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arrowCEAC Ready Status Updated Today - Confirmation of What This Means
May 5, 2016, 8:07 am Last comment by JeffreyO

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I am excited to say that after needing to send additional documents for domicile, my wife's visa has been updated today from Administrative Processing to "Ready".  I read through the forums and there are dozens of threads about this but often none have real concrete information. I just wanted to verify.

Does this essentially mean that they've approved my wife's visa and now it's just a waiting period?  Or does ready sometimes go back to a status in which they require additional information?  Thank you again.

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arrowIR-1 Approved
May 3, 2016, 11:35 pm Last comment by Siam Sam

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This morning my wife had her interview. After she showed her interview confirmation she was taken out of the line outside and told to go to the front of the line. She was in the door a little after 7. After paying the fee, she was interviewed. They asked her the names of my brother and sister, which she didn't know. They asked her what I did in Thailand and why I wanted to move back to the US and my health (I'm 69), and the address of where we would be staying in the US and if it was owned or rented. She was approved and out he door before 8.


I had front loaded the documentation with the i-130 except for the I-864 that they would not take at that time with cover sheets explaining what was enclosed. Signed every sheet.


Special thanks to Siam Sam for keeping us informed with his petition. :thumbs:

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arrowUsing both Thai and US passports?
April 29, 2016, 10:21 pm Last comment by khwaidee1

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Hi. We finally made it all the way through, and my wife (Thai) has finally earned her US citizenship just a couple months ago. She currently retains her Thai passport using her maiden name, and now has her US passport with her new surname (mine). We travel frequently back to Thailand, but up until now she has always used her US greencard to enter and leave the US with her American name, and Thai passport with her Thai name to enter and leave Thailand.


I am just wondering if anyone would like to chime in with any thoughts or experiences with using one or both passports for travel to and from Thailand/US, and any plusses or minuses, particularly if she changed her maiden name in her Thai passport to her new surname. Thanks in advance.

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arrowQuestion Regarding "Administrative Processing" and "Status Updated Date"
April 28, 2016, 10:41 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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Recently my wife had her interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok, all was well except they wanted more proof of my domicile in the USA.  We submitted the forms we thought were appropriate.  As this was a DCF request, usual response times at the embassy in Bangkok are between 1-2 weeks.  It has been roughly two weeks, we had not heard anything back.  The "Status Updated Date" was the same as her interview date.  This morning I sent a mail to the immigration department to confirm that they received our domicile documents, they stated that they did and that our case is "under consideration".  Which I assume is their regular verbage for being reviewed.  Here's the question I have...


After having received the e-mail I see that the status on the Visa Status page (ceac) has been updated with "Status Updated Date" of today however status remains "Administrative processing".  My wife has not received a call or an e-mail requesting additional documents.  Is the status updated date normally changed when an e-mail is sent asking if documents have been received?  Does this mean they're working on it now?  Or does this mean that we will likely need more documents and we are waiting for their response to tell us what we need?

I recall someone saying that even when a decision has been made it stays in "Administrative Processing" for a few days.  Thank you very much in advance.

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arrowQuestions about K-3
April 28, 2016, 1:15 pm Last comment by jaisika

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Hi everybody :luv:  I need your words of wisdom here, please help me!


I applied for a K-3 (as suggested by a CBP officer) after withdrawing my application for admission in Jan 2016 (I never over-stayed nor worked there but I travelled there too often without changing my status yet though we are already married).


I already submitted both I-130 and I-129 before being aware that K-3 is rarely being approved. Personally, I do not mind whether to be granted with CR-1 or K-3, as long as I get approved!


Here comes the questions! :goofy:


1. Since I already submitted both forms, is there anything you would suggest me to do or not to do? Or I should just wait and see what would get approved first and go from there?


2. I sent I-129 to TX Lockbox but I received 2 NOAs! I got the first one from CA in February and got another one from TX in March. They have different reference numbers and everything. In both NOAs, the date that they received my case was on the same day. I am so confused!! :crying:  Anybody has an idea what is going on here?


Other comments or remarks are mostly welcomed. Thank you in advance!

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