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South Africans visiting for my K1- wedding.
12:11 am


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Hi all.

So I just got my K1-Visa and have 3 friends travelling from South Africa for my wedding (South Africa is my place of birth and spent all of my childhood and teenage years there) I have been living in New Zealand for the past 11 years. Our wedding is on May 20th and I am having 3 friends as bridesmaids in my wedding. So they will be applying for tourist visas and I was wondering what kind of documents they need to take with to their interview? They will be staying at mine and my fianc s house till the night before and night of the wedding where we will all be staying at a hotel near to the venue. After that they will spend 2 days in Vegas and then fly back home to SA. They will be in the US for 10 total days.

They have asked for mine and my fianc 's proof of employment. Obviously I am on a brand new K-1 and can't work. But why would the consulate need my fianc s proof of employment?

They have asked for receipts of bridesmaids dresses, shoes, rehearsal dinner receipt, hair & makeup receipt (They don't have copies of this as I have paid for these things for them)

Proof of my and his legal status, the only way I can think this would be possible is to send a copy of mine and his passport and I don't want to do that.

has anyone done an interview in South Africa for a visitors visa and what kind of questions do they ask and what documents do you need to provide?


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I-129f Sent Back to USCIS from NVC
7:29 pm


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I've heard of quite a few people as of late who have had their cases sent back to USCIS from NVC for additional review. I thought I'd create a forum so that we can follow each other's journeys. In my case, my I-129f was approved on 1/5/18. After 6 weeks and still no NVC number, I submitted to NVCResearch and found out that my case had been sent back to USCIS on 1/26/18. Now, I can't get any information form either NVC or USCIS about my case. Each say to ask the other. I have a USCIS service request in and a request for help with a federal agency in to my congressman and senator. Has anyone else in this situation received answers, and how long did it take for USCIS to re-adjudicate your case?

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K-1 NOA2 processing times
8:55 pm


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Hi everyone,

My fiance and I have submitted our I-129F application and received our NOA1 early February, yay! I'm wondering if anyone can tell me why the processing times from NOA1-NOA2 have ramped up so heavily over the last 6 months? I mean it has literally doubled since May 2017. Is this something that happens every year around peak application times or is it just exceptionally long lately? We got an immigration lawyer who told us 5-7 months for the whole thing to be approved. I'd already looked at this page in great detail and felt very skeptical about his estimation. Genuinely curious about why it's been taking so long lately.


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Should we begin looking into the K1 VISA application while I'm visiting?
3:54 am


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I've never posted here before, so I hope I'm doing this right. My partner and I (20f, 22m), have been together for 2 years, almost 3 in March, and we're looking to get married in his country (USA). I'm from New Zealand originally. I'm going to be staying with him in a week for 2 months, and I was wondering if we should look into applying for a K1-VISA while I'm there?

We want to close the distance, and we've discussed this a lot to make sure it's what we both want. Is it a good idea to look into the VISA while I'm there, and if so, what advice can anyone give me?

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Help with the correct visa to apply for
7:35 pm


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Hi there,

Not sure if this is the correct place but I'm looking for help for me and my girlfriends future.

I live in New Zealand currently in America on tourist visa

She is from the US

We want to be together as soon as possible

What visa is best for this. I have 8 days left in the states so I'm unsure if we're able To get married in that time but we definitely want to start the progress we are just unsure on where to start. Any advice for the clueless? I'm wanting to move here aswell if that helps

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