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Job problems
3:45 am


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I m having issues at my job. I ve been there since my husband and I moved back to NZ, however I m the target of a work place bully who also happens to the be boss and one of the owners. All of my coworkers say that it s just way he is and not to take it personally, but he makes it very personal and I m really struggling to put up with it anymore. Complaining is not an option. As he says, I m replacable but he s not. My husband and I were looking at moving down to the South Island so my time was going to be very limited at this job, but now that we re moving back to the USA and going through an I-130 petition again we decided that I d just stay at this job until my visa is approved and in my hand. Unfortunately NZ doesn t offer DCF anymore. Now I m wanting to find a new job for the next year while we go through visa process again. Another issue is when my husband moves back to the states in November, I am moving in with my Mum who lives in the middle of no where basically. Commuting is going to be nightmare as my pay check won t even cover the gas to and from work so we were thinking that I would just stop working and wait out until I have my visa in my hand. I know how bad that will look to immigration and I don t want there to be any reason for them to deny me but I cannot stay at this job or my mental health will suffer immensely.

Does anyone one have any thoughts?

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"New Card is Being Produced" in i485 status - no interview?
5:03 pm


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Hey team!

As the title says, I checked the status on my 3 applications all submitted at the same time (AOS, EAD, AP) and my AOS application has the message that a new card is being produced.

We haven't had an interview, nor have we been scheduled for one. The other 2 cases for ead and ap haven't been updated except for that they were "received" 102 days ago.

I didn't think USCIS were waiving interviews anymore for K1 holders? Or am I just mixed up and can expect an interview summons as well?


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Auckland Consulate Interview Appointment Date
5:28 am


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Anyone here from New Zealand who have had their interviews at the US consulate-general in Auckland?

I want to know how soon after NVC deemed your case complete or documentarily qualified before you got your appointment date?

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Peru Police Certificate
12:57 am

Jess & Jack

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Hello. We are applying for the I-130 visa. My partner was born in Peru and stayed there until he was 9. Hes been residing in NZ since. We are confused as to how to obtain a police certificate for him. We looked at this link https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Peru.html#ExternalPopup. He does not have any family in Peru and there is no Peru consulate here in NZ. He only has a Peru Birth Certificate as identification as well will this be enough? Neither of us speak spanish. What is our best option to get it?

Thank you!

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Trouble getting bank letter for I 134
4:02 am


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Does anyone have any advice on how to get a bank letter for the I 134 affadavit of support? We have a co-sponsor but it looks like we still need information for our New Zealand bank account. We are both living together in New Zealand and not sure banks here will be able to give us the documentation.

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