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arrowK-1 for a reconciled ex-spouse
July 28, 2016, 4:55 pm Last comment by J&LJ

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I'm preparing to start an immigration packet for an ex-spouse who had an IV packet pending at the NVC prior to. The IV packet was cancelled after divorce. We reconciled about 7 months after the fact. Trying to see if anyone had similar experiences, and which routes were taken: remarry to a K-3/CR-1 visa or eligible for a K-1 since you're legally divorced then reconciled, legally able to remarry?


Thanks for any input.

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arrowAbsolutely bizarre notification from USCIS
July 28, 2016, 10:55 am Last comment by TBoneTX

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Got the NOA-1 in December from Nebraska, did a tier-1 referral in June and was told the application had been started then let lay idle. Was told to call again in a month if not approved.

Called yesterday, another tier-1 which has not been assigned.

This morning got an email that the appeal on the petition had been dismissed. 

How could an appeal get dismissed if I was told the same day the case was still pending?

It its still pending it cannot be denied.

If I never filed an appeal how could the appeal be dismissed?

My congressperson does nothing. 

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arrowGreen card and relationship
July 28, 2016, 4:54 am Last comment by Ortolan

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Thank you for reading my situation.


I didnt come to the US for green card. I was in love with my fiance. We opened K1 visa and I have 2 years green card now. I didnt expect it 's easy to find jobs, friends but I wouldnt expect our relationship to be that bad. He was different from the person he used to be. Besides the cultural, personal differences, the things that break my heart is he told me he is not sure if he wants to live with me or anyone else even his best friend in long-term and he might not want children. He always delays in getting my paperwork or anything which can help me independent here. He blames it on he is very busy with his own business. But when he has free time, he wants to travel alone 2-4 months without me. Somehow I feel like he is very selfish, he wants to keep me here so that he doesnt feel alone in the house but he doesnt want to invest his time in me and work on our relationship together. 


What should I do? If I have to start my new life again, US would be a better choice. Is there any way I can stay here with my 2 years green card ? Or only way is trying to work on our relationship until after I have 10 years green card. Then I will ask him again and if he is still not sure about his decision, I should divorce him ? Will they suspect if I divorce right after getting 10 years green card. What if I meet a guy who treats me better than him and I want to stay with this new person?



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arrowPlease advise me
July 26, 2016, 7:27 pm Last comment by CrankyGoose

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Hi. My fiance is beginning the process of collecting documents for Packet 3. A few concerns/questions have come up. When he goes  to get his birth certificate and then the single certificate...is he able to do that alone? He is an adult but he wonders if his parents will be required for some reason. Is a copy of the house registry required?


Can he just show up with his ID card and passport?







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arrowWife Changing Address: How to Report?
July 25, 2016, 7:57 am Last comment by Siam Sam
Siam Sam

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Next Monday I will leave to reestablish my domicile in the US. My wife will stay at our present Bangkok address for another month or so and then move in with her sister until we can have her Immigrant Visa finalized. She's already been through the initial interview, we've filled out all the forms, and we've rectified all the shortcomings her interviewer listed except for US domicile.


Is there a form to alert the embassy that she has moved? And does she have to send that to them before she submits the second round of corrected paperwork (which will include my residence info in Hawaii) for her next interview, or should she submit said change-of-address form at the same time she sends all the other stuff?

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