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Question regarding Medical
1:15 pm today


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My fiance's visa was refused during the interview in early Dec 2017, due to her not having her translated birth cert.(embassy had sent appointment email to wrong person with incorrect case number, birth cert was misplaced) with her and she had admitted to using amphetamines in the past. She was administered a test for drugs, and the sample came back clean. She was given a 221G, and was told to wait until the end of April and see the Dr's at Bumrungrad and if they sign off on it (her being drug free) , the visa will be issued. She did have an appointment with the original panel physician today, and she has an appointment to see another Dr on 30 Apr. The panel physician was a little surprised that they handled it in this manner, as her sample came back clean. At any rate, she should be getting the medical clearance on Monday.

My question is, will she need to do another Medical Exam since the Embassy refused to issue the visa? I believe that the former exam will expire around Jun 1, and if the visa isn't issued until after June 1st, the medical is no longer valid?

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Approved Expedite USCIS
6:10 pm today


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So I have a question for the forum. I have a case in USCIS that is on day 57. I filed a Expedite request on day 30 which was 14 March 2018. I received the approval email to expedite on 19 April 2018. Now I am at day 57. How much longer should we be waiting before they will send the case to the NVC? I am sure the expedite is only for the USCIS phase of this process. Thank you

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Paying Visa fees at embassy on day of interview. Bangkok, Thailand.
11:22 pm today

Loren Y

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Still a few months ( OK, Many months probably) out from having to pay fees, but after some searching I found information at the embassy webpage for the embassy in Bangkok that you can pay the 265.00 Visa fees on the day of your interview at the Embassy cashier with a credit card. My fiancee currently has a credit card as I added her to one of my current cards with no foreign fees etc. Found this was easier than sending money, she just swipes the card for things she needs ( With prior approval of course LOL) and she has been very responsible with the card since she has had it ( About 3 months), plus since we already have a joint credit card together, might help with the interview for proof of relationship. I just want to make sure if anyone has been thru the embassy there and paid on the day of your interview? I know you can pay via a local bank, or I am sure I can pay the K1 fees like I did when we tried a year ago to get her a tourist visa via a EFT transfer to a virtual account number, but I would like to avoid all the headaches of that and just have her pay via credit card at the embassy cashier(and I get Amazon points as a bonus!). I just don't want her to get down there on the date of the interview and not be able to pay and have to reschedule the interview. Thanks a bunch in advance for any information you can throw my way, it is greatly appreciated. I couldn't figure out how to post this in the Thailand forums for some reason, so move this post if needed.

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AOS interview for 18 year ols stepson - 17 at time of application
2:27 am today


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I am a natural born US Citizen. My Thai wife and I completed the AOS process about a year ago. Once she got her green card we began the AOS process for her son that was, and still is, in the USA on a student visa. He was 17 when we submitted the application. He turned 18 in July of 2017 so it is my understanding he is no longer a minor. We just received notice that his interview is scheduled for next month (May 2018). My question is do I, as the petitioner, have to attend the interview since he is no longer a minor? I'm hoping not since he is in California and I live in another state. Thanks for any guidance!

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Awaiting K-1 AWA Waiver [split topic]
2:15 am today


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My fianc is a Thai ?? national, I met her online 11 months ago she and I fell in love. Per immigration purposes & romance I visited her in for 3 days Hong Kong ?? September 2017 & January 2018 for 2 weeks we documented our meetings with e-ticket Airlines, recipients & credit card statement, photos . I spoke to a lawyer he advised my past conviction falls under AWA we are beyond devastated

I was convicted in California 288 (c) Lewd acts in 2007 she was 16 my stepdaughter and I accept responsibility & consequences for my actions,

emotionally because I ve read here how the odds are working against us. We filed for a fianc visa waiver K-129f in January 2018 and still waiting for recipient for tracking number for our packet. We have been praying & staying positive for her fianc visa approval

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