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Conditonal Resident and buying a home
7:35 pm


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Hello all!

It has been a crazy ride once my husband and I moved to the USA!

We are in the process of buying a home, in fact stuck in the underwriting phase of the process for the passed 4 weeks, our closing has been moved up 3 times already.

Here in lies the issue, our underwriter can not seem to understand my Husband's status as a conditional resident.

He has his green card valid for 2 years until we file our I-751 in June, a valid non-restricted social security card, and driver's license and has filed for Taxes in the USA.

  • The underwriter in the beginning of the process requested our EAD. Sent a LOE explaining we don't have one and do not need one as he is a conditional permanent resident.

Waited for a week

  • Requested his I-94 form, again sent a LOE explaining we do not have that form as we came into the country on a CR-1 Visa to get his Conditional Resident Green Card valid for 2 years.

Waited another week!

  • Requested a stamp that we do not have at all yet, called the temp I-551 stamp that validates an expired green card for another year until you get your 10 year green card. Send an LOE explaining we are not yet at that part of our process as a conditional permanent resident as we must file 90 days before the expiry of our green card, which is not until June 10th. Explained this can not be done any earlier and the stamp can not be supplied by USCIS unless new green card never arrived in allotted time of 6 to 12 months after filing I-751 form.

*much cursing, headaches and calls to our Loan Officer later...*

Find out Underwriter has stopped communications, won't give us an update and left us basically at the stage of where they asked for the stamp we can in no way get.

Has anyone ever bought a home as a conditional resident before they filed their I-751 ROC form? I have searched the forum and have only found people buying a home while waiting on their new green card, and a few comments stating they bought a home on CR-1 without any problems.

My husband is the only one on the loan application as a permanent resident for FHA guidelines, the Loan Officer said we had everything in order as far as documents went and we were approved with conditions until the underwriter suddenly kept adding more conditions that made no sense. We may end up losing about 2k (2 appraisal fees, earnest money, home inspection...) and worse yet losing the home because of this confusion.

Any information or even those with the same experience is greatly appreciated!

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Intent to re-establish domicile
8:15 am


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Hi all,

I'm a New Zealander with a US Citizen wife. We met in New Zealand, got married and lived together in NZ for the last 8 years.

We have a pending I-130 and I am starting to think ahead to the NVC and Consulate Interview. One of the requirements is that my wife must prove domicile, with her being in NZ for the last 10 years this is difficult. From what i can read online, if she can prove "intent to reestablish domicile" then this would be sufficient.

Does anybody have suggestions on what steps can be taken to show this intent?

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In preparation for RoC in Dallas
6:34 pm

Sean and Kristina

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Hi there! One year ago this month my husband was granted his conditional residency on the spot during our interview in the Boston office. We're moving to Dallas in July for a job after he graduates. I remember reading that processing times for Dallas were absolutely horrendous in the Adjustment of Status forums. Is that still the case for removal of conditions in the Dallas office?

The earliest my husband can file is 01/21/2018 and we are looking at planning some international travel in March/April 2018. We already have a file started with our collected evidence for this second round of USCIS fun!

Can anyone who is currently in the process of removal of conditions post their timeline for me--preferably Dallas office filers? I'm interested to see when you all receive your notice for extensions, etc. after filing. Also what is the estimated time for full completion of removal of conditions?

Thank you!

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Supporting documentation question
8:49 pm


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Hi all,

Just a question if I may.

I'm filing my I-131 Advance Parole and I-765 Work Permit documents alongside my Adjustment of Status documents, in the one packet, paying the one fee. My question is do I need to supply extra copies of the supporting documents those two forms require? What I mean is the total packet already includes copies of my passport, birth cert etc etc and those two forms seem to require copies of those too including more passport photos etc.

So if I'm sending it all in one packet do I need to include the extra copies of passport and photos etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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(NZ) K1 visa - Proof of beneficiary's funds at interview?
3:34 am


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I know this is quite early anyway as we've only just received our NOA1 via text last week, but just want to be as prepared as we can especially with bank statements that can be traced back to 1 year or 6 months.

I read on the Auckland consulate's page (http://www.visajourney.com/consulates/index.php?ctry=New Zealand&cty=Auckland) that proof of beneficiary's own funds (bank statements, pay slips etc.) will be required to bring to the interview. I know that this is consulate-specific, and isn't as important as my fianc 's I-134 form, but can anyone offer insights/experience on how many months and the approximate amount the consular's looking for? I just want to start preparing from now..

Much appreciated!

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