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I-130 April 2017
11:26 pm


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Hi guys, my husband applied I-130 for my 10 years old son. We received notice of action in about 2 weeks and thats it, have not heard anything since then. If you're going through the same processing please keep me updated. Priority date is April 14.

thank you

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Lie to consul
5:29 pm


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Hello everyone I've a question

Me and my mother are waiting an interview (F1 category) and we afraid because my mother was in embassy with several times for visa(tourist visa) and they didn't gave her last time when she was in embassy 11 years ago consul ask her something I don't know exactly and she lied to cosul and consul denied visa for lie and told her that never come again for visa. What do you think they don't give us visa? And another question if they don't give visa to my mother it means that I can't take too? I never been in embassy.

P.S My grandmother filled for us for me and for my unmarried mother

Sorry for my bad English

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CR 1 Question after approval
5:55 pm


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Hello everyone,

Thanks to everyone who helps regarding my question. My wife was approved for the cr-1 visa. She got her passport returned to her and she is all set to go. I'm leaving next month to go there and bring her back to the U.S.

My questions is: What's next? How does she get her green card and social security number? Do I need to prepare more documents?


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I-751 interview experience 2017
6:45 pm


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Hello everyone,

Our case was very confusing cause its been in process for almost 2 years. This year in Jan I got congratulation letter and after month letter saying that it was sent by mistake. Finally I got a letter saying that we are having interview in 2 weeks in NY. Please share your experience how was the interview? What kind of questions? and how long did it take? i'm also pregnant, is it gonna help if I take sono pictures?

Thank you

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How long is the wait after Cr-1 interview June 2017
1:06 am


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She had the interview Wednesday morning. Pretty much all went well... They took her expired passport (with current B-1 visa) and her current passport.

Does anyone know why they would take the expired passport?

How long does it usually take for her to receive the CR-1 visa?


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