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When to book medical for K1/DS-160
12:51 pm today


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Hi All!

I just received my Case number from the NVC. My fiance (Spain) will be filling out the DS-160 today. For those that have filled that out are you able to save the completed application and print out the filing final page at a different time or does he need to be by a printer?

As well, if we are aware of the Physician's office that provides the Medical exam can we get that scheduled now that we have a case number, I know that the main priority is to make sure you give 2 weeks before the interview, but I don't see how if it was 3 or 4 weeks prior to the interview that it could hinder the situation. I as well know packet 3 says to now book your medical/interview once you receive it but I don't think it would be bad to get ahead of the game for the medical.


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Traveling outside the US with EAD/AP combo card
3:19 pm today


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I recently obtained my EAD/AP combo card, I m planning a trip to Spain to visit my family ( I m currently pregnant too) which makes me a little hesitant but I have read so many positive experiences that I think there should not be any issues. NOW my question is this. My combo card has my MARRIED name where as my passport has my MAIDEN name, when it comes to buying the plane ticket, which do I use? My guess would be my maiden name as I would be showing my passport to get through security and on my way back have my marriage license to prove my name on my Combo card.

Has anyone experienced this before??

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Renew EAD from K1 visa
7:34 pm today


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Hello everyone!
Soon I will renew my EAD (I cannot do that before 180 days before expiring as their website says) and for those who did so, I was wondering if you had to go through the fingerprint thing again (biometrics).
Thank you!

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K1 Interview Preparation I-134 Questions
4:54 pm today


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Hi All-

We received our NOA2 2 weeks ago and have started compiling all the necessary documents in order to be prepared for once we receive packet 3 for his interview in Spain. For the I-134 that I will be filling out, I will get my tax returns for the last year along with the letter from my employer.

Question on the date of the letter from my employer, does it need to be within a certain time frame? I would like to reach out to my HR Dept. now although our interview probably won't be until July sometime. As well, I have seen mixed comments on the Bank Statements, is that required if you are decently above the poverty line in means of support? Will Tax statements and employer be enough or should I reach out to the bank to give statements of the Current Year just to show the direct deposits from work?

Thanks!! :dancing:

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Are CR-1 Cases Going to Madrid Pivot?
2:30 pm today


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Has anyone recently gone through the CR-1 process at the Embassy of Madrid? Are they pivot cases? I have nearly all relevant documents scanned already. Just waiting on the police clearance certificate once we have our NOA2.

How long were your waits between NOA2, NVC, and then onward to interview date?

Did the medical exam results actually take five business days?

How long after the interview did you receive your visa? Did you live in Andaluc a or that far from Madrid?

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