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arrowDue to personal attention given to every caller...NVC.
September 2, 2014, 7:18 am Last comment by AnnaMaria

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Due to the personal attention given to every caller....


This is what you hear when you wait for the NVC operator to respond.


Just now, around 14:02pm (Or 7:02 AM Eastern U.S. time) I called the NVC to inquire about some errors they made with inputting our address and the effects it might have on our expedite request if it shows me and my spouse not living together (even though ALL of our paperwork state we have the same address here in Romania) due to an error on their end.


I got a man named Arthur, who immediately sounded very irritated. I gave him the information he requested initially and when he asked "What can i do for you"..I began.


I stated "Sir, we sent in an expedite request and..." This is as far as I got before he went "Ok, ok, ok, you need to stop. We get thousands of those requests every day. They may be in the office, but if we look at them, you'll know in your email and we'll send it to the embassy if we approve it. Is there anything else?"


I said "Sir, you did not even let me finish my sentence. I commenced to explaining that the address they entered is incorrect and needed to know what would happen if they had not fixed my address before they forwarded my request (if approved) to the embassy."


At that point he repeated an address he had on file, which is somewhere in New York (And we both live in Romania) and said "This is just a mailing address, not a physical address, if we send it to the embassy, you'll know. Is that all?"


I said "No sir, thank you for your time."


End of call.


I'm really sad about this. These are the people who are supposed to be helping people who are taking the legal and right route to immigrating to the U.S. For the $1000+ in fee's alone from USCIS to Visa issuance, I feel like the customer service I received today was not only rude and uncaring, but showed absolutely no interest in answering my phone call and doing their job. Very unprofessional, I would have rather waited 30 minutes for someone who showed me the slightest bit of kindness.


As much as I wish there was an e-mail or number to call and report poor operators, ultimately, it would probably just make it worst for the case in the long run. :(

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arrow9/1/2014 - Labor Day!
September 1, 2014, 7:26 am Last comment by AnnaMaria

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Well, after I just used my last 30 minutes of prepaid time on my mobile phone trying to call the NVC for some updates, it would be silent for 13 seconds and just disconnect me, I actually went to the website and was looking for technical difficulties. I found one....with my brain.



It's Labor Day in the U.S. :P just wish they had an automated message that said they were closed instead of just dead phone lines that took my minutes lol. Anyway, just thought i'd give everyone a heads up!


Quick Facts

Labor Day is a federal holiday in the United States. It gives workers a day of rest and it celebrates their contribution to the American economy.

Local names Name Language Labor Day English Día del Trabajo Spanish יום העבודה Hebrew عيد العمال Arabic 노동절 (미국) Korean Labor Day German Alternative name

Tag der Arbeit

Labor Day 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

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arrowNVC Error could cause a big problem...And delay.
August 31, 2014, 2:37 pm Last comment by Tino

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Last week, we had filed for an expedite due to medical reasons and a hardship. As of now, it has not been reviewed, but today we had a moment of panic today when we realized something.


When we moved during the USCIS process (Only about 30 minutes away, back to her family's home), a little over two weeks before we got our approval, we moved to another city in Romania and we called and did a change of address and got our confirmation number, etc etc. A week after our NoA 2 approval e-mail we got the infamous "Your mail has been returned as Un-deliverable. We called and apparently if you live overseas with your spouse, they cannot easily add international addresses. The tier 2 supervisor told me that they had to enter a zip code domestically and then make a comment in the file so that they knew both people we're abroad.


After calling the NVC last week, we found out that they have my wife living in Romania and me living in New York?! I have never lived in New York in my life, ever. So we understood this was due to the USCIS error and it carried over to the NVC. We were instructed to send an e-mail to and we did so, explaining the error made at USCIS and the receipt number from the Change of Address. There has yet to be any correction as of Friday to our addresses. And now we are concerned that if our expedite request is received first, basically explaining that I, the U.S. citizen, am requesting the expedite because i'm living in Romania with my wife and I need to return for medical reasons and a major hardship, if this is received first and our address is not updated due to backlogged e-mail and they see on their files i'm in New York and my wife is in Romania.....


I've explained, twice, to the NVC operator i've spoken to about the address and expedite situation and they said all I can do is send in the e-mail and wait. I have my Romanian residence I.D., my U.S. Passport with the last entry stamp here in Romania, both the NoA 1 and NoA 2 from the USCIS with my correct address. I can have these as proof, but if they immediately deny my expedite request or flag my case because they made an error and can't see we are living together, then what?!


Am I over thinking this, or what are the possible outcomes of this situation? We've communicated very  clearly with the USCIS and NVC and our packets have yet to receive any RFE's due to how meticulous we are being with them. I definitely do not want to gain another hardship from an error on their part that could set us behind months if they don't communicate with me.


Help please :(



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arrowSocial Security Number as soon as you land
August 30, 2014, 8:21 pm Last comment by nobbie

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Hi guys! I remember we discussed this and it was mentioned that you can get a ssn as soon as you get to the US. However, since you don't have an EAD you must provide another reason for needing it. What reasons were applicable for you? And which papers you must provide to get it? Thank you!

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arrowI751 Part 3 Question (waiver)
August 30, 2014, 6:11 pm Last comment by Corredor
Suzana B.

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Hi everyone,


Im almost done with my file, I'm just not sure about the part 3....should I leave it blank since I file as a waiver? (divorce is already over)


Thank You,

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