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arrowAfter file i-485
December 17, 2014, 2:56 pm Last comment by Penguin_ie

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HI, I filed i-485 and i-130 last friday, and confirmed my files arrived safety at monday.

But I have a question..


My Visa Waiver Program will be expired in this friday.

But I didn`t got confirm mail or text message yet.


If I can`t receive USCIS`s text message until this friday, am I become illegal alien?


I really concerning about this...



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arrowAOS after entering with pregnant USC wife
December 16, 2014, 3:28 am Last comment by Transborderwife

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I've read a lot of different views on entering the US with a visitors visa with the intent of staying, and I need a final word on my specific situation.
I met my wife in my home country and we dated for a year before she got pregnant. We both came (on the same plane but in different lines of immigration) to America the same date when she was almost 6 months pregnant and I entered with a visitor visa. I was given a 6 month permit and we got married before that period was over, in October. We have just sent the I-130 and I-485 concurrent filing today with all information of baby included. Is there a possibility of deportation or denial of my case because I entered with a visitor visa when my citizen wife was 6months pregnant? If so is there anything I could say that would help me during the interview?

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arrowHELP- Just got RFE for I-131, Advance Parole, due to departure of US prior to approval of I131- which I didn't!
December 5, 2014, 9:16 pm Last comment by jsp1001

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I was admitted to US as a K1 visa holder.

Got married on Aug 5th. All my documents for AOS and EAD+Advance Parole have been sent on Sept 5th.

Got a notification for Finger Prints on Sept 13th and went to get the biometrics taken on Sept 29th as scheduled.

And have been waiting since then without anything from USICS.


Today I just got a letter from USCIS saying they cannot process my Advance Parole since I departed prior to the approval of Advance Parole, which clearly I didn't do.

Upon receiving the letter, I immediately called NCSC (National Customer Service Center) and got ahold of someone.

Explained my situation and he put me on hold for 'next level representative'. 

And I was on hold for 2 hours and 30 something minutes... and finally was able to speak to some guy.


He looked up my case and said I should disregard the letter??! since in the system my case is still under the review.

I asked if I can get some type of written documentation so that I won't get disadvantaged later by ignoring the RFE.


He said they cannot send me anything.

Then said I should write the USCIS office a letter explaining my situation with copies of my k1 visa, Passport, RFE letter..

(He said something along the line of saying I am a K1 visa holder and didn't leave the States blah blah.. which didn't really help me..and made me more confused- why did he say I should disregard the letter??)



However, I just found out that on my travel record on i-94 website there is a departure recorded on 9/11/2014 (as below).

[attachment=19252:#######.jpg] click to enlarge

It just has departure date without where port of exit was. ?!!



I'm assuming that must be the reason why I got the RFE. 

There must have been some kind of mistake on the system apparently.



What do I need to present for the evidences that I didn't depart the US since arriving here as K1 visa holder?

Currently I am thinking

- Domestic Travel Records dating in between June 25th to present (airplane tix, hotel and car reservation receipts..)

- ASC Appointment Notice (Biometrics Appointment) with the processing stamp on it (showing that I showed up for the appt on 9/29)

- Bank account records (my debit card record showing my spending history in US since arrival until present)


Please let me know if anyone has been in a similar situation and what to do...



Thanks for all your help.




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arrowI-130 and G325A Questions
December 5, 2014, 5:30 am Last comment by Stressed Out

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Prepping to to begin the visa rodeo.  I'm nearly finished with my paperwork but ran into a but of confusion with a couple things.


First with the I-130


Question 15 says "Name and current address of present employer (if any)".  Is this questions asking for the employer of the Beneficiary (wife) or the Petitioner (me)?


Question 16 as well.  "Has your relative ever been under immigration proceedings?"  My relative has visited the US a couple times and thus has been through immigration as a tourist.  But i don't know if this question referring to these proceedings of getting a spouse visa?


Last on the G325A form.  On the very top, it asks for a File Number beginning with the letter "A".  Will we be assigned a file number after submitting the I-130 paperwork?  Should I just leave this blank?   



Thanks everyone!



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arrowAffidavit of Support and Needed Income Documents
December 4, 2014, 2:24 pm Last comment by jonpinoy

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Hi, we have been approved for a k-1 visa and my fiancé is already done with the medical exam and has visited the police station for police clearance. She is just waiting to be interviewed. I know I need to submit some documents proving income and I already have the letter from my employer stating how much I make and that I am a permanent employee.

As for the bank statement that needs the date the account is opened, the present balance and the amount deposited over the past year I am having a bit of trouble getting all of those three pieces of information in one letter. My bank is Chase and they gave me a letter stating the average balance and the date the account was opened along with the present balance. When I asked them that I needed the total amount that was deposited over the past year they said they could not give a different letter than the previous statement they printed out. Instead the bank teller gave me a list of all the deposits made to my account over the past year to include with the other letter, and said that is all she can do.

Will this suffice for my fiancée when she goes to her interview? The letter from Chase bank with the account opening date and the average balance has the bank teller information on it, but the listing of my deposits appeared to be just a print out from a website. It doesn't list the total amount deposited either, just the deposits themselves. Should I just include a letter stating the total amount deposited (adding up the deposits myself) and include it with the original letter or should I do something else?

Any insight would be helpful. I am also aware I need to give the last two months pay stubs and last W2 which I have. If it helps I make more than the 125% poverty guidelines for 2014.

Thanks for your help.

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