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case transferred
3:02 am today


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Got a notice that my case has been transferred to my local office, did anyone receive such notice here?

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Issue with my passport
2:51 am today


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Hello again, I have this Question in my mind to ask, back in 2015 I did my international passport, I was born on the 9th of March 1991 but the immigration made a mistake and added 1994 instead of 1991, last year July I applied to travel to the US but was denied, then after marrying my wife, before filling for me I told her that I want to change my date of birth as I don't like the 1994 Because it's not my real age and I want my real age, a lot of people tried stopping saying it might cause me future problem with the embassy because on their system they have my Data as 1994 and now if they discover that it 1991 I will have a big problem, but I didn't listen to them because I want to be honest, so around January of this year I applied to change the date of birth here in Nigeria, so right now I have my current date of birth. So my question is that would this be a big issue? Because someone said it will not be because I was not approved the last time and if I was approved on that age and now change it to this age it would have been considered Visa fraud but since I didn't get approved and go to the US, he said I will be fine but just in case they ever asked me, he told me to tell them the story. What he said is so comfortable but I am still very scared to be honest, please experience people out there do you think this will be an issue of me being denied? I need answer because I am troubled for being honest.

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How long does it takes to get approved from the US side?
2:17 am today


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Hello good day guys, I am Kingsley from Abuja Nigeria, my wife filed for me to come to the US around January ending, next month will make it 4 months since we applied, me and my wife are hoping that I will be called for the interview next month, we know that it takes up to 6 month's but someone told us that it takes 4 months but America will tell you 6 months because sometimes there can be some issues and the files might not be ready in the 4 month so to be on a safe side they prefer to tell you 6 months.

So I want to ask, how long does it really takes to be approved from the US side? And I also want to ask , how much does it cost in Nigeria to do a medical report and police report?

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9:45 pm yesterday


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Hurray, Hurray, Hurray....

I had my interview March 22 and was asked by the consular officer that I should provide a joint sponsor because my wife income doesn't meet the income requirement. I was sad and felt bad about that and case was on administrative process. Then I finally found a joint sponsor and submitted the paper work for the joint sponsor last week 18th April and on the 20th of April I checked the visa status and it shows Issued. Same day I received email that my passport is ready for pick up and I went today 23rd April to pick up my passport. Thank you God. Finally. Lagos Consulate 100 percent rating. Good luck to you all.

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ROC But nothing yet from USCIS
3:57 pm yesterday


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I need help because am losing sleep. I sent in my documents for the removal of conditions on my residency for more than two weeks now but have not heard anything from USCIS. Not even an acknowledgement or a receipt.

I sent to Vermont service center because am in Pennsylvania. Please what do i do? My card is expired already. 4/20/18

I did cashier's check of $680 for U.S Department of Homeland Security on 3/27/18 & i just called bank of America to find out if the cheque was cashed by USCIS but the bank representative said they didnt see that the cheque is cashed. On my account it reflects $690 was out cos they charged $10 fee for the cheque at the bank.

am still asking what do i do now? My GC, Driver's license & State ID all expired. What do i do? I cant even drive now.... Circumstances surrounding me made me file ROC late but still within the 90days window.

Please don t judge me. I only need to know what to do now. Thank you all

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