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Initial request
3:33 am yesterday


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I may be a little bit paranoid. I'm very sorry for asking questions that were asked million times here before. We got email saying they sent mail for initial evidence. Is this evidence is just the same evidence as for k1 or something more serious? Does that affect on my case really bad? What's happening to parole and EAS during this time? Is it going to be delayed as well?

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Does anyone know what this means? Moscow Embassy.
9:21 am yesterday

Alya and Joe

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Interview was August 31st. She was told the Visa was approved and she should have the passport in about a week. I called the embassy hotline and opened a case on the 12th and was told we would receive an email within 3 to 5 business days. Ceac website still says AP. Then we noticed this morning that the status of the case in her online login changed to on hold. Does anyone know what this means?


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Current Times for Naturalization Processing
8:52 pm yesterday

Aaron and Marina

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Hello! Been a while since I posted, and while I REALLY hesitate to ask the ever famous "how long?" question, I'm just a tiny bit concerned and want to get any feedback: My wife is Russian and we submitted her N-400 package back in March 2017, completed her scheduled biometrics 4 May 2017 with no problem...but nothing since. In our immigration experience so far, everything has been super fluid and fast (relatively speaking) up till now. Is it normal for naturalization to take so long, or is it just how it is currently? Is 6 months with no word pretty normal? Maybe it can easily take a year? TIA!

Aaron & Marina

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Translation of Birth Certificate/police certificate
10:04 am yesterday


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Maybe someone had the same question: once you are married, you have to apply for green card and uscis requires translation Of the birth certificate. So what this translation should have? Should I go to notary? Or it can be just a professional translator who states the translation is accurate?

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RFE-police clearance from Israel
3:26 pm yesterday


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This involves an F1 case. In February of this year, the principle applicant went to the Israeli Embassy in Moscow, and requested that a police clearance be sent to the US Embassy is Moscow. They said they would do it, and gave her a receipt written in Hebrew. BTW, it was clear Today, we received an RFE stating, " 10 - ISRAEL CRIMINAL REGISTER CERTIFICATE:___________________ Israel: Generally available. Israeli police certificates are available for citizens and residents of Israel as well as nonresidents. Police certificates may be requested at any Israeli police station. They are sent directly to the U.S. Embassy. Former residents residing outside of Israel should apply in person at an Israeli consular or diplomatic mission". We're not sure what to do: should the principle applicant again go to the Israeli Embassy and request another police clearance be sent? Trying to call both embassies has resulted in constant busy signals. Should we send to NVC a copy of the original receipt and English translation? Anyone experience this type of RFE before, and, if so, how did you pursue it. As usual, thanks for all of your help.

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