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4:10 pm


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Anyone trying to reach TSC should know that this center is closed till the 5th for the hurricane

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VAWA, Part 9
5:26 am


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This is the continuation thread for VAWA, Part 8

which was closed for size. Please pick up where you left off, and newcomers can feel free to join in.

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Received RFE notice but no letter
1:11 am


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Anyone in the same situation?

I sent my I-130 to Nebraska more than 8 months ago and I FINALLY received an answer. I got an RFE (which I'm pretty sure is because stupid me sent my marriage certificate in spanish with no translation) which is ok, I can fix that... BUT!!! I live in Ecuador and our mailing system is complete bogus!! I have ALWAYS had trouble with it! I have never received mail period. And once a friend sent me a package with a tracking number I was never informed, if it wasn't because my friend told me and I personally went with the tracking number and insisted they searched for the package I would have never received it. My mother recently received a package that wss sent in February (6.5 months later).

You can imagine how I am freaking out because I know I have a time limit to send my evidence to USCIS and I KNOW I will NOt receive the letter. I have called twice and they still tell me I have to wait (in vain) 2 weeks to file an e- inquiry and then 2 weeks to get an answer. Who can I talk to to fix this. I want a new letter sent to a US address or if possible to have it sent via e-mail or fax.

PLEASE HELP! I'm drowing in stress! After a more than 8 month wait just for NOA2, believe me I DO NOT want to wait another month or more unnecessarily

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December 2016 filers no NOA2 yet!!
6:01 pm


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I'm a December 14th 2016 filer and I still don't receive my noa2.. anyone else in the same situation. Of course USCIS doesn't update their page quickly enough, and when they do, it is 2 months behind. I've called about 3 times during the whole process, and I called today again because I see a lot of people have received their NOA2, while I'm still in the wait (been 8 1/4 months since I got my NOA1) all they say is exactly what they have on their website.. according to them, the processing times updated on USCIS is the "up to date" information and if I want to make a special inquiry I have to wait till USCIS processing times has passed my date (I know August has been our month and they are still in June.. so I'd have to wait till they update August in 2 months)

Anyone else going through the same? Any advice? Moral support? (hahaha, I'm serious, we are going crazy)

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I-130 goes to Service Center or local Field Office for processing?
1:54 am


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I am an US citizen, petitioning for an unmarried, under 21, step-son. I know I have to file form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, and mail it to the Phoenix Lockbox, (since I live in Florida). Where does the petition actually gets processed; at a Service Center or my local Field Office?

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