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arrowEarly Biometrics
February 28, 2015, 4:45 pm Last comment by Ms Hogan

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I cannot find any recent posts on this subject, is this recommended? How soon can you try?

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arrowTravel outside tue US after ceremony
February 22, 2015, 9:37 am Last comment by Ryan H
Ben & Heidy

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Hello all,

I have my oath ceremony on March 10th in DC.

But I had a business travel planned for the 20th of March.

I have read I need a US passport to leave and come back in the US. How can I be sure I will have my passport on time?
Should I postpone my interview? the letter says to send back the letter explaining why. Is that a good enough reason?
is there a number we can call to ask these questions?
I am confused about what I should be doing: I read people had their passport in 1, 5, 8, 14 days, 1 month.
Thanks for you advice.

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February 22, 2015, 8:38 am Last comment by prvii

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I am pretty sure my questions have been answered in some other threads but again many cases are not exactly the same.


My parents (both US citizens) have applied for me to get a green card. There has been some problems and eventually an I-824 form was sent sometime in 2013 (or maybe sooner).


On Friday February 13, 2015, my father forwarded an email from the US department of state. It gave me a number that starts with "PRS."


In the accompanying forwarded email, my father told me to wait for a letter from the US embassy. How long from February 13, 2015 until I get that letter?


My French passport will expire on August 27, 2015. Is it a good idea to start renewing right now? (stupid question I know).


What do I bring to the interview? (I have been told passport, police records, and that's it. Am I missing anything? Do those documents need to be translated?)


Is it true that once the beneficiary's passport is stamped, the stamp is just as good as a regular green card and the beneficiary can almost leave for the USA right away?


Thanks in advance.

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arrowSuccessful DV2015 interview in Paris, France
February 21, 2015, 6:59 pm Last comment by SusieQQQ

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Dear all,


  Here is a short story of my successful interview in Paris. Thanks to all of you who helped me with this long process.


12:00 -> US Embassy in Paris, one hour before our appointment. Security asks us to come back at 12:45.


12:45 -> Surprisingly, there is no line outside. We are the first to enter. The lady inside asks us if we registered online for this appointment. We answer that we thought we didn't need to do that since we are DV winner. She says that it's only to fill the information to send us back our passports. We can do it from the computers inside the waiting room fortunately.


13:15 -> First call: someone explains the process. We will be called to pay the fees, then we will review our documents and, finally, we'll get the interview.


13:30 -> We got called to pay the fees ($660 for 2).


13:45 -> The longest step: reviewing all the paperwork. The lady is very nice, that helps. She asks for our Police records. I'm surprised she doesn't check from which country I needed to get those PR: she takes only those from France, I need to precise that I had to get one from UAE, where I lived several years. Considering how hard it was to get them, I really wanted her to collect them :)

Then, she asks for proof for financial sustainability in the US. Since I already  have a job there, I give my contract and some paychecks. Same for my wife. We also give our bank statements, she just need the one from the current month.

No need for the "Chronopost" enveloppe. They will send back the passports with their own system.


14:30 -> The final interview. As many mentioned before, it was fast and easy. But we understand that only at the end. Before, it's a lot of stress. The agent asks us to answer in English since we live already in the US. She doesn't look at us and asks many straight questions: "what is your job//Where is your child//How long have you been married//How many employees in your company//Plus, other questions more specific about my job..."

At the end, she looks at us and smiles: "Congratulations, your interview was successful." Yahoo!!


3 days after, we got our passports back with the visas. And only 3 days after that, we are back in the US, waiting for the physical GC. The only misunderstanding at the customs: they said they didn't need the x-rays and they ask us for 2 sets of passport pictures. Luckily, I had one spare ones but I've never seen anywhere that I needed to bring some at the border.


We enjoy now the life without being concerned by our visa situation. Once again a big thanks to this great forum and its members and sorry for my imperfect English (jetlag + French speaker) ;)

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arrowWhy is VSC not processing I129F
February 21, 2015, 2:50 pm Last comment by April+Daniel

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I noticed that VSC is not processing K-1 petitions from some states in the northeast. Is there a reason why? 

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