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arrowTime line from date sent I-130 to interview
January 16, 2017, 1:42 pm Last comment by dwheels76

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Just wondering if there was a specific time line from the time you send in I-130 to when you are called into interview, or does it all depend on the country and how many applicants they have etc...

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arrowGetting married with the ESTA visa waiver program
January 14, 2017, 4:26 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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Hello, I m new in this forum and I m posting here because a few users on spaniards.es recommended it.

I have a couple of questions regarding marriage and changing the status while Im under ESTA visa waiver program.

I am spanish and my girlfriend is from the US, she is american, I have travelled to see her a couple of times now and we are so in love, but we decided to get married since we want to be together and its really hard to find h2b visa sponsors. The thing is that the k-1 visa takes around 8 months to a year so I was wondering how to make it work to get married with the ESTA and be able to stay with her.
A) First, I want to know how to avoid problems after getting married, I have read here this " f your fiance/fiancee came to the US on a tourist visa with the intent of immigration and marriage, and you are not yet married, then he/she should return to his/her home abroad, and the K-1 visa should be filed (using an I-129f) instead of the I-130 to avoid a denial, deportation, or even being banned from re-entry to the US. " so I was wondering how can I prove that those werent my intentions, when we get married, how can I avoid denial or deportation?

B)What is the cost of the whole process? (I dont need the travelling permit, all I want is to get married, get he work permit and the green card)

C)How long does it take to get the work permit?

D)Do we need to celebrate the wedding in order to avoid problems, or can we wait to have an actual good ceremony in a year and just sign the papers and have a small celebration with her parents now?

E)I read your partner has to prove their income is 125% above poverty level, could her parents sponsor us for that since we are going to stay and live with them?

F)Can somebody let me know how to do this, the steps I need to take and some advices towards it?

Thank you so much to everyone who takes their time to read this thread, I apologize if I made some grammar mistakes but Im in a rush at the moment because Im pretty stressed out about this whole situation.

Have a great weekend guys!

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arrowphotograph /naturalization
January 12, 2017, 3:39 pm Last comment by elisar

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Hi everybody, its taking me too long to understand what i need for naturalization :))

i have read somewhere -Photographs- are no longer needed for n400, is this true? so i don't have to take any passport pictures?

i was eligble to apply for citizenship since mid last year under 3 years rule

Thank you

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arrowI-129f exp. date
January 12, 2017, 10:50 am Last comment by Ben&Zian

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Hello everyone!

Back in mid November 2016, as we were preparing our K1 package with all the files, we downloaded the I-129f formular from the USCIS website. The date of expire was of the year 2016. Now, I was checking the website once more and I saw that there's new formulars (I-129f and others needed for the K1 package) that the expire date changed (now it says 2018). Will this create any problems for my package? Back when I downloaded the formular, there was no other more "recent" with recent date of exp.

Thank you!

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arrowI have a simple questions for naturalization application
January 7, 2017, 8:56 pm Last comment by Americ@

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Hi everybody i have a few simple questions for form 400 for naturalization :

1- I live in California which address do i have to use to send my application via USPS?

2- I want to pay with money order , do i have to send one money order for both (application fee and bio metric fee) or 2 money orders ?

2- I cant type in computer the alien number in the other pages in the form, should i just hand write it with my hand after printing the form? same thing for the residence address in part 5 , should i write "To Present" after printing the form ?

Thank you, your help is much appreciated

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