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3:16 am today


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My wife filled i130 for me and we have been married for 3yrs instead of receiving 2yrs green card I was given 10yrs green card. And I have been living in this country for the past 5yrs with going to my home country. When can I apply for citizenship?

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Formats For Pictures for I-130
4:07 am yesterday


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Hello VJ Fam!

So I finally received my NOA1 but they sent back my picture file that I made and included in the I-130 package I sent with a note stating that it was not in the format they can place in my file to process my application. Please can anyone tell me what format we are supposed to send in the pictures as. After correcting the problem do I send it back to them and how do I send it back to them? I sent my application to Phoenix Lockbox. I should have asked questions before I sent in my application. So sorry for asking too many questions everyday. Please bear with me! This whole process is very new to me and I also want to thank everyone that Has answered all my questions so far. Just a few warnings though I'll be posting alot of questions during this process and I sure hope everyone will be willing and able to help me out in this journey.


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Question I-130 Transfer
5:10 am yesterday


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Hello Everyone!

I sent my I-130 on the 22nd Saturday April to lockbox Phoenix, Arizona. I live in Texas so was wondering if my application will be sent back to Texas for processing. I was also wondering why I haven't received my NOA1 by now or is it too early to get one? Should I call to ask for my NOA1 since its been delivered since Monday on the 24th? How long does it take them to send it back to Texas?

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Interview Wait Times - Lagos, Nigeria
8:02 am yesterday


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Case completed on March 28th, no interview has been scheduled. I have called NVC everyday and they state our case is in a que. How long does it normally take to receive an interview after case completion for this area?

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Picture wearing a hijab in K1 visa application.
3:15 am yesterday


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My fiance doesn't want me to include pictures where I am wearing a hijab for a muslim wedding we attended because he thinks it is very risky and would be scrutinized. However we don't have a lot of pictures from the meeting. Would that it be a problem to include it or is it to risky?

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