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arrowNVC Expedite question
September 12, 2014, 1:11 pm Last comment by LoveMyTico

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Hey everyone! I have a question. My father got in a motorcycle accident last week and I am very worried about him. My husband and I would like to expedite my case to go back home and help him. He is single, and all my brothers are too little to take care of him. Am I able to expedite my case? Do I need some kind of proof to expedite? 

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arrowChanging the consular office to Kiev, Astana or Istanbul...
August 25, 2014, 1:13 pm Last comment by Dave&Roza

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My fiance' is Georgian. We have submitted I-129F stating he will have his interview in Tbilisi consular office. Now we have more thoughts.


First, Tbilisi has been notorious for  denials with no reason. 


My fiance' is actually working in Kazakhstan now, and probably will be doing that until the time of the interview. So, it makes sense for him to have the interview in the country of residence.


He is a little coward, and he is afraid to go to the interview by himself. He would love if I could accompany him, as it is allowed in some other embassies - in Kiev, for example.  By the way, why they don't permit that in all embassies, just in some certain ones?  :angry: 

The options that we've been considering are Astana (Kazakhstan), Kiev and Instanbul... 


Does anybody know how we can possibly use any of them?


Also, does Istanbul and Astana allow petitioners to be present at K-1 visa interview as Kiev does?


Is there the way to change the consular office after the petition submission?



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arrowWhat are the best proofs of bona fide relationships for USCIS and the consulate?
August 23, 2014, 4:29 pm Last comment by frontgear

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I honestly believe those are the documents, showing that people share finances: gift receipts and money transfer slips for K-1 interview. Joint active bank account statements for AOS, etc. Because nobody is going to spend their own money for people they don't genuinely care about.

Also, documents, confirming trips together and staying in the same hotel rooms - you don't do that with someone you paid for sponsoring your visa. And faking such documents is pricey.

All the rest can be easily faked - happy pictures, even with families - (family members might be also interested in their relatives successfull immigration and participate in pretending), postcards, skype chats,  you name it...


What do you think, fellow visa travelers?

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arrowIncome warries for I-134
August 17, 2014, 8:48 pm Last comment by Ning

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My sustainable income from permanent part-time job is rather small - under $2K per month, which is only a little higher than the minimum for the Affidavit. So, to sponsor my fiance' I only have monthly paystubs for that amount.But my annual income last year was actually $43K, since I am doing temporary projects for several companies, but I can't guarantee that part of my earnings. Will the consulate officer only consider the minimal,  unchangeable part of my income, which I will be able to confirm for the date of the interview (plus the paycheks copies, I was receiving for my projects through the year 2014)? Or the 2013 annual income number will be also taken into consideration? I am going to enclose the projects paychecks, showing that I am still with those companies, that helped me to earn $43 K last year.

Though the unchangeable part covers the poverty guideline for 2 people($19,662)  and even exceeds it a little, I still worry they might think that is not enough  :unsure: 

Please, share your experience, guys.


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arrowDo you think that might work?
August 14, 2014, 10:45 am Last comment by Zedayn

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Over 2 months since NOA-1... We can't wait, we are feeling crazy, impatient and desperate. 

We went to Turkey in the end of July to see each other for a week. So, some more proofs of personal meeting were added.

We have plenty sent with the petition - 3 personal meetings in 2014 before it was sent. So, we could save the new ones for the interview, of course.


But I just thought - what if I send another package now with the fresh proofs and the case number? May be, our adjudicator will open our file to add new papers to it and may as well at the same time look through it and give us the approve?  :unsure: There have been some Texas approves after 2-3 months or so. I believe, chances are.

What do you guys think? 

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