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Nebraska Service Center
9:24 pm today


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My wife filed for her naturalization in July 2017 and still waiting for interview date. Her document was sent to Nebraska Service Center, please is anyone in the same service center and how fast is it?

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Bringing my fiance to America to marry and stay for good.
4:13 pm yesterday

Elgin Dowdell

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My fiance lives in Nigeria neither of us are rich or well off... Once a long time Commercial Truck Driver I am now on Social security disability at the moment for Heart Failure I receive enough for us to live on together once she is here plus she can always get a job to help out... I have a home and transportation already waiting for her... In my current financial situation with all of my monthly bills it takes a long time to save up for traveling expenses because there is little left over at the end of each month.

Can anyone advise what is the cheapest and fastest way to get this process moving and get my Fianc to Alabama... We met on Facebook and have been together 4 years we do face time often and talk or chat daily on the phone.

What Visa route would be best for us?

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About my interview
7:15 am yesterday


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Hi everyone, i went for interview yesterday here in Lagos Nigeria and i was given a white paper that states that " before we can continue adjudicating your immigrant visa application, your case must undergo additional administrative processing. We will notify you by email or phone as soon as the administrative processing is complete. If you have not heard from us withing 90 days of your original interview date, you may send an email to LagosIV@state.gov. to request an update." What do i do and what will my fiance do from her end.

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How can I Frontload
11:06 pm yesterday

Uche Godwin

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Hello, My name is Uche Godwin, my CR1 visa interview is in three weeks time, I heard about frontloading before the interview. I have my marriage certificate, our wedding pictures, our phone calls and WhatsApp conversation printed out. Pls how can I frontload and what do I need to frontload. I have a genuine marriage with my wife, we intend to live together forever but it seems my country (Nigeria) is one of the red flag countries. Pls what do I do to be better prepared for the interview. Thanks

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Toxic Responses To Non-Immigrant Posts
9:34 pm yesterday


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I have searched for answers to visa questions on this forum and found very toxic responses to non-immigrant posts.

A random person asks questions about student visa for a (young) relative and the chances of obtaining such a visa. You know, WHAT THIS FORUM IS SUPPOSED TO ADDRESS.

A large number of the responses attack the OP. ''Why WOULD you want to school in the US? ''Are their no schools in XYZ country?'' ''You wont get it because youre trying to defraud...''

It's absolutely ridiculous the way responders take offense on behalf of the CO or the Embassies and by extension.. the country. I know a lot of people look up to this country as a solution to their worries or a respite at least but responses are so condescending and vicious that i wonder what the aim is. To dissuade them from coming into the country or just ridicule them for being ''unfortunate'' enough to have to apply for visas.

If i saw the vile on this platform, i wouldn't have registered when i did. But then, i'm in immigrant category so i didn't notice at all. I was mostly encouraged from every angle. So what is it? Everyone is criminal until an immigrant? It makes no sense.

The vile makes no sense.

Do better.

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