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arrowFinal Evidence
October 22, 2014, 8:06 pm Last comment by R.Santana

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Hello guys. I have a question.


I have just received an email from NVC (copy and pasted below)


______F - FINANCIAL EVIDENCE:______________________________________

We have finished reviewing your case. We will tell you when we set an interview date for your case. Please do not contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in FRANKFURT, GERMANY about your interview until we give you the date.

We saw that either your Affidavit of Support was incomplete, some of your supporting documents were missing, or both. We have marked the missing items on the checklist below.

You should send any of the missing items to ROSANYELY SANTANA so he or she can take them to the visa interview. The Consular Officer will review the missing items at the time of the interview.

Please pay special attention to any items related to the Affidavit of Support form. If the checklist shows any problems with the form, you should complete a new form and send it to ROSANYELY SANTANA.

If you do not send the missing information to ROSANYELY SANTANA, his or her visa application could be delayed or denied.

If you need a new Affidavit of Support form, you can find it at



Now I now this might be a silly question, but figured better safe than sorry and I'll ask anyways. Does this mean that I will be getting an Interview date or do I still have to do something before that happens? And if so, does anyone know how long they usually take to schedule an Interview? Many thanks in advance.

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arrowFull time job for successful DCF?
October 20, 2014, 9:39 pm Last comment by Stressed Out

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Hi everyone!
I am german citizen married to a US citizen. We got married in the US 5 years ago. We are currently living in Germany but thinking about going to the US.
My wife has a full time job and will get one in the US as well. I am self-employed freelance software developer.
I-130 and other forms ask about employment status.
How important is it to have a full time "nine-to-five" job for the DCF application to be successfully granted? I am wondering if being self-employed could make me look less professional.
Should I consider getting a regular job prior to visa application?

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arrowNVC processing time for missing document
October 20, 2014, 8:51 am Last comment by djones2014

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Hi guys. Just joined the Forum to share this experience with you all since nobody who isn't going through the process seems to understand how dreadful this is. 


I'm sure by now many of you received that horrid, 60 day processing time email. My question now is does anyone know how long it would take to review a civil document that was missing from the originals that I previously sent? After those 60 days had passed I called the NVC and they informed me that one of the documents I sent in was a wrong one. (Short birth certificate instead of the long one apparently). So obviously they've reviewed those already, does anyone know if they'll take another 60 days to process the long birth certificate if I send it in straight away?


Thank you so much in advanced for any answers. :-)

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arrowNeed Extension for NOA2
October 19, 2014, 3:15 am Last comment by Cody and Daisy

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Hi everyone,


Our expiration date is coming up for our 129-f visa on November 14th. We are not going to make it and need an extension.


We need a co-sponsor for our I-134. My grandparents were going to do it but then my grandmother had a problem with her birth certificate (it says Maria instead of Mary, the name all of her documents are in). We couldn't use them so my aunt decided to help. We have been asking her to send us the paperwork since May or June. She took quite awhile to get it all together. Once she finally did, we realized that she hadn't ordered the IRS transcripts. For some reason, they took much longer than usual to arrive.


She finally sent out the paperwork in September... and it never arrived. It is lost in the mail and USPS cannot find the packet. They mailed it out standard mail so there is no tracking number. Naturally, she freaked out because that packet is a gift from Heaven for anyone wanting to steal an identity. It took some convincing to get her to re-send the information but she is going to... after she re-orders the IRS transcripts.


I don't even think she has ordered them yet so there is no way to have them there, then have it mailed here (even by express mail), have the packet to the Consulate, reviewed and our additional info to us in time to make the Nov. 14 deadline.


We desperately need an extension. Does anyone have any advice or has anyone gone through the need of an extension?


Do I need to write a formal letter or can I send an e-mail to explain the situation.


We are in Germany and our Consulate is Frankfurt.


Thanks so much!

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arrowI-485 pending applying for F-1
October 18, 2014, 8:03 am Last comment by Ian H.

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I think I really need advice.
This is my situation amd hopefully you can help me.
I got married in January 2014 in the US. In february my younger sister was diagnosed with leukemia and therefore I had to rush to germany to be with my sister. Before leaving, my husband and I filed for all the paperwork (I-130, I-485, I-131 and workauthorization)
I-131(advanced parole) and I-485 were denied due to me leaving before receiving advanced parole.
My I-130 was approved on june 17th 2014 and was sent to the NVC (still waiting for them to receive it)
My lawyer filed for motion to reopen my I-485 case. He also adviced me to get a student visa since I have been a student on a F-1 visa prior to marriage. Now this is my situation. I called my school and they sent me a new I-120 and all I have to do is to go to the embassy and ask for a new F-1 visa, but is that even possible?
Is it possible to receive a F-1 visa after applying for a I-485? My lawyer is telling me that I should try it but after researching on the net I am not sure if i.can trust his advice. And if I apply for a f-1 and it will get denied will it have bad consequences?
If anyone could give me advice I would truly appreciate it, I am.desperate and dont know who and what to trust anymore.

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