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arrowNotification VSC received paperwork
September 3, 2015, 8:04 pm Last comment by Lalo & Susana
Lalo & Susana

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I mailed my husband's removal of conditions (I-751) paperwork last week and we received a confirmation from USPS that it arrived on 08/28/15. On 08/31/15 the payment was taken out of our checking account but we still have not received a text or email notification. Whenever we previously sent the G-1145 with the K-1 application and the AOS paperwork we received the text/email the same day as the payment. I know them cashing our check means they received it but I am curious if they possibly overlooked the G-1145. If they did overlook the G-1145 is the only way we receive updates would be regular mail? Can I call them once I have a case # to request they email or text us the updates?




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arrowMy confusing AOS checklist
August 21, 2015, 11:40 am Last comment by Dingdupme

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Hi all, 


My case was confirmed completed over the phone yesterday (08/20/2015), but the representative told me that I had a checklist, not to send to NVC but for my husband to bring to his interview. 


The thing is, what they're asking for doesn't make sense (to me at least), so I don't know how to fix it:


I submitted my I-864 for my husband, but because I work abroad I don't meet poverty guidelines, so my father agreed to be his joint sponsor. Therefore, I submitted my I-864, my father's I-864, and my mother's I-864A as my father's household member. 


My checklist is for part 5, the household size of my father:


It says: "Item 7. You must account for all siblings, paretns or adult children with the same principle residence who are combining their income with yours by submitting Form I-864A. This number must also match the total number of household members listed in Part 6, Items 6.a. through 9.c."


My father's household was filled out as follows:

N°1: 1 (my husband, the immigrant)

N°2: 1 (yourself...my father)

N°3: 1 (my mother, my father's spouse)

N°4-7: all 0, as I didn't count anyone twice

So, 3 people total.


So who are they asking for for N°7?? Me, the petitioner, because on my form I-864 I put my father's address as my place of residence in Part 3, N°3.a-3.h??? Or my mom, for filling out an I-864?? But I don't get it because it asks for "siblings, parents or adult children", not spouse, and if I added her to number 7 that means I would have added her twice (as she was already counted in number 3) and it specifically says not to count anyone twice.


Help me please! I don't want my husband to have issues at his interview over a stupid missing number!


also, when I spoke to the representative I explained to her my father's household size and she said, "I think you were right the first time", so I asked her if I should have my father sign a new form or just bring the original and she said, it's up to you...gahhh

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arrowForm I-864 Couple of Questions!
August 17, 2015, 1:17 am Last comment by khrizpv

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Hi, I want to ask a couple of questions related to the form I-864 if anyone one can answer at least one of them I will be grateful. 
Before I ask the questions I will let you know a little about my case. 
I have been living in Chile for more than two years and have been married more than two years. I'm living with my wife and two kids. 
Our last kid was a baby boy that was born in Chile. He immediately became a USA citizen because he met the requirements. That was a year ago. 
This year we decided to go live in the USA and we started our case by sending the form I-130 on march 25, 2015. One for my wife and one for my daughter. 
The USCIS approved both on April 27, 2015 and send it to the nvc. NVC received it the last week of may and they sent me correspondence which I never got.
In July I got tired of waiting for the letter to arrive so I called nvc and to my surprise the letter didn't arrive because they send it to another address which I never gave out. 
They didn't respond to any of my emails because they didn't have my email on file. I supplied them the correct information and my email. 
I went to their website ceac. state. gov and submitted ds-261 for my daughter and after that I went to file for my spouse ds-261 but it wouldn't let me instead I got an app error on their site.
One week later, my wife called nvc and they let her fill her form on the phone. One day letter her form ds-261 was approved. 
After that we kept calling for a week to see how my daughter's case was going as her ds-261 wasn't approved yet and finally they let me fill her form on the phone too. 
The day after she got ds-261 approve.
Almost two months lost because of correspondence being sent to another address and they didn't have my email on file. 
3 weeks lost because of nvc website is full of bugs and it's not updated frequently.
Forms ds-261 approved, but can't pay on their website so I will send money orders tomorrow.
I want to have AOS package ready so I started filling it and I have a couple of questions.
I have never submitted tax returns and didn't submit the last 3 years because I didn't get enough income.
I made the following the past 3 years.
2012 $4000 I think it was less than this.
2013 $3800
2014 $7800 or less.
My father earned more than $37,000 on last year income tax.
1. My father is going to be the case sponsor. I'm not sure if its as house member or joint sponsor that I have to put him?. We have the same address in the USA. I will be living there when I get to the USA.
2. My father has me and my brother as dependent on his income tax. Do I have to file income tax or not because I made under the minimum I think?
3. Part 3 Question 28. I entered 1 but this form is for my wife. What do I have to put in part 5 question 3?
4. Part 5 Question 4 I read somewhere else that here you didn't have to enter dependents that you petition on another form and that I didn't have to put my child was he was a USA citizen. Is that all truth?
5. Part 6 question 1 I don't know what I have to put here. I'm unemployed for the last two months and I know I won't have a job immediately when I get to the USA but I will go get one when I get there.
6. Part 6 question 2. Do I put last year annual income or I put 0 as I read elsewhere because I won't have a job in the USA?



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arrowQuestion on the CR-1 (split and merge)
August 14, 2015, 3:51 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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I am a US citizen living in Chile and married to my husband who is from Chile. We want to move to the US ASAP (even though we know we will have to wait sometime before things get processed and what not) and we were married here in Chile. Now that I am seeing there may be another option for us, does the CR-1 still apply instead of the K3? I was told to complete the K3… but can I do the CR-1 instead? 


Also, for the K3 do I need to complete form G-325A for both of us? (When it asks for the last address outside of the US for more than 1 year I put my current one where I live in Chile correct?) 


Any other insights, tips, or info would be GREATLY appreciated! :) Thank you!  :idea:  :D



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arrowSantiago Embassy Experiences
August 13, 2015, 12:11 pm Last comment by mckennaandvaleria

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Hi, anyone out there going through the Santiago embassy in Chile? We are awaiting notice of case complete with NVC, and we would love to know what their timeline dates are for CC to interview date, plus any other helpful information you may be able to provide. 


I looked at the timelines for Chile and there are only a few of us, last ones were updated at the end of 2014, so not sure if there's more Chilean applicants out there. 



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