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arrowwhat happens if your green expires b4 citizenship comes through
January 20, 2015, 7:07 pm Last comment by dioxide45

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you apply for citizinship and you on the waiting process, and your green card expires in the middle of process


what happens


my green card expires in september, I'm about to receive my NOA tomorrow


obviously, I will make it in time, considering I live in south florida, but what happens if you don't make it in time?

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arrowI-130 For Parent in USA undocumented
January 18, 2015, 10:18 pm Last comment by michellefor

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Hello all,


I have a friend that is a US Citizen and is petitioning for her mother with a I-130. My question is this. The mother came to the USA on a work visa in 2001 and overstayed. Is there a waiver that can be filed so that she does not have to return to Mexico for her interview? Can she just file the I-130 and the adjustment of status at the same time with a waiver?


Thanks for any help!

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arrowFBI could not process fingerprints
January 17, 2015, 8:25 pm Last comment by maryireland

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hello we just got a letter from USCIS saying that they could not read my husbands fingerprints so they will retake them 01/30/15 free of charge his left pinkie finger tip is missing so the time prior to this when they took them for the conditional green card they made a note of that this time my husband said they did not .Hes background is clean so no issues there..He did get a letter staing as his GC expires FeB 15th 2015 that hes still legal for a year after while they process the case so its just annoying as now its delayed more.. :clock:


Has anyone else had a similar experience .Then I was thinking sine maybe they messed up they might speed up the process ..

His fingerprints were fine the time prior ah well now we wait and pray  :rolleyes:


Thanks All Good Luck to us all  on our Immigration Journeys  :goofy:


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arrowOne way ticket with a green card
January 16, 2015, 12:54 am Last comment by davenella

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Hello guys!


I have a question. Long story short i'm planning to visit my home country for the first time since I came to the US. I wanted to go a couple of months and in the last week of that trip my husband was going to travel to be with me and my family and then both coming back to the US again. Like we still don't know when exactly my husband will be able to go because of his work we were thinking that i could purchase a one way ticket and after that when my husband can have an exact day for him to travel he can purchase his round trip ticket and another one way ticket for me (from my home country to the US). My question is if there will be any problem that i'm just travelling with one way ticket? I receive my green card this last December.

Thank you!

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arrowQuestion about Form I-129F vs. DS 160
January 15, 2015, 12:31 pm Last comment by Pheebs1201

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I just rec'd the NOA2 and I know at this point, our application gets transferred to the NVS, or Department of State.

I have completed online the DS 160 on behalf of my foreign fiancée including the upload of the photo.

But now I am wondering if it was even necessary. 

Is this a completely different visa application ? Or is it mandatory and necessary in completing our original K-1 Visa application.


I am confused.........

Help !!!!

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