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arrowNeed some urgent info please.
May 9, 2016, 11:02 am Last comment by Elf

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Hi. Me and my 4 year old son are both New Zealand citizens. I am a single parent. However my parents live in New Jersey and are US Citizens. Both my son and I have muliple entry visa into the US. I would like to know what are the visas and the ways that I could permanently stay in the US. Please let me know as it is very urgent. Thanks

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arrowVaccination requirements
May 7, 2016, 9:58 pm Last comment by jannapalmer

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Ok so ... I've done some research, and have come across this link which I've read:  http://www.visajourney.com/content/uscis-vaccination-requirements


I personally don't have any vaccination records on me but will contact past doctors to see what they can provide.  I see in the past some people have suggested getting blood tests done that show previous history of the vaccine in their system. I have some of these recorded in that way... but has anyone ever had success "proving" them that way?


Also, some require boosters, so while I may have had the vaccines in my teenage years, here in Aus and in NZ where I'm from, some require a booster later on to remain "valid". Is that the case in the US, and where would I find this info?



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arrowB2 Visa - tourism, visiting relatives & friends (including boyfriend)
May 2, 2016, 1:40 am Last comment by kquyen

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Hi everyone,


Really appreciate some insights here.


I'm planning for a 4-week trip to the US this Christmas to travel and visit my relatives (uncle family), a close friend both living in California). I also want to travel within California with my boyfriend who plans to fly from the East Coast to travel with me (he lives in the East Coast).  I have written a detailed itinerary (flight + travelling plan) for myself (I'm a very thorough planner) and thought I'll bring it to the interview as well.


Now, I'm currently a resident in New Zealand. In NZ, under the residence class visa, there's "Resident" and "Permanent Resident". Both allow the visa holders to permanently reside in NZ. The only difference between the 2 is: "Resident" visa has an expiry date for travel conditions (after which I'll either have to apply for a Permanent Residence visa or another type of visa should I want to travel outside NZ, but if I just live in NZ for the rest of my life I won't need to do anything, although I'll most likely upgrade to a Permanent Residence visa).


When filing the DS 160 form, I saw my visa as permanent residence as it allows me to permanently reside here, so I ticked "Yes" to the question asking whether I am a permanent resident. Now reflecting back I'm not sure if that was the inaccurate answer.. My nationality is still Vietnam, but I see myself as having much stronger ties to NZ than VN as I'm currently full time employed here, I had all my education here, all my bank accounts are here, I own a car,and I left Vietnam to study overseas since 18 years old. Im also looking after a family property  in New Zealand (currently rented out - but I've the Power of Attorney to act on behalf of my parents who own the house). 


For my purpose of visiting the US, I'm very clear that I'm visiting my relatives, my friend (from elementary school - we met in Vietnam but she moved to the US 10 years ago and we've been in touch since), and also my boyfriendMy friend offers her place for me to stay for about half of my trip, then I'll stay at my uncle's place for about 3 days and travelling the remaining time with my boyfriend (so I'm looking at air bnb).


My questions are:

1/Should I adjust my Permanent Residence to be a Residence status in the interview? Or should I just explain to the Case Officer my thought process? Legally, I can reside in NZ permanently, it's just, my residence status is "Residence" (without the word "Permanent" in front). Besides I really don't want to be seen as lying.


2/When asked for purpose of visit, should I include my boyfriend in the "friends" group? i.e. answering "I'm visiting my relatives (uncle family, cousins, and friends) and travelling with my relatives and friends". Or should I tell them I'm visiting my friend and boyfriend.


My boyfriend doesn't live in California but wants to come to California to travel within that state with me. He lives on the East Coast (NC) and I've no relative there, it's also far away I don't intend to stay there this time. And I really do intend to visit my friends too, not just him. In the DS 160 form, I only put my friend's address and contact number as it only allowed me to put 1 person's contact there. 


3/I really have no intent to get married and stay this time, but having been in a long distance relationship together for 5 years now (yea we're crazy) with the same boyfriend, we plan to file a K1 maybe next year. This visit will allow me to spend time with him in person, travelling together, as well as experience the US so I could make my decision to go for a K1 after this trip. Will not declaring i'll be visiting my bf impact the integrity of my K1 visa app in a year's time? Honestly we don't intend to get engaged right now. 


4/"Evidence of sufficient funds" - is there a certain figure I need to show on my bank statements? if I went for the interview now sure I can still save money for the next 6 months for the trip, but do I need to show over time how much money i've saved in my account? I got a bit worried as I've only started saving for the trip now, and thinking of going for the interview in June - July. 



I haven't been to the US before, never been refused a visa to other countries, have lived in Europe, travelled within Europe, Australia, Asia and now residing in NZ, with a Vietnam passport. 


Sorry for the horrendously long post!!



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arrowK1 Interview this Thursday in Auckland
April 25, 2016, 1:38 am Last comment by Jimbob89

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Hey guys, its finally my turn to have my interview after watching people on here being accepted over the past few months. I am fairly confident everything should be fine however the closer its getting I'm starting to get a little bit of self doubt.

In my interview packet I have included:



  • A timeline of key photos and description from the day we met to the present day
  • Original boarding passes
  • Passport
  • Copy of our lease
  • My financial info as well as bank statements show my transferring her money for bills etc regularly
  • My CV
  • DS 160 confirmation
  • Receipts and Certificate of Authenticity for her engagement ring
  • Police Certificate 
  • All letters received since the original I129-F was accepted

Can anyone recommend anything I may have forgotten?


Thanks in advance! :)

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arrowEntering USA upon getting Visa - together?
April 22, 2016, 8:44 pm Last comment by USAontheway

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Hi - I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right place, sorry.. but I need to ask..


I'm the US citizen wife/Petitioner for a New Zealander husband/Applicant - currently we both reside in New Zealand, while waiting for "case complete" from NVC/interview.. etc.


My husband's mother wants us to go for a detour to visit her in Australia (his parents live in Aus) before we go to the USA, through point of entry.  However, I have some family issues over in the US that I am concerned with - a member with cancer, another in recovering from a month in ICU but still precarious.  Plus depending on the timing, I may need to be there to begin work, etc.

Is it possible that my husband (the petitioner) can take a detour and go spend time with his parents in Australia, and come to the USA separately with his sealed envelope, after me?  Or do we absolutely have to go through US customs together, with the sealed envelope?


Thanks in advance!

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