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arrowI-212 and K1 at the same time?
October 21, 2014, 6:17 pm Last comment by Boiler
kai bran

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Has anyone had success submitting a request for I-212 visa after receiving NOA1 for a K1 visa and basically allowing both to work at the same time?


My attorney has learned that cases have been successful where you file for the K1 and once you receive the case # (NOA1), you then submit the I-212 with reference to the K1 case number, along with all required documentation. (In these examples the K1 was filed through TSC and I-212 through Houston).






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arrowEvidence of continuing marriage under 3-year rule?
October 18, 2014, 4:16 pm Last comment by Penguin_ie

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I didn't find a detailed VJ guide for naturalization. Specifically, when applying under the 3-year rule with a USC spouse you must submit documents "referring to you and your spouse." The form instructions recommend tax returns OR bank statements etc.  I can provide tax returns and some bank account statements. Is that sufficient or does USCIS frequently RFE for more documents like they do with the original I-130 petition? 



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arrowI-485 2 year wait ?
October 15, 2014, 4:18 pm Last comment by Pinkrlion

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Hello ,


My wife had her biometrics taken 12/30/2012 yet nothing was heard after that . I have called The UCIS many times and they create a service request , the result of the request always seems to be "it's in background check" .


My question is would be normal ? is there anything else I can do ? I have contacted my senator with little success.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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arrowNeed Advice re: Partners Immigration Status & Adjustment
October 14, 2014, 10:08 am Last comment by Boiler

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Let's get it out there that I am way over my head.
My partner of almost 20 years is Thai and she has been in America since 1972. The last document she has (that I know of) is a Resident Alien IR1 with an Adj date of Sept, 1972. She and the husband "tied" to the card have parted long ago and she has been married several times since to other US citizens.
She is reaching retirement age and the immigration thing is going to stall the process I am sure. Now at 65 years of age, not able to read/write English (or any other language) and her inabilities becoming more pronounced as her age advances; what would be our first steps in securing her citizenship and thereby her social security (hopefully). I know no-one's social security may be guaranteed these days, but she has worked like a fiend for the betterment of not only the US, but of mankind in general (all documented along with a valid SSN).
I know it may seem everyone has been dragging their feet (fact).
If any other info is needed to provide accurate advice; we will provide the info.
She also receives her earning statements from the IRS every couple years. Valid SSN.
I appreciate all input as I am a bit out of my league with law and to boot immigration. I'm not new to research and do not mind the legwork: Just need a kick in the right direction because of being overwhelmed. I have been trying to get her Medicare/Medicaid started as well but when it comes to entering any kind of A# for the resident, the format is incorrect as the number (on the physical card) is one digit short of a valid (newer?) A#. I also had this formatting issue when I tried to sign her up for Obama-care. Therefore my suspicion that all these immigration issues would have to be taken care of first.
Sincere thanks,

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arrowQuestion about travel before green card.
October 12, 2014, 12:11 pm Last comment by nobbie
steve n songsang

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First, for anyone wondering about this, we returned in Sept. from a one month trip to Thailand with combo card, no interview or problems at POE (O'Hare) EXCEPT the almost 2 hour wait for songsang to receive her passport and combo card back from BP...we have since learned that this is a one time only occurrence and any subsequent re-entries do not require a secondary inspection.

Our question....we are planning for her to go to Thailand early December, I will go to Thailand in January (for our ceremonial wedding) and we will return to Chicago the end of February. We received an interview waiver letter Sept.10...we understand if I receive an interview appt. while she is in Thailand that we will have to change plans and flights to get her home for the interview...but....Scenario 1-what if I receive her green card in Chicago while she is gone, do I just bring it to Thailand with me, no problem at POE? Scenario 2-what if her green card arrives in Chicago while we are both in Thailand...any potential POE problems?   thx... stevie n songsang

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