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arrow2 cases numbers..?
October 28, 2014, 8:01 pm Last comment by A&B

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I just received an email that USCIS received my packet, but I got 2 different emails with 2 different case numbers. Can someone explain to me what this means? Thank you

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arrowI listed my status as "single" on my Federal Tax Returns while Married
October 28, 2014, 1:52 pm Last comment by Rebecca 2014
Rebecca 2014

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Hi Everyone!


I have a question and hopefully someone can help me. I live overseas with my husband while we’re going through NVC visa process (I’m the petitioner for my husband’s visa). At the moment we are waiting for an interview date (Thank God we are almost over!). 



Now I’m stressing over the taxes that I completed at the beginning of October. I chose to file as “single” because my husband does not have ssn, he is not a resident moreover I did not change my last name yet. From my understanding, I have to be in the Unites States to change my name. Unfortunately I haven’t been to Unites States in the last 1 year and a half because I wanted to return to U.S with my husband. We didn’t want to stay separated while waiting for his visa.


After I completed the taxes, a friend of mine told me that I wasn’t supposed to file as “single” and that I can get in trouble for doing so. I’m super scared now, thinking that we are going to face problems at the interview. I’ve made a mistake but What should I do now? I wanted to amend my taxes and file the 1040X form and change the filing status from “single” to “married filing separately”. Even so, it wouldn’t be correct as I will have to use my husband’s name. IRS will not be able to recognize my other name as we got married overseas. Can I use my old name and file as married? That does not make sense ….Should I amend my taxes after he is in the U.S and after I change my name on all my documents? Should I keep everything the way it is and explain the whole thing at the interview? I will be  accompanying my husband to the interview. 


I’m freaking out now…This process took so long already and I hope the embassy will not delay my husband’s visa or deny it.  Can someone help me out with an advice please? I would greatly appreciate it! 



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arrowWhen to expect Social Security Card for wife on CR-1 Visa?
October 27, 2014, 11:01 am Last comment by Stressed Out

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Hello, my wife and I will be returning home this coming weekend to the states, and I was curious about receiving her Social Security card. We did indicate on her DS-260 that she was in need of one, but we aren't sure if it is automatically generated once she enters the US or if we need to go to a Social Security office and fill out any forms. 

Thank you!

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arrowUSCIS ELIS Fee $165 - Confused about when to pay
October 27, 2014, 5:30 am Last comment by Ian H.

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Hello, my wife will be immigrating to the US on Saturday this week on a CR-1 Visa. We have everything prepared and finished except the $165 USCIS ELIS fee which we are kind of confused on because on the welcome packet the embassy gave us, it says it MUST be paid before we arrive in the states, but everywhere else it says it can be paid AFTER we enter, and that it is just required to receive her physical green card. 


The fee isn't a problem as much as the fact we have no way to pay it here since we don't have one of the payment methods available, and my mother who is our Joint Sponsor had handled all of the NVC/USCIS fees back home for us. However, on the ELIS fee it isn't as easy as entering your email and password and submitting a payment, you get a code every time you log in and it says to not let ANYONE have access to the website other than the immigrant. That is fine, as we can pay it as soon as we get home in the U.S., but will this be a problem at our PoE?


This is a direct quote from the USCIS ELIS page under "Immigrant Visa Fee"


"We strongly encourage you to pay this fee after you receive your immigrant visa packet from the U.S. embassy or consulate abroad (including Canada and Mexico) and before you depart for the United States. Paying before you depart for the United States will ensure that you receive your Green Card without delay. However, you can also pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee after you immigrate to the United States. We will send your Green Card to you after you pay the fee. "


So, are we ok to pay the fee a day or two after we arrive in the US or will this cause issues at the PoE?


Thank you!

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arrowCase status at USCIS's website
October 22, 2014, 11:05 pm Last comment by joshuah57

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Our NOA1 was 10/14/2014 and I did get the Form I-797c. As of this time, it still cannot find our case on the status page. Shouldn't it be showing by now?

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