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I-134 (Citizenship question)
7:37 am


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I got my US citizenship long long time ago through marriage and I divorced years ago.

I'm filling out the I-134 for my fiancee and I have a question....

I have my Certificate of Naturalization. I don't know what I have to check. For me it appears that the question 11a and 11b are contradictory each other...


Please help me to decide which I have to check.

11a. I have a Certificate of Naturalization.

11b I got my US citizenship through marriage but I don't have a Certificate of Citizenship number....

Thank you,

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Permanent resident
4:43 am


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Hi , which are the forms and paperwork that I need ?


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RFE I-864 paycheck stubs required?
11:16 pm


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I sent in on business stationary my income information for 2017 from my employer signed by him.

I got an RFE saying no evidence was submitted as proof of current income.

They list proper proof of income and say "such evidence should include:

- pay stubs or other documentation of pay for the previous 6 months.

- evidence of other income, such as tax-exempt interest, qualified dividends, ir distributions, pension, annuities, and social security benefits

letter of employment containing the following:

-dates of employment

-nature of the job

-yearly salary earned

-number of hours per week worked

-prospects for future employment and advancement"

Do I have to get together my paycheck stubs for 6 months or can I just have my employer write up a letter again?

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Travel with AP - GC approved while gone
2:10 pm


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I was wondering if anyone has thoughts/experiences on traveling on an AP, then the GC is approved while they are gone.

Me and my wife (she is applying for GC) have her GC interview on December 8th so hopefully we are approved then and it isn't a problem. But we were wondering if they decide they need more time to review her GC case, can she travel back to her home country of Chile (with an AP), in order to plan a secondary larger wedding ceremony we are planning for January 21st. She would like to get there a month before the wedding date. Of course our AP still isn't approved, but we are working with our representative to do so.

So then my question is: is it any kind of problem to travel with AP after GC interview, presuming then the GC will be approved while she is gone? Also if it is approved, and I am in the US to receive it in the mail, then I go to Chile closer to our ceremony date, should she present her GC or AP on reentry to the US?


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I-751 Application edition date
3:40 pm


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We will be sending our package the 2nd week of December and I notice the edition expires 11/30/2017 for the I-751 application. Will we have an issue with that, what in your opinion should we do? Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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