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I129-F Questions
1:18 pm


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Hey everyone! I have just started my visa journey by filling out I29-F, and this site has been very useful! However, there were a few specific questions that I wanted to see if anyone here knew the answer to rather than guess. If they've been asked before I apologize, I hadn't found any answers thus far!

1.) There's a section that asks for your parent's information, which includes their date of birth, the place they were born, and the place they currently reside. Both my parents are deceased. I filled in their birth dates, and they were both born in the U.S. so that's fine, but I don't know where to put for currently residing! Should I just write "Deceased" or would that maybe be invalid? Do I put their last residence? The place they are buried (as morbid as that is)? I wasn't sure and I was looking for opinions as this has never seemed to come up!

2.) I'm a 20 year old and still in college. Thus, my jobs and addresses change often. For jobs, will it look bad that I am constantly switching and currently unemployed (I work at a work study, but since the job is government funded to pay directly for student loans, and doesn't get taxed, I don't think I'm able to put it down as work history). I will have a co-sponsor, but I'm still worried it'll look bad. Also, do I need to note every dorm that I've lived in as a previous address, or can I just put my family's home address, which is the address that my school has on file to send my mail and etc.? I've seen very mixed answers on this, as some people say dorms count as your address as long as your name was attached to it, and others say that only your actual home address counts.

Thank you so much for any and all answers and advice :)!

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Speeding Up Advance Parole
6:03 pm


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I was wondering if anyone has experience speeding up their Advance Parole document. Basically our situation is that me and my fiance were legally married (like essentially courthouse, 3 other people marriage) in August and then filed for AOS, EAD, and AP on 8/17 (see signature/timeline for details) -- but we are planning a larger wedding ceremony in her home country for January 21. We are worried she won't get her travel document in time. I know maybe we should not have planned it so close, but its just very difficult planning all this wedding stuff (internationally) along with visa stuff. Plus back when we started making plans, the AP was pretty much taking a consistent 3 months -- which still gave us 2 months of cushion (August 17 - November 17). Now its ballooning to 4 months.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has gotten their AP sped up towards the end -- I am thinking to contact USCIS after 3 months of waiting or so. Its not a true reason for getting it expedited (closest thing would be financial loss). But I have read of some people in similar situations after about 3 months of waiting making an info-pass appointment and gotten it sped up to just make sure they have the document in time.

Any advice on the matter would be helpful! Experience with info-pass appointments, contacting congressmen, etc. Thanks!

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I haven't filed taxes while living abroad - misunderstanding of gross income - filling out affidavit of support
10:50 pm


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Hey everyone, sorry if this is the wrong forum, but while filling out paperwork for my husband's AOS/affidavit of support, I think I (US citizen) have uncovered a horrible mistake that I've been making for the last few years.

Every once and a while I'd go on the IRS website, do their little "Do I Need to File a Tax Return?" and it would ask me for my gross income, and it would generally be like $300-600 (after taking into account the foreign income exclusion from Form 2555) due to odd jobs on the internet. Well, now I was googling around to see how not filing would affect the affidavit of support... and... I think I took too many assumptions with the IRS tool. It seems like the exempted foreign income needs to be included in the gross income (which is confusing, because as you fill out your tax return, the "total income" and "adjusted gross income" doesn't include that foreign income.

Anyhoo, has anyone been in the same situation? I'm not really sure where to move forward here and could use some input from someone who knows about taxes or has been in the same situation.

Thanks so much!

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What's stopping us from getting married on a tourist visa?
3:46 am


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My fiancee lives in Chile, and we will be getting married next July. I was under the impression we'd have to file for K1, but then a US customs agent at an airport said it was easier to just have him come on a regular tourist visa (without mentioning our intention of getting married), get married, and then file for an adjustment of status. He claims we'll spend less money. Has anyone does this? What are the pros/cons? Any advice/experience is appreciated!

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AOS Interview Fee?
3:04 pm


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Just wondering if there is any fee if we have an interview for adjusting status (from K-1 visa), other than the initial application fee. Or any other significant fees in getting the initial green card (I know there are to renew and remove conditions later). I know we may not even have an interview, and it would still a ways off, but just trying to plan. And sorry if this is clearly marked somewhere else, I was unsuccessful in finding an answer to it.


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