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arrowi130 petition to NVC
August 24, 2014, 11:55 pm Last comment by LoveMyMiky

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Hello everyone,


 I just joined this page recently and its still pretty new to me. I want some clarifications please, we got the i130 approval notice from USCIS on the 4th of August and was told that the petition has been sent to NVC for processing. We have not heard anything from NVC since, the suspense is killing as myself and my wife can't wait to be with each other. Please what can we do to know if NVC got the petition and if the peition is being processed or something. I am just so confused. And is there anything we need to do to prepare ourselves ahead? I would be so glad to have some comprehensive responses. Thanks so much.

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arrowwaiting for interview scheduled and moved!!
August 22, 2014, 12:30 am Last comment by Elice

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Hi guys I need a help!!
I am waiting to hear from uscis for interview scheduling. I and my spouse both are students and we stayed with his parents during the summer vacation. Now we got new apartment in different city but still the addresses are same field office as when we lived his parents' house. My husband said we might not have to change address since we are students and his parents' house is our permanent address but I think we have to because it's important to let uscis know that our physical address. I wonder do we have to file change of address or not? I really don't want to. If we have to file change of address will it slow down our interview scheduling? His parents' address and our new address are located for same filed office which is Kansas city!

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arrowI-130 Approved for Step Daughter - Now What? How Long?
August 20, 2014, 7:52 pm Last comment by LoveMyMiky

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Hi There, My Step Daughter's I-130 has finally been approved!!!  She is 17 and currently resides in South Korea.   Her mother just got back from Korea a month ago after securing all the paperwork required to meet the USCIS requests. It has been 10.5 months in all since filling the I-130 as it was reassigned to Texas from CA. 


Obviously we are anxious about getting her here especially since the new school year is beginning.  Can someone help in explaining what needs to happen next?   I have tried to search the topic but I am unclear as to the timing and the interaction required with the Visa Center and the South Korean Embassy.


I am guessing I will hear from the center shortly, but not sure about how long until we can get her here, what is required as far as paperwork and what support we will need to give her regarding the embassy.    Much thanks for your responses!

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arrowN-400 Spouse's Naturalization Date
August 20, 2014, 9:37 am Last comment by Sponge

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Hi, I'm filling out the N-400, and my husband doesn't know his naturalization date.  His parents were naturalized in the 90s, and in different years.  He knows he was naturalized through them.  His father says naturalization happened when he was naturalized (two years after the mother), but all I can find online only is rulings for 2001 and beyond.


I called USCIS and they said we have to obtain an appointment to find this information, and the earliest available date is over two months from now.


Can/should I leave it blank and leave an explanation on a letter?

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arrowN-400 Expired Passport
August 18, 2014, 11:47 pm Last comment by Sponge

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Hi, I searched but couldn't find a definitive answer.


I am filling out the N-400 based on 3+ years of marriage while having a green card.  One of the requirements is proof of citizenship of my spouse.  His passport is currently expired.  Can this still be used, or will we need something additional?


Thank you

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