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arrowGetting ready to remove conditions
February 3, 2016, 5:50 pm Last comment by sahd0w

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Hi guys


I haven't posted on here for a while. At the end of October I'm gonna be able to apply to remove the conditions from my green card. It's early still, but like everything

throughout my immigration process I like to be over prepared.


I've been getting evidence of my relationship together and just wanted to see what you guys think of my list of evidence.


1) Shared utility bills (power & cable)

2) Letters/ Notices addressed to both of us from the bank

3) Christmas/Other cards from family/friends with both of our names on them  (including envelopes with our names/address)

4) Pictures of us together, including pictures that have friends/family in them

5) Joint tax returns for 2014/2015

6) 2 affidavits from friends confirming we're in a legitimate relationship


Do you guys think this is enough?


my cellphone bill has our address but only my name on it, should i bother including that?

should i include a document showing that my husband is covered on my car insurance?

we're planning on booking a cabin in the woods for our wedding anniversary next month, so i'm sure i will include any documents from that


thank you guys in advance, i appreciate any help/advice!


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arrowSponser and funds
February 3, 2016, 1:12 am Last comment by Alaska2012

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I am wondering what the rules are around the Affidavit of Support. My fiance's Dad filled out form I-134. Does it need to be my fiance that fills this out and then his Dad fills out I-134A? We thought it might be better for his Dad to be my sponsor because he has a better income but also don't want to be doing things the wrong way.


Also, does anybody know how much money I would need to have in my account when I have my interview at the consulate?


Thanks :)

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arrowMiddle name issue
January 31, 2016, 7:20 pm Last comment by Sean and Kristina
Sean and Kristina

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My husband just applied for his first Social Security card on Friday using his EAD/AP combo card. It went really smoothly, but one thing the lady mentioned was that the EAD/AP only listed his middle initial and so she could only list his middle initial on the SSN card in order to make sure there wouldn't be any future issues. She said not only did they have to match, but also that his green card would probably have his middle initial too...


However, both his Massachusetts state ID and New Zealand passport (and his military dependent card) that we presented as his identification list his full middle name--not the initial. My SSN lists my full middle name, so I'm quite confused. 1. Is this correct? 2. Does it matter because he'll get another SSN card when he's a LPR anyway and we can have it changed? 3. Do green cards list full middle names or just initials? 4. Do EAD/APs typically have the full middle name?


Thoughts? Are we stressing for no reason or is this a legitimate concern?

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arrowInterview Prep!
January 28, 2016, 5:49 pm Last comment by Lucky_2

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Hi guys


Our K1 fiance visa app is currently at the NVC stage. I am preparing for the interview but theres a few things that I'm still not clear about. 


1- Who will decide the interview date? when? and can I change it?

2- Tax returns for how many years? and if I have a co sponsor what documents do I need from them?

3- Do I get the police certificate or does it come in packet 3?

4- translation of foreign documents, can I get it done by any translator? as long as they make the statement that they are fluent in English and the other language.


Thanks for any answers :)

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arrowBoston, MA AOS
January 28, 2016, 5:05 pm Last comment by tarzan31
Sean and Kristina

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Anyone from the Boston, MA office? I would love to compare timelines. 

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