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arrowNot so new here, but reintroducing myself
November 15, 2014, 9:21 am Last comment by Ryan H

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I have petitioned for a CR1 visa in October for my wife. She is a Romanian citizen living in Frankfurt, Germany. This site has be a HUGE help in preparing the documents so far and researching what will be needed in the future. I want to thank everyone so far for all the help. You have not only been helpful with all of my questions, but you have all been great support as many of you are also going through long periods of time as we wait to be with our loved ones.


I do have one question regarding my profile though. On the left side, I have it set for Romania. Is that correct or would I put Germany in my case?

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arrowTravelling Concern
November 14, 2014, 12:34 pm Last comment by M and C

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Hey guys so we are waiting for our AP/EAD combo pack, but I want to make sure of something. When we do receive the AP card we went to go on our honeymoon since we want to go outside the U.S. Will we be questioned about "emergency use" or related to that? I don't want any trouble getting back in the US. Any advice?! Or did someone wait till their AP card came in to go on their honeymoon. What was your experience of this? Thanks!

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arrowAOS Late
November 12, 2014, 12:25 pm Last comment by KHnTX

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Hello VJ !!! 


I will ask again same question because first time I dind't understand so much so there's the question : " Can I apply for AOS after my I-94 expires? " 

My I-94 expires on 11 December, we will get married next week, but for the moment we don't have money for AOS ( $1070) ... so I want to know if I will have problems if I will apply late. 


Thank you in advance ! 

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arrowAtlanta PoE Review, Travel Experience, and our first week in the U.S.
November 11, 2014, 11:18 pm Last comment by Rebecca 2014

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Hi everyone, sorry we have not updated the timeline since we arrived, but we've been very busy trying to get things organized and our sleeping habits are still a little off after moving from Romania. I'm writing this review on behalf of my wife (The immigrant spouse) and myself (The USC).


First, we had purchased our airline tickets the same day we received my wife's visa in hand on October 3rd 2014. We paid a little higher than we wanted, about $988 per ticket on Priceline with our carrier being Delta. We were supposed to fly from Bucharest -> Amsterdam -> Detroit -> Memphis all on Nov. 1st. Well, on the day of our flight we arrived at the Bucharest, Romania airport for our flight to Amsterdam at 8:55AM and we were notified we had been upgraded to first class for no reason whatsoever. I told my wife the moment we took off that nothing is ever free when it comes to flying and boy was I right...Upon landing in Amsterdam about three hours later at around 11:00AM local time, we immediately checked the flight boards for our connecting gate for the Amsterdam to Detroit Delta flight at 1:20PM. Our hearts sunk to our stomachs when we saw CANCELLED written beside the flight. We rushed to the KLM Transfer desk (KLM is in the Delta Alliance) and began to inquire what was wrong and what our options were. The KLM agent kept us there for over an hour and was laughing and joking with other colleagues, all this time people on the same flight were rescheduled and compensated within 10-20 minutes. We were tired, frustrated, displaced, and felt highly disrespected. This was my wife's first time every flying and her first time leaving Romania so it was a terrible experience for her. We had planned each layover carefully so that we had time to meet immigration procedures and catch our connecting flight. Finally, after about 1 1/2 hours of waiting we were rescheduled to Atlanta (instead of Detroit) with a 1 hour and 32 minute layover (Instead of our original 2 hour and 22 minute layover). We were panicked. I had read that Atlanta took at least 2 hours because of how busy it was. The KLM employee told us that if we missed our flight in Atlanta that we would have to deal with Delta at that point since it would no longer be there issue. They put us up in a rather nice hotel, in the middle of no where, with no travel vouchers or phone cards to contact family and that was that. The following day we boarded the plane and we were given the very, very ,very last seats in the plane next to the bathrooms (we were originally in the middle so we wouldn't be last in immigration line) and it was by far the worst experience with an airline I've ever had. Needless to say, if my options were to fly with Delta or swim across the ocean next time...i'll go ahead and just swim.


We Arrived at the Atlanta airport much earlier than the scheduled time (Flight landed at like 12:30PM and we had 2 hours until our next flight) and this was a God sent blessing. We were the final two people to depart the plane and I don't know how, but we were the ONLY Immigrant Visa people at the TRIPOD area. I've gone through Atlanta a couple of times during my military days and I think once after when I was returning from Romania, but it was very, very slow for the middle of the day on a Sunday. My wife and I approached the lady directing the traffic at immigration and she was very nice and escorted us to the TRIPOD area. When we arrived, we took a seat and waited for the only CBP officer in the TRIPOD area to call us. He was friendly enough, very short, didn't ask many questions at all. I think he just asked where we were living, who's house was it, and how long have we been married. He then asked us to sit down again after he took her SEALED ENVELOPE from the embassy. My wife offered him her X-Ray and Immunization Records from the medical exam, but he said he didn't need them. After maybe 10 or 15 minutes he called us back up, chatted for a moment (No real questions, just asking if we were familiar with the RoC procedures and such) and then stamped her visa. I was a bit sad because he didn't say "Welcome to America!", but the last thing he did before we officially crossed the border was give her a piece of paper talking about filing taxes, so I guess that was a "Welcome to America" in it's own sense :) Overall, it was just as great an experience as the embassy. Even though the CBP officer was not as personal or friendly as our interviewing officer, he was very professional and was not intimidating at all, just focused on his job. Well done to you sir and the CBP staff at Atlanta.


