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arrowI-751 Returned Due to "Incorrect Payment Amount"
December 9, 2016, 3:47 pm Last comment by Hypnos

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A couple of weeks ago my wife and I submitted her I-751 application to the California service center. We mailed it on the first day within the 90 window period. I made a check for $590 and attached it to the front of the application with a cover letter. Which is currently the fee that the USCIS website and instruction form reads ($505 + $85 biometrics fee).


I noticed the check had not been cashed and today we were saddened to find out the application had been to returned to us with a letter reading the following:



This is an initial screening only. Your application(s) or petition(s) may be returned to you for additional information or documentation at a later date. Your application(s)/petitions(s) is/are returned to you for the following reasons:

Please submit a check or money order with corrected written guarantee amount.


(The letter had that specific item checked  on the second line with a list of other possible reasons for return)


I'm not understanding why it was returned to me as I wrote a personal check in the amount of $590. The only thing I can think of by looking at my check is maybe they don't like that I wrote it like "Five Hundred Ninety Ones & 0/100s." Maybe they don't like "Ninety Ones?" I've always written checks this way and with previous USCIS related things but I can certainly change it this time. 


Anyways I've attached a picture of the check (with personal data removed of course) so let me know what you think. I'd like to make sure I don't repeat any other mistakes I might be missing before I re-submit.


Also, another question. Should I resubmit the exact application as it is now? USCIS added those metal tabs for organizing the application nicely and had a couple of red pen marks at the top of the application page. The cover letter I had is missing however, so I could just create a new one and re-attach to the original application, or I could re-print everything, not sure what is best.


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arrowTourist visa for child without legal guardianship (merged)
December 3, 2016, 10:56 pm Last comment by NuestraUnion

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I have a fairly specific situation, but am hoping someone may have some insight or experience with a similar situation.  My husband is Peruvian and is hoping to have his mom and possibly his dad apply for tourist visas and come visit.  The tricky part is he also has a ten-year-old "sister" that he misses very much and would also like to have come.  She is distantly related but not actually his sister, but she has been in the care of his family since she was a baby.  Her mother passed away when she was born.  Her father is still alive and sees her occasionally but has never been the one to actually care for her.  My husband's family has some documents showing her dad has given permission for them to care for her but not something that would be considered a "legal guardian."  


Our question is what is the best way to approach her tourist visa?  Because of her biological father's low income, we feel like he would be denied for a visa.  Would we be able to have her apply through my husband's parents?  I don't think it would be a problem to get a letter from her biological father saying she has lived with my in-laws her whole life and that he's ok with her visiting the US with them, but would that be enough without some document showing legal guardianship?


I would appreciate any help or insight you have.  Thank you.

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arrowK1 Approved and "Ready" Help!
November 30, 2016, 8:23 am Last comment by Cecrs1985

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Hi, any help is needed and thanked for. (Peruvian embassy)


I got the approval letter and case number, now I am waiting for my fiance to receive the package.


Confused... what comes next.


I know DS-160, DHL, interview and medical... but in what order?


How long does it take for my fiance to receive the packet? It has been a week, almost two...


and is the interview date made for her or does she need to make one? Can we request a change date in interview? if it is too soon and we need more time?


does anybody know the prices?


ds-160 = 160 per person (her and her daughter =320)

medical is 1050 soles for her and 900 soles for her daughter. When is this paid?


on the day of the interview, she pays the visa processing fee correct? which is 265 per person I believe. 


I am just nervous about it all, really. I emailed the embassy for a copy of the instructions as well as a copy of the package with case number.

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arrowWhen are copies okay and when are they not?
November 29, 2016, 3:06 am Last comment by Rippy88

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Hey guys, first post new member here, starting the whole K1 visa process. I'll be floating around here for a while to come.

I have a few questions. My fiancee lives in Tacna, Peru, which from what I understand we probably shouldn't even attempt to mail each other. We haven't tried.

1.) I'm wondering if they will accept a Copy of her G-325a and intent to marry statement? On the step-by-step K1 Visa Guide it states to send originals.

I found this straight off USCIS website:

"USCIS no longer routinely requires submission of original documents or "certified copies." Instead, ordinary legible photocopies of such documents (including naturalization certificates and alien registration cards) will be acceptable for initial filing and approval of petitions and applications."

Here is the link for that quote:

It sounds to me like copies will be accepted? Afterall, she could bring originals to her interview afterwards if needed. I'm unsure of how these people do business and what they accept, I've even thought of signing for her, so the ink would be wet and it would be an original.

2.) I have a passport style photo of her on my phone and I had it printed out at Walgreens but the smallest size option they have is 4x6. Does anyone know a way to have a photo resized and printed out as a 2x2 or digitally from a phone? Do you think they would accept a 4x6 photo? (Passport style, just incorrect size.)

3.) (For the future) I read on the K1 step by step guide that I need to send my fiancee a copy of the entire packet to prepare for the interview. And her embassy should also have the packet. Once again, with not being able to mail each other, will I be okay skipping this step? Or are there any other steps of this entire process that You could see being a hardship for us due to not being able to ship to and from?

Thanks. -Jackson

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arrowHad interview in October, still in AP (split topic)
November 27, 2016, 4:53 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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Hi, I had my interview in Lima-Peru october 20, my interview was so quickly just 2 or 3 minutes and consular official gave me the yellow paper and  asked me for my husband's  certificate of marriage (first marriage) , I don't know why because I gave him the dissolution of marriage but  I sent the paper four days later.

Ceac status update October 31 Administrative processing, then Ceac status update November 23 the same thing AP and sent me and email asking me for to go to DHL to pick up a letter, I had a terrible sensation when I opened the envelope and find my passport and a yellow paper that says that my case will pass for a necessary administrative processing and they will call me when the process finish   :cry:  

Yesterday, we send email to senator of the state because he helped a friend 2 years ago, so we hope he can help us, because we are married for two years! and we have to be together asap.

All the process took 10 months and I don't know what happened , we are so sad because we thought we're been together for christmas but now we don't know what to think.  :cry:

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