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arrowHELP Please. with I 864 Self employee
April 22, 2014, 11:05 pm Last comment by mgad5347
Olga & Randy

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Hi. Thank you in advance for everyone for reading this and taking the time to answer my questions.


I have a co-joint sponsor which is my uncle and he has good income..  


My question is me.  I am self-employee working in construction. and I make cash only cash I do deposit all the money. are bank estatements sufficient for the NVC as proof?

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arrowPetition Cost
April 22, 2014, 2:00 pm Last comment by mgad5347

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Forgive me...I know this seems pretty obvious but the more I look, the more I become confused. Can anyone confirm for me how much the check should be that accompanies our petition? I believe its $340 but I need to make sure. And then when we fill out the DS-160, we pay another $240, correct? I just want to make sure I have this right since I'm finally getting to mail our petition tomorrow!

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arrowTravel to Russia After Marriage
April 21, 2014, 7:42 pm Last comment by vbtwo

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Just a general question for me after my fiancé and I get married this coming September. With her extensive family back in Krasnoyarsk I anticipate several trips in the future for both of us together. Of course she will still have her Russian passport, but for me (now that I am her husband) do I still need to obtain a visa every time? If so (which is what I figure) will I be able to get the multi-entry type now that I have a Russian wife? Lastly, for her, with a US green card, will see need a visa?

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arrow2013 Taxes: Advice for Routine Situation
April 20, 2014, 10:54 am Last comment by Aaron and Marina
Aaron and Marina

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I think I'm in a pretty routine situation here; just need a little assistance if anyone knows for sure and is able to assist. Here's the simple breakdown:


- Wife arrived on a K-1 Visa 4 Dec 13. Married 28 Dec 13. She received an SSN this year (2014) along w/the EAD/AP card. Green card was approved 9 Apr 14 but not received yet.

- For tax purposes, she worked in Russia from 1 Jan 13 to about 25 Nov 13, earning about $10,000


Since I'm in the military, not all of my pay is taxed. For 2013, it ends up being about $43,500 taxable. When running different scenarios on H&R Block, I come up w/the following:


- Married filing jointly: Refund is $2643 if I don't input her $10,000 Russian income (but this is pretty much not an option or legal...)

- Married filing jointly: Refund plummets to $1143 when I input her $10,000 Russian income! Straight 30% tax rate for her income?

- Married filing seperately: My refund is $1281

- Don't know what single is becuase unless I'm mistaken, we were married by 31 Dec 13 so it is not legal for me to file as single.


My questions:

- What are my options? I know I have to file married either jointly or seperately. It seems to me that filing seperately is the better way to go? However, can I claim this foreign tax exclusion I've read about? And if so, how in the H do I do it? What is this 1040NR and when is it required? Is using Turbo Tax the way to go for filing? Is it better to hire a good CPA do this?


BTW, I'm deployed right now, so I have an automatic 180 day extension to do my taxes from the time I leave, so I'm way good for filing my taxes.


Again, this is a pretty routine scenario I think: I made some money, wife made some money, what is the best way for me to go? The only difference I can see is she made more money than is "normal" which brings the refund down substantially, so maybe married filing separetly is the way to go, unless I can claim the foreign tax exclusion? Not sure how it works or if it's possible though.


I just want to be sure I'm doing things correctly and getting the most refund (I'm not worried about doing things w/the least amount of effort...what's legal/required and biggest refund)


Thanks all in advance!




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arrowTravel on nearly-expired Russian passport?
April 19, 2014, 12:39 pm Last comment by jft

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My wifes passport expires this summer and she wants to travel home to Russia to renew it. I checked with Finnair and they require 3 months validity to transit through Finland. Are Russian airlines going to be her only choice to travel home to Russia? How about US airlines?

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