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arrowSending off AoS Packet in the Morning, one final question please
August 28, 2014, 4:05 pm Last comment by AnnaMaria

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Well we've gone over the packet every day for a couple weeks now and it's finally ready to head to the NVC. Before we send it, we just need to clarify one thing if anyone can help us.


My husband is not required to file taxes because he is a disabled U.S. Citizen and his only income is Social Security Disability and Veteran's Affairs Disability, we've clarified he has no report-able income with tax professionals.


On part 6, Line 5, where it asks for current total individual income, and part 6 Line 10 Household annual income, he entered his total annual benefits. We provided a very detailed written statement regarding the fact he does not have to file taxes along with the IRS Publications supporting the reason why, we've also attached both benefits letters from SSD and the Veteran's Affairs showing his monthly income, proof of deposits, and his Social Security 1099 form. 


Are we potentially safe from checklists after providing all of this information supporting why the income boxes show his annual benefits and he does not have to file a tax return? We DO need a Joint Sponsor and we are perfectly qualified with her income, we just want to make sure everything on our form is correct.



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arrowBest Prepaid Sim Card Deal San Diego
August 27, 2014, 9:30 pm Last comment by anapetcu

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Hi, guys!


Flying to San Diego this Sunday, so I was wondering if somebody can recommend me the prepaid sim card that offers the best deal if you're looking for unlimited data (minutes and texts don't really mind how much I get).


I have found some deals for $55.00 but I'm looking to pay $20.00 or so just like in London (12 pounds atm).


My fiance has a contract, but I already have my iPhone so would it make sense to have contract without phone? 


Thank you.

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arrowHelp with the copies...?
August 27, 2014, 11:21 am Last comment by agrabs

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Hello everyone, i have a question, i'm a Romanian citizen, and here our birth certificates are in Romanian, English and French, the only thing written in only Romanian is the gender. The question is do i need to translate the birth certificate anyway?

The NVC website says that it does not need to be translated if it in the language that the visa is applied in.

Thank you in advance. :)

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August 25, 2014, 3:15 pm Last comment by Ketsuban

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Hi everybody,


I filled a I-130 petition for my wife about a year ago. She got accepted and so on... We filled the DS-261 about 60 days ago and still haven't got the IV FEE INVOICED. I paid the AOS FEE and DID NOT send the package as I'd like to send both IV and AOS packages together.


What should I do to get things done faster?

Is it true that my wife's petition will expire after one year from the day it was submitted? 


Thanks !

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arrowReceived Case Number and IIN today from NVC
August 25, 2014, 9:58 am Last comment by AnnaMaria

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Hi all,


We received our Case Number and Invoice Identification Number from the NVC today. If we used Saylin's wiki page correctly and did the math, it was produced on 08/21/2014. 


We finally got a chance today to log on to the CEAC site with the summary of the NVC Process and the DS-261 was available to fill out, which we did and completed, but the AOS - Affidavit of Support section has my husband's name and N/A under the Affidavit of Support Fee and another N/A under Affadavit of Support Documents and Financial Evidence. Is this normal, because we were under the assumption that the AOS bill becomes available as soon as the DS-261 is ready. Seeing as our case number was created 4 days ago, do you think we need to call and inquire about the AoS bill?


Thank you for your help!

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