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Renew DL
5:30 pm


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I have a simple questions plz, My DL will expire in 3 months , i'm in California

Can i renew my DL now in person and in the same time apply for ID card? do they take the old DL card?

What if i change my address , in 4 months i will move from my address, do they sill stay good ?


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Interview date - Boston office
7:26 pm


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Hi Boston (or MA) residents,

How long did it take for those of you who have already gone through the i-485 interview. How long did it take for you to get the date after your case was ready for scheduling?


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Does B2 visa denial affect K1 visa application ?
12:57 pm


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Hello everyone,

My esta got denied after I traveled twice to the USA this year. So I was thinking about applying for a B2 visa to go in the USA in September for one month. As I'm still young and my work contract will be ending in July, I will have no proof to return back in France after my trip. With that said, I am afraid it gets denied. Plus, this trip would be more to visit my boyfriend that I have been dating since 5 months but I know him since 3 years. I will have enough money for one month and I will be living with him, he'll be my sponsor. He is a police officer. We plan to apply for a visa k1 next year,not now cause we still want to spend time together before starting the process so I was wondering if my b2 visa gets denied, would it affect my visa k1 application in the future?

Also, what would you suggest me for my b2 visa to be approved? Knowing that I still live with my family and I've always returned back to France after my trips, and those trips only lasted 1 and 2 weeks and there was no overstay in the USA for me

Thanks in advance for your help

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Need To Expedite my EAD
5:49 pm


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Hi everyone,

Since i file for the green card, i've been reading this forum, trying to get help or comfort... but it's not working anymore. I really need help :(

I just got a job offer for a huge corporate after 6 interviews and now I am stuck because my EAD is far from processing and I keep delaying it for that reason - they're out of patience and i have until next wednesday to deliver some kind of proof its been expedited.

Contacted Ombudsman and they didnt want to try to expedite my case because im still in processing times -

Contacted Congressman (NYC), she filled the expedite request and it has not even been assigned yet (employment offer + support letter from employer + cover letter)

Here is my timeline:

I-485 + I-130 + I-131 + I- 765 Sent to Chicago Lockbox

i 765 assigned to NBC

Jan 22 2018 - Received at Chicago Lockbox

Feb 22 2018 - Bio Done

April 9th - 1st S.R

May 11th - Inquiry

May 11th - Answer from uscis - saying case still within current processing times.

I am about to call uscis to do another expedite attempt.

If anyone has any info, advices on what i should do please do so - I am so drained by this process, I should be so happy I found a job and Im just desperate and depressed - I feel like my life is put on hold :(

please help

thanks guys

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Esta denied affects visa K1?
4:26 pm


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In november I applied for esta and it was approved. Last week I recieved a mail saying my esta application was updated and now it is not approved anymore. I don't know why exactly but it might be because I travelled twice to the US this year to visit my boyfriend (in January and April) maybe it was too much to them?

So I was wondering if this denial could affect an application for visa K1?

Thanks in advance for your answers


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