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5:21 pm yesterday


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Hi again haha

I am Costa Rican, i was the one who put together all the I-129f package because my fiance is so busy, i am sending it tomorrow to him so he can sign it and to add the check. I did not know how stressful this is. He is so relaxed about it, maybe because he trusts me and he does not know how complicated this is. But I still love him and I know you all feel the same way for your significant other. I just don t like to wait and this makes me anxious.

Wish you all the best.

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problem with pictures HELP!!!!!
2:57 pm yesterday


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Hi guys, my boyfriend and I have had problems with sending the package because where I live they don t take pictures as required 2x2/51x51 I ve tried to take pictures by myself but when i try to print them they dont look good, we already have one month doing this.HELP

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visa approved but airfare issue
6:24 pm yesterday


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Hey folks wife's visa was approved from Costa Rica and we are trying to get airfare, but Delta says i need a round trip... wth is this correcrt?

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bringing child of immigrant spouse
1:57 am yesterday


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Hi there,

I've read through the guides and the only post on here I could find, but I'm not clear on what exactly I need to bring (or who fills out the form) for applying to bring the daughter (from a previous relationship) of my immigrant spouse to the US. Let me explain a bit, then I'll ask my questions. We are about to START the IR-1/CR-1 process, and will apply for the child at the same time, so she doesn't yet qualify as a Legal Resident. I know we need a separate I-130, and a copy of the child's birth certificate (translated into English) and a copy of our marriage certificate. In this case, I believe I am sponsoring the child, myself, by virtue of being her step-dad, as a result of being married to her mother.

Per the guide here, then, I have the following list of things I need:

Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative
A copy of your birth certificate or U.S. passport
A copy of the child's birth certificate showing the child's name and the names of both parents
A copy of civil marriage certificate showing the names of both parents, or proof that a parent/child relationship exists or existed (if you are petitioning for a stepchild, your marriage to the child's parent must take place before the stepchild's 18th birthday)
A copy of any divorce decrees, death certificates, or annulment decrees that establish the termination of any previous marriages entered into by you or your spouse

So... since I'm planning on submitting the child's packet along with my wife's packet, some of these supporting documents are redundant (i.e. marriage certificate and my own birth certificate). Do I need to include TWO copies of each of those (one copy per I-130)? Or is having one good one in the joint packet sufficient?

I also note that the guide does not explicitly say "certified copy" of these documents, whereas it DOES say that I might be asked for certified copies later down the line. So, do I need to submit certified, official copies of everything to start the application? I know that sounds like a dumb question, but after many years of different immigration systems, I take nothing for granted.

Aside from that... am I on the right page here? Am *I* the indeed the child's sponsor, or will that be my wife? If it's the latter... are the requirements the same? I ask because the guide says "both parents' names" must be on the birth certificate. Since I'm a step father, obviously my own name won't be on there, but I don't see separate instructions for step father.

Thank you so much!

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Filling for wife and step daughter (split)
10:30 pm yesterday


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hi there,

I know this topic is old, but it's the only existing one I found.

I am a citizen, and I am about to apply for a CR-1 visa for my new immigrant wife as well as her daughter. Both live outside the US. I understand from reading here that we will need a separate I-130 for the daughter. No sweat there. But what additional evidence will be necessary to start the application? Birth Certificate for the daughter, I assume? Passport photos? G-325A? Anything else?


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