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Transferred I 130
2:16 am today


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Hello everyone, long story short. My husband (living in Dominican Republic) and I filed for I130 and have priority of oct 23rd 2017. I have not received NOA2 yet and checked case online and your case has been transferred to a new office and that office has jurisdiction of your case, please follow directions on the document ... I am very intrigued by this and don t know what to make out of it, I know I have to wait fo receive the notice on the mail. Our case was transferred on the 25 th of this month. Is anybody going through the same? Any thoughts on why this is happening now? I m afraid it s going to take more than a year for my husband to get here!!

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Please HELP-NOA 2 Not Received Yet
2:24 pm yesterday


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Good Morning!

Question on my situation, I sent out my I-130 about 2 weeks before my sister August 31, 2017 and she as already received her NOA 2 stating they have accepted her case about 2 weeks ago. Both of our husbands are from Dominican Republic. The only difference is she has a step son involved and that case was accepted as well. I am still waiting, should I be concerned? We are both at the Nebraska location.



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Uscis rescheduled appoiment
7:58 pm yesterday


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I had my appointment for March 21 but they called me on the 20th to change it for May 3, today I called USCIS to find out why the letter has not arrived and they told me that they still have not rescheduled my appointment. What can I do?

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RFE during AOS interview for medical
4:46 am yesterday


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hey we had our interview today. Everything went ok, officer was mostly questioning my husband. His English is good but not perfect so there were a few mistakes. He didn't separate us, and he only asked me one or two questions. He also allowed me to help my husband answer certain things. At then end he stamped a paper twice and had my husband sign it. But then he mentioned there were a few pages left out of my husbands medical (i don think there really was but the civil surgeon we went to was a little shady so who knows) so he said everything was fine he was just going to send us an RFE for a new medical exam in the mail. i heard rumors about the 2 stamps tho is that a sign we passed? Our officer was not too serious or mean he was very kind and making jokes the whole time. He basically just read us the questions from the last pages of the I_485. At the end my husband offered to show the photos we had even though the officer didn't ask for them and he seemed to love them even laughing at a few silly ones my husband didn't even realize I printed. He asked "do you feel its real?" Which we both answered overwhelmingly yes, of course. But now we are still kind of in Limbo. The officer didn't take his work permit, and he didn't give us an RFE in the office he said we would get it in the mail. So IDK.

I really think the officer wanted to approve us today. Would this be an indication that we passed? He said everything was fine but you know that feeling of peace doesn't really come until that card is in the mailbox lol but are these officers in the habit of requesting RFE but still denying GC? I would figure if they're asking us to get a WHOLE NEW medical exam instead of just bringing in the missing forms, they would have an idea about if we passed or not. Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

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My stepson interview
3:52 am yesterday


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Hi everyone!! I just want to ask a question my husband is bringing his son to USA and he's son have the interview on may. My question is my stepson is 8 years old do we need to do an appointment for his fingerprints and how much is the cost for the medical is anyone here can help me I will really appreciate! Thanks

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