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arrowUS embassy in Madrid - documents required for K1 - order
September 25, 2016, 8:53 am Last comment by agnesita84

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This is intended for people who have gotten their K1 visa in Madrid (Spain). Hi!

Our petition was approved by USCIS last week, so I guess in about one month our case should be at the US consulate in Madrid (Spain). I know they'll first send me a packet asking for some documentation, and when I send it back and they get it, it'll be the turn to set up the interview date, when I need to bring more documents with me to the embassy. But I can't find exactly what is asked for on each stage. I'd like to have all the documents ready beforehand to avoid delays in the process, so I was wondering:


1) what documents need to be sent on the first place, after I get the first notification from the embassy?

2) what documents will I have to bring with me to the embassy on the day of the interview?


3) do the I-134 (affidavit of support) form + additional documentation (taxes, pay stubs, bank letter, etc) need to be sent before the interview date, or will I bring them with me to the interview? (It'll take my fiance a while to gather all of these, as his bank is in a different city)


4) same goes for the police records (certificado de antecedentes)


5) will I need to show NOA2, NVC notification, US fiance's birth certificate, or US fiance's photograph at any point? I've read contradictory info on this.

That's about it. I'll really appreciate some help. Thanks!

PS: You can answer in Spanish :)

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arrowTraveling after naturalization
September 23, 2016, 2:10 pm Last comment by Happy Chic

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Hi, I have two questions, and I'm not sure if they belong in this board or not. This is for a couple years from now, but I would just like some clarification if possible.


1. After my wife from Spain receives US citizenship (she can file in 2019) and gets her US passport, can she travel and stay outside of the US for as long as she wants (aka to Spain for more than one year, which is not really allowed with her Green Card) and not risk affecting her status here when she returns? The reason for this is explained in question number two.


2. We might eventually both want to move to Spain and live for more than a few years. This is why I would like to know if she would have any troubles traveling outside the US for more than a year once she has her US passport and nationality. Also, being married to her (as she would still be a Spanish citizen) what would I have to do in the future to stay in Spain? Would it be any easier for me to get permanent residency there, being married to a EU citizen? Or would I still have to get a work visa or something of the sort?


Thanks in advance.

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arrowVisiting Denmark
September 22, 2016, 3:54 pm Last comment by Georgia16

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Hello every one.

Im going to Copenhagen for the first time,  I have a quick questions given im not very familiar with the Danish culture,  I'm aware Denmark has its own currency however I was wondering if they still take Euros or i should just go ahead and get Krones. Any local plate that I should try ?  Is that ok  to talk to people in English without asking if they speak english ? any thing else that i should know?



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arrowWife Going for Citizenship - Many Years Abroad, Although with I-131
September 18, 2016, 6:04 am Last comment by Lennys26

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My wife and I are in a special case, although I suspect that it is not that unusual in the larger picture. I am hoping that someone from the community can share a similar experience...


My wife has been a greencard holder for about 10 years now, however due to my work situation, we have spent most of that time abroad.  We return to the US for about 30-60 days total a year, although she has had i-131's consistently throughout the entire time.


We are now looking to pursue her citizenship, with the expectation and hopes to return to the US on a more permanent basis.  Has anyone been in a similar situation who can share their experiences in the citizenship process?


A few more details:

  • We have maintained a permanent address in FL.
  • Banks, Credit Cards, Drivers Licenses and IDs in FL.
  • 132 days in the USA in the past 3 years.  229 days in the past 5 years.
  • Plans to return in January 2017 for a period of 6 months to a year.

Thanks in advance.


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arrowTravel outside US
September 14, 2016, 11:05 pm Last comment by Kim&Clint

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Hello everyone,


I have a question about the i-131 and the advance parole.

Hopefully next week I'm going to send all the documents and start the process to be a US resident.

I have a meeting in December in my country this is why I filled out the i-131, but I don't think Im gonna receive the approval before my trip.

So I call the USCIS asking if with my visa M1 and being on the process getting the green card I'm gonna have any problem to re-enter in US and if this is going to affect the process, she said that I'm not gonna have any problem. But better if I double check with CBP.

I called the number but no one pick up the phone. So I did research if she was right, and I think from what I read, I need to fill the i-131 because my type of visa is not an exception.

In another place I read that I can put in part 3 the consulate of my country and pick up in my country.

Some one know something about that? Im very confuse.




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