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arrowMinor K-1 Visa name issue - how should I proceed?
January 29, 2015, 9:56 pm Last comment by mirrortraveler

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Hello all,


So I now have my K-1 visa and am in the States. Two days ago, my fiance and I went to the local Social Security Office to retrieve my SSN since I still had one from my previous F-1 student visa, but misplaced the card. We were given the number, I applied for a new card, everything went fine.

But when the lady behind the counter looked at my K-1 visa and then looked it up in the system, she discovered that apparently, my first name and middle name had been put together, both as the first name.


She told me it would be best to inform USCIS about that immediately and make an appointment with the local USCIS office to change that.

Until then, she said, I would have to enter both my first and second name under "first name" when filling out future documents.


The number she gave me to call is of course the main USCIS phone number and I've been having a very tough time just getting through.

The lady at the Social Security Office told me that minor errors like that would usually be quickly resolved but didn't tell me how that would be done, and exactly how quickly.


Our wedding is on February 14th, in two weeks. We would also like to go ahead and open a joint bank account and a joint health insurance account but is that even a good idea at this point?


I guess I'm just worried that whichever changes need to be made to my first name in the USCIS system will take longer (as pretty much anything takes longer with them) and delay anything else we might need to do.


Has this happened to anyone else on here?


Thank you in advance!


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arrowPossible improvement on NOA2 estimate?
January 29, 2015, 6:29 pm Last comment by SincerelyMeike

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I think a really easy way to have the estimate possibly run a little smoother is if when filling out what service center your package got sent to, instead of manually choosing, why not let everyone write the first three letters of their code? Like src of wac? That way it'll clear up a lot of clutter and confusion. The first three letters will automatically place you where you need to be. I think new comers to the process get a bit confused because they're not so sure about their service centers or transfers or anything as yet :)

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arrowneed help with I129f!!
January 29, 2015, 5:01 pm Last comment by NLR

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My fiance is in the Marine Corps and we are planning on getting married in July/August.


We won´t have a house together until we´re married so would it be okay to write down my parents in law´s address where I would stay until we get a house? I wasn´t sure if I could do that since that is not where I intend to live (obviously I would live with him once the Military gives us a house).


Thanks in advance

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arrowIf Fiancee bringing son how many on I-864
January 29, 2015, 8:32 am Last comment by aaron2020

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Quick question. My Fiancée will be bring her son with her. I am trying to figure out if I need a sponsor or not.

Would I look at how much the poverty level is for a house hold 3 since there will be 3 of us?

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arrowinfo on I-864 and number of people to sponsor
January 28, 2015, 8:31 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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 I am trying to get ahead and having paper work together for the next step.

I sent in the K1 Visa info. I need to get everything together for the I-864

My Fiancee has two kids she will be bringing when figuring out the amount I should make

I am guessing it will be for 4 in my household? I am self employed and if my income on my

income tax forms show I make close the amount of the 125% poverty but I have Assets supplement Income

to list on the form.


Will they contact me and tell me I need a sponsor if they feel my Assets supplement Income is not enough or

do that just cancel the K1 Visa?


Also I read somewhere where the I-864 was at the end and there was a form I-134 is before that would be take to the embassy. Is that right? 


What did other self employed people do when their income on their tax papers were close the mark to sponsor?.

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