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arrowWe need your advice!
July 25, 2016, 1:08 pm Last comment by An_thunder

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Hello guys! I'm Angelo from Chile.


I don't know if my post belongs here, so if an administrator needs to change it, please do it, thank you!


My future wife (an USC) is going to be my sponsor for my visa. She's been living here in Chile almost her entire life, so for now she's studying and working here.


Our plans are to get married next year and then move to CA (San Diego maybe). The problem for us now is how we can apply for a visa for me, since she doesn't have an US Salary or domicile? (We pretend to live there with a friend who lives there or rent a house). The main problem here's is what we can do about the Affidavit of support? 


I'm a pharmacist and next year I'll take my test to practice there (she's a pharmacist too, but from here)


For now we are just saving money, but the are stuck finding more information about we can do about the I-864 requirements. 


Thank you guys!

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arrowProjecting, I know I shouldn't but I am!
July 23, 2016, 8:32 pm Last comment by Damara

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My fiancee has a son (9 years old) and we are leaving the country in which we planned to spend our life (Chile) and pursuing the K1 visa because the legal family system here is horrible and doesn't protect men from false allegations that women make. The mother of my fiancee's child is a horrible horrible person, she lies, manipulates, steals, cheats and tramples anyone (including her own son and family members) that lies in her path of destruction of my fiancee.

Eventually, more than likely after he is an adult, we know that his son will want to come over to the US and receive his legal permanent residency which neither of us have a problem with. The only thing my fiancee and I worry about is his son passing that onto his mother when he can. 

I know that this is a LONGGGGG ways away and things may change from now until then and his son may open his eyes and see how destructive his mother really is, but if he were to get his LPR or eventual citizenship, is there a way we can stop him from passing his LPR or citizenship onto his mother?

Like I said, I know this is a long way away in the future but I am a worry wart!  :rolleyes:

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arrowChild of K1 fiancee & divorce issue
July 22, 2016, 10:26 pm Last comment by NuestraUnion

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Anyone have any insight here...


The I-129F asks for the address of the child of my fiancee, does the USCIS, NVC or Embassy send any information actually to this address that is given? I ask because my fiancee's son lives with his mother (she has primary custody, he is 9yo) and neither my fiancee nor I want things from this in her hands. 

Also, fiancee's son will be staying in Chile for quite some time, he will not be coming to the United States with us. The only possibility we have of seeing him is if he is to come for a month or so every other year. If my fiancee's son eventually decides he would like to come to the US to pursue permanent residency/citizenship here is there a certain number of years he has to do this? 


Lastly, in this country in order to get an uncontested or one sided divorce (fiancee's ex doesn't want to sign the paperwork) the couple must file a termination of co-habitation document, this document must be at least three years old in order to file for the uncontested or one sided divorce. My fiancee and his ex have been separated verbally for 8 years, neither of them bothered to do the paperwork though before. I worry that USCIS may look at it strange that my fiancee and I are filing for a k1 visa so close to the time that he has been legally allowed to divorce. Should I cite the Chilean laws in some place in my packet? Or does someone else have a better idea or has someone been through this before?


I maybe should note that this is my second k1 visa that I will be filing for.



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arrowNew SSN?
July 14, 2016, 8:40 pm Last comment by Pitaya

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I've been approved for a K1 visa, and hope I will travel to the U.S. in the next two months :) I read that one of the first things one should do is to apply for a social security card. We could do that, no trouble, but here's my question... :


A few years ago I went to grad school in the U.S. and, following the international students guidelines (but without understanding a lot why...), I did get a social security card (~2010), that I still have. So I filed for taxes, etc, but my status was never other than student/visitor. Since I finished school I've been back in my country... So, do you think I should apply for a new SS card when I arrive? Or just keep the one I have and omit that step?









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arrowNo Objection cert from Chile? (split)
July 2, 2016, 11:50 am Last comment by Penguin_ie

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Hi, I also need to know how to get the No Objection Certificate in Chile.

I'm in Chile right now, and I was sponsored by Texas A&M University (public institution) for 7 weeks in January this year.

And I want to go to the US to work.

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