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arrowF1 (soon to be out of status) marrying USC [merged threads]
February 9, 2016, 10:43 am Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hi everyone, 

I'm obviously a newbie here, and wanted to ask about my situation. 


I'm currently an f1 student, but due to financial issues, I wasn't able to pay my tuition up until a week ago (with spring semester already started).

However, the last day to register for classes is tomorrow, and even if I did register, I would already be almost 3 weeks behind every other student in class (and have another 13k of tuition to pay)


Also, I'm actually getting married to my fiance who's a US citizen this Friday, 3 days from today, and hopefully be able to file for AOS within the next few weeks. 

So I guess my question is, would being out of status for that time frame affect my AOS application? Will it come and bite me in the butt?

(I don't know how soon my school will have to report that I am out of status) - should I let my international advisor know that I'm getting married and filing for AOS?


Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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arrowhelp!!! wedding planning in texas
February 5, 2016, 9:33 am Last comment by Pitaya

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I'm hoping I am asking this on the right thread. My boyfriend and I are at a loss here on how to proceed with wedding stuff so I'm sorry if we come off as dumb with these questions, but we are in desperate need for advice and answers!


Some context on the situation:


I'm moving to the US (Feb. 26) on a K-1 visa and we'll be holding the wedding on March, 19. We live in Denton, Texas and we plan on getting our marriage license there and marry at a lake house that's in another county.


Some question about the license :

  • I've read you need to provide a Social Security Number to get a marriage license, but for various reasons I'm planning on getting mine after the wedding. Is it really a MUST?
  • If I wanted to call someone local or "official" for further information, who do I need to call? Denton County Clerk's office?
  • Are witnesses required? If so, are there any requirements for them?


Then, about the actual wedding, we need of course an officiant, but it all seems very confusing to us, specially to me, because everything is extremely different from my country. The county clerks office doesn't give information as to who can marry you or how to go about it to ensure the wedding is done the legal way, so we've been left looking on the internet, but there's just tons of websites and people claiming to be wedding officiants and there's no way for us to filter who's trustworthy and who's not. Who can we contact to look for someone respectable, trustworthy, etc? We don't want a religious wedding and we don't need a cheesy wedding filled with anecdotes and what have you, we would be just happy with a simple thing that get things done but professionaly.


Does someone also have an idea on what to expect for a fee from the officiant? Saying we are on a budget is an understatement and while of course we want someone reliable, we also need to not go broke hiring someone and we don't even know a range of prices.


If all fails or we can't find anyone, someone in my boyfriend's family has offered to get ordained, which sounds like a great idea but it just blows my mind. In my country it is unthinkable that someone "random" could just go ahead and marry you and it would seem fishy at best, so I've been having a hard time understanding where to go to know how it works and how to ensure that it is being done under the legal requirements for the whole thing to be valid. We have heard many people say "it's easy" and so on, but we can't seem to find any reliable source to give us some peace of mind on it and an actual direction to go to.


Any othe random mysterious information I should know about but isn't posted in many places would be appreciated too, since we could easily get blindsided by something we didn't even think of!



We'd very much appreciate some help!!! I'm still in my homecountry, so all I can do is phone places, but I don't even have an idea on who to call. My boyfriend is extremely busy and under a lot of stress and literally doesn't get home until it is too late to call anyone and his family, for various reasons, is unable to help us with this right now.




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arrowg-325a K-1 Visa Applicant's residence for past 5 years
January 25, 2016, 7:30 pm Last comment by Mercedes

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So I need some help with the g-325a form, specifically stating where I (and my fiance) have lived in the past five years.

My fiance (chilean) has come to the US on what they call the old tourist visa, meaning they can stay up to 6 months.

My fiance has done this twice, and always left before the 6 months time. Does this time (5 months) need to be documented in the "Residence for past 5 years" section of the g-325a, even though it wasn't permanent?



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arrowCase sent to NVC but never received hard copy of NOA2
January 17, 2016, 9:52 pm Last comment by Shauneg

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Our i129f petition was approved on December 7, 2015 online, but I never received a hard copy of the NOA2. 

On January 11, 2016 I received notice that the petition was received at NVC and will be forwarded to the US Embassy in Santiago, Chile.  I inquired on the USCIS site about never receiving the NOA2, and I received a response that it must have been lost in the mail.  My only option is to file a i824 in order to request a duplicate.  The filing fee is outrageous! It's also soo frustrating that I have to pay for something that was lost due to no fault of my own... 


My question is do I need the hard copy of NOA2 for my fiancée's interview?  if so, is there any way to get an extension because I read that it might take 3 months to receive the duplicate after filing the i824.





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arrowI-864, AOS: Show Petitioner's income, assets or Joint Sponsor income?
December 20, 2015, 2:03 pm Last comment by mallafri76

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Good afternoon good people of VJ, 

I'd be very appreciative to have you thoughts on the appropriate level of evidence to include with a I-864. As evidence that my husband (the Petitioner) can support me (the Visa Applicant) with income sufficiently exceeding the Federal Poverty Guidelines, we are deciding which of the following paths to take.
PATH 1: A) The Petitioner's income (only)
PATH 2: A) The Petitioner's income + B) the Visa Applicant's assets
PATH 3: A) The Petitioner's income + B) the Visa Applicant's assets + C) a Joint Sponsor's income
PATH 4: A) The Petitioner's income + C) a Joint Sponsor's income 
Either A) or C) comfortably exceed the Federal Poverty Guidelines, on their own. B) Exceeds 5 times the Federal Poverty Guidelines. 
In principle, Path 1 should be sufficient.  However, note the following:
FACT 1: We live together outside of the US. We are taking the relevant steps to demonstrate the intent of the Petitioner to reestablish his domicile in the US.
FACT 2: The USC Petitioner's income has been foreign for the past 6 years and is currently still foreign. He will continue to work outside of the US until I receive my visa, at which point his company is transferring him to work at one of the company's US offices. Our interpretation is that the Petitioner's current income (which is now foreign) will continue once he moves to the US, since he will be with the same company.
FACT 3: The Petitioner has an employment letter stating both his current income (foreign income, in the foreign currency and US$ equivalent), his pending company transfer to the US, and his future annual income in the US after the transfer. Both the current and future income amounts exceed the Federal Poverty Guidelines. 
FACT 4: On the Petitioner's 1040 tax forms for the past 3 years, foreign income is subtracted from wages in order to calculate "Total Income", leaving Total Income near $0. This means any entries in Form I-864 (edition date 07/02/15, which has changed from some older versions) , Part 6.19.a.b.c will be near $0.
QUESTION 1: Will FACT 4 weaken the evidence of PATH 1 (the Petitioner's income)?
QUESTION 2: Would PATHS 2 or 3 help mitigate the risk that visa adjudicators don't like seeing the $0 amounts in Form I-864, Part 6.19, and as a result deem the Petitioner's income as insufficient (despite the employment letter)? Or, could supplying the additional asset evidence and/or a joint sponsor complicate matters and cause problems (even assuming no mistakes are made) since PATH 1 should (should) be sufficient? In other words, is there any harm in supplying additional, multiple levels of AOS evidence?
QUESTION 3: I've read that assets are a weaker form of evidence. Has anyone found this to be the case? If so, it may be an argument for pursuing PATH 4 over PATH 3.
If anyone has had a similar experience, or has an informed opinion, we will be very thankful for your input. 
Many thanks, 

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