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US Immigration from Iran

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How long does it take to decide?
7:04 pm


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We re currently going through the waiver process. Granted we had no clue we could mention this at the interview and try to prove how we meet these waiver requirements.

Im so lost. How long does this take? We re both having such a hard time. I know all of us here at Visa Journey are going through a lot.

Any advice would be so refreshing.

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Who signs I-864a alongside the household member: the petitioner or the joint sponsor?
12:57 pm


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Hey all,

So my husband is my petitioner. His income is not enough to support me. So we made my mother in law a joint sponsor. She is using my father-in-law's income as well to be my sponsor.

- So my husband filled out I-864 + supporting docs - but he has zero income, so that's it.

- My mother-in-law filled out another I-864, she put in that she is using the income of household member + supporting docs.

- My father-in-law filled out I-864a + supporting docs. Here is important point: My mother in law signed I-864a, part 5, as the sponsor, and my father in law signed part 6 as the household member.

We submitted our docs to NVC.

Now I got a letter from NVC saying that my husband, whose income we are NOT using for sponsorship, should have signed part 5 of I-864a as the sponsor.

My question is: I thought I-864a is a contract between the household member and the de facto sponsor, but from their letter it looks like it is a contract between household member and *petitioner*. What did you guys do? Is it possible NVC has made a mistake? Should I call them and is the person on the phone gonna have access to my forms?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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K1 Visa. Iran. AP. Considered for waiver.
3:33 am


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My fianc had an amazing interview at the US Embassy in Armenia. We were missing a document so they said they re considering our case for a waiver but need the missing document to proceed. We both turned them in. The embassy needs to clear my fianc and do further checks to make sure he s not a threat to the US. Can anyone give advice? We re going to wait to hear from them, but are considering coming up with different plans in case of a denial.

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IV fee payment on NVC Website
6:03 pm


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Hey all,

I was trying to pay the fees on NVC webiste. So I selected both AOS and IV fee, but then the site said I cannot pay both at the same time. It said I should pay AOS fee, return to the page and then pay IV fee. I paid AOS successfully, but when I went to the first page to now select and pay IV fee, it doesn't work. Basically I select IV fee, it shows "Total amount: 325$" and once I click "Pay the fee", it sets the total amount to 0 while IV fee is still selected.

Anyone else having the same problem?

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Someone pls help
6:35 am


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I need answers to the following;

When scheduling your appointment at the US Embassy will they make your medical exam and interview close the same time? I know it takes about 2 days for the medical results, but my fianc needs to know the exact amount of time due to work.

Will they be taking my fianc s passport from him at the interview and if so how long until they return it?

The travel ban. My fianc is from Iran. Should we wait to schedule his interview until they ve come up with a final ruling?

Government issued document it ID? Would a scanned copy of my passport be ok?

Please help. This is so stressful! Thank you!

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