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Petitioner's Birth Certificate
12:30 am


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In gathering documents in anticipation of our I130 approval, I discovered that my birth certificate (from the US) has two errors: my mother's place of birth is wrong as is my father's age. I submitted my passport as evidence of citizenship for I130 and was just going to have my husband bring my birth certificate (in addition to his, obviously) to the interview to be thorough. I've read conflicting evidence on this forum (see: here and here) but NVC seems pretty clear that my passport is sufficient. I just want to make sure. We're going through the Santiago de Chile embassy if that matters. Can anyone reassure me that it's okay not to provide the USC petitioner's birth certificate if a passport is provided?

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Last name issues
1:15 am


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My husband has two last names, his dads last name and his moms last name. He applied for AOS with just his dads last name as he wanted to drop his mothers last name so him and I would both only carry his dads last name.

The Immigration Officer approved our AOS but changed his name back to having both last names because "that's what your marriage certificate says". So do we have to go through court now in order to drop his second last name? His EAD says only his dads last name.

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K1 Visa I-134
9:56 pm


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Hey everyone! I am new to this but I am in the middle of the K1 visa process. I am currently worried about the I-134 form. Last year I was a full time college student in my last semester completing an un paid internship so I had very little time to work and before that, I was abroad in Chile (where and when I met my now fianc ) I did not even make enough money to file my taxes for the 2017 year, so I know I have to have a joint sponsor. My question is, will it cause problems if my joint sponsor claims me as a dependent on their taxes for 2017?? Technically since I lived with the joint sponsor for over half of the year that is acceptable, but I do not want any problems with this K1 process. So does the joint sponsor claim me as a dependent on the I-134?? And since the joint sponsor is married, does the spouse of the joint sponsor provide her information or only the joint sponsors tax info, W2, pay check stubs, etc???

THANK YOU in advance for any help with this (:

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Biometric Appointment question.
11:32 pm


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We received a letter in the mail detailing that our I-751 package had been received and the check cashed. This was on January 22nd 2018. We have yet to receive a date for the biometrics appointment. I had been reading that they usually send out that appointment letter 3-4 weeks after the first NOA (January 22nd 2018). It is now almost April 2018, is this something to be concerned about or completely normal? I just would like to have some peace of mind because I don't want to think that letter got lost in the mail somewhere! Heh. Thanks for reading and hope to hear some responses soon!

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Interview Letter or Something Else? What is this letter?
10:48 pm


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Today my husband received in the mail a letter that states the following:

"Please come to the shown below at the time and place indicated in connection with an official matter.
Office Location : XXXXX

Date and Hour: XXXX ISO #1

Ask for: Please check in at the Interviews - Reception Check-in window located on the second floor.

Reason for appointment: Pertaining to your I-485 Adjustment of Status Application

Bring with you: This notice, photo identification, your passport and entry documents, your birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable) and an interpreter (if needed).


If your eligibility is based on marriage, your husband or wife must attend the interview with you.



if you are unable to do so, state your reason, sign below and return this letter to the office at once."

Is this an interview notice or is this something else? I am just confused because VJ says that the average time for Milwaukee interviews would take us into July and USCIS processing time says they are working on AOS from March 16, 2017.

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