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arrowWire Transfers
October 20, 2016, 12:56 am Last comment by millefleur

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Hello, my husband is from Russia and he currently has his soc. sec. # and holds to bank accounts in the US now.  The problem is, his bank in Russia, blocked his debit card and transferred money to the wrong bank in the US.  The money has been returned to the Russian bank, but he only has $160 to his name here and he is upset.  I'm concerned as well.  How do we go about transferring money from Russia to the US?  It seems to be a huge problem and it's starting to cause some fights between us.  He feels like a bum here, although I support him well.

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arrowK-1 Interview Documents
October 16, 2016, 12:02 pm Last comment by alenkaya

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I want to be sure that I am properly prepared for the Interview.


On this page https://moscow.usembassy.gov/iv-fiancee.html it says to email the docs three days in advance.


Is this how it is usually done?  I just have not heard about this from anyone else.


Then it also lists additional documents below that.  Do we also bring hardcopies of what was emailed?


Do they keep the hardcopies that we bring?  Or just look through them?








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arrowWhat is needed for the interview as far as documentation?
October 16, 2016, 1:32 am Last comment by millefleur

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Hey guys,


what do I need for documentation of relationship for the interview? My girl and I talk only thru instagram and whatsapp. I have months of call logs via whatsapp showing we talk on the whatsapp phone every day but I generally dont save whatsapp conversations. Do I need to start saving conversations? I will have plenty of photos together and with her family etc..but just not sure about the rest. We have a big age difference (I'm 43 and she is 22) so I don't know if that matters much - I asked in another thread and most people said its not an issue..also I look 28ish (good genetics, lucky me lol). We also have some skype screenshots but that's rare..we don't skype that much. 


Do I need to print out our conversations from now until I apply? (I'm sending the initial k1 paperwork in a month after I visit her in Moscow). 



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arrowUSSR Issue: Country of Birth vs Country of Eligibility on Application
October 10, 2016, 9:53 am Last comment by EmilyW

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Maybe it's a stupid question but I'm confused. My mom is thinking of applying this year and the instructions say to put the country of birth by the name it is called now.

My mom was born in USSR in a city that's now in Uzbekistan. But her parents were born in Russia and she'd lived in Russia all her life and is a Russian citizen.

Does she put Uzbekistan as a country of birth and then Russia as a country of eligibility? (both countries are eligible for the lottery)

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arrowWhere to get Police Report for Russia
October 9, 2016, 2:26 pm Last comment by millefleur

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My Fiance lives in Chelyabinsk Russia


Where does she go in order to get her Police Report?


Is there an online way to order this?  Or she needs to go in person somewhere and ask for a "Police Report"



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