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i134 help
7:26 pm


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Guys I have a question again.Hope someone can answer.On the form I 134 citizenship or residancy status .there is 2 Option.One is I am a US citizen through naturalization .other one is I am US citizen through parents or marriage.I Confused here,I came here 5 years ago with k1 visa .I Got married and than got my citizenship while i was married with US Citizen wife,So which one i need to chose.thanks

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Visiting Syria
7:20 pm


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Hey everyone!

I am considering visiting my family in Syria at the end of this summer, do you think that this will affect the process of getting a visa? and would it help if i bring in evidence that I was with my family and not doing any fishy business over there?

Thanks in advance

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Phoenix Arizona specific question regarding time between Citizenship interview and Naturalization Interview
1:45 am


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looking for a ball park figure on how long it takes from the day of your interview, (ours is July 31st at 11:15am) until you get a date for the Naturalization Ceremony? I was told a month or so, just want to make sure we don't go on vacation in the US and miss a letter in the mail, thanks in advance :)

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I 134 HELP
6:30 pm


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Hi everybody.I hope somebody can help me here.I am filling out I 134.I don't wanna make any mistake,I have some questions.First my annual income gonna be the one on the last w2 right.2. Should I leave blank my middle name or type None.Because I Remember I wrote None before and they put my middle name as None,3. I have 2 jobs.One is full time one is part time.Do I need to write my part time job as well.Am I supposed to file this I 134 somewhere or I need to send it to my fiancee,Thanks for help

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Police Clearance
11:09 pm


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Hey everyone so we just got our NOA1 but we are already thinking ahead for the next stages. I currently live in Turkey but I'm originally Syrian and I'm going to have to get a police clearance from both countries, the question is that does the police clearance have an expiry date? because I am going to Syria by the end of this summer but according to the estimates that VJ gave us, our NOA2 and the Interview might not come till october and maybe even later, so would the police clearance still be valid then or am I gonna have to get a more recent one?

thanks in advance!

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