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form filling - no middle name
4:37 pm


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Hi, Im trying to fill up the I751 form, and since i dont have have a middle name, they automatically put .N. on the Acknowledgment of Appointment at USCIS Application Support Center. (see attachment)

If there was someone else in my situation can you please give me an advice.



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affidavit of support paystubs
5:08 pm


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Hello there! Can somebody tell me how many pay stubs is enough for affidavit of support( for how many months) ? we were thinking of the last 4 months (8 pay stubs) since he is paid twice per month. thank you :)

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I-751 help
10:48 pm


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Hello i need some help with form I 751 :

Part I: Question no.9: USCIS Online Account Number - do i have to add the (in my case) IOE number?

Part 5: Provide information on all of your children: do i have to specify my stepson too? ,he is my wife's (the us citizen) son.

Also, considering the fact that my cr1 visa expires very soon, will they send me a new temporary card or do i have to go for a stamp in my passport?

Thanks a lot for your help guys. :)

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Affidavit of support - joint sponsorship
12:35 pm


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Hello there!

I was hoping someone out here could help me with some information regarding the affidavit of support form and how it has to be filled if we have a joint sponsorship. Me and my fiance have applied for a K1 visa and just got the NOA2 a week ago, now we're waiting for the embassy to send us all the necessary steps till the interview, so until then, he will send me the completed affidavit of support. Our question is, who has to complete the form? My fiance and the joint sponsor together or just my fiance? and how exactly does the form has to be filled out by the sponsor?

I thank you all beforehand for the replies!

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Tax return issue/amend after sending to nvc?
7:10 am


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Hi fellow VJ-ers!

I'm in need any input regarding this issue we're having right now. So, a little background on the current situation: filed taxes married jointly using HR block, submitted a W7 application for an ITIN in person at the IRS about 1.5 months ago. Yesterday, we got a notice of intent to reject my application for an ITIN due to my passport not being valid. Now, my passport is still in my maiden name, but the tax return is in my married name and the name on W7 application is maiden name + married name (as per suggestion of the IRS agent who accepted my documents). My guess is that the IRS rejected my application since the name on it does not match the name in my passport.

My question is the following: I don't know if the IRS will accept my ITIN application unless I change my name in my passport which is impractical for now...our tax return will still be processed, but we won't get a refund just now. So we are planning on amending the tax returns when I get an SSN so we can get a refund then. Will the NVC care if we amend our tax returns after we already sent the AOS documentation(our scan date was 2 weeks ago)? Has anyone ever gotten a checklist for that? Or for any ITIN documentation?

Thanks in advance, I'd appreciate any input regarding this issue.

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