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arrowCWOP on K1 visa can affect AoS?
October 1, 2015, 6:43 pm Last comment by Nate1986

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Hi everybody!!!


First of all, I wanna thank the VJ community for the great job you guys do. I've been using this page since my fiancee and I starting the K1 visa process and it's been really useful. It's great to see that everybody is so kind and ready to help here.


I'm writing my first post today because we have a doubt about a topic and we couldn't find an answer:


To put it in a nutshell, I entered the country at the Chicago O'Hare in August 20th 2015 with a valid and unexpired K1 visa. The CBP officer was kind and after revising all my documentation he stamped my passport writing that I was entering the country with a K1 visa. He told me and wrote next to the stamp that I had until Nov 17th 2015 to get married and adjust my status. 


Happily, I entered the country and my fiancee and I got married last september =) =) =)


The problem is that, when I was at the POE the officer wrote on my K1 visa (The one that I was using to enter) "CWOP", which means "Cancelled without predjuice" . At that moment I thought that was normal, knowing that it is a single entry visa. My I-94 seems to be correct and until today I've been able to do everything ok (SSN, marriage license…).


My questions are:


1) Is it common that at the POE people get CWOP written on their K1 visas?


2) I ve just applied today for the Adjustment of Status. I wrote a letter explaining the situation but…do you think that the CWOP on my visa can affect my application? RFE or similar? 


3) If I get inspected by the police, can they determine that I have no right to be in the country? Should I carry with me always a copy of the I-94? Should I get an infopass to talk to the USCIS?


Thanks for your help and good luck to everybody with their paperwork!!

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arrowInsane timelines last year. What happened?!
September 28, 2015, 8:13 pm Last comment by LiveStrange

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Have you guys noticed that people that applied last year had a timeline of approximately 10 months from beginning to end of the application process?! The first time I realized this I completely freaked out, because I was told (and had seen on other timelines) that the process was 3-5 months long. 


Look at this two examples, that are exactly in this order, from the timeline in the discussion "Atlanta -N400 Processing."




One started on 08/2014 and didn't get his interview until 03/2015 - 7 months!

The second started on 08/2015 (based on the eligible date 07/15) and got his interview on 10/20/2015 - less than 3 months!


I am just wondering what the heck happened. Does anyone know what happened from last year to this one to shorten the application time by 5 months? Or was it that last year waiting times were unusually long for some reason? Either way I am soooo happy to be applying now... phew!


PS - Sajeed wasn't out of the ordinary... here is the whole Atlanta timeline so you can see for yourself:




N400 Atlanta...|07/26/14.|04/26/14.|04/28/14.|05/05/14.|05/13/14.|06/26/14.|01/17/15.|05/18/15.|05/18/15.| 









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arrowPetitioner address change after packet 3
September 26, 2015, 1:34 am Last comment by chaoticlogic

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Hi everyone,


Since the beginning of the whole K1 process until September 1, I've been living with my parents (my Mom is the co-sponsor); therefore, on my original I-129F I put my parents address as where my fiancee would reside when she gets here. Also, she has already submitted her Packet 3 (DS-160 and all). I'm not sure if those documents asked for where she would be living here or not.


However, I moved after packet 3 was sent, from North Carolina to South Carolina (I didn't even know until the last minute my address in SC, it's hard to find a place where I am.) I'll soon be enrolled in a three month course to become a front-end software engineer. So, do I need to inform the embassy of this change, or can she say something at the interview (which is on Wednesday!) or not say anything if not asked? What about at POE? I have a feeling they'll ask her where she will be living.




Edit: I know I'm overthinking this like crazy, but everything is getting so close to her being here :).

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arrowIncome Requirements
September 25, 2015, 1:07 pm Last comment by j&ana

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Hi. I am concerned about sending in my proof of income. I am a student in my last semester of college and I interned in Spain this summer and lived with my fiancé but the internship was unpaid and I have only made about 2,500 this year. I am worried that the NVC will deny us because of this. My fiancé is planning on selling his car and will have the assets but I'm not sure how to go about everything to get approved the first time..

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arrowLiving With Wife In Spain During The Application Process
September 19, 2015, 6:57 am Last comment by uab1969

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We live in Spain. We're going to apply for a CR1 Visa, I am American, she is Russian but she is a legal resident of Spain and has lived here for 10 years. I have a legal address in the USA. We want to know if I can stay here in Spain during the process? And I assume her interview will take place here in Madrid, rather than her having to go back to Russia, is that correct.



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