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arrowBirth City Discrepancy Birth Certificate And Marriage Certificate
May 1, 2016, 2:35 am Last comment by NLR

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We are about to send in our I-130 Petition, we have just gotten married and noticed the birth city listed on the marriage certificate is different than on her birth certificate.


We live in Spain, she is a legal resident here - I am an American citizen. The city of her birth is Alexeyevka, Russia, but the marriage certificate lists Saratov, Russia. Even though we listed correctly the actual birth city in all the pre-marriage documents, the local government courthouse used Saratov, probably because that is what is listed on her resident card...they probably just used that and didn't even look at our submitted documents. We thought about trying to get a new marriage certificate, but it has already taken us 10 months just to get our approval for marriage which took place on April 29, 2016.


In Spain it takes SO long to get anything done, we are worried if we now go back to the courthouse to try to implement a change of that date, it will either be impossible or take forever.


So...my question, if we leave everything as is and submit our I-130 with the incorrect birth city (her G-325A has her original address where born listed as Alexeyevka)) on the marriage certificate and insert a cover letter saying we know the two cities are different, but offer the reason behind this, with the fact that the Spanish government has told us that it is of no concern as far as they are concerned, does not need changing and is legal as is...would this satisfy the USICS and the NVC/Embassy?

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arrowi864 Part 6 Question 20
April 14, 2016, 9:53 am Last comment by newacct

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Hello everyone! My brother is going to be our co-sponsor. He graduated college 3 years ago (therefore, no income and no tax return) but has made great money (well over the limit!) the past 2 years (so he DOES have 2 years of tax returns). 

Question 20 states: "I was not required to file a Federal income tax return as my income was below the IRS required level and I have attached evidence to support this."

Should he check this off because he didn't file 3 years ago or does this only apply to the most recent tax year? I don't want a checked box to automatically send our application to the "no" pile if we are referring to 3 years ago but I also don't want my brother to accidentally misrepresent himself!

Thanks, guys!

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arrowI-864 question (Household Size)
April 14, 2016, 9:49 am Last comment by alexbatalla

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Hi guys,


Looks like there is a new I-864 form because all the example forms I found are older version.

In this new one you have to include household size.

In my case my wife is sponsoring me, so the total household size should be 2 people for us.


But look at the document attached, it is Part 5 of the I864, the trouble is with number 3.

What are they saying to include a 1 if I am married in the NOT sponsored in this affidavit? Should I just write 0?





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arrowI-130 for Spanish/American couple: marriage certificate insufficient
April 12, 2016, 10:11 am Last comment by alanuchi

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Hi there,


This question is intended for people from Spain with experience with the I130 application for married couples.


My wife (American) did the petition for me (Spanish) last January, and today we got an RFE that says that the marriage certificate we provided is insufficient and that we need to provide a photocopy of the original marriage certificate. We're confused about this because we sent the "Certificado Literal de Matrimonio", together with its translation. I've called the Civil Registry where we married and they confirmed that what we have is the most official version of the document. I also have a copy of the "Certificado Plurilingue" (that we didn´t send to USCIS), but this contains less information and they told me it's intended for certain countries in Europe only.


They talked to me about the option to legalize the document, which I understand it's obtaining "The Hague Apostille". If I remember properly, while doing research of the documents to send I read specifically that the Hague Apostille is not needed, although maybe I'm wrong on this.  


Anyone from Spain can share with me the document that you submitted as marriage certificate, and if you had to do any external legalization or any other step?






Esta pregunta va dirigida a gente de España que haya pasado por el trámite I130 para matrimonios.


Mi mujer (americana) hizo la solicitud para mí (español) el pasado mes de enero, y hoy hemos recibido un RFE que explica que el certificado de matrimonio que hemos enviado no es suficiente y que tenemos que enviar una copia del original. Estamos sorprendidos porque en su día enviamos el Certificado Literal de Matrimonio, junto con la traducción. He llamado al registro civil donde nos casamos y me han confirmado que el documento que tengo es el más oficial. También tengo una copia del Certificado Plurilingüe (que no enviamos al USCIS), pero ésta contiene menos información y me han dicho que sólo es válida para ciertos países de Europa.


Me han comentado la opción de legalizar el documento, que, si no he entendido mal, es ponerle la apostilla de La Haya. Si no recuerdo mal, cuando estuve mirando que documentos era necesario enviar leí específicamente que la apostilla de La Haya no era necesaria, aunque quizá esté equivocado.


¿Hay alguien de España que me pueda decir que documentos enviasteis, y si tuvisteis que hacer alguna legalización externa o cualquier otro trámite?



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arrowWorking for only two months, enough? (split)
April 2, 2016, 7:51 am Last comment by MathewGaby

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Good morning. I have a question.

My fiance was working for a volunteer service for 2 years for an important company, but he couldnt have his income for the last year, however, he has been working for this past two months.. someone knows if we present the affidavite with a letter of the Society and his last payment checks will be enough for our k1?


thank you 

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