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arrowBeneficiary father able to provide support?
July 26, 2016, 3:05 am Last comment by FN&KO

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My partner, the us citizen, is currently living here with me in new zealand, and we both plan on going back together to the states, so obviously her income there is currently 0.


Her father is going to co-sponsor but is self employed so may be a little complicated, so I was wondering if my father here in New Zealand, could complete on also?



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arrowAdvice please! In middle of K1 - Fiance diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer
July 25, 2016, 11:33 pm Last comment by Harmonia

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Hi All

I'm seeking some advice.

Earlier this month my fiancé had a medical emergency and to cut a long story short was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer with a tumor on the brain.

As he was admitted to hospital through emergency and at the time we didn't know what was going on other than he had a mass on his brain and required emergency surgery. I flew out the next day to join him entering on ESTA to be there for the surgery and initial recovery.

Since arriving we have had the devesating news of his prognosis and now we don't know what to do. We had received NOA2 and were just waiting on the confirmation letter with the embassy number and this arrived this week.

He is about to go through some very serious treatments. I have to fly back to NZ to complete our visa which was always my intention (return flight is 27th August) but considering the 2 months it will take for me to complete visa stuff this and he needs support to go through his first treatments . We are both are confused on what to do next.

Can I delay filing my embassy appointment at my end to give me more time to see him through the inital treatments?
Can I do a lot of my paperwork stuff here and just fly back for medical and interview?

We don't know what to do. Also he is afraid that given how advanced the disease is after the visa is granted and we are married he could die during AOS how Would that affect me. I.e. Do I become an illegal alien and need to leave immediately?

Should we engage a lawyer?

Any advice on what our options are would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to help.

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arrowAffidavit of Support
July 25, 2016, 7:18 pm Last comment by ashleykay

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We are currently in the process of doing the K1 Fiance visa and our I-129f is sitting with CSC at the moment.


Could someone please tell me what form we need to submit for the Affidavit of Support for the interview? is it the I-864 or the I-134. Im confused as to what % over the poverty line we need to show.


Anyones help would be greatly appreciated. 

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arrowThe difficulties of filing from abroad
July 7, 2016, 7:29 am Last comment by Brazilian1901

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For those of you filing from abroad, you'll probably understand the frustrations of trying to contact USCIS.  Yes I've managed to get through to them by phone. 12 times.  And I've been transferred to a 2nd tier customer service officer 8 times. The only issue is unless you get in at the very start of their day and they're available, you get the callback option.  Catch 22 as they won't call back an international number.


I needed to get in touch for two reasons:

1) our case wasn't showing online, although we did get our i-797and the email notifying us of our NOA1 date

2) we moved countries and needed to do an address change. International address changes can only be made by a tier 2 officer


Well I have good news, I finally got some action. Although surprisingly not through the USCIS office.  I got referred to my local US consulate who couldn't help me, put me back through to USCIS, and got me incredibly frustrated.  From there I did manage to get an email address, which got me a reply saying they also have no access to my file. BUT they referred me to an email address for bangkok USCIS field office.  (I'm in NZ but filed in Australia so this surprised me). 

I can't say enough good things about the Bangkok office. Not only did they refer me to change of address forms, but they asked me to scan a copy back to them as well as posting it to USCIS so they could as a "goodwill" gesture send it as a seperate followup.  They also followed up my case not being online, and had it escalated.  They emailed me to keep me in the loop with what they were doing and why ... I would seriously send a followup thank you card if I knew the persons full name and office address.


Today at 105 days since my NOA1, my case is online!  I checked other numbers around mine and of the 90 around mine that didn't get added online before, mine is the only one showing apart from a couple of RFEs and returns. 


Now I wait, still no NOA2, but I'm telling you it's such a relief just knowing I have a way to check online without trusting postal mail :-)   Being 38.5 weeks pregnant this is one big relief to me!   

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arrowPoint of entry confusion?
July 7, 2016, 3:52 am Last comment by dub42

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I used to think that the POE ( the place ill give my sealed envelope to) was where ever i enter the usa, which would be JFK in my case.


But then I saw a post where someone was told their POE was Dublin, Ireland as they were going from there?


The reason I ask is because, As I cannot leave nor work for 4 months once entering the US. Me and my fiance were planning on doing our round the world travels before hand and both arriving to JFK together. (so about 5 or more destinations after leaving new zealand before arriving in the u.s)


Or is it as simple as JFK being my POE?



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