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removing conditions
1:56 am


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Question about paperwork. Filing for my husband to remove conditions. When it asks about children, we do not have children together but he has 2 that still live in DR and I have 2 that live in US. Do we put all of them on the paperwork. We haven't filed for his kids visas yet ?? Thank you

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Nervous about interview
6:10 pm


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My husband and I have a son together and although we did not receive a date for his CR1 interview I just feel so nervous. For one, I can speak my husband language (Spanish) but sometimes its hard to understand when people speak fast or even accents. Seriously, sometimes my husband would have to repeat it to me in Spanish for me to understand. So I just hope that we won't have a problem with that. Also, my husband told me that we can bring our son (US citizen) who is only a few months old to the interview but I told him we can't.

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Interview at US Embassy Santo Domingo
5:36 pm


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Hey everyone! I wanted to know (for anyone who has been to the US Embassy in Santo Domingo for an immigration visa) once your visa application is in queue for interview, did you register online? I'm looking at the US Embassy SDO PDF and it says the first step is to register online???? The website looks a little iffy. I'm confused about what to do next???

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Visa K1 Holder Employment Authorization and Advance Parole Card
6:56 pm

Lisa Julianna

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On April 12, USCIS began to work with my application for Employment Authorization and Advance Parole Card for Adjustment of Status Applicants. How long does it take to receive it?

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AOS application submission timeline
5:54 pm


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I submitted the AOS application/documents to USCIS on March 31 via priority mail and it's been over two weeks and we haven't been notified nor has the check been cashed. Is this normal for them to wait this long to notify us and give us a new case number? It was so quick when I submitted the k1 visa application. Anything you can share is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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