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I-864 Affidavit of Support - Do tax transcripts need to be original?
10:56 am


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It will soon be time for me to complete the I-864 Affidavit of Support package. My question is, if I use tax transcripts (which I understand from multiple sources to be preferable instead of sending in copies of my actual returns), can I send copies of the tax transcripts, or must they be originals that are sent in?

Also, I am a temporary resident overseas while we wait for my wife to receive a visa. My "domicile" is and has always been the USA. To prove this, I intend to show the following:

1. Evidence that a foreign government has authorized a temporary stay (temporary residence permit).

2. Banking statements from my US accounts showing that I maintain accounts there.

3. A letter from my USA employer showing my current employment status, my authorization to work remotely for a limited time, and their expectation that I will return to the US to continue employment.

Is that sufficient, or do you think more is necessary? If so, what other evidence might be able to help me establish proof of my USA domicile status? While I have a permanent address in the states, I do not formally rent it or own it (it's in the family), so I cannot offer any hard evidence there.

I appreciate some opinions on the matter.


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EAD Renewal
1:58 am


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Btw, i'm hearing that once you apply for an EAD renewal they may not honor your current advance parole card when you try to re-enter the country even if it is not expired. So beware.

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Couple of questions about Affidative of Support. Help please.
5:10 pm


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Hello I have a few questions about the Affidative of Support (i-134) and how to properly file it. I am attaching photos of the questions so you can see how they are stated on the form.

Some things to know: I am the petitioner for my fiance and our co-sponsor will be my brother. I came to America when I was 10 years old and got citizenship through my parents. Same with my brother which was 11 when he entered the USA. Neither of us have ever sponsored for anyone in the past.


for question 11 on part 1: I understand my brother should mark "citizen through parent(s)" but we never received a Certificate of Citizenship. I was aware that this is only given by request? So what should he put in the empty space?


for question 8 on part 2: Beneficiary's physical address... should this be the address that is indicated on my fiance's ID card? or the one he is currently living in (he is living temporarily somewhere else)? On i-129f it asked for "current address" and "past addresses" so we put accordingly. Is it supposed to match the address that the embassy will have?


for question 10-13 on part 3: When my brother fills this out is it supposed to be N/A? Or with my fiance's information? And how should 13. be answered? How about when I fill it out?

Thank you so much for your help.

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Port of Entry Humanitarian Parole Denied, Does it effect k1?
3:39 pm


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My fiance and I went through an immediate emergency situation and one of our representatives advice to try for a humanitarian parole in the port of entry. He was denied entry under not enough evidance and sent back to his home country. The cbp agent advice to get a visa and return. No restrictions were put but a stamp on the passport labeling the denial. This happened last April before we filed. Would this hurt our chances at the k1? Would this show up in the sucurity check?

Ps: it's worthy to mention they let him board the plane without a visa when the airport was informed of his emergency. And our representative fought for us at the poe however cbp told us they never heardone from her so this is uncertain. (Someone was obviously lying)

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Still stuck on security check.
6:36 am


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I'm August 3 filer and wondering if any other August filers are on a security check. They told me my case is being adjudicated but on hold for security. But ive heard nothing from other aug filers here. I've been stuck on "security check" since the 8th of Jan and I have no criminal/traffic tickets or anything. :(

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