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Anyone traveling to Nigeria this week?
11:31 pm yesterday

Unshakable Faith

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Is there anyone traveling to Nigeria in the next week to see their loved ones?

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Approval of I130
12:05 am yesterday


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My LPR wife, though she have applied for her citizenship in July 2017 and still expecting her interview date, filed green card through consular processing on December 29, 2017. When is it likely that I can get approval for i130 and interview date later.

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What should we expect after USCIS home visit?
9:05 pm yesterday


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Hello there,

My wife is a US citizen and petitioned for a GC for me in August 2016. The officers suspected us of a staged marriage. My wife was out of a job and had had some runs-in with the law. We were also living at my wife's mother's at the time pending when we found jobs and moved into our place. Me and my wife had joint bank accounts but I also told the officer that I had a separate bank account that my wife wasn't added to.

Anyway we didn't hear from USCIS again until 11 months and 20 days later when they showed up at our home. It was 8am Feb 14. 2018. They met my wife and I and spent 45mins speaking with us and taking pictures. They asked me to print copies of our joint bank statements and my single separate account(luckily I had a printer at home). We now live alone in our own place; a 2BR 2BR(so we could use the second room for AirBnB which we never have). The second room and bath are empty. Our closet, bath and bedroom and living room contain both our male and female items, clothing, pictures etc.

It's now been a week since they visited. What should we expect?

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Lagos Consulate for CR-1 Visa
12:26 pm yesterday

Zaynab Fatai

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Hello, my Lagos people who has been scheduled for CR-1 visa interview. Please how long does it take to be scheduled for interview from CC date and what do I need to do to be prepared. Advice please.

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i485 and Vawa
10:26 am yesterday


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Hi everyone, please advise me as this forum has been more than useful.

My story goes thus; i am Nigerian and I was hooked up with my USC wife through a friend while i was in London on vacation as i am a relatively shy guy. i started chatting with my USC wife until i eventually surfaced in the US on the 9th of july 2015. We met and actually fell helplessly in love with each other. We got married in September of same year, however and unfortunately, my USC wife and my so called friend who introduced her to me were caught having sex at the parking lot of the club house we had our reception. i felt so unfortunate that i came all the way to be betrayed by two of those i trusted the most. i decided to let her go, but she came crying with her mum and two of her friends blaming her shameful act on the devil. she swore she was under the influence of alcohol and promised heaven and earth that such wont happen again. i decided to give her a second chance as i believe that to err is human but to forgive is divine. We got back together again and this time around, she decided to file immigration benefit for me. Right after she filed the benefits for me, she started getting really abusive, she would forcefully want to have sex with me but i had a very hard time being sexually attracted to her. long story short, she got pregnant but obviously not with me, as i never slept with her even though we tried, i just lost my sensuality towards her despite ceaseless consumption of libidinous pills. Worst still she had no remorse for her action as i found out about her pregnancy in a way that was disgraceful to my personality as my so called wife passed out and i had to rush her to the hospital, it was at the ER i got to find out about her pregnancy. i was dumbfounded and helpless, the doctor and nurses could tell i was disappointed at the news but couldnt just tell exactly why. i left the hospital in disappointment. Despite my USC wife;s awful act, she still came home from the hospital to unleash chaos in the house. She claimed i left her for death, and at such such she started throwing all sort of what you can imagine at me. she even went extra mile of pouring some soups from the kitchen on me. i was just lucky the soup was not not at the time, it would have blemished my skin. Unlike any other commonly shared story, she didnt withdraw her petition despite moving out of my house, rather , she was monitoring the progress of the petition and as soon as i got my EAD, she started threatening and extorting me. i was scared and couldnt resist her extortion. From when i obtained my EAD in april of 2016 till september of same year, she had had me forcefully give her up to about $15000. Worst still, when i485 interview was scheduled and i informed her , she asked for another $8000 or she wont go with me to the interview. this got me mad so much that i was prepared for the worst and so i called the cops right to her face to report extortion and possible fraud, she immediately got to her kitchen, pulled a knife and ordered me to hangup or she would stab and kill herself and have me blamed for it. i immediately hung up with the 911 operator and despite their effort to call me back and find out if i was under duress, i denied it i said we got it sorted out. i was a correctional officer at the time, and was on my uniform while i was at place. she called my job and told them i got involved in a domestic violence with her with the hope that my job will just get me fired without investigating, however i was lucky to keep my job as i was not found guilty of any form of domestic violence. my job informed immigration of my case and immigration came to my house to inquire about what i got going on, but i just simply told them my marriage to her was simply not bona fide and that i got in it for immigration benefit. i was mentally stressed at the time and didnt give a damn what could happen afterwards. Though i showed the officers proofs of her extortion and threats in form of her messages to me, the officers were like i could still qualify for immigration benefit independently without her and further advised me not to give a dime of my money to her anymore and also encouraged me to concentrate on my job and not be scared that immigration would come for me. with all said, i was recommended to an immigration lawyer who refered me for a psychological evaluation and the report thus proof i was suffering from immense psychological derangement and PTSD which could explain inconsistency in my statement and most likely that i was suicidal and that's i was trying to have myself blamed for everything. In the light of all this, my lawyer filed VAWA for me.

Do you guys think i stand a chance??? your responses would really help

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