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Qualification for sponsor(I-864) on I-130
3:43 am

donnie ambra

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Hey,we both live abroad,i'm US citizen and want to file I-130 (CR-1?) for my fiance-wife. I will have to become sponsor and file I-864 form.My question would be,since i didn't live in US for 10 years now and haven't worked there,i can't provide Federal Income Tax Return Information copies to show my income,but.. i have saving account abroad with 150k$ in it,would my bank account statement with such amount be enough to qualify me as main sponsor?

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Trouble on getting married with dual citizenship
11:56 pm

donnie ambra

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Good evening,i think my case is interesting- i have two citizenships,US and Lithuanian. I have dicided to marry my long time girlfriend,so i could file I-130 for her and move both of us to USA. We want to get married in Lithuania so that our large families could be at the wedding ceremony. But when we went to local Civil department they told me that until i have lithuanian passport,I MUST get married as lithuanian citizen,they won't accept US passport.. My question is- if we will get married as lithuanian citizens,will i be able to file I-130 for my spouse?

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Overstayed i-194, but married within 90 days?
4:47 pm


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Hi All,

My wife just looked and realized her i-194 expired yesterday. We married last week before it expired (within 90 days)

We are trying to discern what the next steps would be?

Do we file i-485?

What about the i-130?

Do we file for a SSN?

I have read that she is okay to stay, as long as she has married within the 90 days. But what to do next is a bit of a mystery.

If you can provide any help, please do.

Thank you!

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I-864 and assets question
4:17 am


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I do have a question concerning assets on I-864. If petitioner doesn't meet the income requirement:

1. Can he use his assets outside US?

2. The total value of assets must be equal 3 or 5 times the difference? (The case F1)

3. Can the intending immigrant help to meet requirements using his assets outside US? (Case is going through the consular processing)

Thank you

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2nd Interview for N400
6:22 pm


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I went for my N400 interview 2 weeks ago. I passed the civics test and my IO asked me some questions form my GC application and told me decision could not be made. Now I have been asked to go back for a 2nd interview to finish the process. Is this normal? OR should i be worried.

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