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Guidance needed
12:37 am yesterday


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Hi all it's been a while. I'll try to make this short and to the point. My husband's visa was approved November 8, he entered the US November 18, and sadly I think I've been bamboozled as he left our home yesterday December 9.

Now he's claiming I was verbally abusive, he's submitting the chats to the embassy etc, that he can no longer be here with me and has blocked me on whatsapp. He even sent the police to my house saying I threatened him and my own life etc. To my knowledge he is still in the local area staying in shelters. Him saying he's abused and feels like I'm a threat I thought about the vawa process, don't know if that applies here. We are CR1 but he doesn't yet have a green card. He is working and said with his first paycheck he's buying a ticket home. I don't believe him. I am devastated and truly don't feel this can be salvaged and will unfortunately be filing for divorce. From an immigration stand point is there anything I can do? I do know he misrepresented about previous drug use because he tried to smoke weed with a family member here begging them to let him have some that he used to use it all the time in DR to calm him etc. Family member wouldn't allow it because he knows it's a no no with immigration. Can he legally stay here?

Sorry if this is all over the place I'm a wreck and please any help is appreciated.

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We got approved waiting for the passport
2:49 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone I been here before so some of you might remember me. So we finally got approved our interview was Nov 27th but now the waiting game continues since we are waiting for his passport. Anyone from Dominican Republic can please let me know how long did it actually take to get the passport back? We were told at the embassy to wait 10 days & when I check on the site it says that the passport is still at the embassy :unsure::unsure::unsure:

To anyone who is still waiting for their NOA2 & interview hang in there I know it seems like forever but it will happen. We filed in March and waited for 165 days for our NOA2 and it sucked lol but in the end when the nightmare is over it will be well worth it...Good luck to everyone

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No Co-sponsor
8:29 pm yesterday


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In a little bit of a pickle, i may not have a co-sponsor for my K1 visa... anyone have suggestions? My petition isn't scheduled to be approved (being that the going rate is 6 months) until March-ish , and i may have not made enough money this yr to prove the income requirement... pretty nervous, but i have faith there is always a solution to every problem... any advice will help. Thanks all and God bless!

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May K1 2017 Part 2
3:24 pm yesterday


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Part 2....

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3:02 am yesterday


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I dont unsderstand 'cause after' my case status says : Cas was recived, Now" say : DOCUMENT WAS MAILED

What does it means??


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