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I-751 : Is this enough evidence?
10:28 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone,

My filing is actually like a year away but I like planning ahead so.. :P

Below is the evidence I can think of so far.

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Driver s license of both with old address
  • Driver s license of both with new address
  • Jointly filed tax returns
  • 2 joint debit cards and 2 joint credit cards
  • 2-30 Photos with family and friends
  • Joint vision,dental,health insurance
  • Joint car insurance
  • Joint rental insruance
  • Life insurance/401K listing each other as beneficiary
  • Joint phone bills
  • Vacation receipts inside and outside US
  • Copies of bill calendars with our paychecks and spendings combined (this is nothing official but what I personally note every month to manage our finance, and was thinking why not including this)
  • Greeting cards from friends and family addressed to both of us

The thing is our proof of living together - we don't have a lease / utility bills with both names on since we are on a sublease from our friend. Only my spouse is listed on the contract and utilities technically go through our friend's name.

However I was thinking of still including a contract, rent/utilities coming out from our joint account, a cover letter explaining this and all the important mails for both of us addressed to the same address.

We can also try to get an affidavit from that friend about the housing situation, and a Medical Power of Attorney if evidence above is not solid enough - what do you think? Will we need more than those?

Thank you soo much for your chiming in in advance :)

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Zip code 95826
8:02 pm yesterday


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Hello. I ll be moving from Texas to Sacramento, zip code above. Right now my Texas local office is handling February 2017 files. For 95826, which office would that be and what s their processing speed? I was really hoping spending time with my family in Korea for my baby s one year birthday in May.

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How long does it take to get finger print letter after I got I-797?
6:43 pm yesterday


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I sent my document on 10/23 so I got i-797 NOA 10/30. I thought I'm going to get my finger print letter within one month.

It is already December. I started to worry. Should I call USCIS office? or wait little more?

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social security update after the oath ceremony
3:56 am yesterday


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Hi, I'm scheduled for 12/21 ceremony in LA. I changed my name and I was planning to go to SSN office right after the ceremony so I can apply for the new passport subsequently.

But I read online that you're supposed to wait 21 days after the ceremony. Is this true?

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TSA PreCheck
8:40 pm yesterday


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Hi, has anyone tried to apply for TSA PreCheck with the 1 year extension letter? My green card is already expired in October, and I have the 1 year extension letter and driver's license. Would I be eligible for TSA PreCheck?

Thanks! ?

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