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How long does it take to get back Nat certificate?
1:34 pm


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We had our ceremony mid-November. We applied for a passport the same day. We expedited the passport because my husband needed it for travel. We got his passport a little over a week later, and now mid-January we still have not received his naturalization certificate. They told us it would be sent separately and in a slower method so to not worry, but two months later, and I'm getting nervous.

About how long does this take? Who should I call to try to figure this out?


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How to cancel already approved k1 visa?
8:01 pm

Michael Zamot

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My exfiancee and I had problems and we won't get married, and honestly don't want her coming to my house either.

What's the procedure to cancel the already approved visa other than waiting for it to expire? We did the interview and absolutely every step is approved, she has the visa in her passport.

Thank you

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AOS - K1 Visa still waiting on GC
9:26 pm


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Since June 21, 2017 (7 months ago) my AOS status says: "Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview". It seems that I will submit a new request form to renew my EAD/AP.

How many months should people wait to get any update/letter from USCIS?

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Pending VAWA application: all RFE submitted
3:42 am


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Hi everyone, I"m so anxious while I continue to write this, but I am troubled and need assistance. I filed my I360 through an attorney on June2016, to cut the story short. I

received 3 RFE asking me to solidify the evidence I provided. Okay then I did all that. It was June 2017 when they sent request for evidence. By august 2017, I was done submitting everything.

My online case status was updated that they had received the evidence and they would start working on my case again. I am carrying my 4th PrimaFacie extension and my living situation is getting

worse by the day because I have been homeless all this time. After waiting for three months: My attorney was also confident that they were now in a process of issuing an answer at least. oh well Instead they asked for more evidence,

worst case was that, it seemed like they lost evidence that I provided 6 months ago. I have no idea what my attorney is doing at this point cause it's 2018 and My application is just pending and without a job friends and family.

I'm in trouble without shelter and food to eat. PLEASE if anyone is familiar with steps that I can take next. I'm really confused now. Could the be something wrong with the evidence I provided. I wrote a 10 page self affidavit, letters from the shelter.

letters from friends and family, photos messages. Everything.

Mid december 2017, They said I'd get an answer 3rd Jan 2018. till today, There is no answer. Should I panic? What should I do. I have no Money. I had to write this in the library. I"m afraid cause when I ask for help from one of my friends they made fun of me.

one of my guy friend who sexually harassed me cause he would not help me for free. PLZ

HELP!!! I'm about to give up.

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vaccination’s requirement while on vacation in the US
5:47 pm

Dan & Ana

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We have summited our I-129F K1 request for my fianc in early January 2018. She will be visiting me in March and wanted to know if she could get all her vaccination s requirement here in the US? Or does she have to get them done in the her country?

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