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I need help before my interview
6:10 pm


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hello everyone.

I need to ask you about my paperwork for interview. I prepared proof of relationship(pictures, whatsapp chat logs and whatsapp call record, skype documents) total 106 pages. and my fiancee sent me last 3 years 1040 forms, last year w2, employment letter, I134 form, couple pay stubs and letter of intent marry for embassy. So in these documents we have wet signature just in I-134 form and letter of intent marry. Are we need wet signature for any more documents? my interview will be 3 April. and our relationship started 10 months ago. We lived together 4 monts. do you think the time is problem for us to get visa?

I'm so stresful, I need your help for being relax.

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Missing Documents needs to be sent
9:08 am


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Is there a special way we need to send in missing documents the embassies ask for?

or just send it the the embassy address on the website at the bottom it shows.

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Aos fees as of 2017?
1:14 am


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Hi everyone. On this website https://www.uscis.gov/forms/our-fees it says the new fee is 1,140$. Is this correct? When does the biometrics fee need to be paid?

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Waiting for Green Card inside usa
2:41 pm


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Once we move to USA and are living in our home. Do we have to be present at our home when my spouse green card comes? Is a signature required to actually get the package. Can we just pick if up from post office? What if we move before my spouse gets green card?

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10:52 pm


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I filed n400 first week of august .im still waiting for interview ( on November 2, 2016, we started the interview scheduling process for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization)

it has been months !!! . i filed from Atlanta . i was wondering if something could be wrong with mine or this process is really takes that long .. what should i do ? please let me know if anybody else is also same condition as mine

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