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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Green Card
7:41 pm today


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I have a question about the interpretation of USCIS website about Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) to apply for a green card without Labor Certificate

In the USCIS official website said:

  • nurses (licensed practical nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and registered nurses )

What do you understand? LPN has all the same benefits?

Does anyone knows when that page was updated?

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form i 130 part c question 17
9:02 am today


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I am in doubt on this question, I am the US Citizen petitioner for my current wife, I have a son with my ex wife, he is now 26 years old, single, In 2003 I filled out this form for hin and now his is US citizen, Do i need to list his name here or only my name?

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Spouse will be studying abroad during ROC
2:24 pm today


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Hello all. I have a question regarding the AOS process. Temporary greencard was granted in November of 2015. Since then my spouse has been admitted to medical school in the Caribbean. He will be moving there to begin school in August, right around the time we will be submitting the AOS packet. My question is what impact will this have on the process as a whole? He will most likely be coming home 2-3 times per year (for about 3 weeks each time) and is planning to transfer back to a US school but that will be in late 2018 or early 2019. Will this change anything in terms of the process? Will we be selected for an interview since we are not going to be living together during this time? If so, how would we schedule the interview around his returns home?

Thank you!

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Interview Waived for K1 adjustment of Status?
11:35 am today


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My husband arrived to the U.S. on August 12 on a K1 and we were married on August 19th. In September we submitted all paperwork for AOS and he received his EAD 60 days later. On December 20th we received a letter in the mail requesting us to send the Medical From I-163. I just saw on the USCIS link that immigrants that come on a K1 visa and marry in 90 days can be exempt from an interview and can get their green card directly if enough proof that the marriage was legitimate was given during the K1 process. The reason why I am hopeful of this waiver is that they dont usually ask for the I-163 until the interview, but in our case we were asked even though we had submitted the sealed envelope from the doctor's report at the US embassy in Brazil --needed to obtain the K1 visa.

Husband had a biometrics appointment with the local USCIS office in Iowa back in October to process his EAD. Submitted fingerprints and photos.

Has any K1s out there had their interview waived and got their permanent green card in the mail without needing an interview?

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BRAZIL barcode I 130 , general question about filing from Brazil/Brasilia
9:50 am today


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Hello VJ'S I have question on filling my I 130.

1- my adress dont fit , and i use thirt party app to fit (pdfeditor) , this will ruin the barcode on form ?

2- my print doesnt print well the barcode because is inkjet print, is this a problem? I Dont what have any RFE.

3- on form I-130 Line 2 on (state/Country), i live in BRAZIL ,(City BRASILIA) , BRAZIL has 26 states and 1 federal district, that one i live , Its ok put ( federal district) on state space? or leave just Brazil/ Brasilia.


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