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i130 rejected due to old version of form
8:30 am


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My husband recently filed an i-130 and received back an i-797 reject notice stating that the form was out of date.

We have both triple checked on the USCIS website that the form we sent was the latest (version date 02/27/2017, expiring 07/31/2018) and can't see anything online to indicate there is a newer version of this form.

We emailed the Chicago lockbox however we wanted to know if anyone has experienced this or may be able to help.

Much appreciated

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Living Abroad Visa Issues - K1
12:11 pm

Jess & Jack

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My fiance (NZ citizen) and I are going to apply for the K1 visa. We are currently living abroad in NZ and I am on a temporary visa that ends in 6 months. I realize that the K1 process may take around 6-9+ months before its approved. I would rather stay with my fiance for the entire process. If I apply for an extension on my current visa in NZ (assuming the K1 takes longer than 6 months) will this have a negative effect on my fiance's K1 process?

Thank you :)

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Streamlined Filing procedure for Expat
12:31 am


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I've had a look through this forum but not sure if i have see an answer for what i'm looking for...

I am a NZ citizen married to a US citizen. My US Citizen wife has been in New Zealand since she was 18. She has lived, studied and worked in NZ for the last 12 years. She has not filed taxes in the US since she left 12 years ago. She did not realize that this was a requirement.

We have a pending I-130 for myself so we are looking at getting things sorted out in advance of visa interviews/immigrating. I have found that she can file for the Streamlined Filing program (previous 3 years tax filings and past 6 years FBAR's). This will get her caught up with the IRS.

I have looked into the professional online options (H&R Block, etc) for Expats to catchup but this is US$1500+. I'd like to avoid that cost if possible.

The questions I have for the forum are:

1) Has anyone on VJ gone through this already? Any tips or advice?

2) With the backdated FBAR's for the Streamlined Filing, do you need to file all 6 years even if your accounts do not exceed $10,000? Is it worth filing them even if our accounts are below the threshold?

3) All of our accounts are joint. Do I need to file for these years as well? (As a non-resident alien) If she file as married filing separate can we just file for her and leave me out of it?

We are not worried about owing tax (as all income was earned & taxed in New Zealand and can be excluded), we just want to get up to date with the IRS to save future issues.

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i129f 34a how you met no longer 34a? Is it 54a?
11:35 pm


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Hey guys,

We are ready to submit our i129f, however I have noticed everywhere that the how you met attachment people have are question 34a. On our i129f part 2 q34a is asking about previous spouses,

The question on how you met is part 2 q 54.

Might be a dumb question but has the form changed, are new applications stating attachment as 54a?


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Extremely confused about Consular Processing, HELP
12:43 am


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Hello, everyone!

I am so confused and freaking out over this! My husband and I are filing for i-130 from Australia and we sent our petition to the Chicago lockbox around March 15, 2017. We received a receipt notice on March 20, 2017 via email and April 5, 2017 via snail mail. It said that our case would be forwarded to the Nebraska Service Center, however, everyone is saying that the case is usually forwarded to NVC. I'm not sure if the case is going to be forwarded to the NVC later on or what exactly is going to happen... May someone please explain?

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