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arrowEntering USA upon getting Visa - together?
April 22, 2016, 8:44 pm Last comment by USAontheway

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Hi - I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right place, sorry.. but I need to ask..


I'm the US citizen wife/Petitioner for a New Zealander husband/Applicant - currently we both reside in New Zealand, while waiting for "case complete" from NVC/interview.. etc.


My husband's mother wants us to go for a detour to visit her in Australia (his parents live in Aus) before we go to the USA, through point of entry.  However, I have some family issues over in the US that I am concerned with - a member with cancer, another in recovering from a month in ICU but still precarious.  Plus depending on the timing, I may need to be there to begin work, etc.

Is it possible that my husband (the petitioner) can take a detour and go spend time with his parents in Australia, and come to the USA separately with his sealed envelope, after me?  Or do we absolutely have to go through US customs together, with the sealed envelope?


Thanks in advance!

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arrowAny NOA1's after 25th March already online on USCIS site?
April 21, 2016, 6:49 pm Last comment by Thesmiths2016

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Hi all


Firstly, I know the wait to get my NOA2 is a long way away... no denying that, but I'd still like to have access to see if my application has been "Touched" in the meantime. 

My i-130 was sent in mid March.  NOA1 date of 24th March, Email notification received 30th March, and hardcopy letter i-797 received 11th April (filing from abroad so long mail times).


On the email notification they say you can view your case online after 7-10 days but recommend waiting til your hardcopy arrives.... which I patiently did. It's now been 29 days since my NOA1 and the receipt number is still not online.  Through some random searching I've discovered that others from the same NOA1 date are, and have even confirmed one from 25th March (day after mine) is online.   Has anyone else who's NOA1 date is stated as after 25th March been able to access theirs online, or are they just that behind on admin?!


(I've tried calling USCIS and actually got a real person... but unfortunately I'm the beneficiary so they can't tell me anything, so we'll have to get my husband to try again sometime when we're able to match up intl timezones with USCIS)

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arrowUS Fiance Has not met my Family in person
April 20, 2016, 8:05 am Last comment by MysKay

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Hi All

My fiancé and I have been together for coming on 5 years. However during all this time he has never been to NZ to visit my family but I've been to see him several times and met his family.

Too give you a little more background I earn more money than him in my job and NZ has way better employment conditions.

when we first started dating he was on insurance disability recovering from a serious illness. Over the years he has gone back to work & has a great job as a Manager but because of his on going medical history he's never had enough Paid time off to be able to come out to NZ or financially afford it with medical bills. Will this count against us in our visa application despite the fact I've been to the US several times and he's meet my family via Skype. If our visa is approved he is coming out just before I move (saved enough PTO) ...

So I might just be a bit paranoid lol but any advice out there?

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arrowI-864 & I-130 Question
April 19, 2016, 12:40 am Last comment by Thesmiths2016

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Hi there,


My wife is a US Citizen who has been living with me in New Zealand for the past 15 years. We're looking to move to the US and have sent away the I-130 forms to be processed.


As I understand it, at some point she will have to fill out an I-864. My wife is unable to work for the foreseeable future due to illness, and I am in the process of finishing university (I'll be finished before we plan to leave for the US). I have held jobs well above the poverty line before I started University but I assume that doesn't count.


As she is not living in the US, and does not work here in New Zealand, how do we go about filling out the I-864 when it comes up? Will we need a joint sponsor who is living in America? It's all a bit confusing!


- Jason.

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arrowNZ police cert for NVC stage?
April 18, 2016, 4:55 pm Last comment by rok1213

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Wondering if someone can clarify where/how I obtain a police check from NZ for the NVC stage? Is it from the Ministry of Justice? I was told that for the interview stage, you get sent the application for the police check...so, for NVC is it a separate application?

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