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arrowI-129F question 34.a. - met in person
January 16, 2017, 6:07 am Last comment by LionessDeon
Silvia Marie

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Hi everybody,

first of all, I am so glad this forum exists, you have been a great help so far!

My fianc and I are about to file for our K-1 and I am so confused what to write on I-129F question 34.a.: describe the circumstances under which you met.

This is what I wrote:

Initially we met on facebook through common friends about a year ago.

So my fianc e came on 10/07/2016 and stayed until 01/03/2017 with me to meet me in person and to get to know each other better. Also she came to meet my family and celebrate Christmas together.

What do you think? Is that enough describtion? I am confused, sorry....

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arrowUrgent ! Former Legal resident now reapplying CR1
January 14, 2017, 3:42 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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I need help please.

I have an approved Petition , and am already working on Packet 3 with NVC. We are filing in Germany ( DCF )

My Problem now:

I have been a LPR from 1992 until 1996, but i never returned my GC or filed an Form I-407, simply because back then i did not have that information.

I left the USA to get away of my abusive Husband, and once i returned to Germany it never occured to me, that there could be any actions i need to take.

After researching here and on other Sites, i learned that this fact might jeapordize the Outcome of my Interview...

Would it be of any help for me to step forward and just mail the expired GC with Form I 407 and an explanation Letter to NVC with the Documents for Step 2 ????

Or should i take a Chance and wait to see if they even notice this fact ??

PS: I have never set foot into USA after 1996 ! Which i am sure USCIS and / Or NVC can verify with ease.


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arrowDental Insurance?
January 12, 2017, 5:36 pm Last comment by Lena95

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Hey guys!

Im sorry if im posting this into the wrong section but I didnt know where else to put it.

I need yalls help. My wisdom teeth are coming out so I need to go to the dentist to get all 4 of them out.

Now my problem is that im from Germany and I have no insurance over here in Texas.

My wife can put me into hers but we would have to wait until August but thats too long..I cant stand it anymore.

What should I do? Doing it without insurance would be too expensive. Does anyone know if there is an insurance out there that I can get? Like some type of insurance for immigrants or something thats not toooo expensive?

I would appreciate any help! Thank you guys!!

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arrowProcessing Step 2
January 12, 2017, 11:37 am Last comment by Tine68

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Hi Everyone,

I would like an estimated Timeframe on Step 2 ??

Husband received Orders today and is supposed to Report March 5.

NOA2 Date was January 10 . We use DCF in Frankfurt/ Germany

Is there any Way to maybe expedite Step 2 ???


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arrowSponsor quitting Job?
January 10, 2017, 4:58 pm Last comment by Lena95

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Hey guys!

We have a little dilema.

My wife has been unhappy with her job since quite a bit now and right now its getting to the point where we both cant handle it anymore. I've been trying to push her to finish this school year (shes a teacher) but she's very unhappy.

The thing is if course that she is my main sponsor so we dont know what to do.

If she would quit, would it affect my AOS? What would we have to do if she would quit?

I mean, we have a Joint sponsor and she earns more than the 125% cause shes a teacher sooo, is that fine?

I just dont want it to hurt my AOS cause I do not want to be denied.

Can anyone help us out in this situation?

Thank you very much guys!!

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