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Change name after marriage on Romanian Passport
1:30 pm


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Hi all,

I hope I'm posting this in the right section. My wife wanted to update her passport with her new name and we had gone to the Romanian consulate in New York which was a 4 hour trip. That consulate is completely ineffective, you cannot reach them on the phone and they don't reply to emails. Their website did not make the requirements very clear, and we thought they would require an apostilled marriage certificate. Turns out they had different requirements where they needed:

  • Wife's birth certificate
  • Marriage Certificate with apostile
  • Marriage Certificate translated in Romanian with apostile
  • My birth certificate translated to Romanian and notarized (I don't know why this is even required when they have my next item)
  • A copy of my US passport bio page

These translations are very expensive. Costing in the range of $250-300. Are there any other options that other Romanians who are on here may be aware of? How have your experiences been?

People of other nationalities are welcome to comment too of course :)


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Traveling prior to expiration
2:57 pm


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We are going on vacation out of country for 6 weeks. My husbands 2 year green card will expire at the end of July and we are coming back end of June. We are leaving beginning of May. The I751 will be mailed in at the end of April since thats 3 months before it expires. Is there anything I need to bring on the trip to ensure we don't encounter any problems? Thanks!

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CR1-family issues
11:09 am


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Hello everyone,

I'll explain briefly my situation.

My name is Mark and I arrived in US in august 2016 on a CR-1 conditional visa and, since then, me, my wife and her 2 kids are living together in Alabama. Our financial situation is not good, many unpaid bills and my wife is the only financial provider . Since I got my legal resident card, SSN and the local driving licence I've been trying to find a job and have been to many job interviews with no success. My education is in finance and, in order to get a job in this field I need to go through an american accounting/finance school which I don't have the money for. I'm willing to work in another fields and learn new skills but most of the local companies here require you to have hands on experience. Being almost desperate willing to take any job I would find, I found some trucking companies which are willing to train me and offer me a job as a truck driver. We had a big argument at home, my wife accusing me of leaving her because I would away from her all the time and threatening me to divorce me and force me to go back the country I came from. We got to the point that we have physical altercations, my wife hitting me and scratching me few times out of frustration. If she decides to divorce me what possibilities I have in these conditions not to lose my status here?

Thanks very much for any help!

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Pending citizenship application while GC is about to expire
2:36 pm


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Hi everyone,

My cousin is an unconditional permanent resident and her 10 year green card is about to expire. She has applied for citizenship and has a date for the biometrics appointment. What happens if her GC expires before her citizenship is approved? I've been reading that legal status doesn't change even if the plastic itself is expired, but could it still lead to some issues? Anything that can be done to prevent potential issues?


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AOS ready to send k1 expires in one week!!
12:10 pm


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Unknown expenses have delayed sending our i-485 until now. (I've been working 7 days a week to make up for it)

I still need a copy of our marriage cert but will do that and send it overnight on the 13th. Her k1 expires on the 20th.

Is that enough time?

Is there anything else I need to do to assure she isn't detained?

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