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I130 - Married Name or Maiden
9:29 pm


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Hi everyone,

My husband and I both live in NZ - he is the US Citizen and we are in the process of filling in our i130 application.

The one thing that I am confused / worried about is that my passport is in my maiden name - But I want the visa to be in my married name.

As far as I can tell my 3 options are:

1.Fill in the forms with my married name, using the passport with my maiden name, however because we are sending our marriage certificate this will suffice as evidence of name change - to explain why the name on the passport and the name on the forms is different

2. Apply for a new passport in my married name and then submit all the forms with my married name and that new passport number

3. Fill in the forms with my maiden name as that is what my passport has on it.

As far as I can tell number 2 is probably the most straight forward option.

Any advice? We are trying to avoid any RFE at all so we are trying to cover every single base we possibly could to submit a perfect application.

TIA, Jaime

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What is consulate Appointment Wait Time?
7:15 am


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On https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/general/wait-times.html/

I tried and got the following. Only one day for K-1? Does this include "Wait Time for Interview" and "Wait Time for Processing"?? VJ stats says the processing time is about 40 days to only get interview. Am I looking at the wrong place? Cheers.


Nonimmigrant Visa Type Appointment Wait Time
Visitor Visas 13 Calendar Days*
Student/Exchange Visitor Visas 9 Calendar Days*
All Other Nonimmigrant Visas 1 Calendar Day*

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Auckland Consulate's arrangement and financial support
6:56 am


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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to ask if anyone knows how the consulate is like--do we have any privacy during the K1 visa interview? Or is it like some crowded bank where everyone can hear you and see your stuff during your interview?

Also, if the beneficiary has more than 3X poverty line savings in cash, is I134 not required anymore? The webpage says https://nz.usembassy.gov/visas/fiancee/how-to-apply-2/ evidence of support and not I134.


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Does getting married in LA/OC require a US address?
10:38 pm


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Hi Guys,

We plan to live in a hotel for a while before we find an apartment in LA. But we still want to get the process moving by getting married as soon as possible in a courthouse or similar. So while we live in a hotel without a US address, is it still possible to get married in LA/OC? Also can this be done in one day? (We probably will not have a car right away, so we will need to take a bus.)

Also, my alien fiance had an SSN a few years ago on F-1 student visa. I heard that we do not need to apply for a new SSN. But do we need to contact SSN office to update the immigration status from F1 student to K1 fiance? Thanks!!!


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Filling out all forms before leaving for US?
7:41 am


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While we are waiting for our K1 visa interview, can we fill out all the forms, e.g. I485, I765, I864, and I131?

Would it be an issue if we brought those completed papers to the US and the border officers find the filled out papers in our suitcases? Is it fraud to complete those forms which should be filed AFTER marriage?


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