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arrowInstruction for interview from embassy (Original documents again!)
April 16, 2014, 5:06 am Last comment by BCN_CAL

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Dear Friends,




My interview time is in June and the embassy in Madrid sent me an instruction for Immigration Visa Application (the name of the file is Pkt3!). In this instruction they explained about three steps:


1. Filling DS-260

2. Arranging Medical Examination

3. they exactly mentioned that : "Obtain the following documents on this check list (even if they were previously submitted to DHS/USCIS or NVC) which pertain to you."


It means that I have to obtain 8 documents as the checklist:

1. Copy of Passport,

2. Birth Certificate (copy and original)

3. Mariage certificate (original and copy)

4. police certificate (original and copy)

5. Evidence of financial support

6. Photograph

7. Military record

8. Court and Prison record


I did the first two steps, and I emailed them DS-260 confirmation. But the Third step is really confusing. Because I do not have again original of my marriage certificate, birth certificate and Police Certificates. On the other hand, these documents should be already in my file, as it is sent from NVC. 


I just sent them an email to ask them about this problem, but I do not know why they need the original of these documents again.


Please let me know I you had the same problem or exprience. 








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arrowneed help!! please
April 9, 2014, 12:41 pm Last comment by Lucia1983

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Hi good afternoon, I am new to this forum. My name is Lucia and I am Spanish ( mi ingles no es muy bueno asi q sorry) I'll tell you my problem if anyone can help me
last February with the VWP travelled to new jersey to be 3 months with my American boyfriend but would not let me go to usa because it was my fourth trip 3 months And questioning the officer took my phone and read that I had worked, so I was sent back to Spain.
I said in my statement the truth because the officer told me: or U tell the truth or take u to jail and await a trial
My statement says:


"- You have been inadmissible to enter the United States under section 212 (a) (7) (i) (I) of the Inmigration and Nationality Act, an immigrant at the time of application for admission who is not in possession of a valid unexpired immigrant visa, reentry permit, border crossing identification card or other valid entry document, because you engaged in unauthorized employment and cannot overcome the pressumption of being an intended immigrant. Do you understand? YES
- You are being refused entry into the US under 8cfr2117.4 (1), Visa Waiver refusal. As a result you will no longer be allowed to use the Visa Waiver Program for the future travel to the US. You will be required to obtain a valid US Visa with any approppriate waivers for all future travel to the US. Do you understand? YES
- You are required to obtain a new visa with any appropiate waivers to return to the US at any time in the future. Do you understand? YES"

My questions are:
1-if my boyfriend can apply for visa k1
2-if I need waivers ( i212 or i601)???


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arrowCard in Production
April 7, 2014, 3:36 pm Last comment by Andrew83

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Filed September 9th (I think? it's in my timeline...)...had an RFE for being stupid and sending wrong amount for the fee. Status has remained unchanged as "RFE Review' or whatever it was since October 9th. In Dec, we received the letter saying we'd likely not need to have an interview, and then on Saturday the status changed to Card in Production. 


This is probably the least "awesome" feeling of any of the USCIS things simply because my wife has the EAD/AP Combo card so this doesn't really change anything. Maybe some others can chime in and let me know all the cool things that I'm not realizing. Oh...well one thing is that she can finally open a bank account now, since she's Colombian and they wouldn't allow her to open an account before.


Wonder how long it takes for her to receive it in the mail? 


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arrowAOS fee payment timing out constantly, normal?
April 7, 2014, 2:07 pm Last comment by Silnjoe

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Dear All,


I am trying to pay the AOS fee.  It allows me to select the box, fill in the form with account information, tick the agreement box, and once the "make payment" button becomes clickable (after "processing" for a while), then it begins "processing" and gives an error each time with a timeout or the like.


Is this normal?  I've tried on IE, Firefox and Chrome.  Perhaps just their system lagging at the moment?


Joe & Silvia

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arrowN/A for blank fields in AOS?
April 7, 2014, 1:18 pm Last comment by pepper44

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Dear all,


From Saylin's guide to the NVC, she says you can avoid checklists by filling in ALL fields of the Affidavit of Support even if not applicable.


I would like to know how much that applies to the entire form.


- Does that include fields for Dates?

- Does that include all of the fields for Family Members (Part 3)?

- Does that include State and Zip Code where it does not apply for foreign addresses?

- In the Alien Registration Number?

- Does "NA" register just as well as "N/A" (see below)?

- How about the boxes in Part 5 where you write 1 for each household member?  "N/A" in each of these boxes?


There are issues with filling in the "N/A" in the fields in Adobe.  Some fields do not allow the "/", while others do (as with all things in this process, no rhyme or reason).  So in some, I can only put "NA".  Also, the State and Zip code fields become inaccessible when I put a different country (in the same vein, postal code and province when US is selected as country).  And the numeric fields such as dates and the alien registration number do not allow letters.


Any advice? 


We appreciate the help and patience if some of these are no-brainers.  We just want to make this go as fast as possible!


Best to all,

Joe & Silvia

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