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US Immigration from Turkey

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NVC Requests (Online) Confusions
4:00 pm yesterday


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Hi all,

NVC has requested W2 forms from me. But I work abroad and I do not get issued a W2 form or any equivalent. I filed my IRS taxes for 2017 and provided all forms to NVC. But they asked me for W2. Unfortunately, IRS transcripts were not available at the time I submitted my documents in May. But I'll give it another try and see if I can obtain those. Has anyone run in to this case?

Additionally, I've got some confusing feedback from NVC on other documents. The confusion is that they marked the documents as "ACCEPTED" but they still added comments stating they were "unable" to accept them? For example:

- They added a "comment" on the Paystubs of my AOS co-sponsor: "We are unable to accept these documents as uploaded. Please delete these documents and submit them under the correct document name". I had uploaded them under "OTHER" because there was no option for "Paytsubs", perhaps I should have selected "PROOF OF CURRENT OR SELF EMPLOYMENT". I'm not I'm not sure how to proceed as there is no "delete" link. Should I re-upload the paystubs under "PROOF OF CURRENT OR SELF EMPLOYMENT", or since they are technically "ACCEPTED", I can ignore the comment?

- They also added a comment on my U.S passport saying that "Part of this document is cut-off in the scan. Please replace this with a scan that shows the complete document. ". The document is also "ACCEPTED", but this comment is instructing me to "replace it". There is no "delete" or "replace" links. I could "add" another "Proof of U.S Citizenship" document, but not sure if that will replace the existing one?

- I had also uploaded my U.S Bank Statements as "PROOF OF U.S. DOMICILE" document. Again, it was "ACCEPTED" but with a comment saying: "We are unable to accept these documents as uploaded. Please delete these documents and submit them under the correct document name". Again as above, there's no replace or delete. I can "add", but I'm not sure if I should, given that they accepted other proof of U.S. domicile such as my house deed and don't want to delay processing for an optional supporting documentation such as bank statements.

The only document that was truly "REJECTED" in the sense that both the "Status" and the "Response Notes" columns were consistent is the Marriage Certificate. And it was because part of the scan was cut-off. And I'm sharing that so that prospective NVC files are aware of how picky NVC is and avoid these issues. You need to be perfect. I assumed otherwise because I thought this was only an early screening at NVC level and because the Embassy they will see these documents again. But trust me, use a real scanner to scan documents and all corners should b visible :) . Also make sure you categorize the documents correctly. They probably will not accept "OTHER" easily, the only document that was accepted as "OTHER" in my case was a Cover Letter concerning proof of U.S. domicile in my case.

Anyway, if anyone has run into similar situation as mine, I would really appreciate it if you could share with me your experience and how you rectified it.


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Applying for AOS, EAD & AP together
7:10 pm yesterday


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Hey guys, (and gals)

After a long and frustrating K1 adventure I made it to the US, married my now wife and we are ready to send in the AOS package. I went through the K1 to AOS guide but there are a couple things I am not sure about so I wanted to ask for your advice.

1 - When sending in the AOS I-485 package, do I need to provide additional copies of I-94, passport scans, marriage certificate etc for I-765 EAD? or is one copy of each is enough since they are all filed together?

2 - The only form the US Citizen needs to fill is the I-864 Affidavit of Support right? Everything else is about the immigrant (me)?

Thanks for your help and good luck to everyone going through the process.

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Calling the NVC
6:24 pm yesterday


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This is my first time calling the NVC and I don't understand the menu options. I am wanting to check to see if a case number was assigned, but I didn't recognize that as an option.

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i-129 changes
2:22 am yesterday


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Since filling for the i-129 I have changed jobs. Do I need to update the i-129 before sending it to the NVC to let them know?

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If I visit my fiance while awaiting approval do I have to report my traveling? Or does it not matter?
2:07 pm yesterday


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My fiance is from Nigeria but he lives in Turkey alone. He is all by himself and he is waiting to come be with me and so am I. I never knew how long this process would take before we started and now I'm thinking of going to visit him soon. Why is the process for the approval so long. I'm ready for this part of the nightmare to be over.

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