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Just had my interview at the US consulate in Auckland, NZ - APPROVED!
6:25 pm


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As mentioned in the title, I have had my interview at long last and was told that my visa has officially been APPROVED! :D

Timeline on the day:

8.30am - Arrived in Auckland City a bit early due to traffic being lighter than expected (yay for school holidays?) So I parked my car in the Downtown parking and took my time walking, stopped to get some breakfast.

9.15am - Arrived at consulate. Was told I was still too early, but was welcome to wait around. Was let in at 9.25 after booking my phone and keys into a locker.

9.30am - Went up to Window 5 as instructed and was greeted by Elle (whom I had talked to previously in e-mail communications) - fingerprints were taken and I was told to pay my fee at the next window ($397.50)

Approx 10am - was called to Window 2, the interviewer was very polite and friendly, asked the standard questions about how my fiancee and I met, how long we had been an item, what kind of work I planned to do in the USA, when we planned to get married.

Whole interview took about 5 minutes, then I was told I was approved! Was also told that my passport and package would take around a week to arrive as this weekend is a public holiday here.

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New answers post election to civics test
3:43 pm


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Answers to some naturalization test questions have changed due to recent elections.

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Question for those with expedite requests granted
10:47 pm


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I'm requesting an expedite (personal situation and hardship which has come up which I don't wish to elaborate on here.... but I figure the worst that can happen is they say no). The thing is, I'm sending off all AOS and IV paperwork to NVC tomorrow. IF they grant an expedite, will they tell me to take the whole lot to the consulate? Or will they forward it all on and I just take the usia "birth certificate, marriage certificate, updated AOS etc?

I'm still sending everything just in case they say no, to make sure it still gets there to be processed. But from what I've read, when an expedite is granted they just stop their side of things and leave it to the consulate?

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Barcode cover sheet vs Document cover sheet
5:40 am


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I have a question for those who have been through the submitting of documents to NVC.

I originally received a Barcode Cover Sheet (contains barcode, case number, and a brief explanation of what happens from now) as well as a Document Checklist cover sheet which lists all the possible documents you could submit for AOS and IV packages (tick boxes to say if its included in your package etc), along with again a barcode and case number.

We have since moved countries and were reissued with a new case number, and with this came a new Barcode Cover Sheet. They did not however reissue the Document Checklist. From your experience, do you need both of these? Or just the Barcode Cover Sheet? Also, is it ok to use the same barcode cover sheet for both the IV and AOS package?

I emailed NVC 2 weeks ago, and again 8 days ago, but haven't heard back yet .... so I'm sitting on this paperwork and just want to get it sent.

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11:03 pm


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hi guys,

looking for some clarification or advice!!

my PD was 07/26/2016

Biometrics 09/23/2016

Recvd 2 RFEs in OCT and both were responded to in October itself.

Since then, my I485 shows "As of 29th NOV case is ready to be scheduled "

I haven't heard anything since then and there has been NO change!!

Shouldn't i have received by EAD and AP by now tho?

Anyone experience the same issue?

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