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arrowInterview question
June 28, 2016, 3:20 pm Last comment by almost_umrican
Dirty harry

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Ok so we are about 3 months onto this process and we just had our ead/ap card production ordered.My question is in relation to the Uscis website and their local processing times. For the Sacramento field office, (as of 4/30) they were adjudicating cases from about 8 months ago(in sept) Can I rely on this? On VJ it is saying that the field office is about 4 months processing time on average. I sort of prefer the later processing times so my in laws can go back and get everything situated in Their former country.

In summary


Are the local field office processing times on the uscis website somewhat accurate?


Thank you


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arrowFiling i-129f from abroad
June 28, 2016, 1:56 am Last comment by NuZayetsPogodi

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I've called the USCIS about this several times and I get a different answer every time.  :angry:  So I'm hoping someone here can help. Since the story is so long, let me bulletpoint it:


-My fiance lives in Russia, I'm a USC with an extremely flexible and remote job

-I'm currently living in Russia with my fiance

-I filed I-129f at the end of May, was notified June 3rd of NOA-1

-On I-129f, I listed my mailing address as here in Russia. The I-129f form has space for the petitioner to write in a different province and country for a mailing address, so I assumed I could receive NOA's at my current mailing address. Apparently this is not true.

-On my cover letter with my I-129f, I included both my current mailing address (in Russia) and my permanent address (in the USA). The person checking my mail at home said I've not received any mail from USCIS.

-I cannot change my address online because there is no way to enter a foreign address. 

-I called USCIS to change my address several times and continued to get conflicting information or I got disconnected.


So my questions for you experts:


1.) I've been told that I cannot receive NOA's abroad, but I've read some people have. Is there anyone who has received NOA's abroad?

2.) I can reorder new copies of NOA's - will it affect the process if I cannot get NOA's now?

3.) What's the fastest way to go about changing my mailing address, especially if I'm not sure where the USCIS is mailing my NOA's?


Thanks!  :thumbs:

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arrowAdvance parole - multiple use, different countries ?
June 28, 2016, 1:08 am Last comment by Raccoon_CA

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Hi everyone,


I spent few days reading this forum but couldn't find this info.


I'm applying for AOS these days - along with I-131 for advance parole.

There are 2 options - single use or multiple use. There are so many people here who used their paroles but nobody mentioned if they applied for single or multiple one? Is it gonna be suspicious if I apply for multiple one and gonna leave the country 2 times for different important occasions?


Since it's gonna be up to a year till the actual interview and I haven't seen my parents for 5 years I really wanna visit them asap. But in addition to that my best friend gonna get married in Canada at the end of the year so it's something I definitely can't miss.


Is it possible to use AP twice or more? Anyone tried that?



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arrowwhen calling Uscis question
June 27, 2016, 3:31 pm Last comment by EM_Vandaveer
Dirty harry

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When I call Uscis, does the person who answers have access to information about the case? It seems like the lady I talked to  didn't know much about the case. Just the date received and "normal processing times". But would she be able to see if there was an issue with the case?


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arrowNVC expedite process
June 27, 2016, 7:09 am Last comment by Taylor93

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I am the petitioner for a K1 visa, form I-129F. I got it expedited at USCIS and was wondering how it works if I expedite at NVC. From what I've seen K1s tend to go through to NVC quickly (case # issued and sent to consulate next day), so I'm not really sure if an expedite would help. Does a NVC expedite also get it expedited at the consulate (sooner interview)?

Thanks for the input

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