Next up, we hit Customs. We were given a customs form on the plane that Non-US citizens only were supposed to fill out. My wife filled it out and we barely brought anything other than clothes. Just like a few pieces of European chocolate and a small picture gift. We went up to the Customs officer, handed him our form, and were waved right on through. We then went to the luggage pick-up were we rolled our checked luggage to Customs and it underwent another screening, as well as another full body screening, and we went to re-check our bags again. I can't say it was a good or bad experience. It was rather neutral...just another security thing for me I guess. Anyway, Customs was over and done in less than 30 minutes or so and we were on our way to our final flight to Memphis. 


Aside from our terrible experience with Delta Airlines, the Immigration and Customs aspect was really nice at Atlanta. I'm a southerner myself, so being welcomed home after over one year living abroad by southern hospitality was really nice. A+ for the government staff in Atlanta airport.


So, it's been a week and we've actually done quite a bit. My wife applied in the office for her social security card (Because like others said, it wasn't even in the system although we requested it on the DS-260 before she even had her visa interview!) and that should be here in about 5-10 more days. I got my wife her Tennessee Identification license so when she receives her Social Security Number we can start getting things jointly to help build her credit and establish our new bona-fides for RoC in a couple of years. We've spent the past couple of days working on her resume in English and she's sent out a couple of resumes so hopefully, someone will be interested in her and ONLY WHEN she receives her social security card, she can start working if she's 100% ready. Although she is struggling to find all the foods she likes here, I have to say, my wife is one hell of a woman. She is handling this transition like a true champion. I know she is homesick and scared, but she is strong every day and she is getting along amazingly with everyone. She has a very likable personality and people just seem to want to get to know her. I'm glad for both of us she's finding some happiness here, for my health and her sanity, it's been a blessing. If I had to offer any advice for any US Citizens who are struggling in helping their wives adapt, it would be to stay calm, give her as much love as she is willing to accept, support her and encourage her to chase her dreams, and remind her that no matter how good or bad things go, you are always there for her. Also, make sure you are supportive of her taking time to communicate with her family, my wife does it 2-5 times a day right now, and I know she needs it because no matter where you are from, there is no place like home.


Thank you VisaJourney for your help along the way. Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to be thorough. I'm sure Ana will add to this if she has anything else to say. This may not be the end of our Journey, but the beginning was very pleasant and the Immigration aspect was nothing less than professional.



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arrowUnexplained checklist. HELP NEEDED!
November 9, 2014, 7:13 am Last comment by calinmanta

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Dear masters of the immigration process, hello to all!


My name is Calin and my wife and I are living in Romania. My wife is a US citizen and she petitioned for my immigration with the USCIS. We have sent all the required documents and are now in the checklist phase. I have looked through the forum and could not find a post with our simmilar problem. Maybe you could help us or point us to an answer. Your assistance will be deeply appreciated.


So, here it goes:


1. On the I-864 form we wrote that my wife is unemployed since 2010. Her income has been 0 since then as she was living in Romania with her sister in the past 4 years, so she has not filed a tax return with the IRS in this time. We managed to get a transcript from the IRS of her latest tax return, from 2010. According to the IRS you don’t need to file a tax return when you don’t have an income.


2. On the I-863 form, on "most recent tax year", we wrote 2010 (Part 6, question 13a) and submitted the above mentioned tax returns we got from the IRS by mail in Romania.


3. I have my cousin, a U.S. citizen in the U.S, who filed as a joint sponsor, considering my wife's income could not meet the minimum poverty guidlines. 


Now, a few things to consider before I ask my question:


4. I have a steady income in Romania of about 20.000$/year. I have provided documents to show that this income will continue even if I will not reside in Romania. Therefore, on Part 6, question 6c and 10 of the I-864 form, I wrote my current income.


5. Combined, my wife and I have about 75.000$ in assets (land, a house in the country and around 15.000 in savings) that can be proven with documents. We chose not to include these assets in the original Affidavit of Support because we thought that my current income and my cousin's joint sponsor would suffice, but


today we have got a checklist e-mail from the NVC, stating:


"Please review the instructions below then refer to the final page of this checklist for mailing


I-864, Affidavit of Support Checklist

[x] The Affidavit of Support is an important legal contract between you and the U.S. government. During our review,

we identified one or more sections that were either incomplete or contained incorrect information. Please review the

additional instructions below then complete and submit a new Affidavit of Support. You can download the I-864

form and instructions at


In Part 1. Basis for Filing Affidavit of Support, please correct the following...


In Part 2. Information on the Principal Immigrant, please correct the following...


In Part 3, Information on the Immigrant(s) You are sponsoring, please correct the following...


In Part 4. Information on the Sponsor, please correct the following...


In Part 5. Sponsor's Household Size, please correct the following...


In Part 6. Sponsor's Income and Employment, please correct the following...

[x] Item 13.a. You must include your ______2013_____________________________ tax and income information.


In Part 8, Sponsor's Contract, please correct the following...


The Form I-864 we received was missing the following page(s). Please ensure you include all nine pages when you

resubmit the form.


You must submit the following financial evidence:

[x] Proof of U.S. domicile; pages 3 and 4 of the I-864 instructions contain information on how to prove U.S. domicile.

[x] A written statement indicating why you did not file _______2013____________________________ Federal income

tax returns.

[x] ____2013_______________________________ Federal income tax returns, IRS printout, or Letter 1722 issued by

the IRS."


My questions are:


a)Should we resend my wife’s I-864 with “N/A” at item 13.a from Part 6, since she hasn’t filed her taxes for the past 4 years?


b)How can we prove US domicile if we live in Romania and the whole point of my immigration is to move to the US and the timing of our departure is inextricably linked with the date of my admission?


Should we rent an apartment from now, even though we don’t know at what point we will be arriving in the US?


c) Is it a good idea to include our assets(property+savings) in the I-864 Affidavit of Support form considering our joint sponsor is making about 5 times the minimum poverty quota?


Looking forward for your kind aid,


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