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arrowIs it too early to start calling NVC for case complete?
May 27, 2015, 9:40 am Last comment by AYOsGirl

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Hi VJ, so I had received notification from NVC that they received all my packets on May 4th (23 days ago), they stated in the letter that it could take 60 days or more to finish processing. Of course I am inpatient and was wondering if I should start calling them and asking if it is complete? Will this just irritate them? lol. I have called them before when I was waiting to get a case number assigned, and most agents were so rude!!!! Was just wondering if anyone else was able to call to find out if case was complete, or did you just have to wait for the letter/email to come?

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arrowDriver's license validity while AOS
May 26, 2015, 7:41 pm Last comment by Chuksteddylove

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Hi all, my state ID came in the mail this afternoon. It is valid till 6/20 when my I94 expires. I plan on going to get my driver's license this week but I'm not sure what the validity is since the id is valid until next couple weeks.
For those of us who has applied for AOS and are yet to receive GC/EAP/AP, how long did it take for your DL to expire? Thanks

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arrowFiancee I-29f K-1 Need help with abusive immigrant
May 26, 2015, 10:18 am Last comment by TBoneTX

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God help me, Ive gone through 2 yrs of hell. He refuses to help with bills. Keeps all his bank account private. He is cold, allusive, abusive with words, has fits of rage or passive aggressiveness destroying everything in his path and only things he knows I value. He refuses to keep a steady job, help around the house in anyway,  expects me to wait on treats me like a servant, sleeps alone often yet wants sex, like he is a price, uses forceful sex, has got me in almost 20,000. in debt including back taxes from his business I helped him set up. He hates my cooking so I stopped trying tp please him, he spends most his time on games and on his new iphphone or apple computer while he destroyed mine in anger. All on charge or credit. He tells me in anger he will leave all the bills to me and go home. He does what he wants when he wants and if I confront him, he goes off like a firecracker. I have nothing left. He refuses to share me with his friends and family or to post he is married publicly anywhere. I need serious help and after all the verbal abuse I have completely fallen out of love with him. We are awaiting the meeting to remove his conditions. Im so mad at being used for him to just get here I dont want him to stay under these conditions, but can find no help online for abused sponsers, only for the immigrant. Someone help me, my Hell grows every day. All the things I harassed him over for a year, he now is telling me he has issues with like having kids, sharing bank accounts, sending money home instead of contributing here. I pay for the roof over his head and all food and utilities. He even drives my car. He just keeps getting himself more and more in debt and I want out from under his evil plans to hurt me. He even will have nothing to do with my family or friends. Where can I go to get help?

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arrowUrgent help NEEDED, PLS!!!!
May 26, 2015, 9:30 am Last comment by mcole_sweet

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Hi, I am new to VJ and I do need urgent help, I will really appreciate it a lot. I will keep this short and straight to the point. I married my fiance who is a U.S. citizen after my tourist visa expired by 2 days and after being married for three months, the marriage doesnt seem to be working hence, I am considering a divorce. If we indeed get divorced, will the two day overstay and the subsequent three months I have stayed married be counted as overstay because I didnt complete the Adjustment Of Status (AOS) process? How does this affect me in the future?

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arrowurgent question about K1
May 25, 2015, 10:27 am Last comment by bright009

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please my question is that i lives in europe and can i be able to apply for k1 in my home country without any stress, am more than five years ouside now but on my i-129f that my fiance filed for me, we mention that i will apply for the k1 visa at america embassy in my home country, please what document do i need to get here before i leave and do i have chance on getting the visa??????

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