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NVC processing duration for form 1-130
12:49 pm today

Zaynab Fatai

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Hello Everyone,

After so much delay from USCIS Nebraska Centre where my husband filed form 1-130 since November 18, 2016. Finally we got NOA2, approval notice on October 16, 2017. We were told our case has been approved and moved to U.S Dept of state National Visa Centre for further processing.

Hence, I will love to find out and be educated on how long it will take to get a response from NVC, the processing involved and the duration it will take for us to get an interview date.

Please kindly put us through so we don't make any mistake, I'll be glad.


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does it take this long?
1:22 am today


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i filled my application sep5, 2017..... till date I am yet to receive the receipt from USCIS...

I check my mailbox everyday like a crazy person...... Is anyone experiencing this.....i filled in NJ

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I-130 for Husband: When Should I Change My Last Name??
7:55 pm yesterday


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I filed the I-130 for my husband last month. I used my maiden name on the paperwork because that's the name on my passport, and I didn't want any confusion or delay. I originally planned to change my last name to his after the process was complete, but I've since realized that the process may take up to a year.

Can I change my name during this process? Or should I wait until next year?

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Going to give birth in the u s
11:06 am yesterday


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Hi, my wife have a tourist visa and she wants to go and give birth in the u s. Do we need to pay the medical bills before she travel's or when she gets there? Any idea on hospital/state with best prices for delivery? Thanks

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Will one visit be enough??? ?
9:23 pm yesterday


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Sighs...I have everything I need to assemble my packet, but now I'm a nervous wreck trying to decide if I should send it or get one more visit in.

He's in Nigeria, we spent 10 days together but it wasn't in Nigeria, it was in Ghana because I already had that trip planned before I met him. I plan to make a trip there in February which should be before his interview, but I've read that some interviewers won t even loom at updated proof, which is just rude ?

Will the CO be put off by these facts? I haven't met his family in person, though I do communicate with them through text and video chat pretty often. I'm so stressed out.

Please advise me ??

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