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Job Offer requires proof of status, extension expires may - can I get stamp at infopass?
1:19 pm


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Ok, So I got my green card on May 29, 2015, it expired on May 29, 2017. I filed in March last year to remove conditions and have the one year extension letter that extends my green card to May 29, 2018. Which normally wouldn't be an issue, only thing is I'll probably be getting offered a job. And of course HR is likely not to understand the green card process and freak out if they see my status expires in around 60 days.

Now I understand that normally you need to get the infopass in the 30 days before expiry to get the I-551 stamp in your passport. My question is, is it a hard and fast rule, or do they take into account circumstances. I'm 99% sure that I'll lose the job I'm being offered if I only have my extension letter and expect them to just trust me on the process, while if I have the stamp in my passport I'll get it. Is this a good enough reason for them to give me the stamp at an infopass appointment? Have booked one regardless for April 11, which will be closer to the timeline anyway, but just want to know what my odds are.

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Third party ESTA website
2:36 am


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I applied for an ESTA yesterday on what I thought was the correct website, I was in a rush and didn t check well enough. I paid the $89 fee (I should have realized then that something was wrong, as I know it s below $20 to apply) with a credit card after my debit card was declined (I later got a call saying they had declined the payment due to possible fraud website). Once I got the phone call I rushed home to check that I d used the right website by going through the official cbp website, I hadn t. I panicked and applied for the ESTA through the correct website and was approved after paying the $14 fee. On the official cbp website there is a notice about third party websites applying for ESTAs on your behalf and that they aren t fraudulent, just charge you a lot to do something that you can do yourself. I m now worried that if the third party website goes to apply for an ESTA for me after it s already been approved that it may have an affect on it. I ve emailed cbp through their contact page on their website to ask them the same question, but I thought someone on here might have an idea.

Disclaimer, I am aware that because I ve been approved for an ESTA it does not guarantee me admission to the USA as I am in the process of an IR-1 visa.

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VWP after previously AOS but since moved home
7:00 am


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Quick question, am I able to use the visa waiver program since I am a New Zealand Citizen after I previously adjusted status successfully from VWP in 2014? My husband and I moved back to NZ in 2016 a few days before my green card expired, I did the correct thing and filed the correct form and returned the green card to the US embassy in NZ. We are currently going through an IR1 again as we want to move back the USA since we ve realised how expensive it is to live here. We are wanting to go on holiday for 6 days to Hawaii and then go to Maine to visit my husbands family for thanksgiving later this year. Will I have any issues doing this? I understand about scrutiny at POE when we try and visit and am preparing for that.

Thanks ?

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Administrative Processing after interview
6:35 am


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Hi all,

Just a quick question. Our interview result was approved but the status changed to Administrative Processing today. Does it go to Administrative Processing before changing to Approved? They already had all our information including all the medical information and we were told everything was there so not sure why it went to Administrative Processing.

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Out of Status applying to Adjust Status
9:57 pm


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I came over on a K1 visa and my husband and I got married straight away ( So i fulfilled my requirements of my K1). We planned to apply for adjustment of status right away however we fell into some serious hardship and could not afford it.
Long story short, I fell out of status for before I could apply. Now we have saved enough to get the process started for me but im unsure which forms I need.

Since I am out of status, am I still able to adjust my status due based on my K1 Visa? Or do I have to go through the IR-1/CR-1 Spouse process?? Im a bit confused.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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