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arrowDriver's license for conditional green card holder.
July 12, 2016, 8:05 pm Last comment by mindthegap

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I've tried looking at my state's DMV site (NJ) but am having trouble finding a definitive answer.


My wife has a conditional green card and she also has an international driver's license as well as her native South Korean driver's license.


Does she need to take a written test?  Would she also need to take a road test?


Bit confused about the process as the website doesn't mention anything for green card or conditional green card holders.


Thanks in advance!




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arrowQuestion on supporting docs for i-130
July 12, 2016, 6:05 pm Last comment by arken

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I (beneficiary) realized that some other beneficiaries when their spouse filed for them, they added beneficiary's birth certificate.


I did not find anything in the instruction for i-130 saying that I need my birth certificate. I understand that we may use one for petitioner (in order to see if the petitioner is U.S. citizen or not), but I am not sure if they still need mine.


Does anyone know? 

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arrowPhones at Detroit biometrics?
July 9, 2016, 6:05 pm Last comment by essenjay

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Hi all,


My husband just got his notice to go to Detroit for his biometrics appointment week after next. We live in Ann Arbor and don't own a car, so he was planning to take Uber. The problem is, of course, the notice says no cell phones are allowed. I know the actual situation differs from office to office, so we were wondering if anyone has any insight into what the situation is on the ground at the Detroit office (it's in the USCIS building on Jefferson). Will it be okay if he just keeps it off and in his pocket? Or is there anywhere to store it? Are they flexible at all?


I've read the reviews of the Detroit office and saw that people going for their interviews were in fact allowed to take their phones in, but we're worried in case there's a separate entrance for biometrics or something... Would love to hear someone's actual experience!



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arrowI-864 Sponsor Address
July 6, 2016, 8:51 pm Last comment by NLR
david morehead

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I'm currently residing in South Korea but will be moving to America in about 3 weeks. Chances are my wife's visa appointment will be after I'm already back living in America. 



Part 4. Information on the Sponsor

2. Sponsor's Mailing Address

3. Sponsor's Place of Residence

Other Information

5. Country of Domicile


I'm curious if anyone can advise me on whether to use my current Korean address or my future American address???



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arrowVWP then get married or get married now?
July 5, 2016, 2:54 pm Last comment by johhny5

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I am a US born citizen and my girl friend has an valid J-1 Visa ( au pair, no 2 yr return requirement ).  It is going to expire in like 2 more weeks but her agency has the return flight for mid August as the rules allow for her to stay 30 days past the Visa to get her affairs in order.  She is from a country that has a Visa waiver program and she has been approved though I know there is no guarantee of anything at the border.  She plans on returning early september to come with me to a friend's wedding as well as travel with me here in the US.




My orignal plan was to have her come back on the VWP and then ask her to get married in those 90 days.  The other option I had considered was to get married in the next few days before she left and still had a valid J1 Visa.  


So now I am conused on which course of action to take.  I had asked on an immigration site for lawyers and all of them didnt say one thing except get a lawyer.  I did a phone call with one of them and he said that option 1 was easier.  But why?  Also I heard that she shouldnt travel in August if I choose option 2 and get married at the court house.  I would fill out both the I-30 and I-485 immediately after we got married.


Pros / Cons to both options?  She is worried that she may not be able to come back in September if we go the VWP route.  The lawyer I spoke to earlier said it may be harder with the J1 Visa and getting married now than getting married if she is here during VWP.  I am confused with conflicting messages.  Perhaps advice from those that may have experienced it will help me.


Thanks in advance!









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