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3:30 am today


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I received the RFE letter today and they are asking me for the beneficiary letter of intent to get married. Now my question is can he write the letter,sign,scan it and send it by email to me or does he have to mail it? I really want it to be quick,the waiting game is so stressful.

Thank you

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Credit History
12:59 am yesterday


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Experts - my wife settled here for 7 months now and we're trying to build up her credit history. We applied for different cards (included Secure cards) and she was denied based on lack of credit history and no US income. She's working now, but still can't get approved. We have accounts with a bank that denied her even though they house two of our accounts. I can't have her as a secondary card holder on my accounts because my score isn't good and I don't want mine to negatively impact hers. Do you have any advice? Thanks in advance.

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How long to receive letter after expedited approved?
7:52 am yesterday


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Hello! I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on approximate processing and waiting times once files have left the NVC? I realize it varies case by case but any outside input would ease my nerves (or not). We applied for expedited visa in September due to a sudden health problem with an immediate relative. It was approved Sept 28 and we received notification that files were being sent to Paris embassy. Within two days status update said ready. I tried to call to schedule the appt for interview but they re locked down like Fort Knox. Attempts to fax failed. I sent an email but have had no repsonse. It s now more than two weeks later and we don t have a snail mail either. Is this normal? Should I chill out? Does anyone know how long it takes to get an appt date from them once they receive files ? Thank you for any info you can give !

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Interview Date
4:48 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone!

I called NVC yesterday to get a status on my husband's case. To my surprise, they told me that they actually scheduled an interview for November 22nd at the embassy in Paris. Yay!

However, I still have not received any email or letter from them.

Does anyone here have been in the same situation where they found out the interview date on the phone first? When will I receive the letter?


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7:26 pm yesterday


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Hi, I called NVC today and they told me that we got an interview date! Yes finally!! I'ts on November 22nd.

Now, my husband needs to get all of his vaccines up to date. Does anyone know of a place in Phoenix Arizona where he can get them? (he does not have insurance so somewhere cheap would be nice).


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