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arrowTranscripts from IRS
February 7, 2016, 4:22 pm Last comment by Chris and ZhiJia

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Hello everyone!!! Does anyone know if it's possible to print out IRS transcripts online? Because I don't see this option on the website they only suggest to mail hardcopy.

Also, does IRS gives you the transcripts in their office in person?

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arrowMarried to USC overseas for 7 years but here now on B1 visa
February 7, 2016, 12:08 am Last comment by JFH

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My sister got married in Russia to a USC around 7 years ago. They lived there since they got married.

Last week they arrived to the US because his Russian visa is almost expired and they can't live there anymore.

She has a B1 visa till September 2016.


What should they do? They want to live in the US now. How can she become a legal resident?


I studied all of the options and non of them seem to work while she is in the US. It looks like she has to go back for any of those options to work.


Last week when she entered the US at the border they asked her how long she was planning to be in the country. She said "maybe month or two".......

Does that make any difference?


Anyone has suggestions?





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arrowHow re-enter US if one-year GC AOS extension expired while I-751 processing is delayed
February 4, 2016, 12:00 pm Last comment by Ms Hogan

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  • Filed for AOS in early June 2015. Received one-year GC extension (through May 2016). 
  • USCIS (Vermont) now (Feb 2016) only processing March 2015 packets (which I swear they were doing last Sept. when I first inquired about the delay).
  • Wife wants to travel to home country in June 2016 and come back in August, but i-751 AOS may not be processed by then, and the existing one-year extension will have expired.

What can we do? Can she get some kind of new Advance Parole card just for re-entry?

Can she get another extension, and if so, how, and how will the airlines in her home country know it is good when matched up with her seemingly-expired GC (she's worried about this since they wouldn't be experts on U.S. immigration status and probably don't know much English anyway -- the extension letter works fine for renewing her drivers license, but maybe not at foreign airports)?  


Any help or information would be much appreciated.  Thanks!



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arrowAffidavit of support
February 4, 2016, 7:46 am Last comment by a.t.j24

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My fiancee is applying for a K-1 visa. However I live with her in Russia and therefore if I move to Russia I will have to leave my job and therefore will not have an income to put on the affidavit of support. Is it possible for my father to put his information on the affidavit and if so how do we acknowledge this fact in the paperwork?

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arrowI-134 questions
February 2, 2016, 10:04 pm Last comment by ~Alessa~

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Hello everyone! My US fiance has some questions about I-134:

I have two questions about form i-134 the affidavit of support, I am self employed and work from home. For number seven on this form, I am employed as or engaged in the business of blank with blank at blank. I am alittle confused about what I should put down for myself. Here is my issue, I am a video blogger and I make money from advertising revenue. The company that pays me is a canadian company outside of the United States. In addition when I report my earnings to the IRS, I report it as advertising revenue. For the part about I am engaged in the business of, should I put down what I actually do or what I report to the IRS since I will be submitting my tax documents as evidence. Now I will be putting that the name of the company that pays me but should I put down their address in Canada or my home address since I work from home? Thank you very much any help would be greatly appreciated.

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