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NVC Checklist
3:11 pm


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I'm getting my package ready and I'm about to send it out. But for some reason I have two checklist one from the $325 fee and another from 120 fee. Both checklist are the same, Do I need to send both in? Are they just duplicates? Thanks

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Will our application be affected by new immigration laws?
11:19 am


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Hello everybody,

My husband filed petition for me in September, we haven't gotten our NOA2 yet and I'm so worried that after these new immigration rules Trump is imposing are going to affect our application in a negative way.

I know I'm not the only one who's worried right now and scared that their pending applications might get frozen indefinitely or worse - simply rejected.

I know here specific list of countries that banned from entering the States, but what about other countries? Did anyone already experienced a problem with their application or entering back the country as an LPR ?

Please share your experiences!

Thank you

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How soon work authorization is coming?
7:57 pm


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My son and his wife filed I-130 and I-485, since she came here on a tourist visa. They received their NOA-1 for all the cases on January 20th. How soon do you think the work authorization will arrive? Will it happen only after the fingerprints are taken?


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Unsufficient income
2:31 pm


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My son is filing for his foreign wife, who came here with a tourist visa. Unfortunately, his income for 2015 is only 19K. But they want to send the package now, saying that if they get an RFE, that will be already after filing 2016 taxes, and he will provide the new tax form with higher income.

Do you think that will be OK? Is there the risk of denial his I-130 and his wife's I-485?

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Revised Question Regarding I-864 questions: Part 5 on Household's size
3:22 am

Aaron Q

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Hello Fellow VJs,

I have a questions regarding form I-864. First, for Part 5, Sponsor's Household Size, I am having problems. I am including my wife, my dad (who will be a joint filer) and I as 3 members of a household. However, when filling out the fields, I am keep getting the total number of household's members to 4, not 3. I put the lines I counted in bold letters.

In more details:

Persons are you sponsoring in this affidavit:

1. Provide the number in entered in Part 3., Item Number 28: 1

Persons NOT sponsored in this affidavit:

2. Yourself: 1 (I can't change this number on the Adobe program)

3. If you are currently married, enter "1" for your spouse: 1.

4. if you have dependent children, enter the number here: 0.

5. If you have any other dependents, enter the number here: 0.

6. if you have sponsored any other persons on Form I-864 or Form I-864 EZ who are now lawful permanent residents, enter the number here: 0.

7. OPTIONAL: If you have siblings, parents, or adult children with the same principal residence who are combining their income with yours by submitting Form I-864A, enter the number here: 1.

8. Add together Part 5., Item Numbers 1.-7. and enter the number here.

Household Size: 4

Is this suppose to be correct? Or should I change Line 3 to 0?

Thank you

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