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arrowI-751 ROC help
February 25, 2015, 5:42 pm Last comment by Micro<3kittens

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Hi Everyone!


I'm working on my I-751 evidence and i have some questions. About evidence they ask for, do i need to send the whole thing, like all the pages of life insurance policy or just the main page with both names on it? I have a couple of cards we received from Christmas season, the envelopes have the sticker with both of our names. Do i need to send a copy of just the envelopes or the picture or card too? cause in this case they are just pictures we received.

I have some receipts in spanish from chilexpress (like western union here) cause my husband was sending me money while i was waiting (because of our paperwork) in Chile. Do i need to translate them or not?




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arrowFlorida ID
February 23, 2015, 10:39 am Last comment by agnesb

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My Fiancee and I will be arriving to U.S at the end of March, she has a K-1 Visa

I would like her to get a Florida ID aso soon as possible, I checked the requirements and she needs a social security card first.

My question is: How long does she has to wait in order to get that ID. How long does she has to wait to get SSC ??

Can she drive with her out of the country driver license?

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arrowJ1 visa no objection certificate from Chile
February 22, 2015, 5:39 pm Last comment by Evenimente

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Hello everyone,


I will soon go to the US on a J1 visa, my DS-2019 hasn't been issued yet but I am subject to the 2 year residency requirement (I checked with the Chilean embassy). I read that it is possible to get a waiver asking for a "no objection" letter from your home government in order to not fulfill such requirement.


I would  really like to find other chileans who have filled for the waiver under that condition so I can better understand what are my chances of getting one too. I know that processing times and the possibilty of getting one depend on where you are from.


I just found out about this and I'm really bummed since my boyfriend (US citizen) and I were planning on living in California after my visa.


Thanks! Any information will be very useful and appreciated.

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arrowvisa question
February 20, 2015, 11:06 am Last comment by Abby33

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Good morning everyone, my fiance received his visa at the bottom of the page it says valid through March 3, 2015, but expiration date is in August. Does anyone know what that messaje for is, or what does it mean. Thanks in advance.

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arrowTime between AOS/IV package and Instruction and Interview appointment letter
February 16, 2015, 9:06 pm Last comment by sn0skier

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I have recently submitted my AOS/IV package. I sent in the rest of the NVC forms and payments October 10th or before (it's on my timeline). Any idea how long I can expect to wait to know when my Interview appointment will be? I know the time between NOA2 and the interview can be quite lengthy for Chile (average 204 days right now), but the NVC has confirmed that they have reviewed everything else and just need the AOS/IV package.

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