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arrowState ID problems
January 14, 2015, 9:41 pm Last comment by Anonymous885

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Hi everyone , I have a question. I entered the US in December 2014, and after that my fiance and I got married legally. then I applied for my Social Security card and I have it now, But I have not applied for green card yet. Today I went to get my state ID, I took my I-94, passport with the fiance visa and a letter that shows my current United States address, but they said you have to have 120 days left on your I-94 in order to be issued a state ID. What should I do now? I will have the same problem when I want to get my drivers license. Thank you.

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arrowSelective service question
January 11, 2015, 12:25 pm Last comment by slangofoil

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Hi, i came to USA at the age of 23 as a F1 student. At the age of 27 i got my 2 year green card and I got a 10 year green card when i was 29. 


Now i'm putting all the papers together for citizenship application.  I checked online, I have never been registered for selective service. Do i have to register now and apply or i don't have to register at all? 


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arrowNext Steps to file for Citizenship
December 25, 2014, 10:16 am Last comment by NigeriaorBust

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Hi all, i got my green card through marriage on May of 2012. I now have a 10 year GC and on may of 2015 it's going to be 3 years. 

1) Can i send my i400 3 months before my GC turns 3 years? 

2) What documents should i submit with i400? I have '11,'12,'13 IRS transcripts. Is there anything else needed (Bank Statements, Lease agreements...)?

3) I have read a few posts here about letter that wants to see your state issued ID. The thing is I live in New York, however due to an expensive car insurance rates i got my drivers licence and car plates from different state. Is this going to be a problem for me? 

4) How do i prepare for citizenship test? Am I going to get some sort of preparation manual from USCIS? 

5) Can i file myself or hire a lawyer? 



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arrowwhat happened in airport with k1 visa
December 21, 2014, 8:05 am Last comment by Maria and Mike

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Hi everyone,I entered US through Washington airport Dulles the other day but they were just stamp my passport with the entery stamp and get that yellow pocket from me (they didn't) get my x-ray pocket .and that was all,I was asked for my address before that in Doha airport . So I wonder if it was normal, they didn't give me any forms so is it normal? Should I worry ?

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arrowApplied via DCF for IR-1 visa and may have to leave before Administrative processing is finished
December 19, 2014, 2:12 am Last comment by ccepa4

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Hi All.


My husband and I filed a DCF immigrant application in October in Seoul, Korea. We have been in administrative for 2.5 months. He is from Iran.  Unfortunately the Korean government has given him a deadline to obtain his visa and are promising to deport him after January 10th, 2015.  The US embassy has his passport and the Iranian embassy supposedly cannot issue papers unless my husband signs for permission.  My contract is finished soon and I'm pregnant so I doubt I will have my work contract extended as they usually fire pregnant women.  I have been trying to speak with the people at the USCIS embassy in Korea about what happens with our application if we both have to leave the country, and they apparently can't read and won't answer any questions except to say they will inform us when the process is finished. I have also tried to ask them whether or not they will give Korean immigration his passport if they request it to deport him.  My lawyer has been less than helpful and a senator and congresswoman have not been able to illicit any other response.  Anyone have any experience or information regarding this situation.  Thank you...

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