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arrowCan my wife visit her country with just her green card?
June 12, 2014, 8:10 pm Last comment by M and C

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Hi my wife recently got her green card, and applied for her social security number a day ago. Shes home sick and wants to know if she can visit her family with her green card or does she have to wait for her ssn to be sent in the mail? and does she need a ssn to buy the airline tickets? I would be going with her to visit.

Also can she work with her green card only if she has a ssn?


Trying to find out before i purchase any plane tickets, Thanks for any help.

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arrowJoint sponsor spouse
April 13, 2014, 2:56 pm Last comment by MorganSpice

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Hi everybody,


So as my husband does not make enough, we are having my father in law as a joint sponsor, he is re-married. My question is, does my joint sponsors spouse needs to file any forms, or its enough to mention her (name, relationship and income) in form I-864? And do I need evidence of her income too? She is refusing to give any information of hers, so I really need to find out how it all works with sponsorship.

And could anyone please guide me, where to find a list of what evidence my joint sponsor has to provide?


Thank you!!!!!

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arrowQuestion while waiting for NAO2
April 5, 2014, 12:23 pm Last comment by A&B

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Hello everyone,


We have received NAO1 on the 26th of Dec 2013.,and untill now the status of the case is named as "Under initial review"

My fiance filled  G325 -A form and signd on behalf of me, I just wandering if  that matters? As we have read instructions

it doesn't say that it must be signed by beneficiary. I just wandering if the case could get rejected since

we didn't get any  notice yet? I would be very appriciated if you could advice.



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arrowApplying for AOS, address confusion
April 1, 2014, 2:55 pm Last comment by -=Mai and Timmy=-

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Hi guys, 


I have a really confusing situation here.I am about to apply for AOS, but I am moving from my current house in two weeks. I did my medical exam two weeks ago (at the time we were not thinking we will move) and it has my current address on the envelope. We want to send everything by the end of this week, so should I send the forms with old address (which is also confusing, because we do not get mail here, but we have PO BOX, which is not mentioned on medical exam envelope or form) or should I just send the new address were we can receive mail? Is there any way to go about this, without confusion as a result. And also if I can use my new address (which is my mother in laws residential address) do I need the evidence right away or can I send it later or provide it during the interview?


I appreciate any help! 

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arrowis beneficiary's unemployment a red flag?
February 22, 2014, 11:33 am Last comment by OLee

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Hello all VJ friends!

    I am new here though I spent a lot of time reading and exploring this wonderful VJ community. I haven't found a specific subject here that bothers me a lot. Bear me, please, reading my short introduction.

    I am a beneficiary, with my soon to be husband (he is a USC) we met 8 years ago while he was working in my home country. He had to leave soon after his contract was over, but we corresponded for about 5 years. For the past 2 years we are practically together, soon we will get married and file for a IR-1/CR-1. Since we are together (2 years) I had to resign from my work abroad and come back to my home country so we can be together more often. He would come and stay with me in my house for 3 months at a time in order not to violate his foreigner status here (he lives on retirement pension, not currently working). I had to find a job here in my home country too. I found one, but only temporary 6 months contract and I am off from work again.

    My question is: is it a MUST to be employed (for me, beneficiary) while we are on a immigrant visa application process? Do I have to find ANY job just to be employed? I am an artist and can easily work on free-lance certificate (or self employed certificate), but it will not bring me a significant income. I pay health insurance voluntarily all the time while I am unemployed. Somewhere here I read that there must be no employment gaps while filling the I-130 and further on. Is it true? Can anybody give me a clue? Thank you dearly!

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