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arrowPopular Question -Can your spouse visit the U.S. on B1/B2 Visa
July 28, 2016, 3:12 am Last comment by Brazilian1901

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Hello Everyone,


I know this question has been answered few different times.  But my wife has a current B1/B2 visa. She has been to the U.S. in the past. She actually had the B1/B2 visa before we met. 


My question is 


1) Can she travel to the U.S. on her B1/B2 visa while the I-130 is pending?


2) Have you or known someone that has traveled on a B1/B2 visa while the I-130 is pending? How long did she/he stay in the U.S.?


Thanks! Good luck to all :thumbs: :D

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arrowCover letter example and all appropriate documents needed
July 5, 2016, 12:14 pm Last comment by dset

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Hey there, I was wondering if anyone had an example cover letter for the Adjustment of Status for a k1 visa? I can't seem to find one relatively up to date from a search and there isnt' one on the example forms link on this site.


Also, I know this may have been asked once before, or many haha but could someone just look over and make sure I have all the appropriate documents for the AOS of a K1 visa?



Cover page/letter(dont have yet)

Copy of passport (immigrant) (is it just biographics and entry or more? previous visas? should i copy it all?)

Copy of passport k1 visa

Copy of NAO2 (I129F approval) letter

Copy of electronic I-94

Birth Certificate/English Translation
Marriage Certificate
Two passport style photos with A# on back in bag on paper. (do i need more for employment/travel document?)
I-693 (medical document from k1 visa vaccination appointment)
Affidavit of Support

Co-sponsor Affidavit of Support (plus additional info)

Employment Authorization(do i need the photos for this since i already included some?)
Application for Travel Document (same question as above, photos?




Am i missing anything at all? Thank you so much.

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arrowGetting health insurance while AOS is pending
June 14, 2016, 8:35 pm Last comment by Ischnura

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Hi, I have a question in regards to getting health insurance. 
My husband (USC) is on a health insurance plan with his parents which is free and a very good plan. I'm not eligible to be added to that plan, so I'm looking for an option to get my own plan through marketplace. 

Here's what happened:

We got married in January 2015
May 2015 I became out of status, so I couldn't apply during open enrollment period since I wasn't lawfully present in the country. 
05/18/2015 I filed AOS and I have NOA1 dated 05/26/2015. Am I correct in thinking that I am now lawfully present in the states as my AOS is pending? 

Covered CA website says that I'm eligible to apply for insurance during closed enrollment if I have a special qualifying life event within 60 days of the event. One of the events listed is this: 

  • Becoming citizens, national or lawfully present individuals. This event applies only to people who were not previously citizens, nationals or lawfully present.

Am I right in assuming that I qualify now to apply for health insurance? Could I show NOA-1 as a document proving me being lawfully present? Or do I need to wait for EAD to arrive? I'm just confused which one is qualifying life event: NOA-1 or EAD and don't want to miss enrollment period and have to pay the fee when filing taxes. 
I'm also wondering whether NOA1 is sufficient for renewing my driver's license or if I have to wait for EAD. 

I live in California, and this is what I'd be using: http://www.coveredca.com/individuals-and-families/getting-covered/special-enrollment/


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arrowK1 approved, fiance coming next week, questions.
June 3, 2016, 12:58 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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So my fiance will be here next week (YIPPEEE).

And i had a few questions in regards to the next steps. (Yes, i did search but found conflicting info)


I know she needs to apply for a social security number but already has one from her summers working on a J1 visa, do we need to go to the SS office still, or is that fine since she has one already?


The next step would be marriage license and marriage.


Heres another part i'm confused on. we apply for the Adjustment of Status(I-485)

It says we can apply for the employment authorization(I-765) during the same time for no additional fee. is that correct and do i mail it in with the I-485 in the same envelope?

also, i saw mention of a I-131. What is the exact purpose of this form, do we need to fill it out? mentions re-entry, the only time my fiance plans to leave the US is to visit her family on maybe 1-2 week visits, but nothing immediately. Maybe next January.


And this gets mailed to Chicago correct? Thats what i found under the USCIS website for the filing location.


Also, are there any samples filled out of the I-485 and I-765?


Once everything is sent in for the AOS, is it simply a waiting game then until biometrics visit and interview?


Am i missing anything else?


Thank you very much!!! Any additional help would be wonderful.


PS: this is what i'm currently referring to.

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arrowHow long till I can start checking case status online?
June 1, 2016, 3:38 am Last comment by JonasSobieski

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I received my paper NOA-1s for I-130, I-485, I-765 and I-131 today and they are dated 5/26/16. 
I wanted to add case number to my online USCIS account so I could track them, but it's saying that the number doesn't exist. I tried all four of them.

My electronic NOAs said that they recommend I wait until receiving paper copies till I can track case status online, but it's still not working. 
Does anyone know how long it usually takes to get it updated online? I searched the forum but only found old threads and was wondering if there was more recent information available. My receipt numbers start with MSC and I'm entering it as "MSCxxxxxxxxxx".


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