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After (K-1) NOA2 - When to Submit DS-160 (Chile)
9:06 pm


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Hey all,

Me and my fiance's USCIS approval of our K-1 visa petition occurred on May 5th. I called the NVC yesterday and they had just received our case and gave me our case number and invoice number. My question is when can we proceed with the next steps of applying with the DS-160 -- should we wait until we know the embassy has our case? Wait until my fiance has received the letter from the embassy? I have seen that some people start the DS-160 process right after receiving their NOA2, and even start scheduling their medical interviews and such.

Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated! If it is relevant she is from Chile and that is where she will be interviewing.

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5 years of addresses and employment
1:49 pm


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Hi everyone! We just got married and are beginning to collect all our documents to file the I-130. We've been living together for the last three years in the same apartment. However, before that, we did a working holiday in New Zealand and lived in our van. We did odd jobs and didn't have a fixed address for a whole year. How can I properly document this on the form?

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Ceremony in Fiance's Country after Civil Ceremony in US
12:57 pm


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Hey all, I just had a question that I am fairly sure of the answer -- but wanted some confirmation.

The plan for me and my fiance is that after she receives her K-1 visa, she will come to the US, we will have a civil marriage ceremony, and apply for the AOS, EAD, and AP at that time. Then after she receives the Advanced Parole approval we will travel to her home country (Chile) and have a religious ceremony with her family. Is there any potential flaws in this plan? From what I have read it appears to be fine -- mostly I have heard the issue is when people try to have a religious ceremony BEFORE entering the US on their K-1 visa. In this case she will enter the US as my fiance, and we will get married, and then go to Chile for the religious ceremony -- so I can't imagine them caring about that.

But confirmation would be great and ease our nerves. Thanks!

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Contacting Congressperson After Case Inquiry?
3:33 pm


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I contacted USCIS after our case was out of normal processing times. Today I contacted USCIS talked with a tier 2 officer who was VERY rude and eventually hung up on me while I was expressing my concern for our petition and did not transfer me to a new person to speak to after I requested to speak with someone else. I was calm and collected on the phone at all times, I simply was expressing my unhappiness with the process and unhappiness with the information she was giving me. She told me that the USCIS responded to my case inquiry on May 2nd and stated that I have to wait 45 days after May 2nd and by that time I should have an answer since we had an RFE.

Is there anything more that I can do? Can I contact my congressperson will they be able to get this moving? 45 days after May 2nd seems a little ridiculous considering we have now been waiting 6 months for a NOA2.

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K-1 in college
6:20 pm


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Hello everyone,

Extremely new to this site and saw a bunch of helpful information. I'm also very new to this whole process and hope you'll allow me to rely on you all on this site, as I don't know who to turn to offline!

I'm currently a college student (age 20) who met my boyfriend/intended fiancee (age 24) online about 4 years ago. We've met several times with him visiting me here in the states, and me visiting him as well in Chile, and we'd like for him to immigrate here to the USA so that we don't need to travel across the world to see each other.

He will be graduating from college this year, and would like to start his career here. However, I am still in college and do not have a career started yet. I know the visa requires that I have a minimum amount of salary per year, however I am an independent student, and thus am studying full time. I have different part time jobs during the year (one while I'm at school, one during the summer), and am not sure if that will count as a steady income. However, I come from a family that has a decent amount of money, and also have a trust fund in my name from deceased family that I am currently in access to in order to pay for my tuition. I'm not worried about being able to support myself and my fiancee due to both my account, my savings, and my family support (my family knows and support him), and I already have living arrangements for him all planned out, but I'm worried about how these things will look on paper. Would I need a cosponsor? Will the government take into account my assets (trust funds, etc.) in comparison to my actual salary? And does it look bad that I'm trying to get married while still in school/ at this age?

I apologize if this has already been discussed. Any help/advice is super appreciated, as well as any general advice about when I should begin filing (I haven't yet, but I may want to soon since I'd like for him to be able to move here mid-2018). Thank you!

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