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arrowShould I Hire a Lawyer?
October 25, 2016, 8:37 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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My boyfriend and I are just beginning the long process of applying for a K1 Visa in the US. He is from New Zealand and we are looking at all that is needed and are debating whether or not it is a good idea to hire a lawyer? Would a lawyer be able to speed up the process much or is that entirely in the hands of those processing the visa? 


A little about our situation:

He and I have been together for two years. We met while I was backpacking through New Zealand on a working holiday visa. I left for 5 months at the end of the year-long visa to apply for a Partners Visa which allowed me to live and work in New Zealand because of my relationship status with a New Zealand citizen (how nice of their country!). Now we want to live in the States because I want to go back for my Masters in Minnesota. He has visited to meet my friends and family and said he liked the lifestyle etc. 


Is this case going to be simple enough to process without a lawyer? Would the fact that our relationship is already recognized by his government as a legitimate long term relationship aid us in this application process? 


Any tips or information would be amazing! 




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arrowNew Zealand citizen - Adjustment of Status. form help!
October 21, 2016, 2:48 am Last comment by EM_Vandaveer

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Hi there! I am a USC, my partner is a New Zealand citizen. He just came on a visitor visa a couple months ago to visit for his birthday, and on a whim we decided to get married at city hall. We were (are still) in the middle of planning a wedding for October 2017. We are going to New Zealand to visit in April for his brother's wedding, so I know about the Advanced Parole document (does that also allow him to work once that is approved?). 


We have just started to put our packet together, and I wanted to get some first-hand advice from someone who has done this already. Does anyone have a complete list of the forms we will each need to fill out? Would really appreciate the input! 

Also, I've asked this before, but didn't get a very confident answer. How long does it take for an application to be received? Would he be classified as an overstayer if it's in the mail when his visitor visa expires? 


Thank you!!

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arrowChange of Address- currently at RFE stage
October 14, 2016, 7:41 pm Last comment by laylaollie

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Hi all,

Tricky situation here,


Me (the US citizen) and my partner (originally from England) are currently living in New Zealand on a temporary work visa that expires in January-- we were planning on leaving NZ before Christmas, as we filed our K-1 back in July and assumed it would be ready by then.


We've just received and RFE so it looks like the chances of approval before Christmas is unlikely... so we've decided to go travelling for the next couple of months then head back to the UK and have his interview there-- rather than waiting around New Zealand.


So we would like to request of USCIS to change our address to the UK from this point.


My question is-- how much will this delay things?  Is this even possible to do at this stage? Will they give us trouble for this?


Any advice appreciated!




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arrowI-130 Marriage Certificate Woes NZ
October 14, 2016, 5:31 pm Last comment by mriggs

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Hi there,


My wife received a request for additional evidence pertaining to our marriage certificate. We sent through what we thought was an official marriage certificate in the initial I-130, but it turns out we submitted the wrong thing.


We got a copy of our marriage certificate, however the request for additional evidence states it must be signed by the issuing registrar. This (as far as we can tell) doesn't happen in New Zealand. In calling up the Births, Deaths and Marriages office in New Zealand, they told us that marriage certificates issued by them do not get signed by anyone, and there is no facility to do so.


Calling USCIS for advice was no help, they told us they are unable to provide advice for documents.


We're happy to send in the certificate we have, but as the due date for the additional evidence is rapidly approaching, we don't want to send in a document that doesn't precisely meet the requirements for fear of it being rejected.


Does anyone have any experience with 'unsigned' marriage certificates?



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arrowQUICK QUESTION! Interim visa?!
October 4, 2016, 6:59 pm Last comment by Harpa Timsah

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Hi! quick question. my fiance (New Zealand citizen) is here on a 129 visa, and we have decided to get legally married at city hall (I am USC), just the two of us, before our wedding with family in October 2017. Before I even start on the paperwork questions that I will have no doubt, is an interim visa issued when the adjustment of status application is received by immigration? He is here on a three-month visa, and has been here for about a month now. I imagine paperwork/medicals/all that jazz is going to take about a month of hard-out working on it, so we would have a month from when it was mailed to when his current visa expires. Would My fiance be considered an overstayer? Or would he receive a temporary visa while they go over his application? Please help! Thanks


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