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arrowTranslating Flight Tickets
November 24, 2014, 10:04 am Last comment by preciousday73

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Hi all, we are currently composing additional information for our RFE and literally want to drown them with additional proof. One of the documents shows my husband traveling from Spain to the US, the document is in email format and is in Spanish, but the ticket information is just like any other ticket information with flight number, dates, etc. Do we need to translate it? If so, can we just translate it ourselves since we are both fluent in English and Spanish? This will be a part of about ten other tickets that we are sending all in English.



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arrowHere on F1, need to travel 2mo before wedding
November 19, 2014, 8:43 pm Last comment by ufo86

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I'm in the US on an F1 visa and I'm planning on getting married at the end of August, 2015 to a U.S. citizen. But I need to go back to my country (Spain) during May and June 2015 to do research. Would this be an F1 visa 'violation'? I don't want them to think that I just came to the U.S. to get married, we've been together for 3 years now. I originally arrived to the US 4 years ago with a J1 visa. I then applied for grad school and got in, so I changed my visa to an F1 3 years ago and my F1 visa is valid for 1.5 more years.
I know one option is to get married now, but I'd REALLY want to wait for THE day.
Thank you!

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arrowQuestion about i-864 (recent jointly filed tax returns from previous marriage)
November 16, 2014, 6:20 pm Last comment by domekami

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Hello again :)


We are getting ready to file our case in the next couple of days but we are a bit confused about form i-864, particularly section 6.


My wife is my sponsor and her current income is different to what her tax returns for recent years show because she was married before and filed her taxes jointly with her then husband.


This is the confusing part: "My total income (adjusted gross income on IRS Form 1040EZ) as reported on my Federal tax returns for the most recent 3 years was: "


Any ideas?



Thanks so much!

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arrowRFE - Sent everything we can HELP
November 14, 2014, 7:59 pm Last comment by NancyNguyen

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Hi everyone, 


We have had such a roller coaster with all of this since 2011, and I really really thought that shiny greencard would arrive. But when I touched the yellow letter today, I knew better. 


Inside it says Notice of Action and indicates that what we submitted wasn't sufficient. Please see below:


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has reviewed your Petition and supporting evidence. Your supporting evidence does not sufficiently establish that you and your spouse entered the marriage in good faith and continue to share a life together.


You submitted:


Photocopy of identification documents

Joint 2013 tax documents with no proof that they were filed with IRS (i just submitted the 1040, my fault, will resubmit)

2012 Taxes were filed separately - my husband arrived in the middle of 2012, if we field jointly he would have to be taxed on his world income so we filed separately as many other couples do

Photocopy of joint bank account statements irregularly relating to only two months of your marriage - i printed the month we had the joint account until the present month (idiots) that is why it was two - it spanned for 2 years.

Photocopy of joint telephone bills

Your spouse's life insurance enrollment application with no proof of enrollment (this was an oversight, I will submit the new document)

Photocopy of joint lease

Electricity bills

Three affidavits

Photocopy of pictures


Although the evidence displays both names, it is not enough and does not sufficiently establish in detail, sharing of a common residence, joint ownership of assets, joint responsibility for liabilities, and/or an active commingling of finances throughout the span of your your marriage. Please submit further evidence illustrating a good faith marriage. 


I am ready to cry. After all we have been through!! We called and the guy, like a robot, told me to get a lawyer. I asked to speak with a Tier I or II and they put me through. Wait time 143 minutes. We opted for the call back option and started working on putting together the information. Furthermore, I tried to schedule and infopass appointment but it wouldn't let me online, said at this time, no availability. Our due date is February 5th. 


The uniqueness of our situation is as follows (and I would like to include this blurb in our letter to USCIS)

We wanted to provide you with a quick background – we met in 2008 and got married on April 30th, 2011 in Miami where my wife was living. I had to leave to go back to Spain to process our petition legally. This is why we did not share a domicile or finances for 2011. Meanwhile, my wife obtained a full scholarship for her master’s degree in Cleveland and left Miami in June 2011. We spent the summer in Spain, and then she returned to begin her program. I didn’t receive my conditional greencard until July of 2012. In the year that I was waiting, I was accepted to a master’s program in Rhode Island on a fellowship which forbade me to work for the duration of my program. My wife and I both wanted to continue our education. When I moved to the US in August of 2012, we spent two months in Cleveland, and I left for Rhode Island to begin my program while my wife finished the second and final year of her program. This is why we didn’t share a domicile or finances in 2012. In 2013 after she graduated with her MBA in June, we again spent the summer in Spain. Upon our return to Cleveland, we moved her to Rhode Island and signed our first lease together. We stayed in Rhode Island until August 2014, when my wife accepted a job in the D.C. area, which is where we are living now. I would consider us a very modern couple who has separate bank accounts and who don’t make enough money to have a joint savings account. We have one joint account, and will provide you a full detail which was left out before, but this account is mainly used by my wife. I am currently unemployed and searching for a job after graduating from my master’s program in Fine Arts in June 2014. My wife is therefore paying for our expenses. We have a joint lease, property insurance, joint health insurance and I am a beneficiary on my wife’s policies at work. All copies are provided. I don’t drive, so there is no joint car insurance. We do not have children, but are planning a family once we are financially stable. Aside from the financial commingling, we are in every word, a happily married couple who entered our marriage in good faith and who love each other very much. We hope the additional information we provide will be sufficient and will be happy to come in for an interview at your convenience to provide further proof of our marriage. 


