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Receipt of SS# and Green Card after US entry
4:39 pm yesterday


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My husband and I just finished the Cr1 - petition for spouse process and my husband entered the US on June 5th. The green card fee was paid prior to his arrival. Can anyone that recently received a social security number and the green card provide any timing? We had heard the social security number will take a couple weeks since we indicated on the DS-260 for them to issue the social security and that the green card is taking about a month to come in the mail, just wondering if anyone has experienced similar time frames?

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cr1 process
12:14 am yesterday


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we have everything sent to nvc and they need something else. we sent the paper they was needing they said everything is complete now.... so it has been under review for 10 days now.my wife is in Dominican republic which we will need to go to santo domingo anybody know when we will get the interview date and after in terview date will it be within 30 days ?????

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[i-134] Have anyone had success by only meeting the 100% HHS PG
2:21 am yesterday


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I know beforehand that for the K1 (i-134) we still should consider the 125% of Poverty Guidelines, more because later on they expect us to do AOS. But have anyone had success by just meeting the 100% or more?

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Any help would be appreciated
12:04 am yesterday


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I am filling out the forms to bring my wife and 2 year old step daughter over to the US. I am having difficulty finding a answers to a few of my questions. If anyone can help with any of them, that will be great.

  1. Does my 2 year old step daughter require a I 130A as well?
  2. Do I submit the same proof that I do for her mother such as copies of conversations, boarding passes and others?
  3. Will i need to get audio transcripts of Whatsapp voice messages as that is the primary way of communication of will the screen shots of of the voice messages suffice?
  4. She has a passport with her maiden name but since we got married she has changed her last name to mine, will she need to get a new passport with the updated name, a legal document stating the name change, or will the original passport be fine since her new ID has the name change?

Thanks for any help

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What to do?
3:51 pm yesterday


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Hi all,

I, Permanent Resident, petitioned for my wife and we have a priority date of Jan/27/2017, we now have two babies (twins) and my question is if we should include the babies now or wait for the NVC stage?

I've searched the forum and mostly the recommendation was to wait for the NVC, but those are old posts and doesn't reflect the current climate. With USCIS CSC taking it's sweet time to approve petitions I wonder if it will be best to just to do that now and avoid further delays at the NVC stage.

If I understood the process correctly, before paying the fees you have to include the babies as to pay the correct fees which could mean additional delays in submitting/processing the inclusion letter.

Anybody here going through the same? What did you do? What's the general advice?

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