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arrowhelp!!!! I-134, assets.
November 27, 2015, 4:19 pm Last comment by Penguin_ie

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we are really in a confusion.


the co-sponsor makes well above the poverty guidelines with the income. so our confusion is:


if no appraisals are offered for the assets/real estate, and there's sufficient income (with supporting documentation for it) what harms more: writing n/a under "other personal property..." and "real estate... mortgage..", or writing down the values without an apraisal but with the property titles?



also minor questions, at the end of page 2, where you have to sign, before the actual signature, there's a paragraph "I aknowledge...." and then a line. Should the sponsor sign there too?

and since the co-sponsor will be my father-in-law, but isn't yet (K-1 visa), what does he write under relationship to me?



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arrowurgent! I-134 supporting documentation
November 25, 2015, 10:18 am Last comment by pantonia

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I'm so sorry if I'm in the wrong section, I just thought I'd have better luck here than in the regular K-1 section, since it relates to VA


Context: My fiancee (the USC) is the son of a retired veteran. He is a student and gets benefits (tuition and a monthly stipend) through VA because of his dad. He obviously doesn't make enough to be the sole sponsor, so his dad is being the co-sponsor. 


The problem: gathering the supporting documentation, meaning a letter for each of them, explaining the benefits, for how much, etc., since those (along with SS in the case of his dad) are the only sources of income.
So, my fiancee called the VA to find out how to get some statement or letter from VA for himself and for his dad (the actual veteran) about their benefits. 
They referred him to the website, where he tried filing for this papers, but then everything went weird:
He sent 2 separate requests: one for his dad and one for him, specifically requesting for this papers to be sent to his dad's house. For his dad, they sent back an e-mail talking about "not being able to help him with the medical/health requests or questions he had" and other things that seemed to indicate that they were just replying to the wrong person or something. Just totally not related to what he asked for. They said at the end of the e-mail that they'd mail him the documents he requested to his address (about 10 days ago). I'm worried that assuming he does get this stuff they will just have sent something completely wrong/non related.
Then for him, they replied a few days later, also saying things like "we can't change your address" and just crazy things. He had a back and forth with them, they assured him they were trying to help him and then stopped replying. He also tried at the VA's office at his school for his papers at least and they said there was nothing to do there.
All of this happened more than a week ago, and there's been no word from the VA and no letter has arrived to his dad's. And for himself, he hasn't been able to get anything.
We've read some things about something called uhm everify or something like that, that allows you to pull up those documents online, but upon further research it seems plain impossible to do that, since before getting an online account set up you need to be registered in something else, then some DS logon, and then get the premium account for that specific thing and I read complains that the website just doesn't work anyway. If you tell me there's no other way they'll try to do it, but since my fiancee's dad is older, it is not too easy to just go around doing these things.
Do you know how can we finally get a hold of these documents soon?
My fiancee will be traveling here in dec. 12, and I'll have my interview on the 23, which is why he expects to be able to bring the documents along with him. If he isn't able to, I'll have to postpone everything and just push the interview for february or march so that he is back in the states and can get the documents, but we would still hit the wall of just not being able to get them.

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arrownervous about interview and I-134
November 22, 2015, 5:59 am Last comment by pantonia

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next month I have my k-1 interview. I'm nervous because of the economic part. My fiancee doesn't make enough as a student and our co-sponsor makes well above the poverty line for 3 people (him, his wife and myself) but I'm worried his monthly bank account balances will play against us, since at the end of the month he doesn't have much money left.

I debated as to whether or not I should post this, since it could give me some peace of mind or destroy my hopes a month in advance, because we don't have much else to do if it's a really bad thing. I tell myself that nobody can expect for people to finish the month with hundreds of dollars left just because they make more than the minimum asked in the poverty guidelines, but I'm also worried that they will be just too strict and won't be sensible about it :( ...

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arrowI-134, no tax return forms
November 13, 2015, 8:16 pm Last comment by Dave&Roza

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My fiancée is gathering all the documents to accompany this form.

He is a student, getting tuition and spending money from the VA (because of his dad), so he doesn't meet the poverty line requirements. We have checked with my consular section to see if they allow co-sponsors for K-1 petitioners, and they do. I also asked if my fiancée's dad is allowed to be a co-sponsor, since he is a retired veteran, who is above the poverty guidelines but all his income comes in the form of Social Security and VA benefits. They also said it is ok. My question is though, since all his income is non-taxable, he doesn't have tax returns and such. Will it be enough to provide the following:

  • bank statements
  • VA and SS letters declaring and explaining the benefits he gets, how consistent they are and for how much money.
  • Letter of explanation: detailing how these benefits work and why he doesn't have tax forms to show.

In my fiancée's case, he'll just provide everything he has (including the most recent tax return form) and a letter of explanation for how his benefits work and so on.


I'm pretty sure it's fine, since it's not like my fiancée's dad isn't paying his taxes, he just doesn't have any income taxes to pay. I'm planning on printing and bringing along these e-mails from the consular office, just in case they decide to play dumb and pretend I'm not allowed to have a retired veteran with these benefits as a co-sponsor.

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arrowEstimated wait for ROC
November 9, 2015, 8:25 pm Last comment by oceanborn
Lalo & Susana

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We submitted the ROC documentation for my husband in August and the paperwork was sent to Vermont Service Center. Last time we applied for his conditional green card we received a letter two months after his biometrics stating our interview was waived and then 3 months later we received his green card. My husband had his biometrics appointment over 2 months ago and we haven't heard anything. Is this normal? When should we hear if he has an interview or if it will be waived again.


Thank you!

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