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arrowMilitary Card?????
April 24, 2015, 3:27 pm Last comment by YamenWaad

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Hi everybody

I have my interview for the K1 visa on Wednesday at the U.S. embassy in Ankara/Turkey

a couple of hours ago I received the packet no.4 and I was shocked when I saw they asked for the ((Military Card)) because when we (me and my fiancee) checked the list of required documents they said it's necessary to obtain this document only for the Iranian applicants.

so I'm Syrian refugee living in Turkey and I have no clue what to do?

all I have is the military ID (of course it's in Arabic) and to get something such as military document from Syria is impossible because of the war over there!!!

anyone can help in this awkward situation???? any advice???


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arrowI need very serious advice
April 23, 2015, 8:47 pm Last comment by feli114

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Hi everybody, I have a very unique situation, unique because I haven't came across to anybody that has the same experience so I need serious advice about what I should do. So I got RFE for my AOS application it asked for a bunch of stuff and most of them I had no problem providing but when it came to joint sponsor's documents the trouble began.

I sent missing documents for joint sponsor because well I'm stupid and there's no other explanation for that. I sent her form I-864, birth certificate, last 3 years of tax returns(not completed, w-2 is not included) pay stub and employment verification letter. Since I know that completed tax returns or tax transcript is important and I haven't provided neither what are my chances of getting denied or getting another RFE. I know RFE is your only chance to provide all the missing documents and since I failed to do so, this doesn't sound good.

As far as I can see I have two options. One just waiting to see what the uscis will say and risking the denial which I don't want to do so because I have file again and pay the fees etc. the second option is when I called the customer service today, the guy on the phone told me if I have a copy of the RFE letter I can send it with whatever documents I am missing. He said as long as I am not out of the deadline, sending additional documents for RFE should be ok. I am kind of leaning towards that but the problem is on the letter it said send everything all at once and failure to do so will cause denial. Even though I got a word from the representative I am still afraid to do so.... My question is, is there anyone with a similar experience? What do you guys think that I should do? Either way it's risky but I have to do one of them. And If I send the missing documents again, are they even going to look at it? Last question is if I send it what should I say on the cover letter, I can't say something lame like I forgot because I'm sure it will make them pissed. I would really appreciate answers, I'm in the middle of a nervous break down, I can't eat or sleep. I lost 15 pounds over the past 2 months just because of the stress. If I do decide to send I will do it the beginning of next week, the previous RFE documents have been received by them today.

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arrowhelp please please
April 23, 2015, 8:46 pm Last comment by NLR

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ok im at the last part of nvc the have paid all my fees and sent documents and my did DS-261 and DS-260 but they put are case down as CR-1 but we going to be married two years on may 5 2015  and now we are waiting for case to be closed and get a interview date what happens if are case is now CR-1 but in a week and half we will be married for two years do are case change to IR-1 or not ???

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arrowPlease help I made a big mistake
April 23, 2015, 12:37 am Last comment by raven52

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I got a RFE a few weeks ago for our AOS package and it was asking for joint sponsors form and supporting documents. I added the joint sponsors form and all the documents but the tax transcript because I was stupid enough to think transcript and tax returns are the same thing. I sent the joint sponsors last 3 years of tax returns but no transcript. Am I going to get denial because of this? I am worried as sick. Should I try to send the transcript or wait for denial. Please help.

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arrowInterview Approved by Needed Another Document
April 21, 2015, 6:53 pm Last comment by erinandahmet

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My husband had his interview today. They told him he was approved, but that he was missing a form and needed to send it in. He went and got the form right away, and mailed it with his passport and they should get it tomorrow. They said it would only take 1-2 weeks, but I am freaking out. People who have gone through this, how long did it actually take? 

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