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arrowJ1 vs DV winner
January 21, 2015, 4:27 pm Last comment by on_the_road

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  Have you ever heard a DV Green Card denied because the applicant was on J1 visa? This visa is given if you plan to go back home afterwards; in theory, you shouldn't request any type of long-term residency. I couldn't find any history of this situation in the forum but a friend of mine got asked at Paris Embassy if she was on J1 at the time of her DV registration.


Thanks if you have any information!

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arrowInterview was going bizarr yesterday
January 21, 2015, 2:17 pm Last comment by Nancy1964

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i would like share my experience yesterday about interview in Uscis.

Apointement 7:15 am, all go normal in the beginning but after i have a doubt.

She call my name, so i go..... she ask me about the forms, birthday, if i live with him, original birth certificate..... et she asked him more like his job, tax....

i give my medical examination also because i didn't before. she open the letter in front of me, she take the picture et keep in the folders for her.


..... and so evidence of bonafide marriage, we give joint account statement et picture. We don't have nothing more with the 2 name like no lease, no healthcare together.... i means all it is separate name, only the join account.


And she say, no it is not enough, i want more picture because 10 pics wa not enough for her, and she say i want a lease, car inssurance, healthecare.... all documentation even it is only the name of my husband. She say it is writting in the letter of the interview.

So i let her finish and i say but they say evidence relationship so it is means we have to take only the documents where there is the two name, she say no even if there is no the two name, he have to come with the lease.....


so i was surprise because i know what i have reading. So she say i send you a letter this afternoon for send me all this document even it is only his name, and you have 3 month to answer, we say ok and i say it will be fine he have all this.


and the tax she say it is not enough, you need a co sponsor. I say but i have put my saving account and ownership and it is writing that the intendant immigrant can do it. all is translate.

She say ok if it is french i can't read, so i say i have translate everything.



Then  the interview finish and was a little bit sad, we go outside with my husband and i start think a lot. Isay but why in instruction it is writing at least one of evidence, so the joint acount it is enough, i dont understand, and also i know i have calculate the foreign saving acount .... i have respect all what the instruction it say in I-485. He say i have to put your name everywhere now and we wait her letter and that s it.

I was so sad.


And this morning suprise at 9 am , i see my status change " card ordered to be produce"

What it means, it is ok .

It is means yesterday we have stressed a lot and finally we have do all correct.


IT was so hard and so confuse situation, so i wish i will have soon my green card.


have a good day everyone, i am happy to have see this in my status but i don't understand whats happen yesterday.

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arrowTaxes for USC living abroad, and Back Taxes....
January 17, 2015, 8:04 am Last comment by Ryan H

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 Just wondering if anyone has had experience back-filing taxes for foreign income (FI)... ( I have been living abroad for 2.5 yrs)

Am trying to file for 2013 and can't seem to find all the answers on

Basically, from what I see, our income comes out to nothing from FI, but if we have account interest from bank account in the states, paid student loans, then income comes out as a negative as a whole?!

Do we also use the general deduction as well on the 1040?!

Any words of wisdom would be great!

(and yes, income is way below Exclusion limits.)


Also, for 2014 i made under the limit to file... do we still need to file for the I-864? (I am using a joint sponsor as obviously am not eligible!)



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arrowUS Embassy France - Interview Scheduling Issue
January 16, 2015, 10:04 am Last comment by SanMar

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After receiving the letter with the interview date (February 18th, 1:00PM), we went to the portal to pay the fee and confirm the date and time. Right before submitting the information, we realized that there was a typo on the name of the beneficiary so we cancelled the request.

Now when we try to enter the information again, our allotted time (1:00PM) on February 18th is no longer available (other time slots are available on the same day). Since the website specifically asks to enter the exact information as in the letter we received, we now don't know what to do.

We have tried contacting the US embassy in France, but all they say is to write an email or letter explaining what happened. Has this happened to anyone? How will this affect our interview date and petition in general? Is there a way to remedy the situation?


Thank you in advance for your replies.



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arrowCo-Sponsor Employment Question
January 14, 2015, 7:06 pm Last comment by Ning

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I am wondering what my co-sponsor should put down as an address for employment on form I-134. He is a tug boat captain for the U.S. Merchant Marines, but throughout the year he works for different companies all over the U.S. Should I just leave the address section blank, or put the address of the company he is working for right now? I am worried that by the time of the interview he could be working for a completely different company. 

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