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A hard immigration question about pets..... seriously
5:57 am


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This is a serious but hard question. My fiance is in Russia and just got visa approval after embassy interview. :) :) :)

We just had an unexpected delay in buying tickets to come here. She called the airline Aeroflot to ask about pet requirements and the said that dogs (She has a small chihuahua) must be chipped for more than 30 days prior to travel.

On the airlines website this is not a requirement, and on all the US websites this is not a requirement for any government agency. Can anyone give advice on traveling to the US with a pet dog? This is not a service animal or anything exotic. She has all her paperwork and shots but it would be a shame to have to delay for 2 weeks or more to wait for a mysterious 30+ day after chipping travel requirement.

Only knowledgable experienced replies please. I don't need general advice as we have already read all the relevant regulatory agencies websites. Has anyone actually immigrated to the US with a pet?

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Claiming foreign home as main residence for taxes and not breaking continuous residence
5:16 am


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Hi everyone. Question: I'm LPR and have a house in my home country that I'm selling.

I need to spent half year there to sell the house (in Russia you are paying 0% from home sale if you are tax resident and 30% if not (and 30% not from gain, from whole sale price!), to become a tax resident you need to spent inside country 6 months). I'm little bit worried about breaking continuous residence and delaying becoming a citizen or having troubles returning back. :unsure: But I think with two 3 months trips should be fine, if I:

not taking a job there

keep using my USA banks accounts and phone numbers

keep working remotely (graphical freelance) and paying taxes


So, main concern:

I was thinking about claiming my house as main residence for that 3 + 3 months period on USA tax return (to avoid capital gain tax).

But, will it be a reason to consider my continuous residence in USA broken for this period? :huh: (for naturalisation )

Thanks a lot for any answer

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Transfer to NBC After I751 Interview
4:22 pm

Bill & Katya

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Did a search on this, and didn't find much. The wife and I had a joint I751 interview prior to her N400 interview. I thought both were approved, but Monday we received a notice that the I751 was transferred to the NBC in Missouri. Does anyone have any experience with this? The N400 status is still showing approved awaiting oath scheduling.

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Assigning a case number
11:43 am


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I am a beneficiary and I have a son. Our I-130 are approved. Tell me, at NVC will it be assigned one case number for us or each separately?

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Advice for filing for Naturalization
3:08 pm


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I was hoping someone could help me with this question. My husband needs to apply for naturalization. It is based on our marriage as I am a US Citizen. One of the pieces of evidence we have of our relationship is our bank statements as we have a joint account. My question is do we really have to include every single bank statement from when we opened the account or can I just include a bank statement from every six months or something from when we opened our account until now? My concern is how much paper that will be and that it will be hard to fit it. The second part of this question is if we do need to in fact include every single bank statement, then is it okay to send our packet in a box? Because it will not fit in the usual envelope at that point. I feel like USCIS is a bit picky with how things are sent to them so I want to make sure sending the packet in a box if need be won't be problematic or something.

Thank you!

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