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Mom arrived in March, how long to recieve the green card?
7:39 pm yesterday


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Just curious when mom will receive her green card on a IR5 visa.

She arrived March 1th, I was waiting for her green card to arrive to open her bank account.


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Need Help! Mother-in-law!
1:27 pm yesterday

Caleb J

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Hey guys! How s it going? Little about this case: So my wife is Brazilian and she s immigrated to the U.S about a year and a half ago. Her conditional greencard expires at the end of the year(not sure if this will affect her mother getting a tourist visa).

My mother-in-law wants to come

visit her daughter who she hasn t seen for over a year now. If all goes well she will be traveling with her other daughter who has a tourist visa and a grandaughter who s a u.s citizen by consular birth abroad.

My question is can her mother obtain a tourist visa with a daughter living in the U.S? How can we improve her chances? Tips? She has no intention of immigrating. Here are some things:

She s owna a restaurant.

She has a car in her name.

Owns a piece of Land/property.

Both daughters are married to American citizens. One daughter is a permanent resident living in the U.S and other daughter makes short yearly visits to the U.S. Her granddaughter is an American citizen.

None of her family violated any visa laws.

So can these things help or hinder? Will she need to show any stronger ties to her country to obtain a tourist visa? Thanks!!

Regards, Caleb.

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U.S. Mailing Address for Outside the U.S. Petitioners
6:00 am yesterday


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Hello everyone,

My wife (petitioner) and I live outside the United States.

For greater reliability and faster documents delivery, we want to fill a U.S. Mailing Address on I-130 form.

That address my mother-in-law`s home address and the same one we will fill later as the place we "intend to live".

In this case is it ok to fill that U.S. Mailing Address on I-130 form? Or we need to fill a residence country address?

Of course, she can forward us overseas any document as necessary by a courier or express mail.

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Help with i864a
11:44 am yesterday

Cynthia Reneau

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I have paid my fee and will need to submit online the i864a soon. I'm having a little trouble with 2 things.

Part 4 it says to include 3 years of income and I've done this. in the instructions it says this - NOTE: you MUST attach a photocopy or transcript of your federal income tax return for only the most recent year. Have any of you had success with this? or did you need 3 years?

Also, I file the 2555, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, which makes my income 0 for the USA but my income is well over $60,000 a year. I am allowed to do this, so I don't have to pay taxes in 2 countries. It says in the instructions: If you were not required to file a Federal income tax return under U.S. tax law for any other reason, attach a typed or
printed explanation including evidence of the exemption and how you qualified for it. I did file but I had the 2555 showing my foreign income and then subtracting it from my earned income so I don't pay taxes. Do any of you do this? Will I be ok?

Part 5 where it says I, The sponsor - Name.. then it has a box with (Indicate number) I'm attaching a photo. What is this? it's not even explained in the help document.

Also, on the form it says in part 6 to indicate this number. I have no other people or no household members, so I can leave this blank?

Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 08.43.41.png

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Time Frame after Case Number?
3:20 pm yesterday

Cynthia Reneau

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We just received our case number and I paid the I864 fee and it's processing. Does anyone know what the time frame is (or approximate) until the interview? Just curious, we really want to travel the end of June. (Fingers crossed)

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