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Trouble with potential employment
4:05 pm yesterday

Bambi & Joćo

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Has anyone had issuea getting a job after applying for the adjustment of status? We got a receipt letter extending my husbands work eligibility for a year while we wait. It was dated March 20. His 2 year green card expired on April 10 so we figured we were good just to show the receipt proving that it is still valid. After a job interview and a job offer, they still denied him the job.

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If Petitioner overstays in Beneficiary's native country, could this effect the K1 visa?
4:14 am yesterday


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I would love any feedback to my question: My K1 is currently processing, and my fianc (U.S. citizen) is in Brazil with me. She wants to stay in Brazil until the visa interview, and we are hoping we can go to the U.S. together if all goes well. However, this would require her to overstay her tourist visa. Brazil's immigration laws are pretty lax, and she would just have to pay a fine when she leaves the country. However, will this effect our K1 in any way? We don't want to get denied.

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I-212 Request Reentry Following Removal
12:57 pm yesterday


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Has anyone filed a form i-212 for a parent?

(You as a u.S Citizen filing for a parent who was deported only once. And ordered to stay out for 10 years.)

I want to know how the process is.

Thank You

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Interview Documents Cr2
2:38 pm yesterday


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I am a U.S. citizen and my husband came on a K1 visa last year to the U.S. and is now a green card holder.

My step-daughter has her Cr2 visa interview this Thursday, May 25th and grandma (my MIL) will be bringing her since we are both in the United States.

I remember last year, my husband had to fill out a form at the consulate before his interview with information that included the address in the States. My mother in law is elderly and I wanted to provide her with the information she may need to complete this form. Anyone gone recently and remember what this form asks?

Also, we have all documents needed but would love for others to share what they brought just to triple check. The interview will be in Rio, Brazil

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N-426 and orders
1:38 am yesterday


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Hello I am sending my package soon and I read in the instructions that because I'm a spouse of an active duty military I have to also include form N-426 and copy of military orders. Is that only for those applying under those specific circumstances where they want to expedite the process or anyone needs to submit those as well? My husband is deployed and I don't know how soon I could get those documents. Thank you!

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