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arrowCriminal Record check for K1 Visa
November 24, 2015, 9:01 pm Last comment by Newbie420x

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Couldn't find anything related to my question!


My fiance is at home in another country but was here for 2 years studying her Master's. I heard that she will still need a criminal record check because she was in the United States for more than 6 months. Can someone confirm this for me? Also, how do I go about getting a record check for someone else that's not physically in the U.S.?!?!

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arrowfinal checklist
November 23, 2015, 8:51 pm Last comment by tyler747

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After a lot of waiting and work I finally should be sending in our packet for K-1 visa Wednesday. I am expecting to receive my fiance's signed letter of intent, G-325a, and G-325a supplemental page tomorrow.


My packet is assembled in the following order minus the pages mentioned above.


  • $340 payment
  • G-1145 e-notification 
  • Cover letter
  • I-129F signed in blue ink 
  • Supplement to question 34.a how we met and all times we met in past two years
  • G-325a (mine) passport photo in bag attached to back
  • G-325a (fiance) passport photo in bag attached to back. coming in mail tomorrow
  • Copy of my birth certificate front and back
  • Intent to marry (mine signed in blue ink)
  • Intent to marry (fiance signed in blue ink) coming in mail tomorrow
  • My divorce decree from previous marriage.
  • 14 pages of photos of us together from our time together. 3 photos per page in clear sleeves with our names, dates, and locations written on back. Photos from each visit and with both of our friends and her family.
  • Copy of my entire passport with stamps and visas from each trip to visit her.
  • Copy of some of my boarding passes to visit her
  • Copy of her passport and stamps from when she traveled with me to other countries
  • copy of our boarding passes together
  • about 14 pages of texts picked from across the past year
  • 7 pages with 12 screenshots each from Facetime calls across the past year.

Anything stand out to anyone that I am missing? 


I will send an exact copy of this packet to her at the same time I mail it to the Texas lockbox with delivery notification.


Thank you,




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arrowsignatures from foreign fiance
November 19, 2015, 10:47 pm Last comment by FN&KO

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My fiance and I are finalizing filling out and assembling all of the necessary documents to send in our I129F packet. It looks like the only two items that my fiance in Thailand will need to print, sign and send to me by mail are her G-325A and her intent to marry letter.  Is this correct? Does she need to sign the extension page we created for her work history for her G-325A or should I sign that? I feel like I am missing something else that she needs to sign. She is trying to send this by EMS expedited from Thailand in the next 6 hours in hopes that I can receive them before Thanksgiving holiday and drop the whole packet in the mail before post shuts down for the holiday weekend.




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arrowquick Q about DS-2001
November 19, 2015, 5:01 pm Last comment by Pitaya

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Do I, the petitioner sign and provide my name, mailing address, etc or do they want my fiance's information and signature? Do we send the DS-2001 in with the packet?sorry if it's a redundant question

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arrowaddresses too long
November 18, 2015, 7:15 pm Last comment by BKN

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All of my fiance's current and past addresses are too long to fit the standard form. I know I just need to add a page but I am looking for more specific details.


Should I mark on the I129f section that I dont have enough room for "see attached page"?

On the additional page for the addresses do I mark it for each individual section of the address ie: 

Part 2. Information About Your Alien Fiancé(e)

3.b. Street Number and Name xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3.d. City or Town xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3.e. State xxxxxxxxxx

3.g. Postal Code xxxxxxxxx


or, should I just mark it:

Part 2. Information About Your Alien Fiancé(e)

then write the address


Can I add multiple extensions to one page or should I make an additional page for each section that I need more room for?


I am sure this is covered in very good detail in several previous posts but I was unable to find them. If any good posts exist specific to additional pages, please link them here.


Thanks in advance,


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