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arrowMistake on G-325 or not a mistake ?
September 20, 2016, 10:51 am Last comment by aghaaz0719

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Soo, we are finally done assembling our petition I-130 . We read it through and through for who knows how many times, because we are becoming completely paranoid about not making any mistakes  :crying: And when It's all done and put in place and I proudly looked through our package, I realized that I forgot to write that my father is deceased... and instead I just wrote the city and the country of his residence. So what I did was I just hand wrote ''deceased'' next to city and the country which got passed the G 325 border lines. I need your help guys please, tell me should I replace the entire form because of that? Should I just retype ''deceased'' and not write city or country at all, or can I just leave it the way it is right now? I think I should stop rechecking and rereading forms and documents or I will probably mess something else up ! We want to send it of tomorrow so please somebody, tell me if it will be a problem or should I leave the way it is now? I'm so worried about starting the entire process finally! :dead:


Thank you!

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arrowDo they usually ask questions about your B1B2 visa on the interview?
September 18, 2016, 9:49 am Last comment by Ryan H

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Hello everyone! : )


I'm curious, if the interviewer usually asks questions about b1b2 visa. Do they ask you about the purpose of why you applied for visa etc? I do have a still valid b1b2 which I received 3 years ago. Travelled to the U.S. two times , never overstayed. Just wondering if they will be asking me questions about my visitor visa on my spousal immigrant visa interview at the embassy. 


Thank you.

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arrowHow current is info in Guides
September 8, 2016, 12:22 pm Last comment by jamaal12

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Hello everybody, 

I have one little question - How current is the information given in the section Guides? I am currently looking for the checklist for I-130 and I know, there are literally dozens of posts about it over the internet but the info is different in all of them so that confuses me a bit. I wanted to find an official current info since the apparently things do change. I was trying to find it on USCIS official website but couldn't.

Here, it's stated that the copy of birth certificate of the beneficiary is no longer needed. Is that true or should I still include copy of my BC just in case ? I'm almost done finishing our I-130 package, getting as much proof of ongoing relationship as possible( although my USC husband living with me in my country continuously for more then 2 years should be more then enough proof). Just want to make sure that info given here in guides is up to date!


Much appreciated!  :rolleyes:

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arrowHow to mail a big stack of papers?
September 7, 2016, 8:29 pm Last comment by umikoikaze

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I have a stack of letter sized papers that are about 1 inch thick (bank statements). I need to mail those to USCIS. What would be the best shipping method for this? They definitely won't fit in a flat rate envelope, but I'm not sure what kind of box to use. Is there a good flat rate box that I should use? Or that's easy to purchase? 


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arrowFilling for GC without filed taxes.
September 4, 2016, 9:27 am Last comment by Gretch

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Hello this is my very first post on this forum, usualIy my wife is the one posting on here but I see now how useful and helpful this forum is so I'm happy to join too!


I am US citizen I have been "unemployed" for a few years and have not filed taxes since about 2012. I have started performing freelance work the past year. I plan to file taxes for 2017 however I freelance internationally and have no idea how to fill out a 1099 misc or 1040 in this case. I am new to freelance work and as I am currently living abroad I am weary on looking for tax help. Since I do not owe taxes I never filed assuming It was not required. I now have found it seems to be still required and the GC petition asks for past three years evidence of tax filing. Should I reach out to a tax professional and try to get my taxes done or should I simply just inform the USCIS I have not made the required amount to pay taxes. Also we will be filing with affidavit of support from family members. Aside from this we have a lot of strong evidence our union is legitimate and we can take care of our selves financially. I have been living abroad for over two years. we have been together for nearly four years and married for nearly two. We have joint bank account in US as well my foreign spouse has valuable assets. So I am wondering are the taxes that important if they will only state a $0.00 income and I am applying with support? any suggestions? anyone has had this experience? Would be greatly appreciated .


I am of course aware I should have this all in order and not even have this as a problem so please don't bother to be judgmental, I simply am hoping to get a good advice and see of someone else had or currently has same issue and how are they dealing with it. 

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