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arrowInmigrant Visa Approved, but my son is not comming with me now
March 26, 2015, 1:38 am Last comment by milimelo

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Hi guys!


My interview date was for March 4th but there was a little issued with a missin paper and it was posponed for MArch 25, yesterday.

Everything went very smooth, the Consul officer was very kind, very professional and make me fell confortable and relaxed all the time.

She didnt take to much in my case, but when she new about my son, she took some time, while asking to their supervisors, collueges and collecting info... but she said that with all the wishes but that she is unable to help me with my son at this moment because its age for the CSPA must have been at that time then 25yo, ad for the moment the application was filled he was 6 months older.


I already knew that but in a note i received by email from the NVC they told me that in those cases where the beneficiary's son is odler by so little time the consul is the final authority to consider if go or no go.


After the Consular officer told me that she inmediatly encourageme that inmediatly i get the residence to start the process for my son and gave me as andvice to tell my son to not get married.


Then my questions are;

how many time it woill take for me once i get my residence, to bring my unmarried son to USA?


thank you!

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arrowFinally, an interview date!
March 25, 2015, 7:26 pm Last comment by mrsangie
Jualys Lopez

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Just recieved nvc confirmation letter with interview date, yay. With another obstacle in the way it has brought up some questions. I noticed on the letter that petitioners aren't required to attend the interview. Will my absence affect the interview outcome in anyway? Is there anywhere I can check to see if I am required to attend? If anyone that had a interview in Santo Domingo consulate could give me a reply that would be awesome. Thanks everyone!

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arrowDocument Cover Sheet
March 25, 2015, 3:30 pm Last comment by BellaRose_09

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I received this Document Cover Sheet with my welcome letter and AOS Bill. Everywhere I have read that the AOS and IV Packages are two separate packages but in this Doc cover sheet they are asking to send Financial docs as well as Supporting Docs. Am I wrong and this is the entire AOS Package and I will have to put an IV package separately? Please help, I'm confused!




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arrowDS 260 HELP PLEASE!!!
March 25, 2015, 11:18 am Last comment by spousewaitingvisa

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There's a question on the DS 260 form which has brought me to the point of wanting to pull my hair out  :crying:  :crying:  :crying:


Question is below..


Is your spouse immigrating to the U.S. with you? 


I'am a USC and live in the United States. My husband lives in the Dominican Republic. I will be attending the interview with my husband at the time of the interview and I will he will be entering the united states with me. My question is the following, do i answer yes or no?. This is a fairly tricky question. Can someone help please?. Any answer,help, and/or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.   

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arrowReceived Checklist today- Incorrect Adjucted gross income.
March 25, 2015, 10:39 am Last comment by DominiMex1

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Hello All,

I recieved a checklist today because. I put an incorrect amount  on the line for my 2013 Adjusted Gross Income. It did not match the Adjucted gross income on my tax transcipt for that year(I copied it wrong). The checklist letter asks that I resubmit another I-864. See Info Below:


[x] I-864EZ, Affidavit of Support, Checklist
[x] We found one or more sections that had either incomplete or incorrect information. Please read the
instructions below then complete and submit a new form. You can download a new Form I-864EZ and instructions at
[x] In Part 5. Sponsor's Income and Employment, please correct the following...
[x] Item 19. Your ______2013_____________________________ income must match the total (gross) income
reported on your _________2013__________________________ Federal income tax returns. If you filed Form
1040EZ, use the adjusted gross income instead.


You will need to follow the instructions for the Affidavit of Support (I-864) that are posted on the
Department of State website at the following address: From there, you can fill out a new form online, print the new
completed form and mail it to NVC. If you are the Petitioner, please read all instructions and complete
the correct form to submit to NVC.


My question is this. Do I just send a new I-864 (with the correct amount for the 2013 adjusted gross income) or must I include copies of all the supporting documents, e.g. Tax Transcricts, Employment letters ect. that I had already sent with my original AOS Packet. Thank you and I look forward to your advice.

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