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arrowReceived Biometrics notice
December 19, 2014, 6:49 pm Last comment by Cody and Daisy

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Hi we filed the I-751 about 3 weeks ago we received the Biometric notce today and its for DEc 29th 2014 .Question once we made it this far is that a good sign i.e can they still ask for an interview etc..


My husband is from Peru and we are living here in Washington DC .I guess my question is when the receive the package if they have questions are They normally addressed asked before the the Biometric notice arrives or after I know they will run my husbands fingerprints again he has no issues with the law or taxes etc and we are the real deal  together since 2007 married 4 years now.



So anyone thoughts advice appreciatted ..


Thanks and Happy Holidays to all    :joy:


Mary J 

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arrowQuestions on I-864 Package Checklist
December 13, 2014, 3:49 pm Last comment by NLR

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Hi everyone,


Well our I-130 was approved awhile back and sent along to the NVC. We submitted all of the supporting documents and stuff and after a 60-day wait we received a checklist of things we either have to fix or include. Part of that letter had two identical pages which said:


Checklist for I-864A (filed by (Last Name), DYLAN (Middle Name) )
NVC has reviewed the financial evidence submitted. However, additional information is
required to complete the financial evidence review. Please provide all requested documents and
refer to page two for mailing instructions.
General Instructions
[x] You will need to complete and submit the new form completely filled out (all pages required), which includes
the changes noted below. Submitting single pages of the form with the correction is not acceptable. In order
to make corrections you will need to download a new form at
Part 1 Information on the Household Member
[x] SINDIE's income indicated on line 11 of the I-864A does not correspond to that shown on the most recent tax
return and W-2(s).
Now I'm confused on a couple things here. First off, Dylan submitted an I-864 as a joint sponsor. I myself am the petitioner but my income alone wasn't enough so we included Dylan as a joint sponsor and Sindie submitted an I-864A. My first question then is, why does it list it as saying that Dylan submitted an I-864A? Also, why do we have two identical copies of this page?
Further along, we have a part which looks like this:
In Part 1. Basis for Filing Affidavit of Support, please correct the following...
What does the [x] imply? Because it doesn't list anything to correct, merely the [x]. Several other parts are marked the same.
And at the bottom it says:
The Form I-864 we received was missing the following page(s). Please ensure you include all nine pages when you
resubmit the form.
Again, does the [x] imply that nothing is missing?
And lastly, Sindie was on unemployment for the most recent tax year. I'm confused as to how to fill out that year on her I-864A. When we submitted the forms the first time, we listed the income from unemployment there. But after reading through the checklist I'm not sure we were correct in doing that. So do we mark it as "0" and include a note saying that she was on unemployment that year? Or how would we go about that part?
Thank you so very much for any help you can provide!


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arrow2nd Document Review waiting time
December 11, 2014, 2:17 pm Last comment by AOD132

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Hellos VJ members,


I received a 2nd checklist today, I missed one document, Police Certificate (Peruvian - Certificado de Antedentes Judiciales a Nivel Nacional). My wife got it this morning and I will mail a copy to the NVC today so that it arrives tomorrow. My question is, it does say to give the NVC 60 days to review the document BUT in anyone else's experience, has it taken less time? Is there any hope that it might be 2-4 weeks? 


Also, totally different question, how do I put my timeline in my signature?


Thank you!

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arrowLPR - Driving license
December 11, 2014, 12:56 pm Last comment by Blizknight

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I would like to know what do I need to get a driving license once i move to the Us. DOes my out-of country lincense is valid?

With my GC and SSN is enough to get a new one ?

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arrownever got my note for the interview appointment
December 11, 2014, 12:09 pm Last comment by gwendy85

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i've been waiting and checking my case status on the web page of USCIS every month but always said ready to schedule an appointment but no dates of waiting period to call or anything. even when i called customer service to check my status the same thing (ready to schedule and appointment, wait for notice to be send). now out of the sudden i realized that the web page is different and that i was supposed to get my notice for the interview on september. so i had to fill a report and now i have to wait 15 more days, and if i don't get it i have to call again.

i'm so worry that this inconvenience affect my case? does anyone had this issue too? why is that i never got the notice if i got the other ones without problem?!!!


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