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arrowCR1 Visa (USA Citizen & Peruvian) 2 questions:
July 2, 2015, 12:31 pm Last comment by Jovi&James

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Hi VJers:
I am here some months ago and reading every day all your comments. I can say this is a great group of people, trying to help each other, that´s awesome. I´m so glad to be part of this site.
My husband is US citizen, he lives in California, and I´m Peruvian. We are together the last 4 years and we got married at the beginning of December 2014 here in Lima.
We are at the I-130 process. Our NOA1 date is March 4th and is on Nebraska NSC.
I have 2 questions and I would appreciate so much your help:
1st question: 
I see on Inmigration Timelines that California Service Center CSC is the faster, I see peruvian people that started the K1 Visa on March 2015 and today is the interview in USA Embassy in Peru !.  
So, somebody know if we can ask to the NSC to transfer our case to CSC?
My husband will be here in Peru on July 15th, and I have a ticket to visit him on October 3rd (because his birthday is Oct 5th) and I will go only for 6 days because these days off are part of my vacation and I need to go back to work.  
2nd question:
What can I say when I arrive to LAX, any phrase or explanation, I want Migration officials be sure that I won´t stay, we are very respectful of the laws and we don´t want to do something out of place. I will wait in my country to finish the process of our CR1. But also I want to be with my husband in that special day to prepare a lovely suprise for him.
Thank you so much for the answers.

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arrowStatus changed from AP to Ready (for interview)
June 30, 2015, 10:45 am Last comment by Lucache13

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Hello - my husband had his interview on May 14th and got a 221g to submit court docs. Docs were sent and received on May 19th. Status had been in AP with several date changes until June 29th when it changed to ready for interview. I read that it could be a good sign as that sometimes means the visa is in process. However, I'm confused as to why it would say ready for interview when he already had his interview and they told him he would not have another one.
I appreciate any replied!
God Bless!

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arrowHas anyone visited US on tourist visa while waiting for k3?
June 26, 2015, 12:31 pm Last comment by JDWright

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I have read a lot of conflicting stories and wanted to see if anyone has experience. My husband and I are awaiting K3 approval. I am moving back to the states and we have a small son. I wanted to see if he can visit while we wait. We are not from a visa waiver participating country. But my husband can prove strong ties to his country and that he has intentions to return. Has anyone actually done this or knows a significant amount about this?

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arrowDid not file taxes for the most recent tax year-interview in 2 weeks
June 23, 2015, 10:14 pm Last comment by Kari AnnaMae
Kari AnnaMae

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My husband has his interview for his CR-1 visa in two weeks. I am his primary sponsor but my mom is his secondary sponsor because I do not make enough money since I am a student. We filed all of our papers at the NVC in 2014, so they all have 2013 listed as the latest tax year. I got a checklist in May saying that my mom needed to give information for 2014, although the case was completed and they said to present this information at the interview. So my mom redid her I-864 with the new information and sent me the 2014, 2013 and 2012 transcripts to bring with me to the interview. So that is all in line.


But, my question is whether they will be expecting me to bring in my updated information to the interview. They didn't say anything about mine in the checklist from the NVC, but on the interview date letter, the "financial information" is marked "This form is incomplete. You must present a completed form at your interview." As far as I know, this refers to my mom's incomplete form since mine was not checklisted. I would just bring my updated information and not worry about it, but the problem is that I have a tax extension for 2014 and have not yet filed. I didn't file yet because I need to file joint with my husband, but in order to do that, I need to have his social security number or taxpayer ID. He won't have a social security number until his visa is approved, so I was waiting until he got his visa to file. I have all of my tax forms filled out, along with all of my W-2s and appropriate paperwork (self-employment, educational credits). I plan on bringing all of that to the interview also. I have read that if you wrote on your I-864 that you filed a tax extension, then you must show your tax transcript at the interview. However, I did not write that on my I-864 since when I turned it in, the latest year was 2013 and I had already filed those taxes. Will this be a problem?




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arrowTourist visa from Peru
June 18, 2015, 9:38 am Last comment by Peruviangirl123

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How hard is it to get a tourist visa from Peru to the States? I have heard it's really hard but I'd love some advice.

Also, is it true that if they deny you you can't apply again for a year?


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