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March 30, 2015, 9:18 am Last comment by newtothelift

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I am wondering if somebody can answer this question because they went through it. It seems like if NVC sends you a checklist and/or a second checklist, and it/they remain unfulfilled it gets sent to the consulate, and the consulate deals with the documentation issue. Please do not laugh or shake your head, just state whether is true or not, or at least possible. With anticipated thanks.

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arrowAll F4's, Part III
March 29, 2015, 12:41 am Last comment by Hiiiii1972

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This is the continuation thread for this thread:

which has been closed because of its large size.


All prior instructions from VJ Moderation remain in effect.



VJ Moderation


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arrowI need to renew my work permit EAD, i need some help please
March 26, 2015, 12:40 pm Last comment by Marco&Bettina

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My work permit expires June 5, 2015 and i need to renew it.

What are the steps to follow?

Do we have a special link for "work permit renewal package?"

And if it is the same I-765 package i did for when i first apply for AOS, do i need to include anything extra?

I am currently working and i don't want to get in trouble or lose my job.





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arrowNotice of Potential Interview Waiver Case [Part II]
March 19, 2015, 12:10 pm Last comment by Anonymous885

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This is the continuation thread for:

which was closed because of its large size.

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arrowAOS Parent of a Citizen
March 10, 2015, 7:21 pm Last comment by luisrolo

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Hello to everyone


If possible can someone help to answer this question, I'm filing forms I-130 and I-485 along with the rest of forms for AOS, but I lost the form I-94, I am sending the copy of the stamp and visa in the passport but not sure if this will be sufficient, I was admitted in LA 16 years ago legally


Do I need to request copy of the I-94 or just with the entry stamp and visa in passport is enough, please advice






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