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Cases (IR2s) expedited without requesting?
4:17 pm

paciencia y fe

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hi there,

we are going through the process of bringing my husband's kids over to the US. We had filed i-130s and were approved, and then just submitted the ds-260s last Sunday. This weekend we were going to finish the supporting paperwork (i-864 etc) and submit it all to the NVC.

yesterday though, my husband received emails that they had approved our request to expedite. which i guess is good, but we never requested it so we're totally confused! Is this normal for this type of visa perhaps? Should we still be sending all our docs to NVC? When I checked case status it says it's been sent for consular processing already.


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3:23 am


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Hello, my wife is Colombian, I Ecuadorian my wife has permanent residence, I submit I130 on December 28, 2016 and the notification received by the information center of California arrived on January 3, 2017, and until today 7 / 11/2017 no more information has arrived, are normal waiting times? is reviewed in the USCIS page and processing is always on August 23, 2016

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Spouse now US citizen, now we want to bring her mother over on tourist visa
12:47 am


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I started here on visajourney in 2012 and found a wealth of information and great discussions with others going through the K1 visa when I was going through it with my now wife. We made it through that stressful process and she is now a US Citizen!

Now we want to bring her mother over to visit us. I was unable to find any sample forms or information on tourist visas like I did for the K1 visa. We are just starting out the process now and looking for some guidance.

Thank you!


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What to do?? Notices from USCIS got back to sender!
7:51 am


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These are the facts

I applied for citizenship, at the moment that I applied I was living in California. I had to leave the country due to family emergency, while I was out My roommate told me I received a letter with the biometrics appointment. I sent them a letter to change the appointment.

a couple of months pass and my roommate sublets our apartment, I'm still abroad due to my mother being ill. The person who is subletting returned all the letters to the postoffice marking them as "not living here anymore" (obviously this person is nuts!!)

So, I don't know what the letters are about, and I'm finally coming back to the states to fix all this up. Finally I changed my address to a new one and I let USCIS Know online, but this was just after all this letters where sent back to sender.

Could you please give me suggestions on how to approach this? I've always been very transparent with every letter I sent to USCIS. IS there a chance that I will lose the chance of citinzenship? also the fee that I paid?

Thank you very much before hand for your replies!

This community is amazing!


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Fiance naturalized Ecuadorian born in Venezuela
3:53 pm


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Anyone could help!

I am the petitioner, US Citizen and Active Army soldier. My fianc currently lives in Ecuador (for shortly over a year now) holds Ecuadorian naturalization and citizenship. But she was born in Venezuela.

Late July I submitted the K1 visa packet along with copies of both her birth certificates, background checks, and letters of single. All the documents from Ecuador were stamped and legalized, but due to the issues and processing times in Venezuela - it has become a true headache to get the documents legalized.

My question is, when they send the letter with documents that are necessary, would she need original/legalized Venezuelan documents? i.e. Venezuelan birth certificate, if she has one from Ecuador?

Thank you!

Rosanna Cedano

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