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I-864 Affidavit of support- Tax returns
7:56 am today

manuel rios

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My k-1 visa has been approved. During this process we proved the affidavit of support with the I-134 form at the Embassy in Madrid. Without tax returns just the current income of the US citizen.

Now, I will have to apply for adjusting my status and I will have to send the I-864 form of affidavit of support. The thing is this form makes us provide the last tax returns, but the US citizen was living abroad with me so we do not have tax returns just the current income for her current employer.

Again the i-864 form says: Item Numbers 18.a. - 20. Federal Income Tax Return Information

You must provide either an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) transcript or a photocopy from your own records of your

Federal individual income tax return for the most recent tax year.

My question is: Could the affidavit of support be approved without the tax returns? Would the current salary of my wife and the letter from her employer be enough to meet the requirements?


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Apply for K-1 Visa from Abroad?
5:02 am today


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Hello everyone, I'm currently living with my boyfriend in Spain, and we want to move to the US. I called USCIS to ask if I could apply for the K-1visa while abroad and they said that I couldn't. But, I've seen on here that other people have applied from abroad with no problem (although a couple years ago). Has anyone applied successfully from a different country or know if it's possible or not? I'd like to if I can so that we don't have to be separated so long.


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i129f payment fees
6:16 pm yesterday


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hello guys

how much the fee payment for i129f package?

another question my fiance lives in california do we have to send the package to texas?

thanks in advance

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travel with work permit?
1:23 pm yesterday


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Good afternoon I hope I am posting in the right category if not feel free to move the post.

I have a question I m adjusting status thru my husband my case status says ready to be scheduled for an interview since September 2016 I currently have a work permit that expires in December of 2017 my work permit says SERVES AS I-512 ADVANCE PAROLE I was wondering if I could travel to my home country in Europe and come back to the states with no issues? Can I travel alone o does my husband have to accompany me?

Thank you.

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Married for 6 years and a child of 4
7:15 am yesterday


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Hi there. I am a Spanish citizen and my husband is a US citizen. We have been marry for 6 years. We married in the US but we have never lived there.We have a dual citizen child of 4 years old born in Madrid. We started our immigration process a month ago sending all the papers to Chicago. My husband is working in the US while I wait for the whole visa process in my home country. Anybody knows if the US authorities have any special consideration with a US citizen 4 year old child for inmigraci n process? Any idea of the time frame for this situations? And also...any issue about the two of us going to visit the father with an on going immigration process?

many thanks in advance!

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