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Ceac Document question for photos/birth certificate
8:25 pm


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on the ceac page. there is


Ok, so i get the passport biographic page. its the side where her information is.

What are the photographs they want? are these passport photos, and does it want 2 in one file?

Also, for the birth certificate it says they want "Vukuatli Nufus Kagit Ornegi" on the https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Turkey.html ... so anything else besides that for proof or birth?

thank you,

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Entering the U.S. 2 days after 2 year anniversary
9:03 am


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My husband has his interview in May...if everything goes well, we were planning on moving to the U.S. July 1st. However, after reading up on the removal of conditions process, and seeing what a pain it is, I'm starting to think of waiting until just after our 2 year anniversary. Our 2 year anniversary is August 29th...if he enters the U.S. on the 31st, will he automatically get the IR-1? Is there any way they can say "no that's cutting it too close"? Just trying to avoid going through this process of paperwork & paying fees all over again!

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110 days and not received EAD Yet
3:35 am


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It has been 110 days since we got first Noa1.Still We didn't receive EAD yet.We are moving to different state next week.We called Uscis 2 weeks ago.We were told we gonna get an email from them.But we didn't get anything either.They are always so slow.it's frustrating.

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PROCessing time speeding up?
1:08 am


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Hi guys...I just looked at my timeline projected NOA2 date and it's 2 or 3 wks sooner now than last month.

Ia this a common occurrence or is it cause for happiness :)

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1:32 am


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So, my wife is in Turkey. We got our NOA 2 about 2 months ago. NVC received it early February. I was told this was a pivot case since everything is being done online and what not. Someone also mentioned to start gathering the documents.

1. Can someone fully explain what a PIVOT case is?

2. What documents should I start gathering?

-thank you...

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