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arrowNo NOA & filed with fee waiver, what to do? (Split post)
May 26, 2016, 8:28 pm Last comment by Happy Chic

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I have a question.  What happen if USCIS does not send any notification of extension before my green card expire? I send my package on march, 11th.  I got it back on april 18th, they ask me for more information, so I send it back on april 22th, they got it on april 25th and since then nothing had happened. I do not even have the notification that they send to you telling you that they got your paper, you green card extended for a year and soon your biometrics will arrived.  

Im 9 days away from been illegal and it does not make sense because I send my paperwork 90 days prior the 2º anniversary of my green card.  USCIS says they dont have any case filled for me, so basically my paper are stock in some desk. They can help me, so what would happen to me if they dont filled my paperwork before my green card expired?


Thank you

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arrowI 864 Affidavit of Support
May 25, 2016, 6:32 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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So we finally made some strategies for the affidavit, let me tell you some story and then I'll ask some questions.


I met my husband 2 years ago while living in Chile, we started the k1 paperwork last July. He came to the US in March and we got married right away. Everything was fine till the affidavit of support came, it's so confusing.


Before traveling to Chile in February of 2013, I worked at the same school as now only as a substitute rather than a full time teacher's assistant. In my tax paperwork I have an income gap for about a year and a half of almost two years.


We have studied part of the law and conditions and we want to make sure that everything is fine before we send the info.


The facts are:

  • I make $16k a year now plus benefits, we live with my mom temporary so we don't have to pay rent.
  • I started working part time for the school in 2013 but there is a gap in my taxes while traveling on feb 2014 to July 2015
  • I have been a full time employee for 11 months now
  • My last tax return have around half income year (around $7000 because I came back from Chile by mid year July 2015)


I have about $20,000 in assets between my bank accounts and savings bonds which falls under the definition of assets, so they divide the total by 3 in order to compare to the poverty guidelines.


So we have:

  • $16,000   (Individual annual income on Part 6 line 2 and line 15 which is the one compared to the federal poverty guidelines)
  • By only showing this we don't make it, so assets to the rescue.

     Assets (The value is suppose to be divided by 3 and then added to current income to meet the poverty guidelines)

  • $15,400   (On my saving account, part 7 line 1)
  • $  5,000   (In bonds, part 7 line 3)
  • $  5,000    (Sponsored immigrant's checking account)
  • The sum of all the above is $25,400 which is divided by 3 = $8,466 

The math is 16,000 + 8,466 =  $24,466 (Part 7 line 10 to be compared to the guidelines after the assets are added.) 



Since $24,466 > $20,025 (125% of the guidelines for household of two) We shouldn't have any issue right? Just checking.


Do you think I'll have any problems with the evidence because my earnings for 2015 were just over $7000 and I have gaps in employment? 

My document checklist says:

  • last year's tax return
  • last year's W-2
  • employee letter
  • six months pay stubs
  • Evidence of current employment( i guess, the employee letter will cover that, if not what should i send?)

Some questions:

  • Does my husband have to get translated account statements for the last 3 or 12 months to demonstrate those $5,000?
  • I read in immihelp that if we're using his checking account, we should demonstrate that we can access the money here without any restriction. He is able to go to an ATM and pull money with his mastercard and is able to make international wire transfers, how can we demonstrate this?
  • Would it help that my husband has a job offer from the same business that he worked for back in Chile (a multinational company), but in the San Francisco office?
  • My husband is a skilled software engineer, would it help to send his resume so they can review his skills/education and a letter from someone important in the company saying that they're willing to hire him once he gets the EAD?


If you make it to here, thanks for reading such a long post and math class, hope you can help. Thanks !

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arrowI-864 Immigrant income Affidavit of Support k1
May 24, 2016, 10:46 am Last comment by lashidalgo

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We got to the point where we have to file the I-864 and I have some questions. First let me tell you the story.


I'm a software engineer, worked in Chile for a multi national company for a year. I came to the states in a fiancée visa (k1) and got married two months ago.


Before traveling here (US) I talked to the company managers and they decide to hire me in the San Francisco office once I get my permission to work from UNCIS so I accepted the job offer (over $100k year), and for now I will keep working remotely, they'll keep paying me to my Chilean account in Chilean pesos all within the Chilean law.

I just started reading that it seems like it's illegal to be working remotely before given permission to do so from the UNCIS. (Some sites will say is legal others don't, is weird).


I have been working remotely now for almost three months, and certainly I'm able to support myself with my income which is currently about $30k year (converted from Chilean currency). I have the pay stubs and all the documentation to prove that.


My wife (sponsor) is a state employee and doesn't make enough money to fulfill the 125% poverty lines. She makes around $16k year working as teacher assistant (till she get's her teacher certificate which will raise her income), and we where wondering if we can use our combined incomes to fulfill the poverty lines under the household size of two. (me and her)


In a summary:

  • I'm a k1 holder and I'm looking to become a resident
  • My wife make $16K year, which is not enough for the 125% poverty lines for household of two (Teacher assistant, working towards certification)
  • I'm working remotely now from the US for the Chilean office earning $30k year (Software engineer)
  • I have a job offer once I get permission to work with the same company but in the US office for over $100k year (Software engineer)


So here are the questions:


1) Is it legal to work remotely?

2) Can we use our combined income?

  • If the answer is yes, how would I prove that? (Past pay stubs, employee letter, job offer, story on the cover letter, bank statement ...etc)
  • If the answer is yes, Where is my income stated on the form?


As a hint I read number four in this site, but I still confused, it says something about 24b, but that line is a 'last name' field in the latest version of i864.




Thanks, I really appreciate any help with this. The process is confusing and this form become a nightmare, certainly the hardest part.


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arrowEAD card in production - how long til it comes in the mail?
May 16, 2016, 4:30 pm Last comment by slee0000

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Hi friends, 

I just randomly checked my USCIS status on the EAD today, and was pleasantly surprised when it said that as of May 10th, 2016 (last Tuesday), they ordered the EAD card and will be mailed to my address. 

Approximately how long do you think it'll take for it to be in my hands? 



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arrowTravelling Internationally with Green Card
May 16, 2016, 12:01 pm Last comment by slee0000

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Hi everybody,

I am currently in the process of becoming a citizen, after living in the US for 10+ years. I am originally from Chile. My husband, a US citizen, and I will be traveling to Colombia soon. Unfortunately, I have just realized that my Chilean passport is expired, and I would have to travel to San Francisco to renovate it, plus it would take 15 days or more to receive it. We are traveling in a month.


I have my naturalization interview on May 26, and I am hoping that I will get to do the oath ceremony the same day, so I can expedite my American passport in order to travel, but who knows...


Because I am still a Chilean citizen, and I have my identity card from there, I can enter Colombia without a passport, just my Chilean ID and a form that I fill out at the airport. Now, my issue is coming back to the US. I have been reading online and from what I gather, I can enter the US with just my green card. This is where I found this information: https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/1191/~/traveling-outside-of-the-u.s.---documents-needed-for-lawful-permanent-residents

It reads: "Lawful Permanent Residents of the U.S. must present a Permanent Resident Card ("Green Card", INS Form I-551), a Reentry Permit (if gone for more than 1 year), or a Returning Resident Visa (if gone for 2 years or more) to reenter the United States. U.S. LPRs do not need a passport to enter the United States as per (8 CFR 211.1(a)), however, they may need a passport to enter another country. Please contact the embassy of the foreign country you will be traveling to for their requirements."


Has anybody had any experiences with entering the country with just a Green Card? Is this possible?


Thank you so much! We already have the plane tickets and this is worrying me a lot.


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