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arrowWife Pregnant - Due date Feb - 6 months to use visa
July 19, 2015, 5:06 am Last comment by Boiler

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Good Evening


We have our interview this week and I don't know what to do if we are approved but on the above.


Bascially just as we found out about the appointment for our interview we also found out my wife (USA citizen) is pregnant and we are looking to have the baby in my home country (NZ) and move to the USA a few months later (say April 2016 at latest) ....but on the documents we received it says the visa (spouse of US citizen) is only valid for 6 months, does anyone know what the options are? Would we have to start from scratch? How should I approach this at the interview?


Thanks in Advance



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arrowI-134 Questions
July 16, 2015, 7:11 pm Last comment by TabCat82

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Hi Everyone,


We are very close to getting our NOA2 now after filing in January and are starting to prepare some of the papers for the next step.


I am working on the I-134 at the moment and have the following situation:


My American Fiancé is on a disability benefit with his only income being this and food stamps. His parents are happy to co-sponsor but I want to have all my facts straight before asking such a big thing of them.

His parents are retired but own 4 properties and receive income from 3 of them.



1a. As my Fiancé is on the benefit and will most likely not meet the 125% of poverty hurdle, does he fill in the income part of the form at all?

1b. If so, does he put the amount he receives from his benefit in his income?

1c. Also, does he include his household assets in the figures? (from what I have read so far he would need proof of value for each Asset included but as these are mostly antiques this may be difficult).


2a. The co-sponsors have joint income and assets. Do they have one of them fill in their details (name, DOB, etc), include the full income and assets and both sign the one form? The alternative I see to this is have both complete forms but then if full assets and income was stated on both wouldn't this be double counting the same thing?

2b. If only one of the co-sponsors are filling in a form is the other to be listed as a dependent?


3a. As above, my co-sponsors are retired and their income may not be enough to meet the 125% poverty guidelines so we would need to look at including their Properties. As they have 4 properties and there is only space for 1 on the form, is it better to have the value, address and loans against each listed on a separate sheet or can we have the total value of all just loaded on the sheet? 

3b. As we are likely needing to use these properties, what evidence is required for these, I understand if it was my property (as beneficiary) I would need proof of ownership in the form of Title deed  and a letter from lawyer or real estate agent showing the present valuation, is this also the case for a sponsor?

3c. How recent does this valuation need to be?

3d. Can they just list the one property if the total value exceeds the required levels?


Finally, I have savings that I will be using to support myself fully until I am able to work and am 100% sure that I will not even need assistance from my sponsor's, what is the best way to get this across? Can this be a mitigating factor so I don't need to burden my Fiancé's parents with all of the tasks above? 


Any other options/suggestions to lessen the requirements from my co-sponsors would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance for all of your advice :)


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arrowInterview two Thursdays away in Auckland
July 12, 2015, 5:46 am Last comment by Ryan H

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Hi Team


After filing in March 2014, we now have an interview in two weeks time, just a few questions:


Firstly, we will have a sponsor for myself as once my wife and I move to USA we wont have any jobs straight away - the sponsor will be her dad. Part of the prep for the interview they are asking for proof of my funds to support myself whilst in America - i know there are the poverty guidelines which with sponsorship we will exceed so that's fine - but I dont know if there is an amount they are looking for when asking proof of my funds (I am the immigrant). By the time of the interview we hope to provide evidence of savings for USA of about $12,000 and also proof of assets of a car worth about $7000. I hope this will suffice.


Also, my wife (USA citizen and joint sponsor) has been asked to supply her latest tax transcript for the most recent tax year - but as we are both in New Zealand this is difficult because the irs online option is not active at the moment.....any thoughts with this? I bring this up because they had some minor issues with the way we interpreted and filled in the i864 - affidavit of support.


I hope when we present everything at the interview, any formality related issues we can fix on the day.

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arrowLiving overseas while applying-help!
June 19, 2015, 5:02 pm Last comment by sgaldes

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Hello everyone!


So I have a few questions, if you could help with either of them that would be greatly appreciated :)


I have been living in New Zealand for the last 3 years with my fiancé and we are finally ready to make the big move to the US (I'm the US citizen). First question: Am I able to send the petition away from overseas? I know this may seem like a silly question but I haven't seen many posts from people living overseas with their fiancé. If I have just missed them please point me in the right direction :) Second: Since I have been living and working over in New Zealand is it ok that I don't have any income in the US? Will my evidence of income from NZ be enough?



Thanks for any help you can give!

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arrowCan't change SSN to married name K1
June 3, 2015, 5:15 pm Last comment by Jadakiss

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I apologise as I am sure this would have been asked before.


Got SSN upon US arrival and before marriage, in maiden name. Was told to come in with marriage certificate once married and they would change my SSN to my new married name as state of California uses marriage licence as official name change document.


Got married on K1, went to go and change my SSN to married name but because my K1 visa 90 days had expired two days earlier, the system wouldn't let the guy change my SSN to my married name and he didn't really have any advice for me, just that he was sorry and he couldn't override the system and neither could his manager..


Not sure what to do?


Starting to get my documents together for AOS, do I do this in my married or maiden name? What about my work permit? does this have to match my SSN in maiden name? 


Am I ever going to be able to use my married name?!


Can someone please help!!

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