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really old CRBAs
2:05 am yesterday


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Is there any way to check if someone filed a CRBA in an embassy back in the 50s? If one was not filed, is there another way to prove citizenship?

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Green card holder Military orders Overseas
7:46 pm yesterday


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My Background: I came on a K1 visa, adjusted status to get the green card and sent my ROC documents june last year (still pending).

My husband is military and we recently got orders to England, projected travel date 02/15/19. I have done my research and all that but I wanted to know if there were any military spouses out there that went through this process.

I know I can apply for naturalization based on 319b since we got orders, have any of you done that? Did the process take too long? How long? Also, My I 751 is pending and their processing times are 18-24 months so I don't know if I will meet the projected date. Because once I get the citizenship I will need to apply for the no fee military passport. I am already preparing my naturalization paperwork but wondering too if they would expedite my process because of the orders.

Now, what if I apply for naturalization once I get there and just do the process as a green card holder. Has any of you done it that way? Meaning going overseas using your country passports? My husband is currently deployed and I am freaking out because the passport/visa office on base was useless when I called :( they told me I needed to be a us citizen, if not they couldn't do anything and they couldn't answer me about using a foreign passport but I am pretty sure I am not the first one on this boat, right?

I have to wait until my husband comes back to get documents and more information about pcsing but I hope I can find useful answers here.

Thank you so much for your help!!

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9:41 pm yesterday


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Hello everybody,

My husband and I are currently filing for his I-601A, it got accepted on Feb '18 and on May 11, 2018 I received a notice saying that our case was transferred to another office for jurisdiction, has this happened to anybody else? if so, do you know what's the reason they do this?? anything would help, Thank you!

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Taking too long to receive a receipt notice and they haven't cash my check
3:35 pm yesterday


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Hello friends, I hope you can help me or at least give me some comfort with your answers. So I sent my I-751 on April 09,2018 and it was delivered on April 12, because my green card is expiring on July, 18,2018. It's has been over a month, almost two months and I haven't heard from USCIS, because of that I assumed my package was lost since they haven't cashed the money order either. I went ahead and sent another package with the new forms and everything like the first package, this time I sent a check so I would know when they cash it easier. The second package was delivered on May 24. They haven't cash the check and I haven't received any notice either. I'm just very frustrated because I don't remember taking so long when we did the k1 visa, the adjustment of status. and work permit. We always got a notice after 2 or 3 weeks. I have called USCIS customer service but they can't help at all, they always tell me to keep waiting and that there is nothing on the system under my name besides the old applications. This time that my status has an expiring day things are taking forever. I sent my first package with UPS to the PO BOX to the California Service Center in Laguna Niguel. I thought it got lost because I was supposed to use USPS for a PO BOX. The second time I sent it with USPS and sent it to the same PO BOX. The notification said it was delivered so I don't want to think that it got lost again. Is there someone else that is going trough the same thing?

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November 2017 I-129F Filers, Part II
6:05 am yesterday


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This is the continuation thread for the original thread --


-- which has been closed because of its large size.

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