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K1 petition and picking an agent (split)
12:49 pm


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My K-1 fiance visa petition was approved my the uscis and was sent to the national visa center where it has also been approved and is ready for the interview process. I have tried to choose an agent, but it won't allow me because I do not have my invoice identification number and I do not know if it will be sent to me via email. It has been ten days since i have received notice that I can begin the visa processing. I am confused and cannot seem to find any answers.

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Adopting nephew?
8:36 pm


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I am a USC and my husband a LPR. His sister is very sick and wants to arrange for her 12 yr old child in case of her death. My husband would adopt him regardless of whether he could come to the US or not. If his mom doesn't make it, could the nephew be eligible to come to the US with my husband as his son, (and his birth father in prison with no contact for many years, and no way to care for him even if he were interested). I read something about 2 years, and my husband lived with the nephew for 10 years, until recently.

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Paying fee
7:29 pm


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Hello, I am wondering about the filing fee to adjust status after k1 visa. Is the new fee $1225 or $1140 and you pay the biometrics fee ($85) later.

Thanks in advance.

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Age Different
12:54 pm


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is 14 year age different is a big deal for a visa to be approved?

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10:22 pm


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Good evening to everyone!

I filed an application to bring my wife an daughter to the US from the Dominican Republic on December 2015. I'm a LPR approved under a F2B (reason why we married AFTER my visa was approved although we've been together for 7 years and change now and have a 5-year old daughter). So far, we've only received the NOA with the case number and the letter they send to let you know that they cannot process it at the moment due to visa number limit and you have to wait for your PD to become current. After a few calls to the NVC, I was able to get my invoice ID which allows me to check visa status (kind of) and log in to pay the fees. My F2A PD is January 2016 (not current for the next 9 months or so, I know) but being curious, I checked the status online and this came up (see attachment 1). I have not received any email or letter about 6 steps nor has my wife in the DR. Also, when I check for the fees, there is nothing under AOS (see attachment 2) and under IV processing fees, the status is NOT INVOICED and the boxes and other options are grayed out so my questions are the following: Is there a glitch at www.ceac.state.gov that provides the same status to all cases (about the 6 steps) even though your case is not that far yet? #2: Considering my priority date and based on previous experience, when should I be able to access the DS-260/DS-261 and then pay the IV processing fees? I've been around many forums and I see that most people get to choose agent and stuff 1-2 weeks after their case is approved.

I just want to understand where in the process I am and what should I expect. Am I supposed to have received something else already?

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance. I greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

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