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He Wants To Change His Entire Name
10:19 pm


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Has anyone else's fiancee wanted to or has change their entire name practically once the arrived in the United States?
I suppose this would happen when you apply for SSN? Or after the wedding?
Any downsides/upsides? positives/negatives?

My fiancee was named after his father (whom was never in his life) and his half-brother (whom he never knew and died at a young age) and he seems to want to take this opportunity to create his own "person" as he says, separate from the influence his current names cause him. His current names are very common to his language, Spanish, and to English as well. He does want to keep his last name (which is his fathers) at this point, although he is also throwing around the idea of him taking my last name.

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Questions before applying to K-1 visa
11:54 am


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I have a couple of questions before we start the process of applying for a K-1 visa, I am from Chile and my fiancee is from FL, we met in a web site and we have been friends over 3 years, we decided to get married a couple of weeks ago, we are deeply in love and of course we want to live together, because of his job it means I am the one who has to move over there. He will send the application and he will be my sponsor. We know one of the requirements is meeting in person at least once, we are trying to decide if it would be better that I go first before applying. I've never been to the USA, would you recommend that I go over there or not? He will come here in two months. Second, should we hire an immigrant lawyer to help us with the whole process? Third, is there any advice you could give us before we start this process?

Thank you in advance :)

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K-1 Visa / Marriage License, but she already has an SSN?
11:44 am


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Hello fellow VJ'ers! I've scoured the internet as well as many of the posts on this forum, but can't find an exact fit for our situation. Hoping that someone with a similar experience can chime in!

My fiancee was recently approved for her K-1 (yay!), but given her history as a college student in the U.S. several years ago, she already has an SSN and the SSN card reads "Not authorized for work without.." From what I understand, once your assigned an SSN, that's your SSN for life. To add, her last name is already the same as mine, as we're both of Asian descent (lots of similar last names and all).

The plan is for her to come to the U.S., get married through a civil ceremony on Day 1 or 2, and then go to the SSA office for a replacement SS card in about 2 or 3 weeks. My questions are the following:

  1. We are planning to get the marriage license and civil ceremony in New York City. Should she use her existing SSN for purposes of applying for the Marriage License? Or should we not use her SSN until we get her replacement SS card, and just get married using other identification?
  2. Can we use her existing SSN for purposes of a bank account, driver's license, EAD/AP, etc.?
  3. Do we even need to go to the SSA office or get her a replacement card until we go through the AOS process?
  4. Given that we have the same last names already, do we need to go to the SSA office for any other reason?

Thank You all and look forward to your responses!!

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Tax filing first time/health insurance penalty
4:16 pm


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We are in the process of filing our taxes, and I want to cry.

My wife moved here in April 2016, but I couldn't add her to my health insurance through my employer as she didn't have a social security number and was told I couldn't add her without one.

She finally received her social security number and EAD in September 2016. I couldn't add her to the health insurance until January 2017.

Is there an exemption or will we be penalized?

Also, I've gone through many of the forums here, and I *think* we need to file:


Election statement to be treated as a resident for tax purposes

2555EZ (she only worked in Chile from January to March and made very little income)


Does anyone know of anything else? all of this is soo intimidating!

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Is Toronto a POE for K-1?
2:16 pm


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I have seen various answers on this, but does anyone know for sure, or have experience they can share?

My fiance will be coming from Chile and passing through Toronto, Canada on her way to the US. Her baggage is checked all the way through, so she won't have to exit and go through check-in again. But she will have to change planes.

What can she expect in Toronto?

She also received 2 packets from the embassy, one of which the embassy said she hands over at her first airport of departure (Santiago, Chile in this case). Is that true? I never heard you had to do something special at departure.

Any experience here would be appreciated.

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