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arrowBest U.S. International Shipping service for quick delivery - Interview in 13 days
September 19, 2014, 3:50 am Last comment by Ryan H

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Hello, not sure where those question goes...


Our interview is in 13 days. Our Joint Sponsor has her documents prepared and will be mailing them first thing tomorrow, but we originally were going to use USPS Priority Mail Express International which was only like $46 to here and we realized that USPS probably does not use a courier service and we'll get put through sorting facilities which could take weeks to reach my wife's village. Obviously we don't have that much time.


Does anyone know of a shipping service like UPS or FedEx that offers delivery of two documents from the states (Memphis,Tn) to Romania with a 3-5 delivery day time with courier?


I checked UPS and FedEx and they are asking around $150 for two documents, if we can avoid that kind of price that would be fantastic. If it is our only option, then we'll have to take another hit in the budget.


I checked DHL and I keep getting the error that there is no service between destination and origin locations.


Please help!

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arrowg325a, EAD and Advance Parole Clarification
September 18, 2014, 2:32 am Last comment by abby12

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Hi, guys!


Preparing my AOS application and was have a few questions:


For the g325a, do I need to send in 2 of them for both my husband and I? Or just one for myself?


If I am filing for EAD and Advance Parole at the same time, do I need to put in 2 passport photos for each of this forms as well (so a total of 6 with my application)? Also do I need to send in 3 copies of my marriage certificate and my I-94?


Thank you for your help!

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arrowE-Mail from Embassy to Schedule Interview - I-130 - Urgent Assistance needed
September 16, 2014, 2:02 am Last comment by AnnaMaria

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Hello, we received an e-mail this morning and are not sure if this is our interview letter or an information packet. We are under expedited processing so i'm quite fine with them  communicating with us through e-mail, as long as we're clear on it's contents. If anyone could please help us by trying to provide assistance with the questions I have highlighted and I will ask my questions in RED so you will know my specific question.


We have just received from the National Visa Center the immigrant visa cases for your spouse.


At the time of their interviews, Mrs. RomanianWife should present the following documents:



Two (2) photographs  (please see attachment with information about the photograph).

Medical examination.

Romanian police certificate “Certificat de cazier judiciar”.

Original birth certificate, with photocopy.

Original marriage certificate, with photocopy.

Affidavit of Support I-864 signed by you with copy of your last federal income tax return.

Evidence of relationship: photographs, phone bills, correspondence.

TNT confirmation letter -  As of September 13, 2012, the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest has changed procedures for all immigrant visa applicants to the U.S.    Prior to appointment date, you or your mother must visit the website

or call the Visa Information and Appointment Service at +40 31 7800 260 from 9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. to determine the location where from she will pick up her passport with visa.  Your parents must provide their passport number, date of birth, nationality, BCH case number, e-mail address and visa category. (We are interviewing for an I-130 spouse visa, why does this mention the parents registering and picking up their passport, etc? Is this normal or perhaps just a generalized I-130 e-mail?)


Please ask your spouse to read the information sent in attachment named “IMBRA pamphlet”.


As soon as you are in the possession of all these documents, your spouse must contact us at 021-2706000 to schedule an appointment.  The immigrant visa fee is 325.00 USD and should be paid at the Embassy in the day of her interview. (We were under the impression that the Embassy scheduled the interview here in Romania, is it true that in fact we need to schedule it ourselves or is there somewhere we can go to see if they have scheduled one for us?)


Thank you for your help!!!

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arrowExpedite Approved - CEAC Case Status READY - Help!
September 12, 2014, 10:03 am Last comment by Married4Life13

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I received an e-mail from our embassy about an hour ago asking if we had filled out our DS-260, which was not available as of yesterday. I responded we had not. I then checked the CEAC website and noticed that the IV FEE went from Not Invoiced to N/A and the IV Application says NOT STARTED instead of N/A.


The Current Processing Site is Bucharest and the Visa Status says READY. This is a change from yesterday of Current Site NVC and Status of NVC.


What do we do? We have the AoS packet ready to submit to the embassy. Also we have basically all of the IV packet. We need to do the medical, but we don't want to do ANYTHING that might set things back.


The embassy wrote me again recently asking for my NVC Invoice Identification # which I provided and it is now close of business and we have not heard anything else.


Should we do the DS-260 online even though our case is at the embassy, or wait for instructions from them on Monday? Should we do the medical now or wait for instructions from the embassy?

We're not sure what Ready means as far as our responsibilities at this point. We expected it to take at least over the weekend to be in Transit to the Embassy, it was there in about 18 hours!


Please help us!


Edit : We did NOT receive an e-mail from the NVC stating any changes even though we knew from the embassy our expedite was approved, we checked the webpage and found it updated without any correspondence from the NVC.

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arrowExpedite Approved from NVC to Embassy, Need assistance on the next step please.
September 11, 2014, 11:43 am Last comment by tdier

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Hello, I've searched the forums, and I cannot find the answer to the questions I have. Could someone please assist us?


Our expedite was approved today, and we are in dire need to know the following answers if anyone has them.


1) How long should we expect it to take the case to move from NVC to the Embassy?


2) Once the embassy receives our case, what is the next step they will take?

    -Our NVC phase was AOS Paid and we were waiting to send in the AoS packet with the IV packet once it was invoiced.


3) We have several of the IV packet items, such as the beneficiary's police certificate and such, but do we need to go ahead and do her medical at this point or wait for instructions from the embassy?


4) Should we prepare to make multiple trips to the embassy so they can process the AoS and IV packet or in normal expedited circumstances do they schedule an interview and ask you to bring all of the documentation with you at that time?


5) If an interview is scheduled, how long after they receive the case do they actually schedule the interview assuming they are not a high workload embassy?


6) If there is anything else we should know about what to expect at this point once our case reaches the embassy, we would be very happy to hear any information you can provide. (Remember, we have only done the DS-261 and paid our AoS fee at the NVC, everything else would be done at the Embassy I presume)


Thank you, I know I posted about the approval earlier, but I buried my questions at the end of the post and that was meant to be the most important reason for me posting to begin with.

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