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Hello from new member!
11:16 pm yesterday


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Hello to all. I'm a new poster but not-so-new lurker.

I am a 32 year old US Marine living on the east coast. In September my wife and I got married in Gibraltar. She is Russian, I am American. She is 33, tiny, and sweet, and I am just sort of a regular dude. We met years ago as colleagues and friends when I lived over there. We began dating last year and now we are married. Huzzah!

We are days away from submitting our I-130 with an aim to get her a K-3 or a CR1 visa. I feel like our case has some red flags due to my previous marriage (another Russian who immigrated here and later became a citizen) and the fact that my current marriage began a little more than a month after my previous marriage ended (in the legal sense at least; we had been separated for a year and a half already). But I guess I will figure this stuff out as I come to it. Fortunately, she will be visiting next month to spend Christmas with me and to meet my family.

I haven't posted much on the forums yet, but I have had a few of my tough questions answered. I am not a very bright man, so any help from anyone about anything is welcome. Nice to meet you all. :)

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Traveling with Advance Parole (I-131)
6:17 pm yesterday


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Hello All,

Has anyone traveled outside of the united states with an approved Advance Parole (AP I-131) while the Adjustment of Status (AOS) documentation is still pending? If so, did you have any issues or concerns at the point of entry when returning to the United States?

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Spouse immigtation: What is my path?
10:29 pm yesterday


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Greetings all,

I am trying to start the immigration process for my foreign wife to come live in the US. But I don't really know where to begin. I'll provide some background, but I'm not sure which facts are relevant so please bear with me.

I am an American citizen by birth, living in the US. My wife is a Russian citizen living in Russia. We were married overseas in September, and then returned to our respective countries because of work obligations. She currently has a multiple entry tourist visa to come here. My research seems to be suggesting that the right way of doing it is to file an I-130 which would eventually get her some sort of spouse visa. But if I understand what I am reading correctly, she can also just come here on her tourist visa and we can file for some adjustment of status while she was here, thereby skipping the 6-12 month wait. Can anyone tell me what my options are? I will provide any relevant information necessary if I left anything out.

An additional complication is that she is my second wife from Russia. I imagine that raises all sorts of red flags with immigration people, so I am wondering what I can do to ease their concerns that I'm running some sort of wife importation business.

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Immigration for wife's mother <80 for medical reasons
4:59 pm yesterday


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I see that I-130 is required for naturalized wife to petition for her mother to become an immigrant to the USA. Mother is 74 and is suffering from dementia. I have the following questions:

1. Does her medical condition preclude her from immigration?

2. Does she qualify for any special consideration due to her condition?

3. Does her medical condition have an impact on the I-134?

She has no other relatives to care for her and friends are increasingly worried about her wanderings and getting lost. She was just found after spending the entire day at a bus stop in freezing weather not knowing where she was. I know we are attempting to take on a tremendous load but this is how families work and we are determined to help her in any way possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Why Are People Getting RFEs for Websites (IMBRA) with I-129F Submissions?
1:39 pm yesterday


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Why are people getting RFE's for HOW they met? There is NOT one single question on the I-129F that pertains to circumstances of how people have met initially. The only required information is how you met IN PERSON.

Is the RFE just a result of front-loading? Did somebody tell their story (which isn't required) and mention meeting on a website....but didn't name it?

Help me out here. If it doesn't ask for it, I'm not going to put it in there. It seems to me that with so many applications.....someone could use it as a good excuse to kick it to the side.

Why wouldn't it be a better practice to wait until you need to send the I-134, beneficiaries' information, etc, to send your story in?

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