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Wet Signature for Birth Certificate
4:02 am


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I'm putting the visa packet together tonight and came across this. We had a translator send us a copy of the translation with a their signature (non wet) for the Birth Certificate. Do you know if this needs to be wet or dry?

Thanks for the help!!


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Waiting for passeport
2:18 pm


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Hi guys. I'm from france, i had my interview on the august the 2nd and nothing yet. the only thing they are saying is : status READY , updtated on august the 9th. why is it that long ?!?!

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Questions before filing N-400
1:58 am


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Hi Everyone,

My French husband got his 2 year CGC back in Oct 2014 and we filed ROC back in July 2016 and received our 10 year GC about a month ago, so now we're filing for citizenship based on the 3 year rule! We live in Boston so are hoping for a quick turn around time :)

I just had a few questions about the application before I send it in

1) On the questions that ask about your last 5 years of employment and where you've lived and traveled in the last 5 years, would we just fill that out for the last 3 years? if so, should i cross out the "5" and write "3" instead or will the officer understand why we're only filing it out for the last 3 years?

2) For the spaces that don't apply to us, should we leave it blank or write "N/A"?

3) Similar to question 1, but on Part 9 (list all of the trips you've taken outside of US in the last 5 years), technically my husband arrived here Oct 1,2014. Should the time we spent in France before then be listed as a trip? I'm not sure because it was technically before he got his GC but going back exactly 3 years would mean from August 2014...If it is a trip, what would we put as "date you left the US?"

Also, the documents I'm sending are:

1) N-400 cover letter
2) N-400 application

3) check for $725

4) wedding certificate + translation + translation certification from translation company

5) My US birth certificate

6) IRS tax return transcripts from 2014,2015 and 2016

Are there any other documents I need to send?

Thanks everyone

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Pre-Existing condition
11:58 pm


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Hi there,

My fiance' and I are about to start our K1 journey to get him to the US. I've read that the medical exam he would need to take eventually is to ensure he's not coming over with any kind of communicable disease/anything that would require constant care that would make him at risk for being a public charge. My fiance' worked in IT up until 2013 where he stopped working due to nerve-related pain in his head (SUNCT/cluster headaches). There isn't a cure and isn't something that will kill him or be contagious, just super painful that makes every day stuff be fairly difficult to manage sometimes. Will his lack of work history from 2013 to present and/or his headaches pose a problem on getting an approval? Worse case scenario, he comes over and doesn't work for a while until there's a treatment that might help him out. Any advice on this? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, in advance!

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NVC - August 2017 Scan Dates - Method 4: Mail processing
8:11 am


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Hi, thought I would start a thread for those who have a scan date in August - 2017 from the NVC.

Who should join/follow? Those who filed using Method 4: Mail processing.

Please join the following forums if you used the following methods. (not open to all countries, click on links to find out if your country qualifies)


NVC Email Filers 2017

Make sure you read this post from @dwheels76


Even though I'm not tracking August Scan Dates on our NVC Case Status Spread Sheet - 2017. You can get a good idea of how long the NVC process will take based on your country. You can sort the spreadsheet by your country, then see how long it took them to receive a CC or what time of the month they received their interview dates.

Here are the sort instructions.

The NVC will tell you they process in the order they receive cases. This may be true but not everyone at the NVC is trained to review cases from all countries.. So this is why you'll see UK getting processed in under 8 weeks, whereas Spanish speaking countries just over 9 weeks.. If you see some cases getting reviewed quickly, that's because they were approved to expedite their case or had a supervisor review their checklist. (more info below)

Join/Follow your PORTAL

Join/follow your country's portal. Can find useful tips and info to help you prepare your NVC package, etc. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR COUNTRY'S PORTAL IF YOU CAN ADD VALUABLE INFORMATION, SUCH AS "Order Police Records from ---- to avoid a checklist" etc..


Interview Reviews

Also, check out what happens at the interview by reading reviews from other NVC filers within your country who have already been through the NVC process. Make sure you add your review as well when you get to that point. :)


From India? Follow the NVC India forum as well

India - NVC filers

Check your Visa Status

Once you've made it to 7-8 weeks after your scan date, click on the following links to check your IR-1/CR-1 visa case status:

Check My Visa Application Status

DS-260, Online Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application

If it says "At NVC" and your AOS information is missing.. Then you most likely have a completed case (CC)...

See Example

Please call the NVC to confirm. PLEASE Do not call the NVC before your status changes to "AT NVC", no matter how much you call, it will not speed up the process. Sort the NVC Case Status Spread Sheet - 2017 by your country to get an idea of how long it's taking to process. Here are the sort instructions.

Calling the NVC!

Calling the NVC from outside of the US (or even from within)

Best 5 Android Apps to Make Free Calls to US

Best 4 iPhone Apps to Make Free Calls to US

Phone Number

NVC - 603-334-0700 [HOURS: 7am - 12am (7h-24h) EST, M-F]

Best time to call: 7-8am or 11pm-12am (7h-8h or 23h-24h)

Current local time in Portsmouth NH (NVC)

Time Zone Converter


Press 1, for English

Press 2, for Spanish

After pressing 1 for English, the options are:

1, to verify priority date

2, to establish an agent, request fee bill or invoice number

3, to verify that they received your mail

4, to confirm date and time of interview

5, to update your mailing address, phone number, email address

6, if your case is at a US embassy or consulate overseas

7, for all other questions

Checklist info! You can avoid them!! Research RESEARCH RESEARCH!!!

