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arrowSANTA ANA Local Office - Time frame
July 28, 2015, 7:25 pm Last comment by pottok

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Hello everybody,


How are you?

I just wanted to start this topic for the persons filling AOS with the local office of Santa Ana, California.

And get your feedback about the time it takes, took you to go thru the different steps of the AOS!!!


I did filed in Dec 2014 and still waiting for my interview date.


Please feel free to tell me what is your experience!





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arrowEAD and AP Combo Card Renewal Checklist & Guide (AOS Pending)
July 28, 2015, 6:59 pm Last comment by JejeAndSar

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Here is a checklist (a mini guide?) for Employment Authorization and Advance Parole combo card renewal. We are adjusting our status from a k-1 visa and pending AOS approval. Filing fee is free ($0)  :joy: if your original EAD and AP combo card was requested at the same time as the adjustment of status (I-485). If your history is similar to ours, your eligibility category is (C)(9) and you apply to the Chicago Lockbox (of course with the requisite confirmations/tracking). You must apply for renewal no more than 120 days prior to the expiration of your combo card. 


This is what we are including in our renewal application, and you should probably include similar documents (don't forget to make a copy of it all, just in case):


1. A cover sheet with package contents

2. I-765 renewal paperwork

3. I-131 renewal paperwork

4. Color copy of current EAD/AP combo card, front and back

5. Color copy of SS card

6. Copy of marriage certificate

7. Two passport photos

8. Copy of potential interview waiver notice (if applicable)

9. Copy of address update confirmation (if applicable)

10. Copy of I797C NOA - Adjustment of Status

11. Copy of I797C NOA - AP

12. Copy of I797C NOA - EAD

13. Copy of the "Save This Notice and Tear-Off" (containing bar codes) that came with original EAD/AP combo card

14. Most recent I-94 copy

15. Short, 1-paragraph narrative explaining why the EAD/AP combo card renewal is requested




Some of this might be overkill (i.e.: marriage certificate copy, ss card copy, etc.), but better safe than sorry. If anything is incorrect or missing here, please let me know so I can edit. 


Good luck, friends.


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arrowconfused about cover letter and i-130
July 28, 2015, 9:45 am Last comment by Ryan H

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Dear all,


this is my first post. Me and my wife are constituting our i-130 package for a CR1 visa. I thought I knew what to include but now I am just confused after reading this guide



It says it needs a cover letter (not mentioned on the official instructions for the i-130) and is listing the Affidavit of Support as a document to joint to the i-130, which I thought was for a later stage of the process. Can someone please clarify?


Thank you



I am the beneficiary.



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arrowG-325a information
July 27, 2015, 12:38 pm Last comment by JayChax

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Hi everybody,


I'm new here. I'm just starting to gather all the documents and try to understand everything about the I-129F petition.

I just wanted to say first that this website and forum were very helpful ! Thanks !


I was filling the G-325a form when I stumbled upon a little problem.

They ask about my mother and father information. However I don't know my father and he's not on my legal paper. So what should I do ?

I don't really want to leave it blank in fear of them sending it back to me saying it was invalid.


Thank you a lot.

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arrowgreen card holder outside USA
July 26, 2015, 6:59 pm Last comment by SusieQQQ

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Hello everyone,

I am a new green card holder and I have been outside the USA for a while : I have obtained my temporary visa on the 5th of december 2014 and I went to USA the 1st april for 5 days so the process of green card could start, I received my green card now and I am wondering for how long can I stay outside the USA ? I know that i mustn't stay more than 1 year but do they start the one year count from the date when I received my temporary visa (5th december) or the date on the green card (resident since 04/01/2015 "1st april")


Many Thanks,


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