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arrowFiling taxes during AOS
January 26, 2016, 2:31 pm Last comment by MariaR323
Sean and Kristina

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Let me start off by saying that I've already contacted a tax professional and have an appointment scheduled to meet with her soon, but I wanted to post a few details and questions in here so I can gain some knowledge before I visit with her.


I am a US citizen.

My husband is from New Zealand and earned income in New Zealand from January - May 2015.

He entered the US on an F-1 visa in May to be a full time graduate student at MIT.

I moved to Boston to be with him when he arrived.

We got married in August.

Filed for AOS in October.

Received EAD/AP in December. 

Interview TBD.

I worked full time for the entire year of 2015 in the US.


So we have three key life events: move, college, marriage. My questions are:

- Is his New Zealand income before he entered the US taxable? According to https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-trty/newzld.pdf in Article 20 it says students are exempt from double taxation...but not sure if this applies and will show to the tax professional.

- All of our finances, bank accounts, investments, credit cards, health/renters/car/umbrella insurance, lease, EVERYTHING is together... so I would prefer to file jointly, but would there be a benefit to filing separately? 

- What exactly IS my husband's status since he's in that awkward stage of adjusting to permanent residency? 

- Since he is a full time student and not working, we were waiting to get his SSN after he receives his green card...but do we need his SSN in order to file taxes before April 15th? We could be cutting it close considering we don't have our interview scheduled at this time.


Lastly, if anyone has any advice for newlyweds filing their taxes as a married couple for the first time or any college/higher education deduction suggestions then please let us know!

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arrowLightning fast AOS
January 6, 2016, 6:20 pm Last comment by RobandHayley

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  Filed for my AOS/EAD and received an NOA on November 5th.


  The EAD has been cancelled because my AOS has been granted.  In 8 weeks.  I'm stunned, although clearly very happy.


  From what I can gather my application never made it past the NBC in Missouri.  Does anyone have any experience with this kind of result?  Is it possible other aspects of the process could still be pending?  (There's a disclaimer on the NOA2 which indicates that USCIS/DHS can always rescind the AOS if they discover something they don't like).


  I've received my Permanent Resident card, so it seems pretty final, but I'm curious about experiences from other people who've had a similar result.


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arrowMissed biometrics appointment - walked in anyway
January 5, 2016, 11:58 pm Last comment by leonidas_alexan

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When I opened my mail last evening - my heart sank after seeing that my biometrics appointment was actually at 2 pm earlier in the day at the Norfolk office, VA. Understandably I panicked. The reason I missed the appointment was that - ours is a relatively new housing development and the first line of our address is exactly the same as another one in a different locality. Some of our stuff got sent to that address - as the postal people did not bother to read the whole address.


Anyway in the biometrics appointment letter it stated that you can re-schedule the appointment by sending in the appointment letter to an address referred to therein and checking a box to that effect. I realized if I opted that - it's gonna be easily another month that I might have to wait.


I just decided to walk in anyway the next day - which was today. My reasoning was that I was taking action within 24 hours of me missing my appointment and I thought there was no harm in trying my luck - the worst that could happen is the folks at USCIS office turning me away.


But to my pleasant surprise - after I explained my situation to the lady at the reception she asked me to wait in the room where biometrics were being taken. I once again explained my situation to the officer inside the room - and he said "well you missed your deadline - sorry I cannot take you in" - before I could reply - he grinned " I was just messing with you" - I was relieved and my biometrics/pictures were taken.


So just wanted to advise - depending on the distance that you have to travel to your USCIS office - if you do miss your biometrics appointment you may want to try to go in anyway as soon as possible and explain the reasons why you missed your appointment originally. You might get a sympathetic ear and get the job done.





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arrowHow hard is it to get employers to apply for work visa for you?
December 20, 2015, 12:44 am Last comment by Boiler

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Hi. I'm a New Zealander wanting to move to the US on a work visa. I am a registered professional (required by my profession) and have a masters degree in my field. Both my masters and my registration are recognized by the relevant US authorities (meaning I have all the necessary skills, registration and education to practice my profession in the US). I am just VERY confused about work visas. Reading through H-1B, I understand this is the visa for my occupation.

Can anyone give me advice on visas???
I found a really great job in Boston (I love Boston) but am unsure how easy it is to apply for the job and then get them to apply for the visa for me. Is this common? Are US employers okay with applying for work visa for people? It's not common practice in NZ.


Also are there visas that I can apply for without having a job offer first? (I had the youth mobility visa from the UK which meant I was able to move there without a job, but it seems the US don't have anything similar!).


Thanks in advance!!!

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arrowBirth certificate issues..
December 19, 2015, 11:50 pm Last comment by Lucky_2

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I was born in iraq and I have never seen my birth certificate ever. I have been living in New Zealand for over 13 years and Im not sure what I should do when I'm asked for my birth certificate.
This is starting to become stressfull. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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