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arrowBorn abroad to a US citizen... N-600K or I-130?
October 31, 2014, 6:33 pm Last comment by NumiŽ

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I am a 24-year-old French citizen born to a US citizen mother (she still has her US citizenship and a valid passport, even though she has been residing abroad for a while). I am currently dating an American and I've been looking into ways to move to the US without marrying him (at least for now). I thought the I-130 form was the only option, and had almost given up (since I'm over 21, by the time it gets approved, I'll probably be married to my American boyfriend so there isn't really any point), until I came across the N-600 and N-600K forms (the latter one would be the best choice, since I live abroad). I'm still not sure I am eligible to file the N-600K form... Would any of you be kind enough to help me?


Some background information:

  • US citizen mother moved to the UK when she was ~5, returned in her 20s for about 2 years. Has lived most of her life abroad.
  • Maternal grandfather was a US citizen and lived in the US until his early 30s.
  • My parents were married at the time of my birth. They are now divorced.
  • My birth wasn't registered with the State Department and to my knowledge I haven't received the "Oath of Allegiance" when I turned 18.

I've been reading a lot and I think I should just take a break for now and ask for guidance... it really is complex and I don't want to file a form if I have no chance in the first place. Thank you in advance. :)

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arrowNew US Citizen - Expired French Passport
October 28, 2014, 2:36 pm Last comment by keweul

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hi guys...quick question..I recently became a U.S. citizen in September of this year. I'm originally a French national registered at the French embassy in NY (which probably expired too lol ). Will it be a problem when I go to renew my expired French passport in the future seeing that I no longer have the green card? I was told not to notify them of update in residency to US Citizen, but when I go to renew the passport they'll want some form of proof that I'm documented to reside in the USA.. Anyone had a similar experience? What should I do?

I will be applying for my US passport soon but wanted to know if I'd be able to renew my French passport without traveling back to my country of origin. Any insight appreciated.

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arrowConditional PR expires close to graduate admission decisions?
October 28, 2014, 1:52 am Last comment by Ian H.
Happy Chic

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Hi Folks,


I'm planning on applying to doctoral programs in clinical psychology in December of next year. However my conditional green card expires three months later. I know there's a one year NOA extension when filing removal of conditions but the deadline for the doctoral application submissions falls 5 days before my 90 days window opens to file my ROC. So my question is...Is there a possibility that I could be refused admission because professors reviewing my application might be misguided into thinking that I'll fall out of status in 3 months? I've asked this question to couple of professors I currently work with and they have no idea. They don't even know what a conditional permanent residence is.


I'd be interested to know if others have come across a similar situation where their conditional GC status coincided with their admission decisions and impeded their prospects of gaining admission to a graduate (or undergrad) program. I'd hate to hold off from applying to programs solely because of confusing immigration issues.


Thanks everyone for your valuable insights,

Happy Chic.

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arrowDesperately need help, don't know where to start
October 26, 2014, 3:59 pm Last comment by NancyNguyen

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I will try and be as brief as possible.


After a long process, my wife received her green card. We were finally starting our family together in the US. Life was great.


At the last doctor visit before moving to the US from france, she noticed there were some serious issues. These issues then turned into something that needed to be monitored every 6 months by the same doctor. This all happened about 3 months after living together in the US.


My wife has big student loans that I can't take care of from my salary alone, so she needed to work to generate income. While still a conditional resident (first 2 years run out next April), we've spent the majority of our time here in France with her family and doctors. She has also started a job to make money but plans on transfering as soon as her livered is declared healthy.


We may have to be in France for the next 1, 2 or 3 years. But above all, we don't want to abandon her green card status and it IS our ultimate goal to permanently live in the US. However, given the combination of health issues and financial stress via student loans, we're worried that the only thing we can do is move back tot he US, risk her health and our finances (as she won't have a job and won't have her doctor, and as it may be difficult for us to afford insurance w/o both working, especially since she has a pre-existing condition....)


As I mentioned, we're still in the condiitonal 1st 2 years of a green card, and would like to renew in April for the 10 year green card. So we haven't applied for a re-entry permit because that will only last until April (the date of renewal). What (if anything) can we do in order to safely stay out of the US for up to 2-3 years, given the above information? Please, any help would be MUCH appreciated, as our health, family and finances have taken a hit due to this health issue :(


Thanks so much and please don't hesitate to ask any additional questions for clarification.

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arrowGreen Card, moving abroad with I-131?
October 24, 2014, 10:08 pm Last comment by Ian H.

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I came to the US under a J-1 Visa for a 18 months job. During this period, I got married and my american wife and I applied for AOS. I have just received my green gard today. My job will be finished at the end of the year.


My wife and I are considering to move to France, because I received a very good job offer there. With this position, I might have to travel occasionally to the US for business purposes (e.g. participation in a conference every 6 months) or personal reasons (meet friends)


We don't know if we are going to come back to live in the US.


As a consequence, what do you recommend to do?


  • Should I file a I-131 reentry permit?
    • If yes, will I have to file that everytime I come back?
    • Do I have to be fingerprinted again?
    • Do I have to be in the US until the I-131 process is over?
  • Should I cancel my green card and travel with an ESTA anytime I am coming back?
  • Is it going to be easier/harder to reapply for a green card if we decide to come back to the US after the green card is voided/expired?
  • What about taxes in each situation?




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