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arrowK-1 Visa Fraud
August 1, 2015, 3:21 pm Last comment by madtownguy

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Forgive me if this is the wrong section but it might be a great warning for all who are thinking about bringing this person they love to the U.S. and the complications that arose. Please move it if necessary.

I brought the woman I later married to the U.S. in January 2014. I was in the process of buying a house and was not able to close before her K1 would be up so we got married during escrow. She signed a quitclaim. She came with nothing but $1000 and a suitcase.

Immediately the issue of being away from her family came up. I helped her explore ALL legal avenues of getting her brother here but her disappointment turned to rage in which I was the scapegoat. Soon, this turned to very bad plans of her brother and his wife divorcing and plans to marry Americans for money. They had plans to write a book about the Ukraine conflict, go to Russia and pay for a bad news story on the book and return the brother to the US to claim Asylum even. 6 months of my 11 month marriage were with her brother on my couch and even after reporting him to ICE for being violent with me and working illegally, they let him back into the country for court where I was suing him for unlawful detainer which was countered with false claims of abuse and a restraining order.

Ny wife that has a minor in translating has a translator in court. A restraining order for reporting someone to ICE. That is insane! I have binders full of phone records, he opened a bank account and deposited his pay every week, applied for a CA drivers license under AB60, etc. Our court system kept me out of my home for 4 months. Homeless and because the car I was driving broke and my wife refused to turn over the other 2, carless. Her brother needed a car to drive after all. Court finally gave me one back and she had broken it down. I know the brother worked until the last day he was here because my first load of laundry I was pulling electricians caps out of the dryer. I have had to commute 300 miles a day as a result of this for 4 months!

The US government will not protect you from a fraudulent K1 wife. FYI. I am now in court at around $20k lawyer fees and $20k marital debt from only 11 months! We haven't even gotten to the fact she is going after premarital cars, my home and everything.  I'm about to lose my home and job if she obtains this BS restraining order that is literally only: I chewed her out for changing the address on every bank account, removing me from my own car/home insurance and when I finally got the house back she even left the fish dead on the counter, etc.

Life sucks and I would seriously reconsider a K1 visa. I had nothing and thought I could lose nothing but not in the US "justice" system.

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arrowApproved For B2 Visa Submitting K-1 VIsa
July 31, 2015, 2:38 am Last comment by canadian_wife
Mike and Sasha

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So my fiancee got approved for a B2 tourist visit this week. She is a Russian citizen. I want her to come in October for 3-4 months to stay with me at my home, but don't want her to to have any problems during the K-1 visa process. I have done a K-1 Visa in the past so I am familiar with the process.


At the B2 Tourist visa interview they never asked her how long she would come for or anything, just who she was traveling with. She will come with her mother, however her mom will leave after 2 weeks. I'm turning 25 and she's turning 23 so we are both relatively young, very happy she was approved! Legally I know you can stay up to 180 days on a B2 visa within a 365 day period, but just don't want to have any problems at port of entry or when we submit the K-1 papers when she is here. We plan on putting on the I129F that she is currently in the US and will be for 90-120 days. Just wondering what she should tell the officer at port of entry as I don't want them to send her home. I was planning on purchasing a ticket and just changing the return flight later. Anyone with ideas or suggestions this would be greatly appreciated!

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arrowEntering USA with the AP canceled
July 29, 2015, 3:44 pm Last comment by Hypnos

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My situation: my family based AOS (wife of a citizen) was denied due to lack of one document. After that document had been obtained, I filed for Motion to Reopen, so my AOS case is probably being reconsidered now. Can I take my AP indicating its validity until Oct. 16, 2015 and supporting evidences (MTR, NOA and others) to show to a border officer that I am awaiting for decision on my AOS which is being reexamined?


Will I be considered illegally present in USA if I enter the country with my Advance Parole (not expired but canceled due to AOS denial) while waiting for decision on Motion to Reopen?

If I have chance to return home to my husband and wait for decision, it would be perfect! If even my MTR is denied, my spouse will petition for a spousal visa, but at least we could live and wait for it together. 


Any advice would be appreciated.

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arrowMedical examination in a third country?
July 29, 2015, 1:50 pm Last comment by Ebunoluwa

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I am a wife of a U.S. citizen. On some reason, now I am outside the U.S. (see my topic Motion to Reopen). I probably must undergo medical examination anew. My question is (if anybody knows):

Is it OK if I pass M/O in a third country? A year ago, for r my K1 visa, I attended the IOM clinic in Moscow, as a Russian citizen. However, now I am in Cyprus as a temporary resident. Here, in Cyprus, the IOM clinic for the American embassy is only 1 hour way by car (unlike Moscow, for where I have to book air tickets and a hotel). Passing M/O here is much easier and cheaper, but would it be acceptable by USCIS? I am afraid to confuse them with Cyprus. Is there any principal difference for the USCIS?
Please, who knows, your advice would be very worthy. Thank you. 


And additional question:
USCIS have not requested me to undergo medical examination yet, but it is older than 1 year. (in our case, they don't even have to send us RFE, they may just deny, at their discretion). I am thinking to pass M/O *just in case*, send a sealed envelope to my husband in USA for him to provide it to Uscis.
Expand text.. BUT! If there is no RFE, then we will not be able to prove we sent them my M/O! USPS tracking information shows only that we sent them "something" but not what exactly is sent.

In contract, if RFE is issued, my spouse can enter the USCIS office to provide them with my M/O in a sealed envelope together with RFE and to get a Receipt stating what document is received.

Can my spouse "request" an RFE concerning my medical examination during an InfoPass appointment.

Sorry if complicated.

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arrow2nd K1 Visa i129F Question
July 27, 2015, 7:32 pm Last comment by Zedayn
Mike and Sasha

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I am just wondering if anyone has any experience filing a 2nd I129f for a different fiancee? My first Fiancee and me unfortunately separated shortly after she entered the US back in 2013 and she returned home to Ukraine.


I have one question regarding number 14 on the I129f



14e Date of Filing - Date received by USCIS or Date I physically mailed it ?

14h Result - For this I plan on attaching a separate piece of paper explaining we separated and the date she returned home. Luckily I am still able to contact her and have asked her for a copy of her return ticket home, passport stamp showing US departure, and entry stamp back into her her home country (Ukraine).  I am just wondering if this is even required/sufficient enough or if they should already have record of her departure.


Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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