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HELP with 1-130 form
4:42 pm yesterday

Ramazan and Marji

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Page 6 25a-28

Information about beneficiary s Family.

Provide information about beneficiary spouse and children.

Obviously I m his spouse. Are they wanting to know if I have children?

then it says relationship?

I don t want to assume so can someone help.


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Do you have permanent legal work authorization in the United States?
10:33 pm yesterday


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This is a question on a job application I am filling out. The drop-down menu only allows yes or no. Is this asking about whether I have an EAD or green card? Or is it asking 'permanent' as in 'always', as in citizenship?

Having a green card means I am a permanent resident and have work authorization, but my green card also has an expiration date (2 years from now, but could also be 10 years from now, still is an expiration date).

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spouse's signature (split topic)
12:13 am yesterday

Ramazan and Marji

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How can my husband sign if he is in Turkey? His signature is not needed if he is not in the U.S correct?

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K1 visa holder
2:52 am yesterday


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Hello everyone ,

Thanks for the your guidance/advice through the path of becoming a US green card holder , landed in California 5months ago and got married to my wife within the timeline that was given by the US consulate .

But realized i submitted my original birth certificate to the consulate that interviewed me, the consulate failed to return my original birth certificate with the visa package and i have no other copy of it ! hence,

have contacted the USCIS and the US border patrol several times and got no luck ,means they refused to send me the copy of my birth certs .please i need ya'all advice or suggestion on how to go about

filling for the US green card !!!!

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Aos interview! Further review!
6:50 pm yesterday


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10 days after our interview still no change in our status. Is that too early to be freaking out. Should I make a info pass or just wait. My husband will go out of country to visit his family end of November and I dont want to bug them if it is not gonna end up with an approval. I mean it could be a second interview. Also does any one have an idea about I naturalized in april this year. Can that be a red flag. But they didnt interview us seperatly. I am just thinking if we had a red flag they would do stoke interview I guess. Please any recommdations. Waiting just too stressfull...

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