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arrowCR-1 Expiration Coming Soon - Banks concerned about expiration date
June 14, 2016, 5:39 pm Last comment by NLR

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Hello everyone,


Wow - can't believe I'm back on VJ already! Thanks to everyone for your continued guidance and help!  :joy:


My husband (CR-1) and I (US citizen) are applying for a student loan for him. We submitted a copy of his GC with the application and it was denied since the financial institution doesn't like that his graduation date is listed as sometime in 2020, but his GC expires in February 2017. I explained that he's a permanent resident but didn't want to get into all the nuances since only we really understand all of that anyway.


My questions are: how can I get this resolved? I was told that if I have some documentation showing a later date or proof that he has permanent residency, that would work. Does this type of documentation exist either digital or physical? Has anyone else run into something similar and what did you do? I've looked at the USCIS site but I'm just getting started with this whole ROC business now, so I haven't done a whole lot of research yet. I tried searching the forums, but came up empty handed.


Any advice would help.



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arrowI-864 VA/SS benefits aren't counted as income
June 13, 2016, 2:03 pm Last comment by pantonia

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I'm not sure if this is a post to let other people know about this information or if I'm secretly hoping for someone to tell me that this info isn't correct, but either way, I felt I had to put it out there.


today I called the USCIS and was transferred to what I was told was an immigration officer. He finally called back and told me that the VA's disability benefits and the Social Security benefits are NOT INCOME (his words) and therefore can't be counted to meet the 125% poverty guidelines. To us, this means that our joint sponsor is disqualified and we need to ge a different one.


Because it negated everything I thought I knew, I called USCIS again and talked to someone else (not an immigration officer, just the regular person who picks up the call) and he told me that I had to go with what this immigration officer had told me, even if I had been to an infopass last week and there they had told me that everything looked fine.


Some extra info/backstory to our case:


Our joint sponsor relies solely on VA's disability compensation and SS benefits (he is retired). Form I-864 instructions states that:

"Receipt of means-tested public benefits does not disqualify anyone from being a sponsor, however, means-tested public benefits cannot be accepted as income for the purposes of meeting the income requirement." However, neither VA's disability compensation nor this SS benefit is considered means-tested (reference is I-864 poverty guidelines).


I had also read it everywhere on the internet (I've kept in mind that not everything online is true, but this seemed solid enough). So far, we hadn't had a problem with the income being from these benefits, since I got the Fiance Visa approved that way and because these benefits are solid and reliable (even more so than a job someone could lose). For his household size, our joint sponsor needs to make $25,200 and his benefits are well above that amount.


Now, I filed for AOS and sent the I-864 with this joint sponsor and got a request for initial evidence. While in the process of gathering the evidence to reply to it, I went to an infopass, where I explained and showed our evidence and I was never told that these benefits weren't counted as income (therefore disqualifying our joint sponsor), even more, I was told that our evidence seemed solid enough to get approved and not to worry. Because I do worry, a lot, about everything and our case is particularly complicated, I called USCIS and was transferred to an immigration officer, who told me that these benefits don't count.



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arrowN-400 interview commentary (split thread)
June 9, 2016, 8:24 pm Last comment by charmander

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i believe some times it depend on IO mood. I went for interview for N-400 in the basis of marriage to US citizen. I passed all the test. Then she never asked marriage certificate , our child birth certificate , my spouse prove of citizen, IO officer non of the documents that was said to bring at the time of interview. But she did asked my joint utility bill of last 3 yrs .i answer I don have it with me because, it was not said to bring at the time of interview more over I have subbimited all those while at the time of removal in my condition green card. But I told her my husband is out side on the lobby he has brought all the document can I ask from him ?she said ok .it might took hardly 2 min to find all those utiliti bills.i saw her on the door any try to give her but she said she wants those on the mail. Is not that funny?

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arrowI-751 Petition to Remove GC Conditions Pending
June 7, 2016, 10:21 pm Last comment by Jamesguamsi

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I have a friend who is filling his I-485 and I-130 who doesn't have a sponsor, can I sponsor him if my I-751 is pending and does that affect me negatively?
Thanks for anticipated response.

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arrowRFIE, for assets even when well above 125%
June 4, 2016, 4:50 pm Last comment by Harpa Timsah

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We got a Request for Initial Evidence for our joint sponsor and we are trying to figure out what to do.


They are asking for our joint sponsor to file for taxes (he doesn't have to) or explain and prove that he doesn't have to (we did send proof and explanations).

It also says that based on the documents sent, he doesn't meet the poverty guidelines requirements (his household size is 3, and he makes almost $60,000 a year) so we should include assets to overcome the shortage (a shortage that they don't specify, because of course it doesn't exist) or get a different joint sponsor.


I've heard of people being asked for assets even when they are way above 125% the poverty guidelines, and I'd like to know if anyone can tell me what they did or how they solved it. Our joint sponsor owns his house and a car, but I've heard that you can't use those if they are the only house/car you have, as it would cause hardship if they were to be seized or whatever, which means that he really doesn't have any other asset to show if we can't get around that.


We will of course re-send everything we sent the first time and more (for example, we sent 3 bank statements, now we'll send 12), but more than anything, we are worried that we'll get denied for not having assets that we shouldn't get asked for in the first place. 


What should we do? Getting a different joint sponsor is a small small chance so we are trying to exhaust all options with our current joint sponsor.


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