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arrowCR1 interview
August 3, 2015, 11:15 am Last comment by davecj

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They never asked for the 2x2 photos at the interview. But they said congratulations, that i got the visa. is there a problem, should i contact them?

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arrowInterview results!
July 29, 2015, 11:16 pm Last comment by Bill & Katya

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Hi, I wanted to share with all of you out e perform e at the interview.
We had the app. at 9:20 AM in Milwaukee and around 9:30 we got in; the IO was a middle aged lady, with a professional attitude but not less positive.
She invited us in her office and she asked first my husband some general questions like name, address, date and place of birth, etc.
After that, she asked me, the beneficiary, the same things and also the long list of questions; last, she wanted to see if we have more e idem e added to the file that shows our relationship is bona fide and she said the following:
"At this point, I don't see a problem not to approve your case; if I need more documents, we will informe you but you should be expecting your green card by mail between 4-6 weeks, these days, even faster. Don't forget within 90 days before 2 years of marriage to apply for ROc".
She didn't keep my passport though!

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arrowEvidence of a bonafide marriage & misc
July 27, 2015, 9:53 pm Last comment by robyprime

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Hi there,


Me and my wife (the US citizen) got married 2 months ago after 2 years of relationship. As many recently married couples we don't have that much evidence to fill with the I-130. Due to work related issues we only saw each one only 2 times, she came over (I wasn't able to visit US due to them not granting me a tourist visa – not enough ties), about 2 weeks total in which we visited a few countries, got some nice pictures together. And when she can travel, it's only for at most 1 week (and take 20 hours of out of it due to flight time). 


We also don't have that many pictures of our wedding, I don't have any friends where I live now and only my mom was present, so by most MTV wedding standards, the wedding wasn't that pompous, about 5 person total including the witnesses and the clerk (heh).


What we do have, is a joint company, it's the way we met, while working together for a few years things started to build up into an actual romantic relationship. But I am afraid that this might look somehow weird to them, usually people meet on facebook heh, but I might overthink this.


Evidence so far:

1. A 3 year old company (we were not together when we started, I was an employee/co-founder)

2. 2 Trips taken together (maybe we could get 1-2 more before the actual interview) 

3. Gifts and chat transcripts (although are quite bare, as what we'd actually show? it's either sexy talk or stupid stuff, we mostly spoke via Skype video/phone)

4. Legal documents (marriage certificate)


And that's kinda it, we kept our names as well because it'd have complicate things for her at the moment.


So, question time, will the company be a good thing for us or no and if so, is it OK to submit with this not-so-much evidence?


I've been calling some banks to get some joint accounts, but pretty hard if not impossible to get any if you're not on US soil.



So I wont split this into 2 topics. I've sent the documents to her already but forgot to send the G-325A form and I see it requires a signature, is it OK if I use an e-signature?


Also, I've sent her the original marriage certificate, it already comes translated into 3 languages, is it OK if she just sends a xerox copy? Does it need to be notarized?


I apologize for the long read.


Thank you.

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arrowNeed advice
July 20, 2015, 11:04 pm Last comment by Darnell

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Hello everybody! I'm married with filipino wife for 6 months, and living in Philippines for a 2 years.


First, I came to Philippines with my mother and brother for studying English, and my brother still studying in high school. In that time I had online freelance job. 


1 year ago I met my filipino girlfriend, and we start meeting. After month we met her mother and speak about wedding, because I had plan to go to USA for job, and in that case if we serious in our relationship, we should get married, and I was agree with that for go to USA together in future. She still studying in college, last year already. So, we had plan to go to USA after her graduation in 2016.


Her mother ask me, if I will not get her pregnant, and will support her education. I agree with that, and we start prepare our documents. But was a problem - she and her mother said that nobody will know about our relationship, and we will not live together while grandmother will not back to Canada (youngest sister of mother living in Canada, and grandmother sometimes living in Canada). I wasn't agree with that, but I follow that I we will not share our relationship to others. So, mother agree that we will live together after wedding. I rent unit in her place and lived there.


