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arrowWhat is the MRV number
April 30, 2016, 1:02 am Last comment by deniseveras18

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Hello. Today my finace made the visa payment fee at the bank and they have him a receipt. When I go to schedule the interview they are asking for the MRV number but nowhere in the receipt has it. I tried every number on the receipt and nothing. I am very lost and help. Stressing out because I think something went wrong

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arrowHow much for medical in Santo Domingo? (split and moved)
April 29, 2016, 10:58 pm Last comment by Silly88

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Hello my mother in law has her medical exam in June. Does anyone know how much it is for it in Santo Domingo ?

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April 29, 2016, 6:28 pm Last comment by aleful

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Hey guys Im starting to do my now husband AOS package can i send my fathers income instead of mine because i dont meet the requirements

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arrowNeed Help!!!!
April 27, 2016, 9:08 pm Last comment by angelomnz

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Received Letter from NVC. My quedtion, in Obtain Financial Documents, Do we have to Collect all the documents that are showed There?

3. Photocopies of Financial Documents:
IRS Tax Transcript............................... [ ]
Federal Income Tax Returns................. [ ]
Form W2............................................... [ ]
Evidence of income............................... [ ]
Proof of relationship............................. [ ]
Proof of U.S. status............................... [ ]
Social Security Earnings Statement...... [ ]
Proof of assets....................................... [ ]

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arrowA bit lost and trying to map things out
April 27, 2016, 4:47 pm Last comment by Brick

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Ok so I'm not sure where to send this in for the first step. I know where the immigration office is locally in central New York. But nothing beyond that.


Which I'm also trying to figure this whole process out. I have completed:

  • i129f form
  • G-325A form for her
  • G-325A form for me
  • Intent to marry from her (address is for the embassy interview) I know I need another copy for the location to send in the first step
  • Intent to marry from me (address is for the embassy interview) I know I need another copy for the location to send in the first step
  • Several photos together (though I only have of us and a couple with her nephew and us together, as well as one with her grandmother, nephew and me, but she's not in it)
  • Our whatsapp conversation from June 2015 to current
  • Most of the boarding passes(of my flight) from the two trips we'd spent together in her city
  • I plan to scan all the pages of my passport


What documents am I missing?


How many more trips to her will I need to plan for? I know that my money isn't infinite, but it was recommended in another thread that I go down to visit for her interview. Also not sure how that and the doctor physical get setup. But being that I'm pre-NOA1 right now I have time to set that up. I'm not sure if I would also need to go to her once the visa is approved to fly together. Part of me thinks she can handle moving and traveling alone, but not being well versed in english and needing to do one or two connecting flights when never having flown at all before might be hard alone.


Also not sure what will be required to get her able to work, she and I are both trained as engineers, but in the seven years since graduating, I've only had a year in that field that I lost last September, my other two years were while in school. She only has 8 months experience with her degree. I'm trying to figure out what is necessary to get both of us in a better place. Considering starting a business that doesn't require our degrees, but that is speculation. 


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