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Bring minor children of my husband that I brought with a K1
3:33 pm


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Hello All,

My husband came in Sep 2015 on a K1 we married and now are ready to bring his minor children. We did mention the children on his original application but did not bring them within the year of him coming. How do we start the process to bring his children? How long will it take?

Please any help in direction would be appreciated.

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I'm so lost at this. Can someone answer a few questions
4:07 am

Shae n Stalin

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Hello everyone! I'm new here! I filled my application for my husband in September. He's in Dominican republic and I'm in the US. I am a citizen. I received a notice that my application was approved and my day was October 6, 2007. The form was I130. That's the last I've heard. My service center is Texas and today they finally moved the cases and are working on July. It was in March the other day .Does anyone know about how long it takes for an interview? What do I need when they finally get to our case? Is there anything I can do financially to help? He has two houses there and he's a captain in the national police. I told him to start saving because I'm a single mom of five, right now and am struggling. I started working on my credit because I had none. I know I can get a loan but probably only for 10,000. Sorry for all the questions but I'm lost and I miss him very much.

Thank you ??

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B2 Visa - Dominican Republic
10:16 pm


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I want some family to come visit me this year. We applied for a B2 Visa.

Can anyone give us pointers for passing the interview? How much money does one need to have in the account? Does a beautician that works from home considered to be employed? What is the profile of someone that will get approved for a visa.


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Legal guardian can file AOS for child?
5:41 pm


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Hi guys!

When my little brother was born my family decided to adopt him as he came from a very low income family. His birth parents agreed to give us legal guardianship which we were fine with as we just wanted to help this kid and make him part of our family.

a couple of years ago my parents divorced, my mom married an USC and became a LPR. My dad stayed in the Dominican Republic.

My little brother is currently visiting my mom in Puerto Rico and her lawyer sugested she should take advantage of his location and file for AOS, specially because he will be turning 16 very soon, so she submitted the paperwork through the lawyer. My dad has no issues with him living with his mother. Birth parents have been out of his life for over 12 years. He has lived with us his entire life.

I dont really fully trust lawyers so I wanted to ask here as none of you benefits from my mom filling or not. (Just the lawyer)

My questions are:

Can she file for AOS based on adoptive child even though he is not really adopted? We have legal guardianship paperwork only.

And is adopting him after she filed for AOS would be beneficial or harmful?

Any info regarding this matter would ease my mind.. thanks! Ive been googling but I ve had no straight answer.

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Got a copy of NOA1 and on Fiance name is an "A" number
6:42 pm


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Hi Everyone,

i hope someone can help. I'm at officially 183 days since my file was received by USCIS. I am beside my self with this whole process so I made an inquiry on the USCIS app on my phone asking about the NOA2. Looks like they thought I meant the NOA 1. so they sent me a copy of that letter, however, on that copy over my fiance's name where it says beneficiary is an "A" number. But we haven't received the NOA 2.. should I be excited, worried or disappointed?

If there's anyone out there that can ease my mind please let me know.

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