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dv lottery
1:26 am today


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Hi everyone , first able my English isn't enough to explain my situation %100 but I'll try to do my best .

I came to USA in 2015 to learn English , i just tried my chance and won green card lottery a year ago .

I couldn't go to lawyer cause I'm student here and it's too expensive for a student ..

I sent my ds260 (online ), then i paid my fee ($330), then they put the stamp (paid) on this paper and sent me back on December 2016..

I've been still waiting for next steep (even i don't know what's the next one) but nothing happened .

I'm also scared if I can't get this card in 4 months i guess I'll loose my chance..

My case number is 20.*** for Europe category. It's current right now. (Also I don't know what that means)

Should I wait more ? or go to immigration center ? ( I tried to call them couple times they didn't answer my questions)

Can anyone help me what to do ? Please , really i need that help

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RFE (tax returns)
5:47 am today


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Hi everyone. My husband got an RFE asking for the joint sponsor's most recent tax returns (2016). My grandma who is the joint sponsor, has an automatic extension of time to file tax returns. I have a paper showing that. I was wondering if i can send that instead of her tax returns? The RFE says if u didn't file then explain why. Will the paper from her bookkeeper be enough? Or should she go ahead and just file them now?

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k1 to aos getting sponsor
1:18 am today


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I am U.S citizen and I have was sponsor for my fiancee when she was in Turkey. I have submitted 2015 tax return. However, now things are not good for my business so if I find a sponsor to file 485? Am I going to have a problem?

To file k1 I was the sponsor 2015

to file aos will find a sponsor for 2016


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Additional Evidence Required
6:21 pm today


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Hi friends,

My wife-to-be and I were waiting to receive our approval from the UCSIS. Just now I received a status update, saying that they are asking for additional evidence. They mailed us. It's not there yet, but whatever it is, even if we send them everything they want immediately, I have this feeling, they will let us wait very long for a response on that again. Anyone who had the same case can confirm it?

I don't know what the matter is. Our lawyer said our documents were the best ones she'd ever seen but now we're asked for additional evidence... Does anyone know how much this would delay our process?

Thanks in advance


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Visa Expiration Date vs Petition Revalidated Until Date
3:49 am today


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Hello all,

So far everything went well and my fiance received her passport with K1 visa.

My question is will it be a problem for her to enter USA before visa expiration date but after Petition Revalidated date?

I also read some other forum that doctor appointment date also matters when entering the states and after doctor appointment within 6 months a fiance should enter the states. How accurate this information?


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