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arrowBad interview. Please help.
August 26, 2016, 3:48 pm Last comment by Dirty harry
Dirty harry

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Well that sucked.

back ground. In explanation to the answer "yes" to the communism question listed on the I-485, we stated in one of the three exemptions we qualified for, that in my fathers position being a communist granted access to better food and shelter(better apartments fruit, meat)


We arrived for the interview and The IO had my in laws go to the interview together and initially said " you guys are good to go" Then when he got to the part of the question regarding communism for my dad he said"I have never dealt with an ex communist from Russia before wait here" and he went and got a woman who spoke Russian. She was a younger looking woman, no more than 45(communism fell in Russia in 1991) she stated she had been a communist and that you didn't have to be a communist to get food and shelter(true, sort of) We had only mentioned that in HIS position not being a communist meant no upward mobility, hamstringing his ability to care for his growing family. My father did not want to argue with her, he just apologized and said "I'm sorry the translation just wasn't very good". The Russian woman left and the immigration officer looked through more of the application and said" If it were up to me I would approve you , you seem like really good people, but  its up to my supervisor, you guys will know sometime next week.


So we got home and my moms Uscis page says "new card being produced" But my dads says" Interview completed and case must be reviewed"


1. Can/do they split decisions on application of spouses? Like one can be denied and one approved?

2.Does any one have any idea what they could be reviewing? Is it just the communist exemptions that were listed and if they are actually part of the INA acts? I want to prepare for whatever they will throw at us.


Thanks in advance,


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arrowTax question and Healthcare
August 25, 2016, 10:48 pm Last comment by MariaR323
Dirty harry

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Ok I have a few questions. I think I am starting to get a picture of costs but I need help with a few things.

1. Can my in laws File there OWN joint return if they live in my house? I have never claimed them.

2. Is there any reason why I HAVE to claim them as dependents? I do not give more than 50% of their care, but if I did would that matter?


Here is what I would really like to have happen if its legal. I would like them to file a joint tax return with their foreign retirement income and then qualify for Obamacare. We live in California.They are under the age of 65.

Thank you in advance.



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arrowInterview tomorrow
August 25, 2016, 5:01 pm Last comment by Dirty harry
Dirty harry

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So the AOS interveiw for my in laws is tomorrow and I am pretty nervous about it. Does any one have any experience with their parents being interviewed? is it pretty intense?

I have 1 more question, does any one have any interview experience with questions pertaining to former communism membership?



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arrowDS-261 for K-1?
August 24, 2016, 9:34 pm Last comment by p-ana

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Tonight I got our NVC case # and invoice #. I went to the CEAC case tracking site, put in our MOS number, and expected to magically appear a page that clearly explained everything I was supposed to do. :-P I see that the packet is still at the NVC (the #'s were assigned only today, so that's not surprising). I clicked on the link that said to follow the 6 steps before the interview, and one of those steps is to choose an agent and fill out a DS-261. I don't remember reading anything about this on VJ and when I looked through the site, it looks like CR-1 folks do DS-261. 


Do K-1 filers need to fill out this form?


I also looked into the NVC invoice. It says my AOS fees are exempt and his payment status is not invoiced. Do we just keep checking back until there's a fee? 


As I understand, the fees must be paid before the beneficiary can schedule the interview. I felt really confident on the I-129f process and I also feel like an expert on the forms to fill out and documents to bring to the interview, but I'm feeling a little lost on how to sign up for the interview and medical. 

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arrowmy wife has interview in 2 weeks. How many photos to bring?
August 24, 2016, 7:45 pm Last comment by jclink

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My wife is going to Moscow in 2 weeks for the interview. She has all required documents but needs to know how many photos of us together she should bring. She has hundreds but would like to lighten her load if possible. Please forgive me if there is already a topic about this. Thank you.

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