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Clarification on police certificate if lived in multiple countries
11:15 pm


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My husband is from Chile but lived in Australia for six months and in New Zealand for ten months. According to this website (https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/immigrate/immigrant-process/documents/Supporting_documents.html) he shouldn't need a police certificate from either of those countries since he lived there for less than 12 months. He just needs the one from his home country. How accurate is this? Since he did live in NZ for close to a year, is it likely that they will ask him for a police certificate from there anyway?

We're just trying to get all our ducks in a row.

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Passport photos for petitioner?
4:21 pm


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Are 2 passport photos required for the petitioner for AOS from K1?

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I-751 Fairly weak evidence, need advice.
6:48 pm


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I've been searching online for quite some time and noticed that me and my wife seem to have minimal evidence to present with the I-751. I am planning on sending her I-751 sometime during the first week of December 2017. We live with my mother currently and we all share the living costs (utilities, groceries, house).We also do not have a joint bank account. Needless to say at the moment we aren't very rich, but we are happy!

My few questions are:
Should me and my wife get a joint bank account now or would that actually hurt our case?

Should my mother write a statement saying that we share the living costs of the house?

What is some sound advice you could offer me before I send this package?

Evidence we have so far:
-Joint Federal and State Tax returns
-Numerous pictures of us together
-2 Affidavits from close friends.
-CRBA and Birth Certificate of daughter showing our names on them.

I have just had in my mind this whole time that our daughter would be the biggest form of evidence. Anyways, thanks for reading!

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Living Apart - AOS Interview
5:24 pm


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Hey all -- question for you. So in a bit of a different situation. My wife came here on a k-1 visa back in August, and we got legally married (essentially courthouse marriage, non-religious) right away so that we could submit the application for the green card, AP, and EAD. But we still aren't living together (actually she lives with my parents) because we are planning for a larger religious ceremony in January back in her home country, once she receives her AP or Green Card. This was the best route we found for us to be able to live in the same country the soonest, and still have the religious ceremony in her home country (really important to her family).

Us and our families are pretty religiously strict when it comes to marriage, so we don't feel comfortable living together until we are married under our religion (in January). But now we have an interview for our AOS and I figure they will ask about living arrangements, in which we will explain everything as we just did. We do have lots of evidence of our marriage: joint bank accounts, car insurance, life insurance, lots of pictures, we can get letters from our minister about the religious aspect of our marriage, contracts and evidence of our wedding and honeymoon upcoming in January, our families have met and we have pictures, really anything you would need.

I think it will be fine, they may get suspicious at first but we are 100% legit so they can dig deep and find everything is real. So just wondering if anyone has any advice or similar experiences. Thanks!

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Didnt Make Poverty Line for 2016
1:24 am


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I was out of the country for the majority of 2016 so I did not make over the 2016 125% Federal Poverty Guidline but currently make much more than the 2017 125% Federal Poverty Guidline. Can I still sponsor my husband on my own?

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