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USCIS changing interview?
3:45 pm


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Has anyone received a from I-797C with a notice that their interview for citizenship has been cancelled?!?!

This is exactly what it says:

"This is to advise you that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to cancel the previously scheduled interview on November 16, 2017 for the above applicant. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

We will advise you of any further action taken on this case, including any rescheduled interview information, under separate notice."

What the heck?!?! What's going on?!?!

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Can Apply for Medicaid and financial aid for school?
2:37 pm


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I recently received my IR1 visa and wondering if I would be eligible to use Medicaid and some other federal help in case of need. I do not plan on completely relying on that but everything happens and I just want to know my options. I'm asking because I had a co sponsor and on the affidavit of support it said that if I will apply for any federal help my co sponsor will be held responsible for that. I am planning on enrolling in community college and might need to apply for tuition aid, am I eligible to do that? Can I apply for scholarships and such since I had a co sponsor for my visa? I don't want to cause my co sponsor any financial trouble so I'm just trying to make things clear.


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Thinking my wife is homesick and depressed
4:03 am


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After waiting forever for whole process we finally moved back to the U.S. Only been home for few days now, but I can tell she is not very happy being here.(missing home) If I could of found a new job back in her country. I'm sure we would still be there to this day. She had no interest on re locating to the U.S. Maybe someone who has been in her shoes could give me some supportive advice to my mind at ease. Thanks

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getting entry denied at POE with approved immigrant visa
10:48 am


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Does anyone know if it still possible to get your entry denied at POE even if you have your immigrant visa approved and sealed envelope with you provided by the embassy?

I"m wondering if anyone ever had experience such situation or heard of someone having to go through something like that. It seems to me that should be quite unlikely. But still want to know how often things like that happen and why?

Thank you

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What are the chances for my homemaker mother to be approved B1B2 visa to visit me, while my status is permanent resident?
4:59 pm


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I will be moving to the States on my IR1 visa and wondering how complicated it will be for my mother to get a tourist visa in order to just visit me for a short period of time? Has anyone had an experience, helping their stay home parents get B2B2 visa?

Thank you

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