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arrowImmigrant classifications
March 8, 2014, 4:21 pm Last comment by ppihtr123

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Hi all! This may seem like a simple question but I'm struggling to find any info on it. What I would like to know is what is the immigration classification through each step of the K1? Eg I know that after you have received GC and EAD you are a conditional permanent resident but what are the classifications before this step? As in from POE to AOS you are? AOS to gaining green card? Or are you just classed as an immigrant through those steps? I'm sorry if my question seems vague but that's the only way I could think to describe it. Thanks in advance!

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arrowDrivers license in Ohio
March 8, 2014, 5:01 am Last comment by Cw&zm

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Hi guys! I know these questions come up all the time but this is my first time asking a question so please go easy on me! I will be moving to Ohio on the K1 visa soon and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with the state law for how long I can drive on my foreign drivers license for before I have to get Ohio drivers license and also how quick do I have to get it after POE? One more thing is if I get the Ohio license before my AOS does my Ohio license become void from AOS until I receive EAD? If anyone could offer any insights it'd be much appreciated!

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arrowK1 vs CR-1 Speed to GC
March 1, 2014, 11:41 pm Last comment by B & G

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Hi VJers,


I am recently engaged to my american girlfriend of 5 years! We live together here in New Zealand. We wish to set up a life together in the US following a 5-6 months of travelling in 2014.


I am asking for a recommendation on whether to get married and file for CR-1 or file for a K1. My number one priority is to minimize the time from filing to work. I am in a dilemma currently, as the CR-1 visa total average processing time is closing in on approx. 400 days from NOA1 to Interview. I plan to file and travel around Europe and Asia while it is processing with her from June to November. My ideal situation would be for the CR1 it to be at the interview stage when I return to NZ in November 2014, so I dont have to muck around with EAD,AP, and AOS when I enter into the US. I see that it takes around 120 days to process an AOS. I hate the idea of sitting on my ass and not working for that long. I would rather volunteer my time for free. However, I dont like the prospect of being apart from my SO for a long period of time. With me in NZ and her in the US.


What do you guys think I should do in my situation? Are there any large or small factors that I am not considering that you could inform me of?

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arrowtax transcripts for I-864
March 1, 2014, 7:30 pm Last comment by jeffdtorr

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Is it absolutely necessary to have 3 years of tax transcripts? my husband can get new ones quite easily, but our

joint-sponsor only has one from 2013, and someone else takes care of her taxes, so would be quite difficult

to attain earlier ones.


Thanks in advance :)

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arrowMedicaid for baby = public charge?/ how does insurance work!
March 1, 2014, 11:18 am Last comment by Udella&Wiz

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Hi, I hope this is in the right section.


I'm currently in AOS from a K1 visa. My husband makes just above the 133% limit for us, by a couple of hundred $, so was able to act as my sponsor. Realistically though, our joint income has gne down by about 70% in the past 2 years, and, whilst he works an honest job, we are struggling.


Recently we got surprise news that I am pregnant. While we are really happy about the pregnancy, the timing is hard (basically, we had hoped to wait until I had my US teaching license and a job and he was back in school, thus doubling our income). I have my EAD, but am limited in the amount I can work because I have severe morning sickness and typically throw up multiple times a day (the dr prescribed me a drug for it, but the insurance company only agreed to pay for 12 for the month, so I work part time and save my drugs for those days). I have also been having complications that, whilst fine now, have put me back.


We are looking at our options for when baby is born. We have ok insurance through my husbands work. My biggest issue is that our out of pocket maximum is 4.5k, which for us is a lot. While we diligently save, and have a few k saved, I can't realistically expect to have 5k sitting there when the birth happens, especially as I have student loan payments due. We will absolutely have the 2k left to hit my out of pocket maximum if need be, but I am worried about what happens if baby ends up in the NICU.


So here are my 2 questions. If baby stays on our insurance, do hospitals usually allow payment plans for the coinsurance portion. For example, if we owed 4.5k, and could pay 3 upfront, are they likely to do a payment plan with us for the other 1.5k? We currently save about $200/ month, so could put that in a payment plan. Otherwise we would look at taking out a loan etc.


I had some friends say, however, that baby is most likely eligable for medicaid because of our income. If this were the case we would be really interested, because being able to only pay for me and not baby would be a huge help. If we did this and baby were approved, would it count as me baing a public charge because my US citizen baby was on Medicaid? We expect to have our 2 year greencard by the time baby is born. Would having a baby that has been on medicaid be a problem when we apply for my long term greencard, because it indicates that my husband couldn't pay for us?



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