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arrowMental illness
November 25, 2014, 9:23 pm Last comment by wwkayaker

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I have been accepted to study at a USA university. I suffer from anxiety and depression. I take medication daily to treat the condition. I have never been a threat to anyone or myself. My Dr. has discussed a possible need to take stress leave (one of the reasons I am looking at going back to school). Would taking a stress leave or being on long term disability from my job cause issues with getting a visa? And potentially adjusting status to married?

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arrowQuota for K1 Canada???
November 25, 2014, 8:32 pm Last comment by JolyDan

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Hi people!


On the K1 page, someone advanced that there might be a certain quota about the number of K1 petitions that can be approved from Canada. I have big doubts because I've never read anything about this anywhere but I might be wrong. Someone have information on this subject?


thank you all!

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arrowUAE Police Clearance
November 25, 2014, 7:18 pm Last comment by charmed2006

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Anyone know how to apply for UAE Police Clearance from outside the country?


The online application will not accept outside UAE.


Please help! Thank you!

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arrowAny Canadians moving to Maine that may be able to help me with a drivers license question? =)
November 25, 2014, 5:37 pm Last comment by Hypnos

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So I am a G2 licensed driver in Ontario and I will be moving to Maine at the end of the year. I have looked at Maine's DMV website and from the looks of it I should be able to convert my G2 license into a full Maine license by bringing in proof of residency (in my case, 2 affidavits stating that I reside in Maine) and proof of legal presence... which is done with the I-94 document that I get once I cross the border. Correct? 

I read somewhere that they will give me a temporary license that expires when the I-94 expires? Or, I don't qualify for a license if the document I'm using to provide evidence expires before 120 days ... In my case, my visa expires in January (which as we all know means I have until January to cross the border)... But is this the date the DMV will use for my license? 

It says "You must obtain a new Maine license within 30 days of becoming a resident of the State of Maine." Now does this mean I am exempt from that wait as I will not be a "RESIDENT" so to speak? Because ... I saw that the EAD/AOS applications can be used as proof of legal presence... And my fiance and I are getting married after I've been in the state for 30 days. (We are going to marry on his birthday in February =) as that will give us time to get the SSN in order as well)

Does anyone have any experience with this?

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arrowk1 has been 8 months and deciding to just get married thoughts? help?
November 25, 2014, 4:16 pm Last comment by Andie

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Hey Guys,


So it has been 8 months since we filed ( march 19) and still no word.. our lawyer has sent thru a request and immigration got back to him today and somehow they screwed up the number.. so he got someone elses update. I am just frustrated.. now the thing is me and fiancé are both Canadian.. and we were thinking about getting married Legally in Canada and then filing for an AOS??? thoughts?? I feel like our lawyer just made us do the k1 route to get more money.

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