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Which Affidavit of Support
9:37 pm


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hey guys, I have a question that has probably been asked many times but, better safe then sorry. im the petitioner and im at the nvc part where I have to show financial information. I don't make enough so I am having my mom as a co sponsor. so which forms do we fill out? I would do the I-864 and her an I-864a? is this correct? thank you in advance.

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Community Reputation
10:34 pm


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I was trying to surf thru for a faq or some subject on this. But what is it exactly and how does the counter move up or down?

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Change of address after visa approval, before entry to the U.S.
7:52 pm


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Hello everyone,

I have a question in regards to whether I need to notify either the USCIS or NVC (or neither) about a change in address after the K-1 visa has already been approved. I started the visa process back in July of 2017 (NOA1), got the NOA2 in November, and my fiance had her embassy interview in South Korea in March. She has already gotten her passport back in the mail with the visa in the passport, but she isn't planning on coming for a few more months while she wraps up some things back at home.

We are not sure if we need to report my change in address, as I just moved to a new state and a new job. I still have my old mailing address for another few weeks, but I will be permanently moved out of that address before the end of April. I had read on here that it's not necessary and she will just need to list my (our) address on the I-94 when she enters the country, but the post I read was from 2012 and I wanted to see if there was any new information about this. I called the USCIS and explained my situation, but they just gave me a mailing address for the NVC and said if I needed to inform anyone it would be them since our visa process had already passed beyond the USCIS.

Any information or suggestions would be appreciated!

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K1 Visa DS-160 Question USC petitioner living abroad
6:10 am


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Hi Fellow Visa Journeyers,

I am currently busy filling out the DS-160 and got stumped by two questions or section that I am not sure how to proceed on. Under the Family section, there are two further subsections called 'Relatives' and 'Fianc /Fianc e' respectively.

To understand my confusion with these seemingly easy questions, a bit of background is necessary.

We are a same-sex couple, both living and working in Seoul, South Korea. he is an American and I am South African. We are both planning to move to the US later this year. We know we will face a few unique challenges with regards to the affidavit of support and proof of the USC's intent to re-establish domicile. We have a co-sponsor, a place to live rent-free for a year or for as long as we need, and a well-thought-out plan to secure ourselves financially. Usually, when people file for K1 visas the USC is in the United States and therefore the following questions would be easy to answer.

My questions:

1. Under Relatives is the question: Do you have any immediate relatives, not including parents, in the United States? (You have to click YES or NO). I opted to click YES. Is this right, even though he is not physically present in the US right now?

2. Under the Fianc /Fianc e, I have to fill out his address. Which address do I fill out? The one where we will live for the first year of marriage in the States? Or the one we live at right now in Korea?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I-751 pending. Divorce now and file waiver?
2:44 pm


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Good morning,

I know there are some post of related matter but I'd like to ask the members what is good for my case.

I came to the United States in 2015 with my K-1 Visa and got the conditional greencard.

back in 2016, my Ex(well he is technically still my husband but I'm calling him as an ex) got changed really bad and got out from the house. we've separated since then.

If you wanna know what happened... here we go. you can skip this part

in August 2016, He accused me cheating on him with my coworker who is gay. My coworker wanted to talk to him to tell him he is not interested in girls but well, he didn't wanna listen.

From earlier that year, he didn't want me to do something without him away from the house but he didn't want to spend time with me. He just wanted to lock me in the house.

After he got out from the house, I was in really bad depression and got real bad health issue so he said we can try to work on the marriage but didn't work. Actually, he didn't do anything. He was gone. I couldn't see him for months.

The house we had(and still have) had some issue and I had to move out from that house in July on 2017. He said he was gonna move back in but didn't.

Later I found out that he actually had a girlfriend when we were "supposed" to work on marriage. or actually even before! I don't know how long they've been dating but I know it has been awhile. Last year he moved out from TN and went to Illinois to live with her.

He didn't know that I knew all about that until 2 weeks ago. He was FREAKED OUT. He still wanted to have sex with me late last year and I said no but kept all his texts and naked pic he sent me.

Well, I don't think that girl knows what he's been doing to me but I am not telling her anything because I want her to keep him forever :) and ever after.

His family is on my side and they told me what he's up to. They are so happy for me that we are getting divorce. HA They don't like what he's doing and they are want me to be happy just ending everything with him ASAP but still keeping relationship with them. they don't even't talk to him.

November of last year I applied for the green card. we were already separated but he agreed on helping me get my 10 years green card. I think it's a way for him to feel less guilty about what he has done. He said he would wait with me to get my greencard done and would go to the interview as well if needed. But he's getting impatient. maybe it's because I got the conditional one in 3 months without an interview....

He's keep asking me about GC update that I ALSO WANNA KNOW SO BAD!! and I met a person that treats me way better and makes me to think why the heck did I deal with my ex before and even tried to work on the marriage. I am happy, and wanna get done with my ex ASAP since he's asking me stupid questions every day (He is super nice to me lately and all his family and my friends think he is having an issue with his girlfriend and may wanna come back to me WHICH I AM SAYING F NO.) and also I want this person I'm with doesn't feel he's with a married woman.

so, if it's not so risky, I am just gonna file divorce and file the waiver.

Some people of the forum said I should notify USCIS to as soon as I file the divorce.. and some said I just need to wait until it's finalized.

I am going to file the fastest option we can choose, so it will only take a month to finalize.

so my questions are

1. what is the process for the waiver if you already have a 1-751 pending? file a divorce- finalize - waiver? it is received at the local office like others btw.

2. how risky is it??

3. if my boyfriend wants to marry me while the waiver is going on (after the divorce) .. do I need to wait until the GC gets approved? We both are not really young. I can see he wants it. I didn't say anything but I'd like to have an idea what can we do if it happens.

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