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arrowVisiting US under VWP for 85 days. Any Medical Insurance Options?
March 26, 2014, 12:32 am Last comment by Boiler

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Topic pretty much says it all. Visiting while my K1 is pending under VWP and I will be staying for almost the entire 90 days. (85 days to be exact).


Any recomendations to make sure I get some basic health coverage while I'm there?



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arrowMy first police encounter in the US
March 22, 2014, 4:50 pm Last comment by charles!

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I want to share a certain police incident involving me and I am not quite sure what to make of it. While my wife believes there is perhaps a strong element of racial profiling- I myself did not know what to make of it. Originally I am from India but have moved to the US from New Zealand. So basically this is what happened. Every night around 1 am my wife feeds some cats at a trailer near our home. She feeds the cats at night because that is when she comes back from work. Even though the trailer is just about 500 feet away, I never allow my wife to walk up to the trailer alone and I always accompany her. On the day of the incident I requested my wife to drive me around the neighborhood as I was new to this country. So my wife and I were in our truck and once we fed the cats we were about to drive around. At this point we were about 700 feet from our home and near a big shopping area.



A cop pulled us up. The cop requested our ID's, my wife showed her ID but I was not carrying my passport with me then (I did not yet receive my green card). My wife explained to the cop that we lived just a few hundred feet away and in fact showed the cop our town house from where the cop stood. The cop never gave us a reason why we were stopped. From that point on he asked questions about me--he asked me -which country did I come from, what passport do I have and when I said Indian--he proceeded to question then how did you come here from New Zealand? I told him that I was working in New Zealand. I explained him briefly the K-1 visa process through which I came into this country. The cop went back to his vehicle came back and asked me a few more questions out of which 2 specific questions stood out. Questions enquiring what was my height and my weight. I must stress that he was never rude or discourteous in his conversation with us all through the conversation. After going back to his vehicle the cop came back again and asked me few more questions about what I was doing at this time of the night?



This really stumped me because I was with my wife in the vehicle and my wife already explained to him a few minutes back that she was just driving me around the neighborhood. After about 10 minutes we were free to go. Now to be honest I really did not make much about it until my wife told me there was no reason the cop should have asked me about my height and weight and a few more questions which she thought were redundant. I believe since I come from India and I saw how cops behave there-- this police encounter meant nothing to me but my wife believes that probably he was racially profiling me. My wife believes that the actions/questions of the cop were not based on my behavior or any actionable information but were based on my ethnicity, race and national origin. For a while my wife mulled the idea of making a complaint I told her it really was a non-issue.



What do you make of this incident?

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arrowSending India Police Certificate (split topic)
March 22, 2014, 7:11 am Last comment by friendlyusa

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I have big confusion over sending the Original Indian Police clearance certi  to NVC,,,,,,Please need some clarification based on experience at Mumbai consulate,,


As per Mumbai US consulate ,,applicant must have original PCC at time of interview....without that not allowed to enter,,check  the link frm mumbai consulate ( )


Now i have only one original Indian PCC...which i have to send it to NVC with IV package documents,,,,i think we have to send the original one,,otherwise can get checklist query frm NVC....and case wont be completed  without submiting original PCC..


So..i am the NVC stage ,,,ready to send IV civil big confusion over this,,becoz  i read different info. some says we dont need to send original pcc to nvc frm india...some says  u dont need original pcc at interview as nvc mailed all file at consulate..(  but wht if they wont allow to interview without tht )  ...some says u get 2 originals....i have only i have to apply another one....


Can People who passed from this stage...and had interview at mumbai consulate can provide  true guidance over  this ..


what did indian applicants did,,,,have you guys sent the original to nvc,,,,what happens at mumbai consulate,,,will they ask for original pcc ??


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arrowWhen is the interview scheduled and by whom?
March 19, 2014, 7:26 pm Last comment by Lainie B

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I apologise if the question has been asked, but I couldnt find the answer... and when I do see a question sort of relating to it, I see potential contradictions.


When exactly and who schedules your interview date for the K1 visa?


I am looking to travel to the states under the visa waiver program (yes I know that can be complicated in itself) around the time that my interview may be set for.


Is it posible to postpone the interview date until I am back in NZ?


I was thinking of doing one way trips to make sure I could fly back at a moments notice, but I'm thinking it would be easier to show I dont intend to overstay the visa waiver if I have a return ticket.


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance!

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arrowImmigrant classifications
March 8, 2014, 4:21 pm Last comment by ppihtr123

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Hi all! This may seem like a simple question but I'm struggling to find any info on it. What I would like to know is what is the immigration classification through each step of the K1? Eg I know that after you have received GC and EAD you are a conditional permanent resident but what are the classifications before this step? As in from POE to AOS you are? AOS to gaining green card? Or are you just classed as an immigrant through those steps? I'm sorry if my question seems vague but that's the only way I could think to describe it. Thanks in advance!

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