In that time she lived with her grandmother, and came to my unit almost everyday. And often she checked me. For example, came at evening even didn't say before that she will come. She didn't trust me that I love her and living here for to be together, and she thought that I can have another girlfriend in that time. But I love her and never change her or doing something bad. I'm honest person who very close with church.


Once, she came and start to hide chat on her phone from me. I ask her to show me, and she got angry, but show anyway. On her phone was a lot of contacts with other foreigners, and she still chatting with another one boy. And also, in history of her browser was x-videos... I was so surprised, and want to stop relationship, but she said that she will delete all conversations, and will not chat anymore because she love me and want to be with me, and x-videos watched her uncle. So, I believe in that and continue all.


Sometimes she asked me about money for her education, and I gave every time. It's not so many, but maybe 100$ every month I gave her. 


I start living at August there, and prepare my documents in September already. But her documents was still not ready even in November. And when I asked her, why she didn't prepare it, she said that she not believe me that I'm really want to be with she. But I doing all for her, care her, support, living near and almost whole time together. I didn't understand why she said like that... She whole time hide something and didn't allow me to go to her house, to her college, and with her together outside, for nobody can see us. So, she coming everyday after classes and be with me, but I never know even her schedule... She was angry that I'm asking her about documents and gone without telling nothing. I wanted to stop relationship again because of that, but after few days she back and say sorry...


At last days of November we went to city hall in that city where living my mother, and tried to prepare documents there, but her mother didn't make parent's advice for a long time, and when she made it already at lawer in another city, major's secretary said that it's wrong, and didn't accept documents. So, we start to do all in city where I lived and where she studying. And there was so fast to do, and already and January we take licence and got married.


In december she said that she has problems with her grandmother, because grandmother saw us together at store and understand about lie of my girlfriend. Grandmother was so angry that she found foreigner, and call her with not good words... And I didn't understand, why... So, I invite her to live together. And her mother agree with that, just she said for I will do what I promised, and she said that she will support us while she can even I didn't ask support. And started december we already lived together. And since that time all was ok. But...


In December I lost my work, and I asked for support of my mother, and start to looking for a job in Philippines. Also, I found information, that I can make resident visa for 1 year by marriage and have job. So, at wedding major said for wife will come after week and take certificate, and after two weeks - NSO. She took certificate after week, but didn't take NSO, and said me that it's aren't ready... I waited week more, and went to city hall myself, but they said that NSO was ready and possible to take, but for now I can take it only in NSO office. So, my wife was angry again why I went there myself, and angry that I asked her why she didn't take it herself and said that it's not ready. We go to NSO together, but they said that my NSO will be ready only after 6 months... Within 1 month I found few good jobs, but can't apply because don't have permit for job via resident visa... We continue to use money of my mother, and we speak before, that we will back all money to my mother after I will found job and wife will work also, for 50% for me and 50% for her. Also, we paid her education, and since January until April we used for 3000$. Money start to gone so fast, even I tried to save. Her mother gave maybe 25 - 50$ every month, but wife didn't use it for us, and all moneys sent every time to her brother to another city. 


At february we thought about buying house. I can't buy it because I'm foreigner, so we have plan to buy it on her name, and we will live together with my family there, because we wanted to use money of my mother for buying. But after few weeks searching we didn't found good and security house. and my mother said that she scared to pay so big money in cash. So, we stop searching, and after that problems started...


At March she finished her third year, and preparing for practice. I asked her to transfer to city of my mother and take practice there, and continue education there, but she said that it's impossible. I waited for a NSO, and still looking for a job. And in last days of April I found online job again, but for stable connection with internet I should transfer to unit of my mother for working good. And we choose with wife that I will ride to another city for week days, and back for weekends, and one week we do like that. When I back after one week, she said that she already finished her practice, and want to transfer with me together, and she will choose another college for graduate fourth year there. So, we stop renting our unit, and transfer to unit of my mother. Since May we lived there together, and there she stop to do any: only seat at laptop and playing games, didn't search a college, and never cook, clean, etc... So, after 2 weeks I went to colleges myself and took information that it's not a problem to transfer. But she anyway didn't transfer. My mother gave her money for pay education because I still didn't have salary.


