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arrowUpdating SSN after naturalization (having passport as evidence)
May 26, 2015, 8:56 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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I had my citizenship oath 2 weeks ago and have already received my passport last Wednesday. I would like to update SS with my new status and legal name, but after applying for passport I have not yet received back my certificate of naturalization. Is my new passport enough evidence for SS to update my status and name, or should I wait until I get my certificate of naturalization (and name change form) back?



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arrowRFE list review before mailing, please
January 4, 2015, 9:32 pm Last comment by Adesai

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I'm one on the unfortunate May fillers. We waited forever, many of us got RFE . Mine surprised me 12/20/2014 ( We never got our copy, but our lower got it)   :sleepy:


originally mailed: 


1. tax copies- 2011-2013 ( they mentioned in RFE they need transcripts)

2. First joined bank account- all statements 2012-2013

3. Second joined bank- first and last statements. This account is our "plan B account", so we don't use it, just save money there. It was explained in the cover letter.

4. First car insurance- cards, statements 2012-2013,( forgot to add the title, now this car is sold) )

5. Second car insurance- cards, statement 2012-2013 (no title)

6. Renters insurance- covered 2012 until 2013 Nov. ( we moved. We have no joined documentation for the new home. Explained why it was not joined )

7. 3 different utility bills, all joined- 2012-2013 

8. 47 Pictures with friends and family 

9. copies of our identification cards showing same address ( old and new )


They say it's not enough.


We think to mail for RFE:



Updated documents:

1. Copies of Id cards showing same address ( Mine renewed) 

2. First car insurance- cards, statements ( new car, not joined purchase)

3. Second car insurance- cards, statements ( we just got joined title, but car is not new)

4. 3 different utility bills, all joined, all statements

5. First bank new statements

6. Second bank new statements


New stuff :


7. House insurance Aug 2014- Aug. 2015

8. Tax transcripts 2011-2013

9. Life insurance for each of us. Purchased Oct. 2014

10. Dental insurance cards ( Husband beneficiary. Effective date 09/01/2013)

11. First dog insurance, joined ( Effective 12/24/2013)

12. Second dog insurance, joined ( 10/17/2014)

13. Copies of credit cards ( same account. Do we need to add statements ? It doesn't show who used the account )

14. Copy of the IRS tax return check

15. Copy of the IRS letter stating return amount

16. General durable power of attorney ( each of us got one, but it's done recently)

17. Durable power of attorney for health care ( each of us got one, but it's done recently)

18. 2 children medical registration forms ( dated 07/3/14 stating stepfather as the emergency contact)

19. Orthodontic registration form for 1 child (dated 12/15 stating stepfather as the emergency contact )

20. Siriusxm joined account ( effective 10/22/2014)

21. Up to 5-10 new pictures


Questionable stuff:


22. Ski lift tickets. Online purchase receipt ( both names are there, but cards arrived in separate envelopes, so I'm thinking to make copies of the envelopes too)

23. Greeting cards addressed to both as the family

24. Copies of the envelopes addressed to us separately, but same address ( medical, passport) 

Some of the documents got very recent dates ( car title, power of attorney). Does it mean the red flag ? 


Once our lower called us about RFE letter, we where thinking we'll do it without him. But our RFE copy never arrived, so we decided to keep the lower, just for the purpose of 2 addresses. But we hope to prepare all the stuff so he won't charge us too much.



I'll appreciate any thoughts from you, good or bad. Thanks  (F)










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arrowAny experience with DC drivers license and CR1?
December 5, 2014, 8:16 pm Last comment by JnRMo

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My wife just got her DC driver's license a few weeks back - the expiration date seems incredibly arbitrary - About 16 months from issue, but prior to when we can even file for removal of conditions.  Was curious if this is common - as I can foresee it being a problem when the time comes to renew it and her conditions have not yet been removed.

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arrowJudicial Ceremony Oath Tampa N-400
October 20, 2014, 4:51 pm Last comment by deidre

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Hey Folks ,

Has anybody had Juridical Oath ceremony in Tampa recently ?

What is the time frame between the interview and oath ? 
I had passed my interview on October 2nd at Tampa office.
The officer said the next available date for Judicial Oath is on October 23rd and they will try to schedule me for that date and said  the oath appointment letter should come in 2 weeks. Almost 3 weeks had passed, I have no  onlinestatus change  ,no email notification and no letter. 
I scheduled my infopass app, but the soonest I can get  in is on October 31st.
I am anxious I have international travel plans in less then 4 weeks. And  hope I can get everything done before that. 

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arrowI-601 Waiver of inadmissibility
October 13, 2014, 1:19 pm Last comment by Mark88

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My husband and I are currently working through the immigration process.  I am the US citizen and we were married in Latvia.  Janis came to the US in 2011 where we met and fell in love.  He traveled to the US on a tourist visa.  He left in July of 2013 before we were married to take care of his father who took ill and has since passed. I traveled to Latvia in Nov 2013 and we were married and started the immigration process.  At this time we have submitted all of our civil documents and application to the National Visa Center and waiting for information on next steps and interview etc.     I have been told that we will need to file a i-601 waiver but that I will not know this until the interview????  


I am wondering if there are ever instances when an overstay has occurred that the green card was approved without having to go through the waiver process.  We have been apart 14 months already and I was hoping not to have to go through a long waiver process.  


I have also been told it is best to retain a lawyer to help navigate the waiver process?  Thoughts?


I plan to travel to Latvia to join Janis for his interview if this helps our situation.  


Thanks for any information!  



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