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i-751 Short Notice Interview While Spouse Lives in Another State
9:27 pm yesterday


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Hello everybody!

My Spouse and I filed in late 2015. We received a RFE in October 2016 and now we are scheduled for an interview in the upcoming days. We initially submitted the following evidence:

- Photos of us with friends and family from the last three years
- Join tax documents of the last three years
- Joint lease renewal agreement
- Joint bank account documents
- Joint bank summary documents
- Joint utility billing documents
- Copy of ID cards showing common address
- Club membership with monthly statements with both our names

My spouse and I lived together from Fall 2013 to Winter 2016. For professional reasons I moved to California while she continued to live in New York. We received an interview notice yesterday in the mail. Believe it or not, it was dated from mid-February and the interview is already next week. It is an extremely short notice (pretty much a 4-day notice).

I want to go by myself with a copy of all the evidence we have submitted so far. I intend to explain them the situation:

- (1) Our Marriage is bona fide as shows all the evidence listed above,
- (2) We lived together after I obtained my 2-year green card as shows all the evidence listed above,
- (3) We currently have a distance relationship for professional reasons,
- (4) We don't intend to divorce or get legally separated,
- (5) I am coming alone today because of both the short notice (4-day) and the distance

QUESTION 1: I would like to know if it is possible for me to actually have an interview without my spouse and whether or not it is possible to be approved with these conditions.

QUESTION 2: If not, would you simply recommend me to reschedule so that my spouse can come.

QUESTION 3: In this scenario, given that she still lives in another state (but intends to come sometime this year once I am more settled) do you think that we have any chance of getting approved? Again, our marriage is bona fide but we live separately not as a result of a rocky relationship but as a results of professional opportunities.

Thank you for your help.

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Question about the affidavit of support
2:53 pm yesterday


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my fianc e and I are both college students (Junior & Senior), for our K-1 we need to file a form and attach proofs about jobs, however she never worked because she is a student :unsure:

Her dad works at Google and her mom works at Oracle, do you think they can "sponsor" us ? :(

Thank you

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I think I forgot to send a document it scares me
8:16 am yesterday


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Hi guys,

The 20th January my fianc e sent the I-129F (biography, US Citizenship, proofs we met, etc...) but we didn't add the I-134 (Affidavit of Support) and in fact I don't know when we have to send this document, was it with the I-129F or later ?

I don't remember having seen this document on the checklist but it makes me worried now.

We've already got the NOA1 (26th January).

Thank you for your help.

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Social security number denied
5:41 pm yesterday


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Hello all :)

A week ago I went to the social security office to apply for a SSN. That was completely successful I mean , I had all the documents printed off but the lady told me she couldn't find my name. She still issued a letter with my name on it , a reference number and it is basically a statement saying that I applied for a social security number . I was able to track the application via SAVE and it was saying that on the 16th my application was in Maryland. Not much I could do but i was supposed to receive a letter soon , to see if I was approved however , bad surprise this afternoon , I received that letter from Social security administration when I read that "we cannot issue you a social security card at this time because : Your legal immigration status and/or document(s) will expire before an SSN can be issued to you. please come back in with a Renewed I-94.

Alright so here is a few points about my documents

- I printed off the latest I-94 and it expires on April 24th ( I didn't provided the travel history)

- form SS5 filled out completely and she kept it

- form I-765 , I filled out It completely but she said she didn't need it , therefore I kept it and it is still in my folder along with my others documents.

I'm going back to the social security office next Thursday , What could I do on my own to try to make things better ? What is that renewed I-94 they are talking about ?

I had the very latest version of it !

Anyone had such a problem with getting their social security number too ?

I would not like going to their office for nothing and be disappointed once again

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Time between interview notice and interview?
8:38 pm yesterday


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Could you give me your time between the interview online notice that interview has been scheduled, and the interview date? Am I right to believe it's usually 5 weeks, or between 4 and 5 weeks?

My notice is Feb 17 and I'm flying out of the country March 28. I'm thinking interview is scheduled for a day the week of March 20-24.

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