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arrow2015 Winner- Interview Finished
October 22, 2014, 8:07 am Last comment by Britsimon

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Good Morning,


I know everybody here has been waiting for someone who went for interview.


I have done my interview 2 days ago. My case number is : 2015EU00001637. I filled my Ds-260 form 19 May 2014.

Btw I live in dubai and had my interview in Abu Dhabi ( Capital of UAE )


I went to Abu dhabi 07:00 in the morning as my interview time was 08:00. There are 2 lines in front of the embassy. One line for Non-Immigrant visas other line for Immigrant visas. So I was the 9th from at the line.A lady in a room took my passport and appointment paper ( which you will receive by email ) and gave it back to me after she checked it. After we ( immigrants ) started to be taken inside the security control. They asked us to give the mobiles, car keys ( they dont allow bags inside as well ).After we got inside which was second waiting point. After 10 minutes of waiting. They asked us to go to the other building, I was still 9th so when I get in to the main building where the interviews being held, they gave me a token number 009.

After a looong waiting period(maybe 2 hours) I ve seen my number popped up and went to the counter.This was for document check. She checked all the documents ( you will not believe but I forgot to take passport copy ). She asked if I have passport copy :)) oops ! After a couple seconds of check I said

" I guess I forgot it " she said ok. and she also asked if I had bank statement ( I know I know its not one of the requirements but you should bring it and guess what I also didnt have it :) I said " No I didnt bring because it was not required ) she said yeah but maybe they will ask you. I said " well I dont have it "

She said ok please give me 2 pictures ( relax I have the picture of course:))

And after she said okay now please go and pay the fee ( if you didnt pay online ) I went to the cashier paid and gave the receipt back to the same lady. After she took my docs along with passport and payment receipt she said now please go to the counter number 11 to give your finger print.  I went to counter 11 and started to wait for my turn. After approx 1 hour waiting I went to the counter and a gentleman asked me to put my right hand 4 fingers on the printer and than left hand 4 fingers and 2 hand thumbs at the end. 

He said thank you and again I was asked to wait until my number seen on the token line screen. I started to wait again.Finally after 1 hour later it was my turn.

I had interview with a nice kind lady actually.Okay and here are the questions ;


Hi Where do you live ?


Would you swear everything here is true ?

Yes I do

How many times have you been to states ?


Whats your degree ?

University degree, bachelors

( Now here where the problems started for me :)) When I finished university,my actual certificate was not ready so School gave me temporary graduation certificate which means I could use it for any job application or something else ( like embassies ). Btw I graduated in 2003 but even after 3 years later my actual certificate was not ready ( I know sounds weird but true ) 

So I didnt want to wait and move to Dubai from Istanbul in 2006.2 years ago I got my american visit visa by showing this temporary certificate. By the time it was ok. )

So lets get back to the interview ;

She started checking my university certificate and asked my do you have another certificate 

No this is my certificate,also attested from uae embassy in istanbul , is there a problem

Well ! Here is says temporary graduation certificate so I need to see if you really did graduated or not, 

I tried to explain but she said

Ok lets do one thing, ask your family to take your actual certificate from school and send it to you.

I said ok ( I was sure the actual certificate was suppose to be ready after 11 years )

and then she asked me ;

Could you please open your medical test results.

I opened and handed over to her without looking ( I was very curious about the results though but you have to bring it to the embassy in a sealed envelope )

After She looked at my results again checking the computer screen and asked me

Here it says You were arrested ! oops

Well here again When I was applied for visit visa, one of the questions in the form was " Have you ever arrested " so I didnt want to lie and created a bigger problem so told them everything what exactly happened.

 in 2010 I was arrested because of riding a motorbike under the influence of alcohol.and stayed in cell 3 days after bailed out. It was a not a crime so my police clearence paper was good. Now you might ask me why did you say this to them ? You better speak the truth.

Anyways after she asked me okay no problem but I need to ask you one more medical test !

I was like whaat ? Again same thing.

She said No ? I want to make sure you are not an alcoholic:)))

We actually both smiled in the same time 

She said. Sorry but this is the procudure I have to do this and also she said she will write a letter to the doctor who made my medical test and asked me to wait for a while. After 15 minutes later she called me and gave me a sealed envelope adressed to my doctor.She said dont open it give this to your dr.

I said okay no problem.

She said I am taking your documents but giving your passport back. We have document collection dates on Sunday and tuesday at 14:00 clock. So please once you have your original certificate and alcohol test result,Bring them to me along with your passport.

I said okay thank you and left.

On the way back to Dubai, I was nervous about medical test:)) Next day I went to Alcohol test, they took urine sample from me and said they will call me when the result is ready. Same day I called my brother in Istanbul and asked him to collect my original certificate from school.

So todat wednesday. My certificate will be in my hand on saturday maybe earlier. I am hoping urine result will finish until sunday. I have my bank statement now and of course passport copy just incase:)

So Sunday or Tuesday I will go and hand over these docs.

Lets see what will the decision be. What I believe is if she didnt want to give me the visa she wouldnt have asked me all these docs and she could just say sorry I am not giving you visa.


I hope, I could answer your questions. Please feel free to ask if you have any question.


Good luck in your journey 


























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arrowCan anyone help...Anyone prior experience plez
October 17, 2014, 8:37 am Last comment by ashleyphilly

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My fiance had his interview on October 2nd and was given a 221g. It stated to send in mail to them a cosponsor,form I134 and supporting documents and his passport. We have sent that. The cosponsor is my dad he meets all required. We check the visa status web site all the time to see of any updates. This morning his date was updated but nothing changed as far as his status. Is this normal? Are they just processing or looking at case or what??

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arrowWhat to do after k1 NOA2 arrival ?
October 12, 2014, 1:50 pm Last comment by boss35

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I got NOA2 for k1 visa  at 26 September  
then I got  approval letter
What to do after NOA2 arrival.?

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arrowNVC processing time and interview at embassy time
October 10, 2014, 11:45 am Last comment by NLR

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I filed the I130 for my husband, and it was approved within two weeks. I was expecting it to take at least 5 months.

Now we are dealing with his two year rule (he has about 6 months left on it.)

How long does it take for Nvc to process the application?

For the interview can we push oit back by a few months if it goes fast at nvc? (We would be using the ankara turkey embassy)

Is there a time limit where it would expire?

Thanks for your help!

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arrow129f Packet-What to include???
October 7, 2014, 9:52 am Last comment by hopeful 4 XMas

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Almost done with our 129f packet.   My fiance and I talked a lot through Whatsapp, how much of our conversations should I print out and send.. we talk everyday over the last 9 months.  I'm thinking just a few pages of each month?  We also talk Viper and Skype, but no way to send those convos.  Also, do you need to send the affadavit of support with the 129f packet or does my fiance just take that to his interview?  Thanks for any help.  Hope to be an October Filer!

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