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HUH? NVC requested more info, but are still proceeding??? What do I do?
9:29 am


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We sent in our Affidavit of Support and all the documents that go along on the 28th of March. To my horror, on Friday the 13th of April I received an email from NVC requesting more documents. Specifically an additional police certificate from my husbands 2 year stay in Greece. We currently reside in France. NVC stated that they cannot continue the process until the document is sent to them with a translation. So I have been stressed out for a week trying to figure out how to get the police record. We have sent tons of emails trying to find someone in Greece to get the doc for us. Six days later I received another email from NVC stating that they have received all the requested documents and we are now in the queue awaiting an interview appointment. Just to be completely clear, we didn't send in anything to NVC between those 2 emails. Now what do we do? Do we forget about the Greek police record now that we are awaiting an interview appt? Or... do I spend thousands of dollars flying to Greece to get the police record? I'm in limbo. Please help!

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K1 interview in London waiting on medical results
5:10 pm


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Hello everybody,

I had my interview for my K1 visa last Friday, April 13th at the London US embassy. Since I keep searching & searching on the forum to find answers ..

Everything went very smoothly but they were waiting on the results of my medical exam, which at the end the lady told me "everything seems good to me, we're just waiting for the medical results". I told her I had a copy of the papers they gave me if she wanted to see it and she just said "it might just be here" and I asked "so are we approved?". She answered smiling "regarding your results for the medical, you will have your passport in a week or two".

On the website, the same day it changed for "Administrative processing" like everybody. Since then, nothing. I know it's been less than a week but I just would like to know if some of you have been in this situation too and how long did it take to get issued and then to get your visa in hand ?

I called Knightsbridge right away and they said they sent everything on April 6th so it might be at the embassy ?

Also I'm French living in London, they kept my passport and my police records .. so is there someone who was foreign too in London at the moment of the interview ? Might do more background checks ..

Leaving with my fianc on May 31st so fingers crossed !!

ps : sorry for the long post & if it has been asked already !! I got lost in the thousands & thousands of others topics ?

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M1 or waiting?
2:32 pm


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Hi everyone- I hope everyone is okay!

I need to ask you a little question. I am French, and I will soon go to do a training in the USA under an M1 visa (if accepted by the embassy).

My girlfriend is American, met in England and we would like to get married since some time now, but here I ask myself a question

Do you think I have to postpone my training start date to apply for the K1 from France? Or wait to be in the US with my M1 and ask for AOS?

Really sorry, I start and I try to understand a little everything!

Good Weekend to all!


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Cr1 stamps on visa
7:14 pm


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I entered the USA with a cr1 visa a couple of days ago and on my passport the stamps said 21st June 2018 instead of 23 March 2019. I just realized that now. Should I be worried ? Do I need to contact the USCIS. the Poe officer took my sealed envelope and everything.

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Help needed ! Q1 visa holder married to US Citizen and filling for AOS
7:52 pm


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Hello folks,

I entered the US on a 15 months Q1 visa, applied to extend the stay through a B2 visa that is still pending and got married to a US Citizen. I am now applying for a family based AOS.

I would like to have your feedbacks before I send my application to the USCIS.

Here is my checklist :

1. Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status


Form G-1145 to request e-notification.

Form G-325, Biographic informations.

2 passport style photographs.

Check in the amount of $1,225, with the combined total from fees of Form I-485 and Biometrics Services Fee ($1225 + $85), made payable to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Copy of my foreign birth certificate translated in English.

Copy of passport biometric page, U.S. Q1-Visa and entry stamps.

Most recent I-94 form for Arrival/Departure Record.

Certified copy of Marriage Certificate.

Form I-797 Notice of action (B2 pending).

2. Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, Sponsor (spouse) and joint sponsor


Spouse (Sponsor):

  • Spouse Passport copy.
  • Spouse birth certificate copy.
  • Tax return for 2016 & 2017.
  • Pay stubs for the last 3 months.
  • Copy of the W-2 for 2016 & 2017

Joint Sponsor :

  • Joint sponsor's Passport copy.
  • Joint sponsor's birth certificate copy.
  • Tax return for 2015, 2016 & 2017.
  • Pay stubs for the last 3 months.
  • Copy of the W-2 for 2015, 2016 & 2017.

3. Form I-130, Petition for Alien relative


  • Check in the amount of $535 made payable to the US. Department of Honeland and Security.
  • 2 Passport style photos of the petitionner (spouse).
  • 2 Passport style photos of the beneficary (me).
  • Passport and birth certificate copies of the petitionner (spouse).
  • Evidence of Bona fide Marriage. (pictures, bills, insurance, flight tickets & hotels booking,etc..)
  • Form G-325, Biographic informations.

4. Form I-131, Application for Travel Document


Form G-1145 to request E-Notification.

2 passport style photographs.

Copy of passport biometric page, U.S. Q1-Visa and entry stamps.

Most recent I-94 form

Form G-1145 to request E-Notification.

Certified copy of marriage certificate.

Form G-1145 to request E-Notification.

Most recent I-94 form.

5. Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization


Form G-1145 to request E-Notification.

2 passport style photographs.

Most recent I-94.

Copy of Passport Biometric page, US Q-1 Visa and stamps.

I-797 Notice of Action (B2 pending).

Please let me know if I need to add anything else.

Thank you so much.

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