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IR-1 Visa - Traveling before entering the US
12:55 am


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Hello everyone,

My wife was issued her IR-1 visa a few weeks ago. We now have until mid August to enter the United States.

We are currently living in South Korea. Our family is trying to plan a family trip before my wife and I head to the United States. Are there any travel restrictions prior to entering the United States under her IR-1 visa? They are planning to travel to somewhere in South East Asia for a week or so in May and we are planning to head to the United States in June. Are there any issues with traveling prior to entering the United States?

I hope my question isn't too confusing.

Thank you for any assistance.


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Leaving the USA after CR-1 approval
10:56 pm


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My wife is Korean and we are currently in the process of getting her CR-1 visa. We just need to do our interview now. She is planning on coming to the USA this summer, whether is be on a tourist visa or the CR-1, if it's approved in time.

My question is: After a CR-1 is approved and given out, are there any restrictions on how long she is allowed to leave the USA before returning? She will have to go home to Korea for up to a few months. Has anyone had experience with this or know if there is a set amount of time a CR-1 holder can leave the country during the first year?

Also, if she is in America on a tourist visa, and her CR-1 is approved while she is there, does she have to leave the country and re-enter? Or would she be okay just staying in the USA?

Any help is appreciated!

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f1 visa while i-130 pending
7:45 am


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I am a foreigner planning to immigrate to US with my family through family preference visa i-130. After 10 years of waiting, my mother(principal applicant)'s case filed by my uncle has finally begun processing and i am listed as her accompany. We have sent all our documents to NVC and is waiting for the interview but nvc is not responding to our emails and their work is very slow, so i don't know when our interview will take place. It could take many months. The problem is, i have been admitted to a graduate school in US with full tuition scholarship, so i need to start school this August. To go to US, I was going to apply for f-1 visa, but it seems the problem is bigger than I had thought. I know that filing for i-130 shows my immigrant intent and that it conflicts with f-1 visa which has non-immigrant intent.

I must go to the US no later than this August. What should I do in this situation?

1. Should I withdraw my i-130 petition? (plus, can I withdraw from the case alone and let my mother proceed with her case?) will this make me eligible to recieve f1 visa?

2. Should I file for f1 visa while i130 pending and try to convince the officer at interview? what is the possibility of this opiton

3. Is it true that withdrawl from i-130 will NOT put me at greater chance of getting f1 visa because immigrant intent has already been revealed?

Sorry for my english, Many thanks in advance

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Affidavit of Support: K-1 Visa US citizen working abroad
11:46 pm


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Hi I have a few questions about the affidavit requirement and co-sponsorship.

I'm an American that's been working abroad in South Korean for the past two years. Would the US take my Korean salary/taxes/bank info as proof of income on the AOS? I'm a little lost what US citizens who've been working abroad are supposed to do.

My mother has offered to co-sponsor if necessary. My other question is: When co-sponsoring, would we have to plan on living in the same household? I plan on moving to Hawaii when I come back to the US and my mom lives in Indiana. Does that matter?

Thanks for your help :)

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Simple Question about i130
5:22 pm


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im planning on filing very soon (sometime this month) and I am going to do the new version of the i130 form, but im unsure if that new version still requires the g325a to be attached along with it as it already covers all of the information in the new forms? I cant find this information anywhere or maybe I haven't looked enough but if someone can answer, thank you.

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