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Green card K-1, K-2 QUESTIONS
2:05 am today


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I have a few quick questions. When sending off the AOS/green card app, do the K1 and child on K2 send the applications together in one packet, or are they sent separately ? Also, my wife has many documents in Russian (birth certificate, divorce decree, daughters birth certificate ). I'm assuming these all have to be translated into English and certified/notarized ? We have friends here who speak perfect English able to translate, but they arent certified translators or notaries. Any help would be a HUGE relief.




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Employment question
8:06 pm yesterday


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Greetings to all. I have a question that I have been thinking about for some time now.

Do you need to be employed until your fianc e comes into the United States? Or, do you need to be employed until you get your marriage certificate?

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Problems with Extension Letter. Not accepted at SSA for last name change. Advice needed.
10:22 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone,

I searched all topics here but couldn't find the answer to my situation.

Hope that someone here had a similar situation because I'm desperate for advise.

My local SSA won't process last name change ( marriage) because I have Extension Letter. They told me I have to wait & come back with permanent GC to do it.

Now I'm receiving a letter from RMV saying that my MAss DL won't be renewed at the end of this month because of mismatch with SSA. I'm calling RMV explaining the situation, but of course there is nothing they can do, the last name has to match in order for their system to allow renewal... I'm calling USCIS next explaining situation again, but as expected getting the answer that Extension letter is a valid form to confirm my residency but as SSA is a separate institute I have to follow their rules.

Now I'm stuck and screwed. Feels like everyone just pointing fingers to each other. If I do nothing my DL will expire in 2 weeks and I won't be able to drive/go to work till I get my permanent GC comes, which can take 4-5 months. The idea of loosing my job is so frustrating and so unfair, considering I have all necessary documents to submit ;/

Anybody experienced same problem?

Any ideas or advises on what can I do in this situation?

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2 questions: birth certificate and medical
8:45 pm yesterday

Marta Proniagina

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Hi everyone! I am currently in the States on k-1 visa and thinking about applying for GK. My fiance and I are not married yet but planning to do so in March (my 90 days expires on March,23). Reading the info I got 2 questions and would appreciate the help.

1) I need to provide birth certificate with all the other documents: can I do the translation of it myself? If so, shall it be notarized? If not, can it be possibly translated/and notarized(certified) online? because we live in a very small town and there are no Russians in the area.

2) I completed my medical on October,18th 2017 and on the copy I received it says it's valid til April,18th. I did'n have any problems with the medical and I know it's supposed to be valid for a year but mine says only 6 months. Does this mean that I'll have to get the knew medical done before applying for GK? And if it's still valid for a year, will I have to retake it before the GK interview?Because with current slow process for GK it may be expired by the time of the interview.

Thank you very much in advance! Looks like AoS is more confusing than K1 process.

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Birth Certificate translation
11:53 pm yesterday


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I am collecting documrnts right now to adjust my status (I got married on K1)

i want to translate my birth certificate through some online services. Do I need to get an original of the translation (like they send it to my physical address or document sent via mail will be fine)


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