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arrowDomestic Flight while pending ROC
February 12, 2016, 1:38 pm Last comment by Arinlars

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Hi guys,


my company is flying me to TX for a business trip for 3 days.


Will I have a problem while my ROC is pending and my green card expired?


I have the NOA extension letter, a valid WA Driver's license and a passport.


Thank you. 

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arrowPassport Pics for Medical / Frankfurt
February 12, 2016, 5:14 am Last comment by Rosegrove

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Hey everyone,


not in the interview stage yet but since our I-130 got approved last friday i´m gathering everything i need for the rest of the process.


I already have 2 passport pics (US standard) for the interview but now i saw that i will also need 4 passport pics for the medical.

Does anyone know if those have to be done by US standards or can they be regular pics like the one i have in my german passport?


Thanks in advance :-)

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arrowMFJ as a NRA
February 11, 2016, 2:44 pm Last comment by Russ&Caro

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Hi, i have 2 questions regarding my understanding of the process to file MFJ as a NRA. We are currently in the middle of the CR1 Visa and got married in 2015. Right now I am a NRA and have income in Germany.


  1. To apply for an ITIN I need to send the W7 and a certified copy of my passport? It also mentions a tax return, since I need the ITIN to file taxes, this seems counter intuitive.
  2. I payed income tax on my german income, so its no longer subjected to the federal income tax?

Thank you in advance.

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arrowTakes a long time for my Green Card
February 9, 2016, 10:11 pm Last comment by sebboness

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Hi everybody,


My wife and I have been married since January 2014. We live in Chicago and I applied for my adjustment of status (form I-485) in April 2014 through a local immigration lawyer. I received my work permit only a couple months later. Then in October 2014 we had our interview. It couldn't have been any smoother. We were told by the officer in the Chicago office that we were "approved" and that I should be getting my green card within 2 weeks from the interview date.


Well... those 2 weeks have passed and today is Feb 9th 2016 and I still have not gotten anything. The status of my case is not being adjusted on USCIS.gov either. I fear that my application may be lost or something. Why would an officer make that statement and then I wouldn't get the green card yet? It seems that this is taking way too long. I wanted my wife and I to visit my home country and family in Germany, but we need to wait for my green card. I have sent requests for information many times already and I keep getting the same response along the lines:


"Unfortunately we are not able to provide you with any information about your case. It is still pending and we have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate department."


Do you guys know if this is normal? What should I do? I cannot get directly in touch with the office that handled my interview. The lawyer that I applied through has since gone out of business.


Any tips and recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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arrowUSPS Lost EAD Card, what to do now
February 8, 2016, 9:09 am Last comment by Ebunoluwa

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Hello together,


I can't believe it but after USCIS not USPS is messing it up. No clue why anyone would send documents anyway via USPS and not FedEx or USP.

My EAD Card was suppose to arrive on Wednesday according to the Trackingnumber I got from USCIS. Since Tuesday it is somewhere in New York and I doubt that they will ever find it. I already have a Service Request send to USPS and I call them all the time but obviously there are no help.


Is there a way I can request a new EAD card with USCIS before the 30 Day waiting time is over? Has anybody ever done it?  Clearly if they don't find it by the end of the week it makes no sense to wait another two weeks and I really need to work 

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