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K1 - When can I apply to remove conditions? From entry or from green card?
9:11 pm


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Hi! We originally applied for K-1. My husband has been in the country for two years now and we are starting the process to remove conditions. I read some places that you can apply 90 days before your entry, but I've read other places you apply 90 days before you received your green card. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks!!

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AOS waiting time - any experience to share?
5:52 pm

Safia & Rose

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My local office is Hartford, CT and we filed on February, 13th 2017. We received an RFE in April 2017, responded and they got it on May, 3rd 2017. Since then we never heard anything from them and I'm worried. I'm trying to get a new job, and doing other things but I'm being stopped every time because I'm not a permanent resident. It just makes me a little sad and I was just wondering if you guys have any experience to share with me? Is it usually this long? Thank you all in advance!

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I-485 Receipt
1:40 am


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So in order to show residency in the State of California for tuition purposes at SDSU, I'm having to appeal their rejection. They say she's not because her green card was issued in Feb of this year and I say she is because she case to live here for not-school and her visa doesn't prevent her from forming a home here (actually a requirement for her to get a green card in the first place).

... So the question is... What document can I show that shows the acceptance of the AOS i-485? I can't remember what documents were given to us....is there any way to retrieve these documents from the government if we don't have a copy of them? (we did save them but we put them so safely away we can't remember where they are lol)

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Birth Certificate - Original or Copy
3:39 pm


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I'm the USC and my spouse is LPR and has his interview next Monday (applying based on 3 years rule). In the interview letter it asks to bring originals of all supporting documents such as marriage and MY birth certificate. I realize that I only have a copy of my birth certificate, not the original. I was going to order one from VitalCheck but it's $70 and may not arrive on time. Anyone know if it's worth it? I sent in a copy with my husband's original I-751 and N-400 packet, and he brought a copy to his I-130 interview years ago and no one ever said anything. I don't see why this would be an issue. Anyone have any insight?

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K1 interview Paris Embassy
9:37 am


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I had my K1 interview about a week ago November 8th at the embassy in Paris. I was approved :-D the officer said it would take about 10 days for me to have my visa and passport (+ I paid for express shipping).

It s been more than a week and my status on CEAC is still Administrative processing and not issued . Why???

I am starting to get really anxious. I booked my flight for November 29th (I know you re supposed to wait to have your visa in hand bla bla bla... the tickets are expensive I didn t want to wait last minute and I thought 3 weeks would suffice).

I emailed them but it takes them days to answer and I feel like they are just going to tell me to *beep* off...

Anybody who could make me feel a little better?

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