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Green card renewal and filed N-400
12:13 am


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In January 2017, I filed to renew my 10 year GC, went for biometrics in February.

Right after that, I decided to file N-400 for citizenship. I only got a few updates on my GC renewal throughout the year, basically just saying there is no update. I had my Oath on 11/9 and the same day I started receiving emails from ELIS that there is an update and I should log on to check. I logged in and it said that I should verify my mailing address.

Today I received another email, I log in again and it says my new green card has been produced and they are completing a final quality review.

Are they seriously mailing me the GC, even after Oath and filed Passport application?

Has this happened to anyone else?


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K1 Visa - ToDos in Germany
5:04 pm


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Hallo German-Speaking Community!

ich habe einige Fragen/Unsicherheiten, was denn alles in Deutschland zu tun ist, bzw. was man tun sollte, auch wenn es vielleicht nicht verpflichtend ist, um sich best-m glichst abzusichern.

Ich muss dazu sagen, ich bin 24, und habe mir bisher wenig Sorgen um deutsche B rokratie, Rente, Sozialversicherung oder hnliches gemacht.

Meine Verlobte und ich, m chten ein K1 Visum beantragen und dann das bliche Prozedere durchlaufen: AOS, EAD, usw.

Bisher habe ich jedoch wenig Informationen gefunden, was denn alles auf Deutscher Seite getan werden muss.

1. Ist die Ehe-Eintragung in Deutschland Pflicht? Wenn ja, was muss man daf r tun, denn zu dem Zeitpunkt habe ich ja keinen Wohnsitz in Deutschland mehr und kann nicht einfach so zum Standesamt laufen. Wenn nein, gibt es da Pros/Cons die Ehe eintragen zu lassen oder nicht?

Nat rlich w nscht sich jeder, dass eine Ehe ewig h lt, manchmal ist das aber nicht der Fall. Deswegen komme ich zur zweiten Frage:

2. Worauf sollte man achten, damit eine "angenehme" R ckkehr nach Deutschland im Falle einer Trennung m glich ist? Ich denke da an so Themen wie Sozialversicherung, Rentenanspruch, etc. Ich m chte ja nicht mein Leben lang in den USA schuften, und dann am Ende nichts davon haben. Das ist ja auch interessant zu wissen, wenn es nicht zu einer Trennung kommt, sondern eine Umsiedlung nach Deutschland mit dann Ehefrau. Die Deutsche Staatsb rgerschaft m chte ich also auf keinen Fall abgeben, auch wenn es irgendwann mal zu einer Naturalization in den USA kommen sollte. Die Doppelstaatsb rgerschaft ist ja m glich.

3. Wie funktioniert das Steuerzahlen? Die USA und Deutschland haben ja einen Vertrag, um die Doppelbesteuerung zu unterbinden, aber was hei t das genau? Zum Zeitpunkt des geplanten Umzugs in die USA, werde ich auf jeden Fall noch Geld in Deutschland angelegt haben, dessen Zinsen ja auch versteuert werden m ssen. Au erdem kann ich wahrscheinlich die ersten paar Monate in den USA noch in meinem aktuellem Job in Deutschland per Homeoffice aus den USA arbeiten. ndert sich meine Steuerklasse mit Eheschlie ung auch wenn meine Frau ja nie in Deutschland lebt oder Steuern zahlt?

4. Muss ich meine deutsche Krankenversicherung k ndigen, wenn ich meinen deutschen Job k ndige, oder passiert das automatisch? Oder kann ich das berhaupt, z.B. wenn ich aus den USA im Homeoffice f r eine Firma in Deutschland arbeite, denn da bringt mit die EU Krankenversicherung ja nichts.

5. Gibt es irgendwas auf Deutscher Seite zu erledigen vor dem Umzug in die USA, was vielleicht nicht so offensichtlich ist, wie Wohnung k ndigen, Wohnsitz abmelden, etc.?

Ich hoffe ihr k nnt mir helfen!


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Processing time
2:07 pm


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im german and we applied for the k1 visa at June 22nd 2017.

Since then it just says my case was received. So by now it's 145 days. What makes me worry a bit because I just heard something about 3 months till the second letter?

Our wedding will be June 2nd next year snd we are planning to move over at the 26th of April.

Does it makes sense to call them?

Somebody else here where it tooks so long too? do I need to worry??

Thanks for now ?


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Another K1 / CR1 Decision
7:23 am


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Hello everybody,

I have read the pros/cons of choosing K1 over CR1 as well as multiple other forum posts, but I wanted to get some advice for my specific situation.

I am German, my fianc e is the USC. We have a rather large age difference - 27 years. I am 24, my girlfriend is 51. It will be a same sex marriage, although I don't know if that's relevant to the case since the US Supreme Court ruling. My opinion is that larger age differneces are much more common in same sex relationships.

As far as I have read, Germany is not a high fraud country, I am however worried about how our relationship looks on paper.

My fianc e makes enough money to fulfill the 125% poverty income requirement, I make a lot more money, since I am a high skilled worker. I work in IT and have a masters degree, while she holds a HS-Diploma.

We have a real relationship. We lived together for the first 6 months of the realtionship in the US (while I was on a student visa). Since, I've visited her for 1 month, she has visited me twice for three months each time. So we have spent a lot of time physically together. We also met in person, initially in 2009, but didn't became a couple until 2015 during my student visa stay in the US.

We obviously want to be together as soon as possible, but are afriad on getting denied due to the age difference and difference in ability to make money. I'm afraid it looks on paper like I want to buy into this marriage, which is not true.

Anyway, I really appreciate any advice I can get!

Thank you!

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K-1 Medical exam- how to prepare with extensive mental health issues
10:10 pm


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Hello, my fiancee is a 31 yo in Germany and we are looking to get the ball rolling on the k-1 soon but I know we are going to have some issues coming up. I am hoping some folks here have some insight to offer- thank you in advance.

She has somewhat severe social anxiety issues currently. She has not been to a regular doctor in a long time and went to a psychiatrist within the last year who only prescribed her meds and basically did nothing else. She took the meds briefly but was unhappy with the result and the doctor so she stopped going and taking the meds without notifying the doctor's office. She has scars all over one of her arms from adolescent self harm. She has also never worked (is this a problem by itself?) but is trying to get into a job therapy thing with her social worker.

Where should we start? She has no medical records to speak of- no vaccination records, etc. I have seen where other people posting here who have scars from very old self harm just ask for a GP to write a letter saying they are old and the person no longer has suicidal/harmful tendencies but she has not been established with a GP. Is that the best starting point? I have not started the k-1 petition yet because I'm worried even 3-6 months is not long enough to establish (basically from scratch) whatever stability the medical examiner will be looking for.

Please help us out with any advice on this matter you can- Thank you.

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