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Thai passport taking forever!
4:53 pm


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We filed for my wife's thai passport renewal 4 months ago. We still haven't received it and the embassy has been of no help. They just say it hasn't arrived yet. We're scheduled to leave for thailand in 2 weeks now, thinking we had filed with ample time ahead. However, here we are at the 11th hour. We've been calling for over a month and no progress, I don't know what to do.

Does anyone have any sort of way to make this happen, we have our wedding planned in her country and many guests will be traveling to see us. We've paid a great deal for tickets, rental car, rental hall, photographer, and transporting family members and guests to the ceremony. We're staying there 3 weeks. Can she even leave the US without her passport, or gain entry into thailand? I'm at a complete loss here.

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I'm freaking out! Traveling with a green card
4:03 pm


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Hey. I'm in need of a little reassurance please! So Noom has his green card now, and we are leaving for Thailand in the morning. It is our first trip outside the US since he arrived last October. I'm a nervous wreck that I don't have everything we need to ensure he can re-enter. I keep having horrible visions of having to leave him behind because I did something stupid. All documentation we need is passport, green card, and marriage license, correct? Is there anything else I should haul with us? Thanks so much.


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Not required to file taxes,I-864?
10:49 am


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Hey all, I've been staying in Thailand for the past three years and have not filed taxes in that time. As stated by the IRS, Americans are not required to file taxes if the income less than 10,350 USD and my income has been well below that. My brother is going to be the joint sponsor since I obviously don't make enough while in Thailand to sponsor my wife alone, and he has all his tax returns for the past 3 years in order. So my question is, will a letter explaining why I don't have any tax returns suffice for the USCIS, or will I have to do the past 3 years also even though I wasn't required to by law and definitely won't pay anything even after I file?

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K-2 Applied green card I make a mistake about put the new name without going to court
8:24 pm


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I apply I-485 for my son and I put the new name and middle name for him without go to court. Someone just told me u can put new name and new surname in ur green card. Today we went to fingers prints but my son can't do. So if I need to go back to use his old name the same passport how I can do?

Just so so silly me to believe that guy thank you for help

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Do I need to show my income if I have a co-sponsor.
4:21 am


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Hi guys,

I would need an advice from you guys about my CR1 DCF in Thailand. I'm an American citizen and try to bring my husband to US.

After summited all the documents, the consular said that I need the prove of domicile so I move back to USA. I was living in Thailand for the past 3 years. Now it's my 3rd weeks that I moved back to US.

Since I got back, I showed the consular that the lease on an apartment. I registered the vote. I transfer my driver license to the State that I moved to. I showed that I brought extra funds over and open a new bank account. I also show that I got 3 credit cards from 2 different companies. Since we have a co-sponsor, do I need to show that I have a job and also my income?

Thank you so much!!!!

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