As you can see, we have been busy, but are now proud owners of two Master's Degrees. I got a job in DC and we moved - maybe the August change of address prompted all of this as it looks that my husband is moving away from me or something like that.  When I re-read what I wrote, I started to cry at the very thought that they could deny us for not particular reason. 


Please offer advise. Aside from fixing the mistakes we made - we will send IRS printed joint returns for 2013. Our new lease. Our property insurance policy. My medical policy that covers my husband and a snapshot of our Aetna account online, a print out of every single month of the past 2.5 years of our bank account - that I used mainly, both of our degree copies to show we were in school...anything else? We are not the type of couple that have a joint bank account, and that won't change. I am at a loss. I cannot believe that this is happening. I feel like I"m gonna have to give birth before they give us the greencard :-(


Help :ranting:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:



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arrowHi! Help with forms needed :) (AOS for VWP)Thank you so much!
November 11, 2014, 3:05 pm Last comment by sweetswinks

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post in the forum. I've been reading and re-reading entire topics non stop for over a week and thanks to that I believe me and my wife are ready to file for AOS. This is an AMAZING community and couldn't be more thankful to have found all of you who share your experience and stories. :)

Here is ours:

We had been having a long distance relationship. I'm from Spain and my last visit to my then girlfriend (US born citizen) was at the end of August (2014) under the Visa Waiver Program (ESTA).
My return ticket to Spain was for yesterday, 10th of November, but I didn't leave the country because, last week, my girlfriend proposed and we got married a few days after that in a very intimate ceremony. Things were/are going amazingly well between us, so she brought up marriage and I said ¡YES! :wub:
I want to be clear saying that we didn't plan it, there was no preconceived intent whatsoever. I was going to go back to my country where I had my job and different work projects, family, my apartment... We have read so many posts about preconceived intent that we got scared! We were actually considering applying for the fiancee visa after I had returned to Spain but the wedding was literally on the spur of the moment and though the legal process is a bit tricky, we have NO regrets because we have never been happier.

So, we have been doing tons and tons of research and thanks to this amazing community we have learnt A LOT. We had a couple of consultations with lawyers but found them very shady and crazy expensive, so we decided to go ahead and do the forms ourselves.

We are filing the following forms: i130 and i485, i765, i864, i693, G1145 and two G325A.

Is that all we need? Anything missing?

I already took my medical exam and currently waiting for the results. My parents couldn't find my vaccine records in Spain so I got 3 injections, flu, rubeola, tetanus, and then the TB test and blood sample.

We have some questions/confusion that hope you guys can help us with:

1- I have the paper version of the i94 document that they gave me on the plane when I came over in August, but they didn't stamp it AND, the admission number is different from the digital version. So, my question here is, which admission number has priority? Which one should I include in the forms that ask for it?


2- Regarding form i485:
  * Do I need the i485 supplement? I have read a lot but am still confused about this one!
  * Part 1"Current USCIS Status" Would this be VWP? VIsitor? ESTA?
  * Part 2 of the questionnaire is confusing to us. Would it be A? We are very confused about this one!
  * Part 3-A Question "Were you inspected by a US Immigration Officer?". At the airport, I went through passport control and got my stamp by an officer, everything went smoothly. Is this considered being inspected?
   Also, "nonimmigrant visa number" and "consulate where visa was issued". Since I came over under the VWP, should I type N/A? Last here is that my wife is NOT applying with me, right? that application refers to AOS, so the answer would be NO.

3- Regarding form G-325A
  * Couldn’t find instructions for this form so I’m confused about the N/A. “none” or “leave blank” conundrum. Which do you recommend? I have no middle name, no US social security number…
  * About applicant’s employment last five years: I had a job in Spain but since I decided to stay here in the US, I quit that job. Should I say NONE then?

4- Regarding form i-765
  * First question we have is, is sending this form worth it? We have read many experiences where people have applied for the work permit and it has been granted just a month or days before getting their Green Card…which seems to us like a waste of money since the form is $380. Any recent experiences? We also read that if you file the i765 along with the i485, there is no fee for it. Is that right? We couldn’t verify that information with official sources.
  * 15: Current immigration status: is VWP in my case? visitor? visitor VWP? My VWP expires on the 21st of November so I hope to file the papers before that date to avoid overstaying my VWP.
  * 16: is C9 the right answer in my case?

5- Regarding form i-130
  * C14:  again, visitor? VWP? and about the i94 record, should I write the number on the paper or digital version?
  * C19: “Your relative’s address abroad”. Well, I do live in the US, technically and physically, and my parents helped me move all my stuff from my apartment in Spain, so I guess I have N/A address abroad, am I right? Do they want my parents address by any chance?
* C22: local USCIS office, right?


That is all :blush:.


Thank you so very much in advance!! :thumbs:


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