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arrowQ: Doctor's Note Confirming Pregnancy for I-130?
August 26, 2016, 12:13 pm Last comment by NuestraUnion

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I'll get right to it.  I want to ask my (previous) doctor for a note about my wife's pregnancy to include as supporting evidence with my I-130 petition.  I was a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) when my wife got pregnant (though we weren't married at the time).  Peace Corps paid for her doctor appointments and tests for the three months while I was an active PCV.  So, my plan was to ask the Peace Corps doctor to write a letter saying, essentially, that she had consulted with Verónica and I about the pregnancy, that Peace Corps paid for Verónica's medical care because I, a PCV, was(am) the father.  Basically, I'm looking for some guidance on perhaps what (more?) I should ask the doctor to write.  If she should just include the info. in red above, or if there's something else I should include or what.  As further evidence of the pregnancy, I have receipts for a number of verónica's doctor's visits, but only one paper has both our names on it, and it's just for blood tests and doesn't say anything about a pregnancy.  Any guidance on this is appreciated.


I have all the "required" documentation (I-130, marriage license, G-325A, etc.).  For the "documentation that may evidence the bona fides of your marriage", I have the lease that we signed where we lived together for a year.  I can also likely get a document from the bank here that shows that my wife can withdraw from my bank account, demonstrating "commingling of financial resources."  But I think evidence of the pregnancy would carry the most weight. 


Thanks in advance!



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arrowMedical test results sent directly to Embassy...anyone else?
August 17, 2016, 10:36 pm Last comment by Aghaaz0719

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My son (K2) was asked to come back to the civil surgeon for x-ray testing due to a finding of "something abnormal" in his tuberculosis blood test. So we go back to the doctor's office, pay the fee and have the chest x-ray done. We then were told to come back the next day for the x-ray results. We get back to find out the x-ray findings and now we are told that "everything is OK, everything's normal". Much to my surprise, the envelope with his test results will be forwarded directly to the Embassy from the docs office, while my test results envelope was hand-delivered to me to bring to our interview. Anyone else has experienced a similar situation? Should I be worried about them not releasing my son's envelope to me? Can we say he's out in the clear? 

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August 16, 2016, 12:59 pm Last comment by cottonginner

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I met my fiancé through latin cupid, which re-directs you to latin American cupid.  Is this an international marriage broker?  How do I prove we did not use a marriage broker?

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arrowk2 follow to join question
August 15, 2016, 3:32 pm Last comment by Merrytooth

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Can someone confirm if a child k2 beneficiary doing a follow to join needs to get the medical exam and come to the interview at the same time as the k1 beneficiary? My son is 17 y/o and he will be doing follow to join next year after his done with school. I was wondering if his DS-160, medical, consular interview, etc needs to be done at the same time as mine, or being he's older and won't travel until several months ahead, those could be done when he's ready to travel . Thank you everyone in advance 

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arrowDo i need to file AR-11 or not?
August 9, 2016, 12:04 pm Last comment by ERFandPRW

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we are currently pending AOS with an interview on August 23,2016 (even though we haven't received anything in the mail), we moved in June i sent an address change, but just read on the confirmation letter for address change that we must submit an AR-11 with 10 days…. whoops. Do i need to do this or is it just for ROC…. and is it too late?



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