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When is Igor's list updated?
9:39 am


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Maybe I am missing something. In the "K1 Fiance Visa Historical Processing Times", it shows that CSC is currently processing I-129F's with a NOA1 date of February 5. That's all good. Our date is February 2. But on Igor's list, the most current update on the NOA2's is May 10. I just saw a couple after May 10. Today is May 18. Is there a reason the updating of Igor's List is so far behind? Has CSC paused in their processing of K1's? I do not understand the time gap between "K1 Fiance Visa Historical Processing Times" and Igor's List.

I understand it is dependent on Members Updating their information. But I can not believe no one has updated in a week.

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Any Dutch/American Couples?? [Part II]
4:57 am


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This is the continuation thread for the original thread, which had to be closed because of size:


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Extension for K-2 Visa Possible???
7:26 pm


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Hello, is it possible to extend the expiration date of a K-2 visa? My wife's daughter is doing a follow-to-join K-2, she's still back home in Ecuador. She might not be ready to travel within the 6-month visa validity due to school issues. We are aware that we need to apply, (and obtain) the K-2 before the mom's K-1 expires, in other words within a year of K-1, however, she might need an extra month or 2 to actually travel to the U.S. I'm wondering if anyone has been in the same situation and how this was done. How much time before K-2 visa expiration you need to apply? Is a USCIS form and fees required for the extension request? Thanks.

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Confused about Lines 19a-19c on Form I-864
7:28 pm


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I'm filling out USCIS form I-864 Affidavit of Support for AOS from K-1 visa and need clarification regarding lines 19.a thru 19.c on page 6.

Do these questions apply only if you file IRS form 1040 EZ? Are these questions related to question 18.b which is optional information? I always file my taxes under IRS form 1040 and I'm not sure if I need to list my total income (adjusted gross income) as listed on my form 1040 for my most recent tax year (2016), plus 2nd and 3rd most recent years when using form 1040. Thanks in advance for clarifying these questions for me.

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Obamacare (Medical Insurance) Question
7:29 pm


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How soon after a K-1 beneficiary arrives into the U.S. is required to purchase and carry medical insurance? Is there a "grace period" or any other exception for it not to be required immediately?

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