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January 23, 2017, 12:49 am Last comment by Bill & Katya

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Hi Guys!

So, Since I'm in the middle of preparing EVERYTHING for my Interview, For all of those who already went through this, I would like to know.... What did they ask you exactly ?\

I'm a little nervous

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January 23, 2017, 12:45 am Last comment by Calcif3r

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Hi guys! so I finally have my AOS interview on the 31st of January (in Kendall office, Miami FL) and we are in the process of getting stuff together for the interview.

I would really appreciate if you can take a look at my checklist and let me know if I'm missing anything? well, Thanks in advance and wish us luck... :) ...

Also, any tips and advice is welcome!!!



  • PHONE RECORDS (I plan to highlight calls between us)

  • INSTANT MESSAGES PRINTOUTS (VIBER - this is a ton!!! )

  • EMAILS between me and his family, mostly wedding planning stuff and birthday congratulations etc.

  • LOOSE PHOTOS of us and our family

  • photo album


  • Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates

  • Wedding congratulatory cards from family and friends

  • WEDDING VIDEO (okay, I know this one is pretty much useless because they won't watch it but I rather bring it and say, "this is our wedding video" it can't really hurt right?)

  • Itineraries of all trips we've been to as a couple

  • Lease agreement with both names on it


  • copies of ALL FORMS AND DOCUMENTS SENT IN INITIAL PACKAGE, maybe not necesarry but I won't be taking any chances.


  • Birth Certificates for both us

  • Passports for both us

  • SSN CARDS for both us

  • My I-94


  • Certified copy of our marriage certificate

  • MY Medical Examination sealed package -the've requested an RFE for this one and I am required to bring it

  • DMV issued Driver License for both us

  • My EAD/AP combo card

  • Joint Credit cards(3)

  • CAR INSURANCE CARD with both our names on it

  • Health INSURANCE POLICY with both our names on it

  • JOINT TAX RETURN 2016 (1040EZ) with both our names on it

  • Copies of wedding vendors invoices with both our names on it

  • PHONE CONTRACT with both our names on it


  • Copy of Affidavit of Support,

  • 4 recent pay stubs

  • employer letter,

  • W2 2016

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arrowI-751 Interview Experience
January 20, 2017, 7:56 pm Last comment by Hypnos

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Hello everyone,

Many of us are still waiting for an answer from USCIS. An interview is a possibility that might happen, which worries everyone. If you had or going to have an interview, please share your experiences, so the members that are still waiting like me can somehow be less worry and prepared.

I heard that with this interview, it would be harder since they will separate us and ask many questions, including private questions to see if we are match or have the same answers. People also say that if we have an interview, it can be random or it can mean that they are suspect something about our case.

Thank you very much for your sharing!

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arrowTimeline for this site metrics
January 19, 2017, 5:14 pm Last comment by geowrian

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So under the timeline there are the entries for NOA date. For example, it will state something like: EAD NOA Date

I received my I-797C forms and I have no idea what to put into those fields. For example there are the received dates, priority dates, and then the Notice Date. It would be helpful on the timeline editing page to have a jaavascript popover etc with a further description of what to enter for the NOA date for each type of form.

I still dont know what is the date that I should be entering into those fields. I am going to assume it is the Received Date?



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arrowGetting worried about possible RFE
January 19, 2017, 10:43 am Last comment by schung115

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Hello guys,

I have been lurking here for awhile now, and first time posting.

My husband applied for the I-751 last year Feb 17, 2016. Online case status still shows "case received." We filed with the Vermont Service Center. Few things I am worried about:

1. We moved last July, 2016 and did the online address change. I got super nervous hearing people missing notices and all that, so my husband and I made an infopass appointment last November 2016 to confirm we did not miss any notices and to confirm the address change was successful. We confirmed both with the immigration officer. Does this actually mean the address was changed? I just don't want to miss any RFE notices and get denied..

2. Now it is almost a year now since we filed, and my husband and I are traveling to Cancun in early April. I thought we would have the 10 year green card by then, but not sure if it is happening.

Husband's extension letter expires 2/17/2017. His GC expires 4/6/2017. When should we go to an infopass to get the I-551 stamp?

3. The below evidence are what we submitted in our application initially:

a) Joint bank account for checking/saving for the 2 years after my husband got GC

b) Joint leases under both my name and husband's name for the 2 years

c) Car insurance policies under both my name and husband's name

d) 2 notarized affidavits from friends

e) Utility bills

f) Join tax transcript for 2014 and joint tax return for 2015 - could not get transcripts for the 2015 one, since we had just submitted the tax returns and IRS would not let me order them.

g) Pictures of us including both family members

I know that some people get approved with less evidence than others, but just wanted some opinion if what we submitted looks OK at least.

Thanks everyone! Hopefully everyone gets good news soon!

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