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arrowi 129f petition questions
January 21, 2017, 1:47 pm Last comment by wheresmykoala

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Hello guys, we almost done with assemble our I129 f petition( finally) but there is last things I'd like to ask :

1. Im very confused about what we have to sign and what not on the entire package

- should petitioner sign all the 6 pages of his petition I 129f or just in the space is required on the last page?

- should we include with our G 325 A page a instruction page as well or not, if yes should we sing and date it ? ( both G325 a forms)

- we included Terms and Conditions from the website we met should petitioner sign and date each page?

- should we sign and date each page of proofs we met in the last 2 years( boarding passes copy, passport stamps copies, itinerary copies, etc....)?

- should we sign and date each page for proof of relationship( skype screeshots, facebook posts, etc.....}?

thank you very much !

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arrowAOS - Req for Initial Information
January 18, 2017, 6:43 am Last comment by Suss&Camm

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For my wife's I-485 application, I received a notice saying my income did not meet 125% of the poverty guideline and as a result more financial information is requested. My income significantly exceeds 125% of the poverty line so I am confused by this request. Anyone heard of this?

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arrowG325 A fill form none or blank
January 13, 2017, 8:30 am Last comment by afortunada

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Im debating what version is better Or which one you guys( who already fiiled petitions) put on the form and didnt have problem with.

I saw different examples of the form G 325 A , some applicant put "none" for A number, all other name used, and Us security number(for beneficiary). and some applicants left it blank.

who knows, pls give me an advice what is better to fill? thank you very much

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arrowAOS interview soon - co-sponsor question
January 13, 2017, 1:42 am Last comment by sagero14

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I am petitioning for my husband and we are getting ready for the interview in 2 weeks. I don't work and we needed a co-sponsor to help us, we filed all the required information in September 2016 - the co-sponsor's tax returns, employment letter and what was back then the last 2 months pay stubs. On the interview notice, we got the checklist which asks for a completed I-864, tax returns and pay stubs for the past 2 months and then it specifies unless already submitted. So we submitted all the required evidence, but should we update it and ask our co-sponsor for his most recent pay stubs and a current employment letter? Thank you.

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arrowG 325 A form
January 10, 2017, 2:45 pm Last comment by geowrian

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hey guys, I'll be very thankfull if you can give me some advice about the form G325 a:

1. as a beneficiary I don't have a middle name, what should i fill in the space for middle name(none, N/A, or blank space)

2. for the past 5 years I had more jobs then space is on the form, should I add an attachment?

3. Is there a space on the form where i have to sign with the wet signature?

4.there is a section " this form is submitted in connection with an application for:" I know i have to answer other but to put after I-129F or K1 visa?

thank you very much :*

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