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EAD Expedite Timeline After Fax Request
11:50 pm


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Hi everyone,

I have been searching through this forum and did not find any topics that discussed EAD Expedite cases where USCIS has requested Proof. Share your experience and timeline here so we can get a better idea about how long it takes and what is the success rate. You can track mine in my signature.

I requested EAD expedite review under Severe Financial Loss and I provided a letter from my employer to prove it. It has been 5 days since I faxed my letter and no change so far...

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NVC approved what next
6:16 pm


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Hello everyone.
I've a question: When NVC approved, then what happens I must wait until the "final action date" will be current and then interview or "final action date" doesn't matter.

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Our application approved
4:54 pm


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Hello there.
Waiting for interview. Final action date 27 August 2011. Howlong time need approximately to understand when will be our interview?
I'm from Georgia
F1 category (Family based visa)

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Is my USC husband eligible to apply for SNAP if he has me (LRP) in his household?
7:54 pm


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Hello dear VJ members,

I will make a brief introduction to my current situation and then will have two questions that I'm really hoping to get some answers to.

My current status is LRP I received my Green Card recently and have Ir1 VISA. We had to get a co-sponsor (my sister in-law) because my husband didn't meet all the financial requirements. I've been living in the Us for more then three months now. Me and my husband recently moved from his parent's house to our own apartment. He is the only one who's working at the moment.

1. My husband is thinking about applying for food stamps, that will help us big time with groceries. He is USC. My question is - Can he apply for food stamps if we are in the same household and I know as an LRP, I'm not eligible for SNAP. He will most likely have to put me in the papers as a household member. would that be okay? Last thing we want is to have problems with my sister in law. We don't want her in any way to have to pay anything back to the government or anything like that.

2. As I've already mentioned, We moved out about three weeks ago from my in laws house, should I go ahead and change an address on USCIS. Our lease will end in about a year and it is not by any means our permanent residency place, we still can receive emails to my in laws address. Question - Should I still go ahead and change my address?

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Aplying on tourist visa while in immigration process
12:07 pm


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Can I apply on tourist visa, while I'm in immigration process?:whistle:

Thanks for attention!

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