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ROC Received
5:37 pm


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My family received ROC dated Feb 13.

We were a bit worried, though. We received RFE in late January, dated 1/24/18. They received our updated package on Feb 7. We were surprised at the quick approval, after over a year and half of waiting.

We did not have a lot more info to provide. We did have 5 years tax returns and social security's approval of my step-daughter benefits.

Good luck all. A big thank you to all who post here and on other threads. Great information to be found.

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Marriage Certificates from NYC
8:10 am


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Hello All!

I'm a January filer, but I'm looking ahead to ensure I don't get tripped up during this waiting game. I'm a K1 petitioner and my fiance is in Thailand. I read in the packet 3 instructions that a legal marriage certificate for both parties is needed. That sounds simple enough, however my previous marriage took place in New York City and I currently live in Ohio.

I have the original marriage record copy that was mailed to me, but it doesn't have a raised seal or anything like that.

Upon visiting the NYC clerk web page, they offer two distinct marriage records: 1. A short certificate for domestic use, and 2. An extended certificate for foreign use. The extended version has the raised seal and signatures, but unfortunately requires additional visits to the county clerk and then state clerk separately. This would require a trip to NYC, which I don't care to do as I live in a different state and vacation time is for visiting my fiance.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Will the short certificate suffice?

Thank you !

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K-1 Processing Times for Thailand (How long before I start moving?!)
3:44 am


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Hello Everyone,

So, before you direct me to the Forums K-1 Processing Times I just wanted to get an overall opinion of how long it took for you to complete the whole process?

My fiance and I (after reading forums, experiences etc.) have estimated it to take (worst case scenario) around 12 months to have the visa in -my- hand.

I've read some Thai filers from 2016/2017 to have about a 6-8 month process though?

I'd just like an idea so I can plan it around quitting my job, shipping items, visiting family etc. before I have to leave Thailand!

Thank you :)

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IR-1/CR-1 Processing Times
7:29 pm


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Hello, I am new here so apologies in advance if this has been addressed elsewhere.

Question: our case is at the Texas Service Center (TSC). We are a U.S. Citizen filing for an Alien Spouse (I-130) and we received our NOA1 on 10/5/2017.

The USCIS website says they are processing cases of March 2,2017 as of November 30, 2017.

Since it's now about 2 months later let's figure they are currently up to about May 5, 2017.

By contrast the VJ website indicates the TSC is currently on cases of about June 28, 2017.

Any thoughts on the approx 2 month discrepancy?

How accurate is the USCIS website.

Needless to say this whole thing is, understandably, an exercise in patience.

(Constructive) feedback appreciated.

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Social Security Card
12:21 am


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Hello all,

My wife received her 2 year with conditions GC in the mail today and I want to thank each and everyone of you who have helped us through the process from the start of the K1 up to this point. My questions has to do with her Social Security Card. Shortly after she arrived in the US, we went to the SSA Office and applied for her SSN. When she received it, the card says "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION". Now that she has her GC, is she required or can she apply for a new card without that phrase on the card? We aren't sure if this can only be removed after she becomes a US Citizen. Any insight on this issue is greatly appreciated. Thank you all


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