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arrowTravelling with over $10,000USD
November 18, 2014, 12:38 pm Last comment by Caryh

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What's the form that I have to fill out if I'm arriving to the states on my k1 visa with more than $10,000 USD? Can someone please send me the link or their experience when you declare it?

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arrowprofile picture changes back after I try to change it (split topic)
November 13, 2014, 11:32 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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I'm trying to change my profile picture and it keeps taking me back to the one I have showing now, have removed photo signed out and signed back in thinking I could upload a different pic but when I click on the picture from my computer file it uploads this one displaying

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arrowDV Lottery 2016 Case Numbers Query
November 10, 2014, 10:27 pm Last comment by mene2014

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Hi all, just have a burning question - hope anyone can help :)


I'd applied for the DV 2016 Lottery, I fall under the Ocenia category (NZer living in Australia), I've been looking at a few posts regarding confirmation nuimbers & noticed that others have the country reference letters in the confirmation numbers e.g. 2004OC000123xxx.


My question is - are these the same for this year's applications for 2016 entrants? As my confirmation number doesn't not have 'OC' in it at all, just a series of numbers & letters. Has anyone else noticed this?


Thank you in advance :)

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arrowVisitor visa and K-1
November 9, 2014, 5:24 pm Last comment by Pheebs1201

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Hi everyone,

I've recently become engaed to my partner and he lives in Baton Rouge, La.

We are wanting to settle over there and are planning an April 2015 wedding there,

My question is, can I come over on a visitor visa and then after 90 days change to a K-1 visa?

Or will we need to get married in a courthouse to fulfill the requirements of the K-1 then have our ceremony with friends and family in April?

Thanks in advance!

Maddiie :)

P.S. I'm from New Zealand!

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arrowDo we need a lawyer for our K1?
November 7, 2014, 11:38 pm Last comment by Lainie B

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Hi all, 

Growing up, I have visited the USA as an unaccompanied minor many times to visit my relatives and for my grandmothers 80th. The last time I used ESTA was when I was 18. ( I am now 24)

Last year, when I was 22 turning 23 - I was on a J1 visa where I met my boyfriend and now we are doing long distance. 

Long story short, when I was in New Zealand during my J1 consulate interview - I was initially denied of the J1 visa as that particular consul didn't think I had enough ties to leave the country. Two weeks after that denial, I went for another interview and was approved. 

Now my boyfriend and I are in talks of filing for a K1 next year but unsure what to do with my case. Before I left the USA, we spoke with an immigration attorney and advised us the procedure and the cost for his service. 

Since joining Visa Journey, I see a lot of people are advising that you can do it all yourself and you don't need a lawyer. In my circumstance where on my record I have a previous denial (even though they approved me 2 weeks later) would it be better that we have a lawyer? 

Keeping in mind that I never overstayed, fulfilled and never violated the terms of my J1 and left when it expired etc. I also was approved of a ESTA authorisation which doesn't expire till October 2015 next year as I plan to visit my relatives and boyfriend this Christmas and  New Year.

Also - Do you guys think I need to tell them at POE that I have a boyfriend? 

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