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arrowWhich children to include in part 4?
November 23, 2014, 8:05 am Last comment by A&B
Ian H.

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I'm a little confused as to which children have to be included in part 4 of form I-751.


Part 4 of the form says to include ALL of your children, however the instructions say to include children who obtained conditional status at the same time or within 90 days as the parent.


It doesn't specify if you can or cannot include your other children.


In this case it's for my cousin who has a daughter, but she didn't immigrate with him and doesn't live with him. Does she have to be included despite the ambiguity of the instructions and the form? Should I go based on what the instructions say or what the form says?


What others have done with the same situation would be helpful. Thanks!! :)

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arrowIR-1 / CR-1 Spouse Visa NVC
November 22, 2014, 6:57 pm Last comment by Karmarn99

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nvc senting me this E-mail today


Dear Sir/Madam:

"We recently received your visa petition. We will send NVC processing instructions within 4 to 5 weeks. Please resubmit your inquiry if you have not received any information after 5 weeks".


:) :) :) :)

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arrowApproved!! Dominican Republic interview
November 22, 2014, 11:28 am Last comment by Gracenp2

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Good newss!! We were approved in the Dominican Republic. Everything was better than what I expected. I was there with my fiance for the interview. Right now I am in DR and I will write a review as soon as I have some free time. The interview was about 5 mins or less, and surprisingly the consul asked all the questions to me(i am the petitioner). We only needed evidence of our relationship and I had copies of our whatsapp chats and skype calls!!!

We were out before 12. I didnt keep track of the time, but after we submitted our papers the wait for the interview was kinda long.

Anywys, i am trying to enjoy as mich time as possible with my fiance, that is why I wont be able to write te review until maybe next week.

Thank you VJ for helping me through this journey. We will continue using this site as soon as he gets here.

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arrowNVC processing time after NOA2 (K1), Address change
November 22, 2014, 5:20 am Last comment by Mariana M.

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Good morning,


I got my NOA2 17 days ago. According to VJ guides, I can call NVC 2 weeks after my NOA2. I am trying to update my fiancee's (beneficiary's) information, as he's moved. I've called twice (perhaps being a bit impatient!), waited 35 or so minutes on an annoying hold, and talked to the people.

The first lady said I should call back every week to try to catch the application when they have it and that it could take up to 35 days. (Not business days, just days). The second lady laughed and said to try back in 5 weeks.


If I read and understand the guide correctly, it takes 2 weeks to be forwarded to NVC and 1-4 weeks to be forwarded to the consulate. They are saying 35 days from NOA2 is where they are currently. I was hoping that the "1-4" weeks could be "1" week..and that Thanksgiving doesn't delay the processing. :/


I hope this info-sharing was helpful for someone. Carry on!



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arrowJust Got NOA 2 for CR-1 -Dominican Republic. What Now??
November 21, 2014, 10:33 pm Last comment by jose&ive

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Hi All,

I just received the NOA 2 for my application for a CR-1 visa for my wife in the Dominican Republic. I am a bit confused as to what happens next as well as what I need to do next. my understanding is that the NVC will mail review and send it to the embassy in the Dominican Republic and me support affidavid and some other forms. Any more solid information to help us along would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and I look forward to your responses!!

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