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Will the new travel Ban affect fiance visas also ?
5:48 am today


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Its more than 7 months i am in adninistrative processing after my embassy interview

Now Travel ban injunction lifted, in the news they added

"The Supreme Court is allowing to go into effect the executive order's temporary ban on entry into the U.S. of citizens of six Muslim-majority nations, but with an exception for people with bona fide connections to the United States. That includes foreign nationals with familial connections in the U.S., students who have been already admitted into an American university, or workers with existing job offers in the U.S."


"The court, in effect, said that foreigners with ties or relationships in the United States would not be prohibited from entering the country. But, those applying for visas who had never been here, or had no family, business or other ties could be prohibited"


"The executive order also made waivers available for a foreign national seeking to enter the United States to resume work or study, visit a spouse, child or parent who is a U.S. citizen, or for "significant business or professional obligations."

Will the fiance known as spouse ?

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K1 visa from Iran under travel ban / Supreme court
6:27 pm yesterday

Richard Moss

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Now that the supreme court has reinstated the travel ban I wonder what effect it will have on the K1 visa process for an Iranian beneficiary.

I hear that the ban does not apply to someone with a bonified relationship with an American citizen I hope an engagement is considered a bonified relationship.

I know people are still sorting out the court ruling but any information you might have will be helpful.

Our documents made it to the Armenian embassy on June 22, 2017 so we are close to the end of the process

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Iranian passport book number
2:44 pm yesterday


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I am filling the DS-160 form, and it appears some countries have a passport book number. Do Iranian passports have one?

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How much proof is too much proof?
3:44 pm yesterday

Richard Moss

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I have been told two opposite answers to the same question . When my fianc e goes in for her interview how much evidence should she take?

A woman that went through the process said she took a file folder box in with thousands of pages and the interviewer looked at the pile and said congratulations I can see proof of a relationship

A man going through the process at the same point I am at said too much evidence will slow down the process .

I would love any insight to the correct answer . Thanks in advance for your responses!!


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Marriage decision and Long delay in AP, F2b Category
3:38 pm yesterday


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My mother filed an immigrant visa petition for me in 2009. I was interviewed in march of 2016 and waited until now. 3 years ago, my girlfriend and I decided to marry each other after I ve received my green card. Through these years we were working on our plans to start a different life in a different country, but plans didn t go well. After I was well though administrative processing for a long time, executive orders and extreme vetting happened and further delayed our process. We contacted embassy several times and even sought help of senators but nothing could expedite the process.

Considering the effects of these extreme measures and attitude of administration toward us as immigrants, nobody in our families believed that we could get the visa any time soon. So to relieve from the chaos and frustration, we were forced to marry. Unfortunately, one month after registration of our marriage, embassy emailed me for doing the final works in order to get the visa!

Now I am departed from my family and left with wasted years, efforts and money. However, since my mother naturalized before my marriage, my immigration case is not void and would fall into the F3 category which adds another 8 years from now.

My question from you is whether there is any procedure under immigration law or any clause applicable to my case that can increase the chance of my current case (e.g. Waiver or AAO appeals)?

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