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arrowComplicated background, got denied for F1 visa. Please help!
August 29, 2014, 4:07 am Last comment by Birdybird01

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Hello everyone, 


My situation might be a little confusing but I will try my best to explain clearly. I first went to the US on 2008 under a J1 visa then got married to an US citizen(was my boyfriend for many years). I got my green card but I never worked or applied for citizenship as I always wanted us to come back to Turkey. The reason for this is because my parents are old and need my care(not financially but me being present) Me and my husband were on and off because of this reason. After a year I left everything and came back. Then of course we got separated on 2010. Early this year we got a divorce and it is now all over. 


So whats new is I recently applied to a certificate course in the states. It is only for 9 months and since it is a short term thing it is ok for me to go. I only want to do it to update my resume (I need a very good college degree but do not have time to do it for 4 years as I have to work)I have a wonderful journalism career in my own country, i been working at biggest national paper and very well known news agency. I just quit my job to go as I was very sure I would get the visa and my sister got a loan from her bank which is $26,000. 


I had an interview at the embassy yesterday in Istanbul. I had all the documents from the school, my sponsor papers, my diploma, I-20 of course and everything else really. Of course the official only looked at the most necessary ones (application form, passport, sevis, I20) It was all going fine until he checked his computer and asked if I have a fiance in US. It was a shocking question for me. Apparently before we got a divorce, my ex husband again applied for a fiance visa so he can get me back into the country and although we are divorced, the file is still on the system. I was not aware of this. And I think the officer got very confused and did not believe me and my ex are divorced or out of touch. He said there is a form filed under my name, etc etc. Well at the end he denied my visa under the case of 214b.


Afterwards, I immediately reapplied for next week and contacted my ex husband. He will now write a letter, get a letter from his divorce lawyer, his army card. Main thing is that he will call the USCIS to remove his case or update our status as divorced or get any documents they can give. I will also put more money in my bank account and get copies which i didn't last time. 


What else can I do, collect and prepare for my next interview? I know people on this website are amazingly helpful but I really do not want to hear how it is difficult for me to get a visa, etc. I know that is a tough case already. 


To sum it all up, I definitely have no intentions to over stay as I have a very good career here and a family to take care of. Since we got a loan, it also should prove that I have no intentions to work illegally. On top of that, I am engaged and we want to get married on June. Not sure if I should mention that though? Please help me. 


Thanks so much! 

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arrowCanceling A Spouse Visa Request
August 28, 2014, 9:45 am Last comment by F1H1I130

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Hello Again Everyone,


I'm sorry if  I bore you guys with a long story but I have some questions and this has always been the best place to get information.  So I am a part of the 2013 Feb filers and as many of you may know, it was an extremely long road for most; however, through out the process of filing (for the second time - another long story... :(  :unsure: ) and waiting for the approval with any updates from USCIS, my wife said she wanted to end every and left me around late Sept, seemingly because of all the pressure from her family and stress (it was a very bad year for me). 


So, at her request and what seemed like an eternity of me trying to convince her to work on things with me,  I ended up filing for divorce :cry2: in Dec (the irony here being I got a letter from USICS saying that everything was approved and we should be getting an additional letter for a VISA interview date the exact same day I came from the court house - I really hate that day - Oh and that letter never came by the way, nor did I follow up).  After all the pain, my divorce was finalized in March.  


Last night, I received a call from my ex wife saying she applied for a student visa and was just denied because they still have her listed in the system as pending a Spouse/Fiancee visa.  She said that they didn't believe her when she said she was divorced and that she can re-interview in a couple of weeks but she is afraid that the information they currently on file will still prevent her from getting the visa and I'm thinking the same.


So here is my question, what can I do, if anything, to help her fix this. Now for those of you who may be thinking that I should not be doing anything at all and that I don't owe her any favors; I am completely aware  how much the bleeding still has not stopped.  Nevertheless, I loved her in a way that will never be explainable to any man(woman); and given that her rejection is in part to our former life, I feel somewhat obligated to just be a good person and do the right thing. 



I know calling USCIS is should probably be the first step but I thought I would check here first just in case.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  



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arrowProof of citizenship
August 18, 2014, 10:56 pm Last comment by ErikaAndHamit

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Question. My mom lost all of her documentation/driver license, SS card, passport-everything and I mean everything.  She does have her marriage license, but that's it.  She needs to apply for social security and Medicaid as her health is failing and she is very poor, so she needs to prove her identity and her citizenship status. She was born in Hungary as were her parents (she only knows her mom) and came over to the US as a kid during the revolution there and was given citizenship when she came here.  So how can I help her? TIA!!!

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arrowWife gave birth overseas while F2A was pending and I just became U.S citizen. Does Baby gets U.S citizen automatically?
August 15, 2014, 6:24 pm Last comment by bdawn

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I have pending I130 F2A for my wife filed on October 2013 I was LPR. she became pregnant and gave birth on June 2014. The case is still pending has not been approved yet. Now that i became a U.S citizen  in August 2014. I became U.S citizen just now but baby was born 2 months ago while my N400 was still pending.
Does my newborn daughter also becomes U.S citizen automatically ? if so how could i apply for her?
Or do i need to file another I130 for the baby again?
Does the baby eligible for derivative visa ? how should i apply then ?

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arrowaffidavit support
August 11, 2014, 12:00 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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They sent a checklist of stuff that are missing but they want I864A but noone else in the household works or have worked what should I do?

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