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arrowI-134 additional sponsor filed jointly questions
April 19, 2014, 8:39 pm Last comment by Jay-Kay

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Hello fellow VJers,

Working on the I - 134 form for my fiancé. I am going to send additional sponsor information for my fiance because I was in college last year working only part time and also had left the country to be in Chile for 3 months out of the year when I was not working.  Right now I can make the poverty guidelines with what I make but I have no way to prove that other than a document that my employer can sign stating what I generally make in tips monthly (I am a waitress). 


So if I have read correctly other posts, my mother (the additional sponsor) even though she filed jointly with my father will be the only person to be put on the I - 134 correct? However, my father will be put as a "partial dependent" in question 8 regarding dependents? And I even though I file as non-dependent but since I still live at home with my parents will also file as "partial dependent" or not? 

Also for number 10, states, "I have submitted a visa petition to the USCIS on behalf of the following persons…" she would put none in that box because I was the one to file for the petition not her correct? 

Thanks everyone for the help! I hope that this was not too confusing.

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arrowCivil surgeon wants to hold process - After he said Everything was Ok
April 17, 2014, 7:08 pm Last comment by Ryan_and_Priscy

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I have my drama now:


In March 24th I took my father, the beneficiary, to see the Civil Surgeon, Dr. Kun Zhong. We went back on the 27th so the doctor could see the TB test result. After he ruled that my dad had a redness (not swollen) result, he did an X-ray Chest. It took him about an hour and half to tell us that everything was fine and that we could proceed with the process. Nevertheless, when the TB test came positive, I reemphasized to him that my dad was diagnosed with TB in 1994 after he suffered a long term intestinal condition that left him weak and prone to catch any disease. As he was working by then in the medical environment (hospital, clinics) because his business was to provide medical books to all these places, so his doctor assumed that having a weak immune system was easier for the TB virus to attack him. He was treated, the disease was put under control. To make sure that there isn't any condition or recurrence of the TB, he was periodically seen his doctor and done x-rays. The last check up he had was last year before he traveled to South America to visit his family. He came in November to visit us and then we discussed that it would be best for him to live with us. So we started working on getting the paperwork done.


It was on the 27th when the doctor gave us that sealed envelope and kept saying everything was OK. 


Yesterday I got a call from his office. The lady would not wanted to release any information but insisted to talk to my father. Nicely I had to explain to her that he wasn't with me because I was at my workplace, and if she tried to speak to him directly (she wanted to call him to his cellphone) he wouldn't be able to talk her. My dad doesn't speak English fluently. I messaged my husband and asked him if he could call back to the doctor's office and maybe he would be able to get more information. We are the only ones who have the right to know anything relating to him. I am the petitioner, I am the only one daughter, therefore, there is the total right to know any information they have. The lady asked if we have sent the documents to USCIS. Of course, we did! Her reply was like a "Ohhhh" but sounded more like a another way to say "ooopppsss". So I insisted, was anything serious? Yes, but they needed to see my dad again and they wanted to see if I could take him tomorrow (today). 


My husband called today to the office and was able to speak with the doctor. So it happened that the doctor decided to sent the X-ray to a radiologist and had the result to share with us. He advised that my dad need to be seen by an specialist because the X-ray show holes in his lungs so they are not sure if that could be TB recurrence or...cancer. 


He also highlighted that he would notify USCIS to put the process on hold. 


I just spent over an hour trying to speak with an official, as the representative told me that only an official of a higher level could let me know further information/assistance. All I want to ask is 1) Have they received any notification from the doctor. 2) Is legal that the doctor gave us a sealed envelope and said everything was OK and now comes back saying that there are issues (I thought that such process should have be done we could send these documents to USCIS). 4)Can the doctor put the process on hold? 


After my husband called, I took a short break from my work and called the doctor but I was unable to reach him. So I told the receptionist to let him know that "What was then the result he wrote or put in the sealed envelope?, I trusted the Doctor was giving his final consent that,, if there wasn't any problem, then we were set to send our papers to USCIS. Why he decided now to take it to a radiologist and NOT before he could have given us that envelope?


The doctor also said that he mail today the results of the X-Ray. I will call tomorrow again USCIS in the morning and ask to the official the same questions I have. 


But as for now, all these situation and the way the doctor handled the situation, honestly we don't feel like relying on him. Yes, I appreciate the fact he decided to have a second opinion but...after he gave us the envelope and said everything is OK?


I reach anyone here who may have a real advise, or have gone through a similar experience. Please, if you know, let me know. 


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arrowAny Jan/Feb CSC Filers?
April 17, 2014, 8:23 am Last comment by EM & JESH
mckie & vale

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It seems as though CSC is mostly approving petitions with NOA1 dates in March ... is there anyone else who has not heard back & who has not received word of even an RFE? I know it can take up to five months, it's just strange considering how fast CSC is working for March filers.

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arrowApril 2014 I-130 Filers
April 10, 2014, 8:53 am Last comment by elvenshadow

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I did some searching for an April 2014 I-130 filers thread, but I couldn't find one.


Just sent off the I-130 from Santiago, Chile to the Chicago Lockbox on 9 April 2014 and looking to see some other timelines!


I have nearly gone blind reading massive amounts of information to be found on this website and it seems like by May 2014, USCIS is supposed to have a 5 month processing goal to NOA2 for I-130s. Here's hoping it's fast for everyone!

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arrowForms & Checklist Sent to Beneficiary question...
April 9, 2014, 12:51 am Last comment by Jaime<3Marco

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Hello all!

Quick question, the forms & checklist that is sent to the beneficiary after the case is forwarded/received in the beneficiary's home country contains what exactly? Is there a way to reroute this form/checklist to a different address than the mailing address specifically written on the I-129f or a way to just opt out altogether from the forms arriving to my fiancé's house? Reason being, my fiancé has a retired grandmother that is very nosy and extremely negative with whom he lives with and he has chosen not to tell her about our engagement and does not plan to tell her until everything is accepted and she unfortunately, will be the one to accept the mail and therefore the package when it arrives. 

Any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!! :)

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