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arrowI-751 August 2016 Filers
July 30, 2016, 10:36 am Last comment by Murf & Reggie
Murf & Reggie

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California Service Center (0 applicant, 0 approved - 0%)


VJName..............Date of I-751...NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved




Vermont Service Center (1 applicant, 0 approved - 0%)


VJName..............Date of I-751...NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved





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arrowCase on transist to embassy in Frankfurt .
July 29, 2016, 10:09 am Last comment by Penguin_ie

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Hallo Vj members in Frankfurt Germany . My case has has been on transist to the embassy for about one week but no contact from the embassy .What should I do or expect at this point. I have filled out my D160 form although not submitted yet. Should I book the medical appointment or interview date? What next please??

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arrowFiling DCF - When is immigration necessary?
July 29, 2016, 9:44 am Last comment by Mark88

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Dear VisaJourney community,


before starting my first post I would like to thank you in advance and let you know that this website and forums have helped us a lot! Thank you so much!


I have a specific question to a DCF filing. We, my wife, US Citizen, living with me in Munich since 03/15, recently got married and we now want to file for a DCF IR/CR Visa for me. I think we understood the process due to the very helpful information here. However, we have one open question which we can't figure out. 


Background: I am working full-time, so is she. She has a job offer in the U.S., her Germany company opened recently an office at the est coast. My work contract is valid until 12/16. However, I started to look for jobs in Europe, and I think a very suitable job offer is currently in the Netherlands and we would go there for another year before moving to the states. Don't worry, I keep her updated on everything, no secrets ;)


So the question is: There is a scenario I do not get the proposed job and in this case we still would go to the US by 01/17. In that case we would have to start NOW the DCF. However, what happens when we now start the DCF and in 2 months I get the job? Can one pause the DCF filing? Am I then still eligible going to the US (for holidays) as a tourist?


Rephrased I would like to ask: "Is it possible to get a full IR/CR Visa via DCF and then leave the U.S. after immigrating for another year again?" 


We know that this sounds wild but that is the situation we are in because it will take up to 2 months for me to know if I get the job or not and we want to be prepared for both cases bc in 2 months DCF is too late for her and I would have to stay in Germany.


I hope someone know someone who has been faced with a simliar situation and I will keep up researching.


Regards from Munich

Laura & Marcus

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July 28, 2016, 11:53 am Last comment by D&B18

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Ok, I am an American Citizen living in Germany, while we await the visa.  I am trying to fill out my I864 and on Part 4 where it asks for my country of domicile, do I write Germany, and if I do it asks for proof that I intend to reestablish Domicile when the intending immigrants admission to the US.  Or do I write US and just send a copy of my visa and my bank statements in the US.  I am so confused.  Any help would be great

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arrowK1 Cosponsorship
July 26, 2016, 7:43 pm Last comment by Penguin_ie

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Hello everyone,


my fiancée has received the NOA2 at the beginning of July and we both think we have a pretty good idea of how the whole process works. However, one or two questions are still left that not even the USCIS or the Frankfurt consulate were able to answer.


It concerns cosponsorship for the affidavit of support (I-134), which is necessary because she is in the second year of her Master's program and I have only recently graduated with an M.A. Therefore, the full amount of funds needed is not yet quite available to us. We have organized two friends that are individually preparing the form I-134 and respective evidence to be our cosponsors. Each one would likely be sufficient to cosponsor me on their own and so we wondered if a combination of more than one cosponsor (besides my fiancée) is even possible and, if so, if two additional cosponsors would make a stronger case than one or if it would be considered redundant and even lead to denial (which would be nonsense, but you haven't seen bureaucracy until you've been to Germany).


Also we have read many different things, ranging from cosponsorship as being impossible to the fact that friends as cosponsors are not accepted. Does anyone have experience with the German consulate of Frankfurt?


All in all, we are making a pretty strong case. We have accumulated some multiple thousands of dollars to account for my first months in the US (indicated on a detailed budget), we have letters from our friends underlining our family-like relationship with them, we have strong educational backgrounds that are almost a guarantee for success on the labor market (I studied and worked in the US), and we reason that Los Angeles is a city where more jobs open everyday than one could possibly apply for. I know it all comes down to the CO, but some experiences from Germany or some general insight on cosponsorship would be much appreciated.


Thanks a lot,



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