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arrowForeign Service Officer
October 21, 2014, 9:53 pm Last comment by valverdeveslings

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If I were to serve as a Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State, would my soon to be wife be able to go through the green card to citizenship process as she would if we were living in the U.S.? I'm wondering because our intentions are to both be U.S. citizens and if we chose to go down that path it wouldn't be choosing to live in another country but rather being employed by the government to live abroad...


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arrowMedical Documents- AOS from K1
October 13, 2014, 2:26 pm Last comment by valverdeveslings

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My fiancée had her medical in Chile this June and had all of her vaccinations completed. She has a paper that says "Vaccination Documentation Worksheet (for use with DS-2053 or DS-2054)". Is this sufficient to send with her AOS or are we missing something?



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arrowAffidavit of Support
October 10, 2014, 1:47 pm Last comment by Xkaret510

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I have been living over seas with my fiancee for the past 18 months, My first year in Chile I did not work, however this year i have been working since march. My mother will be my co-sponsor and she has no problem with the poverty line.

At the moment we are waiting for the NOA2 letter and letter from NVC.

We are preparing everything for her interview, and I have a question regarding Affidavit of Support.

Do i need to bring a letter from my employer in Chile? what other documents should we submit... Any ideas??? My employer does not know im leaving yet... and i did not want to tell them till everything is ready and my fiance has a visa...


Any advice?

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October 6, 2014, 11:12 am Last comment by TBoneTX

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On September 29, 2014, uscis received my response to their request for evidence... still no news..

Anyone knows how long do they take??

Im an April filer and still no NOA2 :cry:

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arrowPOE I-94 Typographical Error?
September 18, 2014, 11:18 pm Last comment by Jaime<3Marco

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Hello fellow VJers!

First off, I have changed the name of my husband below for his protection.

Has anyone had any experience with their fiancé entering the US on a K1 visa and then having issues with their first and middle name being placed in the  "first (given) name" on the I-94 and then not "matching" according to the social security administration since on the I-94 they put the first and middle name in the "first (given) name" option? 

What I mean is, my husband and I (fiancé at the time) went to the Social Security Administration 14 days after he entered into the US to get his social security card. The lady that helped us at the social security administration office had said that his names were placed incorrectly on the I-94 and that we needed to contact the DHS/CBP to get it changed but that she would put his names in how they had put it in in the I-94 so that he could get the social security card otherwise he would not be able to get it for 4 weeks (why 4 weeks I have no idea). 

In the I-94 what had been placed in the First "given" name section was "Jonathan Benjamin" and the Last name/surname second had "Doe". However my husband's does have a first name and a middle name (separate not together) therefore, it should have been, First "given" name: Jonathan, Second "middle" name: Benjamin, Last name/surname: Doe. Is there a spot for a middle name on the electronic I-94 that is filled out at the port of entry? 

I contacted the CBP office closest to where we live, applied for the change in name so that we could proceed properly to get his social security card updated with the correct placement of his names and they told me that there is nothing wrong with the I-94 and that it is correct. So now I don't know what to do because the CBP is not willing to change the I-94 and I highly doubt the social security administration is going to be willing to just willy nilly change his name to the correct thing after we've already been there twice. I am kind of stuck and don't really know what to do at this point, just file for AOS and hope that they put his names correctly in his permanent residency and EAD card? 

Thanks for all of your help in advance.

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