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Processing times information -K1 visa
2:51 pm

Carol and Justin

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Hello everybody. I'm a new menbership at visa journey. I would like to understand better the information displayed at the "processing times" contents. It says today the California center has been prossecing petitions of NOA 1 of june 1, 2017. But when we look at the information on the "imigration time line" for California center I see that cases on that date or even before like may 30 or 29, for example,have not received any answer or update about the NOA 2. So is this info of June 1 is a estimative?

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How long to receive an email/text after submitting AOS package to Chicago?
6:45 am


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I know this could vary, but I wasn't sure if anyone here had recently had an experience. Does it depend on what type of Visa it is?

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Traveling on visa waiver while waiting for k1 approval
5:19 pm

William and Betsy

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Hello guys, so me and my fiancee filled a k1 visa in August and got our noa1 august 17. We realized (as well as a bunch of people), that the processing times are taking longer than expected. Our estimated noa2 started on January 2nd and right now is estimated mid February ( which by the way things are going I wouldn't get surprised getting it only at march).

It's been one year since we met today and this whole distance (especially now with a 4h time zone) is exhausting us. We haven't seen each other since January 31s this year. So we have been considering another trip for us to be together while also waiting for the noa2, so we would be able to "kill" two of these waiting months at least together. After the noa2 gets approved, I would of course return for the interview and final arrangements and less than 2 months I'd be there again. So from the +- 5 6 months ahead of us we could be 2 of those together.

The thing is and i ask if anyone has any experience or advice on this, I would be arriving at her city (Chicago), only with the returning ticket, our k1 package, our noa1, and possibly two letters, one from her stating that I'm her fiance, that I'm going to visit for 60 days, that we will be staying at her mom's house, etc and the other from her mom also saying I will be a guest in her house for that period. I don"t have anything to be considered a definite tie here in Brazil, I'm already on an immigratory process so I don't see how that would add much either way.

So overall I'm just not sure if we try this or not because it will basically be my word and our k1 package with the letters. The worst thing it can happen is me getting sent back and lose some cash, and if that happens my fiancee would try to come here for a short stay (8 days).

Any thoughts guys?

*Sorry for the long text

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7:37 pm

Luis Nunes

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Hello all.

After doing a case inquiry with USCIS i got this notice from them.

They will schedule an interview before approving I-130. I found this strange. Any advice. What doe it mean.

I-130 been waiting for 11 months Potomac Service Center!!

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Waiting for interview in Rio, but does she need vaccines?
3:20 pm


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I'm waiting for my mom's interview in Rio but now I'm confused about the medical stuff. Once she receives the interview letter she will schedule an appointment with doctor, but what's the required vaccines she needs to take? Is that before the medical exam?

Thank you

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