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My green card has been denied because of the doctors mistakes!
3:48 am today


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Hi everyone! I want to share my green card story. My area is Oakland park.

I entered the US by the K1 visa on December 2015. My husband (US citizen) and me got married on January 2016.

On February 2016 we sent my paper work (we had a lawyer) to USCIS and on November 2016 we had an interview.

The interview was very friendly, a woman was very nice, she asked just two regular questions. At the end she said that everything is fine, but while we were waiting for the interview, my medical exam had been expired and that I will need to to the medical test again.

So we quickly did the medical and sent it to USCIS (the doctor refused to give me the copies, she said that she is not allowed to). Later we received a notice from USCIS saying that the surgeon did not fill the line for the Gonorrhea test result, she just simply left it blank!

We went to the doctor again and asked her to refill the form, so she "did"...We sent it to USCIS and then we got a denial!!!! By that time we traveled and when we were returning to the US, I was stopped on the passport control, they asked me a lot of questions and said that my green card has been denied, my advanced parole is automatically became invalid and that I cannot enter the US any more!

We told them that we did not receive any denial notice, we checked my status online immediately and it wasn't changed! So we really did not know that I have been denied. The custom officers was very kind to us, they understood our situation and let us entered.

The denial notice said that the medical form was not fill properly and the Gonorrhea result was not mentioned!!! So the doctor did the same mistake twice!!

We did the motion to reopen on January 2017, we had to do a new medical examination but of course in another medical center. We receive an answer on December 2017 saying that decision remains unchanged!!!! They agreed that the envelope was sealed and I could not see what was in there and that it was the surgeon mistake, but I was the one who was responsible....I cant describe my pain!!!! I cant travel, I can not drive, I do not know when I will see my family in Russia!!!

The problem is that when you do the motion to reopen, you don't have any status while it is pending, so literally I was illegal for more than a year! We realized it after sometime, the lawyer did not inform us. So it was better for us to apply for adjustment of status instead of doing a motion to reopen.

So on January 2018 I did the 4th medical examination to apply for adjustment of status (permanent residency). I've already had my bio-metrics. It is being 5 month already and I did not receive my advanced parole yet(( The timing is crazy now, I cant believe it may take up to 21.5 months!

I am not sure if I can travel after I receive my advanced parole. As I read it is a big risk, I may not be allowed to enter the US during 10 years as I stayed illegally here by the stupid mistake.

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govt proposed limits
2:02 pm today


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I see where the house has two proposed immigration bills and both seem to limit family members of US Citizens. If this bill passes and getb signed will it effect unmarried daughters where the 130 has already been fiiled and she has waited 5years?

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Travel Question With Two Passports w/ Different Names
11:51 am today

Bill & Katya

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I know the usual method when the passport name is a maiden name and the GC name is in the married name is to purchase the tickets in the passport name and make sure one has a copy of the marriage certificate with them. Now my question is what if someone has a passport in two different names? My wife recently was naturalized and will soon have her US passport in her married name, and we are taking a trip to Russia. I was pondering getting the tickets in her married name, but I relented and used the Russian passport name since that is where we are traveling.

I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with two passports with different names?


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Birth Certificate
10:18 pm today


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Hello, folks!

I have a personal question that is unrelated to immigration. So, if someone or somewhere requests your original birth certificate (for example, the DMV or a potential employer), what would you do if you lost it? I know that state vital records offices provide certified, stamped copies of original birth certificates. Would that suffice as an original birth certificate or be equivalent to one? I mean, life happens so we lose things or they get destroyed, et cetera. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance!

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How long to file AOS?
6:12 pm today


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(I have already done a search as this has been asked many times but wanted a current update.)

How long do I have to file AOS after K1? We were married within 90 days and she already has her SS card but I haven't put everything together for AOS yet. Its been 6 months since we were married. Am I ok to file AOS in a month or two? Life has just been hectic and I haven't had the time or money to put everything together to file - I'm also concerned because I started a business and its been up and down profit wise so not sure how to handle that as far as showing support income. Do they go on last years tax return not current income?

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