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arrowFiance Visa or Spouse Visa?
October 19, 2014, 6:42 pm Last comment by nobbie

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Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here and really could use some advice! I have been reading lots of other posts but still am very confused based on my situation.


I am Canadian and my fiancé is American. We have been on and off for over 10 years and finally decided we want to get married and I will be moving to the US. I am confused which visa to apply because we are not looking to rush this. We are both business owners, his business is in the US while mine is in Canada. I still have to figure out what I'm doing with my business and my houses here in Canada before I can move there, so ultimately I don't want to move there until next Sept 2015 (at the earliest). I also want to be able to work immediately (or as soon as possible) after I move to the US. I already have an American social # because I went to university in the states (that's how we met) but it doesn't allow me to work there. Can I still use this?


I thought the K1 would be best until I read you can't work until a long time after I move there?


Which visa should I apply for? I need one that will take about a year to approve because I can't move there any sooner, but it allows me to travel back and forth every month to visit him until the approval (which is what we are doing now) and will get me working the fastest after I move there? I also need it to allow me to travel back into Canada after its all approved in case we decide to keep my business and I have to come back for that.


HELP?! :)

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arrowForm DS260 filing
October 19, 2014, 3:02 pm Last comment by Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson

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Hi all

to all of you filing the DS260 online I'd like to share with you what I have been through.

I am filing an applicant from Canada, and the process through Montreal US embassy. I got the go to file the IV application after paying AOS and IV fees online.


First of all if you have a limited number of residence addresses and didn't visit the USA or visited a couple of times but still remember the addresses you lived at and the dates you entered and exited the US you are lucky and on the safe side. But if you are like me, over 45 and have been going and coming from the USA like trips to the supermarket, AND don't remember the dates and addresses you lived at since you were 16 years old (which in my case over 14 different places), then you are into a funny ride into wonderland.

the application in itself is long and you should be prepared well with all the information before hand because while you are entering info you will be faced with the annoying message of (time out and ready to log off from the application site for inactivity) every few minutes.


Second, each line in the answer sheets should have a value entered otherwise the page won't be saved and won't allow you to get to the next one unless the previous page is completely and accurately filled. This in itself will bring us to the issue of accuracy, see, the visa application center wants the exact month and year (and in the case of US entry the exact dates), so you don't have the chance to guess or say (approximately) because they consider it somehow inaccurate and could lead to deny the application (should they consider the mistake a lie). And for people in my situation over 45 and have to remember the addresses I lived at since I was 16 years old, part of those addresses are in different countries where I studied and some are in the states before I immigrated to Canada 20.5 years ago!!


I find it unfair NOT to be able to say (to the best of my knowledge, or I guess) since for sure most of such information is lost or forgotten overtime and there is no way to retrieve it, in my case I was lucky some how since I am a document freak, and self employed since 23 years ago, I kept all receipts and addresses etc. in files and files and boxes that contain papers and tax filing documents. and in most cases correspondences from the Revenue Canada and the government, which by default bare my address.

so that took care of the Canadian part, about the US part I discovered 2 sheets of a credit report (almost falling apart) that is 23 years old and was stored in my work truck in a filing cabinet through 7 years of Canadian winter, it contained my 4 addresses in the USA when I was going to school with zip cod and all !!!!!!. 

Speaking of luck, listen to this, when I came to the last 5 USA entry and exit i was able to come up with dates, for the last three it easy since 2 of them were in the last 2 months and 3 in the last year, I needed the dates for the oldest 3 which I wasn't able to do so, I even thought about contacting the border to ask but i was told they don't offer help. So after thinking over and over i came up with an Idea, I have an old Iphone, and each time I cross the border with my family to visit my wife's relatives in the states in holidays I used to get that welcome SMS from my cellular provider about roaming rate offers in the USA approx. 5 minutes after crossing the border into the USA, and there they were stored in the SMS folder with a time and date stamp. voila !!! I was able to get not only the date, but the time too!!


So the luck concept doesn't stop here, in 2010 I was thinking about shredding all my old documents that go back more than 7 years (including all the 4 boxes of junk, letters, addresses and so on) because I never thought of immigrating to the USA and keep in mind that my wife is a US Citizen and was always sweetly nagging to consider the move but I was always reluctant because I see that since I am self employed and own my business I always worried about starting over in the states and was concerned about finances since I am the only financier of my family and my wife doesn't work outside home, she has a more harder job of raising our daughter and helping her with school and so on, that in itself is a harder job but its return is not financial but moral and higher in value.

to make the story short, for some reason I didn't shred those boxes, and the Iphone I was thinking of giving it to my daughter after erasing the info on it to use it to play games at home ended up battery dead in the pocket of my hanged coat. They both ended up to be valuable tools in solving this problem!!!! 


see, there is a reason for every step and thought and decision you make in your life regardless of how big or small, non sense like forgetting to shred papers or forgetting about your old iphone in your hanged coat in the closet.

all it takes is clear your mind and do your best and all will go easy but you need to have that type of forensic attitude of thinking :idea:  to gather lost information.




