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K-2 Visa Question
5:41 pm yesterday


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I wanted to know if anyone has any answers to this question...

We were thinking that my fiances daughter would stay behind for a few weeks or a month when she first travels here.

I have applied for the k-2 under her I29f. I am not worried about that...

My question is, how long will it be before she can travel back to get her daughter?

I dont want her to be stuck here and the child stuck there? She is still too small too fly alone.

Any answers?


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THANK YOU for this site :)
8:05 pm yesterday


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I just wanted to give thanks for this site and for all the help that is given to get us through this crazy process!

Our K2 follow to join passport is ready fro pick up and just today we received the combo card!

I seriously do not know what I would have done without this wealth of information.

Thank you all for making this such a valuable site :)

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7:12 pm yesterday


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Good Afternoon:

My daughter finally got the letter for the interview on July 6th, (almost 1 year later) Lol............

She is 18 now and the petitioner is her stepfather, we had been married for almost 17 years, we are having problems in our marriage and now that he is upset with me he just told me that he is not taking her to the interview. Can she go by herself now that she is 18 ? she will bring all the documents required in the letter.

Please let me know what we can do


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Us Travel Doc questions
2:53 pm yesterday


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Can I the petitioner create an account for my fianc with my information or does it have to be her information when signing up for the first time on us travel docs.

Thanks in advance guys for any responses.

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K-1 approved but still have questions
10:51 pm yesterday


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Hello all! First time poster, but this site has helped tremendously through our journey. My fiance and I had our embassy interview 06/12/17 in the Dominican Republic and he was approved. I'm afraid if we missed something so My questions are as follows, and forgive me if these have been asked before.

1) before the interview he was told to bring 2 passport sized photos. They approved him but never asked for the photos. Is this OK? Is it unusual? Was there a step we missed after being approved ? We were so excited we just left was there something else we should have done after the approval?

2) after he picks up his visa does he have to come up here immediately? I know we have 90 days to marry AFTER he enters the US, but is there a limit to how long he can stay there? Only wondering because I wanted to have everything ready for him before he came (apartment, jobs lined up, etc.)

3) my fiance has a daughter but we didn't file for her yet because we wanted to spend some time getting everything ready for her to live with us. Is that going to be a problem? Can her mother refuse him even partial custody?

4) how long does he have to wait to go back to visit her or his family? Obviously he won't be running back immediately but I've heard from some people he should wait a year. Is there an exception to visit his daughter?

Thank you again and if any Extra info is needed to answer any of these I'll be happy to share!

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