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arrowEvidences in IV package???
September 28, 2014, 3:45 pm Last comment by Darnell

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Hello, someone said its good to add some evidences in the IV package like marriage pictures, emails, chats etc That when the applicant go for the interview, the consular must have already gone through the case file and have decided already whether to issue the visa or not. That its always good to put evidence in the IV package to convince them more. Actually, i thought all these evidences are meant for the interview. Please enlighten me more on this. Thanks

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arrowNVC 60 Day Delay??? From even looking at Paperwork???
September 26, 2014, 10:42 am Last comment by EOC4ever

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Really???  And this is 1 year after NAO1 and 1 Month after NAO2 for my step daughter's I-130.  Of course there was no delay in extracting fees out of my bank account. This has gone beyond ridiculous, tossed from California to Texas and now at the NVC is buried.  Based on this, the month that has gone by, and the need to have an appointment at the embassy, this could be tied up at the NVC for 4-5 months!





Dear Sir/Madam,



The National Visa Center (NVC) received your documents on 24-SEP-14.


We are currently receiving an increased number of approved petitions from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. As a result, we are experiencing increased review times for documents received.


We expect it will be at least 60 days from the date we received your mail before we complete the review of your documents. We will notify you when we review your documents.


We are working to reduce these processing times and we appreciate your patience.


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arrowReceived a letter with title Request for Initial Evidence.
September 25, 2014, 5:00 pm Last comment by belinda63

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I'm a US citizen and I am trying to help my mother, who entered US under the visa waiver program, get permanent residency here.


I filed I-130, and filed I-485 a week later.

It's been few weeks since I filed I-485, my mother was called in to do biometrics and now we were waiting for a interview.

But today I got this letter saying I need to send in more documents.

I took screenshots of the directions here:


I already filed I-130 prior to filing I-485. And I filed I-864 along with I-485. 
What should send in for this case? Just proofs that I filed I-130?


For the second page, it looks like it's asking me to file I-485 Supplement A which will cost me extra $1,000.

But my mother did enter US with inspection under the visa waiver program. Am I really required to file Supplement A? If not, what else should I send in?



Thank you very much in advance.

This website has been really helpful.

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arrowwe haven't received our NOA1 hardcopy yet.
September 23, 2014, 8:39 am Last comment by A&B

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Hi! I am an worrywart and getting worried about my fiance visa since we never received NOA1 hardcopy yet. :clock:


We filed the petition for fiance visa back in July and received an email with WAC#  (receipt number i guess?) on July 29th.

We checekd "my status" on USCIS's   homepage  and found out that the NOA1 hardcopy was returned to USCIS on Aug 14th as undeliverable, So had to called USCIS and tell them the address (Of course the pettitioner never moved after filed).  and they said they will send the duplicate on Aug 18th.


Now Its been a month since they said it and we never received the dupulicate. we are going to call the USCIS again as they told us to call them back if we didn't receive it within 30days.

I don't think we will ever get the dupulicate even if we call them again... :cry2:  Maybe we should call the post office to ask why they returned it to sender(uscis)?


What i really worried about is NOA2.  what if we don't receive NOA2 like NOA1 even though we have filed the pettition with correct address and even called them to make sure?


Is anyone out there in the same situation?  



Thank you in advance. You all have a great day (F)



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arrowI-797C Rejection Notice resubmission question
September 18, 2014, 10:47 pm Last comment by seth2013

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I just got my Form I-821D & I-765 rejected because I forgot to include my date of birth and signature on the application.


My applications came back with the I-797C rejection form stapled on top of them, as well as an intimidating green letter on top of my I-821D form.


How am I supposed to resubmit it? I was about to tear off the I-797C rejection form and send ONLY my applications as well as the specified green letter on top. Am I doing this correctly, or am I missing something?


Thank you,


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