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arrowGetting a Texas driver's license during AOS
February 6, 2016, 2:01 pm Last comment by racheld08

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My husband (who came on a K1 visa) recently had difficulty getting a TX driver's license during AOS. We read about a lot of people that were unsuccessful until they at least had the EAD, but he finally managed to get one, so we thought we'd share what worked. (As an aside, he has been driving with an international driver's license that is valid for a year, but we had a hard time finding a bank that didn't require a US driver's license and knew that car insurance would go down over time with experience driving under a US driver's license, so the sooner he had one the better.)


He originally went to DPS with his I-94 that was going to expire in less than a month. He was told his license would expire when the I-94 did, and then he'd have to apply for a new license all over again with other documentation. We had just received the email notice that our AOS, EAD, and AP applications had been received and our NOA1 was on its way. He showed the woman the email to see if the NOA1 would work as proof of lawful presence and she thought it might. Sure enough, the next day the NOA1 arrived and he headed to DPS. Of course, this letter only says you've applied for adjustment of status and your case has been received, and the lack of expiration date plus the giant words at the top "THIS IS NOT A VISA" didn't sit well with whoever he showed the paperwork to that day. He was advised to return when he had a document that showed some sort of approval, like the EAD if not the green card.


I wasn't pleased since the DPS requires "proof of lawful presence," and even though my husband's application for residency is pending, he IS lawfully here in the meantime. I ended up finding a document on the DPS website that showed that for our category (applicants for adjustment of status), the NOA1 served as proof of lawful presence. I circled and highlighted the words "form I-797" (NOA1) and "PENDING adjustment of status" and sent my husband back to plead his case. It worked.




Whereas before he was sent away almost immediately, this time they at least tried to put his information in the computer to check for lawful presence. In his case, it wasn't instantaneous and he was told he would have to wait for a letter in the mail after further verification. (You can read about this process- SAVE- at the top of the document I linked to.) He got his letter a week later, took his driving test, and now has a TX driver's license that's good for a year.


Moral of the story: if you're in Texas and just married your K1 fiance, take all your documents AND the DPS "Verifying Lawful Presence" guide and convince them to put your fiance's A# in the computer for SAVE to decide whether you're lawfully present or not. Otherwise, they're not experts on the K1-AOS limbo and will probably just shoo you away out of ignorance or for convenience.

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arrowAdministrative Processing
February 5, 2016, 6:04 am Last comment by iranian

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I had an interview in US Embassy, I gave my documents (I have a company in USA but I don't live there) and after everything I was told that because of my nationality I might to be checked and I might send them some documents about my military services,

I didn't do the military service, I don't live in Iran, I'm out of there and in ten years that I'm out of iran only I went to iran one time and 10 days!

I had a US Visa some months before and I asked for an extension and it was approved, so I don't understand why now they are asking me about these kind of documents!

Do you guys know how low it will take to be finished? That's a bad news for me and maybe I'm rejected?

What should I do? I invested too much money (at least for me that's too much money) and now if they reject my visa, I don't know what can I do with that...

Please tell me something

Thank you

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arrowI-551 Stamp!!
February 4, 2016, 10:50 pm Last comment by nab-400

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Hi everyone !!!


Had my AOS interview today , IO said everything looks good and case is held for review , as we have already a planned trip to Mexico in 2 weeks , i asked the IO if i can travel with my EAD /AP card , he said i wont be receiving my GC before my trip date as it takes a few weeks , and once my case says Approved online my AP will not be valid to travel , so when i receive the approval notice in the mail, i should go back to the immigration office with passport to get it stamped.


my question is : should i make an appointment for that ? or i can just walk in !!!

Thanks is advance.

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arrowCase completed. What next??
February 3, 2016, 10:10 am Last comment by Quatemok

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Dear all,

My case is competed on January 26 to but I haven't received any noticed yet of when will be interview. When I should receive a notice? My interview will be in Madrid, Spain.

Thank you all and good luck.

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arrowCBP Officer KEPT my medical... Don't I need it for AOS?
January 17, 2016, 3:54 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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I turned in the large DO NOT OPEN envelope to the CBP officer in Chicago. He opened it and it had my medical in it (among other things). He didn't return it to me, even though I asked. I thought I needed to include this in my AOS application?

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