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arrowI-864 and assets question
August 20, 2016, 4:17 am Last comment by Lain

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I do have a question concerning assets on I-864. If petitioner doesn't meet the income requirement:
1. Can he use his assets outside US?
2. The total value of assets must be equal 3 or 5 times the difference? (The case F1)
3. Can the intending immigrant help to meet requirements using his assets outside US? (Case is going through the consular processing)

Thank you

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arrowChanging jobs as the financial support on a K1 Visa
May 25, 2016, 11:20 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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I am the financial support for my fiance's K1 visa. He was approved and is currently in the U.S. We plan on getting married in 2 months.

I need to know if I change employers during this time will it affect his visa and the adjustment of status process from the K1 visa to a green card later on? Do I have to stay with the same employer until he has his Green Card or can I take a better offer? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

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arrowDo I need a lawyer for my case of AOS?
May 4, 2016, 6:22 pm Last comment by newacct

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Hello everyone, I registered here because I red online that this is the best place to get honest information about all kind of immigration cases. 

I will try to write my story in short text and my main question is do I need to get a attorney/lawyer for my case? 


I came to USA in 2010 with ESTA waiver from Lithuania. My father lives illegally here since 2000. My waiver was only for 90 days and I overstayed my visa. 

A year ago I got married to an US Citizen. I'm 24 years old she is 23 years old. We want to get me a green card. I went to couple places and one place wants to charge me $3000 for filling everything+coming to interview and another guy ask $1900 but he isn't even attorney he just has an agency that does lots of stuff. 

By looking online and emailing these two persons I collected a lot of information and we got almost all papers ready. We brought all papers to one of them but then decided to take it back thinking that we might try by ourselves. 


Please if someone were in the same boat as me and did everything by themselves please share the information with me and help me out. I live in Hamptons NY thats why all legal services are sky rocked in pricing. I understand that doing everything by ourselves will take more time but hey I've been illegal here for 5 years. I can wait another few months or more. My main question would be if we make a mistake somewhere or we miss our on a document how complicated situation could get? And if we messed everything up could we just get a lawyer then to help us out? Again, I came here under ESTA Waiver for 90 days. My wife don't make enough so we will have a joint sponsor. Which exact forms I would need to fill? I would really appreciate some feedback on procedures and step-by-step information on how we could work it out by ourselves. 


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arrowPhone call to US citizen fiancÚ after K1 interview?
April 5, 2016, 7:30 am Last comment by Sarah in Texas
Sarah in Texas

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My fiancé in Lithuania had his interview last week, they told him they would be in contact in a week. He just received an email asking him to verify my phone number because they could not reach me.

The number they have is correct, they also have my email address from the petition. I have not missed any calls this past week. I'm hoping they'll call me but does anyone know what they might need? From what I have read online this doesn't sound like part of the normal procedure.

I don't mind talking to them of course! Whatever they need. Just wondering if it's something to worry about. They kept his passport at his interview but did not say yes or no if he was approved.

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arrowNot told yes or no in interview?
March 29, 2016, 5:11 am Last comment by Pitaya
Sarah in Texas

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My fiancé just went for his interview at the Lithuanian consulate and they talked for a good 20-30 minutes. They kept his passport, but did not tell him if he was approved or not. They said he would hear from them in a week?

Is this a way to say no without having to tell him face to face? Or is it a good sign they kept his passport? They did not give him any letters or requests for more information. They gave him the pamphlets on domestic violence prevention etc, and since he is 24 he had to sign something about military service (I'm guessing that would still put him at the draft age if we ever have one).

From what I have read online a lot of times they tell you that you are approved right then... We are so worried now. We provided years worth of Skype conversations, proof of having met, all my financial documents for the affidavit of support etc, all his docs with translations. Notarized letter from friends attesting to our relationship... I am wracking my brain and going over everything and I don't think we missed anything.

Is this a bad sign? Or should we just take deep breaths and prepare to wait a week?

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