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arrowK1 packet 3 What's the difference between DS 160 Receipt and Confirmation?
September 14, 2014, 6:52 am Last comment by Hojo

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Hi VJers,


I have recently received my K1 packet 3 and have a question regarding the difference between the Confirmation and Receipt of DS 160.


I am about to Send through Immediately the First Part including the Confirmation printout of the DS 160. That part is Clear.


The Second part states to return signed and dated checklist statement with a copy of online DS 160 Receipt.


I am not sure what to send back in the second part, a Copy of the Confirmation printout again?



Could someone who has recently filed in New Zealand please let me know.


Thank you.



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arrowInterview waiver cases - timeline
September 13, 2014, 12:28 am Last comment by GiuseppeG

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Apologies if this has already been asked - I scrolled back a couple pages and couldn't see anything.


Is there any chance of adding interview waiver case details to AOS timelines, whether it be a simple "Interview Waiver Case: Y/N" or "Interview Waiver Letter Received Date" field? At present there doesn't seem to be a way of tracking when interview waiver letters are received or cases are approved.



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arrowLong Story ... Please Help
September 11, 2014, 6:44 pm Last comment by IRIScv

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My story is somewhat long and complicated but I need some help.


I'm a New Zealand citizen and I entered the US in Feb 2011 on the Visa Waiver Program. I had never been to the US before or travelled alone internationally for that matter. I was visiting my long distance girlfriend of 2 years who I had not yet met in person, she lived in Colorado with her mother who works child welfare for DHS. She insisted that she loved me and wanted me to stay and start a new life with her in the US, so we got married in April 2011 before my 90-day visit expired in May. We were married for 5 weeks before she decided to have an affair with a middle school friend and separated from me May 18. I had accused her of misconduct but her pride prevented her from taken responsibility for her actions. I tried my best to save the relationship but she wouldn't have it. We had an intervention with her family and she agreed to try to make it work if I could find a job. By the end of the week I had illegal employment as a dishwasher, but her promise was superficial and didn't make a difference. I had already cancelled my return flight home upon getting married and my stay had expired. She threatened to involve the police and immigration authorities if I didn't suck it up and leave. This girl had deceived and taken advantage of me and clearly was not mature enough for a committed adult relationship. I had no friends and nowhere to go. I explained the situation to a couple of co-workers and one offered me a couch. I left her house on June 5 and began a 2 years and 7 months journey as a vulnerable out-of-status immigrant in the US. I've been taken advantage of and threatened by several paranoid schizophrenics I thought were friends, had thousands of dollars of property irretrievably stolen from me (Macbook, music recording gear, expensive travel accessories given as xmas presents by family before leaving NZ.) I spent a lot of time homeless, dirty, hungry, exhausted and in pain, unable to find work due to my lack of immigrant status and transport. I've had some odd jobs which have helped me get by temporarily but nothing sustainable.


Jump ahead to the beginning of 2014, I met my current girlfriend and fiancée on January 8 and we have been together since. I have been living with her and she has been supporting me. We're very happy together, best friends, and both agree it's the healthiest relationship either of us have been in. I finalized my divorce from my epic disaster of a first marriage in August. My fiancée and I plan to get married tomorrow.


My mum bought me a plane ticket and I will be flying back to New Zealand this Sunday the 14th. I need to be able to work and be self-sufficient again and to contribute financially to our relationship. I cannot do that in the US, and even if I were to apply for a Green Card, it would cost $1600 which we don't have and have to wait a long time. I can't expect my fiancée to keep supporting me for at least another year. The past 8 months have been tough on her financially, but she's done it because she loves me and wants to take care of me. She even surprised me with a trip to New Mexico for my birthday last week.


Because my circumstances weren't entirely my fault (getting kicked out on the street by the person I loved and married in a strange country with no friends or family and no legal status to work) I need to know how I can waive the 10-year re-entry ban. My fiancée does want to visit me in New Zealand, but there's always a chance she won't be able to adjust and won't want to give up the life she's independently built for herself in Colorado (she moved from Maryland by herself nearly 2 years ago.) We will be married before I leave the US so it will be family-based immigration. New Zealand is also extremely expensive and less developed than the US, so I wouldn't mind moving here permanently if it means I get to be with my wife. I don't think she would be able to adjust to the insanely high cost of living in New Zealand. I'm dreading it myself.


