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8:06 pm yesterday


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Hi guys,

Is anyone having this same issue or can someone just shed more lights on this.....I have submitted my form I-751 for removal of condition, I got my extension letter a week after and since then I have not receive my biometric letter appointment. I called USCIS office 3 weeks ago and I was told it has to be over 60days of my submission before anything could be done. And 60days is over now still no mail for my biometric appointment.

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Approved Medical Facility in Abuja Nigeria
3:06 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone. just an update. i did my medicals in Abuja, at Migration for Health Medical facility in Wuse 2 and all went well. It seems most people on here dont know that there is a newly approved medical facility located in Abuja.

That is where i did my medicals which saved me the cost of travelling to Lagos just for medicals, as i live in Abuja.. There was no problem at all because my visa was approved. I write this update just to help other people like me who may be in Abuja or its environs.

You can find the address of the approved Abuja medical center on the Lagos Embassy website.

Wishing everyone great success.

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Visa pickup
12:46 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone, I had my interview yesterday at the Lagos consulate and it was awsome. My qstn is I haven't been able to register on the visatravels site. I checked CAEC status changed to issued, how do I get notified about the pickup date. Thanks

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pls i need help
8:24 am yesterday


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Hello house. Pls i need help. My wife is about to filling I-130 for me. We want to know what other things to include for a bonafide marriage on the first stage of the petition. Should we include pics or wait until we get to NVC stage. Secondly since i live in abroad and intend flying back to my home country, how do we choose where to go for my interview since my physical address reads korea. Should my second address be in Screenshot_20171130-184534.thumb.png.bf1e7a0896b00d3169c0db819c38f712.pngNigeria?Screenshot_20171130-184534.thumb.png.bf1e7a0896b00d3169c0db819c38f712.pngScreenshot_20171130-184534.thumb.png.bf1e7a0896b00d3169c0db819c38f712.png

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Interview coming up had a previous B1B2 denial(split)
8:45 pm yesterday


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On 10/12/2013 at 10:14 PM, Darnell said:

Denied tourist visa, now on cr1 will they still deny me?



Adjudication Rules are Different.

Clean yer pants, stop wearing em when you need a sit-down, as you'll be fine at the interview !

im denied b1b2 4 times now on cr1................i hope it wont be an issue big.............about to have my interview

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