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arrowAbout RFE, please help, thank you ..
December 7, 2016, 4:14 pm Last comment by ziggyzaazaa

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hello everyone. We got rfe on 27Oct. then we sent back on 21Nov. It was about description of relationship, my passport copies and certificate of my fiance. We forgot them to put. So it has been 11 business days but still my case status on uscis website 'rfe was mailed' not received. we called them on monday. they said your case should be top of the stack. Is this time normal? what can I do? or what should I do? I'm so worried and nervous. thank you for helping..

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arrowEAD mistake on eligibilty category
December 4, 2016, 4:40 pm Last comment by Catuela

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Hi everyone, i am pretty sure this is very common when it comes to k1 visa category. As many ıf yall heard before i put A6 instead of c9. Now that i am reading some people says it is alright it is not a big deal, some people says i may get a denial etc... Can somebody give me an advice about what i should be concerned about? Thank you!!

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arrowInterview Scheduled for January
December 4, 2016, 4:15 am Last comment by burayild

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Hello Everyone,


This is my first post here and I wanted to share my experience with the whole process and looking forward to your comments and guidance. 


I also realized that a lot of people share a lot of personal stories, which I really do appreciate as it provides guidance to the whole process, so here is mine :)


United States story: I first moved to the United States in 1998, went to High School, College (F1 visa) then did an internship in Los Angeles under CPT and worked for a year at the same company under OPT and continued to pursue a grad degree (F1 visa) and finally moved back to my country in 2010 prior my legal status being expired in the United States. 


How I met my wife: I met my wife almost 10 years ago in Turkey, she is of Turkish decent born and raised California girl. We started dating in 2007. When i moved to Turkey in 2010 she followed a year later and moved to Turkey working for an American company. In May 2013 we got married. Been happily married since. 


Our application: So we started the process with a lawyer in New York in April of 2015. After the petition got accepted obviously we needed to submit additional information. We did not submit the additional information till about 10 months later in which time we received a letter from NVC asking us whether we still wanted to immigrate. We did not submit because we were figuring out the move process on our end. However the lawyer responded to the letter after having a consultation with us and confirming that we were still interested. Long story short we submitted everything in September of 2016 and our application was finalized. We received a letter from NVC a month later stating they received everything. Finally on first day of December received the letter for the appointment, which will be Jan 11, 2017. My sponsor is my mother in law because my wife has foreign income. 


Preparing for the interview: I have already scheduled a medical examination which requires all the vaccinations, luckily enough all my vaccinations have been translated to English back in the day and approved by the Los Angeles County Medical Center-makes it convenient. Medical exam is next Saturday. 


I’m having a hard time preparing the documents for the interview process. Obviously the basic stuff such as bank statements, photos, honeymoon tickets etc are set. I’m sure going into Facebook will prove sufficient information on the bonafide marriage. 


I want to get my stuff straight in regard to US domicile. My wife works for a American company which has offices globally. I work for a International Company which have offices globally. Both of us have US bank accounts, both of us have credit cards which we still owe debt to and paying off, wife has ROTH IRA, we both have California car insurance, we both have USA cell phone bills, wife has student debt which we have been paying off, has voted in the past two elections including the recent one (not sure how we can prove this). We also have valid California drivers licenses which we both renewed last year. And she is also thinking of signing up for a PRE-MBA program at UCLA Extension.


She is going through the application process now. We will be residing at her parents house which is empty because they both work out of state, mother in law already stated this in her sponsorship form, we have the deed from the house. We also have a quote from a logistics company for transporting our stuff in June, a hefty price which we were both surprised with :)


Anyway, how else can we move along in proving US Domicile, we’re moving back for sure we just need to have the right documentation to be able to prove it :)


Looking forward to your suggestions. 




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arrowExpediting EAD due to financial loss
November 15, 2016, 6:43 pm Last comment by furuzan

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I want to share my experience as it seems a bit different than what I read on here. I was on OPT before applying AOS and my work authorization will be expiring in 3 weeks which would be 80 days after filing my concurrent application. It became very depressing quickly being reminded constantly by my HR that my employment will be terminated if I don't renew my work authorization info.


It seemed like if I tried expediting by calling customer service, most likely it would get denied. According to everything I read on here I realized that my best bet is to contact my district's congressman to ask if they could help to expedite my EAD application. So I did not even try calling customer service, I just called my congressman's office. Oh and I am in the reddest state with all republican congressman, but thank God they helped. The case worker in congressman's office asked for a letter (stating severe financial loss as the reason for expediting), privacy act form, a letter from my employer stating that they will terminate my job, I-765 notice. I think that was all and they send in a request last Tuesday. I got an alert today saying that my card went into production. Yay! So it took them 4-5 business days but they automatically updated it to production. I was checking case updates 10 times a day :) I hope this will help anyone who is struggling to decide what to do. Best of luck guys. Let me know if you have any questions.

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arrowk1 AOS
November 14, 2016, 1:43 pm Last comment by LionessDeon

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So confused..


We got married. Applied for SSN. 


What files do we need for AOS?

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