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arrowIssues with DS-260 form
September 30, 2016, 8:02 pm Last comment by teddy k

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Hi, I've been filling in my DS-260 and am currently trying to fix up an issue in the employment/education section.  I have been able to fill in my current employment, but seem to only have "present" and "additional" as my options on the left hand side.  There doesn't seem to be any option for "previous" and as i only currently have the one job, but have previous professions I'm qualified for, I would like to list them. Is this no longer an option as per the example given of a DS-260 on the NVC site?  Do I now only put my current role?  

Also, I must have accidentally pressed no for education, as the entire section of education questions seems to have gone missing. I cannot for the life of me find how to get it back, the question about education with the yes/no answer is no longer there to change my response and provide details.  Has anyone had this  happen?  I've emailed NVC but given it takes up to a week for them to reply I thought I'd ask here in the meantime.

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September 27, 2016, 11:02 pm Last comment by cdneh

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I cannot believe I am willingly entering  the USCIS wringer/spin cycle, but here I am. After much thought, and several delays, I am about to file my N-400. Likely an October filer (again).



After submitting everything except for my hat size, between 2008 and 2011, the requirements this time around seem extremely light.  From what I have read, this time they require simply:


The completed form

The cheque

Photocopy of my green car, fore and aft

2 passport photos.





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arrowSubmitting evidence of savings etc as "proof of assets" for Affidavit of Support
September 22, 2016, 2:41 am Last comment by mallafri76

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Looking for advice please.  I see a lot of questions and answers for those filing with income (themselves and/or sponsor) HOWEVER we will be filing with proof of funds (savings and regular checking account etc) for our Affidavit of Support as both my hubby and I are abroad (therefore his income here doesn't count).  


For those who have done this, how did you submit/present the information?  

1)  Did you print out copies of bank statements?

2)  Do I require a letter from the bank verifying the funds are ours?

3)  Does it matter than the money is in Australian, NZ, and American bank accounts?

4)  Do I need to show the current exchange rate and the funds in their original currency vs US$ or will NVC do this?


Thanks in advance!

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arrowI-129F Cover Letter
September 16, 2016, 6:14 pm Last comment by Greenbaum

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Hi All,


My fiancee is just about to submit our K-1 petition and I think we're good to go. Just have one quick question about the I-129F cover letter.


How much detail about our situation should we give?


We don't have a complicated case to explain as we have been with each other in person for most of the relationship, and lived together for just over two years before she moved back to the USA for a job.


Do we just briefly explain the situation? I.e. met at this time, moved here at this time, lived together at this time, she relocated for this reason, etc.? Or does the cover letter merely need to state what we are applying for?


Thanks in advance  :)

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arrowHelp needed - anyone who has obtained a police check from Canada?
September 15, 2016, 7:26 am Last comment by Ontarkie

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Hoping there are fellow "I lived in canada and therefore need a police report" filers out there.  I'm a kiwi but I lived in Canada for 15 months, therefore I have to get a police certificate from there.  Looking online it looks like a lengthy and expensive process.... fingerprinting here in NZ at a cost, verification of said fingerprints, then an application and fee of $70 to RCMP.  Is that right?  It seems a little over the top!  Here in NZ I just fill out a form, sign it and provide ID, and no fee. For my aussie police check (yes I lived there 6 years) I needed 100 points of ID and an online form, and $42. 


I'm wondering if perhaps I'm missing something, is there a less involved police check for canada?

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