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March 6, 2015, 1:51 pm Last comment by Laura L
Laura L

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Hi guys!

January 21,2015 my husband and I received RFE. It was G-325A and passport style photo.

12 February USCIS (CSC) received our response and they mail me by April 13..that's all...This online status I see every day

But I saw different timeline in my category (F2A) and many people get approved in two weeks, maybe less, in California Service Center..

And I'm nervous when I see that.  :huh2:  :clock:

How do you think, is this a bad sign?

Thank's for response! (F)  (F)  (F)

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arrowMarch 2015 Filing for AOS
March 3, 2015, 7:16 pm Last comment by Codeblue009

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Guess we're the first ones here.


Sent the I-130 & I-485 packet to Chicago today. Fingers crossed 

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arrowIR-1/CR-1 Spouse w/Child Question
March 2, 2015, 12:52 am Last comment by RoseCV

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Hello to all I am a newbie here but I have read various topics about the application process. This is the most informed site about visas I have came across . I was debating on gettting a lawyer but I believe I can complete all the forms and send in with help from you guys/girls. Thanks in advance for any and all help. So my question  is :


I know that I must fill out 2 forms  (I-130)for my wife and her child for the family application request when sending in my forms to USCIS. I am just wondering when filling out anything on the forms what do i put if something is blank or in her child's case filling out the information in the INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR RELATIVE part for him . I read a few things that said LEAVE NOTHING BLANK and fill out with NONE not N/A. I guess im just nervous about this hence why i would like a little help about my particular situation.

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arrowtransfering from business certificate program to english courses
February 28, 2015, 2:45 pm Last comment by aaron2020

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Hello Dear Forum mates! 


I am going to apply for a 2 -month program (Business Ceriticate) and get F-1 visa. I am wondering wether it is possible to transfer to a language school just to improve my english and prepare for toefl. Can the officer deny the transfer and extention just because it was business certificate and now it is language school? 


Also, Can be 2 months a very short duration and create problems to transfer? 

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February 28, 2015, 8:53 am Last comment by aaron2020
Me 2

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Can someone explain to me all these "hoops" ,many are the same "hoops", which have been jumped over/thru again and again, that are put forth by my government? WE ARE MARRIED!! SHE WAS HERE BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT APPROVED HER (AND ME) ALREADY IN THE PAST!!! We recently submitted a petition in August for her to return, IT WAS APPROVED!. Now this info. goes to NVC which seems to require much of the SAME information that has been submitted time and time again, and was in the packet they just received in August. (ex. passport photos, why do they need more goddamn passport photos?) They should have all this information on file from previous applications and visa. (I included case #'s, visa #'s, whatever, from our first application & acceptance in this recent petition for MY WIFE to return.)  YES,... I understand the need to update some of our information, but a lot of these requirements seem to be ridiculous and unnecessary. WE ARE MARRIED!!! Where is the logic from the "powers that be", when we have so many illegals in my country that the government caters to? This is absolutely unbelievable! Some politician needs to look into some of these requirements and exercise some commonsense and make logical changes in these requirements.

Any comments will be welcomed.  

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