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Even though i made a mistake no RFEs
6:47 pm


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USCIS received my case on Dec 5th. I have 2 mistakes on my application first one is on i-864 incorrect household size and the other one is on i-765 category (put a6 instead of c9) but surprisingly i have not received any type of RFEs even though there other people have RFEs with the same mistakes as me (filing late Dec and Jan) Does this mean they didnt even touch my case or is there a chance the officer just didnt mind those mistakes??

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Medical insurance
10:13 pm


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My fiance will be moving to the US soon on a K1 visa. It's my understanding that she cannot apply for traditional medical insurance without a social security number. After a little research, it seems there are several options of basic limited coverage. "Inbound Immigrant" seems to be the plan which is the most available to us. What are people's experience with this? Do you have any suggestions/warnings?

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g-325a form, which name i should type
1:27 am


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Hello, so we are preparing papers for AOS, i just dont understand this part if you can help me about this i would be grateful.


In this example; in the box outlined by heavy border below section, that girl used her maiden name. Should i use my maiden name also? Or do i need to type my marriage name.

Thank you.

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So happy but a lil bit scared
12:28 am


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Hi everybody, i really feel like everyone on VJ is so understanding due to the fact that we have been through the same stuff once and all. I would like to share something that keeps bothering me time to time. I love my life here, my husband is a military member so everybody around us is so friendly and Florida is amazing. Unfortunately i cant help but to have scary thoughts time to time. Which i believe it comes from being foreign and watching America on tv with violence. I know it is everywhere all around the world but i just cant help myself putting scenarios together like what if someone breaks into the house, what if someone pulls a gun since it is so easy for everyone to have it etc.. I dont wanna sound crazy but i just want to get rid of that 'America is a dangerous place' nonsense that haunts me :unsure:

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Advanced Parole question
5:25 am


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My fiance will have her K1 interview soon, and so we are trying to plan out the details of her flight here. However, a detail about this confuses me. The K1 visa allows her to stay for 90 days. In the 90 days we get married and apply for the adjustment of status, paired with advanced parole and employment authorization. Getting the AP takes 90 days. This means that there MUST be some time she will be in the US after the K1 expires, but her AP has not been granted yet. In this time, how is she legally allowed to be in the country?

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