gonna be at

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arrowMarried 5 years with kid and in US already with B1
September 25, 2015, 2:21 am Last comment by crush

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First post here.


In 2008 I got a B1/B2 visa for business and came straight away. In 2010 got married to my USC (by birth) wife and at the end of the year we had a kid. I have been travelling to the US for business in the past with and without her (2 times before I got married alone and twice together after we got married; and went back all together. Our boy has his US passport. Pretty straight forward happy family, living together all this while.


In 2014 July wife was homesick and wanted our boy to start pre-K in USA so we came rented a house. I stayed for as long as I could but always left before my I-94 was due. My company is at a stage where I can manage it from the US but have to go every 5-6 months and it was good for me because I could stay longer and visit more customers. I did not want to get a green card because I didn't need it, plus we were not sure if we were going to want to stay here after the Mrs. wasn't homesick any more. 


So since 2014 July I have been back to Turkey 2 times already staying 5 or 6 months ever time I was here. Our kids (wife has a USC son from first marriage) are flourishing here so wife wants to stay; I personally like living here too but don't mind if we go back. So my "intent" on my trips to the US were never to immigrate. Up until now....


Since I am staying here more than Turkey, I feel I should have a green card so I don't have trouble getting into the country ( I have read people saying if you stay 5-6 months every time you come to the States, go back to your home country and after couple of weeks or months come back again you may be denied entry for visa abuse)


So I have decided to apply for a GC !!! I came here early June and have to leave early December.


I will try to share my whole experience here (hence the whole history above for later reference) but would like to start by asking if I could be flat out denied on the basis of my "intent" for my last entry to the US being for immigration purposes? I am reading a lot of people getting married in the US and staying but not a lot of "married already and in the US on B1" type of scenario. I wouldn't mind going back to Turkey to apply (still have house, company etc there) but then kids will be missing school that just started. I could go on my own but my wife would go nuts without me for more than a few weeks.


So should I apply for the concurrent I-130 + I-485 + I-131?





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arrowReceived green cards for me and my wife, but not our daughter
September 21, 2015, 11:40 pm Last comment by SusieQQQ

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My wife and I received our green cards in the mail a little more than 3 weeks ago, but so far our daughter's has not arrived.  Should this be a cause for concern? 


The last update for her on the USCIS ELIS website is dated August 19th, and the status is still showing "in process."  We had entered the U.S. on July 25th so it has almost been two months.  We got our cards produced on August 28th.


We called the USCIS call center to ask about this a couple of weeks ago.  The answer we got was "our systems sometimes have problems, I cannot see what is exactly happening with her case from my screen, but the fact that she has a case number and status is a good sign, so just continue waiting for some more time." 


Any advice on what the best thing to do would be?  Keep waiting as we were told, or try to make an appointment with a field office?  I don't want to panic prematurely, but I also want to avoid losing time in case something should have happened by now but didn't. 

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arrowNeed an advice
September 19, 2015, 4:17 pm Last comment by Jawaree

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Hi everybody I hope it's right form to ask my questions

First I want to start with some information to clear my self I have been gc holder since June 2011 and become LPR June 2013 and never been out of USA more than 2 months each year until now I am out of USA since April 2015 till now I was about to back to USA on August with my return ticket but did not happened so sold my car closed my bank accounts etc in USA bec of my personal reason and had a ticket to go back to USA on August but cancelled bec the problem not solved yet and now I want to return back to USA to keep my rights open an bank account etc and possible I will be back to my born country after few weeks and stay abroad 6 to 8 months again

What your advise would be for me ?
How it will affect my citizenship coz I am eligible to apply on March 2016 ?

Thanks a lot

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