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arrowInfoPass. Dates Are Never Available in DC??
June 28, 2016, 3:01 pm Last comment by R & M

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I have, for the past 5 days, been trying to schedule an info pass at the Washington, DC, field office but there's never any dates available. I try early in the morning (5am), in the afternoon, at night (10pm, 11pm) but it does't matter, there's never a date available. Has anyone here had this problem before? Do you know any ways around it? How can I schedule an info pass ???? Thank you for any help.

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arrowStudy on Tourist Visa
June 23, 2016, 3:34 pm Last comment by jan22

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I would like to know if I can bring my niece over to study in the US for one semester under a tourist visa? Since she will not overstay the visa period of 6 months and the school does not require to show immigration status to enroll her I would like to know if I could do that?

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arrowpo box question!
June 22, 2016, 7:51 pm Last comment by Pitaya

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Hi guys! How are you?


This can sound as a silly question for you guys, i'm sorry in advance, but me and my fiancé finally submitted the folder to file for the k1 visa (yaaaay!!). we sent to the correct address and all, which is a PO Box, and we kept on tracking  the package all the way til it got to the message "available for pickup". We are not exactly sure how the PO boxes work, and if that is normal. We requested for a signature confirmation, but this "pick-up" situation is making me nervous. the package moved zip codes today until it got to this message as well "Your item arrived at the DALLAS, TX 75266 post office at 2:51 pm on June 22, 2016 and is ready for pickup." I feel really silly asking this, but does this mean it is just sitting there at the correct spot waiting to be picked up or it got back to the actual post office?



thank you! 


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arrowUnique situation?!
June 22, 2016, 5:58 pm Last comment by NLR

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  Hello everyone!  I looked for a similar question and just couldn't find anything that quite fit my current situation.  I have a few questions regarding it.

  I am a permanent resident in the United States.  I have been living here since 2012 after getting married to an American Citizen on a K1 visa.  Our marriage ultimately failed a little less than a year after I got my 10 year GC.  We are not divorced yet, but we live in separate places.  Although the marriage failed, we are still in good terms with each other.  To a certain extent, her family is still fairly friendly towards me, and I do think they're great people.  The only problem we have lies in the sponsorship.

  When we got married, her mother was the co-sponsor since my former wife didn't meet the standards.  She still doesn't.  What's going on right now is that her mother is afraid I might drain her resources (I currently am a student but they provide me no money whatsoever and I do just fine).  She obviously doesn't want the liability and doesn't want to go forward being obligated to be a sponsor of someone who no longer is part of her family (which is very understandable).  We all understand that she can't get out of that contract until I become a citizen (which I intended on doing regardless), however, some other people in her family have been talking about alternative ways for her to get out of that contract.  The only way I know it is because my ex wife told me. 

  Their ideas revolve around doing things to hurt my immigration status or ultimately place me in deportation/removal.  I seriously don't believe they would do that to me, but I am still scared.  The last thing I heard is that they suggested my ex to annul the marriage under the premise that it was entered in bad faith (which it wasn't and we both agree and know it wasn't) and then call immigration about it.  I highly doubt my ex would ever do that to me, but it's a very unpleasant thought nonetheless. 


Is there anything they can do to hurt me in that regard?  Can they do anything that could place me in removal/deportation proceedings so I'd be obligated to abandon my status?  If so, how can I protect myself from it?


Thanks for looking, and thanks for your help.  Good luck to all in their own timelines!

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arrow3 Questions about RFE
June 22, 2016, 4:57 pm Last comment by Manecuneco

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Hi, how are yall doing?


I got 3 questions about the RFE that i need a little hand. If someone could help me, that would be amazing!

Last Monday I got a RFE with two items in it:

First item says (in short words):

"Form I-864 was submitted; however, page 3 part 4 is blank or it lists someone other than the sponsor."


Than it instructs:

"Submit a completed and signed Form I-864 for the sponsor/petitioner listed on form I-130. Also provide copies of the sponsor's most recent tax return and supporting documents."


Before i make the question, here's a little background: I filled an AOS from tourist visa. Im using a sponsor and a joint sponsor. The sponsor, who her father declare his dependent, doesn't earn enough to file a tax return, although she filled her first tax return in between time after I sent the tax return and received the RFE. Along with the AOS, I wrote an explanatory letter to clarify why she doesn't have those documents and i've sent them the past 3 years w2's.


The first question is: Is necessary for me to send the same documents that i've sent on the first time, but now with the tax return filled by her?



The second item in the RFE asks for a Birth certificate of the joint sponsor.

During a brief review, I discovered that I had put the wrong birth city of the joint sponsor in his I-864. And, since by the time I sent the AOS I didn't have his birth certificate, I wrote down an 1 page affidavit saying that he doesn't have passport nor birth certificate at the time, but sworn that he was born in the US. Again with the wrong city on it.

The question is: Should I submit, along with the joint sponsor's birth certificate, a new Form I-864 with the information corrected, a explanatory letter and a apologizing letter?


The third question is: 

Is it possible to receive more than one RFE for the same form during the entire process?

In other words: If I screw up again, will I have another chance?


If something was written in a bad way or someone can't understand clearly what I'm asking, please feel free to ask more about it.

Sorry for the long post and I appreciate all the help!


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