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Still in line !
2:02 pm yesterday


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Hi, is it normal to be inline for N400 interview for 1 month and no news from uscis, when i check the status online it says we will send an interview letter! i get no letter, i live in san diego, is the processing/waiting time in san diego local office is so slow??

Thanks for your help, i just want to know is it normal to don't get any letter for 1month from being in line for interview

Thanks again

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Wrong name on VISA
4:24 pm yesterday


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Hi all,

Trying to call USCIS or NVC but no luck until now so I'm coming to you guys for some insight:

My wife just got her passeport with her immigration visa (interview went well) but they wrote her maiden name on the visa. Although ALL the paper work we did before (I-130, DS-260 etc...) was with her married named. The only moment when they saw her maiden name is on the actual passeport at the interview, because she has both names on it. She even asked the interview officer if it would be her married name on her green card because that's what she wants and he said yes when you pay the fees you will be able to choose. But she paid the fees and couldn't choose... I know it's not a really big deal because if her GC comes out with her maiden name she could still have it changed later but it's just an unecessary hassle if we can have the correct name from the begining, plus why would they put her maiden name since the whole application was under her married name? Any advice on to how to manage this situation?

Many thanks.

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Single and unemployed, want to apply for B1-B2 visa to go visit my boyfriend
9:56 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone!

I am a resident of a country in the Visa Waiver Program. My boyfriend lives in the US, he is a US citizen. I've been there for a week at the end of September, then for 3 months.

We would like to make my next visit longer than that so I can meet his family and friends, and visit places we couldn't last time, but for that I would need a tourist visa.

I started an application for a B1-B2 visa that would allow me to attend conferences and short training classes during my stay, while visiting.
But then, before paying the fees, I looked more into what would be asked of me and the documents required for me to show that I will come back to my country after my stay.

Here is my situation:

-I just graduated and am currently looking for a job

-I am not married and don't have any kid here

-I live with my parents, and own a car and bank accounts that can only be used while I'm here

-He would be my sponsor, but we're afraid that the balance on his account isn't enough to be approved.

Now we are wondering if it would be wiser for me to not apply, because if I'm denied then the use of my ESTA isn't as easy or can be denied as well, and wait until we want to get married or something to file for an immigrant visa if it becomes our plans in the future.

Is my situation going to be an obstacle for me to get my visa approved?

Do my previous trips to the US help me or are gonna be a disadvantage for this process?
Can my parents be my sponsor, even if my boyfriend is gonna actually be the principal provider during my stay ?

Does being a citizen of a country member of the VWP making it more difficult to get a tourist visa ?
I need some advice on what I should do...
Thank you for your attention

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Question about extension letter
4:53 pm yesterday


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OK this may be a stupid question. Does the extension letter extend your green card 1 year from the date it was issued or the date you applied for I-751?? In other words, my husband's GC expired September 2016 (issued Sept 2014) and we applied for I-751 in July 2016 about 2 months before it expired. We got the extension letter a few days later extending it a year. Does the 1 year extension expire July 2017 (day we filed I-751) or September 2017 (day the GC expired)?

I want to know because I'm trying to figure out when I need to make an infopass appt in case we don't receive the 10 year GC before (we filed at VSC and it seems to be taking about a year)


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2nd RFE help!!
4:19 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone!

I have received my second request for initial evidence.

It is saying that my sponsors income is not enough. It is requiring me to get assets or a joint sponsor. But, for 2015 the income was not enough but my husband got a new job in 2016 which then raised his annual income. It's 2016 tax return which we had not sent, are now proving enough income.

What evidence should we provide to them? Should we send the 2016 tax return or find a joint sponsor.

I would think that the 2016 tax returns showing enough income will be OK to send to them to have enough income evidence.


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