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arrowNVC Filers-May 2016
April 30, 2016, 3:54 pm Last comment by jordache463

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Welcome to another monthly thread for those going through NVC

Please read everything below and refer to it throughout your NVC journey, whether this is your first month at NVC or your third    :idea:




Before posting questions, please read the wiki Saylin wrote on the NVC process here. Once you're done, read it one or two more times to really understand it ;)Don't forget to also read the official form instructions as well as USCIS and NVC's websites!
If you want to see a visual of the NVC process, please view Saylin's flowchart here.
Yes this thread was created by our great Queen Saylin and the knowledge is still going forward. This thread I pray stays alive and well as many who have gone through the process or still going can chime in and help and assist.


If you're wondering about time frames, look at the fellow members right here in this thread! Study their signatures/timelines and make notes. VJ also has this awesome page. Use it! I sure did during my process   :) That means if you are on this thread WE expect you to have an up to date timeline.


And once you've got a case complete, please join the case complete/interview thread started by me, Dwheels76 on (currently May thread), http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/594205-case-complete-to-interview-june-2016/


To be added to the Scan date to Case Complete spreadsheet go here and report. http://www.visajourn...t/#entry8093644


Also, please read Kanuk's post full of advice and observations, found here.


Best of Luck to everyone !!!

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arrowaffidavit of support help
April 30, 2016, 2:56 pm Last comment by Leeoi

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please i want to submit my i-485 for adjustment of status i-765 for employment i-131 for traveling, my question is that do i need to put them together in one envelope or separate, and my wife surname as being change to my surname now, do i need to attache any document for that ?

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arrowAP nothing asked for wonder if its about my EX?? :(
April 30, 2016, 5:44 am Last comment by dwheels76

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Well I never thought I would be posting here after our interview but i have questions that I don't have. My mind is wiped clean.


My husbands interview Thursday April 28th and we were put in AP. No 221g, nothing asked for.


CO didn't ask to see the boatload of evidence albums. They did take the 2015 tax forms.


Questions ask.


  1. Who is calling you?
  2. Did you give your wife the new middle name?
  3. Dos your wife work?
  4. When did you last see her (I was outside)?
  5. Was your wife married before?
  6. Whats his name? (she was typing he said)
  7. He's Nigerian also?
  8. Does he live in Nigeria

Then she said just a minute and left for 4 to 5 minutes than came back and typed and said the "the system isn't giving her the information she is requesting".

Than she left again to talk to someone came back with the simple AP sheet and told him to hold on to his passport until they finish.


All it says is

Dear Visa Applicant,


Before we can continue adjudicating your immigrant visa application, your case must undergo additional administrative processing. We will notify you by email or phone as soon as the administrative processing is complete. Please do not return until we have contacted you. If you have not heard from us within 60 days of your original interview date, you may send an email to LagosIV@state,gov and request an update.





American Consular Officer



I believe this maybe about my ex-husband. Those who may have been around back in 2013 I found out 3 days before his interview he had married a Nigerian woman. I emailed to the embassy to withdraw my petition told them what happened.


My gut tells me he may have done something funny (like list me) when he applied in 2015 for a visitor visa that was granted so he and his wife could come here and give birth to their baby which she did.


None of this has to do with me. Unless they are wondering about the divorce timeline. He says he divorced me but I don;t believe he did. He won't give me the documents so finally after meeting and deciding on a new life I filed in Texas and got my divorce and got married the next month.


I am wondering was it his I-94 information she couldn't access not sure how all that Department of State vs Department of Homeland security checks works. I mean they are the embassy what possibly can they not access.


I know I am here babbling. But can anyone shed light on this. The handing the passport back has me concerned.


Thanks to all who wished me well and all the out pouring of love and support. It really means alot to me and my husband.



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arrow90 days in AP- call to pick up passport today, but no visa yet.
April 29, 2016, 11:38 pm Last comment by NLR

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90 days in administrative processing. The case has been updated 4 times in two weeks, however We received a call today telling us to come and pick our passport up only, we asked about the visa and was told it was still in administrative processing, but to come pick the passport up just in case we needed it.

has anyone ever been in this situation. What is going on?

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April 29, 2016, 2:55 pm Last comment by Grace for Grace

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Please can some advise how long it took them to get their greencard after the enter  US on a spousal visa (CRI) 


Thank you. 

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