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Impact of reckless driving on naturalization
11:56 pm


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I was just about to file out my papers to start naturalization process when both, me and my US citizen husband, got a reckless driving ticket at the same time (i was following him on the road i didn't know). We live in the state of Virginia there reckless driving is considered to be a misdemeanor, so it's a very serious offense. We hired an attorney to help us with this situation but still there is a risk that it won't be that easy, although we have absolutely clean driving histories.

So, i need your opinion - should i wait for a trial or send papers for naturalization now?

And what kind of impact reckless driving on my record can put on my naturalization process?

Thank you!

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Tourist who doesn't speak English
11:52 pm


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My mom will travel to states soon, but she doesn't speak English at all. I was just wondering how she gonna explain border control where she is going and etc. Do I need to provide her some written letter with all info?

Thank you so much!

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Tax transcripts for self-employed
5:28 pm


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Hi! Just wondering is it ok to download Tax transcripts online from IRS page or they need to be ordered differently? And if it is ok just to download them from IRS, should we get Return Transcripts or other type? I heard that Schedules C, D, E or F should be included, I didn't see much of that in Return Transcripts, I saw that there is C and a little information on D schedule, but will the Return Transcripts be ok for self-employed? Thank you!

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When to send AOS package?
3:56 pm


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Hi! We are married now and my I-94 is valid till 24th of June, wanted to know if the AOS package is just need to be sent out before 24th of June or they already need to receive it on 24th of June or sooner? Thank you!

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I-131 and I-765
1:36 am


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Hi! What kind of supporting documentation did you include together with these forms? Thank you!

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