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arrowPost CR1 / IR1 Interview Document requirements
July 23, 2014, 11:05 pm Last comment by Karee

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Direct from the form my wife was handed after her interview. 


1. Petitioner, your applicant does not qualify at present as you have living outside the US since at least October 2010. Please see attached explanation. You need to submit a detailed, month by month 6 mos. plan for your planned return to the US, along with evidence such as rental agreements, job search/offer letters, etc.


2. Joint Sponsor spouse: please submit I864A and a copy of your US passport or birth certificate.


Has anyone had this type of request? I am at a lose for what else to include with the items below to fulfill the detailed 6 month plan. Hoping for some suggestions and even wondering if anyone has been requested to do this? Thanks kindly


establishing residency in a state and

following up my wife's Social Security Card and Green card

securing a wedding license and following through with the marriage.

continuing to seek employment.


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arrowQuestion about my residence
July 23, 2014, 6:26 am Last comment by Karee

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I am interested in doing a DCF in Thailand. I am currently a student in Thailand with a Education visa; however, Thai law states that only someone with a work permit or business visa is eligible to do DCF. 


1. Does that mean that I have to file my petition through the lockbox?


2. On form g325-A, should I list my present residence in America or in Thailand? I am not considered a resident in Thailand, but I'm not living at home either.

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arrowGreen Card and AOS
July 23, 2014, 12:30 am Last comment by ThailandExpat

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My wife legally entered into America on an IR1 visa this past May.    I paid the $160 processing fee for her Green Card in April while we both were still in Thailand.   When I paid USCIS assured us that we would get the Green Card within 45 days of the payment provided we were in America at that time.    At our POE the immigration officer told my wife that she would receive it within 30 days.   As of today we have not received it.   Yesterday, I was informed that it should be within the mail sometime by mid-August by a supervisor at USCIS.  Without her Green Card my wife is unable to get a job because she is unable to get a social security number.   I was hoping that my wife could work as a teacher in my county since she has teaching credentials from both the Philippines and from Thailand. I already contacted my congressman’s office over this and they told me that there is little that they could do to help us.  Do we have any recourse other than sitting tight and hoping for the GC to arrive in the mail?   



The second question revolves around the affidavit of support that I signed.    Since coming back to the states I have filled out 300 job applications and I have yet found full time employment much less one that offers any medical benefits. Yet, my wife is two months pregnant      I am deeply embarrassed to ask this but would my wife be able to qualify for emergency Medicaid, as stipulated by the AOS that I signed, if by the time of her delivery we have no insurance and no means to pay for the birthing? 

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arrowRoman or Thai alphabet
July 22, 2014, 8:14 pm Last comment by Karee

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Hello. I am new here and have a few questions. I have used search function and cant find what I need. I am starting on my I-129F package and have questions about Roman alphabet and native language on forms.


I have her address written in Thai, but cant translate it to English letters. I have ran it thru a few translators online. On one it gives the street name as a car and the city is wrong. The other gives the street name as something about an ice cream truck, but has the right city. What would be the best way to get this worded in English? I will have the same problem on I-129F form, so I need a correct translation.




On the address for Letter of Intent under her name on the header.Do I put address in Roman letters or her native alphabet?   I am assuming that everything but I-129F where it asks specifically for native language, that they want Roman letters used?



This is a little off the wall, but I am not sure how this works. Life would be a lot easier if she knew English better and I knew Thai. I am really confused.

When the embassy sends packets later in process or I want to send package, do we use Roman letters or Thai alphabet to send? Do postal people in Thailand know what house to deliver to if its written in English letters? What is the best way to send packages/letters between USA and Thailand? USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL?


Maybe I am making more out of this than I need to.


When we talk on Viber, Tango, etc, we communicate in Thai. Will I need to have these chat logs translated back to English before I send them with package? Some of this stuff is so confusing and has too much grey area.


Thanks, Phil



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arrowCatch-22 Police Clearance style...
July 20, 2014, 7:54 am Last comment by Karee

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Hello those in the know,


We are at NVC, AOS fee in-process, ds-261 submitted, AOS package ready for the post.


In preparation for the 260 filing we went to the Police dept. to request the Police clearance.  They said we needed a paper from the embassy, in order to proceed.  The sample they showed us, seems to be a cover sheet from package 3 (it says "Enc: Package 3").  From what I can tell, that is sent by the embassy, once they get the case from the NVC. But the NVC needs the PC in the IV supporting docs before they will complete and send the case to the embassy!! Catch-22.


Am I missing something, (probably obvious) or am I supposed to write my own cover letter with the Case ID penciled in?  Hypothetically, if I were to do that who the would know anyway? Or is the PC sent directly to the Embassy like the medical is?


BTW, we are coming from Bangkok, Thailand.


Thanks in advance,


Stuart & Nok

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