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arrowDocuments Question- what's needed
October 9, 2015, 2:21 pm Last comment by christera22

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We will be filing the N400 next week. We are filing under the three year rule having just celebrated our anniversary last week and resident since 1/15/13. Since we just had our ROC interview in June, can I essentially just use all the documents from our 751 and of course add new utility bills, bank statements, 2014 tax transcript etc. Since I have an extra copy of our 751 documents that would really simplify things. Thanks.

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arrowJust beginning N-400 questions
October 5, 2015, 9:36 am Last comment by rin and john

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Hello everybody. Thank you for your help.  We just received our removal of conditions and have a permanent resident card (10 year green card) and I want to make sure I understand a few items for this next exciting step.


1--my wife will qualify under the three year rule to apply.  The date since resident is May 2013 and so obviously May 2016 is the full three years.  Can we apply in Feb 2016 (90 days prior) just like we did for the removal of conditions? I believe that is what the instructions say but I want to be sure.


2--after application is submitted there will be three steps (assuming no rfe)? Biometrics, interview, and oath, is that correct?


3--for the civics questions, I see the 100 questions posted online. Are those the exact questions my wife will be asked? So if I am able to quiz her those 100 questions in random order and she can answer them then she should be considered prepared?


4--for the English test, I see a list of words. What is the format of those tests? Do they ask her to use one in a sentence?


5--My wife is from Thailand and since Thailand is not on the list of dual citizenship countries, she is worried she will lose her status and inherited land in Thailand. Does anyone know of a resource for this?


Thank you all who help others on here. 






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arrowsignature question
October 4, 2015, 9:23 am Last comment by Captain Ewok
steve n songsang

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can someone take the time to look at our signature and tell us how to clean up the "scattered" bottom few entries? when we edit signature, it looks good but when we "save changes" it just scatters the last few entries again.  thank you....

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arrowdo you have anxiety?
October 3, 2015, 8:24 pm Last comment by khwaidee1

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I do, I've never ever had it before but now I severely feel it . we just got our I29F approved and I was experiencing it before approval just a little but now I'm having even stronger anxiety. I'm guessing it's the unknown factor of the interview and its documentation, police clearance and doctor clearance. Am I worrying for nothing? Please ease my mind if you can.

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arrowjust got I29-F approval!! now what?
October 2, 2015, 11:49 pm Last comment by iipenny

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I understand my fiance has to 1) get police approval 2) get medical approval 3) go to interview

Is there anything else? What kind of documentation does she need to provide to the police and interview? Do I need to provide any documentation? I know the packet with instructions is on the way but I'm soo excited and I want to start getting ducks in line.

How much does the medical and police cost?

Thank you in advance, I don't think I can sleep tonight

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