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I-129f petition package
2:19 am


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Hello! We are an American/Lithuanian couple and we recently decided to get married! VisaJourney has been a huge help for us already while trying to learn as much as we can about this process. We're super glad there's other people who are going though the same thing and are willing to answer our questions.

So here's the thing, my U.S. citizen fiance has a criminal record, so do we have to get certified copies of every arrest (in reference to question 4.a. on the I-129f)? Do we need to include original certified documents or can we make photocopies of them for the petition?

Also, I have been been married before (very briefly, a joke gone too far) and according to the I-129f instructions we need to provide evidence of the annulment. Do we need a certified copy of the annulment documents? We want to be completely sure before we spend the money on certified copies.


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POE before visa expiration
6:48 am


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Hi Everyone,

I have a question concerning visa validity. It's valid for 6 months, when it has been issued. Let's say it's valid till 1st of August, would it be ok to enter POE at the 26th of July(1 week before visa will expire)? Wouldn't it cause any problems at the POE, that you are entering just before the expiration? Or it's advisable to enter earlyer?

Would appreciate your opinion.

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[travel] USC and LPR - which immigration line?
12:54 am


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Was wondering if it's OK for a my wife (LPR/GC holder) to accompany me through the US Citizen's immigration line?

We'll be arriving at JFK Terminal 1. I believe they have also APC kiosks there. We'd be using the same customs declaration card if there weren't kiosks

Anyone have recent experience at JFK T1 specifically?

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Qualification for sponsor(I-864) on I-130
8:43 am

donnie ambra

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Hey,we both live abroad,i'm US citizen and want to file I-130 (CR-1?) for my fiance-wife. I will have to become sponsor and file I-864 form.My question would be,since i didn't live in US for 10 years now and haven't worked there,i can't provide Federal Income Tax Return Information copies to show my income,but.. i have saving account abroad with 150k$ in it,would my bank account statement with such amount be enough to qualify me as main sponsor?

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Trouble on getting married with dual citizenship
4:56 am

donnie ambra

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Good evening,i think my case is interesting- i have two citizenships,US and Lithuanian. I have dicided to marry my long time girlfriend,so i could file I-130 for her and move both of us to USA. We want to get married in Lithuania so that our large families could be at the wedding ceremony. But when we went to local Civil department they told me that until i have lithuanian passport,I MUST get married as lithuanian citizen,they won't accept US passport.. My question is- if we will get married as lithuanian citizens,will i be able to file I-130 for my spouse?

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