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arrowDoes It Matter What State You Get Married In?
October 29, 2014, 4:50 pm Last comment by jonpinoy

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Hi everyone,


I am getting married to someone from Seoul, Korea.  We applied for a K-1 visa and everything has been going well so far, with no RFE or anything like that. The US Embassy in Seoul recently sent us an e-mail on 11/24/2014 giving my fiancee instructions on how to proceed.  She is working on getting all the vaccinations, medical exam, and interview in order so that she can obtain the visa.  She is planning to head over to the US to live with me in early 2015, if things work out.


Anyway, here's my dilemma.  I am a veterinarian working in the US, currently doing so in New York City.  I have just been granted the opportunity to do an internship outside of New York (in the Mid-west).  I will have to be there for a year and there's a good possibility that I will be there before my fiancee comes to live with me.  I am planning on having my fiancee live with me wherever I am stationed at in the mid-West but here's the thing.  I originally filed the case from my home in NYC.  I understand that when my fiance gets the K-1 visa and flies over, we have to get married in 90 days.  Do I have to get married in New York City where I am originally from (and also where I filed the K-1 visa application)?  Or is it possible to get married in another state where I am going to be doing my internship?  I will most likely come back to NY to work and live after my internship is done, if that helps at all.


I am just a bit worried because once I am in my internship I'm sure I won't have much free time.  I don't know if I have to take a short trip to NYC for a few days just to get the marriage license (the process takes 3 days minimum to get the marriage license and certificate) and fly back or whatever.


Any insight into this matter would be helpful.  Thanks a lot.

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arrowHelp with I-864
October 20, 2014, 11:06 pm Last comment by ksnooz

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Hello, my wife and I's I-130 has been accepted and it's now time for me to fill out the I-864 and I have a few questions.

I live in South Korea with my wife and are Direct Consular Filing. 


I have not been making any money and have never filed taxes(living off parents) so my Dad will be a joint sponsor.



1st - In part 5 I put a "1" in #1 a check in #2. and then do I put a "1" in #5 for my father? I am confused because it says he is filing an I-864a but from what I've read else where I thought he should also be filing a I-864 just like me.


2nd - Part 6 - Because I have been lucky enough to live here and not have to work this part is easy to fill out. Should I add a note saying my situation and why have not made any money or filed taxes?


3rd - Part 6 - My dad is a real estate investor and so his tax rebate, W2, makes it look like he doesnt make as much money as he truly does. It is still above 125% of the poverty line. Do you think I should add another note expanding on this? 


4th - Wifes family is going to give us around $60,000 as a wedding gift and to help us in life. We will get it when we are leaving to USA so do not have it now. Should I also make a note of this for them?


5th - In part 1 my dad checks 1.d "I am the only joint sponsor" correct?


6th - If my dad is supposed to fill out I-864 then what are I-864a and I-864ez meant for?


Thank you for your help.  


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arrowDS 260
October 19, 2014, 9:07 pm Last comment by Stressed Out

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I want to ask something, i filled the DS 260 on saturday but something just popped into my mind. On the page of spouse/petitioner's name which is my wife, i put her name with her new last name which is my last name but she started the whole petition with her former last name but she has since changed her last name to mine ever since and she bears the new last name in all her profile at work, insurance, bank etc. Did i make a mistake putting her new last name instead of the former one? I went back to the DS 260 this morning just to change it back to her former last name but i couldn't edit the page anymore, guess because i have submitted and completed it. What do you think please?

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arrowthe Chances of an IR-1 Denial?
October 5, 2014, 9:35 pm Last comment by rcg111109

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Hello again!


My wife has been hearing some rumors from friends that people are being denied their visas.


I am curious if anyone has experienced this or knows someone that has experienced this? 






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arrowEvidences in IV package???
September 28, 2014, 3:45 pm Last comment by Darnell

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Hello, someone said its good to add some evidences in the IV package like marriage pictures, emails, chats etc That when the applicant go for the interview, the consular must have already gone through the case file and have decided already whether to issue the visa or not. That its always good to put evidence in the IV package to convince them more. Actually, i thought all these evidences are meant for the interview. Please enlighten me more on this. Thanks

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