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No Intent, but too soon? Help?
4:32 pm


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My Costa Rican husband and I have been married for 1.5 years (Dec. 15 2016) and have 2 kids together. I am natural born US, as is our daughter. He was granted a tourist visa B2 on Oct. 17 2017, he visited the US for 3 weeks shortly after and we returned to CR. My mom has cancer through all of this and so we came back to the US on May 23 2018 for my brothers graduation with tickets to return June 10 2018. Since being here we see my mom needs more help and she has been begging us to stay. My husband's boss also basically let him go in Costa Rica over email... We did not come with intent to stay, but we are now considering it. Could I file for AoS for my husband? When could I file? After 30 days?

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Address Change / Driver's Licenses
3:11 pm


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Hi all - ugh, things just coming up and up as we work on our I-751 and I keep getting panicked that we are going to miss something or do something wrong.

We moved apartments (#2 to #3) last year. Same house, just moved downstairs to upstairs.

Both my husband and myself have the same address on our driver's license, but is is our old apartment (#2). We did submit the AR-11 and I-865 as required and our lease reflects our new address. But since our driver's license still contains our old address - do you think this is going to cause an issue since our lease and everything else is Apt #3 not #2?

According to CO Department of Revenue, we can change our address by:

  1. Change your address online. After changing your address online, print your own label (for example, a return address label) with your new address and attach it to the back of your driver license, permit or ID card. You will not be mailed a new license, permit or ID card.

We are filing May 4th.

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Should I be present for my wife's CR-1 Visa interview
7:07 pm


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I'm sure this has been asked and answered more than once, but I didn't have any luck in text searches, so I apologize for the repeat.

We just had our i-130s approved and our packets were sent to NVC. From everything I've read, my wife will do her Visa interview at the Embassy in Costa Rica. I'm unsure if her daughter (who was separately approved as a minor child) will have to have an interview at all. For my wife's interview, I believe that I read here a while back that I would not be required to be present.

So, I guess I have 2 questions:

1) Will her (10 yr old) daughter have to do an interview?

2) Am I required to be at my wife's interview? If I'm not required, am I ALLOWED to be present?



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I-751 Reminder sent to wrong address
2:28 pm


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Hi all - I posted this as a follow up to an old thread but throwing it here too as curious as to advice/suggestions.

My husband and I moved apartments in October last year. Sent the Sponsor Job of Address form and received a letter in mail confirming change. Submitted AR-11 and received an e-mail that request was received but never received a letter in the mail confirming change. Today we received our I-751 reminder but it was sent to our old address / old unit # (under husband's name as he is the applicant). I called USCIS thinking it could just be confirmed over the phone but they said they don't have access and we need to make an appointment to see why USCIS does not have our address updated under my husband.

Is there another way to do this, or is making an appointment truly the only way?

I'm not at all concerned about not receiving mail from USCIS, because we live at the exact same address, it is just our apartment number changed as we moved upstairs. However, I do not want an erroneous address to cause issues with our lifting of conditions filing or cause any delays if USCIS had a technical error with the AR-11. I do see there is an appointment slot open next week, so should we just grab it and be safe rather than sorry? I do see online their is an e-Request you can send to report typographic errors, could I do that instead or do we just suck it up and take the day off to go to field office?

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Understanding timelines
1:26 am


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Hi there,

I'm actually struggling with understanding what various date predictions are really telling me. When I look right now at the USCIS predictions for Nebraska Service Center (as of 16 April 2018), they're showing 9-11.5 Months, regardless of form type.


So, is this the timeline for NOA1 to NOA2? Or no? In another thread, it was suggested that this particular estimate is just for them to START processing your i130. I'm not sure what the processing time would be (assuming no RFEs).

Maybe this is stupid for me to ask, but I believe NOA2 = is i130 approval and petition forwarded to NVC. Is that right?

Finally, I'm seeing various, perhaps conflicting predictions for processing times here, from VisaJourney. If I got to my profile, I see that my i130 is predicted to be adjudicated the week of May 6. That would be 200-207 days since my NOA1. Then, if I go to the IR1/CR1 Visa Historical Processing Times page, I see 2 things that apparently conflict. The graphs show NOA1 to NOA2 = around 217 days for NSC (which is not far off of my timeline prediction).


But then if you jump to the Timeline Statistics page, and filter for the last 6 months (our NOA1 was exactly 6 months ago, tomorrow), it shows the NSC taking roughly 255 days from NOA1 to NOA2


and then, because the NOA2 to Interview stage is broken down by country/consulate, I'm seeing an average time from NOA2 to Interview of 163 days for Costa Rica.

So, I have a couple key questions.

1) Of those 3 conflicting visajourney predictions for NOA1 to NOA2, which one is more... trustworthy? There's a big difference between 207 days and 255 days. And, since all of those data are generated automatically by VisaJourney, I'm not sure in which one to place more faith. And finally, if my application doesn't even START processing for 9-11.5 months (per the USCIS prediction), that would be 270-345 days (GAH)!

Obviously, I know which number I'm rooting for, and obviously, I know these are all just statistical predictions. I'm just trying to narrow down what VJ's prediction actually is, for me, given the 3 conflicting values for the same event. At first glance, I'm going to guess the 6 month estimate (of 217 days) is the most likely. I guess I'll find out here in a month or so anyway, but I'm just trying to manage my expectations appropriately.

2) What is the typical lag (upon approval) between Interview and Visa? Is it instant? The Step-by-Step Guide here doesn't address this.

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