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arrowWaiting for Packet 4
September 16, 2014, 7:55 pm Last comment by dburnt

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I emailed my Packet 3 to Montreal exactly one week ago.  Looking at other people's recent timelines, everyone seems to have received their Packet 4 within 3 or 4 days, but mine still hasn't come yet.  Can I call the consulate directly? Should I email them again?   I know it's only a week so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself by complaining, but I'm getting impatient and I'm worried they never got it. Any advice?  I just want to go ahead and book the appointment, but I'm afraid if I do, it will be cancelled.


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arrowI129f approved, what's next?
September 16, 2014, 5:35 pm Last comment by AlissaCarly

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Got an email that I129f was aproved after transferred to CSC from TSC. What comes after the NVC receives the approval?

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arrowImporting a car and getting car insurance in the US
September 16, 2014, 4:35 pm Last comment by Murph44

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Hi guys. New to the forum.


So I'm going to be heading to the States soon for a job on a TN for 1-2 years. I know I don't have to import my car as long as I'm only using it for one year. However, the state I'm moving to requires I get a DL and register it within 60 days. Plus since I will likely be there over a year I figured I would go ahead and import it the same day I apply for the TN at the POE.


My problem is with the compliance letter. My manufacturer (Kia) can't provide one stating that my car complies with the FMVSS. The letter states that it complies with the CMVSS no problem. I asked the rep what I should do and he said that most of the time this letter is good enough to get through. I just don't see how that's the case when the HS-7 form clearly states the letter must say the car meets all FMVSS. Has anyone encountered this dilemma, or know of any threads where this has been discussed? I don't want to get to the border and have them say I can't import my car.


Also - how easy is it to get car insurance in the States? I'm assuming I should do it soon after I move down there. What companies have made the process easy? I'm assuming they just want all your Canadian info and a promise to register the car in the state soon after insurance is issued, correct?


Any help would be great!



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arrowHas anyone unlocked a LIRA?
September 16, 2014, 1:39 pm Last comment by Flames9_RN

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I worked for a college in Calgary for a couple of years and, since it's government funded, my pension account had to roll into a LIRA. I've read federal law allows the LIRA account holder to access the funds once non-residency is ascertained.


Has anyone done this and how did it go?

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arrowEAD Approved! Can I start Self-Employment without the card?
September 16, 2014, 11:55 am Last comment by templeton

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According to the USCIS website, my EAD has been approved and is in the document production stage. Yay!


Am I good to start invoicing and taking payments through my newly formed US sole proprietorship? Or do I have to wait until the card is actually IN MY HANDS? Normally, an employer would obviously need to see the card before hiring me, but since in this case I'm technically both the employer and the employee, and I know it's approved, does it matter?


To boil it down further, I guess what I'm really asking is: Is the EAD backdated to the date it showed as approved on the USCIS website, so that if I start generating income now, I won't be running afoul of any immigration laws?

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