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arrowCR-1 Visa. American living abroad in Brazil.
August 29, 2015, 12:44 pm Last comment by Caleb Joshua
Caleb Joshua

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Hello. How is everyone? New member here. I wanted to know which would be the best option to take my wife with me to the U.S? I´ve been told about the CR-1 visa and that it would take 8-10 months or more. I have also been told I could go for Direct Consular Filing but to my recent knowledge they´ve stopped doing it since August 2011, and only allow it through exceptional causes. 


About myself: I have been in Brazil for nearly two years and I got married to my wonderful wife in July of this year. I have known her for five years now(I lived here a few years ago before returning to the U.S and now I'm back). We dated a year and a half since my return.


I am a U.S born citizen from Ohio and I have dual citizenship through parentage, so I am a Brazilian citizen as well. I wanted to know how could I file for the CR-1 visa since we have been married for less than two years. I live in Brazil as I've mentioned, and have legal documents, a home address in my name and bills, etc. I don't think I could file directly in the embassy in Rio de Janeiro, could I? I came here to support an elderly family member, my grandmother, in building an Orphanage and now it is in the completion phases, I think it is time to return home with my wife. What would be my best option here?


About her. She tried to go for the tourist visa earlier this year in March but was denied due to lack of ties to the country. She didn't try it again. She was suppose to go on a trip with me to a cruise going to Mexico but I ended up going alone with my family. We had no intentions to live in the U.S at the time. We planned on coming back here to Brazil to have the marriage ceremony, and we did. Since that's done I would like to begin the process as soon as possible.




1. Will her denied tourist visa be a problem for us attempting to go to the U.S? It was denied this year.


2. Is there any way I can attempt Direct Consular Filing?


3. Does the Affadavit of Support have to be submited along with the I-30 form or does that come later? 


4. The I-130 fee has to be sent with the application or do I pay after it has been approved in NOA?


Thanks in advance guys! Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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August 29, 2015, 10:02 am Last comment by Steph1010

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We are looking for a hotel for my husband's interview in Memphis. What area should we look in so he is close?

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arrowK1 Visa Start In August
August 28, 2015, 9:18 am Last comment by ckibs

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My documents are in Texas since 25 August but i dont have notice about Noa1 still, waiting!
Someone know about time to receive Noa1 in August?
American and Brazilian (Gays)

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arrowHow Important is that the Petitioner go to Rio De Janerio for the K-1 VISA Interview
August 27, 2015, 9:03 pm Last comment by SV350z

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Hello all,


I had booked my flight to be with my fiancee in BH from Sept 4th to Sept 13th due to the Labor Day holiday. Surprisingly our K-1 VISA process has gone quicker than estimated. We were hoping that we could book an interview with the Consulate in Rio de Janerio when I was visiting my fiancee. Unfortunately, the earliest available date was Sept 29th.


#1) How important is the petitioner be at the K-1 interview?


We heard a story of a beneficiary who attended the interview without their petitioner and got DENIED even with a solid case.

I need to know if it worth the hassle of changing/canceling all my reservation, including working around my work schedule. 


If this is truly important that will make an impact of my fiancee going it will be worth the hassle.


Please let me know what you think. This will be taking place in Embassy in Rio de Janerio.


Thanks in advance! 


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arrowNew name, old passport?
August 24, 2015, 6:10 pm Last comment by Zinaburst

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i'm getting married next month to an American citizen and we want to file for my CR1 right after as he just found out he is being repatriated sooner than planned (jJan 2016 ilo Jan 2017).

Before we knew he was going back earlier we bought plane tickets for spending Xmas with his family in U.S.

I've been told that after you file for CR1 you usually can't get a tourist VISA. Is that true? If so, that will make impossible to issue a new passport with my married name and get a tourist VISA to spend Xmas with him and his family.

My current passport (on my maiden's name) is still valid and I have a B1/B2 VISA that is good until 2021. Is there any problem entering US with my passport with my maiden's name if I'm already married? I will be returning after New Year's as I still have both work and personal commitments in Brazil.

I appreciate any help.

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