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arrowAvoid US tax by selling house before getting green card/visa?
September 29, 2014, 11:32 pm Last comment by SusieQQQ

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There is a chance I may receive my DV visa sometime in March-April 2015 if all goes well. (DV-2015)

I heard I have to pay close attention to US tax laws and should declare all worldwide income and assets to the US taxman.

If I sell my house in July 2015 (after I get my visa), will I have to declare any capital gains to the US taxman?
Do I become a tax resident as soon as I get the visa? Or is it when I enter the US?

I would like to avoid being taxed by the US taxman for the sale of my home.

Your input is welcome.

Thank you,

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arrowAOS RFE about affidavit of support
September 28, 2014, 5:06 pm Last comment by AuroreJeremy

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Hi everyone!


I came in the US with the K-1 visa last June, got married on August 2nd and filed for AOS on August 29. I just got an RFE Request for Initial Evidence about the affidavit of support. It says that:


- I need to submit all supporting tax documentation submitted to the IRS for the most recent tax year. My husband didn't file taxes for the most recent tax year because he was a student, unemployed and his income was 0. I submitted a statement with my AOS packet explaining why he didn't file taxes because he wasn't required to do so. So what should we do? Does he have to file for 2013 anyway?


- Based on the documents submitted with form I-864 for the petitioner, the income did not meet 125% of the poverty guideline for the petitioner's household size. Submit evidence of assets that meet the standards or obtain a joint sponsor. My husband was a student until January 2014. He then started looking for a job, and he started working end of May 2014. He is making $27,040 as annual income so above the poverty guideline for a family of two. He completed form I-864 and we sent all his paystubs he's had since he started (so 3 months worth of paystubs). He doesn't have any assets. Do you think it's because he's only been working for 4 months now that they want me to find a joint sponsor? I thought it would be fine because I read before that it is the current situation that matters.


Thank you for your help!

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arrowUsvisa-info // can't pay visa fee
September 28, 2014, 4:39 pm Last comment by Al422

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I have some issues to pay my visa fee on usvisa-info to get my k1 visa.
I already had my interview at the parisian ambassy last thursday, and everything was approuved! But they said that they ll keep my passport until i send the prouf that i paied! I tried to contact evry contact/info email given to me, but i am a bit lost!

Of somebody has a an idea on what to do, i ll be more than happy!!



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arrowI need advice , please help!
September 27, 2014, 1:06 am Last comment by AnotherLostSoul

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Hi, since i came to USA with CR1 visa I'm having a terrible problems with the man i married and i knew for more than 5 years ago, it started with insult, bad treat , day we are happy and ok and another day we are mad and no one talk to the other , always i initiate to communicate and talk to him because i know he can don't talk for weeks or months if he want, my husband was promising me to send me to home after 6 months (the first visit) or to go with me, today  9 months since i came to USA, he said he is not going anywhere , and  i can tell him when i want to go home and i can stay as much as i want , he makes me always  feels since i came that i can go home anytime i want, and i can go out from the house too anytime i  want ,  i missed my family he know i didn't accept a lot of job offer just because i had a trip planning to my home , my husband and i are going through a lot of problems , i asked him he can divorce me if he want , and if this is the solution for both of us,  me i have no time to apply for divorce now, my mom is sick and i want to see her before i think about any other thing , my question is :

i worry too much if i go home , he may move to his uncle house and when i come back i find my all stuff in the street or at his uncle house , can he do that? or its illegal ? i don't know if i should go home or just stay until i solve my problems

what do you think ? 


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arrowAOS in Miami same sex marriage
September 26, 2014, 4:49 pm Last comment by Ian H.

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Hi everyone,


I decided to post here to find out about others experiences filing and AOS in Miami from a same sex marriage.


Our story: we recently got married in NY, met 2 years ago at work, and we have been living together since then. The perfect story :)


We are using the help of a lawyer for the filing process.




-Priority date August 22nd, 2014

-Receipts received September 9th, 2014

-Biometrics apointment notice received September 12th, 2014

-Biometrics `september 22nd, 2014


Like I said, I'm interested in reading similar experiences as well as recent timelines.


Thanks to all!

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