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Eligibility Question
1:42 am today


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Hi everyone,

I became a PR in September 2015, then went back to my home country to complete my last year of bachelor's which I successfully got in June 2016. Right after that I moved to the US for good.

I'm wondering when's the earliest date I can apply for citizenship, Sep 2020 or June 2021 (I have no intention of leaving the US except for my couple vacation weeks every year)?


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Reckless Driving Conviction and I-129F
4:47 pm yesterday


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Does anyone know if 1 conviction for reckless driving (misdemeanor) has to be disclosed as part of I-129F. USC has conviction. Anyone have a similar experience and if yes, what did you do? Did it slow anything down? If anything at all, what needed to be provided?

Any information would be incredibly helpful!!

Thank you!

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1:35 pm yesterday


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My fianc and I are about to file I-129F forms and supporting evidence. We printed our pictures on 8x10 computer paper and labelled every pick with date, place and who is in the picture but we only have black and white printers. Do the pictures have to be printed in colour?

Any information would be greatly appreciated :)

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Do USCIS call center staff even know what they're talking about?!!
7:11 am yesterday


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It's been over six months since my wife filed her i-130 for me. The NOA1 date is September 14, 2016. She's American / Canadian. I'm Canadian. We live together in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We want to move to Orlando, Florida to, among other reasons, benefit her health.

She called to follow up with them earlier this week. Apparently, there have been some delays in their processing (no kidding!) since then, but they should be getting around to it any time now. She pointed out she also filed an I-129 for me. The I-129 / K-3 was suggested by none other than a U.S. immigration officer at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, N.Y. who told my wife and I that I would be in the U.S. "inside of a month." This was in late September. Of course, my fellow VisaJourney members know what a waste of time that was.

The nice man at the USCIS call center told my wife the K-3 was an employer petition and had nothing to do with a spousal petition.

My wife also asked if I could drive a U-haul truck with her and her belongings down to Florida - and then I would fly back to Ontario - in order to move her down there to comply with the domicile requirement. His response? Maybe. Under certain circumstances. With permission. Call the consulate - any consulate - and ask them.

Come on! Really?

Absolutely un-flipping believable.

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AOS photocopy duplicates
4:26 pm yesterday


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Just preparing my AOS package with 485, 864, 765 and 131 and typing up my cover page.

Just wondering about photocopy duplicates. For example, 131, 485 and 765 all request a copy of passport bio page and k1 visa... include three or just one?


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