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That I-94 question in I-129F
3:43 am


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Hello everyone

about putting your I-94 and passport information "if the fianc is currently in United States"

I know similar questions has been asked.

And I know which one is the right answer now.

My problem is the other way around, that we already sent the application, and we, back then not even knowing the forum or anything, decided to put the information. (whyyyy why did we do that)

So even though I was not in US at that moment, we filled it with my last entry (I-94 info, It was still within my last given stay period)

Does anyone think it will be a problem? Should we call USCIS to ask about it? (Not that I think they would help much...)

Thank you...

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San Fernando Valley Office Timeline
6:28 am


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Since San Fernando Valley(Chatsworth) Office is not listed while filling timelines and i couldn't get an answer from Visajourney help section about that, I am starting a thread about San Fernando Valley Office and its timeline. Anyone?

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Will raise act affect i751 applicants?
1:02 am


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Hello i just heard about RAISE act if it passes is it gonna affect i 751 filers? and does that mean no one can get sponsor no more because they won't have the right?

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TAX documents at Embassy Interview (worked outside USA and have not filed)
10:39 am


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I am the US Citizen applying for a spouse visa. We have been through all the loops (uscis, nvc) and made it to the embassy interview, which is in a month.
I have been living and working in Turkey for the last 4.5 years. And have not filed taxes. We have been married for 1.5 years and living together in Turkey since marriage. We plan to move ASAP after the visa is given.

I stated to the NVC that I will backfile my taxes when I return to the USA. They approved my affidavid of support with my income in Turkey. (I know this since they passed me to the Embassy)

My question is for proving domicile at the interview. In USA I have 2 active bank accounts, credit card, stock trading account and emails proving I am applying for jobs in The USA. Will not having filed US taxes be a problem? (I stated I will back-file with support of US tax attorney when I return to USA since no one here in Turkey knows how to do them.) I do not owe any money in my taxes.

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NVC & supporting documents
5:27 pm


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I'm about to start the NVC process & have a few questions. My dad will be my joint sponsor & my mom will fill out form I-864a as his household member.

1. Is it ok if I just send my 2016 tax transcript? Do I need to send any other income related docs? Also, I have a S corporation...no employees, just me. Is it ok if I just send my personal tax transcript (which is basically what I earned through the corporation)?

2. Both of my parents collect social security & they both have pensions. So along with I-864 & I-864a...should we send the SS earnings statements & whatever they receive for their pensions (1099 I believe)? I will also send their past 3 year tax transcripts.

I know they have to show citizenship, domicile & proof of relationship...we have that covered. Thanks for any help!

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