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I-130 April 2018 Filers
8:59 pm


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Hello all!

Who else is a fellow April filer?

Good luck to everyone on this journey!

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Proof of payed visa fee
3:30 pm


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I payed the visa fee online on ustraveldocs using their service called Trusty. After paying i got a confirmation page with barecode and passport info, delivery address i filled out earlier.

I emailed that page to the embassy today on a "feeling" and they said that is the currier confirmation page and not the payment confirmation page and i need to bring the bank receipt... Since I didn't pay at the bank not sure what to bring. After a few email exchange they said bring any proof you have of the payment... Now i feel i screwed it up......

Anybody has experience with this? The embassy is Bucharest.


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Bucharest consulate & medical paperwork needed
5:36 pm


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Hi all,

I am trying to get ahead and compile a list I need to take with me to the interview (also the documents needed to be sent to me before the interview), and for the medical. After reading a lot of topics and consulate reviews here, I compiled a list. For the medical I found a page of Regina Maria, sent them an e-mail about the required documents but they didn't answer.....

Could please somebody take a look of the list who had the interview in Bucharest and the medical done by Regina Maria clinic? Wanted to post this in the Romanian portal, but I couldn't find there a way to open a topic.

So here is the list:

1. Beneficiary's passport
2. NOA2 (Copy or original?)
3. Petitioner to provide new Intent to marry addressed to the embassy in Bucharest (w/ wet signiture)
3. DS-160 (confirmation page w/ barecode)
4. Proof of payed visa fee
5. TNT Currier - Confirmation page of paying the fee
6. 2 Passport style photo
7. Affidavit of Support Form I-134 and supporting documents (w/ wet signiture)
8. Beneficiary's birth Certificate (original and copy)
9. Petitioner's divorce certificate copy
10. Beneficiary's police clearances from countries lived for more than 6 months.

11. Medical Exam (Found it on Regina Maria clinic's website)
a. Pasaport (Passort)
b. 4 poze tip 5/5 (4 US passport style photo)
c. Adeverinta de la medicul de familie cu mentiunea clinic sanatos sau cu bolile avute si tratamentul urmat (?)
d. Adeverinta de la medicul de familie cu vaccinurile efectuate sau un alt act doveditor cu mentionarea vaccinurilor efectuate (Vacctination record)
e. Scrisoarea de invitatie la interviul la Ambasada SUA (Invitation letter to interview? How to get that? Do I need to book the interview before the medical?)
f. Adresa din SUA unde va locui aplicantul (USA address where the beneficiary is going to live)

12. Proof of relationship(chats/email screenshots, proof we met since filing K1)

Maybe needed:
13. Copy of beneficiary's passport (All pages?)
14. Copy of petitioner's birth certificate or passport (all pages?)

I have some questions highlighted in the list, and the maybe needed items (13,14) are really needed?

Also the e-mails/chat logs should be printed as a screenshot or copied? Guess screenshots?


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Permanent Residency for US Citizen's Parents who reside abroad
7:56 pm


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Hi guys,

I will become US citizen, hopefully very soon ha ha, and I was thinking to apply for permanent residency for my parents who currently reside abroad.

I was reading on the USCIS website about the process but I have a few questions left unanswered.

The first step seems to be me applying for the I-130's for them here in the US. Once those get approved, they will have to go to the US consulate in their country, to complete their visa process. Here is where I have a question. Will they get their permanent resident card for 10 years at the consulate? Or will they just get the visa in the passport? And then they have to come here, and apply for adjustment of status?

Is the adjustment of status application necessary in any case or only if my parents come to visit and then decide to adjust status? They currently have a visitor visa for 10 years. Since they have this, does it make sense for me to apply for I-130 for them or should they just come here on their visitor visa and apply for adjustment of status?

Another question I have is: what are the requirements for them to maintain their permanent resident card and get US citizenship after 5 years? How much of their time needs to be spent in the US? My mother currently works full time in their country so would it even make sense applying for permanent residency for her before she retires?

Thank you kindly for reading my questions and I would appreciate any info you might have on these matters.

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I-864 Affidavit of Support - Do tax transcripts need to be original?
10:56 am


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It will soon be time for me to complete the I-864 Affidavit of Support package. My question is, if I use tax transcripts (which I understand from multiple sources to be preferable instead of sending in copies of my actual returns), can I send copies of the tax transcripts, or must they be originals that are sent in?

Also, I am a temporary resident overseas while we wait for my wife to receive a visa. My "domicile" is and has always been the USA. To prove this, I intend to show the following:

1. Evidence that a foreign government has authorized a temporary stay (temporary residence permit).

2. Banking statements from my US accounts showing that I maintain accounts there.

3. A letter from my USA employer showing my current employment status, my authorization to work remotely for a limited time, and their expectation that I will return to the US to continue employment.

Is that sufficient, or do you think more is necessary? If so, what other evidence might be able to help me establish proof of my USA domicile status? While I have a permanent address in the states, I do not formally rent it or own it (it's in the family), so I cannot offer any hard evidence there.

I appreciate some opinions on the matter.


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