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February 27, 2015, 2:11 pm Last comment by A&B

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I have a pending petition done by mother who's a LPR with priority date of Decemeber 10, 2008. The petition was done with the help of my brother who's a citizen because my mother is not literate enough to do that herself.

Unfortunately, my brother does not understand the system well, he seems to have forgotten the whole process ever since the petition got approved.  i.e the difference between F1 and F2b category.

Now, I have decided to follow up on the case since I'm the beneficiary and I have the copy of the approved I-130 and I-797 Notice of Action.


My question/worries now are;


1. Should I call NVC to know the case status, because I called my brother and asked him if he called NVC when he got the approval notification in 2010 and he said he did what was asked to do then and had never done anything since then.


2. Since my brother is not much familiar with the process and his e-mail address was used during the application, can I e-mail NVC quoting my Names, petitioner's name (my mother) and my case number, and ask them to contact me subsequently using my own e-mail address for all correspondence.


3. When am I suppose to hear from NVC, considering the fact that the cut- off date for F2b is now July 08, 2008 and my priority date is December 10, 2008.


Lastly, I would appreciate if someone could tell me the step by step procedures to achieve this long awaited dream of traveling to America.

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arrowCancel I-130
February 24, 2015, 1:02 pm Last comment by beckickp

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Is there a place to find a sample letter to cancel a I-130?  I need to Cancel mine due to Divorce.......annulment and have had no luck finding one. 

I am sorry to be a Bother with all my Questions



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arrowF2 visa application but now married
February 24, 2015, 11:00 am Last comment by AyoSire

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My parents petitioned for F2 visa for me while I was single. I am now married with a child and I have notified the NVC but i have not gotten any response from them. Would I still be considered for F2 Visa? I would like to know because my priority date is presently being attended to.

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arrowI need a Visa for Ghana
February 24, 2015, 10:00 am Last comment by Ebunoluwa

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I am traveling to Nigeria to settle my Divorce and will be going to Ghana during my trip.  I need a Invite letter!  I am wanting a multiple entry Visa because I will be visiting Ghana again in July! 

what is the best way to get the invite letter done.  I am going with a Nigerian friend who works in Ghana and his Business partner said he will invite me, however he does no know how to do the letter and I need to mail out my passport asap because I leave in 31 days for Lagos!!!!


Thank You for you TIme



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February 23, 2015, 12:50 pm Last comment by jenifferrecio426
Gawu 1

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Hello All,


Can anybody tell me how long it takes to get a response from the USCIS after an RFE has been submitted? It didn't show on my case status that it has been recieved, and it's going to 4 weeks now after the we submitted the RFE. I am worried i need somebody to advice me on what to do. Thanks in advance.



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