Here is a forum I started on "How to avoid a checklist. PLEASE check it out. EVEN if you already submitted your NVC paperwork!

Tips on how to avoid a checklist

Another tip to help you avoid getting a checklist. Do a search on the forum (upper right-hand corner). For example, do the following:

"Checklist, Birth Certificate, India"

"Checklist, Police Report, India"

"Checklist, Marriage Certificate, India"

"Checklist, India"

Here are the search results for "Checklist, India" You'll see right away, that there are a lot of checklists from people who didn't submit the correct Police Certificate.

http://www.visajourney.com/sitesearch/?cx=partner-pub-3407508467788263%3A9725800110&cof=FORID%3A10&ie=UTF-8&q=Checklist%2C India&sa=Search&siteurl=www.visajourney.com%2F&ref=&ss=2j4j2

IF YOU FOUND OUT THAT YOU'VE SENT IN THE WRONG DOCUMENT OR MISSING ONE, ADVISE SENDING THE CORRECTION ASAP BEFORE WAITING FOR YOUR CASE TO BE REVIEWED.. Others have done so and were still able to get their CC between 8-11 weeks of their original scan date. (if you forgot to put NA/None in the empty spaces on your AOS form, or didn't write your case number on every document you sent in, many received a CC without doing this, it's just a safety measure. If you didn't send in all pages of your AOS /i864 form, that's a BIG error and will receive a checklist, so please send in the entire form, signed (or scanned version of a signature) to the NVC ASAP!! And whenever you send new documents to the NVC, always include your barcoded NVC cover sheet with your case number on it.. And write your case number in the upper right-hand corner and a letter to explain why you're sending it in.. And SEND everything in one envelope.

There are two types of checklists, one where you can bring your documents to the interview, or the other where you have to resubmit to the NVC.

If you have to resubmit to the NVC, there are 2 options you can take.

One, submit the corrected document(s) in ASAP.. Once the NVC has confirmed that they have receipt.. Wait about a week, call back and ask for a supervisor to get in contact with you.. They may refuse, but it has worked for those that kept on calling.. The goal, to have the supervisor review the new document and give you a CC ASAP versus waiting the 8-11 weeks again. Sometimes it works, most of the time, it does not.. SO be sure to avoid getting a checklist by sending your corrected documents ASAP.

See these posts.



Other option: ask for your case to be expedited. This has also worked for others. It's up to your embassy to approve/deny it..

How to expedite at NVC?

Go to this link has good information how to go about it.


Print out your ds-260 confirmation

If you haven't printed out your DS-260 confirmation yet. Created the following to help you locate it. You have to bring this to your interview. :)

DS-260 Confirmation Example / Printing Instructions. (Must bring to your interview)

My timeline

Here is my timeline of events to get an idea of the NVC processing.

3/29/2017 i130 approved
4/5/2017 USCIS mailed to NVC
4/11/2017 NVC assigned case number
4/12/2017 Filled out the ds-261
4/14/2017 PAID AOS fee
4/18/2017 - Received Welcome Letter (via email)
- Called NVC to approve DS261
- Paid IV fee
4/19/2017 Mailed out Supporting documents
4/24/2017 USPS Tracking confirmed that NVC received documents
4/25/2017 NVC confirmed receipt, scan date
4/26/2017 submitted the 260 - 11 weeks starts today
6/20/2017 CEAC status changed to "AT NVC" /AOS info gone - Confirmed CC on the phone
6/22/2017 Received CKLST COVER LETTER
6/27/2017 Received CC letter
6/28/2017 Called NVC, received Interview date - Aug 2
6/29/2017 Reserved Medical Appointment
6/30/2017 Received Interview Confirmation Letter (p4)
7/6/2017 Received Interview Confirmation Letter (p4) AGAIN.

CEAC Status changed to "in transit"

AOS is back and now says in upper right-hand corner
7/10/2017 CEAC Status changed to "Ready" (this means, my file has arrived at the Embassy)
8/2/2017 CEAC Status still "Ready" (But date changed to 8/2/2017, the day of the interview)
8/3/2017 CEAC Status still "Ready" (But date changed to 8/3/2017)
8/7/2017 CEAC Status "Adminstrative Processing" (Date changed (case last updated) to 8/7/2017) 11:35 AM
8/7/2017 CEAC Status "ISSUED" (Visa has been printed) 9:00 PM


The forum works well if we all help one another out, so please share links, advice and be proactive.. Help one another out when you see someone struggling.. It's such a hard/long journey; with some waiting for years... This VJ community wlll be your family of sorts for the following months. Please it's a big thing in the American culture to say "THANK YOU" / give appreciation.. So please thank those that help you. It's nice to give them hearts but also share your appreciation.. Also very important, before posting questions, conduct a search on the forum.. It's in the upper right-hand corner of this page. If you find useful info, share it. :)

Finally, please refer new people to read the first page of this forum. You can put it in your signature too. Here is the link. :)

NVC August 2017 Scan Dates

Wish you all good luck!! JBMG

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