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Geopolitical reason for the Philippine people to go through Visa process that fast?
7:23 am


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That is the question.

Needless to say that it's absolutely OK for me if someone is getting a fast resolution of his/her case, everybody here will the best for all of us, independently of the country of origin.

But the question is why the Philippine nationals get the things done that fast, because this is absolutely patent and obvious.

Anyone thinks that could be because of Geopolitical matters?


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11:31 am


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I can't find how to edit, (firstly create) a signature for my user. I was looking for the "My Assistant" that I read in a post, but can't find it.

I think to write the timeline in your signature is good info for others, hence my quest..

Anyone can help?


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What about a "Know Your Rights" guide?
3:34 pm


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Hello everyone,

We all know that current times a bit shaky in terms of immigration to the USA, and a lot of us are scared and have a lot of questions like:

What if I don't get married on time? what is my status?

Can I be deported if I am controlled during my AOS period?
Is Advance Parole safe to use nowadays?

Is it legal for a border officer to look for files on my laptop? ask for the PIN of my phone? ask for my social media passwords? or simply retain me for no reason?
...and many more (you name it).

I'd like to suggest a discussion about everything that concerns us, with the purpose of ultimately creating a guide that could be named "Know Your Rights" with all the condensed information.

Let me know what you guys think.


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Traveling with pets on a K1
4:02 am


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Hello guys,

My fiance and I are planning to fly to the US with our pets, but we don't know if this will cause some trouble. In our case it's 2 cats. We are going to take care of every vaccine and document they need according to the laws. We wonder if any of you guys have travelled with pets on a K1 visa (if the K1 visa makes any difference) and what tips you can give.

Thank you in advance!


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NOA2 Extension - Madrid Consulate
7:12 pm


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Hello everyone!

I have seen a lot of posts regarding NOA2 extensions that some consulates require a request for extension and others do it automatically. Does anyone know if the Madrid Consulate automatically extends or requires an extension request?


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