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Inscripción de matrimonio vs. Libro de matrimonio
2:02 am


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I am preparing for the interview that will be held in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The NVC only requires the marriage certificate(inscripci n y certificado de matrimonio). Looking at the required documents for the interview, something called "Libro de Matrimonio" is required at the interview. What is that? What is the difference between the 3 documents?

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Guayaquil NVC interview
3:15 pm


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Heyy I am very worried and i need some advice based on anyone's experience.

My husband has his visa interview this Tuesday but i am a little worried because at the medical exam he admitted to using cocaine but his last use was 8 months ago.

We have to daughter ages 3 and 4 he had lived in the US for 12 years he was approved for a I601a waiver. He had no previous criminal record neither had been arrested for anything his record is clean. I have heard that they normally put these cases on a pause for a couple of months or up to a year but ### well i have also seen cases were they approve them withiut any issue

please if theres someone out there with a similiar experience like mine i would really appreciate your opinion or story

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Evidence for Bonafide Marriage
2:59 am


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Hi Everyone!

Ok so i recently filed I-130 for my husband. I actually moved to his country in 2016 and stood there till 2017, just recently that i returned to the states. We instantly lived together, i found a job and he had a job as well, we took vacations together, etc. We got married in Feb 2017, and in April 2017 i came back to the U.S. So basically we lived together as boyfriend/girlfriend/ fiancees for like 10 months up to when we got married where we only lived together as a married couple for 1 month. That is my concern, that they won't see the year we lived together not being married and previous trips i've made to see him as "bonifide" i feel like they will pay attention to the married part which only was lived for 1 month. Due to financial issues i had to return to the U.S. but immediately found a job and filed for IR.

My question is will it be enough? I hope i made myself clear cause to me reading it, it makes sense hopefully it does to you.

Thank you for your responses, it's greatly appreciated.

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When is Igor's list updated?
9:39 am


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Maybe I am missing something. In the "K1 Fiance Visa Historical Processing Times", it shows that CSC is currently processing I-129F's with a NOA1 date of February 5. That's all good. Our date is February 2. But on Igor's list, the most current update on the NOA2's is May 10. I just saw a couple after May 10. Today is May 18. Is there a reason the updating of Igor's List is so far behind? Has CSC paused in their processing of K1's? I do not understand the time gap between "K1 Fiance Visa Historical Processing Times" and Igor's List.

I understand it is dependent on Members Updating their information. But I can not believe no one has updated in a week.

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Any Dutch/American Couples?? [Part II]
4:57 am


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This is the continuation thread for the original thread, which had to be closed because of size:


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