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Traveling with a K1 visa
5:00 am


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 I can travel to another state than the one I am going to live, the reason is the graduation of my fianc e

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Solicitudes de Diciembre 2017 k1
10:01 pm

Gina Salinas

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Quisiera saber de m s gente que haya puesto su solicitud k1 dentro de estos meses . Soy de Ecuador ?

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ALL Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 4
8:41 pm


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This is the continuation thread for the Part 3 thread


which has been closed because of its large size.

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October 2017 I-129F Filers, Part II
8:27 pm


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This is the continuation thread for the original October 2017 thread


which has been closed because of its large size.

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2016 Taxes requested for Interview
8:46 pm


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Hello all!

I have a question regarding the consulate requesting 2016 tax transcripts.

I lived abroad with my spouse in 2016. I worked full time in Ecuador and filed US taxes with foreign earned income.

As of 2017, I live in the U.S. and have full time employment where I clearly make over the 125% of poverty line. I sent tax transcripts from 2014, 2015, 2016, a letter from my employer in Ecuador that stated how much I earned from my employment half 2017 in Ecuador and a letter from my current employer in the U.S who I have worked for since Nov 2017. I have a fixed term contract and when summed up my earnings from Ecuador and USA for 2017 also bypass the 125% poverty line. Thus, NVC approved my I-864 and I was never sent a checklist. I called NVC today and they say that I met all the requirements.

Today, the consulate emailed/replied back to an email stating that I need a co sponsor for my spouse because my 2016 taxes say 0. The taxes say zero because I did not earn any money in the U.S., I earned money in Ecuador.

I have been emailing back and forth with the consulate but they can not answer my questions clearly since they can not pre-adjudicate the case before the interview. I understand this. I just want to make sure my husband takes the correct documents and is approved. I can not be with him at the interview, and I am worried that just because of 2016 taxes being zero the CR-1 will be denied- even though it makes no sense when in 2018, I make more than enough to be his sole sponsor.

Anyone gone through this before?

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