I know people will probably say that I shouldn't leave the country if I want a Green Card, but my mum has already paid $1200 for a non-refundable ticket and my grandmother is terminally ill. I also haven't seen my dad in 8 years and I don't know how long he'll be around, he's had cancer before. I just don't want to have to wait 10 years to come back to the US because an arrogant and dishonest little girl chose to make my life extremely difficult a few years ago.


Also, does anyone know how and when they determine the re-entry ban? Is it when you leave or when you try to come back? Is there a way to slip through the cracks?


Thank you for reading. Please help.

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arrowHello everyone! :) J1 Visa and K1
September 10, 2014, 8:59 pm Last comment by AlissaCarly

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Hi everyone!

Im new to the forum and I am so excited to join as I didn't know a website like this existed.

It is quite a long story.... but here goes.

Last year, March 2013 - I was in New Zealand and started the process of getting a J1 Working Holiday Visa for the USA. I went for my interview and was denied after 2 questions because the officer basically believed that I had no intention of exiting the USA. My parents live in Australia and I lived in New Zealand by myself, single, have a student loan (as most NZers do), I have relatives in the USA as well... so basically a "red flag" that I wouldn't be coming back home. The sole purpose of getting a J1 was for my career more than anything. I was a new graduate with a Marketing degree and I wanted to go to the USA to get marketing experience so that when I return home, that is my point of differentiation and thus more enticing to hire than new grads.


Anyway, I was so distraught that I was denied but luckily IEP (the organisation I went through for J1) had spoken to one of the officers and got me another interview and explained the situation that although my parents don't live in NZ, I would certainly be leaving USA at the end of my visa. I went to my second interview and the officer was a lot more welcoming than the other. I was asked more than 2 questions (unlike the first) and was approved of the J1. I went to the USA May 2013 and stayed for the 1 year and the extra 30 days we are allowed, obtained my Marketing experience and left. 


During my time there, I met my boyfriend who is absolutely amazing and now we are doing long distance and are in talks of marriage for next year - November 2015. He is coming to NZ to visit this November and I am so excited! 

Now here are my questions...
1) As I was denied for the J1 Working Holiday Visa the first go, is this on my record?

2) Will the officers take this into account when we file for a fiancé or spousal visa? Or is that no longer on my record as I have successfully left the country and not overstayed like what they feared?

Also -
3) Which route do you guys believe would be better? My dream is to get married in New Zealand and have a destination wedding. We have two options which is to either get a K1 and get married in the USA or get married in New Zealand and do the spousal visa. I fear doing the K1 because when it comes to the interview stage, my fiance will be doing his interview in USA and I will be doing it back in Auckland where I was denied a J1 for the first time... I guess essentially Im worried about getting the same officer and having my previous denial on my record. It was a heartbreaking experience.
4) My other question is how long does the process usually take? 

5) What supporting documents for proof should we start gathering? I know we have to do phone records. It sucks because we are in a digital world where my bf and I use FaceTime and Viber a lot as its cheaper than the usual phone call and there is no way of getting certified copies of those records... we communicate every single day via those methods.

So sorry for the long post! Thank you all in advance. 

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arrowI-130 QUESTION 22
September 6, 2014, 5:38 am Last comment by ryanpan

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I am a US citizen and my husband is a New Zealand resident and we are current living New Zealand. I'm almost ready to submit I-130 for my husband , but there are still some unanswered questions. For question number 22:

 Complete the information below if your relative is in the United States and will apply for adjustment of status”; It then says: “if your relative is not eligible for adjustment of status he or she will apply for a Visa abroad at the American Consular post in”
Should I fill “N/A” for left side and put “AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND” for the right side, or should I fill “N/A” both side both since we are both living in New Zealand now?

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