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Recieved interview date from NVC but Embassy cannot confirm.
9:34 pm


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We received notification from NVC 8/2/2017 that my wife's interview date has been scheduled at The US Embassy Bangkok 9/12/2017. We registered online for document delivery and the home page for registration says "no appointment scheduled". My attorney emailed the Embassy to request permission for me to attend the interview and the Embassy stated "no appointment scheduled" I called the immigrant visa service center in Thailand and the operator was unhelpful and suggested I email visasbkkiv@state.gov.

The interview is in 3 weeks and I would like to confirm that we are actually on the books at the Embassy before hand. Any advice or info is greatly appreciated.

Thanks you!

Mat & Mali

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Prepping for the Visa Application - military svc?
3:48 am


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When the Packet 3 asks for military service, I read that (I'm the petitioner) read that as meaning IF you were in the military. My fiance in Thailand feels he needs to show why he was not in the military and is reading way too much into it, in my opinion! I read on the French US Embassy packet as well as the one for people with fiance in the Phillippines, how it mean IF and only if you were IN the military. Thanks in advance.

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Royal Thai Police Clearance requirements for K1 visa
3:33 pm


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I'm planning to get my Royal Thai Police clearance this week but we only have NOA1 and NOA2.We don't have the Packet 3 yet because we're still waiting for our new case number from the NVC. Is it possible for me to get a Police clearance with the scanned copy of NOA 1 and NOA2?I'll also bring my passport and my working permit since I'm from Philippines but I'm working here in Thailand. Thank you :)

P. S. I already have my Royal Thai police clearance last month but it's in Thai and the letter I used to get it is from my school. I don't know if I can use it for my K1 visa application.That's why I'm going to get a new one and tell them to have it in English. :)

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Fedex, DHL, or USPS
1:12 pm


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VJers, I'm at the point in the K1 process where I will be sending the duplicate copy of the 129F documents that were sent to USCIS to my fiance in Bangkok.

Which is the recommended service to use, DHL, FedEx, or USPS? I'm thinking USPS is probably not the best option. It is my understanding that NVC sends the package to the Embassy via DHL.


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Request to Change Consulate
9:22 pm


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My husband and I lived together in Canada for four years on work permits - and he was in Canada much longer for school before that. I am a US Citizen and my husband is a Thai national. We filed an I-130 in November 2016 and, at the time, we both had temporary resident status in Canada with work permits and I had a job starting in Hawaii in January. Unfortunately, my husband's status in Canada will expire before we get to the interview. We were hoping everything would finish before his Canadian residency ends in December, but it's really looking like he will have to move back to Thailand to wait out the rest of our I-130 processing.

It's a headache added onto a headache to apply for a visa to enter Canada just for the interview not knowing exactly when it will be scheduled and not knowing how long he will have to stay in Canada after the interview to wait for the visa - not to mention the strain of buying several trans-pacific flights on my grad-student budget.

Ideally, we would swap the US Consulate in Toronto (which we denoted in our I-130 application) with that in Bangkok so he could receive his visa and move right from Thailand to the US with no pesky maple leaves in between.


Has anyone ever requested to change the consulate for visa processing?

If it's possible, should we wait for NVC to receive our case to request a change? We're still waiting for approval of the I-130 from USCIS.

Corollary: Do we have to be processed in Canada if our marriage certificate is from Canada?

Any help (or even just commiserations) are most appreciated.

All the best,


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