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How do I get a police certificate from a foreign country?
9:00 am today


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I lived in UK for a year but I don't live there anymore. Also my passport containing my 1 year UK visa was stolen and but I got a new one with a shorter duration 2 months. How do I get a UK police certificate. Is it mailed to my address outside of UK or sent online and how long does it take to arrive? I also previously lived in US for a few years after age 16 . Would I need a police certificate for this ? Do I need the police certificate before or after the interview ?

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Visa Interview
3:04 pm yesterday


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Does anyone know if we both need to be present to the interview in my Fianc 's country? I just want to be prepared if that's the case. Or do I go to a separate interview here? Also whats a good way to help the process along? This waiting is making me work too hard to make the time pass.

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How will CO see this
1:27 pm yesterday


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My friend wife who is a USA has been sending my money to support him self while in Nigeria until he come to the states,and now his interview is next month ,he want to know if showing CO the receipts money he has be getting via western Union from his wife, will that count as more evidence of real marriage or will CO see it as no good for wife from USA to send husband in Nigeria money,.will be waiting to hear good advise and reply. Thank you y'all

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Adjustment of status
7:25 am yesterday

James tony

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My is exactly similar but our interview is coming up, next week and she has travelled saying she's not coming for it. , but am not married and am not divorced bcuz but am looking forward to settlement b/t us. But my question is should I go for the interview or mail or call for reschedule, will I be granted one?

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No notie of action receipt
1:48 am yesterday


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My spouse and i filled a stand alone I130 on the 11th of last month without a response. Today is the 18th of May and no receipt. I intend to fill my I485 but cannot do so without the notice of action receipt. Is it normal to delay so long? We moved this month. Can we call them and tell them to send the receipt to another address? We havent gotten the code or anything to create a profile on the website.

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