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How long does it take the USCIS to start reviewing the I-130?
2:40 am


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Hello all. Sorry if this is posted somewhere.

On August 12, I submitted the I-130. About two weeks later, they sent me a receipt saying they recieved it on August 17.

I checked my status online today (10.19.2017) and it is still 'received'.

My question is: when does the USCIS start reviewing applications?


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Conditional Permanent Residency if Married Less Than Two Years
8:35 pm


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At what stage is the conditional status attached to the permanent residency visa, e.g., USCIS, NVC, Embassy, Port of Entry? I ask because the processing time for my wife's visa (I'm the sponsoring USC) is projected to complete just shy of our two year wedding anniversary. If it's that close, we'd rather not go through the whole hassle again in just two years time if at all possible. For example, we could delay her move up within the required entry period on the visa so we'd satisfy the married for two years or more requirement at the time she enters the US. However, if the condition would be placed by the USCIS before going to the NVC then there wouldn't be much we could do. Any thoughts or similar experiences?

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how long?
8:14 pm


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hey guys, im hoping everyone is having a good day. I have two main questions that im unsure of but feel like I should know before I make my upcoming plans solid. if everything goes as the timelines say, the petition I sent it would be apporoved in January (crosses fingers it doesn't take longer).

the first question would be, after the approval of the petition (again, fingers crossed) how long would the rest of the process take? I know there is never a for sure amount of time. assuming we do everything correct, a guesstimate works.

my second question is, is there a deadline on when I can send in the affidavit of support? I plan to go next month to s.korea and spend the upcoming holidays with my husband until february but, im worried about that. lets say the affidavit of support form arrives and/or I have to fill it out but im not there in the US yet?

thanks guys!

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K-1 Gay Couple
6:26 am


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1) Does anyone have experience with applying for a K-1 visa as a gay couple?

2) We (the U.S. citizen and the foreign citizen) both live outside the U.S. for now, so is it possible to start the process from our country of residence and then move the U.S. together?

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F1 OPT student overpay I-765 fees
11:38 pm


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I know this is kind of stupid question. I submitted the I-765 form last thursday and paid $495 for my OPT graudating in December. I thought I should also pay $85 biometrics fee, but just realized that I do not have to pay for it.. because of F1 student under catogories of c3b for post OPT
Is it going to reject my application? or am I able to get refund?
To be honest, I do not care about refunding for biometircs fee, I just want to process my appication without rejection of it..


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