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Name change
2:06 pm


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Good morning. I just had my fianc apply for her social security card. She should have that in approx 5-10 days. My questions is, we are getting married on the 16th of December. She wants to take my last name after we marry. When we submit the paperwork to apply for the AOS, EAD and advanced parole can we request the name be changed to reflect her married name then? Or do we have to wait until she receives it then pay the fees again to change her name?

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Applying for SSN
12:53 pm


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Good morning everyone, well I took my fianc to the local social security office to apply for her social security card.

Absolutely no issues or problems. I brought a printed out copy of the I94 along with her passport/visa. The lady who completed the processing stated although it s not required that you bring the I94 it definitely speeds up the time your standing there waiting. Otherwise they have to log in to something and manually retrieve it. Only question that was asked is if the K1 was the fianc visa. Will be mailed to the house in 5-10 days.

Timeline- arrived in US on 11/24/17.

Applied for SSN 12/4/17.

Side note. The security guard told me never come on a Monday or just after a holiday or the first of the month due to the increase in people. He wasn t lying.

Marriage license in hand and our big day is the 16th of December!!!!

Michigan cold is taking some getting used to for a Thai but she is loving the cute winter clothes.

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Medical/Interview questions
3:49 pm


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Fiance has Interview appointment on 7 Dec. She did the medical exam on 2 Dec, and the doctor scheduled her for a psych eval on 11 Dec. When she was young, she did some cutting on her arm and the Dr. saw the scars and was concerned. She asked the fiance if she had ever wanted to commit suicide, and fiance said no way. Regardless, she has the appointment on 11 Dec for the psych eval.

My question is, will the Visa interview need to be rescheduled, or will she be able to go to the interview and submit the medical results later?

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I-134 Affidavit of support with minor child
9:59 pm


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Hello everybody,

Looking for some advice regarding the I-134 that needs to be sent in to the embassy for the K-1 visa application.

My Fiance has a minor son and we want to get the visa for him as well. we included him on the I129F application already, but now I am not sure abut the I-134 form.

I believe that I read somewhere that children need a separate form, although I just called USCIS (Tier1) and was told that I should fill out only 1 form (but want to double check).

Does anybody have any experience with it?

Your help is appreciated.

Have a nice day,


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K-1processing times
1:11 pm


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Hi VJ members!

Just a quick question, my fiance(petitioner) in the US has sent our packet to the Texas lockbox but no acknowledgment from their part yet (texts or mail). How long is the usual waiting time? Thanks in advance!

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