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arrowContact Information for Everyone at State Responsible for Visa Delays
October 23, 2014, 3:38 pm Last comment by NLR

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If someone could find the same for USCIS that would be peachy. The phone list was released by Consular Corner and I put two and two together from information at State's web site.


National Visa Center

Phillip Slattery




Reports to:


Domestic Operations

Daria Darnell

Policy Advisor/Domestic Operations



Reports to:


Visa Services

Karin King

Managing Director



Reports to:


Visa Services

Ed Ramotowski

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Visa Services




Reports to


Michele Thoren Bond

Acting Assistant Secretary
Bureau of Consular Affairs

Michele T. Bond




Reports to:


Office of the Under Secretary for Management (M)

Under Secretary

Patrick F. Kennedy




Reports to:


Secretary John Kerry 7th Floor



Happy calling!

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arrowGot my green card with mistake on country of birth
October 23, 2014, 7:43 am Last comment by christophec

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Hi Guys,


I just got my green card in the mail and guess what ? My country of birth is... USA 

Anyway, I am travelling tomorrow outside of the country, I can't make an InfoPass for a stamp because NY office is crowded and the next available date in second week of november. Maybe i should try a walkin, but the police in front of the huge building in new york won't let me without appointment letter.

Will I have any problem going back in the country at the airport? Should i bring birth certificate ? I mean... how can i be born in the USA that's obviously a mistake from their hand. I checked all my paperworks



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arrowAP and return to US
October 23, 2014, 1:28 am Last comment by CdnRN

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I got my AP back in September and have not used it yet. I have to go to Canada in 2 weeks for a day or so. What is it like to cross back into the US by car with AP? I came in on a B2 back then. and my B2 is expiring mid November. Can I enter the US on B2 or do I have to show them the AP? not sure how this works. For what reasons can they deny me entry? Any paperwork I have to take with me to show them to make sure they let me back in?

Thank you

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arrowStolen documentations from NVC to Embassy
October 22, 2014, 6:53 pm Last comment by NikiT

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is this happened to anyone ??

I had my itw at the Paris Embassy 2 weeks ago but unfortunately our documentation was lost

It appears as today that it is not lost but stolen 

The NVC contacted my husband to tell him to be cautious about fraudulent activities on his bank account because it happened to some other people.

it actually happened as his Bank fraud department called him about fraud on his account !!!

We re worried about the fact that someone has now all the information in his hand SSN birthday etc etc as it was all included in the paperwork the NVC sent to the Embassy (as our original mariage certificate (if anyone know how to get a new one)

Anyone in the same case ?


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arrowDo I need to duplicate copies of passport/birth certificate and so on for AOS when filing i-485/i-131/i-765
October 22, 2014, 12:15 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Now that I am married since a week, it is time to file for AOS.

I want to file also the employment authorization and advanced parole.

Do I need have passport pictures for each of the form, and photocopies of birth certificate, passport for each of the form?

I am confused because I have seen some people just sending two pictures for the whole AOS package, and some people having 2 pictures for the i-485, 2 for the employement authorization and 2 others for the advanced parole.

The same question applies for passport/birth certificate/translations. Should I duplicate everything?



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