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arrowVisa Approved - With Questions Covering Possible Misrespresentation
September 8, 2014, 10:40 am Last comment by cappucino boy

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My wife had her Visa Interview this morning and was approved.  We were worried for the longest time, because though her mom is a U.S. Citizen and she has been traveling there regularly over the past 10+ years, she did run into some issues during her most recent visits.  She had worked illegally one summer for a few weeks while visiting, and a few years later had continued that job while visiting her mom for an extended time.  She also pushed the tourist visa stay to the max while visiting her mom twice in a row (which is when we met).  


She was also worried about possible false statements to immigration officers at POEs - but couldn't remember what she said or what was said to her.  In the end, they had her voluntarily give up her passport on her last attempt to enter, after we had been dating for nearly 6 months.  


So we had a few red flags - but we were as forthcoming with the immigration process as possible regarding her past transgressions, but in the end, none of them were viewed as material (I suppose as her working was not the primary reason for her being in the country, and they either had no record of what she said to the immigration officers when she thinks she may have possibly lied - who really knows.  I also feel my attending the interview probably went a long way.


Questions involved:

  • Is that your fiance (which she corrected, that I was her husband - this calling me a fiance would go on, not sure if they were trying to trip her up
  • Where did you get married?
  • What do you do for work?
  • What does your husband do for work?
  • Where/When did you meet?
  • What was the timeline of your meeting (asked how long after meeting online did we meet in person, then realized while we met online, we lived a few metro stops away from each other, and met nearly right away, then stopped this line of questioning)
  • Asked about what her past work in the U.S.
  • Asked if she paid taxes
  • Asked where she worked while in the U.S.
  • Asked if she knew she wasn't supposed to work in the U.S.
  • Asked why she worked in the U.S.
  • Asked if the business knew she was not allowed to work (Trying to see if she claimed to be a U.S citizen I assume, they never asked her to give any info on this besides her SSN, which she had had for years)
  • What do you plan to do/where do you plan to live in the U.S.?
  • Who's idea was it to go to U.S.
  • Have you previously adjusted status? (She answered yes, though started talking about an I130 her mom had started on her and they seemed to get she wasn't sure what she was answering)
  • What happened to the I130 (she wasn't sure)
  • Will you be married within the 90 days? (Again, confirmed we were already married)
  • Asked where we got married

The Latvian Foreign Service National at the desk at the beginning also asked to see her old passports, when she was initially questioned regarding her earlier surrendered visa and possible overstaying (which she hadn't, and had no dates marked in her passport indicating when she had to leave the U.S. upon previous entries.  They didn't ask to see any additional information that we had brought other than her old passport to verify dates.


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arrowVisa approved; can't fiance process here in the US since he is here visiting?
March 28, 2014, 1:08 am Last comment by divikaki

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I am a US citizen and met my fiance while on a mission in Latvia. 2 weeks ago, he came to the US with me on a visitor visa waiver. 


2 days ago, our I-129F petition for fiance visa was approved. We are inquiring as to why would they make him return to Latvia to be interviewed at the US Embassy there? Can't he get the medical checks here in the states and be interviewed here in the US? 


I can't seem to convey to the USCIS phone staff that the trip back to Latvia is unnecessary bureaucratic red tape. He is already here! He is supposed to stay here as a visitor until mid-June. There is no reason to go to the embassy in Latvia.


Can anyone give me suggestions, directions, similar situations, success stories, contact information? I am not sure who or where to go to appeal that he just be processed here.

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arrowI-130 and I-845 rejection notice
February 9, 2014, 6:50 pm Last comment by Anonymous885

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Somebody please help me,

I got returned notice of rejection from USCIS and all of the notices said the same thing that my fee was not right and I have to resubmit, does that mean I don't have to change anything and just send them back all the documents with the right amount?

And can somebody tell me how much is I-130, 1-485 and I-765 filling together ?
... I feel pretty dumb for someone who got two degrees and is doing paperwork for my husband :((

Help :(

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February 7, 2014, 4:11 pm Last comment by ManCharsey

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Hi everyone,


I recently mailed out my 1-130, I-864, I-765 overnight and got the next day Delivery confirmation , but I haven't got any email or text messages. I did attach G - 1145 form (actually 3 of them after every form)


I am just wondering is this normal that they don't notify you right away? and if it is how long does it take for them to notify me by email or text?



Thank you in advance.

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arrowCONFUSED !!! HELP I-130 + I-485 and I-864
January 22, 2014, 4:58 pm Last comment by MissKC

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I am absolutely overwhelmed and hopefully someone can help me here..


My husband and I got married this month and I am an F-1 student on OPT, my EAC card is expiring on 31st this month. I also got hired this month and have a wonderful job that I don't want to lose due current situation. This is what concerns and confuses me:


1) Does my husband have to fill out I-130 form even though I have been in US for past 7 years( legally) and haven't left the country?


2) When filing I-864: he is/was a student athlete on a full ride scholarship and haven't filed taxes (EVER) and he recently got a job (September 2013), my question is- does he have to write a letter stating that he was an athlete on a full ride and never filed taxes due to that or I can leave those lines blank and just be concerned about this years W2 and tax return + employer letter?


3) Can I additionally put myself as an income provider of the family? Even though he qualifies with 125% (PL)?


I will eventually have more questions since I am doing I-485, I-76, I-864 G-325... I am mostly worried about my employment, do I have to file all the papers before 1/31? 


Thank you in advance !!!!






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