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2nd opinions wanted --- just passed "estimated" processing time
6:46 am


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Hi fellow VJ'ers.

Firstly let me say I understand how frustrating it is for all of you waiting, NVC are not exactly speedy. I've contacted them by email to get confirmation of my paperwork arriving, and spoke to them on the phone, and one of my email responses said "please allow us up to 6 weeks to review your paperwork". So because I have it in writing from them, I intended on contacting them when I hit 6 weeks from my scan date. The email was sent to me when they'd already updated their website to 8 weeks.

That 6 week date is today.

We have an approved expedite for when it goes to the consulate, to get an interview scheduled right away rather than waiting for the "scheduling week" and I was really hoping the NVC stage would be timely. In 7 weeks my husband needs to be in the USA as he's in a wedding, and if I don't have my greencard then, I can't travel there with my daughter. My husband would have to travel all the way back to New Zealand just for my interview at quite a cost. Therefore as you can imagine, we really want to get through the interview and receive my visa (and book flights) to get us all there by early May.

I'm wondering though .. I have two options.
1) Contact NVC and ask where it's at given its been 6 weeks, and quote the email and date they advised me of that timeline. This may push it into "supervisor review"
2) Wait til 8 weeks as per their website and then do the above.

I'm wondering what your opinion is (especially if someone has been through it before). If i do option 1, do I risk it going into ANOTHER queue? The queue for supervisor review, and therefore pushing the time out to a further 6 weeks? If that's the case, I'm wondering if its best to just sit here and wait, and be hopeful that 8 weeks is the new 10-12 weeks we were hearing about so much.

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Can my single fiancee sign Intent To Marry before my divorce?
9:23 pm


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Hello everyone - first post here! Excited about beginning this "journey".

While waiting for my divorce to become final, my (never married) foreign fiancee signed and dated her Intent To Marry and G-325A and sent them to me. My divorce became final two days ago.

At the time she signed the form she was indeed free to marry, so I believe technically her statement and the date of her signing do not constitute any sort of fraud. Her statement has nothing to do with MY ability to marry, right? I will be signing and dating my own Intent To Marry (along with the rest of the I-129F) now that my divorce has been finalized.

Is this going to trigger alarm bells that we should be concerned with? In other words, should she go to the trouble (and delay) of re-signing and sending me those forms again with a post-MY-divorce date?

Thanks very much!

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Petition Returned
6:40 am


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Hey, everyone!

It's my first time on here and I am very worried about my i-130 petition. I'm filing from Australia and sent it to Chicago lock box. According to USPS, it was received on Feb 18, 2017 and they marked it as received February 21, 2017. I didn't get a receipt at all.

I received it back today, March 7, 2017, and it says I had an error in my address. Thing is, on the i-130, I didn't include a country because it didn't fit and I added a supplement page. Was I supposed to make it obvious that there was a supplement page such as write "refer to" on the application?

Another thing that I noticed is I accidentally used my maiden name on the supplement page. Was this the problem?

Please help, this is really confusing me and stressing me out!

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USCIS Will Temporarily Suspend Premium Processing for All H-1B Petitions
10:31 pm


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Travelling to US while at NVC Stage
7:18 am


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Hi there,

My wife (US Citizen) and I (not) live outside of the United States. We are looking to move to the US later this year, have filed the I-130, and are now at the fun 'document collection' stage with the NVC.

My wife's father has a terminal illness, and so she is wanting to temporarily go back to the US to be with him. Obviously I want to go with her for support, but I'm not sure where I stand with entering the US while an application is in progress. We would be going for 10 days or so, and we'd both have a return ticket. I have proof of ongoing commitments that require me to return to my own country, and I suppose we can get proof of my father in laws illness if needs be. Might be worth noting I'm in a country that only requires the electronic visitors visa process, not sure if that makes things easier or harder!

Any advice would be appreciated, last thing we need at this time is for me to be detained or turned back at the airport!

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