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Steps after NOA2 approved
9:54 am


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Hi there! I'm getting a bit confused regarding the steps after the NOA2 being approved. What I understood is that:

1) our application will be moved to NVC who will assign us a case number.

2) Once I have the case number, I can fill-out the DS-160 online and take an appointment for the interview

3) Our case is mailed at the US Embassy in my home country

4) I bring the documents at the interview (and have a medical appointment before)

I'm espacially getting confused with the documents (such as the Affidit of support, policed records...): will I need to mail them or bring them at the embassy during my interview?

Thank you for your help!

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10:17 pm


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Hi guys, So who on here is using a lawyer. I have a friend who filed the k-1 visa and didn't use a lawyer, everything turned out fine. And then I have other friends who filed the K-1 visa and are saying using a lawyer is the only way to go?


I filed in September btw and have not used a lawyer at all. Hoping I get my NOA2 in the next month or so!

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Approved Case
4:10 pm


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I have again an issue with my case. It was approved since November 15 2017, since then I have been contacted NVC to have my case number to move forward but nothing. Now this morning I received an email from USCIS stating that the case has been approved as of February 8 2018, for something that was already approved 3 months ago. Now my question is can a case be approved twice? Has someone been in this situation? What did the person do? I contacted USCIS but like always they always confused and when they trynna transfer the call to another level of customer service,no one is there to answer the call. I'm so frustrated at this point,I don't know what else to do.if someone can help me please???.

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When to quit my job?
11:11 am


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Hello there,

My fianc and I have recently submitted our petition in December 2017. We have received our NOA1 on December 19. Our file should not get processed before at least July or August, so we're patiently waiting as many of you out there. I work full time in the south of France and was wondering when would be a good time to quit my job? I first thought about waiting til we get our NOA2 but Im afraid not to have enough time between the prior notice, the fact that Ill need to sell all my furniture and move out of my apartment, getting papers ready for the embassy interview in Paris and planning the wedding.

When did you stop working to entirely focus on the rest?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

La titia.

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Did my tax preparer goofed up ?
8:10 am


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Hello everybody ;)

I went to H&R Block earlier to get our Tax done and get the refound. I have my conditional GC, I worked 3 months ( Sept-Nov 2017) last year and I had a big doubt about what our tax preparer did <_< My wife and myself filled jointly but my question was about the Healthcare part :huh: If I remember the lady checked this '' US citizen abroad and non citizen'' and if I understand correctly this part is about citizen or non citizen abroad right ? Which is not my case for me because I haven't been abroad since I moved here :reading:And furthermore she checked all the months from January to December with that exemption thing :mellow:

I'm so lost , completely lost , what does that mean ? Please tell me that the lady was right all along and I'm just worried for nothing ? If she made us fill something wrong then what are the consequences ?

Thanks for reading :help:

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