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Birth certificate in I-129F application
7:08 am


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Hi all, We are compiling our documents to file the I-129F form. I'm a little confused as to if the beneficaiary also has to include a include their birth certificate. The I-129F instruction guide mention nothing about this. It only ask for the birth certificate of the USC (the petitioner). My understanding that the beneficiary's birth certificate is only neccessary at the embassy interview stage. Am I correct?

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Late submission for Advance Parole will delay the temporary work authorization approval?
6:14 pm


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Dear all,

Thanks for being supportive in advance!

I have applied for permanent residency application along with temporary work authorization. I did not submit the advance parole at the time of submission and now I am in need of travelling outside of the US. Can anyone tell me if I were to submit the advance parole application now, that will delay my work authorization approval which was submitted about a month ago?

Any insight is appreciated it. Thank you.

Very best

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Travel out of country during greencard application
8:12 pm


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Dear all,

I currently hold G4 visa working at an international organization. I have American husband and applied for adjustment of status about a month ago based on the marriage. In this case, can I travel outside of the US to visit my home country or other countries while waiting for the green card application to be approved? Since I hold G4 visa, it is okay to go out or I can't go out unless I get the advance parole which I have not yet applied... Thanks for any insight on this.

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Approval time for i-130 in Seoul
2:56 pm


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I waa wondering if anyone has recently had their i-130 approved at the Embassy in Seoul and how long it took? It's been 4 weeks since we submitted it and I'm feeling a bit nervous! The woman said it would take up to 2 months but I've heard of most people getting approved in a couple of weeks.

Thanks in advance

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After 7 months still NOA1 received
3:42 am


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I filed November 10th 2016 and on April 20th 2017 I called USCIS that it's been over 5 months.

They sent me a letter on April 28th that they would send a decision within 45 days.

Now it's June and still haven't received a decision. I am so frustrated and confused on why it's taking so long. Anyone point me in the right direction?

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