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arrowSO frustrated!!
January 23, 2015, 7:56 pm Last comment by Boiler

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Okay, I've posted a bit since I've joined, maybe its to vent, but regardless, so thankful to have somewhere to post. 


As mentioned in my other posts my fiance and I have been looking for the right visa to apply for. 

Of course I had no idea the CR-1 existed so that didn't even come into mind but now it does. 


Why do so many lawyers and people who charge to do the visa paper work keep telling me to just get him here in a tourist visa, marry him, then apply for residency? Isn't that ILLEGAL?!! 


The of course I tell them that my divorce was finalized just about a year ago- they say that that makes me look like a cheater and "bad person" to immigration. 


They also keep telling me that we have had to be together two years. 


Maybe I wouldn't be frustrated if it was one person. But I've literally talked to 7 people and all have said the same exact things. 




girl who's head is about to explode with stress.  


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arrowPaying a lawyer..
January 23, 2015, 3:08 pm Last comment by dhlunar

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Thinking about going the lawyer route. How much is TOO much and how much did YOU pay if you used a lawyer?! 




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arrowK-1 vs K-3
January 23, 2015, 12:54 am Last comment by belinda63

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Hello all! 

First off, I am so excited to find Visa Journey. This is exactly what I needed during this time, what a relief! 


I have a couple of questions: 


Fiance and I want to start our process ASAP. Right now we are looking for lawyers and checking out prices etc.I have been to some consultations (which aren't free btw) and the lawyers always tell me the same thing: "Why not just do the K-3 visa? Will be much better, easier, and faster. He can come here on a tourist visa get married and go back, or you can go to Spain".... yeah do they know how much plane tickets costs?! Fiance & I want to be together as soon as possible, start our lives together, I feel like if I can have him here while we wait on the Update of Status, I'm okay with that, as long as we are together. Is there a reason they keep suggesting the K-3? Is it really "better"?! 


Other questions: 


I was married once before and my husband at the time had his adjustment of status through me (his temp 2 year resident card). At the 2 year mark when it was time to apply for his permanent residency our relationship was ill but I was willing to work on it. So I signed for him to get his permanent residency. He got into some really BIG legal trouble, I just couldn't deal with him, so I left to visit my family in Spain. In May 2013.. (This was almost 2 years ago)  I met the man who is now my fiance. We didn't start a relationship right away, but with he helped me realize that I could not be with this manipulative, and emotionally abusive man that was my husband. We started a relationship and I decided once I would get back I would get a divorce. I should mention my ex-husband never received his permanent residency, I do not know if that was because of our divorce or his legal issues, regardless, not my problem any more. (He married a month after our divorce and she had a baby like 6 months later). 


Because of now ex-husbands legal issues, I refused to get divorced without a lawyer. He refused to pay for it (said he was still in love and cried alligator tears) , so until I had the 1,0000 dollars to spend on a lawyer I had to wait to be divorced which was sometime in Jan 2014. Divorce was final in March 2014. In my divorce papers it does say we separated in Aug of 2013. 


I mention this because every time I mention this to a lawyer they look at me like I am crazy! One lawyer said to me that the dates not might not work out and we might have to wait to apply for the K-1 since we haven't been together for two years AFTER I divorced. She says that immigration will not consider that year a valid relationship because I was married. I have been to see him so many times after we met (thank you student breaks and extra student grants) and we are so in love and it hurts my heart that because of my first marriage this could be ruined. 


Any advice is greatly appreciated! 



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arrowFiling late tax return from outside US - specificically Spain
January 20, 2015, 6:02 pm Last comment by kak

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Could anyone advise me on filing a tax return from outside the US? Is it possible/easy to do yourself online or better to hire a lawyer? Any advice on the specific form? Should we call IRS?

A bit of background, we have got our case number and are looking at getting docs together for the IV/AOS package. My husband has been non resident for years and didn't realize he should have done a tax return. We have done our returns in Spain over the last several years - are these used for the US one?


Thank you very much in advance.

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arrowAOS interview from ESTA approved :)
January 16, 2015, 1:43 pm Last comment by LiliBurd

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we had our interview yesterday and were Approved!!!!

Our appointment was at 9:45 we arrived around 9:40, After waiting for more than 2 hours in a FREEZING waiting room the IO called our number.
He was the nicest man, very professional and friendly.
Our interview last less than 10 minutes. He makes us swear we were saying the truth.. Then asked for documentation my husband gave him his DL and I gave him my EAD.
He asked if we still live in the same address... If the signature from 1 document was from my husband... Asked if I had a job I said no, I just got my SSC a week ago and I still need to learn to drive.. And my husband said that's the next step and they both laughed. Then asked about my husband's job and talked for a little bit about it and random experiences.
He Asked me what date we got married. And if I went to honey moon I said not my husband said we are still saving money for the real thing, ceremony and honey moon and then the IO made a funny comment about his honey moon with his wife lol.
He asked for the most recent bank statement my I-94 and if I had pictures, he looked at all the pictures and asked where a couple of pictures where taken and said ok I will approve you 2 right now.. And talked about ROC a bit said God bless you and joked about my folder being organized and after that I dropped the folder and we have to pick up the documents Hahah
He didn't make us feel nervous or uncomfortable at all.

We were just getting out the elevator when my husband got 2 text messages from uscis saying the card is in production so happy!!

There was a point I was so nervous while waiting because everbody else was called in but not us I started thinking what could be wrong if it was because I didn't come with a K-1... but then it was sooooo easy, he didn't need to look at any other of my documents or asked about anything else.
we have been together fr almost 6 years so my husband said it was a easy case for him he seemed to have his mind made up before seeing us.

THANKS for all the help in the forum and good luck everybody else

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