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arrowCalifornia Center Service NOA2 I130
August 28, 2014, 6:04 pm Last comment by H&sh

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Hello VJ i am trying to figurate out how fast is the CSC (it's what i read) so welcome to this topic if you are waiting like me from CSC or just been approved..... Thank you for you participation!

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arrowVJ timeline estimate processing time NOA2
August 28, 2014, 5:55 am Last comment by Lera66

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Please can someone help ????

"There are not enough recent approvals in the timeline system to accurately approximate when your I-130 will be approved. Please see the Timeline Stats page to see recent approvals"

Since i did my timeline this Is my estimate processing time for NOA2, did i missed something on my timeline?

Because some people who did their VJ even after me have an estimation time, don t understand why thank you!

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arrowUSC living overseas w/beneficiary
August 27, 2014, 9:01 am Last comment by NLR

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New to the group and I have lots of questions!! Firstly, I am a US & French citizen - met a frenchman, and I want to move back to the US. We get married next month and then will begin the process for his visa!

So, honestly, I am just looking for any good advice on the process when doing this from overseas... most of what I have read is USC living in the US.

We plan on staying here in France until his visa goes through.

We both are currently unemployed (because we moved from New Caledonia to France to marry and file paperwork. Doing so from New Caledonia would have been very challenging.) We have yet to find work... but hopefully will soon! We have a joint bank account, live at his parents house (till we find work) and have pictures of our travels from NC to here.. We have only been together for a little over a year. 

We know we will move to Tucson, Az once paper goes through.

I still have my DL, address and bank accounts in US.


One question I have already is intended address for in the states - we don't know yet!! We can use my friends address and can get a letter from him I am sure.. so is it ok to use that? and it will be different than our Joint Sponsors address because we won't be living with the Joint Sponsor (my father)?

is that ok?


Anyways, thanks for any advice! 



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arrowSending case to the wrong embassy
August 27, 2014, 2:11 am Last comment by NLR

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I just got a letter from NVC to pay the AOS fees, just noticed that the first threee letter is BKN  for Bangkok. Well the problem is I'm French but born in Thailand and got married in Thailand. However, i'm living  in Japan with my husband who's in military so we do not have Japanese address since we lived on a military base housing. My question is, will i have to fly to Thailand for the interview? or is there anyway to get the case send to embassy in Japan instead of having to pay for tickets to Thailand, and i have no clue why they even think im in Thailand!





How to Find Out WHEN Your Case Number was Assigned

For those that don't call every single day and want to know exactly what date their case number was assigned, there's an easy way to find out that simply involves looking at your case number. The first three letters are the three-letter consulate/embassy code. The next four numbers are the year the case number was assigned. The next three numbers are the Julian date it was assigned, plus 500. And finally, the last three numbers are the sequential order of when it was assigned that date.

For example: MTL2014815162. Let's put some lines in to divide it up. So: MTL|2014|815|162. This means that this case is going through Montreal and the number was assigned on November 11th, 2014, and it was the 162nd case that day to be assigned a number.

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arrowSeattle, WA AOS
August 26, 2014, 3:23 am Last comment by A&B

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Anyone from the Seattle, WA office? Would love to compare timelines :)

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