In last days of May she said that she will back to her city again, and will ride everyday to me, so we will rent bigger unit here and live together with my mother and brother for more comfort. So, sometimes she will sleep in dorm. I agree with that. 


In last days of May  received salary, and she asked me for a 50% of that. But it was only 800$, and I need to pay unit, and make documents and visa, and gave her everyday for riding and dorm, and food. So, I count all, and said that it's impossible to give her 50% because we should use it together all. She was angry of that and said that she will not live in dorm, and her father and brother will come soon to her city for rent house. So, she want for I rent that house for them. I said that I can support her, but not her family. And she said that will do all for I will kicked out from country.


But I didn't understand, why I need to support her family, and I ready to support her. So, I had this steps for us:

1. Continue working online for 1100$ every month

2. Rent bigger unit for all of us

3. Give her 200$ every month for her food and road

4. Prepare documents for visa

5. Apply for real job here for 1500$


But she only was angry and didn't accept it. Her mother came and was also so angry to all of us, but we didn't do nothing bad. Wife gone with her mother and said that she no need my support, and will come to me only twice per month, took her things, and since that time living in her city.


After 2 weeks she asked for I gave her money for road to me. So, in June I gave her anyway 200$, and she will back if I will rent bigger unit already. So, I continue work online, rent bigger unit and paid deposit from my salary for that, and I have only 200$ after, what I need to use for food. And for now I gave her only 50$, because I don't have more. She didn't back to me to bigger unit, and said that she will back already only if I will rent separate unit. I was surprised of it...


I tried to prepare documents for visa, but I found some surprise again. Her name in marriage certificate and birth certificate is Anne Mae Walter, but in school and everywhere is Anne Walter Adalin. Walter is the family name of her mother, Adalin - of her father. She said that she change it because of late registration of marriage of her parents. So, It has problem, because even I took NSO, I can't pass documents for visa because of different names. I ask her to make postal ID, but she didn't do it. I start to do it myself for her, but she was sure that I will not receive barangay clearance for her, but I receive it without problem. So, we apply for postal ID, but for whole 2 months she only make me nervous. Looks like I only husband and need to do all, but she can do any what she want. And because of all documents, mistakes and her hidings, lie and rude, I don't know already what to do.


After passing documents to postal ID, she text me that her mother prohibit her to meet me. How she can do it if I am husband? She needs to live with me, but she don't want. She said that needs in my support, but no need in me. And said that she will come every 2 weeks for take money and sleep night. But how she can say like that? Only a prostitute come for night and take money after that... I wanted to have real wife, with who we will do all and go to USA after her graduation, but in fact I have not a wife, but I need to give her for 300$ per month even she didn't help me to make visa and apply job.


I said her, that after apply a job and make visa I can give her more money, but for now it's so hard, because I using a lot for big unit, and she don't want to live there. I can't rent house and support her family, and they prohibit her to meet me because I give her small money. She drinking alcohol there, and I even don't know where and with who she living, and she don't want me to come to her house. She has 3 days free, and don't want to apply a job for support herself.


So, when you know my story, I have few questions.

1. How can I manage her, back her to me and prohibit to live there if it's possible?

2. Do I need to support her if she not living with me?

3. I looking in all of that just a cheating. So, can I make annullment of marriage and to be single again?

4. Maybe here has some specialist like lawer who can speak with both of us and said her that she doing not right, and she will understand something?

5. What better to do now? Stop all of it, or still follow her?


Thank you in advance! With God!





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arrowInterview checklist, please help!
July 20, 2015, 8:56 pm Last comment by JeanF

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Hi, again! I've been looking for support regarding my interview which is next Monday and they are asking me in the check list to bring documents that make me eligible for LPR! My AOS is based on marriage with my husband who is an American citizen, so I need some clarification to what I need to bring that shows eligibility!
Thank you so much for all your help!

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