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arrowDidn't bring ORIGINAL i-864 doc to iv interview and now waiting almost 90 days after sending in original!
August 31, 2015, 10:40 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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My husband had his iv interview June 11 at the u.s. embassy in Lima, Peru. I'd already moved back to the states so I stupidly scanned him my i-864 form, not realizing it had to be the original. The officer who interviewed him said everything was fine and not to worry, that'd he'd get the visa, but he just had to send in the original via DHL. He sent it in 5 days after his interview (I fed exed it to him). The officer said he'd get his visa in 2 weeks-1 month. Well in two weeks it will be 90 days and nothing! A liason in the congressman's office here in VA has been making inquiries for me. We're waiting to hear back about her latest inquiry. I wasn't that worries at first but have gotten more and more worried. I read about so many nightmare AP cases and am scared to death this could turn into that -- all over one silly paper! Consulted with an immigration attorney who said they will probably also ask for a letter from my current employer. I was in a panic when I fed exed that form and didn't include a letter from my work. The previous 3 tax years and 1040/W2 definitely show more than enough income but I'm worried about this too, as that was from when I lived there and I now live stateside (still make enough). Maybe we'll wait who knows how long only to also be asked for that too?? Anyone have to send in a missing doc and then wait how long? Can't believe the officer said 2 weeks-1 month. :(

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arrowTranslator Mistake on birth certificate I130
August 31, 2015, 12:13 pm Last comment by LOLO1116

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I am having some trouble deciding what to do regarding my RFE  letter. when I requested I130 petition for parents, the birth certificate was sent attached to the translation but this had the wrong date of registration. It should have said February 12th of 1985 rather than 1995. Now USCIS is asking for evidence since birth certificate is unreliable. 

What I did, is to request another corrected translation from the same translator and a document stating his mistake. I only gathered a few things from the RFE list and I a missing some that I won't be able to gather like DNA testing since I am in the US and he is in Peru. Is the RFE list be necessary even if I am correcting the information that brought me to this?


thank you in advance

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arrowAfter filing 6 days late on I-751 we received a 1 year extension
August 18, 2015, 9:29 pm Last comment by vosnmars

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I need some help please. I filed my wife's I-751 6 days late. We however did receive the one year extension on her 2 year green card which will expire the end of October, 2015. But last week we just received an RFE for more evidence of being a legitimately married couple. And also they asked for a reason showing "good cause" for filing 6 days late. The post mark was 2 days late but I guess they don't go by the post mark. Does anyone have a sample letter I can go by? I am not a good writer and I don't really have a great excuse for the tardiness. There was no emergency or anything but I was working overtime and my 80 year old mother is becoming more and more dependent on me. My in laws moved in with us and they rely totally on me and my wife. Most of the responsibility falls on me being the only fluent English speaker in the house. And my sister has been in the mental hospital 3 times in the last 8 months. I am filing for Power of Attorney over her.  Are these good enough reasons?


A sample letter showing good cause to excuse my late filing would be much appreciated.




Katherine & Rodney

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arrowPeru tourist visa--interview in English or Spanish?
August 16, 2015, 5:51 pm Last comment by Willowycandelo

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Is the tourist visa interview in Lima in English or Spanish??? Thanks!

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arrowFianceť visa With rapidVisa.com ? Is reliable and guaranteed?
August 9, 2015, 2:01 am Last comment by intrigueace

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Is There anybody that have been made Fiance visa With rapidVisa.com ? Is reliable and guaranteed? It is much better than a lawyer?.
I am peruvian, mi boyfriend is puertorican we want to apply for Fianceé visa k1. ASAP PLEASE HELP
Soy peruana , mi novio puertorriqueño y yo deseamos tramitar visa k1 para comprometernos y casarnos en USA pero no estoy segura de tramitarlo con un abogado o con esa página ? Ayúdenme please

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