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Help!!! I need a guide/advice
10:53 pm yesterday

Zaynab Fatai

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Hello, i am back again and I ll be needing your advices. I had my interview May 3rd, 2018 and was approved. I received the visa packets days after, meanwhile I delayed my traveling to the states because we applied for our New baby s U.S Passport & Birth Certificate and it wasn t ready because in January when we applied we were told they ll need to investigate my husband s divorce certificate which he had in 2007 with his ex before we married in 2016. They needed to confirm if it was original or not.

The embassy where I had my interview sent a message weeks after my interview stating that I should return the visa packets and I did, visa was cancelled without prejudice. I asked why and they said they were notified by the other embassy where my baby s passport was applied for that the divorce certificate was not valid.

Weeks after we contacted my husband s senator in the U.S and they made contact with the embassy where I had my interview and they made the senators office understand that an investigation was ongoing on my husband s divorce certificate and we will be contacted once it s over. Meanwhile we made a complain with the high court where the certificate was obtained and they sent an official letter to the embassy stating the case was emanated from the court and they attached the certified true copy of the certificate. Secondly, we contacted the other embassy where my daughter s passport was been processed and they told us the investigation was still on and will be concluded soon and they will notify us if our application is been approved or not.

PS: My Ceac is been updated week by week and status still remains Ready it s been on Ready since the day my visa packets were submitted to the embassy and it was updated last week and yesterday to the same Ready for interview

i don t know why it s still on Ready when I wasn t scheduled for an interview which got me worried.

I contacted the embassy where my interview was held weeks back via email and they said the case was sent to NVC for revocation. I contacted NVC and they said my case was sent to the embassy before my interview and it s still with the embassy. And the same embassy told the senators office they re investigating the certificate and will contact us. And my ceac is still Ready please what do you think? Or what do you advice?

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K1 packet mailed off, received and signed for
9:03 am yesterday


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Hi Good morning,

K1 finally mailed off and received at Lewisville TX and signed by J.Reyes.....expecting NOA1 soon

God all the way

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Please help
3:33 pm yesterday

Ms kj

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After nvc received NOA2 and you have being assigned a case number and invoice number..... please what'

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filing for wife whose visa has expired
11:29 pm yesterday


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hello good day,

Please i will need all the best infos on how i can file for my wife......we are married for a year now and we both have a son together....please give me the necessary on how to go with the filling.....

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K1 visa
4:08 pm yesterday


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How do a person.. Cancel a k1 visa.

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