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Experience with NZ medical?
4:45 pm


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Can anyone talk about their experience with the medical exam in New Zealand (whether Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch)? When were you able to schedule it? What sorts of tests did you have to do? Just wondering what my fianc should expect!

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Visited on ESTA visa, immigration official told me to leave earlier
12:23 am


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Hi everyone,

SO and I are currently in the process of applying for the K1 visa and received the NOA1, one month ago. We are now waiting.

6 weeks ago I visited him in the USA for 10 days. This was my first trip to the States, and North America in general. Then spent 6 weeks with my SO travelling around South East Asia.

I booked a second trip to the USA, this time lasting 9 weeks total. I arrived last week.

The immigration officer at LAX told me that a pattern was developing and that it looked like I was trying to come and live in the USA. I told him yes that I was trying to come and live in the USA, but not right now. I am doing it the right way with K1 visa. Right now I am just visiting my fiance on the ESTA visa, we have plans for a roadtrip and all that fun stuff. I had all paperwork (return flight, NOA1, proof of ties back home, proof of an extremely healthy bank account) with me but he wasn't interested in seeing any of it. He was very rude and abrupt. I wasn't selected for secondary questioning or anything.

he basically told me I shouldn't stay for the full 9 weeks otherwise it might affect getting my K1 visa. I asked how long I should stay for and he said "around a month-ish".

Is this true? Would he have input anything onto the computer to raise a flag if I don't depart within a month? Can this really affect my k1 visa? The guy was super rude, didnt want to see any of my paperwork, and to be honest it seemed like he was throwing his weight around a bit.

I checked my travel history status online and it says I'm good to stay until the end of the ESTA period in Jan 2018. There is no departure date set in the system.

I really really want to stay for the full 9 weeks. We have itineraries and domestic flights planned. I have an expensive flight out of the USA in mid-december.

I was thinking of consulting with an immigration lawyer but would like to hear your guys opinions on this.

Thanks in advance.

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4 months on "Ready to Schedule Interview"
3:23 am


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Hi all

I saw my status change for my AOS from K1 to green card on June 20th to Ready to Schedule Interview and was very happy. However nothing has happened since then. We moved from California to Maryland, and updated the address appropriately. The address change has been registered. I did my biometrics appt in April in California before we moved. I recieved my work permit in July about two weeks after I changed my address to my current one.

My question is now how long do I wait? It seems the Maryland office is one of the slowest. Joy. I am worried it's become lost in the system.

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I-864 - Math check
7:45 pm


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Hi all,

I'm starting to look at the I-864/I-864a form. My wife is a USC who has lived overseas for 10 years, so she has zero US income to contribute. We are getting family to co-sponsor me to meet the income requirement.

With the Brother in laws I-864a, I'm trying to confirm the minimum income, I have the federal tables, i just want to double check the count of how many dependents he needs to account for on his form.

The situation...

My family: (all currently in New Zealand)

Me (the beneficiary, NZ citizen)

My wife (the I-130 sponsor, US citizen, currently living in NZ)

Our Son (2 years old, US citizen)

Brother in laws family: (All living in Arizona)

Brother in law (US citizen, main income earner in the family)

His wife (US citizen)

2 children (both under 5 years old)

Based on this, my math is that the household size is 5 (his family plus me) or do I need to include my wife and son in the household size? (so 7?)

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I-134 as USC living overseas with co-sponsor
12:02 am


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As a USC living overseas, I'm going to have my mom in the States be our co-sponsor, since my job here will end once we move back to the US. I will prove my domicile via showing my US bank account, voting record, tax returns filed each year, driver's license, receipts for storage unit for my stuff that is still in the US etc.

I know I still have to fill out an I-134 even though it'll be counted as $0. My question is about the accompanying "Statement(s) from your employer on business stationary showing: 1. Date and nature of employment; 2. salary paid; 3. whether position is temporary or permanent (also include copies of your last two pay stubs and your previous W-2 for the associated employer if available)" - do I need to include this for my New Zealand job? Or do I just ignore this bit since my job is based overseas?

Thank you!!

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