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arrowGoing outside the US with Advance Parole in Process
May 6, 2015, 10:06 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hi Guys,

I wanted to ask you a few questions about what the possibilities are for approval with the following scenario. My wife entered the US with a K-1 Fiance Visa and we filed for AOS,EAD and AP in one packet. We live in Buffalo, NY and my brother is getting married in Toronto, Canada on May 30. Both my wife and myself are funding a significant portion of his reception, about 75% with financial committments that will get processed right after the function. Being my only brother, my wife would also like to attend the wedding. Now to my understanding my local USCIS office has the right to grant a temporary leave US and come back letter for her to attend the wedding. We are planning on going to the local office with the following:Full copies of of our marrige license and certificate, her passport, my US citizenship paperwork. A letter from her stating why she would like to attend the wedding, his wedding invitation, a signed letter from my brother saying that he would like us to attend and that we are funding his wedding reception. In Toronto, all the deposits are given in the form of cash except for all the liqour that was purchased using a joint Credit Card Account that belongs to my wife and myself. I do have the receipt for that. I understand that this is not a financial loss for myself and my wife but what do you guys think that I need to bring along in order to get an approval? Also the NOA1 for the EAD and AOS has come in but the one for the AP hasnt come in the mail yet but there was a case number created that we have on the USCIS website. I am pretty sure that I can approach the local office to give us a hard printed copy of the AP NOA1 letter that we can include as a part of the requisition. Now there is definitely a USCIS form I need to file alongside as well, I do not know which one that will be! Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated!


Thank You


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arrowVaccinations in Germany
May 5, 2015, 10:03 pm Last comment by solus

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Hi all,


Chris is going through the process of getting his boosters and doing his immunizations (for some reason he never had the rubella vaccine as a child) and we got some annoying news; there seems to have been some sort of issue with the MMR vaccine and the stock is low.  It needs to be backordered and can take two weeks to arrive, so make sure you plan that into your vaccination/medical timeline. 


Just to confirm he called my doctor as well and was told the same thing, so it is confirmed.


In Frankfurt the doctor wants to see the MMR booster or shot completed at least 4 weeks before your medical exam, so make sure to contact your doctors and find out what their situation with the MMR vaccine stock is so you arent disappointed.

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arrowNVC Questions
May 5, 2015, 2:21 pm Last comment by NLR

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Hi, me again with a few more questions.


I sent on April 13th the AOS and IV package to the NVC.

I got an e-mail on the 22nd that they received my package on April 20ish.

So I guess my scan date is April 20.


We filed with the 2013 Tax Return.

Will I get a checklist for the 2014 one?

My Husband filed an extension for 2014, what do I have to do if they want the 2014 one?


Last question my husband moves the end of May to a new address.

Do I report the move at and is it necessary?

We paid all bills, filed everything, we are waiting basically just for a checklist or CC and an interview date,


Thanks a lot




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arrowBringing husband with student visa in Germany to the United States
May 4, 2015, 10:38 pm Last comment by Boiler

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I am an American citizen but my husband has been living in Germany for the last 7 years or so on a student Visa. He is still in school right now, but when he finishes I want to bring him to the united states. What do I file for him? And does it matter that he's in Germany on a student Visa or will I have to do things from his home country???????? Please help.

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arrowScheduling The Medical Examination
May 4, 2015, 5:21 am Last comment by Germanese

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Hello you all!

I'm sure the answer to my question is somewhere in this forum but so far all I've read just confused me even more.
Our K1 petition is currently at the NVC. In order to be prepared, I have been gathering all required documents that I will need for the next step of this process. I found a checklist online from my consulate in Germany. It states to schedule the medical examination as soon as possible to avoid any delays. But when you continue reading it says to wait for a letter from the consulate with further instructions for the medical.

Should I wait until they tell me to schedule an appointment? Or do you think I can go ahead and schedule an appointment without their okay?
From what I've read, others have advised to do the medical ahead of time so that the results will be at the consulate by the time I go in for my interview.

Thanks for your help!!


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