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arrowi-134 Cosponsor situation
November 21, 2015, 4:58 am Last comment by vanityfair

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I know there are plenty of inquiries regarding the i-134 and a cosponsor, but it seems I have encountered a tricky situation. My mother has agreed to be our co-sponsor so I managed to gather all the required documents (i-134, 1040 from 2014, w2s from 2012-2014, pay stubs, and employment letter). According to the 2014 1040, She has 3 dependencies but she makes well over enough above the poverty line.


However, this is the issue: in 2014, she joint filed her taxes with my father (who happened to be unemployed so all the W2s and pay stubs indicate that she is the sole provider of the family and makes over the poverty line). However, ever since more than half a year ago, my father disappeared and none of us can get in contact with him. Therefore, the i-134 has my mother's signature and details. Since, we cannot get in contact with my father (who filed the 2014 1040s jointly with my mother at the time), I am not quite certain what I can do.


Perhaps I should write a letter to bring to the interview that would provide an explanation for the situation? 

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arrowi-20 visa, lost EAD card - travelling outside of country
November 16, 2015, 2:55 am Last comment by Elf

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Hi everyone, I'm asking this on the behalf of my newly wed wife. She is a Hong Kong resident & South Korean citizen, I'm a US citizen and we live together in Chicago. She currently is in the USA on an OPT visa (after completing her college degree & masters on an F1 visa). 


We got married a couple months ago, but we have held off on applying for marriage visa because we had travel plans for Christmas and NYE and wanted to not have to worry about leaving & reentering the states while the visa was pending. 


Right now I am in Singapore for 2 months for work -  she was going to come visit me (and her family in HK) early December through NYE. Unfortunately, she lost her Employment Authorization card. She still has her I-20 visa, and a photocopy of the EAD card. Her adviser from school told her she cannot re-enter the USA without her EAD card. Since it takes 3 months for a replacement EAD card, this means that all our travel plans will be canceled and she will not be able to visit her family as well.


Do we have any other options, or is it maybe possible for her to reenter the US with just the I-20 and not the EAD card? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much. 






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arrowChanging Last Name
November 14, 2015, 6:27 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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MY wife and I were married in South Korea and they do not usually change their last name but when we move back to the states we plan to change her last name to mine. Obviously when we fill out the petition and all other supporting documents we will use her maiden name but has anyone changed their last name when they have completed the process in the states? Also our son's Consular Birth certificate has her maiden name on it do we need to notify the change to them? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! 

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arrowNew to VJ - Just filed I-129F
November 13, 2015, 7:27 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hey everyone!


I have been admiring this site a lot in the past few weeks, so I finally decided to join.  I met my boyfriend (Korean) in Seoul while I was teaching English, just two short months before I returned home to the States.  Things have gone very well since then, and he visited my family from September-October of this year.  My family just adores him and gave us their blessing to take the next step in our relationship - phew!


Things have progressed very quickly since then... We sent off the petition for the I-129f today (not officially engaged yet, heheh...) and I will be visiting him and his family in January. We are hoping and praying that our visa comes through in good time, and are so excited for next year!


Thanks for all the help already, this site is golden!

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arrowVisa Interview Question about passport
November 13, 2015, 11:18 am Last comment by Ryan H

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My wife and I are scheduled for our interview on the 30th of November. We have all of our documents ready and are just waiting for the interview. I want to know if the immigration officer will keep her passport after the interview and whether or not this can be bypassed? My wife is a flight attendant and cannot go without her passport for a few days as she needs to work. She's not scheduled for any time off until February but that doesn't work for my schedule. I never thought, until now, that they would keep her passport cause I've been issued visas here in Korea and in Hong Kong and neither place kept my passport. Does anyone know how long they would hold it for if they did in fact, have to keep her passport? 

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