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arrowMessed Up RFE
May 28, 2015, 5:27 am Last comment by Cody and Daisy

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So my fiance just recieved a RFE from USCIS and its got a bunch of wrong/confusing info. EG Notice date of RFE is the same as due date, and the names on the second page are for different people (a tad concerning). I tried to find somewhere to email them, as fiancee can't call them for a few days (working/school), but no luck.


I just want to make sure we won't be penalised for missing this wrong date. And how to get the right RFE form?

Is my only option calling USCIS?

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arrowAbandon Green Card
May 24, 2015, 9:03 pm Last comment by Brewlin

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Long story short, I got my green card Sept 2014. I split with my husband about 3 months later and I left America.


I now live in Australia and have no intentions of ever going back. I've been out of the country 5 months and counting.


How would I go about returning my green card? etc I tried to look up the form online but couldn't find one so I'm not sure if I can even do it online or if I need to go into the embassy?

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arrowWife last name!!!!!!!!!
May 16, 2015, 10:51 pm Last comment by mmsk

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Hi VJ members

I have 1 question i got interview on 05/18 for my AOS
Actually my wife last is not change she want to keep her last name
Is this any problem in interview or not ?
They ask why
What is suitable answer for that ?
Please suggest me


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arrowLosing hope! Any USC living overseas with their spouse?
May 3, 2015, 5:31 am Last comment by Team_Healey

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Hello! :)


I was wondering if there might be anyone who has experienced or may be experiencing the freakishly long wait for mail to arrive in from the USA? Preferably the USC Petitioner of your partner's visa while both living overseas. And maybe even some answers or ways around this kind of dilemma I am having or tips to get the gears moving? 


My situation currently, 

I had to renew both my License and State I.D. by the end of last year, and I am still waiting for both till this day! I could not believe the state DPS once I had called, they told me they do not allow tracking as an option even if they send overseas and offered to send again, which I took!

I can do nothing but wait, and it has been 2 months now calling back and forth and checking the mail box daily. Did the mail Gods devour my cards? Or someone in NZ have my embarrassing License picture to tote around? :S

Or maybe Customs has it and it may be a prohibited item? (I highly doubt it but my mind is going to all corners now).


It is very frustrating and I need these for a smooth landing once my Husband's (hopefully) soon to be CR-1 visa is given and I can start our lives back home with our child. State covered insurance, day care, signing up for a doctor, buying a car, etc. Not to mention proof of domicile while I am living with my Husband and Child overseas. 


It is very hard to do things overseas but I wanted my Son to be with his Father as I knew the CR-1 process would be very long. I just feel helpless, any thoughts would help. I am currently awaiting till the 60 days review period after getting an RFE for putting $0 for my recent tax year as I do not make any US currency and it not matching my tax transcript. (Another annoying thing probably NZ and AUS residing petitioners have gone through).


Thank you for reading and more thanks for any response! I feel like I am able to do nothing at this phase but wait, not knowing if the cards will ever show up. Everyone, good luck on your journey! 

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arrowNo response from USCIS Vermont
April 29, 2015, 4:07 pm Last comment by nipa

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Good afternoon,


I sent my ROC packet in on 4/10/15 via ups and was received by the Vermont service centre on 4/14/15.


Looking at the response times for everyone else, I would have assumed I would have seen some sort of response or even cashing of the cheque for the filing/biometrics fee....


Should i start the process of infopass scheduling etc to try track down the location/status of my application???

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