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arrowNVC bill payment and document sending
November 24, 2015, 6:31 am Last comment by marizihina

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Hello everyone,



I  have a question about AOS Bill. So on 16 of November our case was assigned and I have completed 261 form. Now I am waiting to pay AOS bill, but it is still not available. ( cant select payment), how long it takes for them to assign me a bill?


Also, do you suggest to submit all documents to NVC electrically or my mail ?



Thank you very very much! 

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arrowIn need of help for a friend!!!
September 25, 2015, 1:38 am Last comment by Starkilla09

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I'm really trying to help my friend here who barely speaks English and is in a difficult situation. She came to US on a tourist visa, got married to LPR then got her visa extended for 6 months more. During that period of time she got pregnant and due to a difficult pregnancy and doctors recommendations she couldn't leave the country. So she ended up staying illegally in the country. Her daughter was born in US and is a US citizen. My friend and her husband hired the lawyer who says that the husband can apply for the citizenship next year June and then they can adjust her status as well. But by that time she'll be in the country illegally for almost 3.5 years. So my question is what are her husband chances to get a citizenship having his wife being in the country illegally? And what will happen if she'll try to file for AOS now? I really appreciate all the thoughts and advices regarding this topic. Thank you in advance

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arrowpossible problem: received green card while traveling abroad while in possession of approved parole
September 7, 2015, 10:58 am Last comment by subwayguy
James Vanderslice

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possible problem: received green card while traveling abroad while in possession of approved parole


My wife and I decided to apply for a 1 year travel permit, while she was still awaiting her adjustment of status (ie waiting for her green card)


We were approved January 21,2015 and received (2) copies of a I-512L, Authorization for Parole of an Alien into the United States.


So we left the USA, and have been traveling around Europe since March 15, 2015.  


We will be re-entering the USA sometime after January this year (the I-512L gives her authorization for travel, as long as she returns by January 20, 2016)


Now for the problem (?)


We have our mail forwarding from the USA to us here (using a mail forwarding service)


So while traveling, she has received both Her notice of receiving a approval for her green card, as well as her actual new green card.


**I remember reading somewhere here in VisaJourney that you are not to leave the usa before receiving your green card, without permission, and if you do, you are not to return using the green card.


SO, what do we do when we present ourselves at the USA border (we will be flying into chicago)?


Do we present both her green card and the Parole Authorization documents?  


I was under the impression that her adjustment for status was on hold until we returned to the USA from our traveling... 


Thank you to anyone that has the time to help! 


Jim and Ilze

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arrowUpdating SSN after naturalization (having passport as evidence)
May 26, 2015, 8:56 pm Last comment by kenmore

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I had my citizenship oath 2 weeks ago and have already received my passport last Wednesday. I would like to update SS with my new status and legal name, but after applying for passport I have not yet received back my certificate of naturalization. Is my new passport enough evidence for SS to update my status and name, or should I wait until I get my certificate of naturalization (and name change form) back?



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arrowAny experience with DC drivers license and CR1?
December 5, 2014, 8:16 pm Last comment by JnRMo

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My wife just got her DC driver's license a few weeks back - the expiration date seems incredibly arbitrary - About 16 months from issue, but prior to when we can even file for removal of conditions.  Was curious if this is common - as I can foresee it being a problem when the time comes to renew it and her conditions have not yet been removed.

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