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Anyone worry about your k-1 being denied? And what would happen to "us"?
10:27 am


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Just a thought.

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Do expedite requests hurt our petition result?
11:36 am


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Just a simple question.

I have made 3 expedite requests in the past which were denied but things are getting tougher for me. I have new evidance but would this harm or result in a denial in any way if I put in another request? This wait is taking more then I expected and I'm struggling every day and with the holidays comming... let's just say I fear for even slower then I realize now.

If you want to know the reason for expedite you can look in my post history but really I don't need to discuss the reason. Just need to know if multiple expedite requests can actually harm the result of the petition.

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To anyone who has gotten an RFE from CSC
1:58 am


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Was it sent as a regular mail or a priority mail?

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Spouse left the US before receiving aproval of status adjustment
6:45 pm


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Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

I have a peculiar situation, I am a US citizen and my spouse is from Romania, she came to the US to visit and had a 3 month period of time on her passport for legal stay, she stayed over that time because applying for adjustment of status took us while so right night she is and illegal alien but we have the paperwork forwarded and we are waiting for a response of approval, unfortunately she had to leave the US before her case got approved, before we received any paperwork or travel authorization....

So I guess right now there is not way for her to come back because she is flagged now as person who overstood her legal stay and left US before having any paperwork?

I guess all the paperwork and money spent is out the window?

Now that she is outside the US and Flagged (I guess?) how could I still get her to come back?

DO I need to reapply for one of those Visas for spouse Outside the US? (we got married in the US)

Thank you, please include any other useful information you deem that it would help.

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Marriage license and birth certificate
6:14 pm


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Hi there! I'm from Romania and my husband is a US citizen. We're at the point where we need to collect the documents for NVC. My original birth certificate and our marriage license are in Romanian, French and English. That's how Romanian government issues the documents. My question is: Do I have to get those translated?

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