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K1 Visa + Complicated Situation (Chile)
2:11 am today


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My foreign fiance (beneficiary) and I would like to start the K1 visa process and submit the I129F petition. Last year, my fiance received a job offer from Chile to work as a teacher. Because getting a work visa through the Chilean embassy from his country of origin is a long drawn out process, the school told him to apply for a tourist visa, and upon his arrival, they will help him switch it to a work visa which doesn't take much time.

This is something totally legal, and it is something a lot of westerners who wish to travel abroad and start working immediately do. However, my fiance is not a westerner, he is a Moroccan citizen. Therefore, I am not sure if at the K1 interview, he will be scrutinized for going this route to work in Chile. I am afraid that during our interview at the American embassy in Chile, the CO would see this as a red flag, perceive him in a negative manner, or base their judgement on how he managed to work (legally) in Chile as opposed to our relationship.

Is this a legitimate concern, or are we overthinking this? Will this be relevant or consequential to obtain a K1 visa at the embassy during the interview?

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Letter to Congressman or USCIS Case Inquiry
11:16 pm today


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Has anyone had any experience with writing to their congressman or doing a USCIS case inquiry? We are thinking of writing right at about 6 months of waiting or once the USCIS changes their processing cases date to after our received date.

How long does each one take for a response (I thought I saw someone say that they opened a case inquiry and USCIS said give them 30 days and they never heard from them even after the 30 days)? Which is faster? Which one is more effective?

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k1 visa, case number
10:18 am today

Maribel Guzman

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Good morning every one,
We have sent our documents (k1 Visa) at the end of January and got the payments receipt in the middle of february. We havent got yet our Case Number. We would like to know how long does take this process or if there is a place (telephone number, mail adress) where we can ask ? Thank you very much for any information.
Have a wonderful day!
Maribel & Mike

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We Are Considering Pulling Our I-129F Petition
7:32 pm today


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We've been waiting now over 130 days for a NOA2, I know we are still in "normal processing time" per USCIS' website as our received date is November 3rd and they are "working on" October 15th cases. We are trying to keep positive but we've decided that if we do not hear anything, that I will move down to Chile just before my birthday June 3rd and we will get married and pursue the IR1/CR1 route. Both him and I would love for him to come up to the United States and visit but its hard when you want to get the most out of your time if he is to visit (thinking 1 month) but then again we don't know if today could be the day that we receive our NOA2 notification.

Just FYI too, we haven't been in each others presence since July 2016, I went there to visit for 2 weeks in January 2017 which obviously is not enough time in comparison to however many months.

Has anyone else decided this, how did it go for you? Just looking for previous experiences.

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Chile Beneficiaries :)
10:42 am today


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Hello guys!

My fiance and I are excited to start the K1 application. We have everything ready and we are all set. Only thing I'm stuck on is which embassy to choose. My fiance is a Moroccan citizen but he is currently working in Chile on a subject to contract visa, or "Visa Sujeta a Contrato". My questions are:

1) Will the embassy in Chile grant him the interview if he has this visa?

2) Will the embassy in Chile allow me to attend the interview with him and be interviewed together?

Thank you all! :)

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