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Question, Help
4:58 pm


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I have a copy of my moms citizenship certificate - it has a photo of her from when she was a teenager. My aunt (her sister) lost hers. She is asking me for info on my moms certificate to help her get a copy of hers.

I don't understand what info would be on my moms certificate, that would be helpful to her?? My mom is deceased and I am hesitant to pass on any numbers from her certificate.

background: My grandmother was born and living in Germany, my grandfather was in the military and stationed in Germany when they met. (1950's) they met, had my mom, got married, then had my aunt and left Germany approx. 58' / 59' , came to the states and stayed from then on. The certificate in my possession of my moms has a photo of her approx. 16, even though she was like 2 when she came to the states.

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Poverty Guideline - child custody question?
4:46 am


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Hey everybody!

This is a question that came up when my husband and I were at the accountant today. Two months ago, we received a RIE for the 2016 tax returns, regarding that the poverty guideline might not be met.

The question is, if we are a 5 people household, because we have the children (from his previous marriage) temporarily every other weekend for half a day. It is kind of a big difference, if the Poverty Guideline is $20.300 or $36.000 .... I only have about 20 days left for the REI response.

I assume the gross income has to match that number above, correct? Are we a 2 or 5 people household? Help! Thanks!


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DS-160: Question about visa in the past (Germany)
4:49 pm


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Hey Fellows! :)

I'm about to finish filing my DS-160, but I'm stuck with one thing, which I'd be really glad to receive help for.

Question in DS-160, in the section where you have to list your US trips until now:

"Have you ever been issued a U.S. Visa?"

I was in the US for vacation with my mom when I was 3,5 years old.
Back in the day there was no ESTA, because that was 1983, so we had tourist visa or anything like that.

So I check the box with "yes".

BUT: The following box wants me to submit the date the visa was issued. I have no clue about that, and neither does my mom. :(

I know the exact flight date... can I put that as issue date for the visa, or is there any way I can find out about it?

I don't want to be in delay or trouble just because of a missing 34 year old info.

Any advice is very much appreciated!

Thank you - and have a good day! :)

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J-1 with pending CR-1
4:26 pm


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Hello :)!

I would like to ask for your help.

We, both students, applied for a CR-1 last month (waiting for NOA2) and we hope for it to be approved so that I can move to the US in the second quarter of 2018 after finishing my studies.

I have the opportunity for an exchange on a J-1 this fall. The exchange would be over by the end of the year and I would leave the US again to wrap up my studies. There is no immigration intent for the J-1 period.

We have a couple of concerns.

  1. How likely is it to get a J-1 approved during an ongoing CR-1 application given that there is no immigration intent?
  2. If I apply and the J-1 is denied, would this
    1. impact the CR-1 application
    2. make it harder for me to visit (no problems at all so far on WVP)
  3. I may be subject to the two-year rule (indirect funding through the government is up for interpretation).
    1. If this would be the case, is there any chance to have a waiver processed by Q2 2018?
    2. Could I somehow ensure that I would not be granted the J-1 if the two-year rule applied? So apply conditionally in a sense?

Thanks so much for your help :)!

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AOS processing times... comprehension question
11:05 pm


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Hi everyone,

I just want to verify something real quick as I am wondering whether I'm understanding the field office processing times correctly:

This is my timeline for AOS:

Receive date: 02/27

RFIE receive date: 04/03

Status changed to interview ready to be scheduled: 04/11

Now my field office (San DIego) processing times show the following:

Field Office Processing Dates for San Diego CA as of: May 31, 2017
Form Form Name Processing Cases As Of Date:
I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status 6. October 2016
N-400 Application for Naturalization 10. October 2016
N-600 Application for Certification of Citizenship 3. December 2016

So which of my dates do I take as a case date? I assume the RFIE receive date right?!

I'm trying to find this out because if I take the actual receive date my interview likely would get scheduled around October, exactly the month I would like to book a flight to go back home for two weeks. If I take the RFIE receive date of the day my status changed to ready then I am fine and can go on vacation without being worried that my greencard interview might get scheduled during that time.

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