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arrowWhat to wear to the interview
February 25, 2015, 7:45 am Last comment by SusieQQQ

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A bit of a silly question really, but is there a dress code for the interview?  There may not be an official one, as I have not seen anything mentioned in the instructions, but is there an "unacceptable" way of dressing up by any chance?  I was thinking of wearing jeans and a t-shirt, would that be acceptable?



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arrowHave you been stuck between NVC and USCIS for more than 3 months??
February 24, 2015, 12:08 pm Last comment by YamenWaad

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Hi every body

sometimes it's insane to keep venting and complaining about individual case. I know that and i feel shame about it. But it's something that drive me and my fiancee crazy.

our petition got approved on December 2nd 2014, it was a great news after waiting for 175 days. then the huge surprise has started. it's been now for 85 days and our file is in somewhere out there and I think it's got tired and decided to take his leaves to go to rest in the Canaries, why not? of course I mean our file!!!

2 months of trying every kind of requests, ombudsmen, calling senators, calling congressmen, hiring lawyer and of course keeping calling on both of them USCIS and NVC and we ended up with this statement:

IT'S ODD, IT'S REALLY ODD. thanks for letting us to know it's odd.

USCIS kept saying that on December 5th they sent our file out to the department of state,......... GOD JOB!!!

NVC kept saying that they haven't received the file yet,....... mmmm ATA BOY!!!

congressmen, senators and everyone with authority promised that they WOULD help us,...... EXCELLENT!!!

to be honest I think it's done and no one wants to have responsibility.

it's only 2-3 weeks for all people to have done with NVC, for us it's been for 13 weeks till now.

BTW everyone we tried to contact congratulated us for our petition being approved, Hilarious!!!

now we need answers. All we want is to know where on earth our file is??

if someone has answers, we will really appreciate that.  


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arrow"Where will you live?" question vs. U.S. address mentioned on DS-260
February 24, 2015, 9:44 am Last comment by Kaptan

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Our consulate interview is going to take place this coming Monday.  A thought occurred to me as I was reading some sample questions online.  I noticed that many people get asked the question "where will you live?" by the consular officer.  Is this linked to the U.S. address we were asked to provide on the DS-260 in any way? 


Since putting down a U.S. address was a requirement, I entered the Chicago address of a close friend (I understand this is where our green cards will be delivered).  However, we are in fact quite open as to where we can live (depends on where one of us finds the best paying job) and since I am in insurance chances are it may be somewhere in the Northeast (the epicenter of the U.S. insurance industry).  If I say "probably Northeast" as my answer, would that be construed by the consular officer as a "contradiction?"


Thanks in advance for your input. 

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arrowi need help please
February 20, 2015, 10:44 pm Last comment by nicolereynolds

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i filed i-130 and it was approved and i also filed the i-129f is was approved to i already started the process at nvc for my i-130. i got a email today from the embassy say the received my petition for k-3 visa and i can get a interview now what should i do ?? and if i do pick th k-3 visa will my husband have to back to interview for IR-1/ CR-1 ? please help me


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arrowJust got married... Happy but need help :)
February 19, 2015, 11:59 am Last comment by andfp

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Hi everyone,


Just found out about this forum and realy cool that everyone is trying to help each other.


I read some Threads but everyone has a different case so i wanted to be sure about my case.


In my situation:


- I'm 27 years old and a turkish citizen.

- I have a really clean and good background. (Was born in Germany, speak 3 languages, have my bachelor and masters, worked as a teacher for more then 5 years etc.)

- Came on Dec 16th 2014 with a B1/B2 tourist Visa to the US.

- I did a same sex marriage on Feb 18th 2015.

- My Husband is a US Citizen.

- We live in NYC.

- It is not a fake marriage.

- My Intention is to get all documents ASAP done because I'm a teacher and i want to continue with my life, working and not being illegal for some reasons.


My question is:


Which forms do i need to fill? As i read the forum i think i need to fill the forms: (I-130, I-485 and I-765) Can i apply to those forms at the SAME TIME or do we need to follow an order?


Thank you for your help. 

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