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Name on the plane ticket
2:37 am


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Hello I plan to go back to my home country in Europe for a visit. And I was going to ask what name should I write in my airplane ticket my maiden name or my green card married name. I know it has to be matching with passport but I will be changing passport in my home country as it is easier. So how would it work? Please help!!!

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Committed a crime while visiting USA
5:23 pm


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I would really appreciate a help if someone know what to do in this case.

My friend was traveling to the conference in North Carolina with her boyfriend and they got on the fight and she called a police. After they both got to the jail for one day and tomorrow will be a court. They both are on the tourist visa. Does anyone know what could possible happen to them? There as no big fight, she was just scared. But now she is afraid of the court.

Did anyone had to deal with police and court on the tourist visa?

Thanks a lot!

Help appreciated!

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I-129 Expiration date
7:23 pm


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Hello! I got the fiance visa-thank you all for the big support!!! (F) (F) (F) (F) (F) (F)

But I have a question: Why do they put a I-129 petition expiration date on visa? Do I have have to travel to USA before its expiration date or before visa's expiration date? Just wanted to make sure I get everything right. Petiton expiration is 5h January 2017 but visa is till March...

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Packet 2 and 3 and originals of documents
10:50 pm


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Hello! I am reading that other people receive some packet 2 and 3, but I just got a letter from my embassy and the instructions what I have to do now and the documents to bring to the interview...Do all embassies send such packets?

And also-does my American fiance needs to send his original Birth certificate and Divorce Decree or just the copies or notarized copies?

Another question: if he is self-employed, does form 1040 for last 3 years together with the bank statements is enough?

Thank you! :)

P.S. Do like 95% are approved at the fiance visa interviews? I am thinking about the upcoming interview in a month or little more :)

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When to set the wedding day?
8:08 pm


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Hello! We wanted to ask-should we say exact wedding date on the interview ( and on the point of entry in U.S.)or that we just want to marry on the 2nd month when being in the United states after the beneficiary arrives to U.S? Because we don't know yet the date we would marry and we will only talk with the pastor face to face when we both will be in America..Is it needed to say exact date on interview and also at the point of entry in the airport? Thank you! :)

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