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visa k2 for kids - fee -
7:54 pm


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hello !!!! Someone knows what price is the visa for the children k2 ... (I am processing my k1) I have seen on the web of the uscis ... but ... I do not know if it is included in my k1 or I have to pay individually and how much is the fee.

thank you.... and sorry for my english. :(

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Advance Parole question
3:51 am


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After a little bit over 2 months, I just got approved for the AP and I will be traveling for a week in January back to my country to attend university exams. With that said, my husband already advised me to get my US ID, my SS card, my driving ID, letters showing that I changed my name when I married and something else (besides the letter showing that they gave me the AP).

Now, my questions is..For those with experience traveling with the AP, what did you show when coming back into the country? I heard you just have to show your passport and paper (and if you have an ID and the paper that states your name change even better).


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I-864 AOS proof of income
1:52 am


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Hello all,

Long-time lurker, first-time poster. My wife's application for an IR/CR-1 was recently sent to NVC, and we have submitted the DS-261 form and AOS payment. I am the petitioner and sponsor and currently live in the US, and my wife is the beneficiary/applicant.

My question is, for the I-864, do I need to submit W-2s for any of the last three tax years and/or evidence of additional assets if my current income exceeds the 125% Federal Poverty Guidelines and I have the last 6 months of paystubs + employment offer letter (start date Dec 2016)?

My current understanding and answer: No to both.

Any validation from you all would be much appreciated - I do not want to get an RFE! And yes, I know that similar questions have been asked in the forums, but I haven't been able to find questions exactly matching mine (namely about foreign earned income, only able to meet poverty guidelines through current income), which is why I'm requesting a sanity check from you all. Thank you in advance.


Some more background, if needed:

- I lived in Europe from Jan to Dec 2016. My AGI for 2016 was less than $20,000; therefore I do not meet the 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. However, my total Wages, Salaries, Tips, etc were in excess of $50,000, but they were foreign earned income (EU government fellowship, untaxed - no W2s for this foreign income, obviously) and were therefore excluded from my AGI.

- I started a new job in Dec 2016 and have paystubs dating back until then and my offer letter, which states my base salary. Both show yearly income exceeding the 125% Federal Poverty Guideline.

- I am providing the previous three years of "Tax Return Transcript"s. I have filed "Single" for 2014 and 2015 and "Married Filing Separate" in 2016.

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NOA2 time
9:35 pm


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Hello!!!! ... I have processed the 129form for our k1 visa (only one month ago) .... my question is ... in general .... I read that average of obtaining the k1 visa .... is about 6 months .... but also I have seen in Igor's lists that they receive the noa2 .... 6 months later approximately (but after people has the interview .....and is more long)... and I also see many people who passed 3 months is already worried about not having the noa2 ..... how long approximate take the noa2 (I already know that it is very relative and depends on each case)

thank you ... and sorry for my english

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Send docs to embassy? Packet 3? IR/CR1 info please!
10:47 pm


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Hi CR/IR1 applicants,

We have just received an email that our IR1 case at NVC is finished, and that the NVC will schedule our interview at Madrid Embassy. YAYYYYYYY!!

I am thinking that it is POSSIBLE that the interview will be at the end of December (anyone know?) but meanwhile I have a question about the pre-interview stage we are now in.

Do we have to send documents via mail/courier to the Madrid embassy before the interview?? We are IR-1 - - is sending documents only for K-1 people?

Is this Packet 3?

I ask because I saw this:

This page about the Madrid Embassy was written by people who had gone through the post-NVC stage recently, and a couple of people have written that they had to send their docs through snail mail before their interview, as Madrid has changed their policies ...


However, nowhere on the .gov websites do I see instructions for that.

I m not sure if maybe this is only for K-1 visas?? The person who wrote that part did not indicate if it was for IR/CR-1.

Then there s this http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/536290-new-checklist-for-madrid-edited-title/ which talks about a checklist of items to mail to the embassy, and that it wasn t the K-1 list but the list for IR/CR-1 applicants!


The PDF from the Madrid Embassy doesn t talk about sending documents as a requirement: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/MDD - Madrid.pdf

It only states IF you need to send documents

<<Sending documents to the U.S. Embassy Madrid, Spain

If you need to send us any documents, please DO NOT mail them to us directly. Instead, visit ais.usvisa-info.com and ask for information on courier services. >>


The Spanish US DOS Visa Appointment Service website does not address it either,


It only sends you to the travel .gov website re the Interview stage, which refers to BRINGING documents with you to the interview.


I always thought that we will only BRING documents to the interview, but that VJ page has me very confused. (If that info is not applicable to everyone, I think it should be edited and labeled appropriately.)

How do I know if we will have to send documents via snail mail/courier before the interview? I ask because we may not be in Spain to send them during the window of time before the interview.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks! :rolleyes:

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