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Middle name on combo card
4:13 pm yesterday


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I came to the US on K-1, got married and submitted AOS/EAD/AP with my maiden name as my new middle name, and husband's surname as my new surname filling in all the forms this way. All correspondence (NOA) from USCIS addressed me with my new full name incl. full new middle name. Then, the combo card came, and I only see the initial of my middle name there. Yesterday, we were buying a car for me. The dealership only considered my initial in the papers as I couldn't show any legally valid proof for my full middle name. I now expect the same to happen with SSN, driving license, employment contract. What my full legal name is now? What do I do if I still want my full maiden name to be my middle name? Such a happy day to get the combo card, but I'm totally confused.:huh:

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Trump immigration database exposes crime victims' personal info, lawyers say
11:42 pm yesterday


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Database tracking status of migrants who committed crimes also includes those who are crime victims, putting them at risk of further violence and violating laws

A new US immigration database has exposed the personal information of crime victims, putting them at risk of further violence and violating federal laws designed to conceal the identities of abuse survivors, according to a coalition of attorneys.

The online database recently unveiled as part of Donald Trump s anti-immigrant agenda and accessible to the general public includes immigrant victims who have sought federal protections as survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault, activists said.

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has a new system called the Victim Information Notification Exchange (Vine) that officials claim allows victims of crimes committed by immigrants to track the status of their perpetrators. But civil rights campaigners and attorneys have discovered that the database also includes immigrants who are crime victims themselves and are supposed to be shielded from public disclosures for safety reasons.

That means immigrants who have applied for relief under the Violence Against Women Act and other similar programs have had their private information exposed because they are undocumented. Attorneys fear that the database will allow abusers and traffickers to track the locations of their victims, interfere with their cases and inflict further violence.

Just saw this on The Gaurdian.

I thought it might be good to know for some VJ'ers out there.

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Dual citizenship question on 129
1:36 am yesterday


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Quick question: my fianc e holds a Russian passport but was born in Kazakhstan. The 129 asks what is your citizenship and do you or have you held any other citizenship. What proofs will they require from Kazakhstan. This makes her nervous since she has no contact there anymore and hard to get proofs should they ask now or at the eventual interview. Trying to be proactive. Thanks!!

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"Pay now"-not
11:52 pm yesterday


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We added an accompanying child to a family-based F1 visa by sending a copy of the birth certificate and English translation. We saw that just today that the child's name was added, and the "pay now" button was operative for the DS-260. However, when we click on the "pay now" button, the newly added child's name doesn't appear --- just the previous names for whom we already paid. Maybe, it takes a while for the payment part to become operative?

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Ukraine Situation/Dual Citizenship
8:17 pm yesterday


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Question for everyone on here.

My wife has a complicated past due to the USSR breakup, and that her parents like to go out of their way to do things the shadiest/crooked way possible.

As such my wife was born in Ukraine, has Ukrainian citizenship, has an internal Ukrainian passport and is registered in her birth city there..

AND she has a Russian passport (internal and international), Russian citizenship and is registered at her parents address.

AND NOW has US Citizenship and US Passport.

Her Grandmother keeps insisting we visit her in Ukraine and has finally convinced my wife to go, but with all the political drama and stricter laws trying to get pushed through because of dual citizenship, I am very concerned.

My wife called the embassy and got nowhere, the woman treated her very rudely and did not answer any questions.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I have never been to Ukraine, only Russia and I do not want to walk into a Civil War OR worse have my wife thrown in Jail because she has dual (triple) citizenship.


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