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visiting when approved but...
6:13 am


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so, i have seen questions asking if visiting while the petition is pending is fine if you can prove you aren't intending to stay if they ask for proof. my question is, what if your petition has been approved? my situation is that NVC is taking extremely long and it's been two months and i don't even have a case number yet and they say they haven't even received my papers yet (which is a whole different topic) our one year anniversary is quite soon and so i am just asking if my husband would be able to visit from south korea (a VWP country) for ten days although we are approved but technically not at nvc yet?

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Writing stepparent in the application
10:40 pm


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Hey everyone,

Got a very weird question that came up all of the sudden.

I just realized that I didn't have to write in my stepparent for the question asking for a parent's citizenship.

My stepmother is naturalized USC, my biological mother is deceased.

I wrote my stepmother in for that question, does this affect the application in any way?

Also, if my dad gets a divorce, will it have any effect on my documents as well?


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RFE for Chinese divorce document
1:27 am


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Ok, so after 6 months, they finally got to my application, only to be met with an RFE for a divorce document from her that is signed by a magistrate. Silly me saw what she sent me and realized that only the translator had signed anything for the translation. Of course its on Chinese new year of all times and she is there. I now have to see if she can stay beyond her time before going back to south korea, so she can get us a signed decree. China does have magistrates or judges that sign these documents dont they? I'm not keen on what they do in their systems. The documents she sent me were from the Guangzhou Notary Public Office. It says "Notary Public: Huang Jujing" Is that the name of the notary person I take it? I have uploaded the area where there is a signature. This is only the notary and not a magistrate or judge?


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I need your help about proxy marriage. (merged)
10:48 pm


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Im From the Philippines currently in a Refugee Visa (G1 -visa) in South Korea,and my Fiancee is a US army man from United states of America. We are both in South Korea right now and we want to get married, Because his in military,marriage in korea is a long process.we dont like to do the lengthy Process.

He told me that the best option he see is the Proxy Marriage.

My concern is

  • After we get the Marriage License can i process it in the US embassy in South Korea? Or do i need to go home and do the process of my IR1 or CR1 in the Philippines.
  • Does Doing Proxy marriage and having official Marriage License might cancel my Refugee visa in South Korea? Because I'm hoping i can stay while processing my CR1 or IR1 in south Korea and while waiting for it i can still do part time jobs and save a little before going to US.
  • Does a Proxy Marriage License will be recognize by the Philippine Law? Because i need to Register our Marriage License in the Philippines as my Fiancee want to have Dual Citizenship and own some property in the Philippines.
  • How long is the process of CR1 or IR1 for me to be able to fly to US?
  • What are the other problem or conflict that we need to consider and be prepared of?

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Name Change before submitting ROC
4:34 pm


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I'm sure many of you have been through this so hopefully it's an easy question.

Shortly after my wife got her permanent resident card with conditions she changed her name to my name. since obviously we are married.

But her permanent resident card is in her Maiden name so I'm wondering since I'm doing this ROC should I just write her new name on the I-751 form and that's it or do I need to submit additional documentation?

thank you

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