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arrowI-751: Regular divorce, battered or wait?
May 26, 2015, 8:29 pm Last comment by Merrytooth

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I'll have to explain my situation first:

I got married in 2013, got my temporary GC in March 2014. Our marriage has been getting worse, our fights have been very intense (she is very dominant and aggressive), and at this point I think I should get a divorce. I have about 6 months left before I can apply for my removal of conditions.


So I find myself considering these 3 options, without knowing much about the implications/hassle of each:

- Get a divorce and file normally. I think I have proof enough of bona fide marriage but is it adding risk to being rejected?


- Because of our fights, I feel like filing as a battered spouse could be an option (I have photos of injuries she did to me and videos of threats and violence, not sure if that's enough). What does that imply? I still love her, so if this is going to damage her in any way, like getting criminal records or go to court, I would rather not do it.


- Stay married and keep trying to fix our marriage for 6 months. All the drama started a while ago and it doesn't look like it's improving, but I could provably give it a few more chances. She wants to stay together and keep trying. Would it look bad if we move to different houses to cool down? I really would rather not having to live together. Would staying married improve my chances vs the other options?


Any help would be appreciated, I would really like to know my options before I make a decision.


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arrowCR1 starting process
May 16, 2015, 10:35 am Last comment by ABDyJLSO

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Hey guys, I have some question about the CR-1 visa and I will apreciate so much if I can get the answer from you.


My wife is the US citizen and living in Texas and Im spanish, living here in Spain.

She is ready to send the I-130 with the additional information, here is where I have some question:


Do I need to send her my brith certificate (or a photocopy?)? If I do, has to be traslate to english?


Apart of that, any tips or advice about the whole process? And do you know how long is taking the process right now?


Thank you so much for your time.





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arrowDV VISA Winner previously deported
May 11, 2015, 4:15 am Last comment by SusieQQQ

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Hello Dears , 


I'm gonna try to be as clear as possible : 


I've been randomly slected for further processing for the DV-2016 ( I have to wait for a visa number to be ready so I can be interviwed)


I was deported from the US back on 11/2004 for an over stay ( one year) and I got a 10 year bar ( that is already over by now ) 


I was on the US on a student VISA ( F1) so I failed to register in two semesters in row what made me out of status wich lead me to the over stay , I have no ciriminal charges , I've never been connvicted , I have a clean record except for my over stay .


My Fiancee already lives in the US and we were about to start the process for the K1 visa that we postponed for now since I won the DV lottery .


My question is :


Do I have any chances to be approved the VISA after consular interview ?? 

If not am I gonna have a chance to file a waiver ( in my case it seems to be the I-212) to over come the refusal ?


Thanks for reading my post and happy day to everyone.






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arrowI-864 Joint Sponsor Questions
May 10, 2015, 6:15 pm Last comment by ABDyJLSO

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We're preemptively getting paperwork together for a joint sponsor, as we've been warned that assets only may not be accepted at the interview. If necessary sponsors will be my parents and I have a few questions about filling out the I-184 for them.


Both of my parents earn enough individually, but file taxes jointly. From what I've read, theoretically there should be no problem having only one of them sponsor as long as W2's and tax returns show individual income, but having the other fill out an I-846A is the safest way to make sure there are no complications. Is that correct?


Household size: Two of my adult brothers still live with them. One of them is 22 now, but for the 2014 tax year was 21 and is listed as a dependent on tax returns. The other is 25 and is not technically a dependent. Although both are now over the age which I-864 instructions give (21) to count unmarried children, my parents definitely support them. Not including them, as the instructions appear to indicate, I feel like I would be witholding information. Should I include only the one brother who was an official dependent last year? Both? Neither? (Income is high enough that even with both listed reaching the poverty guidelines wouldn't be an issue)


If we do end up using both of my parents, I have some questions about how to list my dad's current individual income. He's semi-retired and working part time. He takes on projects pretty much when ever he feels like it, working a few weeks at a time, then not working for several weeks at a time. He gets paid an hourly rate when he works, but then goes periods of time without getting paid. Should he just estimate his income for the next year based on how much he plans on working? Possibly a letter from the company (apart from pay stubs) explaining his status? Because his income is more complicated to document than my mom's (an annual salary) my inclination is to not use him at all, only my mom. But as I mentioned, from what I've read browsing forums the best way to cover all your bases is to use include both using I-864A. Would love to hear suggestions.


Thanks to all in advance!

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arrowSocial Security Number- AOS
April 29, 2015, 1:03 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hey all! I know this is probably deep in this website but I could use some help & would appreciate any guidance!


My fiance should be arriving this month and as soon as he gets here we would like to get his driver's license and submit all paperwork for the AOS & then start our month long honeymoon road tripping across the US :) (See why license is so important!?)


I read the SS application guide and seem a bit lost on where to find the exact piece that says that K1 visas are ALLOWED to get the SS number with work related approval: 


--- SSN K-1 AuthorizationThis file is an notice to all SSA offices that authorizes any valid K-1 holder to be issued a SSN. You do NOT need a EAD to get a SSN while you have a vaild K-1. Bring this memo with you! Not all offices are aware that you can be issued a SSN and they may tell you that you need an EAD!---



Any help as to where I could find this would be fantastic, thank you all!

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