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arrowNotaries and California Drivers Licences
January 6, 2015, 4:22 pm Last comment by Jawaree

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Hi Guys, 


I'm in the process of adjusting status after entering on a VWP. I just did my biometrics so I'm assuming that my EAP and Work Permit can't be far away, so applying for jobs is on my mind. 


Long story short I had my original of my university degree sent over here, the shipping company messed up and it was lost.  I'm going through the process of getting a new one made so it's ready when it comes to applying for jobs once I have my work permit.  Part of the process requires the forms to be signed by a notary public. 


I went to go get this done today and they refused to accept my passport as a valid form of ID as my stamps had expired back in November (after I filed).  He said that even after I got my green card that he wouldn't consider it a valid form of ID, and I'd need to leave and re enter to get a new stamp (which sounded completely incorrect to me) or use a California drivers licence as ID. 


So - does the notary know what he is talking about or is he making it up as he goes.  


And I understand that California has started issuing drivers licences to illegals, so I'm assuming that people who are adjusting should be able to get a local licence or ID card as well. If so is it worth me doing it now, (and dealing with the hell that is the DMV - I'm currently on my NZ Drivers licence) or should I wait until after I've got my Work Permit and AP?



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arrowOriginals and copies
December 29, 2014, 12:56 am Last comment by A&B

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So we are in the process of filling out and preparing all of our forms needed for the I-129F Petition and I am getting confused when it comes to sending originals and keeping originals and sending out copies.


So what forms and items specifically do we have to send the original files for and what is safe to just photocopy and send? 

We do not know what original files we should keep for ourselves and which we should send to them. And which photocopies we should send them and which photocopies we should keep for ourselves.



Thank you all so much for the help!!! :D

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arrowQuestions about Form G-325A for employment and addresses
December 28, 2014, 4:10 pm Last comment by Pheebs1201

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Hey there. I just had a few questions to do with the Form G-325A. Thanks. :)


I was just wondering what to write if I was residing in multiple places at the same time? Would that be confusing? Should I just put the literal place my body was as where I was residing at the time? Because my girlfriend was living in a place, but she moved for college and was living in the dorms, yet she was also still considered living in her previous place as well at this same time. But then she moved out of college and went back to her place again, then went back to college but she also changed dorm addresses and was still also living in her place too. Lastly she left college and went back to her place again where she has been residing since. How do we go about writing this down? As the times would conflict in the dates if we say she was living at two places at once. Or should we literally just say she was living at wherever her body was as the dates and change the address as she swapped living places? 

The same thing happened with me. I was living at home one day, then I moved to go do my army basic training, then I passed and moved to a new base location, and then I decided to leave the army and I went back home to my old address. Should I just write it out exactly like that? Home>Army address>Other Army address>Home again?


Because of all of this complicated moving during our lives, would it be alright to write it all just on it's own separate sheet on microsoft word and print it out? And just mention on the G-325A to see the attachment for addresses? If this is safe to do, should we date, name and write our signature on the sheet of paper, too? And is there a special way to title this paper? 


We also have to write out our employment on another separate sheet of paper due to that also being too big for the document and also being complicated like the addresses. So the question is, my girlfriend is wondering how to fill out the employment section because she went to school, found a job, and worked until the Summer, when she went back home. Then she worked at home at a different job. Then when school started again, she went back to that that previous job where she was working before. So does she have to put that job down once with the total time or twice with each time she worked? 


Also, in between jobs do we have to write that we were unemployed for the time period we were unemployed, each time?


Sorry about all the questions, thank you so much!

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arrowHow to submit a K-1 Fiance Visa Petition? I am so confused...
December 27, 2014, 5:34 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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So my boyfriend and I are looking up everything about the Fiance visa so he can come here to the US. We've been on many sites and a lot of them are saying different things, so I have no idea which one to follow.

My question is, what stuff do I need to submit with the petition? From my understanding, you need a:

-cover letter

-application fee of $340 (in personal check form?)

-Form I-129F

-Any page that is extended for a question in the Form I-129F

-Evidence of my U.S. citizenship. << so a photocopy of my birth certificate would work?

-2 versions of Form G-325A and photograph of petitioner and beneficiary (both signed?)

-Form FC-029

-Proof of having met in person within the last two years

-Letters of intent to marry, petitioner and beneficiary (signed?)

So with the evidence, what could I send for evidence? Should I just send them emails, photos, chat history, evidence that I visited his country? I don't really know how to put it together as well. Like could I make a power point slide and print it and send it like that? I have no idea.

Am I missing any documents? Is the list in order?

I would much appreciate your help if you know what to do.


Thank you and Happy Almost New Year!!! :)

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arrowNVC Payment Portal Borken??
December 15, 2014, 6:32 pm Last comment by MissSarah

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After all the drama we need to go through I can not process payment due to a full Hard Drive :ranting:


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