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arrowexpedited military citizenship for Conditional Green Card
July 7, 2015, 11:35 pm Last comment by Shauneg

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So after many research and many more research I have found out you can enlist in any branch except the Air Force. My eye is set on National Guard, and Marine corp reserves. 

My biggest question is, since I have not came across straight answer to this question. 


Can you still qualify for expedited military citizenship even as a conditional permanent resident. I got married in march and will have AOS interview this late July. When I get my Conditional Green Card, Can I go to the recruiter and take asvab test and everything, and eventually join, go through RSP, BCT.


As a conditional green card holder, Wil I get my citizenship through this ? after boot camp? Anyone around my situation have any experience?

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arrowQuestion regarding item needed for AOS interivew
July 7, 2015, 9:07 pm Last comment by ILikeSmores

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Hello, I just have a small quick question regarding for AOS interview. 

It says...


"Your petitioners birth cerficiate and your petitioners evidence of Unites States citizenship or lawful permanent resident status"


So ya I understand the birth certificate part, but what do you need to bring for United States Citizenship? Like what is this exactly? Is this n-600? or can this just be form of ID such as "SSN, passport, or California ID?"


Im assuming you need both Birth certificate and Citizenship? 


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arrowCan I put our K-1 visa on hold?
July 1, 2015, 3:16 pm Last comment by Maria&Seve

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All we have left is the medical stuff and the interview, it could all be done by July 31st.


Her Korean parents are getting cold feet about her leaving for good, and in an attempt at diplomacy, the plan is for her to come to the US on a tourist visa for 90 days or less, see what it's like living together, she can go home to refit and reorganize, come back, repeat as needed.


Of course, we can't really do that with an approved K-1 visa. Is there a way we can put it on hold? Or do we have to withdraw it?


If we withdraw it, do you think the customs officers will let her in the U.S. if we explain that she's not here to immigrate, obviously we almost had a K-1 visa and here's the paperwork to prove it.


If we withdraw it, how long do we have to wait before we resubmit?

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arrowAOS July 2015 Interviewers
June 30, 2015, 5:35 pm Last comment by Michelle13

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Anybody interviewing in July 2015?

Date: Mine is at 22nd of July :D

Location: I will be doing it in San Jose California. 

Experience: none yet :p 


I made this thread on hoping to hear how people are preparing for their interview, the experience of interview and etc :D




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arrowWhat can I do once I get my EAD soon?
June 29, 2015, 1:27 pm Last comment by DualityOneness

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I'm expecting to get EAD soon, I already got the i-485 interview date for July 22nd, but have not heard from the uscis office regarding my EAD (I-795) And the case status was not updating since May 13th. I called the USCIS office and after talking for 30 minutes, they told me I have been approved :D and they have sent the letter of approval on the 24th of June, card was not in production yet. 


Anyways, Im hoping to get my EAD soon, so my main question is what should my first step me once I get my EAD?  What can I do with my EAD exactly? 

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