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Does the USCIS work on Saturdays ?
1:53 pm yesterday


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Silly question but I wanted to know if it's possible that my case gets updated on this saturday ?

Thanks guys :)

PS: Sorry if it's not the good forum section I didn't know where to post this

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What to do after NOA2
12:41 pm yesterday


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Hi guys,

my NOA2 should (still praying though) come in some days, I would like to know what will happen in this next step : (papers, appointments,...).

I mean I know some basic stuff such as the doctor appointment, but I don't remember well (I am at work lmao)

Thanks :)

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Advice on I 864 assets? Co sponsor?
1:29 pm yesterday


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Hello all.

This forum has been a lot of help for us. I have just moved to the US in my K1 and we are planning to get married on may 13 and then filing for AOS.

However my US fiance does not meet the 125%, he is 3000 short. (17000 vs 20000)

17000 was his income for 2016 shown on latest tax return.

We have several options for "filling in the gap" but we don't know what would be best and thought we would ask for your advice on what would be better for our situation

Option 1) assets. He has enough money in a mutual fund to cover 3x the difference by far. I believe this mutual fund is considered a liquid asset? However it is a high risk mutual fund (growth fund)...

Option 2) he plans on making 23000 this year (2017) which would be enough but we won't have any proof of this except for letters of employers stating salary. He doesn't have any pay stubs for one of his jobs they just pay him checks. He has check stubs.. and the other job is seasonal so he hasn't started it yet this year... would letters be enough?

Option 3) Co sponsor...

What do you think would be better for our situation? I am worried for option 1 about the mutual funds being a high risk one even though he has had more money on it every year and can show it, and about option 2 I do not know if we can state 23000 as current income (planned income for 2017?) and if the employer letters would be enough.

We just want to pick the option that would avoid an rfe, including a co sponsor if the other 2 options are risky...

Thank you so much for your advice

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Processing time !
11:18 pm yesterday


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Hi everybody, i have a simple question please, how may i find out the processing time for N400 for San Diego, i was placed inline for interview 7 weeks ago and still no interview date yet, my case number start with Nbc, i just want to know how long approximately i should wait more before they schedule me an interview,

Thanks, i appreciate your help

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Number of affidavit of support - I864
1:53 pm yesterday


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I am a US Citizen and we are filing I-130, I-485 etc concurrently for my wife and daughter; we came to the US 3 months ago and have now decided to stay.

My question is regarding affidavit of support I-864: should I send 2 signed originals, one with each I-485, with full duplicate backup? Or can I just include one set of evidence (work certificate, income tax filing copies etc) for both I-864 forms?

Thank you very much,


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