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arrowi need help/Advice its very urgent
December 2, 2016, 12:36 am Last comment by sky459

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i just had my interview today and my green card was verbally approved, and received a notice saying  i am recommended to approval.

also the officer made me fill out a form I-407  after the interview and she told me to give it to another officer when i am done, which i did ( For abandoned green card ) , hence i had one before long time ago.

she only gave me the form and no instructions.


i filled out the form and entered my current name INSTEAD of the name from my previous marriage as it shows on the card


 i looked up the instructions online and it says FULL LEGAL NAME: enter aliens name as it appears on the permanent residence card if the document is present or information is known...


i dont know what to do, i haven't had any online updates yet. i am wondering how i can talk to the the officer whom adjudicated my application .


please anybody if you have any advice , i ll really appreciate it.

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arrowFiled for AOS- Scared
December 1, 2016, 2:20 pm Last comment by Lena95

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Hey guys!
My name is Lena, im from Germany and Me and my Wife (Same-Sex couple) got married spontaneously (!!) on September 15th in hidalgo county (RGV) Texas.
We filed for AOS on November 22nd and it arrived in Chicago the day after Thanksgiving. I know we took a while to file but it was because we were very unsure how to fill it out so we researched a lot!!

But right now its getting to the point where its getting closer for me to return Home on December 5th!
We didn't get an answer yet so I really am freaking out. Do I have to let the Airline know that I filed for AOS so im not leaving until I get an answer from them? Or can I just stay and basically miss my flight?

There is also another reason why im kind of freaking out because I entered the country on September 7th but we got married on Sept. 15th 'already'. Which wasn't planned at all though! She was off from Sept. 12th to the 18th. We went to the beach to have a nice time and I also missed being at the beach. I went into the Water to cool off cause im not used to the heat at all lol and once I came back, she got on her knees telling me in tears that she saw me right now and that she cannot imagine being without me again. She told me that all these times she had to drop me off on the Airport and tell me Goodbye were the hardest things she ever had to do in her live..she said it tore her heart apart. She told me that she loves me with every single piece of her body and that she is not able to handle the whole situation of dropping me off at the Airport to tell me goodbye and give me one last kiss again. She told me that she cannot see herself without me and sure enough she asked me if I want to marry her..without a ring but Hey! Of course I said yes!! Cause im feeling the exact same way.

Another thing is, that I got my international birth certificate issued on September 6th which is the day before I left. But I didnt get it because I wanted to get married or anything like that, I got it because my Mom asked me on the 5th if I really have all the documents I might need for just in case there's an emergency and she started naming them...the birth certificate was one of them. So the next day we went to the office to get it.
I dont know if the USCIS officers might take it as 'oh! Thats suspicious, she wanted to stay and had everything planned'.

But unfortunately thats not it! She recently got divorced on August 2nd 2016 from her husband after being separated for 1 year. Will that affect my AOS as well? :'(

I also dont have a Job over there in Germany because when I left in February 2016 to go back with her for 3 Months (she was over there in Germany with me for 3 Months and I went back with her so we spent 6 Months together) I had to quit my Job cause my boss was a real mean and selfish woman so she wouldn't allow me to leave and just come back and work for her.

So, its a lot of stuff that im worried about!
We sent the AOS package with everything they asked for which includes evidence to proof that our marriage is real, that we visited each other etc.

But I came across a thread from here which says that its not a good idea to file for aos if you entered with umm I believe its called ESTA visa? Or VWP?
Is it true that its not a good idea? I really am scared to get a notification that our AOS (including I-130) was denied before even having an Interview! Im not so worried about the interview cause we really got nothing to hide, im only extremely worried that they will look at the paperwork and deny it :'(

Am I just freaking out or am I really on a high risk of being denied?

I hope some experienced users can give me some answers.

Thank you very much in advance!!

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arrowK-1 AOS; 2nd Medical Exam Yes or NO?
November 30, 2016, 9:20 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hi Everyone! 


I need some advice for my K1 AOS please!


My husband and I are about to file for AOS and I am very confused with regards to the Medical Exam. I had my medical exam as part of the K1 Visa application process done in Algeria (where I was interning although I am a German citizen) in September 2016. Even though it generally says that no second medical exam is required if you apply within a year of the first exam I am confused with regards to the vaccination requirements.


It says on the I-693 Instructions that: " Even if a new medical examination is not required, you must still show proof that you complied with the vaccination requirements." 


I'm unsure how I'm supposed to prove this without another exam? I didn't receive any documents from the panel physician in Algeria. I only received a sealed envelope which I passed on to the US embassy. I have my little yellow vaccine booklet which shows my vaccines, does that suffice as prove? 


Or do I need to have another medical exam done? 


Thanks so much for any advice! 


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arrowWhat to bring to POE with a pending CR1?
November 29, 2016, 10:23 am Last comment by Jorcruzina

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If it doesn't fit the Topic- please move. Thank you :)


Hi VJ'lers,


my husband was going to come visit me in December to spend the holidays with me and the fam. Now due to some unexpected issues in his business he can't come see me. I now booked my ticket. I got my new ESTA approved today. I had to get a new one since i changed my name in my passport. 

My attorney told me to not fly since there is a big (? <_< -must not be that BIG since a lot of ppl made it through ) chance of being turned down- now after reading on all the success Storys here on VJ of all the Couples that made it through the border with a pending I-130 i  went ahead and booked my flight.

I am flying into Seattle and i really don't want to be turned down by the BPO. What should i bring? Our i130 is approved and i am literally just waiting for my interview at the consulate. Petition is stuck at NVC at the moment. 



Thanks for your help  (L)


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arrowAbandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident Status
November 28, 2016, 4:09 am Last comment by aleful

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We moved from the US in March. Our stay abroad will be at least 3 years and we have no idea where we will end up after that.


I'm therefore abandoning my LPR status. I have the necessary form and appointment scheduled at the US Embassy.


Not sure if anyone knows this, but I thought I'd try.


The form has a "List other documents surrendered" field. Now I figured (in addition to my current PR card) I'll give them my initial (3-year limited, expired) PR card, my expired EA card, and for completeness the last I-94W that was still flying around in my documents somewhere). My question is:


Any idea if I should also surrender my US drivers license?



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