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I-130 which is right surname???
9:22 pm


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Hi! I'm filling out I-130 and have a problem with surname/last name. After marriage I took my husband's surname and change all my documents.

However, my language doesn't have Y which is in my husband's surname. So in my passport on hard case with all other data (european one) I have changed version of surname by grammatical rules but the original form in Latin alphabet is in the next page. "Taylor and Teilore"

Which version I should provide in I-130 application? Can I write original form and add in brackets (Latvian one)? I-130 has question of other surnames used but it's not in I-130a...

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Physical address problem
11:56 am


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Hi amazing community!:D

I got married recently and we want to submit our application as soon as possible to be together sooner.

However, I have problems with my last 5 year physical addresses as I'm still student and moving a looooot.

1) Should I add in between my home address where I go back to live for 2-4 weeks in a year before I change my new accommodation as I have moved out from previous? Mostly I even change a countries as I go to exchange studies. Either case there will be like weeks of no address.

2) I know I will change my accommodation in 4 months to other or back to my home country address. I want an embassy from my home country Latvia even I have been studying in Poland and my physical address is here based on dormitory:(. How I can secure it, with the mailing address showing Latvian address?

P.s. In a question of current job. We plan to send out until 10th of April but I have already secured a job from 16th of April. Can I still answer that I'm unemployed?


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want to apply for citizenship, I have repayment plan with IRS, I have been late filing
4:30 am


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Hello, everyone!

I hope you have some stories to share:

So I should finally apply for citizenship, I have not done it yet - for no particular reasons other than just daily life gets me. And one bigger reason - IRS.

We do not have a good track record with IRS, we were self employed and I kinda inherited my husbands mess, and for first couple years I naively thought that he is going to take care of it, and for the most part at the beginning I did not have much clue about it anyway, and then we had a baby and we were seriously broke... Not to throw my husband under the bus, he is great, aside from this tax thing...

Then I decided to just tackle it all, and now - I am up to date and current - yay! And we have repayment installment plan with IRS for 2012 and 2015, that I pay every month. I yet need to do 2017 too. And I still have to straighten out some things about local and state taxes and go through certain learning curves. who knew it can be so complicated?

I read conflicting accounts, some say that if I have a plan with IRS, I should be fine , others say - it shows my bad moral character, and I can be denied citizenship altogether.

It really sounds terrible, I have not ever broken any law, but I guess the law says to file taxes on every 15th. :(

Please advise.

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Impact of reckless driving on naturalization
11:56 pm


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I was just about to file out my papers to start naturalization process when both, me and my US citizen husband, got a reckless driving ticket at the same time (i was following him on the road i didn't know). We live in the state of Virginia there reckless driving is considered to be a misdemeanor, so it's a very serious offense. We hired an attorney to help us with this situation but still there is a risk that it won't be that easy, although we have absolutely clean driving histories.

So, i need your opinion - should i wait for a trial or send papers for naturalization now?

And what kind of impact reckless driving on my record can put on my naturalization process?

Thank you!

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Tourist who doesn't speak English
11:52 pm


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My mom will travel to states soon, but she doesn't speak English at all. I was just wondering how she gonna explain border control where she is going and etc. Do I need to provide her some written letter with all info?

Thank you so much!

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