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NVC for New Zealanders, electronic or not?
8:02 am yesterday


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Hi guys,

Is NVC processing for New Zealanders electronic or by post please? I ve tried looking on the NVC website but I couldn t find a list of what countries are offered the electronic processing.


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Interview next week, help!
8:13 am yesterday


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I m looking for some advice, my interview is next week and I m a little concerned if I m asked when did he propose/how did he propose so wondered if anyone could shed some light...

I first started talking to my fianc in 2016, we met in July 2017 when I went to the US, we had discussed marriage throughout our relationship and when I was there in July we mutually decided to get married however we didn t purchase rings.

We filed for a K1 visa in October and he visted me in November 2017 and after meeting my parents and receiving their blessing, we exchanged rings however there was no formal on one knee proposal (that isn t us).. plus we were already referring to each other as fianc etc.

if im asked the above question .. how do I word the above without going into too much detail? Do I say he didn t formally propose and it was a mutual engagement? We exchanged rings later??! Help!

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Congressman assistance time frame
8:15 am yesterday


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Hi guys,

I was wondering is anyone that has had assistance from a Congressman for an expedite request, could give me an idea on how long they waited to hear back from them after all the evidence had been sent to them please?

We contacted my USC husbands local senator who forwarded us onto the Congressman, as she felt they would be able to provide more beneficial assistance to us. The Congressman s assistant contacted us the same day and sent us through the waiver we needed to sign and include our immigration information and asked for any evidence we could provide to support our expedite request. We sent it all back to her with our evidence, as quickly as possible and then she told us they d send the request to USCIS for consideration and be in touch once they hear back. It s been almost 2 weeks since and I wanted to see if that was a pretty average time frame to hear back from them.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can give me!

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5:39 pm yesterday


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Hey guys.

So we left applying for SS number till after our marriage. On a K1 visa. Went to SS office today and because our i-94 expires on 17 June it's outside of the 2 week time period it takes to get a SS number issued. I would like to volunteer and everywhere that I want to is asking for a SS number. Illinois requires SS number to get a drivers license. The guy at the SS office said I should ask for an extension on my i94 but that's not a thing. How do I go about getting my SS number? Do I have to wait for EAD now and apply for SS number through EAD?

Any help appreciated.

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Front page has no popular topics, just an error msg
1:40 am yesterday


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[[Block popular_topics_2016 is throwing an error]]

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