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arrowNotice sent back to USCIS / Interview Missed, Denied [edited title/merged threads]
November 18, 2014, 12:09 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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I am petitioner for my wife's I-485.. we were married May 2014 and we concurrent filed i-130 and i-485 together mid August 2014. Got biometrics interview appoint notice few weeks later and She did he Biometrics early Septemebr 2014.


Now the issue... Because it has been over two months without any answers..I checked online and below is what I found out yesterday...


Notice Was Returned To USCIS Because The Post Office Could Not Deliver It

On October 25, 2014, the Post Office returned a notice we sent you for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status, Receipt Number MSCXXXXXX, because they could not deliver it. This could have a serious effect on your case. Please go to to request a copy of the notice immediately. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.


I called back few times yesterday to talk to tier two but was unable to do so.. I am afraid if the notice was an interview appointment notice...I am afraid that we would miss it since we have no idea of knowing the date/time..
Also service request would take 2-4weeks but did it anyway and appointment I made through infopass is scheduled December 1st... If it was a RFE notice, I am aware I have more than 2 months to reply to that so I am not worried but if it was an interview, I know it is usually scheduled 4-6 weeks after receiving the notice..
Would I be able to reschedule the interview even if I miss the interview because of above circumstances?
Would tier 2 able to tell me what kind of notice it was?
During infopass, how helpful would they be?
Few infos about me and my Wife.
She entered into US as Visa Waiver Program to see her Sister who is studying in California on Dec, 2011.
Later she misses her 3 month stay and over stays her VWP.
My wife and I meet on November 2012, gets married on May 2014. We file our I-130 and I-485 on Mid August, 2014.
I am US Citizen.
We am extremely terrified.. 
Any help/further advise will help..
Thank you..
Soon Yong





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arrowPassport Expires 06/2015 COMPLICATED QUESTION
November 13, 2014, 9:56 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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Back story:

In November, we sent all of our documents to NVC for processing. They received them and sent a letter via email on 11/11/14 saying that it will take at least 60 days to process the documents as they've very busy right now.

My question:

My husband's (the applicant) passport expires 06/15.How long does his passport need to valid from the time we're accepted (hopefully)? He's Iraqi and we live in South Korea tried to renew/extend his passport here, in South Korea, but his embassy can't extend/renew it. He would have to go to China as the Iraqi embassy there CAN do it. 

Here's the catch, he can't leave south Korea, if he does he can't re-enter. Our interview will be here in south Korea. What should we do? Will we have enough time on his passport? 


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arrowSouth Korean Wife- Tourist Visa and I-485 An Option?
November 12, 2014, 3:15 pm Last comment by zijerem

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Hello all,


                 I've been married to my wife, a South Korean citizen, for a year now (we married in South Korea) and we're currently living together in Russia where I teach ESL.  She's entered the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program before, and we are looking to move back to the U.S. next year.  I've been told filing the I-485 is a (relatively) painless option for getting a Residency Visa for her from inside the United States.  Is this correct, or is it a better idea for her to apply from South Korea using the I-130 form?  Any advice you'd have for me is greatly appreciated!



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arrowDo we have to call NVC? (After Noa2)
November 7, 2014, 1:49 am Last comment by Shally-Keith

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We have got NOA2 on Oct 20th and waiting for the mail  from NVC. It seems like a lot of ppl call the NVC in advance and get the CASE#. but  i heard it is hard to talk to them cuz it takes forever or they never answer. So, I dont feel like i wanna call them ...

Do we have to call them anyway ??? Is it essential?


Or I wonder if we can contact NCV thourgh e-mail...


Thank you in advance!


Have a great day.

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arrowUse of county clinic -- ground for AOS rejection?
November 5, 2014, 7:22 pm Last comment by NancyNguyen

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Hi all,


My wife moved to the US on K-1, we got married and we are in the process of filing for AOS. She has an ongoing medical condition and taking drugs. We are still waiting for our obamacare insurance to kick in. Meanwhile she ran out of the drug. The county clinic provides free counseling and cheap prescription, like $40 for the whole year. We are wondering if that would constitute the use of welfare and therefore a ground for rejection of our AOS application. Any thoughts on this?




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