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Would Like Up To Date Info On Obtaining S. Korean Birth Certificate
11:00 pm yesterday


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I've researched the VJ forums on this topic, and have only found old information. I would like to see if anyone can share their experience.

My fiance was born in Daegu South Korea in the late 1970's. She moved to Canada with her family when she was 12 years old. We are trying to obtain her Korean equivalent to the US birth certificate Jejeok Deungbon for our K1 Visa interview:


We contacted the Korean Embassy in Canada, and they gave her forms requesting information regarding her father's last Korean address and the ward she was born. Unfortunately, both her parents have passed away, and she has no idea how to obtain the information the Korean Embassy in Canada is requesting.

My fiance's aunt (father's sister) still lives in Korea, but, her aunt has not returned any messages to help us. We tired to contact her back in early January.

What can someone born in Korea that can't obtain the Jejeok Deungbon do in this situation? My fiance holds a Canadian Passport and Driver's License. Would the Canadian government have records of her birth since they issued her a passport?

Thanks in advance to those reading.

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K1 visa
3:53 pm yesterday


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Could someone be kind enough to help me through filling out the k1 visa form. I'd like to make sure it's 100 percent correct. Is there any areas of this form that need to be a specific way but I may not know?

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Passport pictures in the US
12:43 pm yesterday


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Anyone else finding it hard to find a place that does Canadian passport pictures?

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Need Urgent Help
12:41 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone. My husband and I have a big problem with the NVC office. Our interview is next week and we've been waiting for the someone from NVC to send us a very important document. This document shows our status and other important information regarding our case. Every time they've tried to send us this document by email, the last page with our status and codes is blank. We've been calling them almost everyday letting them know of the problem and they keep sending the same PDF with the blank page. We asked if maybe a supervisor could print it and send it by mail instead, but they keep telling us all the supervisors are in a meeting no matter what time of the day we call. Does anyone know of a way we can get a hold of a supervisor fast instead of getting the runaround from the reps?

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2:55 am yesterday


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I was wondering if anyone could tell me how long after they recieved my rfe responce does it take for them to make a decision? Also has anyone got an RFE asking about the website you met your fiance on? We were on a very common one and they wanted proof its not a mail order bride site.

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