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arrowI 864 information
April 18, 2014, 11:29 am Last comment by TEX_715

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arrowI 131 in case my wife doesn't pass the test..
April 15, 2014, 10:30 pm Last comment by reloman

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Hello, thank you for your time.

My wife is taking the citizenship test next month, and we have real concerns that she will not pass the test.  To put it in context, it took over 20 trips to the DMV to get her driver's license.  I've been trying to encourage her to study for the civics test, but she only gets frustrated and says that she doesn't really care if she becomes a US Citizen.  She's had a green card for 6 years, and is content with that.  However, her last trip back home, Thailand, was almost 6 months in length and they gave us a hard time coming back in to the US.  Knowing that our next trip, which begins in June, will be one year in length, I've been hoping she would take more interest in studying for N400 civics test, but no luck.  We've already applied for the N400 and completed biometrics.  Can you stop the process and get a refund at this point? Our next option is to get an I131 reentry permit.  Does anyone know an alternative to spending almost $500 for an I131? Before you reply with "the test is easy" or "just study for the test", please understand that it is likely she will not pass the test.  Like many Visajourney members, I married my wife and brought her here not fully comprehending the scope of what we were undertaking.  7 years on, we are very happy together, and truly in love.  But, we also understand her limitations when it comes to taking a test in English.  Any advice on how we can travel abroad for extended periods is appreciated.  

Thank you.


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arrowIs CR-1 visa good for six months from medical/interview or six months from issuance?
April 15, 2014, 9:14 pm Last comment by GenevieveHawkins

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My husband had his visa interview on January 23 2014 in Bangkok. They asked for some additional documents (mostly on my side with the I-864 and intent to redomicile--joint sponsorship from my parents, 2013 taxes etc). We've been in administrative processing since last submission of documents for about a month now...they seemed confused about how to classify my job (I work on the Internet as an editor for a US based company)...they wanted a job offer letter, which confused me a lot, as I can work my job in America as I can work the job in Thailand. So I had my boss write a letter for me trying to clarify that. And now long administrative processing, with no end in sight.

Me and my husband and baby can leave Thailand like is we told the landlord of our rental house in Phuket that we were planning to move and not buy the house. He sold it and wants us out ASAP so we're frantically making alternate arrangements. I don't know if I have to go back to America alone with the baby (She is a US citizen from me) first to get or do something. But it's now been three months since my husband's interview/medical check. I thought the CR-1 visa was good for six months from issuance, but now I've read it's good for six months from medical check. Can someone clarify for me? If they keep us in AP for another three months then we have to go through the whole process again? 

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arrowAny chance I can get my visa expedited?
April 15, 2014, 9:54 am Last comment by Ploythongsuk

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Me and my husband are about to apply for a CR-1 visa. We have already started to think about trying to have it expedited (We have not filed a

I-130 form yet tho)

We have a couple of reasonable reasons but I do not know if the USCIS & NVC will approve it.


Here are our reasons :

1. My husband's father just went for his left shoulder surgery, he was working as a millwright for years and years. That makes him not being able to drive very well right now. And he will need to go for his right shoulder surgery as soon as the left one heals up. We don't know if his arms will be functional like they were before. 

2. My husband's mother had a knee replacement long time ago (They are old. They had my husband when they were almost 40) Now she can not walk so well, drive without feeling it hurt & can't stand for a long period. 

3. On top of that, my husband has a 9-year-old daughter. She's currently being taken care of by all of them but mostly by my husband's mother because my husband and his father are a very busy workers

4. Now that my husband's parents are not doing so good anymore, they kinda want me back there to do a step mother & daughter in law job. 


I know that this might not be a "Life or death situations" and it's not really about my husband himself. But things can get worse too and nobody wants that to happen. So we think that we should prevent it before any bad thing happens.


I'll really appreciate every advice & answer :)


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arrowPacket 3: Court and Prison Records
April 15, 2014, 6:33 am Last comment by Karee

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Below is copied and pasted from Packet 3:


COURT AND PRISON RECORDS: Persons arrested or convicted of a crime for any reason in any country (including the United States) must present a certified copy and an English translation of each court conviction and any prison record, regardless of whether the charges were ultimately dropped, the applicant was found innocent, or benefited from an amnesty, pardon or other act of clemency.



Is "Persons" referring to the Petitioner and the Beneficiary?  or just the Beneficiary?


I, the Petitioner, have no criminal record, but I got arrested and charged with a misdemeanor about 20 years ago.  Charges were dropped.



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