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Traveling under Advance Parole
5:55 pm today


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Hello everyone!

Back in September I applied for AP so I could travel on January and May back to my country to attend my exams (I study online but I still have to attend in person to do my exams). With that said, I got approved and got my 2 copies of the AP around 3 months after applying. Everything went just fine, went back to my country, came back after less than a week and got processed at the airport so I could get back into the US. As I got processed different things happened..

Since it was my first time applying for the AP and I asked on my application that I needed to go back to my country TWICE to attend BOTH times my exams, I thought that both copies that they sent me were to get into the US BOTH times (as no where said that one copy was for them and the other one for me). I told the officer what happened and nothing happened, simply they took the copy, they made a photocopy for me and got an stamp on my passport.

With that said my question is simple:

I have to go back to do my exams on May and I would like to know, if possible from someone who went through this more than once, what will happen this time around. Will they just check that I have my stamp? I saw that the officer wrote that it is valid until January 2019. Do I need anything else? I will take again the copy I forgot home (as he told me it's best if they stamp it so I have an original proof) and I will take clearly the photocopy of the one he kept (besides my marriage certificate and other docs just in case).


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DS-160 IMBRA pamphlet
3:39 am today


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hello, do i have to check the box ?

I hereby certify that I have received a copy of the IMBRA Pamphlet as part of my application packet"

i haven't received anything.

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Back after almost 3 years!
5:03 pm today


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Hello again!

I've been away from this forum since a lot of you helped me to go along the process to get the Green Card and now the day for the Citizenship is getting close and I'd like to know any of the topics where I can follow a guide to know how to proceed, when can be started (I've been told I can start the process 6 months earlier of the day of 3 years). So, where do I start?


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Evidence that we do and don't have
3:08 pm today


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My wife came to the states from Spain in October 2015. Until April 2016, we lived with my parents while we were trying to save money. We have no real evidence of bills or anything there, as we didn't pay rent or utilities (my parents were a huge help to us). Overall, we have an underwhelming amount of evidence of us living together. Here is what we do have, and what we don't have. After reading, if you have kindly taken the time, please list what you may think we could possibly use. Again, we can't use what we don't have, sadly.

Do have:

- Jointly filed tax return transcripts from 2015 and 2016

- W2 forms for both us at our address that we moved to in April 2016

- Pay stubs from my wife's job

- Monthly bank transactions with both our names on the account (my mother's name is also on the account, our bank made it easier to do it this way)

- Several scans of checks of rent payment at the new place with both my wife's name and mine on the check with our new address

- Written and signed agreement between my parents, me and my wife stating we would pay back any living expenses for living with them after becoming more financially stable

- Lease agreements for the place we moved to in April 2016, and another for the one we just moved to

- Utility bill for many months with both our names on it (I have others, but they only show my name)

- Scans of blank check with that address and both our names

- Scans of our debit cards

- Scans of our driver's license with our even newer address (we moved around 60 days ago)

- Car insurance that shows me as the policy holder for both cars, but her name listed as one of the drivers on the policy

- Screenshot from Verizon's app showing my wife as part of my family plan

- Itinerary and boarding passes and passport stamps to our trip to Spain last year for Christmas

- Hotel reservation (only my name is on this) for trip to DC earlier this year

- Lots and lots of pictures of us together and with family and friends (which are the "best" ones to include?)

- We can easily get affidavits, but from who? Are relatives allowed? Also, the example I found on the site for the affidavit seemed to be in super legal jargon and didn't seem "heartfelt" at all. Is there another way to write this?

Don't have:

- Health insurance together. I am on ACA and she doesn't have health insurance (this is more a personal choice than any complication that arose)

- Joint car titles (both are in my name, we worried this may raise our insurance cost here in NC to put two names)

- Joint credit cards

- Many other things I can't think of right now.

Honestly, I'm not super worried (very odd of me given how meticulous I was with our other petitions) I front loaded our I-485 like crazy, and we actually got the interview waived. She directly got her green card before she even received her Employment Authorization or Advance Parole, which was wonderful. I'm not sure if this will really help us at all though, as a different officer will be looking at this one.

Any tips on how to milk the evidence we do have would be great. I'm sorry for the long post, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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letter of intent
9:37 pm today


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Hey guys, petitioner letter of intent for the interview, scanned copy should be ok?

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