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Medicaid under F-2 visa
9:51 pm yesterday


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Hi all,

I moved to WA with my wife and son in Aug 2015 to study (2-year MBA program). I am on F-1 and my wife and son are on F-2 visas. We have recently (Jan 2017) found out that my wife is pregrant.

I will graduate in June 2017 and our student insurance will expire on Aug 31, 2017. This means that current insurance will cover prenatal services until Aug 31 and after that there will be no unsurance.

Given that we want to stay in the US for at least one more year under OPT, we applied to Medicaid in order to get help with baby delivery scheduled for early October 2017.

I read tons of forums and sources regarding Medicaid for pregnant women who are lawfully present in the US but there is still a lot of confusion and uncertainty.

Will getting Medicaid for my pregnant wife (prenatal care and baby delivery) be considered a "public charge"? Will this impact our future status changes and CBP admission in case of re-entering the country?

Thank you in advance!

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6:14 pm yesterday


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mY WIFE A US CITIZEN, filed a 130 for her unmarried daughter and it was allowed. Filed in APRIL 2012. How long will the wait be?

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Confusing I-693 situation, need help!
4:35 pm yesterday


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Me and my wife recently got our interview request for AOS, it is for Monday.

We also got a "Notice to Applicant" on 11/28/2016, that says:

An initial review of evidence submitted with your application to register permanent residence or adjust status determined that form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, has not been submitted or has been submitted and is not sufficient for the following reason(s):

All pages of Form I-693 are not present or of the same revision date

You will be required to submit a valid, completed, and signed Form I-693 at a later date. Please follow these instructions:

*If you receive an interview notice in the mail, you must bring your updated Form I-693 to your interview appointment *If your case does not require an interview, you will receive a Request for Evidence for Form I-693 with instructions on where to send Form I-693

DO NOT MAIL DOCUMENTS AT THIS TIME. Mailing documents before receiving one of the notices referenced above may result in a delay to your case.

We don't know what a "updated I-693 form" is, as we haven't received any additional information since receiving this notice.

We are not sure what to do at this point, as we have about a week before the interview, should we rush and try to get a new completed I-693 form done? We can't trust the previous person who did it, as it seems they may have messed it up, so we'll have to find a new civil surgeon. Is it okay to go to the interview without a new I-693? As long as we will have a chance to submit it later, it doesn't bother us if it prolongs the process, but we are worried that we need to have it at the interview, does anyone have any kind of experience with this? Calling the USCIS customer support gave no help as usual.

We're desperate for advice on this :(

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Should I mention about Plane Tickets?
8:23 pm yesterday


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I know that it's not needed, but i'm writing a continued Fiance Letter Of Intent to the Embassy where my Fiance will be having his interview. I wanted to mention in the letter that I will be paying for his plane ticket. Do you think that if I mention this than It will not look good, or they might not give him the visa because I'll be the one paying for the ticket...What do you think..mention it or not?

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N-400 Financials, Support, etc?
5:31 pm yesterday

Aaron and Marina

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When filing for the K-1, GC and I-751, we included a lot of financial information in the packages: not only joint financials and assets when applicable, but always documents reflecting proof of my (the American petitioner) ability to support my wife (beneficiary) thru job income, etc: pay statements, bank statements, etc.

Is it necessary to include these income items with the N-400 package? I've realized this time, this package isn't really from me as the petitioner as it has always been in the past, but from my wife petitioning for herself. Again, we will include joint assets to cover the marriage piece, but I'm wondering they need/want proof of my income as well?


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