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arrowDelaying the process at the NVC (split topic)
December 5, 2014, 1:36 am Last comment by Phillip Kazuto

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I found this website purely because I was looking for an answer to this sort of question. We're not currently in the US and our case has gone to the NVC but we've just decided we would prefer to have a child here where maternity leave/laws are better, so we would be looking to continue the process in a year or two.


I wish there was someone here who could say from personal experience that they successfully delayed things at the NVC for a few years. You kind folks who have been answering questions - is it from personal experience or hearsay?

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arrowName Change Part Way Through Application - Question
November 27, 2014, 2:10 am Last comment by Ryan H

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This may seem like a silly question and I'm not sure whether this is the right place to ask it - if not, please direct me to the right place.



Here in New Zealand, both my Married and Maiden names are technically my "legal" name. I am welcome to use either name where-ever and whenever I choose. I have a passport issued in my maiden name which I previously travelled on and submitted to the NVC when they requested the passport copy, but driver's licence and all other identification is in my married name.


I originally submitted all of my applications/paperwork to the USCIS and NVC under my married name (except the passport), but they have been communicating with me and listed me as a beneficiary by my maiden name - they seemed to switch it up part way through the process.


The Situation:

I am wanting to get a new passport in my MARRIED name so that I don't get stuck in the USA having to use my maiden name everywhere. Bearing in mind I will still have the original passport in my maiden name, it will simply be invalid for travel - but I can happily present this at the interview.


The Questions:

1) Will getting a new passport part-way through the process cause problems at interview - ie: will they suddenly decide it's not valid and make me go through this whole process all over again with submitting new documents?

2) As the NVC have been communicating with me under both names at various points, but are currently using my maiden name, will this force them to issue the visa in my maiden name, and into a passport with the same name? Or do they have discretion to issue it under my preferred name.


Many thanks in advance to anyone who can give me some advice in this situation. It's not a dealbreaker - and if it's going to cause problems I'll obviously just suck it up and deal with my terrible maiden name for a while!

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arrowEmail/Letter Received - What does this mean and how long to go?
November 26, 2014, 1:48 pm Last comment by NinjaCookie

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So my husband and I received an email this morning stating that all documentation necessary to complete the NVC's processing of our case has been received and that as soon as an interview date has been scheduled we will be notified.


a) does this mean the case is complete at the NVC?

b) what are the next steps from here?

c) how long should we expect this to take from now to "Visa"? We were delayed 60 days because our attorney had said we didn't need the criminal background check until the next step, but she was incorrect. Needless to say, I don't really trust her advice any more.


I'm expecting the interview to be scheduled at the embassy in Auckland, New Zealand.


Many thanks in advance!

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arrowLooking for contacts near Albany Oregon
November 23, 2014, 9:35 pm Last comment by Flaxen

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I've been living here in rural Albany for nearly 18 months. Making friends is hard. Lots of people are really friendly. I've invited people over for dinner and to meet for lunch... but no one seems interested in anything more. Am missing girl friends terribly. I'll put an ad in the paper soon!

Seriously... I have a great job (cant make friends at work as I'm the supervisor) and a wonderful husband..... 

Lonely... and sad.. dont want this to become anything else.

Anyone in the wider area that would like a 53 year old friend out there? I garden, sew, love to hike....


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arrowJust arrived and Pregnant
November 22, 2014, 8:59 am Last comment by Ryan H

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Hi everybody,


My wife and I have recently immigrated to MN, USA. We are both from NZ, born and raised, but my wife holds American citizenship through her mother. I immigrated on a CR-1 visa.


We have been here for 5 weeks getting established when we found out yesterday that my wife is about 8 days pregnant. I have just recently got a job which has a health program but I cannot start the program for a month. We are currently covered by our travelers health insurance but that does not cover pregnancy.


What can we expect in term of care? What should we do? We want to be excited but are scared we have put ourselves into a bad position.


Thanks in advance

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