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Working Outside US: Need advice please
11:34 am


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Noom arrived from Thailand last year (Oct 2016) on a K1 Visa and received his temporary green card in June of this year. Now I'm considering a job in Singapore. If we move to Singapore for my work, will it jeopardize Noom's chances for a permanent green card and citizenship? Thanks for any input.

~David & Noom

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Petitioner Must be Employed ? ( this is wrong )
2:21 am


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I read in this forum the full guide you will need for the K-1 Visa. It said you must be employed but what if your work is only 6 months and the other 6 months you are unemployed but make well above the yearly income requirement .

I am a commercial pilot but I only work 6 months the other 6 months I live in Thailand but I make well above the poverty line.

I was told as long as i can show i can support my Fiance and I make above there yearly income requirement which I make that in one month in a half.

So can a commercial pilot that makes well above there requirement and has a return to work with same company i should be fine. In fact they are giving me a raise next year.

And what about the guys that don't even work but are well off no matter if it was with stocks or the son of a multi billionaire?

I don't think a person has to have a full time job . Some persons do not work and are well off. I used to fly fire bombers and I would fly only 6 months and make 100k

If i had no job but was a billionaire I believe i would qualify. I am far from being a billionaire but i am comfortable and I make well above the required yearly income.

And in the full guide post it said you need the last 3 years tax return this is wrong you only need the current year .

Anyone have any thoughts on this ?

Thank you

Van & Zaw ^_^

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Marriage/Divorce Certifications
10:09 am


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We are preparing our packet 3 and there are two bullet points one requesting documents on all prior and current marriages

Second bullet point request documents of termination of previous marriages.

Question is are the marriage documents needed, i have all the divorce docs but no marriage license docs,

Thanks for your time and help

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travelling outside US while waiting for Green Card
11:47 pm

Andrew F

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After getting married, and awaiting green card, is it possible to travel outside of the USA?

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Another Physical address / mailing address question
7:56 pm


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I have looked around the forum about this question and there are many information about addresses but I cannot find any information regarding my question. Can I use family or friends home as my physical address and have them send any mail while they process the K-1 visa to me in Thailand?

Because of my job my physical address is complicated and so I would rather use family or a friends home address as apart of my past 5 year history physical addresses. My mailing address is always 2 mailboxes one in WA one in AK.

The I-129f wants my physical address for the last five years and because I am a commercial pilot, i live out of hotels from USA to Thailand. I did have a apartment in Seattle in 2014 but after i left that apartment i have been traveling. I don't even know the addresses from hotel to hotel from 2014 until now.
So can i just you my friends or brothers home as my physical address and my mailing address is my mailboxes. My address in November will be Siam Heritage Hotel in Bangkok until May that is were i can receive my mail this winter.
It would be easy to use family or friends home address for my 5 year history except 2013-2014 i can use my past Seattle apartment.
For USCIS to send me mail while they process the K-1 visa they could use the hotel in Bangkok.

Thank you for any information.

Van & Zaw

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