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Papers sent, now worried
6:57 am today


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Hello all!

Well I wish I had found this forum before I filed all my papers! I've been reading some of the discussions and have now freaked myself out!

I am here on a TN visa and have been in the USA since 2012. Last October we got married, and when I went to change my name at the social security office, they told me that I need to contact immigration and start my immigration paperwork/notify homeland security of our marriage. So back in December I sent my papers in for AOS. I didn't include any cover letters or any of the other fabulous suggestions that everyone here makes ? I just followed uscis directions/instructions.

I received my NOA in January, and also completed the biometrics Jan 31. I also received a request for initial information. Uscis wanted another copy of our marriage certificate, tax documents for the current tax year and proof of assets for my husband not meeting the 125% (although my earnings did).

I replied to the RFE and mailed it in 04/08/17 and usps showed it arriving on 04/10/17. I haven't received anything as yet showing receipt of my response, should I?

Also, when I read the instructions it stated that my income could be included in the i864 that my husband submitted? Did I understand this incorrectly? I also included some copies of my pay checks, but not 6 months worth, will this be a problem? I did include my w2s. Also when we filed it was December and so I included the 2015 tax return with my form, but as their request said current tax year, I waited until I had filed our 2016 tax return so that I could include. Should I have included a new i864? Finally, the marriage certificate I included was a copy as they indicated, but it wasn't a certified copy. (It wasn't specified to be a certified copy) will this be a problem?

I'm just getting myself into stew, and wondering what to expect? What will happen if it's not enough info, will they automatically reject, or will I get another request?

I would appreciate any advise or help that you can give ???

thank you all!

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Montreal - Medical results processing time?
1:24 am today


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Anyone know what the processing time is for the medical results? I've never really read a solid answer on it. I'm also sure it changes depending on which doctor you choose, but hypothetically, let's say I do the one in Montreal.

Reason being: Why double my travel expenses if I can get the medical done day 1 (or in the morning) and get to the interview day 2 (or in the early afternoon) and fly out in the evening?

Now I realize that just getting an appointment with the consulate in MTL can be a pain in the butt, and managing to get the medical scheduled on the same day, or day before, would probably be a shot in the dark.... but is there any hope? Do they give you the results same day?

What I've ALSO read is that it doesn't matter if you don't get the results right away or before the interview, and that either way, they find their way to the consulate after the fact as long as you've done the medical. Is there any truth to this?

In other words, can I still get to the interview even if I don't have the results in hand?

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AOS interview or no interview Detroit michigan office
5:13 am yesterday


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How do you know if a interview is required or not." I have already received work authorization ... AOS is out of Detroit michigan

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AOS from B2 visa (Canadian in US)
3:37 am yesterday


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Hello, all. I'm looking for some general feedback about my situation.

I'm a Canadian citizen (27 year old woman) who came to the US in 2013 on a F-1 visa to go to grad school in California. I graduated 2015, then changed to OPT.

It was right around graduation that my boyfriend (a US citizen) and I became romantically involved. I had been single for a long time and am actually his first real girlfriend. He is 33 years old. We moved in together December 2015. For most of 2016, I was trying to find work in my field (as stipulated by OPT). However, I was unsuccessful and did not obtain a work visa to which I could adjust my status. As a result, I had to go back to Canada in November 2016.

While I was in Canada, my boyfriend and I continued our relationship. Finally, in March 2017, we decided it was time for me to come back. At the time, he had not yet met my family and we also decided it was time for him to meet them. I met his family when we first started dating.

So I flew back to California and was granted a B2 visa at the airport. I was told to go to the secondary inspection area because obviously, they knew I had previously held F-1 status and I hadn't been out of the US for THAT long. The officer asked me what my intent was for this trip and I stated it was to visit my boyfriend. He stressed that I am NOT allowed to find work (I knew this already), asked how much cash I had on me (I found this weird; I'd never been asked that before), stamped my passport (with a B2 visa expiring September 2017) and sent me on my way.

A couple weeks after I got back, we flew to the East Coast to meet my family. They were able to drive down from Ontario and we had a nice few days together. My boyfriend's parents also came. It was during this time that my parents told me that if/when my boyfriend and I want to get married, they fully support it.

Now up until this point, my boyfriend and I hadn't planned for marriage to happen yet. My friend's getting married back home in October and we thought it'd be better if we just didn't tie the knot so we could travel together back and forth. However, my parents expressing their support (they're traditional Asian parents; my boyfriend's parents are conservative Christians) changed things a little for us. Obviously, HIS parents have wanted us to get married too. So after this little get-together, my boyfriend and I have decided to go through with it.

He officially proposed a week ago (we don't have rings yet) and we've already spoken to a lawyer through a legal service to ask about the green card application process (the lawyer is not OUR lawyer, but it's the best we could do right now). Now, after doing some research, I found out that getting married on a B2 visa and then applying for AOS is frowned upon. But the lawyer said it's not that big of a deal and it'd be better if we got the process started sooner. I'm just wondering if y'all could shed more light on this.

From what I've read online so far, it seems the crux of the issue is intent. As I said, our intent when I came back to the US a month ago was NOT for us to get married. We were both prepared for me to go back to Canada and for him to visit during my friend's wedding, but our family meet-up changed things. We love each other and the long-distance was tough. I was prepared to do it again though because of the legalities.

Anyway, apologies for the wall of text. Just looking at all the paperwork was overwhelming. I can't imagine how it's gonna be when we get called for our interview. Much love!

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Birth certificate - short-form but has all required information. Is this acceptable for AOS?
4:58 pm yesterday


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I'm a Canadian citizen, but born in Poland, and currently waiting for my AOS (through marriage) to be approved. I realized today that I sent my short-form (excerpt) Polish birth certificate with my application and I'm not sure if that will be sufficient. On one hand, I saw that the State Department website says that only the complete/long-form version of the Polish BC is acceptable for immigration. But some information from USCIS and other places say that the BC needs to contain my name, birth date, place of birth and both parents' names, and the BC I sent definitely has all that information. So will it be OK? I'm wondering if I should start the process of acquiring my complete BC just in case I get an RFE since they don't give much time to respond. But, if they were going to send me an RFE, would they have sent it by now? They sent me a notice about how I need to bring the I-693 medical exam form to my interview, so I know they have looked through my package and that was the only thing they flagged as missing.

Anyone have any insights? Thanks!

For reference, here is my timeline so far:
3/21 - NOA received for I-130/485/765/131 package

4/17 - Received letter telling me to bring my I-693 (medical exam) to the interview

4/20 - Biometrics done.

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