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Sending Packet 3 checklist to consulate before having all the documents in
2:18 am today


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So, CEAC says "Ready," and my fiancee has filled out her DS-160 and gathered most of the documents listed on the Packet 3 checklist for Montreal. The only things she has left to receive are the "long form" birth certificate (which she will receive in a week), and her Police Certificate, which for some reason won't be ready until July 12 (apparently her RCMP detachment is slow).

The Packet 3 checklist says not to submit it until she actually has all the required documents in hand, but I don't think it really matters because for the K-1 visa you get to select your own interview date, and she'll have the documents well before then. My fiancee is really scared that she will mess things up if she sends Packet 3 back now because she doesn't have all the documents in hand yet. I don't want her to wait until July 12 because that will only push back the interview date farther than it already is going to be.

So... Canada people... is this a problem, or can my fiancee safely send Packet 3 back now, and wait for her Police Certificate and Birth Certificate later?

(Mods, if this belongs somewhere else, please help let me know where it should go).

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Waiver for Spouse coming to USA
11:16 pm yesterday

Kati K

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I was wondering if anyone has experience with bringing a spouse to the US that might be denied due to previously being in program for drug recovery. I am a US citizen bringing my Canadian spouse to the US. We filed for consular processing with the help of a lawyer and I have been recently approved. I discussed some thing with my lawyer regarding the consular interview and then filing a waiver. Any and all info would be appreciated!

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Part 4 - Info About Your Children
9:09 pm yesterday


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Well, the time has come for me to file my Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. I am confused (not very difficult to do these days),

Part 4 - Info About Your Children, are they asking about any children that I may have brought to the USA with me? My children are adults and remained living in Canada, so, I don't list them do I?

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Removal of Conditions - Part 4
9:04 pm yesterday


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Does this question include my adult children that remain living in Canada? Or is it asking if any children I have emigrated to the USA with me?

Why does this have to be so darn confusing!! UGH!!

Thanks folks!!

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I dont want to reveal my age
10:53 pm yesterday


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I received a job offer.Since I'm a Canadian citizen,they want to see my driver license and US passport.I have both and dont have any problem showing them but I do have a problem showing my birthday and age.Do I have to provide my birthday?is it mandatory?what can I do so I can provide them the two ID they want to see but not my age..


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