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Approved F4 Category petition has Scheduled interview at embassy from banned country. Will file be terminated?
11:06 pm


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My uncle has an interview scheduled in Ankara, Turkey on March 20 for an F4 category visa. He is from Iran and thus barred under the travel ban to enter the US. He may be able to get a visa with a waiver. My question is that if he does not gain a waiver and is denied a visa, what happens to the application? Will it remain on hold until the law changes? Or will it be terminated entirely.


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Step son with american citizen under 21
5:20 pm


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My husband applied for my son and it has been approved I got got mail and it says it's in processing for NVC and I need some information about what happened after this and do I send something to NVC or Embassy and how much do I pay for the form fee thank you

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Yerevan Armenia Interview for K1 Visa Hotel Recommendations
7:28 am


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For those of you who dealt with the Armenia Yerevan US Embassy for K1 Visa Interview. Any affordable yet great hotels to stay at that you d recommend?

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I-751 filed in April 2016
9:50 pm


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My husband file his I-751 in April of 2016 and his case went from Vermont service center to California service center. He has also done his bio metrics 2 month after filing.

On the processing times for California it says: August 31, 2016 - Does that mean they are processing for August as of now? Do they go one day at the time? In that case it will take FOREVER!!!

He is also eligible to file for citizenship in a couple of months, should we go ahead and apply? Even tho we haven't heard from the I-751?

Can he travel outside of the country while all these are happening? His green card is expired.

He is from Iran, so we are a bit hesitant since Trump can change his ban any time!

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very important :Physical Address history in the last 5 years
9:56 am


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Hello everyone

I are working on form I-130. I faced a huge problem for providing my last physical address in the last 5 years inside or outside of the United States. in the last 5 years I was travelling outside of the U.S. to the different countries and I changed lots of apartments that none of them was registered somewhere , also some of them the company which I was working for, provided an apartment for me and I have no idea what was the address , these addresses were so temporary like 2 months . 3 months and maximum 6 months . and maybe the total addresses would be 12 addresses .

I thought a lot that how can I obtain those addresses , but really for some of them I have no que and actually no access.

please if someone had the same situation guide me here that how they sent their addresses .

should it be so detail address? just name of country and city is not enough ?

what would happen if I don't mention all? really how they understand that these addresses are accurate .

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