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arrowI-129F ready and then I realized!
September 21, 2016, 7:36 am Last comment by Cecrs1985

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I was so excited I forgot to sign the money order :( 


Does anyone know if it will be processed or returned?


I figure if it gets returned, there goes 2 more weeks of waiting... but I have hope they will be able to cash it....


MAYBE????  :cry:

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arrowFee Waiver for ROC granted!
September 12, 2016, 4:33 pm Last comment by NikLR

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I recently submitted my I-751 pack for Removal of conditions, and currently, the money in our home is pretty tight. When I was looking into the fee waiver experiences in the forum I couldn't find a lot of information. Most people would either get denied or didn't try to request one. I want to share my experience with my fee waiver. As a reminder,  a fee waiver is granted on a case-by-case basis, anything written on this post is for informational purposes only.


I submitted my original package on August 18th, my I-751 application and I-912 Request for Fee waiver together. My Conditional Green Card was expiring on September 5th. I sent supporting documentation for both forms. Just today I received my NOA (09/12) and it was postmarked on 09/07. Along with my I-751, I sent a check for $85 biometrics fee. I wasn't sure about this, but I assumed it was necessary. 


About us: My husband (US Citizen) and I got married on 2014. Last December our first baby was born. Right now I stay at home with her while my husband has a full-time job. Our baby was a preemie and has some developmental delays which make me concerned of sending her to daycare as she needs undivided attention and we couldn't afford a specialized one. Our annual gross income is 35k a couple thousands over the 150% poverty line. We live paycheck to paycheck with very little to no savings so far. In July this year we had a bad leak in our roof, which we had to get replaced and pay with credit cards. Ever since I stopped working (due to pregnancy complications), we have been using our credit cards to supplement our income. At the time of the application, I calculated our credit card debt to be a little over 10k and we are repaying a bank loan of 7k, which we took two years ago to consolidate my husband's credit card debt back then. We are also paying a mortgage on our home. 


I used Financial Hardship as the reason for my request and to support my request I submitted the following:


- Copies of my checking and savings account statement for the last three months.

- Paystubs of my husband's job for the last four months.

- A statement of Zero income from me (due to my lack of employment). 

- Credit card statements

- Mortgage statement

- Personal loan statement

- Auto insurance bill

- All our utility bills including our cell phone bills


Originally, I was going to get a loan to pay the fee, but that would only set us even deeper in debt. I took a chance at requesting a fee waiver and it worked. I was told by the reps at the National USCIS number, that even if my fee waiver was denied, I would still be able to submit the check and send the application back. I hope this helps anyone thinking of requesting a fee waiver. 



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arrowNOA1 - Spouse, but not child?
September 12, 2016, 9:46 am Last comment by NikLR

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Hi everyone - I filed a joint I-751 for both my wife and son (stepson) on 8-26. We received our NOA1 letter dated 8/29, but it only mentioned my wife's name.


Should I expect a separate NOA1 for my son?

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arrowK1 visa: when to schedule the interview /medical test (Peru)
September 9, 2016, 11:19 pm Last comment by Gio&David

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Hello, everyone. I need some help:


We just called the NVC and we were told that our case had left for the embassy in Peru Sep. 6th, and that any question will be answered by the embassy in Peru.

What should I do now?

I've read that I (the beneficary) need to wait for packet 3 & 4 to be delivered; and that in one of these packets I will find the interview date. So, that means that I don´t have to schedule it online? Does the embassy schedule it?

How about the medical test? When do I need to schedule it? Do I need the letter of appointment that comes in one of these packets to schedule it? 

I sent emails to the embassy, but received no reply so far.


Thanks for your help. 

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arrowHouse hold members of joint sponsors fill out 864A?
September 7, 2016, 11:43 am Last comment by meganandguillermo

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Hello Everyone,


I completely unable to find this info online. Even the NVC was no help. Can joint sponsors add household members and would this household member fill out i-864A? 864A part 1 what would they check of since theyre not petitioners household member?


additional info:

This is for CR1

Joint Sponsor files taxes jointly with household member

joint sponsor income is 39,000 for household of 4 that meets the minimum income. 


Any info appreciated thank you!


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