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arrowHelp please, before I lose my mind...
February 18, 2015, 9:38 pm Last comment by minions2

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Hi all,


I am traveling overseas in 6 weeks (flight booked) and I have an N-600 currently processing with USCIS.  I sent out the N-600 application on 9/2014, received the NOA on 10/2/2014, and the local office (San Francisco) received the file on 10/22/2015.  I was hoping to receive my certificate by March so I could apply for my US passport, but it is now looking like that is highly unlikely (going off the USCIS processing times). 


A little background info about me: I was born in S. Korea, and came to the US when I was 3 (I'm now 37).  Both of my parents were naturalized before I turned 18.  I have never applied for US citizenship or passport. 


I would just go apply for a US passport, but I don't know if I have all the necessary documents.  According to the instructions on form DS-11, I need:

If you claim citizenship through naturalization of parent(s): Submit the Certificate(s) of Naturalization of your parent(s), your foreign birth certificate (and official translation if the

document is not in English), proof of your admission to the United States for permanent residence, and your parents' marriage/certificate and/or evidence that you were in the

legal and physical custody of your U.S. citizen parent, if applicable.



I have my mom's original Certificate of Naturalization, but only a photocopy of my dad's (my dad died 15 years ago, my mom never remarried).  I cannot really prove that I was in the legal and physical custody of my parents (lost all school and medical records).  Should I just renew my Korean passport?  Will that affect my eligibility to obtain my Certificate of Citizenship?


Please advise.  I am literally losing sleep over this.


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arrowCan anyone confirm that there is only one type of birth certificate in the U.S?
February 18, 2015, 1:10 am Last comment by HislittleSecret

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Hi, there


I heard someone saying long version or short version of birth certificate and it made me wonder if my fiancee's one is the right one. But as far as I know there is only one type of birth certificate in the U.S. Is there anyone who can confirm that?


FYI, what she got reads from the top as following; 


Ohio Department of Health

Vital statistics

Certificate of Live birth


And some biographic info of her and her parents such as name, date of birth, origin and so on


It's an one page document and she copied both front and back of it. Is it alright to submit this one as birth certificate?

Also, do I(beneficiary) need to submit her original birth certificate for an interview later on? I think I don't, right?


Thank you for your help.





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arrowSubmitted DS 260 online... now what?
February 17, 2015, 1:50 am Last comment by D&B18

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We filing our DS-260 application online 2 weeks ago.  According to the Packet 3 instructions, it said it would take 6-10 weeks for a notification to set up an interview appointment.


With the DCF process, is it different?  Once we submit the DS260 and have the confirmation page can we make an appoint for an interview?


Called the embassy in Seoul several times but not getting anyone to answer the phone.  Limited staff in the USCIS office. 


We have all the other documents ready for the interview, we're so close to being done and just want to get it over with.


Anyone with answer please help me out.  Thank you much!

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arrow(For tuition purpose) What would be my visa status after 90 days from my entry as k-1 visa holder?
February 16, 2015, 9:45 pm Last comment by A&B

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Hi, there. I came up with this question while I was looking into state residency for tuition purpose. My fiancee and I are about to file I-129f and I'd like to know what my visa status will be during the process of getting GC in order to see if I'm eligible for in-state tuition.

Will I remain as K-1 visa holder for approximately one year until I get my GC? Or Does it change as I get work permit? Or does it change as I file for AOS?

Please share any of your experience regarding applying for In-state tuition. Thank you!

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arrowFiled I130 on March 5,2014, got approved on April 8 2014. Whats next?
February 13, 2015, 5:04 pm Last comment by Rose suzzane

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I got I-130 approved April 8, 2014, and I am hearing nothing back from INS. Is there anything I need to do?

I am also confused..... I am trying to invite my wife, and my next step is I-485( I heard)..... is this CR-1?


Thank you in advanced!!

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