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Form I-131 Application for travel document
6:46 pm


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I am about to file for the Application for travel document and I was wondering..do I have to file with my maiden name or with my married one?

Thank you!

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Police Clearance Certificate
2:46 pm


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I just discovered this week that we will need police clearance certificates for the visa interview... so I thought i'd get a jump start and apply now but will they still be valid?

So, for example, we lived in Germany for 2 years (but don't live there now). If i get the certificate this month, for how long will be valid? We only submitted the i130 in June.


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page 6 part 36 b
12:57 am


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My Fiance has visited the United States and I dont know exactly how or where I can find the I-94 number that was given when he entered as a Visitor.

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I-864a relationship between household member and sponsor?
4:11 pm


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My wife doesnt make enough income to support me, so her dad is filing a I-864 as joint sponsor too, and her mom, since she files taxes together with her dad, is filing the I-864a form to add her income to her husband (my wife's dad).

One of the questions (page 2 of 8) its asking about the relationship between the householdmember (i-864a) and the sponsor.
Would the answer be parent (my wife as household member's daughter) or spouse (my wife's dad as husband) ?

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Form I-485 Part 2 Number 2
3:02 am


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Hello everyone!

I am filling out the form I-485 to adjust my status and on Part 2 Question number 2, it says if I am applying for adjustment based on the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) section 245(i). So my question is..am I? I came into the country on a K1 visa and got married just a couple of days ago. I already have my SSN (got it before I got married).

Thank you!

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