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arrowPhotos with family us proof
February 13, 2016, 3:21 am Last comment by Alaska2012

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Hello again,
I wanted to ask people who said that pictures with family are good proofs,can you please tell me how the CO s can make sure they are our real parents??

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arrowAdditional proofs in interview
February 12, 2016, 5:22 pm Last comment by TomEn

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Hello everyone!,
So me and my fiancé want to meet second time in martch and than file the petition in april with our pictures of 2 vitists,tickets,conversations. ...
But we are planning to visit his home country in summer and take some pictures with his family and freinds and after that visit tunisia my home country
The question is:
Can we add the pictures that we will take and the tickets of our summer trips as additionnel proofs in the interview (our petition in california will be sent if everything will be ok with the 2 visits only )

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arrowMom I-130 approved and sent to NVC
February 12, 2016, 11:40 am Last comment by msrovers

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Hi Everybody,

So far my immigration journey with the USA has been quite smooth but sometimes too slow... 

Here I am, proud Citizen since May 2015.

I did petition for my Mom in June 25, 2015. My dad passed in November 2014 and I cannot leave my lil' Mom by herself.

Her case is on time and reflect the processing time accurately regarding the USCIS by itself.

We got the Approval Notice of Action on January 11, 2016, with the usual verbiage, stating that the case has been sent to the NVC.

On January 26 I got an email/text message from USCIS stating: "On January 26, 2016, we sent your case, Receipt Number LIN**********, to the Department of State for visa processing."

Since... No news at all. 

I call my Mom every single day and I do not know what to tell her anymore aside being patient.
Usually, how long it takes between the approval and case # attribution from the NVC?

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arrowNVC Checklist Cover letter // AOS missing elements // we believe NVC is wrong
February 12, 2016, 11:22 am Last comment by FrenchJourney

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We received yesterday(Feb 11th) the following mail from NVC after sending the whole package back in december (with a receipt date of Jan-4th).


We reviewed your I-864, I-864EZ, I-864W or I-864A Affidavit of Support form and supporting financial documents. We found that you didn't provide all the necessary supporting documents or you had incomplete information or you missed some questions on the Affidavit of Support form(s).


Apparently so the 2 following things are missing in our AOS :


[x] In Part 8. Sponsor's Contract, please correct the following...

[x] Item 6.a. You must sign the form and your signature must be original.


[x] You must submit the following financial evidence:

[x] Your {2014} W-2 forms(s).


The problem is that these missing elements are partially wrong :

  • The form is signed
  • The W-2form is irrelevant because my husband was not working in the US back then.


So basically, our understanding is that we would need to resend the AOS with the original signature (because we had it sent by our lawyers,so they printed our scans of the AOS) – which means another additional month of waiting before they review the case as NVC specifies in this letter : “After you email or mail the requested information, allow us 30 days to review your response.”


Our lawyers are trying to reach the NVC to discuss this, because they told us that in most countries (except France) the AOS is sent by email anyway…

Producing the original AOS at the Embassy interview should be plenty. (or so our lawyers say)


I’m trying to get additional feedback from you :

  • Did our lawyers screw up (ie we should have sent the document with the original signature)?
  • Is there a chance to open up the discussion with the NVC?


Additionally, we received this letter from the NVC only for my file. We also have our 3 kids through the same process – and haven’t received anything (yet) on their cases…

Would that be an additional worry (their cases are back-tracked, and we will receive similar letters with the additional month as well…)?

Or could this be reassuring? (their cases are fine, and so should mine be, it’s a mistake from the NVC?)


Many thanks for your help / feedback / experiences!!! (L)



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arrowMarried filing jointly with no Social Security number
February 11, 2016, 12:37 pm Last comment by progzeon

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Hi All,


Background info: My wife came to the U.S. on a K-1 visa last year and we subsequently got married.  We applied for a social security card right away (prior to marriage), but due to incompetent employees at our local office, they never issued us a card.  They told us to wait 4 weeks originally and then that turned to 6 weeks.  By the time we were finally able to return to the office to get it sorted out, we needed to do the application all over again and at that point it was too late as our I-94/K-1 was too close to the expiration date.  I realize that we'll need to wait for the EAD to file again.  We applied for adjustment of status, EAD and AP last month.  Is it at all possible to file a joint tax return without her having a social security number?  Thanks in advance!

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