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Citizenship through Parent (Marriage) Questions
12:34 am


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Hello VJ Forum!

I didn't expect to post another question here but I couldn't find a relevant posts so please direct me if there are any related posts to my question :)

My biological father and myself were approved Green Card through marriage (IR 6 & 7).

I was 17 years old when my parents married in Aug, 2011 and became Permanent Resident in Jan, 2012. My birthday is in March so I was technically still under 17 years old when became LPR.

My stepmother has been USC since 2008 through Naturalization. Am I already a citizen?

I'm preparing my N-400 and as I was researching, I became very curious to check since there are so many different laws. I'm 22 now so I know that this may not apply to me.

Thank you in advance and good luck to everyone preparing to become a U.S. Citizen!

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SO MANY K1 visa questions
10:26 am


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So, after 7 long years, it is time for my to go back to the states along with my fiance, with whom i've been with for 5 years.

Looking at this form brought up so many questions, and searching for information hasn't really brought up enough answers.

so, regarding the i-129f:

1. we are planning to live in Chicago, a city neither of us have been to, but i do have a job opportunity there. i plan on staying with a friend or her sister for a week or 2 while searching for an apartment. should i just put her apartment? or would it be better to use my parents address (because it is stable?) in texas, even though i have zero plans on staying there?

2. mailing: i can't file from here in south korea, but i can send home to texas and my parents can forward it to Dallas, right?

3. evidence: I've been working here in korea as a teacher and my partner's apartment is about 15 minutes from my home. We literally see each other everyday. My alien registration card has my name, photo and address on it. I feel like this is the most solid documented evidence that we've met in the past 2 years, but should I include a map as well? We will go on and submit letters, photos, texts etc to each other as well!

4. FINALLY the biggest concern: Evidence to support my spouse! This has brought up so much anxiety. He just graduated college, and while his family is going to be helping him out a bit, he doesn't have anything directly in his name. As for my, i have my pension which has been collecting money for the last 7 years. It is a nice egg, and while it is mine, it does not appear in a bank account. I can request an official form with the amount which is saved up in there, as well as my job HERE in South Korea.

Thanks for the help!

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Missed by Biometric due to USPS or USCIS failure
7:39 pm


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Hello, I filed I485 on 12/22/2016 after getting married to my wife who is an american citizen. I got the receipt notice and I was waiting for an update anticipating for the biometric appointment letter. However my case status has been updated to "notice was returned to USCIS" As soon I saw that I immediately called the USCIS trying to find out what happened. It seems USPS or USCIS messed up (dont know which one) the mailing address and it was not delivered to me. The rep requested and inquiry and I also made an infopass appointment. This is kind of nerve wrecking....I need to get the green card ASAP for honey moon...and it seems both the inquiry and infopass will take at least 2 weeks and depending on how will they go after Idk how long it will take for me to get a rescheduled for the biometric...Anyone been through similar situation? is there any way for me to get through this any faster? will this effect my case time line overall? any advice?

thx for much help.

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Lost notice of 1 year extension after filling i-751
3:59 am


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i submitted my i-751 application (with only FD-258 fingerprint without passport pictures) in oct 2016 and i received 1st notice of action which shows that my conditional GC is extended a year.

i haven't received fingerprint notice or any other notice for my next step so i called and wrote a email to USCIS and i was told that i have to submit fd-258 fingerprint with (passport picture) agian, im currently in overseas due to my spouse military order, me and my husband is in overseas doing this paperwork right now.

however my husbands order is due soon and we are going back to states in few months, when i go back to states i need my 1st receipt that proves im extended another year but problem is i lost the receipt...so i called USCIS again but they take me to the next assistance and put me in hold for longgg time... i dont know how can i prove to immigration when i go back to states or get the new receipt from USCIS agian . please advise with this case, Thanks in advance

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Chinese police clearance for foreigners--how to get one issued from date of arrival in China
12:28 am


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My husband just had his interview and was preliminarily approved pending he submit a new Chinese police check. He's Canadian. We've been together since 2009 in university and everything is legitimate. We teach English in Guangzhou. We arrived in China on March 2nd, 2016 on legal Z work visas and changed to our residence permit on March 30th, 2016. The Notary Office/PSB in Guangzhou only issued him a police check dated from March 30th, 2016 to present. US immigration wants a police check dated from the date he stepped foot in China on March 2nd, 2016. The Notary Office/PSB absolutely refuses to do this. They say it's impossible. We've gone back 3 times and brought a translator but no luck. There's got to be someone else that has done this. What did you do? A mere 28 days between his China entry date and date of residency permit is stopping us from getting his green card!! Any advice is appreciated!

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