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6:22 am


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Hi everyone

I am trying to do the proof of on-going relationship part of the i129f

We spoke for about 3 months on viber so it wasn't difficult to get that but for the past two years we have spoken everyday on Facebook messenger. We have some earlier conversations on skype too. No whatsapp chats.

I am struggling to add a timeline to prove the relationship is ongoing as snipping tool makes the dates for skype and messenger so tiny it's hard to see, one snip would have to fill an a4 page to make the dates visible. It's easier on the computer as it allows you to search keywords and open the conversation from there. Screenshots from a mobile work really well however scrolling through 2 years worth of messages is gonna take me forever and a day, it took me 1 and a half hours to scroll through a month on my phone and the higher up in time I go the slower the phone gets.

Are people just scrolling and screenshotting or am I missing something?

Thanks, any help appreciated.

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5:52 am


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Hi everyone

My fiance and I are in the process of getting everything together for the i129f and this is a questions regarding proof of having met in person.

From youtube videos I have noticed some people do a collage of photos with explanations below and some send in actual printed photos with explanations written on the back.

Is there a wrong and right way to do this? A way that USCIS prefers?


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5:46 am


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Hi everyone

My fiance and I are getting our documents ready to submit the i129F

In June 2016 I visited the USA for the first time and in March of this year we had our second visit and he came to visit me here in New Zealand.

I have a passport stamp in my passport from my visit to the USA but he has no passport stamp in his passport from his visit to New Zealand.

We have lots of photos and documents that he was here, he paid for a hotel and car rental with his credit card so it shows his name, but I guess you could do that online too.

I have no idea why there is no stamp and it's so strange to me why there isn't.

Has anyone else had this and it became an issue for proof of having met?


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(New Zealand) Police Certificate Confusion
1:29 pm


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The first package I sent to the Consulate required a Police Clearance form, which I filled out and sent in. The second step requires me to send numerous information and also requires a Police Certificate. I'm confused because they have provided instructions for me here: https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/fees/reciprocity-by-country/NZ.html

On this website it states that "New Zealand Police Headquarters will not accept requests for police certificates or records directly from individuals" and says to download the form they provided me and sent it to the consulate which I did with the first package.

But if they don't take requests from individuals and I'm supposed to send in a Police Certificate in with the second package if I don't have one because they don't deal with individuals? Do I leave it out or do I acquire it by other means?

A little worried because I had it in my head that I didn't need it, because they did say that I have to fill in the NZ Police Clearance form

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POE paperwork question
11:39 am


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My immigrant visa pack came in the mail (the envelope with the cutoff corner that they tell you not to open, and my passport with my visa. However they also gave me back all my evidence in a plastic pocket. Do I need to take the evidence stuff with me also?

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