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Travel Ban: The US government took my money and then changed the rules
5:11 am


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This on again off again travel ban is both heartbreaking and financially unfair. I started the K-1 process before Trump became president. Iran was not a blocked country. I paid a filing fee to the USCIS to apply for a petition and paid an interview fee to the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi for an interview for my fiance. We are in administrative processing. And now it is nearly (if not completely) impossible to get a K-1 visa because the law has changed mid process. How is this fair? The government took my money and then changed the rules. What if anything will the courts do for those of us in this situation? It's maddening. I feel cheated. And worse... I am heartbroken. I hope the ACLU is victorious and gets this order over turned once and for all.

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Renewing passport after marriage to US Citizen
12:38 am


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Hi all,

My Iranian husband lives in the US with me as we wait for our adjustment of status. He needs to renew his passport because we are traveling on advance parole in a few months (not to Iran). There is a section for married or single, and it asks for the spouses name and some ID information (shenasnameh number). In Iran marriages have to be certified by a clergyman and added to your records to be considered legitimate. Will he have trouble if he just writes married and my name if our marriage is not registered in Iran?

Thanks! We can't find information about this anywhere.

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Does anyone respond? RE: Contact Us - Abu Dhabi, UAE
5:04 am


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It's been 80 days since my fiance's K1 interview in Abu Dhabi. The case is in Administrative Processing. I just sent an inquiry using the Contact Us page of the US Embassy, Abu Dhabi website. I've used the page before when we were waiting for an interview and never got a response. Has anyone used the page and received a reply? Thanks!

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Abu Dhabi embassy put an EMPOST sticker on the back of my Iranian fiance's passport
3:44 am


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Just heard from my fiance that the officer who interviewed him back in August put an EMPOST sticker on the back of his passport before handing it back to him along with a 221g stating the case was being put in administrative processing. EMPOST is the Emirates Post Office. He was told the sticker would allow him to send his passport to the embassy if he was approved. Is this just normal procedure, or something hopeful? We've been in administrative processing for over 60 days and are grasping at straws. Does everyone from Iran get this sticker put on his passport after an interview at Abu Dhabi?

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Traveling on Advance Parole from “travel ban” country?
2:38 pm


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My husband (Iranian beneficiary) has advance parole and our adjustment of status has been pending since March. We called and the case is still at NBC, not at the field office yet :( We have been trying to travel to the country where his family now lives (not Iran) for a honeymoon and for me to meet his family in person, but due to the risks we have been hesitant. This January is the only time for the next year that we can go do the work obligations, and I really want to book the trip ... anyone else from a travel ban country have experience using advance parole to re-enter the US since January? Please help, thanks!

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