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Visa interview was all fine, but received NVC letter...
5:21 am today


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I had my interview almost three weeks ago and now the CEAC status is NON-IMMIGRANT: Application received ... please check your status after two business days...

Now it has been two days and there is no update. Today my USC petitioner received NVC letter dated in late July notifying that our case was to be sent to the US consulate, but with my first name spelled wrong!

Are they related? Should I do something? Please help!!! (Heard the consulate might do some name check after the interview. If my name is wrong, how are they going to find me when they do the name check??)

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K-1 Advice
7:41 am today


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Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone has a similar situation to mine and can provide me with advice or even some reassurance.

My partner and I met online in December 2016 and after a period of a few months we developed feelings for one and other, our situation at the time was rather complicated being that we were both in unhealthy relationships so I suppose we confined in each other and as a result, ended up falling inlove.

I have conversation histories saved from January 2017 on Line (mobile app like viber) and Facebook Messenger where we speak daily for hours, call each other for hours at a time etc. I recently traveled to the US to meet him and his family and everything was perfect and set in stone how genuinely inlove we are. I have photos of us together etc.

Anyhow, we have discussed marriage a number of times throughout our relationship (i have screenshots etc) and when I was in the United States we also discussed it. His family also aware of our intentions. He is a US Marine so travelling is a little difficult so he has yet to meet my family however will come in time. Although these have been discussions we have not made specific plans due to the uncertainty of processing times, nor has a ring been purchased (mainly because a ring isn't overly important to me, the commitment we have to each other in my opinion far outweighs the materialistic aspect). Is this enough? Do wedding plans actually have to be made and a ring be purchased to prove? (we're well aware we would need to get married within 90 days which is our intention).

It appears the process time is fairly lengthy and it's extremely hard being separated for such long periods of time, my main question is, would it be sensible to file the first step i.e. I-129F prior to purchasing a ring and him coming here...?

I was given estimated times such as 6-8 months, however have read some statistics of it being sooner, can the process be sped up? Does your nationality have anything to do with the processing times?

I really appreciate any correspondence, from anyone in a similar situation or that has been through this process already.

Thanks for reading and goodluck to anyone that is looking into or going for applications!

Extremely stressful, especially when everything is sincere and your fate is in the hands of someone you don't know!


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Auckland Waiting time between interview and K1 visa issuance
5:49 am today


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http://www.visajourney.com/consulates/index.php?ctry=New Zealand&cty=Auckland

says it is 2--3 working days. But it has been 14 days for me. Is it normal?

My medical arrived at the consulate 3 days after my interview. If counting from then, it has still been more than 10 days.

Any recent experiences?

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9:19 pm today


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Hi all

We are 53 days since noa1 and I will be visiting him in 4 days.

I have done the ESTA application before (that one has expired since) and do not remember this part of the esta application.

It is asking if I am a citizen or national of any other country.

I am currently a citizen of New Zealand (vwp eligible country). I also hold citizenship by birth of South Africa (my South African passport expired in March this year, not chip readable), South Africa is not VWP eligible. Obviously I will be travelling with my NZ passport, but do I put my South African citizenship under the section of Are you now, a citizen or national of any other country as it does ask earlier in the form about country of birth.

Also, has anyone put up their social media accounts on the form? (I don't remember this section either)

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Police certificate from country that requires physical presence?
4:04 am today


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We've just received our NOA2 and my fiancee from NZ and I are looking over the checklist from the consulate in Auckland. She lived in Ethiopia from 2006-2007, and the checklist states that she must obtain a police certificate because she lived there for more than one year. The problem is that the US state department web site says this about getting a police record from Ethiopia:

" Available only to those residing in Ethiopia. Certificates of good conduct from the police (Interpol) are available only to people 18 years or older who apply in person in Ethiopia. "


Is it possible that the consulate would waive this requirement? We are really worried about this, as it seems it could be almost impossible to obtain within the four months required.

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