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arrowImmigrant Visa Application Fee is not available for payment
December 21, 2014, 9:42 pm Last comment by tasnim
Olya S

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Hello everyone,


I am a petitioner for a foreign relative, mother. We are currently at the "Pay Fees" stage of my mom's immigration process.


This page


recommends waiting at least 15 days to pay the fees after the submission of  DS-261. We submitted the DS-261 form more than 15 days ago choosing me as the agent. Now when I login to pay the fees, only the Affidavit of Support fee is available for payment but not the Immigrant Visa Application fee.


Should I give NVC more time to process DS-261? Should I pay the AOS fee now or wait until the IV application fee is posted to pay them at the same time? Has this happened to anyone before? Thank you.

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arrowDependents on I-864 form
December 18, 2014, 6:09 pm Last comment by Myopia

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I have been searching for similar situation as my husband and I have but haven't found anything yet.

We are in a process of filling for AOS from F-1 visa. One of the questions in I-864 confused me.

My husband has 2 minor kids from his previous relationship. Kid's mother and he were never married. He pays child support for him and he is not a custodial parent.

the question is should I count those 2 kids in out family size if they never live with us and he never in his life claimed them on tax return.

From what I've read on this forum is than a lot of people have said that if a family member doesn't live with you and you never claimed him/her on your tax return, you should not mention him/her in the I-864 form.

Is this correct?

Have anyone had a such experience?

I would appreciate any help from you guys.

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arrowI-751. Filing Jointly, Separately, or through Violence against Women Act?
December 18, 2014, 5:30 pm Last comment by aikochan

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Good evening everyone,

I am currently trapped in a very unpleasant situation. My husband and I have been married since April 2012. Even though it is a relatively short period of time, a lot has happened. Not going into details, I will just mention that my husband was physically abusive a few times, and I feel like he has been emotionally abusive as well ( jealousy, desire for constant control over me; unhappy when I stay at school for too long to study, or at work if I have a client; passive/negative reaction about my school achievements, constant blames/remarks about what I "do wrong"). He clearly stated to me that he has been having a depression since 9/11, but it was not that noticeable till now. He has been absolutely passive lately (work-sleep kind of life), and I feel that we are drifting apart more and more. He also rejected a family or anger management counseling option saying that he would not waste his money or his time. I cannot really talk to him because he starts blaming me for everything bad that is going on in our relationship. After today's conversation, he clearly stated that he wanted to get divorced and he would not sign a petition with me ( I just received a letter from the IRS two week ago or so); he just wants me to sign a simplified dissolution of marriage and move out with my belongings. After I left our apartment to call a lawyer, he texted me: "I Will Sign your Papers, JUST GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!", and then "PLEASE!!!".... Even if he signs my petition, he will want to file for divorce immediately. I also read that I can file as a victim of domestic violence, but I do not really have any proof. Any ideas of what I should do in this situation?

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arrowPOE question
December 17, 2014, 5:42 pm Last comment by Pheebs1201

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Greetings everyone,,

Merry Christmas to all!

My fiance has obtained her K1 visa, and we are currently planning her trip to the United States from Russia

Her final destination is in Detroit, but, the flights that we have seen all have a layover at JFK in New York

My question is, 

That would make New York her initial point of entry,,

would they open her packet there?

would she have trouble completing her trip to Detroit?

I'm not sure which way to go with this one,,

I can't contact the USCIS via phone,,

and they're not very speedy answering emails

has anyone had this dilemma before

and if so,, how did you deal with it?


thank you in advance for you help,,

it's very much appreciated

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arrowWe were just approved!
December 17, 2014, 5:30 am Last comment by Boris&Kassie

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I am so happy to be able to say the hardest part is over & we get to be together for the rest of the process & the rest of our lives! Thank you to all of you who have answered my many questions (;

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