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arrowMailing documents to Franfurt embassy - last minute questions!
November 21, 2014, 12:04 pm Last comment by mirrortraveler

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Hey you guys! 


So I am FINALLY able to mail this stuff! 

After our K-1 application got approved in September, I submitted the DS-160, and have paid the necessary fees. 

Getting the most up-to-date police certificates and having them translated along with my birth certificate was what kept me up so far, but I finally got all the necessary documents. 


I just have a few more questions: 


1) We have a co-sponsor for form I-134. She filled out the same form as my US fiance and has provided supporting evidence. Do we need to include a note or cover letter of some sorts saying that she is the co-sponsor? Do they need an ID from her or are the documents which prove her financial status enough?


2) Our co-sponsor has provided pay stubs up until the end of October, but only bank statements until the end of September. 

Also, there is one pay stub missing from the second week of October in my fiance's supporting documents that he's not able to find. Would that be a problem? 


3) The "Immigrant/Fiance(e) & K Visa Application Checklist" tells us that we only need to include one photo for each applicant. So just one photo for me, right? I've seen information that it should be two photos somewhere else. Which is it? 


4) Finally, I have had my fiance send me his Letter of Intent with just his signature. The checklist says nothing about mailing it along with the rest of the documents but USCIS sometimes leaves out information. Should I send it along and is it right to have a Letter of Intent with just his signature or should we both send separate ones again? 


5) In preparation for the interview, the Checklist (which is specific to the Frankfurt consulate) says to only bring the visa fee (doesn't apply to me since I've already paid it) and my current valid passport to the interview. Is this really all?! I've heard of people having to bring tons of stuff - whole binders in fact. More relationship proof, etc. Does anyone know what the deal is with that? 



As always, thank you all SO much for all of your help and input! 





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arrowInterview Booked! :)
November 21, 2014, 4:44 am Last comment by Stressed Out
Stressed Out

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Wow it'll have been only 81 days from start to finish by the time we have our interview. Booked it today for December 3rd...I was so pleasantly surprised that they still had slots open so freaking early in the month! This means we'll be home by mid-January. :) 

So, from what I gather from my fellow Frankfurt filers...
-We show up about 15-30 minutes before the scheduled 07:30 time

-Bring hubby's German passport

-Bring print out of appointment confirmation

-Bring $325 IV fee ($165 Immigrant Fee follows later)

-Bring a complete copy/original (originals which were not submitted with IV packet) of everything submitted from day 1??? (minus cover letters and translations)


I know we can't bring cellphones and don't need the pre-paid DHL Express Brief like they used to need for the B-2 visas. Anything else I'm missing?

You guys have been angels. Without this site I wouldn't have gotten the process done so quickly and effortlessly. A big, juicy 'Danke schön!' is in order!

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arrowWOW! 3 days and already got Packet 4 e-mail
November 20, 2014, 4:09 am Last comment by Nadeshda
Stressed Out

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So my husband and I both got the "Packet 4" notice via e-mail just now that our Packet 3 response was received and now we're clear to schedule an appointment. I went onto ustraveldocs and apparently I can only request clearance to schedule now?? It's saying I'll get an e-mail once our request to schedule has been reviewed. How long did it take you guys to get that email?

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arrowHello from KS
November 18, 2014, 11:13 am Last comment by TBoneTX

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I am new to this forum, and joined because I have a pretty specific question about filing for citizenship. I came to the US in 2007 on an F1, in 2009 filed for AOS and have been a permanent resident since 2009 (RoC in 2011). I'm originally from Germany, have my BBG already and am really excited to get started on the dual citizenship route ;)

Oh, and I am married to a US citizen and have two beautiful kids (3 and 5)!


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arrowN400 and absence from US
November 18, 2014, 11:06 am Last comment by SoRot76

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Hello all,

I am a new member (just joined today after a friend highly recommended this forum!) - I've been a PR since 2009, am married to a US citizen and both my kids are dual citizens (Germany/US). I would like to file for citizenship, and here is my question: in 2010/11, my husband and I left the country for almost 7 months (6 months and 28 days) to go back to Germany because he got a scholarship to conduct predissertation research. I had no problems coming back to the US, but am worried that it will cause problems now when I file. I read up on this on the uscis website, and apparently, an absence between 6 and 12 months is considered a "grey zone", where a possible abandonment of the permanent residency can be suspected. I know that I need to provode proof of my ties to the US during those months. We kept our apartment, credit cards, cell phones etc. I did not work while in Germany, we filed taxes here. I will attach tax returns and rent payments, as it states in the N400 instructions. Still, I am worried. Has anybody been in a similar situation. Any advice?

Should I consider waiting until 2016 when the 5 years have passed, and my absence would not have to be included on the N400 form? Should I file under the 3 year rule, and only provide trips outside the US within the last 3 years? Any input would be REALLY appreciated :)

Thank you,


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