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Changing address: Petitioner or Beneficiary
1:37 am


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Hi all,

My wife (American) and I (British) moved to New Zealand together and applied for a CR-1 visa for myself. We naively hoped that everything would be approved before our New Zealand visas ran out so that we could live together while my US visa was being processed, thus minimising the time we would spend apart.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case and our I-130 is still collecting dust at the USCIS Nebraska Service Center. My question is: We need to change the address, is it better to use my address in the UK or my wife's address in the USA? That said, my wife probably won't have a fixed address for a while as she will be living with various family members while she gets an apartment, so will it be ok to use my address, even though I'm the beneficiary?

Furthermore, we had originally asked for my interview to be completed here in New Zealand as that's where we thought we'd be residing, will this be possible during the change of address?

Many thanks in advance!

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Divorced before Removal of Conditions
8:03 pm


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I am a New Zealand citizen and I have lived in the U.S. for nearly three years. I applied for permanent residence based on marriage to my ex husband and we were approved with no problems. Two years later, we are now divorced. Our marriage was 100% entered into in good faith. We loved each other very much. A year after we were married I got pregnant with our son and shortly before he was born our relationship started to disintegrate. In January of this year we decided to separate and we were divorced in July. We obviously still have regular contact regarding our son. In March my green card will be up for renewal and my lawyer doesn't think I will have any problems proving that our marriage was bonafide. But I wanted to check in and see what other peoples experiences were and if I am forgetting anything I should submit as supporting supporting evidence.

I am submitting

  • Our sons birth certificate
  • Joint bank statements
  • Three different credit cards and their statements that were joint
  • Phone records
  • Loans for our vehicle and two car titles
  • Joint insurance
  • Two joint tax returns
  • Affidavits from our friends
  • Photos
  • Christmas/Birthday cards
  • Joint lease agreement

Am I forgetting anything?

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Vaccination help!! No vaccination record.
12:37 am


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So I was born in South Africa and had most of the required vaccinations done there.

At 17 I moved to New Zealand. Somewhere along the line my record got lost.

Now I've been to my Dr with the vaccination list for US to do the titre test as I need a form to take to the lab,but it doesn't seem to test for them? How do O go about everything?

This is an image of what my Dr can send to the lab to request immunity of.


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Petitioning for mom and sibling - ageing out? Input appreciated. Thank you
5:15 am


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Thank you so much for helping! :)

I currently have my citizenship n-400 pending (estimated approval date July 2018 according to uscis online estimator. applied July 2017)

I am currently an LPR (filed for ROC, but was eligible to file for n-400 before ROC got settled)

Once citizenship is approved, I plan on petitioning for my mom (around 1 year wait time)

Then, once my mom gets her green card, she wants to petition my younger sister

The problem is, my sister's date of birth if Dec 1997, so she will be 21 on Dec 2018

If I get my citizenship July 2018 and it takes my mom 1 year to get her green card, it would be July 2019 before she could even petition for my sister (and she would already be 21.5 years old)

If I file for my mom under my LPR status right now, is it possible that she might get approved sooner than July 2019?

Are there any other options I'm missing?

My sister has autism. Otherwise she would have H1-B as an option like my brother who is now 25 :(

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3:19 am


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Hi everyone.

So I am South African born, lived in South Africa up until I was 17 years old. Jan 2008 I moved to New Zealand and have been living in New Zealand since then. Jan 2008 I turned 18. I have New Zealand as my nationality but have kept my South African citizenship.

Getting my South African police clearance from New Zealand is proving to be a nightmare!!

Do I have to provide both a South African and New Zealand police clearance for the k1?


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