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Will contacting the CIS Ombudsman jeopardize my pending k-1 application?
11:40 am


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Hi guys,

I made an expedite request due to humanitarian hardships as well as extreme financial loss. I have a SERIOUS health condition and moved overseas with my fiance so I can have his support. Every month we wait on his visa we are losing over 700$ worth in expenses and rent that would not be the case if his visa is granted soon as we will be living with my family until we are settled with jobs. I called my representative at the Senate and they made the expedite request for me. However it failed.

I tried again for another expedite request as our conditions got even worser financially. If we don't get the visa soon we are likely to remain homeless. This time I filed under financial loss alone. They requested for more evidence. I sent in 18 pages worth. Denied under "not enough evidence". :(

I called yesterday USCIS and demanded to speak to a tier 2 supervisor as my representative at the senate advised me. The supervisor told me my only option left is to contact the Ombudsman. Now I am worried this will jeopardize my case. :(( Does anyone have any experience with CIS Ombudsman?

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12:22 pm


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So I had my interview yesterday and today my visa was issued. I know that when you pay the USCIS immigration fee they ask for the A-number. Is this something the consul was supposed to give me after the interview or will I be receiving it along with my passport/mystery packet?

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Faxing Additional Information for Expedite Request
11:34 am


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Hi guys, just a quick question.

USCIS sent me a letter mail requesting additional information for my expedite request. I am overseas and it is so poor here they don't have fax. One office that did said that they cannot fax to US.

So I am left with 3 options.

1-Travel to another city until I find a fax service

2-Have someone from the US fax the additional information for me

3-or try an electronic faxing service? Anyone have any experience with this option?

What do you think is best for me to do?

Thank you.

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USCIS changed my address without my knowledge?
5:08 pm


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Hi guys,

About 4 weeks ago I sent in a service expedite request for my petition. Since I'm overseas the tier 1 representative asked me to offer a US Address instead where they can mail the reply. I gave them my friends address and they said it was fine that way. The expedite was denied however bc they claimed my friend didn't have permission to receive any details about my case.

Last Tuesday I sent in another expedite, this time with MY US address. I waited and nothing came, however the tier 1 told me they have mailed me requesting more information.

Today I called uscis to ask for a tracking number for this letter and they transfered me to tier 2. They asked me to verify name, birthday, and address, but said they couldn't help bc the address I told didn't match the one on file. I panicked and asked him if he needs my US address or my overseas. He said the address that I originally filed with my petition. I told him i filed with an overseas address amd he insisted that the address in his file is a US address. I repeated my u.s. address, he said no, but managed to varify my identity with my Social Security Number. He told me the reason I didn't receive my expedite request response is bc I had the wrong address and the letter has gone to this other address. I told him if I cqn guess one more address and he let me. I gave him my friends address from the previous expedite request, and he said this was the address he has in file... as MY CURRENT address and that's where the letter went. He also advised me to change my address online.

I'm so confused. What should I do? I received my NOA1 perfectly overseas with no problems at all. And now for some reason my address has changed without my knowledge?

Also, a little unrelated but, should I fax in my additional expedite information from overseas or have someone from the u.s fax it to them?

Thank you for reading. I feel so frustrated and panicked and was hoping someone here may help me.

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Can I call USCIS National Customer Service Center on Saturday?
2:46 pm


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It seems like they have extended hours to saturdays but when I call it says only mon-fri?

Has anyone been able to contact them on a Saturday?

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