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participating in surveys and getting paid while waiting for EAD
6:01 pm yesterday


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Hello everybody,

I am in process to get my EAD and I don t know how in internet I found this company that pays for asking opinions about products, and differents topics to get an resolution to improve this products or launch a new one.
The thing is that I got selected to be a participant in one of the groups and for one hour testing a product they give 150 dolars check. This is not a job, obviously, but I was wondering of would be there a problem with my application by participating on this kind of programms.

thank you.

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Cita médica
11:44 am yesterday


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Hola! Soy nueva aqu !! Nose si alguien de aqu de Madrid me podr a ayudar...la verdad tengo duda sobre el coste total, es decir incluida las vacunas. Yo creo q a mi me faltan todas..entonces me preocupa saber cuanto ser a todo..un saludo. espero que alguien me responda!!!!:)

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parent visa petition
4:08 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone been a long time i havent visited the site. I just got naturalized and wanted to petition both my parents. Im working on my 1-130 form and i dont know what docs needed to include from my parents. Do i need a cover letter? I did all my applications b4 and i think it worked well on my applications. After 1-130 what other docs needed for them to prepare. Im planning to send it nextwk. Thank u everyone

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Vaccine records AOS
3:47 am yesterday


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Hello everyone!

Even though my case is still being sent to the NVC, I tend to research about the future files I will have to apply for so I can gather documents already and have them by that time. For the AOS I saw they ask for the vaccine records but here's the problem.

In Spain as you grow up and you receive your corresponding shots, they are written down and sign by the doctor on your small vaccine book. I have that book but I have no idea if I should tell the person who translate my stuff to do it as well with my vaccines, if AOS will ask me for a copy of that book with the records of every vaccine, date and sign of the doctor or what.

Could someone help me understand what I should do? seems like here in Spain there's no where where you can get your vaccine records except for the small book I have.


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Website not working properly
8:04 am yesterday


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Hi, everyone.

Maybe this is not the right place to post this, but I just want to make notorious the website has been working improperly for the last 4-5 days, with a lot of us being unable to access using WiFi. It only works with 3G/4G devices.

Also, and probably the most relevant problem for everyone, even the lucky ones still accessing to the website, there's problems updating the timelines that are prone to end in inaccurate predictions for approvals.

I don't know how many are experiencing this bugs (I've seen a good bunch) but I would be really grateful if we could get some help or tips on how to fix it.

Thank you very much :)

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