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dual citizenship question regarding travel
12:25 pm


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I brought my Thai wife to the USA as a permanent resident, now she is a US Citizen! Yeah! Long journey, as you all know.

We plan to go to Thailand over Christmas for a visit. She will show her US passport when she departs the US and show her Thai Passport when she re-enters Thailand. But her Thai passport is expired!

So, the question is should she get her Thai passport renewed via the Thai embassy is Los Angeles before returning, or just try to re-enter Thailand with her expired passport?

I am worried if we send her Thai passport to the Thai embassy in Los Angeles for renewal that renewal will change the passport number.


1) Should we renew her Thai passport before returning?

2) If we do renew it, will they change the passport # or remove the exit stamp?

TIA for any help with these questions!

John and Kamonkarn

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NVC invoice number
9:50 am


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Good morning all and I apologize in advance for whatnis probably a dumb question.

I just got my NVC case number and also was given an invoice number. This is for a K1 visa for Thailand.

I was told the K1 visa is only provided a case number and not an invoice number. I was told the invoice number is given for CR-1 or an IR-1 visa. Can anyone shed some light on this for me. Thank you in advance

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Help with follow up interview
4:42 am


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My wife finally had her interview at the Bangkok embassy everthing turned out fine other then her two year of residence is not up and they say we need the waiver for it. But being that it will be up in 4 months we decided to wait. And on contacting the embassy asking what we should do once we reach the two year mark they say "per the CO request we should obtain the waiver". I don't see why need to get one being that by the time we would receive the waiver her 2 years will be well over with.

I'm curious as into what we should do. I don't want to wait these next couple of months for the 2 years to be over and when reaching that mark still be told to get the wavier. And don't want to waste money on something that we really don't need to do. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

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Any taxi or rental car Roi Et Airport?
10:12 am


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Any one know if there are taxis at Roi Et airport or car rental companies? If so, what's the car rental name and do they have 7+ seats van or SUV for rent? For taxi, want to take to kuchinarai. How much? Name and contact info?

Thank you!


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returned I-751
1:57 am


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I am a green card holder currently in the process of having conditions removed. My two year green card Will expire in May and I have filled an i-751. The i-751 has been returned to me twice with the #9 catigory check marked which states: "you must include a copy of your i-551 indicating your A-nunber and your conditional resident status. File number:_______"

I do not understand this as I have included a copy of my i-551 with the i-751 which I submitted. Any information on this subject is greatly appreciated.

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