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Processing time at POE
12:02 pm


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I'm in the process of booking my flights, and will have a connecting flight within the USA (flying into LAX for processing, then continue to Denver).
Can anyone offer insight into the required layover time? Will 3hrs be enough to collect bags, go through immigration with my CR1 packet, and get to my next flight?

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DV2018 Website
1:42 am


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Has anyone managed to get through on the website yet? The poor site seems to be struggling under the mass of people trying to check.

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Co-sponsor required?
11:01 am


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So my fiance makes just over the 125% for 2 people for the financial support requirements. Its like $20k and he made $21 last year.

I have a couple of questions about this as we are in the process of putting all the paperwork together.

  1. He lives at home with his parents but isn't financially responsible for anyone in the house but himself and myself when I finally get to go there, so does he have to meet the requirements for 2 or 4 people?
  2. If he only has to meet the requirements for 2 people, his mother is willing to put herself down as a co-sponsor but is it needed? Or would we be smarter not including her or do we include her and then consider the requirement we must meet to be 4 people (him, her, his dad and myself). She doubles the requirement for 4 people on her own income so that isn't an issue, I am just wondering if we need to use her at all.

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Showing previous visas at interview?
11:26 am


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Quick question. I have a B1/B2 visa which is still current, but is in my old passport. Therefore when I travel I take both my current and cancelled passport with me. Next week is my interview and my consulate requires me to deliver documents the week before. Do you think I should provide a copy of my B1/B2 visa also, or do you not think this would be of interest to them?

Likewise, if I didn't include it, would it seem suspicious to them as their system would show I'd had one issued.

PS: my passport number also changed since so they are different passport numbers

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Evidence of right to reside in the US
12:05 am


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I've sent away my AOS packet, have recieved my physical NOAs and have my biometrics appt coming up very shortly. My question is, my K1 visa expires on the 26th of this month, so what becomes my document to say I am allowed to be in the States? Like, something I can carry that says I am not over staying I am allowed to be here while my AOS is processed?

Many thanks in advance,


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