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arrowquestions about affidavit of support
July 7, 2014, 5:08 pm Last comment by bmorgan

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I am sure these question have been asked 1000 times, but I want to make sure I get some updated answers from people going through the same thing as me!

These all are in reference to form I-134 


1- Question 2-States I have resided in the United States since ______________…. I recently lived abroad with my fiancé for a year, but should I still place my date of birth there since it was only for a year that I was away? Or a addendum stating my move and return date?


2-My parents are going to co sponsor us…. but they don't wan to disclose all of their financial information, is there a way they can just show that they reach above the poverty line? 


3- Along with #2, my mom is going to do the co sponsorship but is a housewife but she shares all finances with my father, how can she go about filling this out? Or is it best for my dad to sign it


4-A bit of background info--  i haven't worked in the usa since 2010, and have only worked abroad last year for a few months. I have been at university and have focused on school instead of work the past few years. will that be a problem for the affidavit of support? In my bank currently I do reach above the poverty line, and have recently been hired by my parents that are opening a business. Are any of these going to be a red flag for anything? I have the w-2s from when i did work...


5- As my mother is my boss, for the letter from employer, will that be weird? I will make sure it is really professional and has the companies header on there, but I am still worried!


6- HOw much of my bank accounts do I need to show, will the last 6 months of statements be ok?


Thank you to anyone who takes the time to help me!




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arrowShipping NZ - USA
July 5, 2014, 5:18 am Last comment by Wendy71

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Anyone know any good shipping companies to go with?

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arrowLocation of interview question
June 28, 2014, 1:38 pm Last comment by Hank_

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I have a question regarding the locAtion of interview. My fiancé is a citizen of Australia and the United Kingdom. But he lives in New Zealand and is not a citizen. On the I-129f I put the closest location for embassy as auckland, New Zealand. I was talking to someone and they said they would think he would need to go to Australia or the UK for his interview... Does anyone know? He are just over 5 months from our noa1, so I am just preparing and second guessing everything now bc this whole time I thought he would just do the interview and medical in NZ. Thanks!

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arrowEAD typographical error
June 20, 2014, 6:12 pm Last comment by jeffdtorr

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I filled in the EAD card form wrong, so my middle name is printed where my last name should be. I called USCIS

and since it was my error, to replace it I would have to re-apply and pay the fee.


My question is, if I apply for a job and they e-verify me. Is the incorrect name going to

cause me any trouble? Not just regarding that particular job, but in general.


I basically want to know if you guys think I should search for work using my EAD card

and hope that they don't e-verify me, or if I should just wait for my green card to arrive.

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arrowU.S. Citizen filing I-129 while living overseas
June 20, 2014, 4:57 am Last comment by Lainie B

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I am a U.S. Citizen living and working in New Zealand. I've done a lot of reading and am not entirely sure about two things:


1) Payment of fee: I don't have a check book with me for my Bank of America account, and the check or money order must be from a bank in the USA.  Can I just send cash in the envelope or is that illegal?  (Pretty sure it is.)  How can I pay the fee while I'm here?


2) Since I will be mailing from a post shop in New Zealand (not US postal service), do I mail my application to Lewisville instead of Dallas?  Just need to be sure.



Thank you!


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