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arrowHow to answer Q2 on i-134
September 28, 2016, 9:48 pm Last comment by CM&KV

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2. I am ____ years of age and have resided in the United States since _____.




I am a child from someone serving the military and we lived overseas for 6 years before returning to the USA. And the city I was born in is not listed on my birth certificates, yes I have two: one that my parents got when I was born with their address at the time and a second when we thought we left my b.c. at the border while coming back from Canada.

I was born in 1986 on military base in the USA, in 1987 we moved to Japan and moved back to the States in 1993. We lived on-base in Japan from 1988 till 1993, which is counted as American territory last I recall. 


Unsure if I should place the day I was born or 1993. Sadly I don't know what the exact date when we arrived in the USA, nor do I still have my passport when I was a baby/child. The earliest of being in the USA is around August 1993 before I started Elementary School. But I assume I will need to write a letter of explaining why I put what I did. 



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arrowWhat are common reasons for a 221g "inaccurate information?"
September 28, 2016, 12:21 am Last comment by CM&KV

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I'm unsure if I'm posting in the right sub forums, please move this to the right one if this happens to not be it.


I know each case is different, but I am trying to find the common reasons why someone would get a 221g with "contains inaccurate information."


I assume the beneficiary not knowing the information in the packet. But what if they know everything in the packet but the CO made up their mind before hand? I read some threads about the CO barely asking for documents and asking questions and they were given a 221g with "inaccurate information." And they don't know the full reason behind it.


One that I just got done reading was about someone's ex-wife was filing for a k1 at the same time, both of them were the beneficiary. The couple only knew this because of their 2nd k1 interview, which they got approved.  I only found this because I looked at someone’s past postings.


I'm having a hard time finding any answers, and google search is not being helpful, unless I'm inputting the wrong words. 

I have no pending petitions at this time, but I'm afraid that my info might trigger this 221g.


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arrowCrazy infopass appointment
September 27, 2016, 6:17 pm Last comment by Neonred
Dirty harry

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So after 5 phone calls and countless hours talking to USCIS I took Harpa's advice and made an info pass appointment  because my dad had received his green card but my mothers was stuck in a "background check" because of "bad fingerprints" In all of the phone calls I made with uscis, every IO I talked to said there was nothing we could do except wait for an indeterminate amount of time.


So today at The infopass I walked up to the counter with my mom, gave the IO her passport, he looked through it and said" oh did she travel recently without AP?"I said "no, look at the dates." So he looked at the dates of travel and that we did indeed have the AP.Then he said your case went pretty fast but is stuck in a background check because there is a back log" .I  asked what type of background check my mom was stuck in. he said "I am sorry I cant tell you that" I thought that was kind of weird.He said "I'm sorry but we cant do anything until the background check is complete, Have a nice day"

At this point I could feel something was off, asking about the travel without even looking at the computer was sort of weird so I was persistent and asked him why my dad got through the background so fast since they did the interview together? He said he couldn't see my dads file, so I gave him my dads A # and the IO looked perplexed after he typed it in the computer. Then he said" wait here" when he came back he asked us to wait for an hour while he got the physical file.About 30 minutes later he called us back up and said" ok you should receive your green card in about 2 weeks". I couldn't believe it. I was floored.


20 minutes later our status changed to "card being produced" online


A few thoughts

I have absolutely no idea what happened. I dont know how someone stuck in a background check can magically be cleared.I'm super happy its fixed though.

If any one makes an appointment for an info pass, be super persistent, dont be scared it will hurt your immigration chances. Obviously there was some sort of mistake where either the files weren't linked, or a background came back clear and got stuck somewhere.Its also very obvious to me that unless they have access to the actual physical immigration file, not much will get done.


Thank you for the advice Harpa,


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arrowIn Which State Would I Vote? [split topic]
September 27, 2016, 2:17 pm Last comment by millefleur

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Does anybody know what to do?

I am a military spouse. we file taxes jointly in SC, that's my husband's home of record.
And we are stationed in Alabama - my first and only residence in the USA since I became a permanent resident. i.e. I've never lived in SC or anywhere else in the states.

Do I need to vote in SC where I pay taxes or in Alabama where I live? I will become a citizen on the 24th which is a deadline to register to vote in Alabama :D However if it has to be SC, then I won't be able to meet the deadline.

That's why I'm asking.

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arrowRussian fiancée has child, but ex wants keep child in Russia
September 26, 2016, 1:34 pm Last comment by Amy_and_Victor

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They are divorced, live separately, share custody and have a 4 year old child. When he learned last week that I am returning for a second visit soon, and that she wants to move to USA and marry me, he went to their apartment and hit her and yelled at their child. He is upset that she divorced him, has become incrasingly angry, and talks about getting custody and refusing to let their child leave Russia. What permission is needed for her to take their child with her, on our fiancée Visa?
Sincerely, David & Vasilisa

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