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arrowCredit history
May 28, 2016, 10:20 am Last comment by Dey & Edouard

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Hi guys.
I came to USA on my k1 visa and plan to get marry pretty soon.

Is it possible to get a credit for a cell phones with 2 years agreements /monthly pays (don't really know), for example.

Also, what do you think the best way to start a credit history is.

Thank you very much

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arrowMarriage ceremony in the court, is it necessary having the rings?
May 28, 2016, 2:35 am Last comment by Pitaya

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Hello everyone! I have a couple questions.


I am on a K-1 visa in US and me and my fiance are going to marry soon. I am wondering do we really need "wedding rings" if we won't have wedding itself but just ceremony in the court with judge? 


Also, is this correct that there is no marriage certificates at all?

The thing is that when we got out marriage license, lady in the county court said that there is no marriage certificates but just marriage licences but they certify them somehow and I didn't understand how.


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arrowConsulate Immigration unit feedback survey before visa is approved?
May 27, 2016, 12:55 pm Last comment by Penguin_ie

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We did DCF for my husband's CR-1, visa is under administrative processing for his field of work as per case status check. CO said it usually takes 2-3 weeks and we can speed it up some, which we did. It's been a week sinсe the interview, status has not been updated for 3 days after it was looked at for 2 days in a row. USCIS field office there approved our case in 2 days, I know visa unit usually doesn't take long eigher. 

Today my husband got an email from Immigrant visa unit asking to complete a survey about his experience. We are overthinking and anxious... Does it mean they are done with our case? If they are not, why would they send a survey? 

I got a similar survey request about USCIS after they approved I-130. Did you ever get one? When, in relation to your case status? 

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arrowCBP officer mistake in alien number in passport
May 26, 2016, 10:06 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hello everyone!

I just noticed (month after being in USA) that CBP officer in my passport made mistake. What he did, he wrote down my alien number in a wrong way, he did mistake in 2 numbers. I was just looking through my documents today (NOA2) and I've seen that mistake. Do you think this can cause problems?

The thing is that after he wrote this number in my passport, I went to the other room, where other officer filled out information in the computer or something, so now I don't know what to do if they made mistake in that. Would USCIS think that i didn't enter US at all?! cuz alien number was messed up? 

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arrowTourist visa for new immigrant's parents: when to apply?
May 23, 2016, 10:10 pm Last comment by az2014

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My husband is almost done with his immigration (CR1 is under review for sensitive work field). We would like his parents to visit, but unsure what's the best strategy.


Generally it's good to have a few visas to other countries, good jobs and property in home country. His parents don't like to travel much, so far we only convinced them to visit Greece, working on sending them to France or Czech Republic this year. They live in Russia, they are both past retirement age, but still working at the same jobs for many years. They have cars, houses and land, they have savings and a decent income. Their entire family, including an older son and grandchildren live in Russia too, they see each other very often. My husband is the only odd one who is about to move :)

Our options for their visa are:

1. Apply now, while the case is pending, have "sightseeing" as a purpose for the trip. I am not sure, if their son is not in the US, do they have to mention their daughter in law is? This is the shakiest idea in my mind.

2. Wait for my husband's visa to be approved, then list him in the application and have a purpose of the trip "to see where their son will live" because it's the first time he is in a different city from them and they are worried. Plan to go as soon as he moves.

3. Get a visa to a European country this year, visit and come back, then plan a trip to the US next Summer. Same thing: their son moved, they want to see how he lives now. Difference from #2 is an extra visa and a trip.

4. Apply for a visa separately - first one parent visits, then another. It gives an extra tie to the home country, but doesn't make much sense because they don't have a good reason not to travel together. It may seem odd to CO.


What are the chances with idea #2? His parents really don't like to travel, but if they get denied the first time, they will get discouraged and will not apply again for a very long time :( Also his mother wants to retire and plans to do so every year. I am concerned if she applies for a visa after she retires, chances to be denied are higher.

What would you advise to do?

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