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Domestic Flight
11:20 am


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Hi guys,

So next Friday (hallelujah!) I'm finally flying to Miami with my K1 Visa. 2 weeks later, I have my sister in law's wedding, which is in Vermont. We were going to drive up north, but as it's basically a 24 hours drive, we decided to look into a flight from Miami to NYC and from there rent a car to Vermont (it's cheaper than flying into VT from Miami for 2 people). I was wondering if there is any problem in taking that flight, I know it's a domestic flight and I'm not leaving the country, but I just want to make sure it'll be ok. Did any of you guys do this before?

Thanks in advance and I appreciate your answers! :)

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Green Card is finally here! - one more question
5:43 pm


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Finally, I can breathe! I have my Green Card after 1 year and 1 month!

The story was quite "funny", my EAD/AP will expire at the end of June (as I explained in another post), and my AOS was pending since April 2016 -on USCIS site only showed Fingerprint was received- so my husband and I decided to apply for a EAD/AP card renewal. We were again at USCIS office for biometrics appointment on May 4. All fine.

On May 6 I checked my AOS status again, as almost everyday since one year ago and I saw the miracle "My case was approved" and by May 9 "Card was mailed", and last Friday May 12 my GC was already on my hands!! I could not believed it, everything in a week. So happy right now and impressed how fast it was since the case was approved, even if it took a year, and we did not have an interview or anything.

Although I wonder what is gonna happen now with those biometrics I took for the EAD/AP renewal. I know with the GC is all set but, should I call to let them know? I am a little lost here.

Now just waiting to apply to remove conditions in 2019! :-)


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Vaccinations DS-3025 K1 Visa
7:24 pm


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Hello VJ members!

FINALLY I can say that I will be going through the Medical Exam pretty soon and I would like to know, coming from those who went already through the medical process, about the form DS-3025. My questions are simple:

Do I have to print the form from somewhere and provide it to the doctor? Or will he have the form ready to fill out when we check my vaccinations?

Will he, if he has the form, provide me with a copy once filled out so that I can use it later on with my AOS?

Thank you everyone!

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form G-1145
8:43 pm


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hey guys is there any new form of G-1145 the one in the uscis is already expired 9/30/2016


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Package 3 K1 Visa Documents
9:37 am


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Hello everyone,

Finally got to the Package 3 for the K1 Visa stage and here's my problem. Once I got the instructions, I gathered all the documents, put them together, check them and recheck them and sent them to the Embassy. To my surprise, when I came back home, I realized that I forgot to add the paystubs and the letter of my fiance's employer (every other document was added as well as with the I-134 totally filled out and the tax returns of last year W2 and 1040).

Now, because it was too late to go back to the post office and send the rest or even ask for my package, I decided to wait for the next day and send the remaining missing documents (the paystubs and employers letter) as urgent (so it get only hours apart one package from the other).

My question is...will I have problems for doing that? On the second package I attached a letter explaining, shortly, that I forgot to attach the Paystabs and the employer's letter and made sure they know that the papers belong to me (so they will see both packages and find my name on both).

Thank you :blush::unsure:

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