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Petitioner living abroad and working as a freelancer
10:02 am


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I have a question regarding I-864. I'm the petitioner that lives abroad with my wife. I filed I-130 for her which got approved and now we are gathering documents for NVC.

I could really use some clarification or help about Affidavit of Support for that I have to fill out.

Brief background : I'm living in my wive's country for almost 3 years now and for the whole time I've been working as a Graphic Design freelancer from home. I don't make enough in order to be able to meet minimum requirements to sponsor my wife, that's why we have one joint sponsor who agreed to file I-864 as well. She lives and works in the USA so there are no problems with that. We have all the financial proof that she meets all the requirements.

I was planning to still try to file my taxes as a self employed but I'm not sure if I should waste money on that since we have a joint sponsor. I'm a little confused on what to write on my I-864.

Here, I found this : ''Note: for petitioners living and working abroad, put $0 for the question on current income (unless your income will continue, then put the amount). In either case, include an employment letter with all the details and if your job will NOT continue, make sure it is stated as such in the letter. It'd also be a good idea to mention this in the cover letter.''

Is anyone here who had the same experience as a petitioner living abroad and needing to establish domicile and file I-864.

I'm confused - Should I actually put $0 for the question on the current income or not? And if I do, do I still need to file my taxes?

Any actual input on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Immigrant visa interview questions for those with previously obtained tourist visas
9:09 pm


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Question to those who went through immigration visa interview and previously had tourist visa : Did they ask questions about your previous tourist visa or tourist visa application you've submitted?

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Question about Police certificate
12:26 pm


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I just ordered police certificate from my country and they gave me one only with my old maiden last name on it. I requested another one with my current last name on it.

Question - Can I have two police certificates for two different last names ?

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Confused about Joint sponsor and Affidavit of Support
4:28 pm


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Guys, I really need help on this one!

Situation: My parents in law are sponsoring me. My mother in law recently quit her job in February thus I'm having her fill out I-864a and My father in law was off work due to his heart surgery for 6 months in 2016 but is now currently employed, so he is filling out form I-864 for the joint sponsor.

The problem is that in 2016 my father in law made less then the poverty guide for the household of 3. because he was off work for six month. I have the papers proving he had a serious reason and we have all his medical papers proving he really had a surgery etc. Now, both of them file their taxes jointly and their income on the forms is added up.


1. Does my father in law still qualify as a joint sponsor?

2. Should I add up their income on the affidavit of support forms , or do I have to provide how much the earned on the own yearly for past three years?

I'm confused... :wacko::unsure:

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PD: 27 August 2011
4:04 pm


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Hello everyone.

My PD 27/08/2011. (F2B)

If anyone knows aproximately howlong time need to take visa, please give me an answer.

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