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New card is being produced
3:39 pm yesterday


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Hello, I want to ask if EAD would be received in form of the card or one will still need to go to social security office to get it done. Thanks

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No Update From NVC Since We Sent The Documents
5:52 pm yesterday


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Hello Everyone,

We sent all the required documents to NVC 3 weeks ago but we are yet to get any update.

What could possibly be wrong? Do we have to wait for them to update the Scan Date?

Secondly, I am the Immigrant..my wife is the one applying and she's also the Agent. Due to her busy schedule, she wont be able to call NVC. The question is can I call NVC directly for an update?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks a lot.

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Where do I begin with the CR-1 process especially when dealing with high fraud country/hard embassy?
8:18 pm yesterday


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Hello all,

I decided to withdraw my K-1 petition just to be safe than rather sorry later. I want to make sure I really do my research right this time. Other than a marriage certificate where do I begin? How can we prove bona fide marriage if we dont have joint accounts or property because they live overseas?

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Request For Initial Evidence issued
4:46 pm yesterday


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Hi Forum,

I actually filed for Adjustment of Status on January 25, 2017 but was received by USCIS on January 27, 2017. My priority date is June 27, 2016. This is because I have an already approved I-130 that has a priority date of June 27, 2016. I have received NOA's from USCIS in February 9, 2017 and have also gone for biometric on March 6, 2017. Then on March 16, 2017 I received a Pink-Coloured letter from USCIS that is asking for 2015 Tax Transcript from my wife, who is my sponsor. My wife 2015 Tax Transcript has 2 dependents on it (Her parents). Now the problem is this, I am thinking if we submit it. USCIS will say that my wife income will not be able to sponsor me and will end up issuing another RFE. This is because her income in the 2015 Tax income Transcript can only take care of one dependent (That is I and my wife). I am in a very difficult situation and do not know what to do over this. Getting a joint sponsor has been a very difficult issue for me. Though my wife's parents are in her 2015 Tax Return but currently she no longer take care of them. They no longer live with her. They are now living with her elder sister.

Your advise is highly needed and will be appreciated.

Regards all

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9:31 pm yesterday


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is a must required to add letter of evidence of bona fide marriage to a new couple that just married in United States for the Form I-130?

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