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I-131 Advanced Parole approved - when do I get document
8:32 pm today


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Aloha from Hawaii,

my form I-131 Advanced Parole/Application for Travel Document was approved 2 weeks ago.

I received a notice that stated "we will send you the document separately".

I called USCIS and was told that they will update my status again once they print my travel document.

My question: How long does it take until I get my travel document? Does anybody have experience with that?

Thank you and good luck for all your pending visa/statuses :)

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Any forms required for US citizen child of K1 fiance visa applicant?
8:07 pm today


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I, German, will soon start my K1 fianc visa application to join my fiance in the US. Once the visa is approved, my then 17-year old daughter will accompany me to the US. She is from a previous marriage and already US citizen. Besides getting a general power of attorney from her father and custody signed over to me, do I need to fill out any further paperwork (K2?), since she is already a US citizen? She has never lived in the US before, but has a US report of birth abroad, US passport and Social Security No.

Thanks for some advice,

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K-1 Visa extension request and DS-160
1:42 pm today


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Hello there VJ folks!

I have a question for anyone who may have experience with this, or who may know - due to some unexpected events we may have to request an extension on our K-1 visa processing. Our petition was approved and we've received notification that it has been received at the embassy, but we may not be able to finish the process in the 4 months until the approved petition expires. I have researched on VJ that we can request an extension from our embassy, but was wondering - before making this request, must we complete the DS-160 first? Or would we be able to do everything later if needed? I could not find the answer here, and from what I read on the DS-160 it does not have a time limit either, but was really not sure if we would have to have this filled out before requesting an extension! So far, I have all my documents gathered but we have not gone ahead with anything yet (DS-160, medical, packet 3 etc.) If anyone has any advice on this it would be much appreciated :) Thanks in advance + best wishes to all along their visa journeys!!

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9:57 pm today


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Please,has anyone received their EAD document recently after submitting RFIE for form I-130A.

My RFIE was for I-130A and it was responded on the 18th of August by USCIS and still no word from them and its already a month when i did my biometrics.

I called the customer service two days ago and the lady asked when my I-765 was received,i told her it was received on the 13th of July she told me its already 56days i should wait until the 75th day and if i don't receive my EAD i should call back. Is 75 days normal? She didn't say anything about my RFIE affecting my application or having the countdown start afresh.

It's not easy sitting at home,having nothing doing. I want to help my wife too with the bills. I want to feel like a man and work and take care of my responsibilities.

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Need advice/Immigrations Tips
2:07 pm today


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Good Morning Guys,

a little bit about me. I immigrated/became a permanent resident to the United States about a year ago. My marriage is not going well at all. I seriously think it is going to fall apart. It has been really really hard and we tried everything to make it work but its nothing like an endless fight. I am A german citizen. Before we got married i lived in Canada. Since this is falling apart i would like to move back to Canada and was wondering how easy its gonna be. I know for a fact that it was always easy to move to Canada as a German whenever i had written Joboffers etc. Is there a way to immigrate faster now to the Country since i am a Resident of the United States? All info will be appreciated.

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