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arrow"MRV Fee Receipt Activated" - how long can I wait to proceed?
October 31, 2014, 8:17 am Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hi there,


Just a quick question. Two days ago, I received an email that the fee I paid after completing the DS-160 online has been received and that I can now proceed to schedule my interview at


I still have to send the consulate the documents needed at this stage. Can I schedule an interview online before I do that or do I have to wait until the documents are received. Can the okay for scheduling an interview that I got with this email somehow expire?


Thanks a bunch in advance!

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arrowI-864 Sponsor questions, Unemployed but receiving income
October 30, 2014, 8:17 pm Last comment by Ian H.

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Me and my wife are having a hard time finding a co-sponsor. I would like to sponsor her myself but I don't know if I'm able to. I am currently unemployed due to a vehicle accident but am receiving long-term disability pay. About $39,000 a year. Our household will only be the two of us. Would this be enough for me to sponsor her myself even with me being unemployed?

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arrowWhich AOS to file for my mom?
October 30, 2014, 1:11 am Last comment by Ryan H
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So short story. I know I know I have to be the main sponsor regardless of my income, so I file an I-864. My dad is going to be the first of two joint sponsors....I know he'll file an I-864. However, does my mom file a third I-864 or I-864a? She and my dad are still married, live together and file taxes jointly.


I had her fill out an I-864a since I thought it was for two people to combine incomes in the same household, but now I'm thinking it's only for the main sponsor to combine their income? Luckily she hasn't sent it to me yet. :p

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arrowQuestions about the Pre-Interview Phase
October 29, 2014, 2:50 pm Last comment by msbau764

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Hey all,


So good news: I sent out form DS-160 without a problem. Printed it out, paid the fee via cash/bank deposit.

Today I got an email confirmation that the money has arrived and that I can now go ahead and schedule my interview.

But I have not sent out the documents on my application checklist yet. Should I have done this before paying or does the order not matter? Can I schedule my interview online without having mailed out the relevant documents to the consulate, yet? Unfortunately, I cannot send out my documents to the consulate until next Thursday as some have to be translated by a registered translator and that is how long it will take her to do so. Does anyone think that this might pose a problem?


Also a few more questions:


1) The Affidavit of Support (I-134) has to be sent to the consulate via mail, too. We have a co-sponsor. Should I send in all of her documents and my fiance's together or do they just need the forms I-134 by themselves and I can bring the rest of the evidence later?


2) Is it really necessary for the biographic page of my passport to be translated as well? The confirmation page of the DS-160 is also in German. I don't really see the point in them wanting a translation of their own documents, but then again, a lot of this doesn't exactly make sense. So do they?


3) As supporting documents of the I-134, I have:
- For Carol (co-sponsor): Form I-134, printed out bank statement September 2014 (do we need more?), documents by her employer showing current compensation, pay statement, and payment history (not stamped or signed, does it need to be?), current W-2.
- For Douglas (petitioner): Form I-134, signed letter from employer, Form I-9 Employment Elegibility Verification, Form W-4, current bank statement/checking account summary (September 2014), last 6 earnings statements (he is paid twice a month so they go back until the middle of July), current W-2.

Do we have everything? Do we need more? There is so much conflicting info on the forums. How far does all of this have to go back? A month? 3? 6? Several years?

4) The Immigrant/Fiance(e) & K Visa Application Checklist for my local consulate ( states: On the appointment day, please bring the following items:
- Visa fee (for immigrant visa applicants ONLY)  ~ so not for me since I already paid it online
- Your current passport
What about proof of relationship and other documents? Are those implied or somehow suddenly irrelevant?



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arrowA-No. all zeros?
October 29, 2014, 10:07 am Last comment by Stressed Out
Stressed Out

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I got our paper NOA2 in the mail from Frankfurt today and on it stands 'Beneficiary A-Number: A000-000-000'. I'm assuming this is normal as they obviously purposely typed it in that way, haha. Is an A-number for DCF filers even necessary? I'm just hoping this won't cause any delays when it comes time for my husband's DS-260 to be filled out online. I still haven't gotten a Case Number yet either.

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