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arrowi-485 based on marriage - still no GC after 30 days
November 25, 2014, 2:52 am Last comment by Hypnos

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I came to the US in 1999 with B1 (business visa).
I got married with my girl friend (she is USC - but she was born in Romania - like me also) in december 2010.

I have applied for I-485 and I-130 in april 2014 at Chicago office.


We had the interview on October 22, 2014!

The interview was simple as 1,2,3! (5 minutes interview)!!!!
We had lots of documents, pictures and evidence. The IO didn't ask any questions! Just a couple of pictures and a few bills.

At the end of the interview the IO took my I-94 from my passport and she told me that I have been approved for the permanent residence since I got married almost 3 years ago and that I can apply for the citizenship after 3 years and that I will receive my GC within 14 days!

As of today November 24, 2014 I did not receive yet the GC or the approval letter.

Also the online status of my case didn't change - still in "Interview is Scheduled" and the I-130 still "Case was received"


Please advice me what to do next!


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arrowOverstay my b2 but married to a usc
November 23, 2014, 10:26 am Last comment by Ontarkie

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Hi. I entered the USA with inspection and extend it also. Meanwhile I got married to my boyfriend in bona fide marriage in July 2014 while was still under the b2 . My i-94 ended September 2014. My husband signed the i130 and afidevit of support, yet made all kind problems to withhold me from sending it. We're married 5 month now and he's alcoholism is a big issue and since the marriage he takes it out on me abusive, cursing , abandoning me with anger, being racist against my religious and last week he threatened with Imigration deportation and evicted all my furniture, telling me to leave. We're at a delicate housing situation at his friend's home and if I would call the police so this friend would cick me out. So I didn't call the police. And reconcile with my husband to buy time coz he threatened also with anolment ! I recorded all the arguments and all his threats and even though we so called reconcile, I can't let it go I'm feeling sick and afraid from the next time. I still have 3 month before facing 180 days overstay. I want to submit vawa. Can I use my recordings as evidence? I don't know if any friend will give me a letter coz their also his friends plus the abuse happens within the house and hardly near people. Out side he praises me and try to look loving and supporting. He's doing nothing to help me even though we're very much inlove and he says how much he's lost without me coz I'm solid and caring. Do I have to submit i360 within the 180 days before I face 3 yrs ban? Or the count stops once submitting? What after an aprove? I'm still overstay? Or if it's a denail so my 180 days will start again? Pls help me understand the timing importance , I also need more time to gather evidence. Tnx Pearl

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arrowNot so new here, but reintroducing myself
November 15, 2014, 9:21 am Last comment by Ryan H

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I have petitioned for a CR1 visa in October for my wife. She is a Romanian citizen living in Frankfurt, Germany. This site has be a HUGE help in preparing the documents so far and researching what will be needed in the future. I want to thank everyone so far for all the help. You have not only been helpful with all of my questions, but you have all been great support as many of you are also going through long periods of time as we wait to be with our loved ones.


I do have one question regarding my profile though. On the left side, I have it set for Romania. Is that correct or would I put Germany in my case?

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arrowTravelling Concern
November 14, 2014, 12:34 pm Last comment by M and C

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Hey guys so we are waiting for our AP/EAD combo pack, but I want to make sure of something. When we do receive the AP card we went to go on our honeymoon since we want to go outside the U.S. Will we be questioned about "emergency use" or related to that? I don't want any trouble getting back in the US. Any advice?! Or did someone wait till their AP card came in to go on their honeymoon. What was your experience of this? Thanks!

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arrowAOS Late
November 12, 2014, 12:25 pm Last comment by KHnTX

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Hello VJ !!! 


I will ask again same question because first time I dind't understand so much so there's the question : " Can I apply for AOS after my I-94 expires? " 

My I-94 expires on 11 December, we will get married next week, but for the moment we don't have money for AOS ( $1070) ... so I want to know if I will have problems if I will apply late. 


Thank you in advance ! 

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