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221g Montreal
6:26 pm today


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I had my interview on tuesday with the montreal embassy and the officer requested more info for the 1-864a. The interview went well but she gave me a 221g and asked to mail over the forms and passport. I sent documents yesterday and they were delivered today by the embassy. Can anyone shed light on processing times with the Montreal embassy once documents are sent? The status is currently in AP.

Anyone with similar experience, please help!


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N400 5-year Interview--just got my date, need tips
1:14 am today

Going through

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I just discovered that my case status changed and I have received my Interview Appointment PDF notice (still waiting for the paper one to arrive by mail). You can see my timeline below in green---I submitted my application online, and my interview is scheduled near the end of September at NY Federal Plaza (Queens Office).

There are a LOT of threads on 3-year marriage interviews, but not a whole lot of current info on what the interviews for 5-year applicants are like. I'm hoping those of you who have completed it under the 5-year rule can give me a bit of insight on what the interview will mostly focus on. The 3-year one is all about the marriage, I would imagine---but what about for the rest of us?

Some background: I have 1 less than stellar moment from 1993, that USCIS was already made aware of (and received documentation for) when I filed for my AOS back in 2005. I will be bringing original and certified documentation pertaining to that incident again to this interview, and disclosed it once more on my N400 application. After 1993, not even a traffic violation in either the USA or any other country. My GC was originally filed for from marriage to a USC while on a tourist visa, and I adjusted status from within the USA. I was previously employed by the NYC Department of Education up until 2 months ago when I resigned due to familial obligations.

I have still prepared a very thick binder of evidence to bring for proof of residency, travel, bills, W2s, employment verification, along with the required tax return transcripts, etc.

I'm curious, though, how the interview goes for 5-year filers and what the IO mostly focuses on, by consensus? Thanks!

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Need advice for separation (waiting for GC)
10:58 pm yesterday


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Hey everyone,

I moved here end of March, we got married in May, I applied for everything (GC, AP, EAD). And now, I'm going through a difficult period. In less than 3 months, everything is ruined. I caught him kissing the first "friend" I made here whom I presented him, discovered other dark sides of my husband (flirts with others, before I came, and after, probably more that I don't know, use of pills and other substances, manipulations, intimidation..), cherry on the sundae, he left for one month to isolate himself in Dominican Republican for writing ("escaping the wife" as he told to one friend). I'm shocked and hurt.

I realize how I have been manipulated during the long distance relationship, or maybe I've seen only what I wanted to see but I was in love.

I don't understand why he petitioned me to come, or even proposed to me. I don't know this person.

Anyway, I'm strong, I have resources... but I'm going through a nightmare, feeling isolated and vulnerable. I don't know what to do but I think my best option is going back home in Montreal where I have my friends, possibility to work, and be safe. I invested affection, time, money, energy coming here. I'm awfully disappointed and sad and angry. Now there is nothing left for me here... I have to let go of the illusions and set back on tracks.

So what can I do? How do I stop legally the GC procedure? Do I need to wait to be divorced to leave? Will I be able to travel back in the US later, if I cancel the procedure? For example for a week end or vacations (Montreal is so close to the US). I want to be clear and by the rules.

Everything happened so fast, I can't believe it. I guess it's better to see the truth now (no kids involved).

Thank you for reading and for your advice, or sharing, if someone went through something like that.

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Moving Company PODS question...
10:54 pm yesterday


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PODS requires that the beneficiary visa is ATLEAST 1 year. Our CR1 Visa says expiry JAN31 2018. Does this mean that I can't use PODS? Anyone that has used PODS, help!

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My experience so far
10:06 pm yesterday


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I was so excited to finally get my EAD on Saturday! But then reality hit; the realization that just because I legally "can" work, I'm not automatically deemed employable by those hiring.

I'm facing a few challenges. Before moving here, I was self employed for over 10 years. Which means I have no recent references and am totally out of touch with the whole resume/interview scene. I soon discovered that many, many companies only accept online applications. My resume is skimpy and my education consists of High School, so I do much better when I can use my friendly smile to get me in the door.

Despite that, I have already gotten one job offer and an interview for a job I really want next week. How? By using my contacts. As soon as I knew I could work, I let everybody know; friends, people I see at the gym, even my landlord. It's amazing how many people know of someone hiring, and employers will put you at the top of their list if someone they know vouches for you. That job offer? I name-dropped my husband's step-sister's boyfriend, who manages at another location. And the interview I'm so excited about? A girl I met at the gym told me to email her my resume. I did that, along with a cover letter explaining why I would LOVE to work there and why I'd make a great fit. She got me an interview with her manager. I used my immigrant status to my advantage, citing my experience with a variety of cultures and empathy for individuals as a strong customer-service tool.

So my advice to all of my fellow immigrants waiting on your EAD's: Get out and meet people. Talk to your neighbors, join a gym, make small talk with the people you see semi-regularly. Be kind and helpful and smile a lot. Your hairdresser, mailman or apartment manager might just be the connection you need to get the job you want, when you can finally apply for it!

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