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arrowAOS-Joint Sponsor Email
August 29, 2015, 12:14 am Last comment by volstennruiz

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Hello all! I'm at the NVC stage of the CR-1 visa process. Our embassy is Madrid, Spain. I have been stressing over getting all the AOS and IV documents (lots of delays--getting a joint sponsor) ready to send in. I'm going to mail them off tomorrow but I decided to call NVC tonight just to make sure that I had everything and to ask a few last minute questions. 


I'm kinda regretting calling now because the person I spoke with said that my joint sponsor wasn't "added" to my case and that I could still send the package but that I should email NVC to get him added. The rep mentioned that this would make things go smoother. 


I've called NVC about a 5 times during this process, two of those times asking questions specifically about my joint sponsor and I've never had this response.  :huh:

Has anyone gotten this answer or done this in their own case?



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arrowSSN after marriage and EAD to reflect married name
August 26, 2015, 12:59 pm Last comment by Maria&Seve

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Hey everyone,


I was wondering if it was okay to have my fiancée change her name to be reflected on our marriage license / certificate, file for AOS under her new married name, then apply for SSN after EAD is received, as opposed to applying for an SSN before marriage, filing AOS under her maiden name (which would be the one to appear on her green card? The reason for this is the time restraint. We want her married name to appear on her green card) then change the SSN to her married name once EAD is received. I have heard that the people at SSA are somewhat oblivious to K1 visas, and I just don't know what route is best.


Also, i've searched for hours and have only found contradictory information on HOW to change one's name...Is it personal preference or...


For example, my fiancée is Spanish and has a first name, middle name, and two last names. So in our case, she wants her new name to be in this order "First name, second last name, then my last name." I don't know if that is practical at all.


Thanks guys.

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arrowEAD - Form I-765 Expedited review - Urgent help - please...
August 24, 2015, 2:13 pm Last comment by alejandrohda

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I have a big problem in regards to my EAD application. I would really appreciate somebody to help me,


1.- My EAD-Form I-765 application was submitted on July 22nd. On the website shows that my case is under review.

2.- Last week, I received a job offer from an employer here in the US and for this reason I call a USCIS representative to see if I can expedite my case. I chose the individual financial loss for the reason I need this process expedited. I also mentioned that I can provide proof of this job offer.

3.- On August 21st, I got an email from the USCIS saying that I need to provide enough proof.

4.- The same day, I sent a job offer letter to them.

5.- Today, August 24th, I received an email with the following message


We have received the information and/or documents you submitted and found that they meet the requirements for expedited processing of your Form I765.


Your case is now under expedited review. You should receive a decision or notice of further action within 45 days from the date of this correspondence. 



Immigration Services Officer

Texas Service Center

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services


6.- Since, I did not understand the point with the 45 days, I called again to the USCIS, they said to me that a civil servant was going to phone me, since they did not know what was the point of the message.

7.- A USCIS officer called me saying that my petition for expedited review had been denied, since it did not show enough proof of an individual financial loss. I tried to explain to them what my situation was. However, the lady on the phone was limited to say that I did not provide enough proof and then she hanged up.


In the email, they sent is clearly stated that information and/or documents submitted met the requirement for expedited processing of my form I-765.


Why should I do now??? 


I tried to call them  (USCIS) ten times, but they always say that I need to wait 45 days as the email says... I do not have this amount of time. Please, what should I do?? Why they send me this message and then, I am said that I have been rejected...


Please, help

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arrowNVC Case Number, Now what?! k1
August 24, 2015, 9:53 am Last comment by teeak

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Hello all,


happy to share that I just called the NVC and after being on hold for 41 minutes, seriously, I finally have a case number and invoice Id Number! It took 31 days exactly since my NOA2 (k1 visa) but now I am wanting to know what are the next steps..


I have looked on VJ but I keep seeing post from 2011 and they confuse me even more because they are a little outdated. Do I need to send any financial sponsor info to the NVC?? What should I begin working on... 


The agent over the phone told me I needed to chose an agent and pay fees... a little confused about the agent part.... 


any help is greatly appreciated, 



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arrowI-134 Co-Sponsor and approved, how many?
August 16, 2015, 11:24 am Last comment by chaoticlogic

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To ease my mind and the minds of others, as well as to possibly avoid this question being asked in the future, how many of you used a co-sponsor for a K1 and got approved? What kind of financial situation were you in to need a co-sponsor? Hopefully this thread will take off.

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