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arrowTraveling in US during AOS, how to book ticket?
September 21, 2014, 8:08 pm Last comment by NLR

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I am now during AOS process waiting for green card. Currently I have combo card of EAD and AP under my married name. And also my State ID card is also under my married name. However, my passport is under my maiden name. I am planning for a trip to San Francisco next month but I'm wondering


1. which name will be used to book flight ticket to San Francisco. 

2. Are there any documents that I should prepare for traveling e.g. passport, ID card, married certificate, letter from USCIS?


I entered US with K1 and applied for green card within 90 days. 


Please help



Thank you :)


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arrowHi, All. Marrying a Thai national and would like thoughts, comments, criticisms
September 20, 2014, 5:24 pm Last comment by Karee

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Hi, folks, 

My name is Mark from Daly City, CA. I met a Thai girl 3+ years ago online and, after about 5 (or 6?) meetings in person - mostly me going there - we have decided to tie the knot. She is a teacher living in Ubon Ratchathani at the moment but will quit that and move to my home in California next year as long as things go well.


The idea is to have a ceremony in Thailand in late April and move her here in July. First on my mind is the method to get that to happen as planned. She wants to finish her work "cleanly" by ending at the end of a term and requesting permission to leave her post (apparently that is the protocol). After that, she will make things tidy with her parents and sisters and then move here.


Options that exist which I am most immediately aware of are a) the K-1 fiance visa; and b) the B2 which she currently has and has used twice (hers is good for a total of 10 years I believe she said). If moving here on the B2, we will get married legally here and then get to work on changing her status. 


I am curious about the pros and cons of each and the timing required for each. Any thoughts and suggestions?


Plus, something off-topic from visa processing is the sin sod in Thai weddings. Does anybody have experience with that and was it solved amicably? And a second off-topic subject is that of prenuptial agreements. What are members' views of these and how best should it be put together? Is it recommended to use legal guides such as those published by Nolo Press or is hiring an attorney preferred?


Thanks in advance for any and all feedback.



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arrowItaly - Police Reports
September 19, 2014, 12:25 pm Last comment by HawaiiJ

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We are in the middle of requesting the Italian Police Reports and found the information scattered and sometime misleading.  In the process of working through the information and verifying with the sources I decided to post the following information in the hope it will server as a one stop for Italian Police reports/certificates.


When we verified the need for my wife to acquire the police certificate, the Embassy in Bangkok provided the following.




Police Records
Available. The Certificato Generale del Casellario Giudiziale is a certified national record of final court convictions and decisions regarding mental incompetency and bankruptcy or a statement that no such record exists (Nulla).The Certificato dei Carichi Pendenti is a certified record of pending criminal charges, or a statement that no such charges exist, from the office of the Procura della Repubblica in the applicant's place of residence. Both certificates are required from immigrant visa applicants residing in Italy.

Persons within Italy can obtain the Casellario Giudiziale by applying in person or by mail at any office of the Procura della Repubblica. The Carichi Pendenti must be obtained at the Procura della Repubblica in the area that the applicant resides. Such offices are located in all major cities and in many small cities and large towns. Those who apply in person must submit a written request, a photocopy of a photo ID and all fees; the certificates are usually provided the day of the request.

Persons outside of Italy can obtain the Casellario Giudiziale by writing to:

Ufficio del Casellario Giudiziale della Procura della Repubblica
Piazzale Clodio
00195 Rome (RM) Italia

Persons outside of Italy can obtain the Carichi Pendenti by writing to:

Procura della Repubblica presso il Tribunale di ROMA
Piazzale Clodio
00195 ROMA (RM) Italia

Those requesting the certificate by mail, whether from within or outside Italy, must submit a written request, a photocopy of a photo i.d., and all fees, along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Mail requests are normally processed within three working days. Information concerning fees and application procedures is available from any office of the Procura della Repubblica or online at




This information was helpful but, it was not concise and the term fees were not clear.  So, I emailed the Call Center Glustizia to inquire about the fee cost and received the following:



