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URGENT - passport stolen
9:43 pm


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we we are in San Francisco and we re broken into. My passport with my visa was stolen. It s a K- 1 visa and I have applied for an adjustment of status. Any idea what I need to do at this point? I am Canadian so I need to call And report it there but assuming I need to do something with my Visa portion too. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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Tested Positive for TB Skin Test due to BCG Vaccine HELPP! :(
7:27 am


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Hi Guys!

I received a mandatory BCG Vaccine (for Tuberculosis). It was given at birth and in 1st Grade. (Really common in Asia and Tropical Countries)

I've read online that BCG Vaccines will make the skin test positive.

Anyway, I did TB Test, and its looking like its going to test positive since i'm getting a little reaction on my skin.. I'm aware that Chest Xray is my next step.
I'm pretty sure it will come out clean since i had done one recently.

I'VE read in forums that doctors might prescribe medication for 9 months which is potentially damaging to the liver


-ANY of you guys had similar experience? did you have to do medication?

-Is this going to affect the whole AOS process?

My biggest concern is if doctors recommend treatment since its potentially a health hazard. Its so bad if I drink unwarranted medication.

Thank you

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CR-1 Visa Questions and Advice
2:36 am


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Hello VJ!

I m new to visajourney! My husband and I recently got married and my vacation time in the US is coming to an end BUT we re ready to embark on a new journey and start the CR-1 visa process. We re slowly but surely getting our papers and proof together but I did have a couple of questions regarding the process. I m also anxious by nature and we want to get this right the first time around so dear Visajourney, I had a couple of questions for you regarding the process.

Firstly, both of us communicate constantly through Facebook when we re apart. We never really used text message unless we were travelling to each other. We also use discord to talk, because we usually play video games together as we re talking. It s just a lot easier for the both of us and we both avoid long distance charges. Would USCIS approve of screenshots taken of our conversations via Facebook or is there another way I could go about doing this?

Secondly, my husband and I aren t huge on picture taking but we do have selfies together from each visit. We don t have very many pictures of us with each other s families (we do have a couple). We have a lot of pictures from the wedding though that include both families. I was wondering if that would be a problem with USCIS or NVC? And how many pictures should I send?

Seeing as it s impossible for my husband and I to own joint property or a joint bank account (I live in Canada and he lives in the US) we decided to ask a couple of friends to write an affidavit, stating that we have had an ongoing relationship for the past three years and that we still have an ongoing relationship today. We will be getting it notarized as well. Has anyone else done this?

As for more proof, he has letters that I ve sent from the beginning of our relationship, we have our Amtrak tickets from previous trips, I will be getting phone records to prove that I ve called him and his family, I have Christmas cards from previous holidays and we have invitations and programs from our wedding as well as our wedding vows to each other (we wrote letters to give to each other prior to the wedding ceremony). Is there anything else that I should include?

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Montreal Consulate: time to receive K1 Visa
9:53 pm

Lola B

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Just doing a quick survey... anyone knows what are the current waiting times to received the Visa following the interview?

The lady told me 3 weeks, the paper says 2 weeks, meanwhile most people here seem to get it within 3-5 days max!

Anyone that recently got their K1-visa from the Montreal consulate and can comment?

Thank you in advance!

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Early confusion with K1 Visa steps
6:05 pm


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Our case was received on Nov 6, and the website says to follow the instructions on the notice and to call in by Dec 6 if we do not receive it. We have the receipt notice but it doesn't seem to have any instructions or action items listed. The only thing that could possibly be an action item is that it says to verify the personal information listed above, but says only to call if there are any changed with that information. Am I supposed to be doing anything at this point? Or just waiting?


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