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arrowTrying to clear up some of the Income/Tax confusion with I-864 - Help, plz?
March 30, 2015, 5:29 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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*le sigh* 


Okay, my apologies. This has been WAY too confusing so I decided to start a new thread and clear this up once and for all - for myself and for probably countless others who have this problem. 


Anyone: If you can answer these questions you're an absolute hero and if you're ever in the Orlando/Titusville area of Florida, my husband and I will gladly invite you out to dinner as a 'thank you'. 


Anyways, we are concerned with the question of income and tax forms on the I-864. 


We would like to know where exactly on the Tax Return Transcripts and W2's to find the required information in our case. 


To start off: We have a joint sponsor. She has filed her taxes jointly with her husband for the last 3 years, but she is the one supporting us, not her husband. However, all the numbers shown on her Tax Return Transcripts are for both of them combined. 


She has only given us her Tax Return Transcripts for the past 3 years and her W-2's for that time. 

My husband as the primary sponsor didn't make enough money before 2013, so he only has one Tax Return Transcript (for 2013 as he hasn't filed for 2014, yet) and 2 W2's (one for 2013 and one for 2014). We current can't find 1040's or 1040EZ's for either of them. 


To the questions: 


1) We are trying to get the information for I-864, Part 6. Question 5: "My current individual annual income is:" 

Can we even get this information from the Tax Return Transcripts and W2's? If yes then where exactly on these forms can we find it? If no, how do we calculate it? Do we used earnings statements? What if the statements don't say how much he makes annually, nevermind currently? 


2) Questions 13.a. through 13.c. have completely thrown us for a loop. How can they be so poorly worded?

It says there "My total income (adjusted gross income on IRS Form 1040EZ) as reported on my Federal tax returns for the most recent 3 years was:" 


Since we only have the IRS Tax Return Transcript and the W2's for everyone and cannot find the 1040EZ to double-check, which one is it? Do they want to know the number listed under "Total Income" or "Adjusted Gross Income" on the Tax Return Transcript? They are fortunately the same for my husband who didn't receive any adjustments to his income, but they differ quite a bit for our joint sponsor. Then of course there is the fact that her individual income has been thrown together with her husband's on the Tax Return Transcript. 


The W2's do show her individual income, but which numbers do we have to look for to answer that question? 

Is it the number under "Wages, tips, other comp."? If yes, is it "Gross Wages", "Taxable Wages" or something altogether different? 


Anyways, thanks a lot in advance! 



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arrowJoined bank accounts
March 30, 2015, 11:10 am Last comment by Arinlars

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Hi all,


I am filing September but I have a question.


We have a joined savings account but not checking account. We decided we want now (after 1 1/2 year) a joined checking account, because splitting the bills equally is more fair abd easy that way and why not, it's a good thing. We did not want joined checking at first because he is a spender and I am a saver but now we are handling our finance really good.


Will uscis think we are creating evidence?  Should we include this in the "evidence" list?



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arrowBest way to send AOS Package
March 29, 2015, 12:59 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hello all, 


So we are finally getting closer to mailing off our AOS package. Yay! 

Quick question: How did you guys send yours out? 


We have a joint sponsor for the I-864 and otherwise quite a bit of necessary paperwork to send. 

Is it okay if I put it all into a 1 1/2 inch 3-ring binder? I was thinking of putting the cheque, photos, medical letter, forms, explanation letter, and cover sheet into plastic sheet protectors and 3-hole punching the rest of the paperwork (bank statements, earnings statements, etc.). Does this sound okay? Or should I do this differently? 


Thank you all so much for your input!

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March 28, 2015, 9:52 am Last comment by Sabrina&Chuck

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Hello my lovely VJ-User,


Have I to collect any special Documents before the NOA2 arrives ? I've already the I-129f copied and all the documents who were sent with this petition.


Cause I got the Mail that my case has been accepted & is routed to CSC. So I'd like to know what I need to have besides the copy of the I-129f & pics of us together? May that be possible that the NOA2 gets earlier here than I'm flying to the US, cause I planned on visiting my fiance (we had usually TSC but they transfered it to CSC who are def way faster).


It'll be great to receive a lot of Answers :)

xoxo (F)


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arrowI-864 Joint Sponsor Question
March 27, 2015, 2:09 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hello all, 


So I'm still on this form I-864 and things are getting even more difficult, now, as I am trying to figure out the mountains of information that our joint sponsor has given us.


First off, her Tax Return Transcripts show that as of 2012, she has been filing taxes jointly with her husband. I now can't seem to find her individual income on the transcript at all - only their combined income. Does anyone know where her individual gross income according to the IRS would be listed? 


Also, it was only intended for her to be a joint sponsor, not her husband. But seeing as they filed jointly for the last 3 years, does her husband now have to file a Form I-864A? If yes, where can I find this form and which additional information/proof does he need to provide? Does he have to be listed along with his income in Part 6. of Form I-864?


Thank you very much for your answers! 

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