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arrowHELP!!! CO-sponsor I864(a) - Do W2s have to be submitted with I864(a)
December 4, 2016, 7:40 pm Last comment by eyeofanubis79

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My mother is co-sponsoring me in order to meet my income guidelines for my wife of her CR-1 Visa.  I missed the income requirements by a mere $375 and some change. 


With my Affidavit of Support, aka the I-864,  and my supporting documents,  I also included the following; the Affidavit of Support, the I864(a) for my co-sponsor, which was for my mom (the co-sponsor). The supporting documents I included with her packet were the I864(a) were her 1040 Tax return filings for the past 3 years, a copy of her passport, proof of income; which this included the letters from the Social Security Administration (she is retired) and a letter from the her retirement association,  which shows how much she receives from her retirement income.  Also included in the packet I sent her ID copy, & a copy of her Social Security card.   She has been filing her taxes as single for the last 14 years since she's been divorced.  


Question is: Should I have included her W2s and her tax transcripts as well? or will the 1040s and proof of income form her retirement letters suffice? 


I read somewhere that even on the I864(a) they want the tax transcripts and/or the W2s.




I have already had on RFE because I signed on the wrong line on the I864(a), which was resolved immediately, and I don't want to get another RFE or worse. 


We are so close to Case Complete and don't want to get a 221(g) when she goes for her interview.


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arrowCo-Sponosr I-864A
December 4, 2016, 3:41 am Last comment by eyeofanubis79

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My mother is co-sponosoring me in order to meet my income guidelines for my wife.  

When I submitted the I-864A for her, I included her 1040 Tax return filings for the past 3 years, copy of my mother's passport, proof of income, ID copy, Social Security card and letters from her teachers retirement association and social security income letters.  She has been filing single for the last 4 years since she's been divorced for 15 years+.  Should I have included her W2s as well? or will the proof of income form her retirement letters suffice? 

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December 1, 2016, 11:29 pm Last comment by kurtbelyeu

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Hi VJ,


I married my wife last year at the local Amphur and we are now at the packet 3 section of the checklist asking for the MARITAL STATUS CERTIFICATE(S) (หนังสือรับรองสถานภาพการสมรส) (also known as the Single Status Certificate) F11 and F24 visa category applicants should submit a marital status certificate. Obtainable at the local district office (Thai Amphur), it should state that the local district office completed a review of the Family Registration Database.


My wife went to the local Amphur today to collect this document but was told it was not possible due to our marriage already having been registered.  Any suggestions on how to proceed on this one?







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arrowTravel privileges
December 1, 2016, 11:40 am Last comment by jxn

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Thai citizens have limited travel destinations without a visa...and those are difficult to get sometimes. After getting her green card and travel authorization, can my wife now travel where I as a U.S. citizen can travel on her Thai passport? I'm trying to figure out how this will work.

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arrowI 864 Household size (Joint Sponsor)
December 1, 2016, 7:58 am Last comment by laulholley

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My Father-in-law (USC) will be a joint sponsor for me (British) as my wife's (USC) income doesn't count as we currently don't live in the US. Just looking to clarify my FiL's household members. He files his taxes jointly with his wife, but we are only going to use his income as it's above 125% poverty line and saves additional paperwork. So household size would be 3?

Me (Beneficiary)

FiL (Joint Sponsor)

MiL (Joint Sponsor's wife)


Part 6 Q13 - My total income (adjusted gross income on IRS Form 1040EZ) as reported on my Federal tax returns for the most recent 3 years was:


Does my FiL put his individual income or whats on line 22 of his tax returns (total income of FiL and MiL)?

We are providing the FiL's Tax transcripts and W2's from past 3 years.



Also, on my wife's I-864, would she put employed or unemployed (her income will show $0). She works at an international school, but her income doesn't count as it won't continue when we move to the US.


Thanks in advance!



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