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arrowi485 denial notice after verbal approval during interview
April 23, 2014, 9:58 am Last comment by pollypocketz

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Hi all-


I am in a state of shock and panic.  My husband arrived here on a K-1 in 2000, married his fiancé within the time period, completed application and received green card.  He and his wife divorced shortly after the receipt of his green card.  His green card then expired and he's been here since.


We met in 2011 and married in 2012, hired an experienced immigration lawyer and began the AOS process.  We had our interview on January 30th. The interview went smoothly and the immigration officer told us that he believed our marriage was legit and would be approving our application.  The only item in question was his original green card.  He explained that because my husband had basically fallen through the cracks and was never contacted by immigration regarding his divorce and his expired green card that he was unsure if the AOS would be going off of the original green card date, which he would then be eligible for PR status, OR if the AOS would be based on our marriage and he would then receive a new green card based on our marriage date.  After the interview, we had a lengthy discussion with our lawyer who was extremely satisfied with the way the interview went and told us that we should expect our approval notice and documents shortly.


The i130 came shortly after that as approved, but it was weeks before anything happened with the i485.  I just checked the case status on the USCIS site yesterday, and it has moved to the "decision" column and says that our i485 was denied and the reason for the denial will be in the letter that will arrive in the mail.  I immediately called our lawyer and his secretary said he would call me as soon as he can. I didn't sleep a wink last night and I'm sitting here with knots in my stomach.  How can this possibly happen?  I am hoping beyond hope that the reason for the denial is because they are going to adjust him using his original 2000 date and therefore our application would be "denied" because he's technically considered a PR already but my luck is never that good. 


Does this mean he is in removal proceedings?  If so, how long do they normally take?  No one knows that we have married civilly already and we have a religious ceremony with 140 guests planned for June.  This is my worst nightmare coming true.  Can someone please ease my worried mind?  I'm literally shaking composing this email.  The waiting is awful...waiting for my lawyer, waiting for the letter to come so I can see what the denial reason is.  They should not be able to just post "denied" on the case status without listing the reason.


Someone please help!!!

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arrowCitizenship for my son
April 22, 2014, 3:57 pm Last comment by karla3974

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i started my citizenship paperwork and was sent in December 17, 2013. Since then the Department of Homeland security sent me an email in December 23, 2013 that my application was received and then i was given a bio metric appointment on January 17 2014, after the bio metric appointment they scheduled me for an interview March 18, 2014. The interview was fairly quick and easy, it took about 30 minutes to get through it. in the interview the lady didn't exactly give me an answer whether i was accepted or not due to some tax information problems that they were going to be looking at, but i met all the requirements. Later on they sent me a letter in the mail and i was accepted and in the letter there was the date for my oath ceremony on May 1st 2014. In the N-400 form i list my son who is under 18 (he will be 18 in August 28th). Since my son was listed in the form he becomes an automatic citizen after my oath ceremony.My question is after my oath ceremony, what steps can i take for my son to acquire his U.S passport considering he will not be at the oath ceremony. is there any forms i should fill for him? I'm not sure what the next step for him would be so he can obtain his U.S passport. I'd appreciate some help and advice. 

Thank you.

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arrowWhat are the travel rules during the I-751 process?
April 21, 2014, 8:50 pm Last comment by Harpa Timsah

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I'm a USC, my foreign wife has her LPR (green card) with conditions, and coming up on June 19 we can file her I-751.  We're currently out of country, and due to lots of responsibilities and work we have here (not in the US) we need to minimize our time in the US so that we can return ASAP.  My wife has a reentry permit although at the time I can't find it... is it just a piece of paper, stamp in the passport, or a small card?  I can't remember.


Looking at this page

It looks like typically the biometrics appointment is typically set about 1 month after the 751 is mailed in, but some people managed to somehow get an early appointment.  


1.  How do those people manage to get an early biometrics appointment?  

2.  Could we just mail in the 751 from out of country and then show up in the US 3 weeks later to make our biometrics appointment? (playing the odds that the biometrics date will be about 1 month from when I send in the 751).  Of course our listed address has family members that check our mail.

3.  After the biometrics appointment, is there any way we can leave the US at that point (without risking losing her LPR), or do we have to wait till we have the renewed LPR card in our hands before we travel out of country?

4.  I was only planning on being in the US for 2 months, but it appears that it's taking about 4 months to get the permanent LPR after submitting the I-751, correct?  If so, that affects if we want to sign a new lease on our place out of country, as well as other important work that I'll have to adjust.  


Thanks for your help.  We're trying to figure out this lease thing this week, and I'm realizing I have to figure out about our I-751 before I sign a new lease and schedule our other work.  

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arrowwant to start citizenship process but i am about to move?
April 21, 2014, 8:27 am Last comment by Bxzjourney

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hey guys,

I've been a green card holder for a little over 3 years. My husband, US Citizen, and I would like to start my naturalization process.

I believe I meet the requirements to start the process, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

However, we most likely will be moving out of state in the next few months, most likely far away from where we are now.

Since I most likely will be filling at Vermont, will my case be able to be transferred to different USCIS offices? It states on the guide than some states file to certain USCIS offices.

Thanks in advance Visajourney knowledgeable members!




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arrowOnly one copy of Birth Certificate-- Submitted w/ K-1 Visa Application
April 18, 2014, 12:40 am Last comment by Gosia & Tito

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So my husband and I have found ourselves in a bit of an unfortunate situation.


He came from Peru on a K-1 Visa in December. I didn't know about visa journey when we first started the application process and was really sick with a parasite when he was actually going through the interview portion, so I just left that part up to him to take care of. It was really a challenge for him to get a birth certificate because he had to send someone up to his birth town (12 hours north of his city) to retrieve it and then bring it himself to Lima (15 hours south) so it could be made official. He didn't think to make another copy of it because he didn't know that he would need one further in the process.

He gave his birth certificate to immigration with his packet at his point of entry in Ft. Lauderdale in December. 


When we were applying for adjustment of status last month, we realized we needed to send in his birth certificate and freaked out. So we called a few people in immigration, and just got a bunch of employees telling us "they couldn't give us any advice," but we finally found someone who told us we could retrieve the original birth certificate from the government by filing a G-884 form to get the original copy back. When we went to our field office in Denver to file the G-884 form in person, a field worker told us not to worry-- that immigration already had his original copy of the birth certificate in storage and would be able to see it when they re-opened his case (when they received our AOS application). He asked one of his co-workers to make sure, and the second field worker agreed that we didn't need to file the G-884 form as long as we added a letter explaining to immigration that the only copy of the original is already with immigration. 

So we did just that-- filed our AOS papers and included a letter in lieu of the birth certificate explaining the situation and mentioning we had talked with a field officer who told us to write the letter. We even put a copy of our InfoPass appointment confirmation in there. 


So I was shocked today when we got a letter from Immigration requesting initial evidence, saying that we will be denied if we do not provide it in 87 days. And that they're holding the processing of my husband's work permit/travel doc until they receive the evidence. 


If we had filed the G-884 when we initially wanted to, we would have it in our hands right now and would be able to send it in right away. So now we're stuck trying to get it worked out within the time period. It will be nearly impossible for us to get another copy from Peru. 


Has a similar situation happened to anyone else with an original birth certificate? Any advice?


We're planning on returning to talk to a field officer about it but can't get an appointment until Monday.


Thank you in advance! 

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