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arrowwaiting time after sending 221g additional documents
September 28, 2015, 10:12 am Last comment by kmula

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how long to wait after sending the additional documents to the consulate in rep. of georgia? the ceac status still showing refused but the date is updated. i did not send the passport in because i need it and now i am waiting for them to contact me to send the passport. its been a week. what comes after ceac status "refused"?
thank you.

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arrowcase update
September 21, 2015, 7:24 am Last comment by shorena

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I mailed in my RFE documents on the 09.09.2015.and the case has not been updated that our documents were received it is 13 days to day. Is it ok?   :(   :cry:

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arrowconvicted or not?
September 18, 2015, 4:37 pm Last comment by Hypnos

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Filling out DS-260 online... How shall we answer the question #41  - "Have you ever been charged, arrested or convicted of any offense or crime?" - if my husband once spent a day in the police custody after he made a car accident, having fallen asleep behind the wheel? (No casualties or injuries) His police record says - "is not convicted or on the wanted list"

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arrowAmerican Wife, British Husband living together in Tbilisi, Georgia
September 18, 2015, 7:53 am Last comment by satmanuk

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Good afternoon all


My wife and I were married in February 2015, we have been living together since July 2012 consistently. January 2013 we moved to Tbilisi Georgia because it was the only place we can live and work.


We submitted all our documents back in March but were rejected because we didn't pay the I-130 fee, we sent the package back to her mother in Wisconsin, she included a bank cheque and submitted to Chicago Lockbox, who in turn passed it on to California.


June 3rd they confirmend our I-130 had been completed and we should wait for New Hampshire.


July 29th New Hampshire wrote to us via Switzerland to Georgia we received the confirmation letter on September 9th. I sent $120 to my wife's US Bank account on the 12th, cleared and payment made on the 15th. On the same day I completed my agent selection form.


How long should it take before we submit the I-834 and the I-834a's.


As I understand it, because Jennifer hasn't been working in the USA she has $0 on 3 years W2.


Her mother earned $23,500 last year which given a 3 person household is below the legal requirement of $25,000. Therefore her Grandmother will be joint sponsor with her mother given they live together anyway and we will be "staying in their house".


How long should it be before I can either pay the IV fee or complete the DS-260 and then pay the IV fee which order is correct. Why would they be sending documents via Switzerland it seems 6 weeks wait for a package is a long time do they send surface or airmail for their packages?


What chance is their of us getting the process completed before Thanksgiving we already have all the supporting documentations but we don't have a bar-code number to submit it. This barcode number is automatically generated with the PDF is this online - or do we have to post all the documents from Georgia to New Hampshire?


The process is so frustratingly slow I know they are busy and are inundated with applications, but if they allowed documents to be uploaded as a jpg or pdf or whatever it would go much quicker than postal applications internationally.


One last thing - the I-864 package do they send us something before we send it to them or is it done by email or do we just download pdf's and send them.


If I get information in the meantime I will update it here. 




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arrowUSCIS has not updated
September 17, 2015, 5:33 pm Last comment by puffers

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USCIS has not updated website status for receiving RFE response even after 9 days
. What should I do?

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