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Confused - AOS approved but...
9:56 pm


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My husband and I had the AOS interview yesterday. We did great, the officer started to tell us my husband's AOS is approved, but that his medical records, which were done on August 10th (civil surgeon didn't update the form in time, I guess, since the law changed on August 1st) are not updated. She said she will forward the case to her supervisor, and in case he approves the AOS without the evidence for updated medical, my husband will receive his green card in the mail. If not, we will receive an RFE letter. We got a signed paper from her saying that the case has been approved. When we got home, we checked the receipt status and it said that the card has been ordered for production and we should receive it in the mail. Today though, it says that I 485 was approved and we should wait for a notice in the mail. I am confused, has anybody been through this? What does it mean? Is the green card still on the way? Or can the case be approved but still need RFE?

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Using scanned copy of G-1450
9:31 am


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Hi everyone,

I wanted to pay for my mother's n-400 application using G-1450. Thing is we don't live close enough for me to hand it to her in person. Was wondering if it's possible to scan the form so she can use it? Of course, it won't be an ink signature.


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i 751- august 2016 filler at Vermont Center
11:14 am


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I send package on July 30 2016 and they start processing on August 1 2016. biometric done on August 30 2016

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travel to Europe
9:17 pm


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hy I send my package on July 30 2016 and arrived at Vermont Center on August 1 2016. I received the extension leter and my biometric was on August 30 2016. I apply for green through my husband ( us citizens) my question is: can I travell on Europe ( romania) with this letter and expired green card. we have already flight tickets from March to April 2017 easter vacation to family for me, MI husband and our child. thanks

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Traveling to Maldives
10:52 pm


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Hi all,

Me and my wife were planning to go to Maldives for our long due honeymoon. Maldives, although a country full of chill people and a laidback scene, is a Muslim country and given recent developments in the Trump administration, would it be advisable to go there? The initial plan was to take my wife (from Romania) there when she got her AP. But it seems like this won't be such a good move. Hoping if anyone could shed some light on this. Thanks.

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