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arrowPetitioner travelling to the US. Do we still qualify for DCF if we send I-130 now?
August 27, 2014, 10:28 am Last comment by marshbot

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I can't seem to find the answer to my question anywhere.


My USC husband and I planned to send our I-130 package via DCF to Frankfurt, Germany, this week. We're both long-term residents here in Germany and have everything ready to send.

However, my husband is planning to the leave for the US next month, and although he'll keep his apartment/lease etc here just in case things don't work out, if he finds work quickly he could just remain in the US and wait for me to join him (this would be our best-case scenario). 


My question is, do we still qualify for DCF if we send the I-130 package while we're both residents here, but then leaves for the US? Or does he need to remain in Germany while this is processed? 


Thanks for your help!!





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arrowIs there a limit of how many family members you can sponsor?
August 27, 2014, 10:14 am Last comment by A&B

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Is there a limit of how many family members you can sponsor?


I have my mom dad and brother I'd like to sponsor

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arrowGC expedited!!!!
August 26, 2014, 4:24 pm Last comment by edison2014

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I've probably never been this happy to start a topic!


So months ago we tried to get our GC expedited since I wanted to join the Military and needed the GC. Here the topic from months ago with all the steps


It got denied... we didnt even get to send off any evidence. We even involved our congressman, who was pretty slow with things... we don't know if his office contributed to this success, but we are thankful!


I got to do my ASVAB and obtained a Job reservation from the US Army.... Also A great MEMO written by the first Sgt of the office ASKING for an expedite... I submitted one more expedite request... DENIED again! Same story, no one asked for evidence though we had enough evidence....  


Week after that, we got a potential interview waiver, saying it could be denied another 6 months... so you can imagine how upset we were! 


We set up an infopass appointment... took a new job offer to the appointment and guess what. ''Oh we'd like to grant the GC but the case is at the NBC!'' Just submit one more expedite request! So thats what we did the same day! We got a mail asking us to send the evidence via mail to the atlanta field office. So thats what we did... after a week we got a mail back... I open it all excited and what is it? ''We have received your letter... we will process it in the order.. bla bla'' that was the second automated letter we got. So after three weeks of waiting and knowing that it would be denied again, a phone call woke us up today. My wife answered and it was an officer!!! ''All we need as for you to fax us the marriage license and then we are good to go!'' All excited we faxed the license and 2 hours later the status changed to GC IN PRODUCTION!!!!! So of course we are more than just happy and excited! We will celebrate it today! Army, here we come! It really saved us because we had no clue how to support us financially! 


So to everyone who NEEDS their GC expedited: It is possible! It is MUCH harder than an AP/EAD because what possible reason can you have to NEED the GC over the EAD??? Not many! But we had one and even though we had to send 3 expedite requests, it eventually worked out! Soooooo one month after the potential interview waiver, we got the GC approved! We were very persistent and tried literally EVERYTHING! 


So to the people who want to go the same nerve wrecking way: Persistence is key - do not accept NO as an answer!

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arrowQuestion's Asked
August 25, 2014, 11:40 am Last comment by NLR

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My wife is going to her interview tomorrow and she has asked me what type of questions would she have to answer. I couldn't give her a complete answer would anyone be able to help answer this question.

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arrowCurrent Processing Time for Frankfurt (DCF)
August 25, 2014, 7:31 am Last comment by D&B18

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Hi everyone


I'm British but currently living with my USC husband in Germany.  .


We are planning to move Stateside once he retires from the military next year, can anyone let me know or give me a link detailing current CR-1 processing timelines at Frankfurt?   What is the best way to submit our paperwork?   By mail or in person?


Many thanks for your help!

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