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arrowU visa information
August 27, 2014, 8:29 pm Last comment by belinda63

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This is from Laurel Scotts chat on in regards to filing for a U visa.


Laurel: It's probably too late. One of the requirements of the T and U visas is that you have to be actively cooperating with an open police investigation of the perpetrator(s). As this happened in 1999, it is extremely unlikely that a police investigation is still open. 1999 is around the time the T and U visas were created. Not sure whether they started before 1999 or after. Don't know whether you ever could have availed yourself of that form of relief. If it happened now, you could. But I'm afraid too much time has passed. Even so, the T and U visas are not my area of expertise. I recommend you run it by a non-profit agency, such as Catholic Charities.


She is saying that to qualify for filing under a U visa (victim of certain crimes) the investigation still has to be open when you file. This is something I didn't know and might be helpful to someone who is sitting on the fence about filing for it.

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arrowCustoms Declaration Form on Arrival?
August 24, 2014, 12:27 pm Last comment by Lauren and Babak
Lauren and Babak

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Hi all,


My fiance will be traveling to the US next month on a K-1 visa. I have a question about the Customs Declaration Form and was wondering if anyone had any advice. I understand that he does not need to declare anything for "personal use" (clothes, household items, etc.) but that he does need to declare gifts. He will be bringing a couple of pieces of jewelry for me as well as some gifts for my family. Does he need to declare the full value of all of those? Also, does he need to complete the portion for residents or visitors? If he declares as a visitor, he must pay a tax on anything over $100. Has anyone had to do that? Where/who do you even pay?


Thanks in advance for any info!


Take care,



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arrowK1 Fiancee in Abu Dhabi, Appointment took one year or more?!?
August 21, 2014, 5:17 pm Last comment by shepeshe

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I am a US citizen and I have applied K1 visa for my fiance in September 2013.

She lives in Iran and since then I have been in Iran three times. 

2 months after initial filing, I received CEAC letter and the case was sent to NVC.

In December 2013 I got a letter from NVC mentioned that my Case was approved and sent to Abu Dahbi Embassy. 

Since then I have not received any email or letter from Embassy for interview. 

This was my main mistake that I applied for visa in irresponsible embassy in UAE.

My family and fiance family put me under pressure to leave my job and home in USA and come back to Iran or I lose my lovely wife. 

I have contacted Embassy hundred times by phone and email and these people never answer.

I have case number and when I check on their shi ty website, it does not give any info.

They never think that they can put some status update like, we receive your package, in the process or etc. So whenever I check the website it does not show any thing.  

It is been almost one year and my fiance interview and case is in unknown status.

I finally should give up my business and my full time job, leave these shi ty procedure and F#@#@ visa and get back to my hometown. 

Anyone that have the same experience in Abu Dahbi or finance visa can help and guide me before I make stupid decision that effect my entire life. 

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arrowWaiting for Case Completion from NVC...
August 19, 2014, 11:02 pm Last comment by Meygoon2013

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Hi everyone!


I have sent AOS and IV package to NVC and submitted DS-260 on 7/29/2014 


My questions are:


1. How long will it take the NVC to review my package and schedule an interview date?

I know they have said 60 days, but anyone get case complete recently? 


My consulate is Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates, I could not find many information or timelines of members who have gone there recently.

2. Do Iranian applicants go through AP (Administrative Processing) after the interview for CR1 visas?

If so how long will it take?

Is it possible to get the visa that same day or in a week after the interview?



Thank you

I'm counting the minutes!!

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arrowAbu Dhabi Interview Question
August 17, 2014, 1:06 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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Hello all.


my wife is about to go to Abu Dhabi for an interview for Immigrant Visa via Citizen Spouse.


do you know if she needs to schedule an Empost or any other courier location for passport pickup?


or is she still able to do drop off the passport at the embassy and pick it up in a few days.

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