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K1 Visa - approved and issued BUT NOT DELIVERED
9:47 am


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I do not know what to do. K1 visa was approved and issued (based on CEAC), however I am still here waiting for my passport and brown package. Interview was on Feb 13, I was approved.

Feeling concerned.


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How does divorce affect Social Security credits?
10:12 pm


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Hello everyone!

My husband and I have decided that the best option for us both is to split up but I have a concern. I had been travelling outside of the US before petitioning to bring him here as my fiance and therefore did not have the tax history necessary to be his financial sponsor. My sister was kind enough to volunteer as our secondary financial sponsor. I know that this sponsorship only ends if the beneficiary leaves the US, becomes a citizen, dies, or enters into a different immigration process of some kind. I also know that if one of these four things doesn t happen, my sister serves as his sponsor even if we divorce until he pays Social Security for 40 quarters or credits. It is my understanding that while we are married, my credits are counting towards this 40 credit timeline as well. So while we are married, we are basically decreasing her financial responsibility timeframe twice as quickly. If we divorce before we collectively get to the 40 credit mark while married, do my credits worked while married to him not count for him anymore? And does anyone know how to get a firm number of credits that someone has earned through Social Security? On their website, they only give an estimate...

Thank you in advance to anyone that can shed some light on this! I don t want to screw over my sister!! :(

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Adjustment of Status interview & medical
5:18 pm


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I couldnt find a specific post about this. I submitted all documents past July 2016 and interview is schedule for early March 2017. My questions is, do I need to repeat the medical exams (form I-693)? Date of exams was January 29, 2016. Thank you

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K1Visa - CEAC Status - Administrative Processing
2:45 pm


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Hello everyone,

My K1 visa was approved on the interview I attended on Feb 13, the officer told me I would receive the Visa in 7 days.

My case is still on "Administrative Processing" status, I have been reading some cases where beneficiaries received their visas even 6 months after even if they were successfully approved on the interview. I feel concerned, sad.

Thanks ??????

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I-601 & I-212 Who Files it
7:42 am


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Good Morning,

My fiance had his interview this past Monday and was notified that we needed the I-601 & I-212 waivers filed. As I'm looking over the forms, I'm not sure if I as the US Citizen am supposed to complete the forms or if he is to complete them, because it does need his signature, I do believe. So, can he do the forms, mail them to me, and I submit it with my letter of hardship and letters from family, friends, and employment? Just trying to get an understanding on the correct and best way to do this process. Thanks!

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