My next step of the nightmare is immunization, since I don't have any proof of immunization but the scars on my arm and hip I am in for a long and painful scenario of shots, boosters, and immunization blood test.


its almost over and there will come the day when I enter Elis island like Vito Corleone (the Godfather) and be asked for my immunization papers, then have that (X) chalk mark on my jacket in the US embassy in Montreal welcoming me as an immigrant to the land of opportunity.




I wanted to share with you my thoughts may be I can help somehow.

good luck everyone :yes:


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arrowMany questions concerning the IR-1/CR-1 process
October 19, 2014, 2:21 am Last comment by Not a Tailor

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Hello there! A bit of a back story:


I recently married my fiance in California. He is a US citizen and I am Canadian. We did not apply for a fiance visa prior, because we had intended to move to Canada shortly after our wedding. I returned home on my own and we have both decided that we would like to live in the US instead. I have been looking at the guide for the IR-1/CR-1 spouse and the forms and have many questions that are specific to our situation. My questions are as follows (with back story for each):


  1. I noticed that in many of the forms, we are asked for an A-Number. What do we put in this location if we don't have one? Do we leave it blank? From what I have read, this number is only assigned once the petition is submitted.
  2. Both my husband and I are recent university graduates. While he graduated in September 2013, he has not yet secured employment for personal reasons (taking care of his grandmother). I recently graduated from a nursing program in Canada and have worked in my field a bit since graduation in April 2014. Because he has been unemployed, he does not meet the 125% poverty line income needed for the affidavit of support. Because of this, my aunt (in another state) has offered to sponsor me as well, which is well over the 125% needed. My question for this point is if this is frowned upon when our application is being looked over - our being new grads and not having income at the present time. Are they happy so long as we have a sponsor? My husband is in the process of looking for employment and I will continue to work as a nurse here in Canada while this application is being processed. Is it a problem that my secondary sponsor is in another state?
  3. Is this do-able without legal help? How often is the form sent back for being incomplete? What increases the likelihood of rejection?
  4. Because my spouse and I met on an online video game and have been long distance our entire relationship, we have little evidence of joint finances (bank accounts, mortgages, etc). All evidence we really have of our relationship/marriage is our marriage certificate, plane tickets/itineraries from our numerous visits, photos, cards (from wedding/engagement) and will be able to get affidavits claiming our relationship is legit. My question here is if the financial aspect is highly looked down upon. We never opened bank accounts together because we assumed we would once we moved to Canada, which is now no longer the case. Additionally, how does one go about creating "Affidavits sworn to or affirmed by third parties having personal knowledge of the bonafides of the marital relationship" documents - or how many are necessary (all our friends and family are aware of our relationship/marriage).
  5. My husband has no recent IRS statements because of being a student in the past few years and thus not having any income. What do we do in this case? Do we just give a detailed explanation?
  6. And lastly, how long does this process typically take (provided forms are not sent back for being incomplete)? Is there a typical time frame?
Sorry that this is a lot to read. We are fairly overwhelmed.

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arrowPhotos/Health Insurance
October 18, 2014, 7:53 pm Last comment by moemac59

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Hey All,


Just started my ROC paperwork and wanted to know if I can send in photocopies of our wedding pics or should I get off my butt and go get and extra set of photos printed?


As I am in the process of a job change over my husband and I currently do not have health insurance. He owns a small business and I am working for a company in Canada so I am not covered under their health plan. We are shopping around right now for affordable healthcare but will not have it in time for when I send in my ROC application. I have so many other pieces of documentation that I am sending in to show that we have combined our life that I am wondering how closely will they look at the medical insurance stuff. I do have a recent copy of an explanation of benefits for some dental work we both had done recently when I was covered under my previous employers health plan. Can I send a copy of this and explain that we are in the process of searching for a new health care provider or should I not say anything at all?

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October 17, 2014, 11:48 pm Last comment by Ana88

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Hey There, 


This may be a silly question, but as far as the fee for the K-1 Visa - am I able to pay this online?

And if so, where?




Thanks so much!

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