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Iranian filers which embassy did you go to what was your experience?
9:55 pm


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As the title says...we put Dubai UAE on the i129f form, but I'm also aware that Turkmenistan has an embassy too. Which one did you go to and how was your experience (did you pass?)

All my friends that tried bringing visitor visa or such going through UAE got rejected (and one did fiance visa rejected), but through Turkmenistan their second filing got accepted, so I'm just worried about this with the i129f...it seems UAE is hard on Iranian immigrants/visitors.

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RFE feedback
7:58 pm


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I am getting ready to send my RFE back, and I would like feedback on my evidence, and if I should include anything.

Two itinerary's (two separate trips)

One photo copy of return flight tickets from her home country to US

Four photos on different occasions.

Cover letter (should this go above the blue paper or below?)

Also how should I package this? They gave an envelope so should it all fit in there? And what is the ordering to which I should put these pieces together?


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Case Status: Expiring Soon
2:28 am


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i am new to this site and hoping for any help possible. The main concern is the status of my case for my husbands immigration VISA

the status was changed today from Administrative Processing to Expiring Soon.

heres a little background

we applied for the visa back in 9/2015 the case was sent to the embassy in Armenia 1/16 he had his interview in 08/16

during the interview he was told he must provide more information to prove our relationship, he provided the additional documents and we got an email stating the documents were sufficient our case has been in administrative Processing since this time and we have sent several kind emails to check the status and they all seem to be generic replies and say the case is still under administrative Processing and that there is no way to rush or verify how long this Processing time will take.

Its very confusing on what what I need to do next and why it was closed

I did send another email but I fear this won't be read

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NOA1 misplaced
9:07 pm


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Hola - at the time when I received the NOA1 because it just showed a message stating if address change to notify them, so I just assumed it wasn't that important..is it important to have it? and can I get a replacement if I need do need to have it?


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Fiancé beneficiary is from Iran
2:50 am


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I'll be submitting my K1-Visa application soon. Just curious to know if there are any other couples out there who's beneficiary is from Iran and if they've encountered any problems with their process? Any tips or information you can give would be most appreciated! Thank you!

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