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New I-130 and I-130a (2/27/17 Version)
2:20 pm


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I have several questions regarding the new I-130s.

1) The USCIS website says that the 12/23/16 edition will be accepted up until 4/28/17. Does that mean they'll accept forms postmarked before that date? Like, if I finish filling out the 12/23/16 edition and mail it in a week, but it doesn't land on someone's desk until after 4/28/17, does that mean I'm out of luck? Once the petition arrives at USCIS, how long before it's entered into the system?

2) Am I right in thinking that the old form, which is two pages, would be better than the new form, which is 12, in terms of making the reviewing agent's life easier and more likely to approve (also, they're less things to get wrong)?

3) On the new I-130, it asks about an interpreter. I am filing for my wife who doesn't speak English all that well (yet :)). Can I act as an "interpreter" for her to complete the I-130 and I-130a forms? I know that I can't translate the supporting evidence documents, but I haven't been able to find guidance on interpreters for filling out forms.

4) Part 4. Information about Beneficiary (continued), page 8, says "The beneficiary is in the United States and will apply for adjustment of status to that of a lawful permanent resident at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office in:" ... So, I feel like this question is missing an "If" at the beginning of that one (like there is in pretty much every other question). My wife isn't in the US, but when she is there, she will have to apply for adjustment of status. Not sure what to do there. Do I put where she will potentially file? Or I could add an addendum.

5) 'Part 9. Additional Information (page 12)' says that one must use the space provided on that page to include additional information and that, if more space is needed, one can "attach a separate piece of paper" with the "Page Number, Part Number, and Item Number". However, If I need to add more addresses, for example, because there is only room for two, that corresponds to a Page Number and Part Number, but not an Item number. So, I just put "N/A" in 'Item Number', right?

6) Only like one question says to leave it blank if it doesn't apply. The rest say things like "If you answered yes to #X than answer questions Ya.-Yc." But if I answered "no", should I put "N/A"? The new instructions say to put "N/A" unless otherwise instructed (pg. 4, #3, Instructions for Form I-130, https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-130instr.pdf).

7) Also, I live overseas (I have a non-resident visa), and my permanent residence is in the Colorado. Residents of Colorado file at the Phoenix lockbox; however, USCIS says that if you live overseas to file at the Chicago lockbox. I want to file at the Phoenix lockbox (I think it's faster, right?). USCIS says if it's filed at the wrong one, it'll be forwarded to the correct one. So,

Is it just me, or was this new form created in order to create more confusion, make the process more cumbersome, increase the chance for mistakes, raise the chance for denials, etc.?

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K1 Visa Approved??
10:35 pm


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My fiance was interviewed on Feb. 8, 2017. The interviewer questioned him for almost 4 hours but not about our relationship but about being in the US in 2005. Then they said I needed to be interviewed too. On Feb. 17 I was also interviewed. It was really weird. They didn't tell us we were approved or denied. They just said we would get an email in two weeks. We have not heard anything. As of March 8 the CEAC says Administrative Processing. What does this mean? Approved? Denied? Should we get an attorney? Anyone have anything like this?

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What is needed to schedule medical for K1 Visa?
8:03 pm


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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I just can not find the answer. I do not know if this question may be Country specific. My Fiance and I have everything ready for when the package is received by the Embassy, except for the Medical Exam. Will we be able to schedule her Medical Exam once the Petition leaves NVC or do we need to wait until the Embassy Interview is scheduled? I am trying to position us to be ready for the interview as quickly as possible.

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8:44 pm


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I wnt to knw the interview day. The get the paper on January 24 how long more I have to wait?

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Greencard Interview Scheduled for next month
8:41 am


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Hello everyone!

I just received a notification from the USCIS and my Interview for adjustment of status is scheduled for next month. Any advice from someone who already attended his/her interview? Any applicant in Phladelphia?

I am already super nervous so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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