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Does Birth Certificate needs an apostille?
9:04 pm yesterday

Michael Zamot

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My fiancee just got the passport with the K1 Visa, so we are preparing the documents she has to bring with her when she moves.

I was wondering if her birth certificate has to have an Apostille. I can't find anything on USCIS website mentioning it needs it.

What are your experiences? Did it had an apostille?

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After CR1 visa is approved, how much time do we have before we move?
10:45 pm yesterday


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Hi there,

I'm 100% certain this question has been asked and answered here already, but I wasn't able to find a thread through various searches (here and in the wider world of Google).

My question is: At the end of the CR1 visa application process, after the interview, and after visa is approved and received, how much time do we have before we move to the US? Is it a 90 day window?


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Multiple visa timelines?
7:29 pm yesterday


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Hi there,

Is it possible to create multiple visa timelines here? I only see an option for one, so I'm assuming that's that. But, I figured I'd ask. The reason I ask is because I just submitted two, concurrently-filed i-130's: one for my wife, and one for her daughter. They have linked references internally, but they'll be processed completely separately (and not even necessarily by the same person). So, they're going to have different timelines, potentially.


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question on I-130 page 8, part 5 (split topic)
5:41 pm yesterday


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I have a similar issue with form i-130, Page 8, Part 5 question 4 (Date Filed) (I'm asking here, rather than starting a new thread, since it's closely related).

I know the month and year that I filed for my (now ex) wife, but I don't know the exact date. Is it reasonable for me to indicate an estimated date and then include in my cover letter that I don't know the exact date, but then list her name, alien #, filing location, month & year?

I also considered leaving this box blank, and then adding a note in the additional info section that lists the month and year.

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Approved K1 Visa in Costa Rica, now over a week of administrative processing?
6:58 pm yesterday

Kate + Evgeny

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Hi, everyone.

Here is another question about the dreaded AP.

My fiance and I had our interview in the consulate in Costa Rica on the 25th of September and they told us we were approved. We were very happy about it. They gave us no extra paperwork, nothing about a 221g or anything. They only said "congratulations," and that the visa would be ready within about ten days. They kept his passport. Now our CEAC status has been "Administrative Processing" since the 26th. The "Case Last Updated" date got changed on the 28th and then again the 29th, but there has still been no change in status as of now (October 3rd), and still says "Immigrant Visa." :( We heard from a friend that they got their visa (a different one though, a visitor's visa) within two days. Maybe we're jumping the gun here, but we are getting concerned now that this could be a bad sign. We don't have a place to live here past the 25th of this month (unrelated to this visa, actually -- just somebody else moving in) and we need to know how serious this might be and how much we should consider planning for having to stay in CR a lot longer.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much,

Kate and Evgeny

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