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Questions regarding Credit Score and Credit Cards
2:04 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone.

I have a few questions about all of the credit stuff here in the US.

My wife, the US citizen, has a good score, way above 700.
I, however, have no credit history. I wanted to get an AMEX credit card, since I'd get some nice perks, but I need a score of at least 620 to get it.

1. Is there an easy way for me to build a credit score, or at least, what would be a good way to start?
2. If my wife sign up for the AMEX card and get a free second card for me, will it help and build my credit score as well?
3. My last question is: Is it necessary for me to have a credit score, since my wife has a good one? I mean, if we want a loan to buy a house later, will they only use her credit score, or mine as well?

Thank you!

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I-765 Misdemeanor
7:10 pm yesterday


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Application for employment authorization form : Question 19a and 19b.

Eligibility Category:

Is Q 19b a separate question or do you only answer it if Q19a applies to you?

if so Q19b says to report misdemeanors of two or more but it also says report all arrests and convictions, which is it.

My husband the immigrant has one DUI that's a misdemeanor and spent one night in jail. Should he report this and answer yes to this question?

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Can we delay the interview ?
6:13 pm yesterday


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I have a very bad news. I have to cancel the K1 for at least one year because it doesn't fit with her school/family ...

I have already paid for the interview and just canceled it right now, I wanted to know If it's "unlimited" (schedule the interview in like next march) or in 3 months it will expire ?

Thanks guys , I hope it will never happen to you

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possible to do any steps in the US while visiting (split topic)
5:11 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone. I don't know if this question has been answered yet, but here goes:

I just received NOA2 from USCIS, we're now moving to NVC. I'm doing the consular process through the embassy in Paris. Because I overstayed my ESTA by 18 days after I married my husband, I had to get a B1/B2 to be able to visit. I am currently in the US with him, will be going. Back to France soon.

My question is: is it possible for us to do some of the next steps in the US, since I am here? Or am I bound by the consular process? Mostly medical and the interview. This is mainly because the medical exam is very expensive in Paris, and only one doctor is approved by the embassy. There are 5 approved USCIS MDs around our house in the US...


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Question for "Employment Information" (I-134)
4:48 pm yesterday


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I am helping my fianc e to fill the I-134 however she is a student and we are stucked at "Employment Information" section, does she have to write something ?

She is doing a Bachelor's Degree.


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