Practical information - Certificates from the Judicial Records Register and of outstanding criminal proceedings requested from abroad
Anyone who lives outside Italy, whether Italian citizen or not, can apply for a certificato del casellario giudiziale [certificate from the Judicial Records Register] or a certificato dei carichi pendenti [certificate of outstanding criminal proceedings] concerning them, submitting an application to the Ufficio del casellario giudiziale [Judicial Records Office] attached to any Procura della Repubblica [Office of the Prosecutor of the Republic], irrespective of their place of birth or residence.
The application, in writing, must specify the following:
the personal details of the person concerned (i.e. the person to whom the certificate relates), stating clearly – in block capital letters - their family name/surname and forename(s)/given name(s), as well as their place (town and country) and date of birth;
the address where the certificate is to be sent; and
if the certificate is requested with exemption from payment of any duty and fee (for adoption, labour disputes, legal aid applications, judicial redress) or with exemption from payment of marca da bollo [stamp duty] (emigration for work, scholarship), the purpose for which it is requested proving entitlement to the exemption.
The application must be signed by the person concerned and specify if is for a certificato del casellario giudiziale [certificate from the judicial records] or a certificato dei carichi pendenti [certificate of outstanding criminal proceedings].
Certificates are issued in the Italian language and in the German language if issued by the Office in Bolzano/Bozen.
The cost of each certificate issued is of € 19.68 (of which € 16 for marca da bollo [stamp duty] and € 3.68 for diritti di certificato [certificate fee]).
If the certificate is exempt from the payment of the marca da bollo [stamp duty], only € 3.68 diritti di certificato [certificate fee]) are to be paid.
In addition, also the postage costs by ordinary mail are to be paid. These are: € 0.90 for mailing to European countries, € 2 to non-European countries and € 2.50 to Oceania.
Please note that the acceptable payment methods (eg. international bankers draft, postal cheque, eurogiro etc) of the amount due for issuing a certificate (stamp duty and/or certificate fee and postage costs) differ according to the country from which the certificate is requested and relevant applicable Conventions. It is therefore necessary to ask the Ufficio del casellario [Judicial Records Office] to which the application is going to be sent what is the appropriate payment method to use.
Do not send cash
Applicants must enclose the following in their request:
a copy of a valid identity document of the person concerned (eg. ID card, passport, international driving licence)
proof of payment of the total amount due for issuing the certificate (i.e. stamp duties and/or certificate fee and postage costs)
an envelope already bearing the address where the certificate is to be mailed to, without stamps.




I feel like this cleared things up for me. Hope it helps others.


I was ready to stuff 30 Euro into the envelope and trying to get a prepaid/addressed envelope ready.  I think it is simpler with the information provided.

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arrowMy wife has no legal birth Day and Month, Only has year
September 18, 2014, 9:27 am Last comment by Karee

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I am trying to fill out my I-130 and the g-325a biographical information out. I have been at it for a few months now.


My wife is from Thailand. Her parents did not report her birth when she was born, so she never received a birth certificate.


We went to the district office and we went through a long procedure, where we had to find 9 witnesses and get them to come to the district office all at the same time so that we could get a birth certificate.


She received a birth certificate, which says that she was born on    " - - 1989"     This is also the birth date shown on all of her ID cards and passport. We have translated and certified the translations of these documents into English already as well.



So, when filling out the i-130 and g-325a what should I do when it asks for her birth date?

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arrowjoint tax filings
September 16, 2014, 5:06 am Last comment by bookworm123

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I will enter into US in November 2014 with CR1 visa.   I'm currently working in my home country. So I'm just curious that about the tax filing as follows:-


1. I enter into US with CR 1 visa in November 2014. Does it mean that I have obligation to file tax in US for year 2014? If yes, should I bring only my salary on the month of November and December to delare in jointly filing tax return with my husband? Or it is required that I should bring all my money from Jan-Nov 2014 include in the tax returns for year 2014.


2. Can I submit seperate filing for year 2014? Can I delare only income of the month of November 2014 as it is the time when I enter into the US with immigrant visa? :cry:


Thank you very much.






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