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arrowQuestion about i-864w and other supporting docs
April 19, 2015, 2:13 pm Last comment by prof752

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Hi VJ community


My wife, a naturalized citizen, is acting as the petitioner of her two children in Thailand, to come to the US.


One is 14 and the other is 17


We've filled out the NVC Visa Application online and have the confirmations.


Now for the supporting documents... I'm not sure if WE have to send them in, or if the kids bring them to the interview.


We will be filling out a i864w for each child, as they will become US citizens upon their arrival as per CCA.


But, the signature line says to SIGN, unless the child is under 14, and then the parent can sign.  SO, do I send a PDF copy to each child, and have them sign it, and bring to the interview?
It seems that I should send them in before the interview.  So I'm confused about who should sign the i864w and where it should be submitted.


Furthermore, it seems the child over age 16 needs a police clearance -- I guess he brings that to the interview as well


Other documents required:
2 passport photos (per child)

Copies of birth certificates (with translations)

Copy of the biographic page from the Passport


Does all this go to the Interview in BKK, 

Because another web page I saw said to send to :

National Visa Center
Attn: DR
31 Rochester Ave. Suite 100
Portsmouth, NH  03801-2914



So especially for the i8654w, do the kids sign it, and send it back to me?

Can the US parent sign it HERE on their behalf?

So confusing, please help,


Thanks so much!




yes I've read

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arrowTiming N-400 Interview With Vacation
April 19, 2015, 1:21 am Last comment by JimmyHou

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Hi All,


   I have a question for you all. My wife is planning on going back to Thailand for 6 weeks this summer and I was planning on applying for citizenship for her this week. But now I am worried that the interview or the swearing ceremony will come during the trip. I haven't bought tickets yet but was planning on sending her Late July - Early Sept. So My questions are:


    1) If I file now, will there be a conflict with that trip?

    2) When will I kow if there is going to be a conflict (If I know a month in advance I can just wait to buy the ticket)

    3) Can any of the appointments be reschedule in the event of a conflict? If so which ones?


Thanks guys! hopefully I'll be on this list with you guys!

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arrowMoving home before wife
April 18, 2015, 9:23 am Last comment by Ning

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I have filed DCF here in Bangkok. My wife has already passed her interview and all we are waiting for is the paperwork from my brother who will be her co-sponsor. My question is can I leave 

Thailand in the next few weeks and start getting our home ready and have her follow a month or 2 later? We originally filed the I-130 saying she would leave with me together, but now I need to

leave Thailand because the end of my contract here. She has renewed her contract and will wait until the school has a replacement teacher.  


Dave and Angel

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arrowNaturalization for minor step-son
April 14, 2015, 6:38 pm Last comment by Lagavulin

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My step-son immigrated 18 months after his mother.  His mother has already received her 10 year GC and is in the N-400 process for citizenship.  I have just submitted my step-son's package to remove conditions on his GC.  My question is this:  Since he will be eligible for immediate citizenship when his mother gets hers, how/when do I submit his N-400?  After she receives her citizenship, or after she passes the test/interview?


Thanks in advance

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arrowHow to file income tax for 2014
April 10, 2015, 2:38 am Last comment by Isabela

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Hi everyone,

Income tax 2014 due soon. I still did not file. Since my wife is still abroad I don't have her SSN. Should I file as a single?

Should I file  married jointly and use NRA ( Non Resident Alien ). In this situation  I should have ITIN ( Individual Tax Identification Number) She can't apply for this number in Thailand. How did you solve this problem?

Thank you  in advance for any advice, Walt


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