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How long to cash check?
5:53 pm


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Hello, I have recently sent my documentation to USCIS for removing conditions on my Greencard. According to USCIS site, package was delivered on May 26. So far, checks have not been cashed. How long does it normally takes to have the checks cashed? Is this delay normal? Should I do something else?

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K1 visa package - can I (beneficiary) send prints from my whatsapp account or should it be from the petitioner whatsapp account?
3:27 pm

Stefani amorim

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Hello everybody, I am starting to complete the I129f form and preparing the package, and I decided to this this mostly by myself because I trust more in myself doing it than my fiance and then, I plan on sending it to him and he does his part, but I am collecting the messages from whastapp, skype, message but I noticed that all of them show my account it means that they will notice I printed the screens. My question is since the petitioner is supposed to do this part, could it be a problem and I should ask him to print those messages from his screen?

Thank you!

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EAD Renewal from i-485 and K-2 Visa
1:30 pm


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Ive seen many posts requiring a ton of stuff that the instructions never mention so i'm confused whether or not we need all of this documentation.

In the instructions from USCIS, https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-765instr.pdf

on page 13, it says you need these things

  • Application filled out
  • a copy of your EAD (the card i assume)
  • 2 identical passport style photos

that's all i see for filing documentation.

can someone point me to other official uscis documentation stating other required paperwork? I see plenty of posts saying we need the i765 NOA1 and NOA2 and a g1145 form but that's not listed here..

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Difference between DHS and Egov USCIS sites for AOS updates
6:38 pm


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Sorry if this has been asked before. But does anyone know the difference between the two USCIS sites? When we did K1, all we used was the egov USCIS site. Now for AOS we have an account on both the egov and DHS sites.

On the egov site, it shows our status as 'Case is ready to schedule for interview' Yay!

However, on the DHS site it still says they are reviewing your biotmetrics and still processing the case. I thought maybe it would take a day or so to update, but the egov site updated to case is ready on May 21.

Anyone else have a similar situation? Thanks!

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Chinese / Japanese....Topics
1:02 pm


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Is that a way to block all these chinese/japanese posts happening at night? Like block permanently whoever is creating those before they even create the post?

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