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What are those added characters to the case no ??
12:12 am


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Hi i was wondering As I noticed on CEAC there are added character next to my case no! It's as below

case no: CRO2016xxxxxx 01 CRO

anybody knows what's the 01 CRO MEANS ??? Is it normal with everyone ?

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USCIS website error ..help please!
9:10 am


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Good Morning everyone,

I don't know if someone had this problem before, but I was just trying to check the status of my cases on the USCIS website and a message that says "ERROR: Resource key "1422" not found in org.apache.struts.action.MESSAGE bundle" keeps appearing. Can someone help me? I tried to changed my account password and still not working. :(

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Best way to mail paperwork to the embassy in Cairo
3:28 pm


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We were told to mail a notarized letter from my petitioner in the states to the US embassy in Cairo before the interview. We want to this letter to reach the Immigrant visa unit in the embassy in Cairo ASAP.

What's the best way to mail that to them ? And what's their exact address ?

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Apply as a petitioner for my husband
8:10 pm


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i would like information about the process of applying for a green card for my husband. We have been together for 2 years and We just married and have a baby on the way. I would like to get the process going but do not know where to start. I briefly spoke with a lawyer and they mentioned I would need to do an I-130 as the petitioner for my husband and he be the beneficiary. If this is approved then he can apply for a change of status and work visa. I am wondering if I will need an immigration lawyer for this process or if it is possible to do it on our own. My husband is from Ecuador and entered the country over 12 years ago illegally. I would really appreciate any information you can give me thanks!

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I really need help please!! My appointment might be canceled.
7:44 am


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Has anyone here scheduled a cr1 appointment online on ustraveldoc.com before ??

So to make the long story short

we received packet 4 for our cr1 visa on November 1st after almost a year and a hlaf of sending our package to the USCIS. Our appointment was scheduled by the NVC at the US embassy in Cairo on December 13. I was unable to attend due to family emergency, i have emailed the embassy later and they replied that my case is ready for interview and i should schedule an appointment online at the site ustraveldoc.com and so i did and got an appointment on April 4. My real concern is they have sent a MRV code for fee payment wich i know nothing about it, we already payed all the fees required and it shows paid on CEAC and my understanding is the only fees left is the USCIS 165 $ which should be paid on the day of interview after you get approved. And they're mentioning some form DS160 which I know nothing about it! After i googled it, i found it's a form for non immigrant visas and k1 visa! However the new appointment letter shows clearly it's a cr1 visa!! How is that possible ?? I'm really confused and unable to get any help from the live support

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