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AOS approval without interview?
6:58 pm


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Dear all,

I'm applying for AOS from a K1 visa. Looking at myUSCIS Case Status, I was scheduled for an interview on July 20:

STATUS: June 16: We scheduled you for your interview and mailed you an interview notice.

Today, the case status changed again, I think for the better :)

STATUS: July 06: My new card is being produced

However nowhere it says that the scheduled interview (July 20) should be ignored... On the other hand I don't know what purpose would it serve for us to go to our local office in July 20 as scheduled if we get the green card before.

Is it safe to just ignore the interview appointment? I want to be quite sure I'm not doing anything wrong with USCIS... Thank you so much! Any similar experiences or opinions are much appreciated.

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i134 8b student loan debt
9:21 pm


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The i134 on question 8b below real estate states I have morgages or other debts amounting to...

Must I include my student loan debt in this line? Do I have to then send my student loan account statements?

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Get Better Interview Date?
4:05 am


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Hello all,

maybe this is embassy specific I am not sure but our interview date is over 60 days from now! How can we get a better interview date?

The embassy (Santiago, chile) was just recently giving out dates 30-45 days in advance.

we are just ready for this process to be done.

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Change entire name?
6:50 am


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I am the USC and I plan on changing my name to my fianc es last name when we are married.

My fianc e, he wants to take the opportunity (if possible) to change his entire name when we get married. He despises his names due to whom he was named after. He also has two last names (paternal and maternal) and wants to drop his maternal last name to have only a first, middle and last name so that we both only have his paternal last name.

Will this cause us issues when we try to adjust his status?

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Can an Aunt bring Nephew as LPR?
8:59 pm


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Hello All,

I have a question that someone else asked me and just did some quick research and to me it doesn't look promising based on this website https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/immigrate/family/family-preference.html below Family Preference Immigrant Visa (Limited) but I thought I'd ask here anyways. My mother has a co-worker who is a US Citizen, she asked me if I know of anyway she can bring her nephew (under 21 and unmarried) to the US as a LPR. Is there a way?

From what I've seen, she would have to apply for her brother/sister to become a LPR and then her brother/sister would have to apply for his/her son to come as an LPR. Am I correct?

Thank you!

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