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I-551 stamp in passport
6:21 am yesterday

Adina Adina

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i am married to an US citizen and my temporary green card expired a year ago. I submitted my paperwork to get the permanent green card and i received the extension paper last august 2016 that will expire 08/18/2017. My Green card still didn't arrived yet and i called the uscis 1 month ago to ask them what is the situation as i need to fly out on Aug 20th 2017 for a surgery in my country. They've told me my case is pending and is on schedule , however i have to make an appointment to get the i-551 ( stamp in my passport) so i could travel outside US. Today i went to the uscis office and i got it , however my passport expires in November 2017 so i was planing to have a new passport done while being in my country. The officer didn't knew if i can come back after i will get a new passport as my old one will be invalid as they will cut the first page. My question is : Can i use my invalid passport with the i-551 stamp to come back at the border while i travel with my new passport? I know with a valid visa i can do that ( use the visa from the old passport while traveling with a new one). Can i do the same with the stamp from my old invalid passport? Thank you sonmuch for your fast reply as i have 3 days to fly out and i need to make sure i can come back if i renew my passport while i have the stamp in the invalid passport.

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waiting for AP
3:52 am yesterday


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My wife is sick of being stuck here. Her father is sick and she has things she really needs/wants to do outside the country. We were told that we could get an emergency AP but that it would be seperate from the normal AP, only allow for 4 weeks away and cost an extra $500. With travel expenses and other expenses we've had an extra $500 is tough right now. She is now at the point she just wants to leave without AP. She is asking me what will happen to her if she leaves and there are questions I don't know.

I know I can reapply for a cr1 or whatever but I don't know if her dropping her application will hurt her chances at getting it?

I also don't know about that fact that we were a month late filing the i485 (small visa overstay) and if that will affect her ability to reenter even if she got a green card overseas?

And really because no one seems to know how long AP takes I'm wondering if anyone can respond to this message that has gotten theirs recently and let us know how long it took to get it. We are at day 92 now and waiting.

There is plenty of love here. There are not problems between us it's just not being able to leave and return that is killing her.

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Spouse visa application while pregnant
9:17 am yesterday


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Hi guys,

Me and my boyfriend (US citizen) are planning to get married in October and in the meanwhile I found out that I am pregnant.

We are a bit confused on what to do further, since we don't want any of us to be away from the baby for too long. Plus there will be some travel restrictions while pregnant and after I give birth. Currently I have a B1 visa for 10 years which we were considering to use while pregnant and I am due mid- March. The plan is to go there on the tourist visa in October after the wedding, stay for 3 months, but now we are trying to figure out what would be the best option to do to be able to give birth there.
Do you think that my papers will be ready from Oct to March? In case not, is it ok if I just enter the European space and travel back the next day to stay for 3 more months? Or I have to be 3 months away from US? Is it ok to travel to US on a tourist visa while married with an American citizen.

Please let me know if any of you had a similar situation and what would be the best case scenario. Thanks!

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Hello guys
12:20 am yesterday


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Hello April Filers,
Thanks for all your kind and useful information on this feed and forum.
I'm from Romania and my partner from Florida (Jax), I'm waiting like you all, my NOA-2 (fingers crossed). I received my NOA-1 on 19/Apr.
Hopefully we'll all hear back soon!

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Interview and oath experience Boston
1:52 am yesterday


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My immigration journey has come to an end after - almost - 7 years. I had my interview last Thursday, on the 13th in Boston. Matt and I left the Cape at 5am because I'm a nervous Nellie. Parked at the Quincy T station which made life a whole lot easier - unless you like to drive in the city. There's a few places around the USCIS building to grab a coffee and something to eat if you get there too early, like we did - Dunkin, Panera, Starbucks, etc. As soon as you walk in you have to go through a metal detector - backpacks and drinks are allowed (might seem like a silly side note, but we were worried about having a backpack and liquids with us - too many airports and embassy visits I guess). Once you finally get to the USCIS floor, you check in at the counter, they only need to see your interview letter. My interview was supposed to be at 9, they said to get there at 8:30, which we did. I got called in at a little after 10. It's a good size room, people with all sorts of immigration issues. All the chatter around me and the screaming babies did not help my nerves. Bring some headphones!

The lady who interviewed me was very pleasant. All business, but nice. She asked me to remain standing and raise my right hand and swear I will tell the truth. Then she asked me for my green card and my passport. Those were the only 2 things she asked from me (I brought tax transcripts and marriage certificate, our birth certificates, Matt's passport - even though I applied under the 5 year rule). Then she asked if I wanted to start with the test, and I said sure. She said it's easy and not to worry. My questions were:

1. What year was the Constitution written?

2. What does the Constitution do?

3. What is freedom of religion?

4. Name on state that borders Canada.

5. What ocean is on the East coast?

6. How many senators are there?

Then she asked me to read this sentence: What do we pay the government?

And then I had to write: We pay taxes.

She said I passed the test and next we will go over my application. I said I will take out my copy as well if that's ok; she said sure. Went over address and employment history, how many trips total, and then moved on to the yes/no questions at the end. And then she asked me if I'm available the following Thursday for the oath, and told me to go wait for my oath letter. The whole interview lasted less than 10 minutes. Had to wait about another hour for the letter.

Little history: no kids, had the same job for the last 3 years, bought a house 2 years ago, had a bunch of trips to Europe and the BVIs and Canada, but nothing longer than a month. Both green card applications were approved with no interview in a fairly short amount of time. No reason really why I waited so long to apply, a little bit of laziness, a little bit of different vacation plans or other things going on in our lives.

I was definitely more stressed out than I should have been, seeing how easy the interview was.

The oath took place at Faneuil Hall, had to be there at 12. You need your oath letter and your green card. And maybe a mini fan - no AC in that small room with more than 500 people in there! They have everyone take a seat. Then they ask you to fill out the back of your oath letter - which I did in the morning. Then they ask the people who do not have their green card to come check in. Then they have every row get up, one at a time to go check in - surrender your green card moment. I thought it was a pretty dumb way of doing it, having everyone check in about an hour after we got there,an hour of just sitting and sweating. So you have 398 people get up and sit down again. Like it wasn't hot enough before we did that! Then the judge came in, said he approves the name changes and our citizenship. We said the Pledge of Allegiance and then the judge stepped out. Then they asked the guests we brought to step out of the building before they start handing out our certificates - for security reasons, very strange. You form a line again by rows, check your name on the certificate to make sure there are no errors. And that's it.

There were a bunch of people outside with voter registration form. You can also do it online - maybe not in every state, I'd check first.

After we went to the Post office on Milk street and applied for a passport. We waited there for about an hour because they only had 1 person taking passport applications. If you don't have pics with you, they can take one pic for $15 right there. I had them done at Triple A for $12 for 2 pics - as I wasn't sure if I needed them for the interview. They can also make a copy of your driver's license, front and back. I would highly advise to make a copy at home and be prepared. The people working there are slower than a turtle on its back. I had dowloaded and filled out the application the day before. You will also need a personal check or a money order - no cards! And your brand spanking new certificate. Also, there is a $25 Post Office processing fee that you can pay with a card.

And when I get my passport and my certificate back, I will go to the Social Security office and get that last thing done - should be fun!

Hope this helps someone out there. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone to get a speedy approval!

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