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Understanding timelines
1:26 am


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Hi there,

I'm actually struggling with understanding what various date predictions are really telling me. When I look right now at the USCIS predictions for Nebraska Service Center (as of 16 April 2018), they're showing 9-11.5 Months, regardless of form type.


So, is this the timeline for NOA1 to NOA2? Or no? In another thread, it was suggested that this particular estimate is just for them to START processing your i130. I'm not sure what the processing time would be (assuming no RFEs).

Maybe this is stupid for me to ask, but I believe NOA2 = is i130 approval and petition forwarded to NVC. Is that right?

Finally, I'm seeing various, perhaps conflicting predictions for processing times here, from VisaJourney. If I got to my profile, I see that my i130 is predicted to be adjudicated the week of May 6. That would be 200-207 days since my NOA1. Then, if I go to the IR1/CR1 Visa Historical Processing Times page, I see 2 things that apparently conflict. The graphs show NOA1 to NOA2 = around 217 days for NSC (which is not far off of my timeline prediction).


But then if you jump to the Timeline Statistics page, and filter for the last 6 months (our NOA1 was exactly 6 months ago, tomorrow), it shows the NSC taking roughly 255 days from NOA1 to NOA2


and then, because the NOA2 to Interview stage is broken down by country/consulate, I'm seeing an average time from NOA2 to Interview of 163 days for Costa Rica.

So, I have a couple key questions.

1) Of those 3 conflicting visajourney predictions for NOA1 to NOA2, which one is more... trustworthy? There's a big difference between 207 days and 255 days. And, since all of those data are generated automatically by VisaJourney, I'm not sure in which one to place more faith. And finally, if my application doesn't even START processing for 9-11.5 months (per the USCIS prediction), that would be 270-345 days (GAH)!

Obviously, I know which number I'm rooting for, and obviously, I know these are all just statistical predictions. I'm just trying to narrow down what VJ's prediction actually is, for me, given the 3 conflicting values for the same event. At first glance, I'm going to guess the 6 month estimate (of 217 days) is the most likely. I guess I'll find out here in a month or so anyway, but I'm just trying to manage my expectations appropriately.

2) What is the typical lag (upon approval) between Interview and Visa? Is it instant? The Step-by-Step Guide here doesn't address this.

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Evidence 1-751 - review!
10:31 pm


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Hi all!

Just wanted some opinions on evidence my husband and I are providing for AOS. Also wondering if certain items are required.

What I have solidly:

1) Bank Statements of Joint Savings Account since opening to present. We have only a joint savings. Spend money too differently!

2) Copy of Joint Lease from arrival to US to present.

3) Auto + Apartment Insurance Documents. Includes cards and renewal offers / billing statements addressed to each.

4) Health Insurance Enrollment E-mails from my employer showing me and my husband's name. Elected upon marriage and have been on since present. (Aside - assuming I should send copies of the actual cards?)

5) Joint tax transcripts from marriage to present.

6) I do have statements from Xcel Energy and Comcast. However, for these, I really have only recent ones 2017 and up. Do you think the above is sufficient, plus the recent ones, or should I go to Xcel and Comcast to get statements from inception to present? Accounts are in my name as I do finances, but also addressed to husband. So not sure how helpful remaining statements would be?

7) Copies of travel documents and photos of trips taken together to Costa Rica (visiting family), a trip to L.A., etc.

8) Copies of some cards and personal things addressed to us.

9) Two affidavits from friends.

Thoughts? Need more? Should I resubmit some of our wedding stuff that we sent for 1-485 as well? I'm a little nervous since we don't have joint credit or checkings accounts, but also not afraid to chat about that if it was questioned. We have very different spending habits and it works best for us to keep that separate and then put all of our tax refunds and such. I think this is something a lot of couples do, but I realize we are / risk being treated as different than regular couples.

Thx for all input

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Affidavits for I-751
2:13 pm


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Hi all - working to get all documents prepared to file for I-751 in May. I have a question regarding Affidavits. It looks like we will need two. Any suggestions on who these should come from? Is it good to come from friends, family, boss, etc? I was thinking of friends / people we house sit for and then my boss so it is someone outside of the family, does that really matter? Do they need to be U.S. Citizens or could it be my husband's sister? Thoughts?

"Affidavits sworn to or affirmed by at least two people who have known both of you since your conditional residence was granted and have personal knowledge of your marriage and relationship. (Such persons may be required to testify before an immigration officer as to the information contained in the affidavit.) The original affidavit must be submitted and also contain the following information regarding the person making the affidavit: his or her full name and address; date and place of birth; relationship to you or your spouse, if any; and full information and complete details explaining how the person acquired his or her knowledge. Affidavits must be supported by other types of evidence listed above."

Additionally, how long and in depth should these be? Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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8:08 pm


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Hi there,

I have a question regarding "Dates for filing Family-Sponsored Visa application" table if you are waiting for your priority date to become current BUT are doing it through a consular processing(F1-All chargeability areas), can you adjust status using this table or this only applies for people waiting in the US already?

Thanks in advance.

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I-751 + Citizenship!
2:29 pm


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Hi all!

Trying to get "back in the game" - it has been a nice break but my husband and I will be applying for his "removal of conditions" in May as his two year expires in August. My how time flies. Trying to get all organized and ready to go for that. We're excited but of course I'm stressed and hoping everything goes smoothly. :)

From my understanding and research thus far, it sounds as though this should hopefully be a seamless process. A couple questions:

1) After filing, it sounds like we will hopefully get a one year extension while we wait for them to make a decision. I'm curious, does it generally take that long? I've been digging around trying to find the latest updates and timeline, but it has been awhile since I've used this forum and I'm kind of confused on the timing. If you point me to any relevant threads I can look over those as well.

2) We will be applying for my husband to have U.S. Citizenship. From what I've gathered we can apply after he has been a permanent resident for 3 years since it is through marriage. Since I-485 was approved August 2, 2016 for him, does that mean we can apply for citizenship come August 2, 2019 (so file 90 days prior)? If so, can we apply for that before we've had approval on a 10 year green card if that has not yet occurred? I'm hoping it is approved prior to then but, you never know, and am curious what others have done in these instances since we know we want to go the citizenship route. My gut would tell me we have to wait for the 10 year to be processed, but back to question above, what if that takes longer than than window we can also approve for citizenship?

Thanks all for your help. This is always very emotional and difficult for me as I have a lot of anxiety around waiting for approval again. I feel fortunate to have a community of support like this!

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