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I-751 Part 4 filing as divorced
3:12 am yesterday


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I am due to apply for my Removal Of Condition. Unfortunately our marriage didn't last so we got divorced last year. In the application in Part 4 Item 6 my former spouse's address is required. I am not in contact with my ex-husband anymore and I know that he has moved to Thailand and came back, but I do not know his current physical address. We did not separate in good terms so I won't be able to get his address.

My questions is, will my application get rejected if I do not fill out this section?

Thank you for your help.

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AP/EAD Processing Time
3:23 pm yesterday


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Hello Everyone,

I have a question regarding the AP/EAD process. I got married in February (my wife is a USC) and filed for AOS from my E1 Visa (valid until September) shortly after, got the notice back early March and had my biometrics appointment on March 26.
I know that at this point all I can do is wait, but I was just wondering what determines the processing time. Is it just first come first serve or are there other factors as well?
We have a family trip planned on August 2nd that we really need to go on and I am hoping that this will be enough time to get the AP.

Thanks in advance!

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Traveling on I-551 Stamp
8:10 pm yesterday


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Given the massive I-751 delays that have been going on for a while; more of us will be in the situation to travel internationally on the I-551 stamp.

So I thought it'd be a good idea to have a topic for sharing experiences, just like we have for the extension letter.

Maybe this could be pinned too.

Thoughts, anyone?

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K1 Visa & AOS Medical Exam
4:12 am yesterday


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Hi Y'all,

we just received our interview appointment today! May 17th! But there is a big to do list for the upcoming interview...

It says the following on the notice:

... failure to bring the below listed items will result in the denial of your application.


- A completed medical examination (Form I-693) and vaccination supplement in a sealed envelope (unless already submitted).

Well the question is, how do we make sure that they received our medical exam and the vaccination supplement?

I had my medical exam due the process of the K1 Visa at the end of October 2016. (The doctor never gave me any copies, so I don't have the DS3025)

I entried the United States on 03/312017.

We filed our I-485 application on 04/10/2017.

We never sent the I-693 or DS3025(again, I never had those documents) with our I-485 because we were thinking they have the medical exam through the POE. (I had to carry a sealed envelope and give that envelope to the Immigration Office at the POE)

So again, we do not want to fail or let our AOS be denied because of the medical exam... We never received a RFE because of our medical, which could be expired? Honestly - I don't know if it is expired. Some threads are saying that it is valid for one year once you file for AOS. Which means it would be valid to 04/10/2018. But our interview is on 05/17/2018 :( But some threats say that they are doing exeptions, depending on the officer during the interview.

What should we do? I am really confused and couldn't find THE RIGHT ANSWER through a search on here...

Thank you!

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German- US taxes: File jointly or not?
8:28 pm yesterday


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Please help.

My husband needs to file an extension this weekend. He is the US Citizen, I am a citizen of Germany.

We are inclined to file for married but separately - yet, we are hesitant as we are wondering whether or not this may actually create a problem with the immigration and/or future purchases of real estate. I already have a SSN from way back when I was a student.

However, as I am already paying such high taxes on my German income, I would be more than happy to avoid any additional tax repayments. We are both earning well but with four kids and the first going to college, money needs to be spend wisely. We can not file for income exemption as my German income is above the $106000 threshold (or was it 108000?) unless I am allowed to apply tax deductibles such as property taxes, mortgage interest or other large deductibles here.

However, if we choose to file jointly which amount would we report? Gross income? Are there any deductibles allowed? We just purchased a property in 2017 and paid property taxes in Germany. Its owner occupied right now until we know for sure whether or not my husband will be able to get a job in Stuttgart but could we deduct those taxes from the gross income?

I am rather overwhelmed with this all.

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