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Adding middle name during Naturalization process
3:29 pm today

Michelle Kod

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I am planning on applying for a citizenship next week and looking for more information regarding changing name during the N-400 process.

I currently use my maiden name as my legal last name (did not change it when I got married 5 years ago) but now considering to change to my husband's last name but would like to legally keep my maiden name as my middle name for my new name to honor my family. However, I don't have a given middle name. Can I still legally change it during the process?

I reason I asked because people who are from the same country (no middle name given) who have been through the process and became US citizens tried to do the same thing but the immigration officers denied their new name and let them keep only their first name and husband's last name. (they changed their last names to husband's last names when they got married and used it through green card process without adding middle name).

For example

my friend's name after married: Jane Harris (she uses this name through her green card process) and during the N400 process she requested to change to Jane Olas Harris (Olas is her maiden name). The officer said "NO" because she was not born with given middle name and cannot be added. Is it true?

Many ppl from my country encounter the same situation. But here is mine...

My name is Michelle Kod (given by birth) I used this name through green card process. Now I consider to change my last name to my husband's and keep "Kod" as my middle name which my new name will be "Michelle Kod Spencer". Will my case be the same case with other people who originally came from my country? If yes, is there anyway to fix it after the N400 process.

thank you very much for your help

Kind Regards,


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next step after packet 3
4:11 am today


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how long after submitting packet three to bkk are we notified of next step?

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O1-B Approved but extension of stay was denial
7:54 pm today


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My O1-B visa was approved today but my extension of stay was denied.

Reason: my status is F1, I took Computer Application Program at school for certificate program. USCIS thought this school is M1 school. I misclassify from F1. Now I'm out of status. I have 30 days grace period to leave US and to ask US embassy in My home country to get O1 visa stamp.

My lawyer said that is hard. He suggest me to file Motion to reopen case. He said I have fair chance to do it. It's easy here to understand that is not my fault but school fault.

My questions are.

1. If I file motion and I overstay in US (probably 3-4 months), after motion I get approval. Is out of status during over 30 days will be waive automatically. Will I get O1-B back? Is easy to get stamp from my home country?

2. If I file motion and I overstay in US, after motion I get deny. Can I still able to get O1 stamp from my home country?

3. I have my wife too, she is my dependent for F2 visa and she applies for O3 visa. Her case is still pending (Case was approved) Is she will be out of status too?

4. Right now. Do I still have to go to school to maintain my wife and my status during motion?

Thanks for answer

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k1 k2 visa
2:37 am today


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Hi I am very confused I have all the documents for the K1 visa ready and have completed the I129f form and the g325 a form. I wish to take my child to the US on a k2 visa. What do i do? do i complete a form for them now or file my k1 petition first?

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7:35 pm today


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I'm curious about the upcoming biometrics appointment. What happens? is it just for finger prints and basically in and out? Thank you!

~Noom & David

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