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arrowMy I-130 processing time is probably going to be really long?
August 27, 2016, 5:14 pm Last comment by isaac124

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I have 5 concerns about my I-130 application (NOA1 at the nebraska service center of july 5th 2016) that might cause them to send an RFE or deny my application.


1. I made a very thick application for my wife and her son. My wife's application is 1 inch thick. I just felt like the bona fide relationship evidence required that I include pictures and print-outs of e-mails.


2. My wife still has joint custody of her son with her ex-husband. He insists that the child stay in brazil for 1 year after my wife immigrates. I don't know how that will influence my visa process. I don't know if my step-son's visa application (step 2 after the i-130) should be delayed by 6 months or something... I don't know if a letter of permission from her ex-husband is enough for the child to immigrate one year after my wife. I know that either brazilian officials might stop him from leaving or US immigration officials might deny his visa. i know that CR-1 Visas work only one time and they usually expire 6 months after being granted. I suppose i have good reasons to be granted an extension on his immigration visa?


3. Me and my wife only just met in Cancun during December of 2015 and we married may 20, 2016 so we don't have a lot of really solid bona-fide marriage relationship evidence. I mean our financials are still mostly separate. I have a house and we have started keeping some money in a joint bank account in the USA. Our relationship has been largely online. I've spent a month with her in jan/feb, 8 days in march, and 15 days in May. the rest of the time she has been needing to continue her work as a doctor in Brazil and I've continued to need to do my research work in the USA. But we talk every day on Facebook mostly and I did considered sending the USCIS a printout of our entire facebook conversation which comes out to around a thousand pages double sided. HAHA but i didn't do that because that's just ridiculous. I've been to Brazil twice to visit her family and she has visited me twice in the USA. I included receipts for tickets to be together for the full month of September. (She's coming here with her tourist visa.)


4. I submitted copies of everything, no originals besides the i-130 forms and g-325a forms which have original signatures. i included 8 affidavits of support, 4 of which are in portuguese with official translations. they are all notarized. Is it okay that all that is copies? Or have I doomed myself to receive an RFE where they ask for the originals? (when they do an RFE, do they require that the entire packet be included with all the original documents?\


5. she's 13 years older than me and is a doctor while i'm a scientific researcher. so financially we are not really equal. 


I feel like all these things are going to make the process take longer for me if they even bother to spend the time at all. It's not a simple case in my eyes.





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arrowCBP doesn't understand one year extension
August 23, 2016, 9:19 am Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hi VJ,


Just thought I'd bring this to your attention - I know it's been discussed how long the one year extension is for, but CBP does not understand that it's from the green card expiration date.

I went through POE in Philadelphia and the CBP agent stamped my passport as having a 751 extension valid until one year from my NOA date. I wasn't in the mood to correct him (and it doesn't really make a difference, not sure why he even wrote that) but just wanted to give you a heads up.

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arrowSSN for K1 fiance
August 22, 2016, 11:03 pm Last comment by ch3john

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Hi all, so my fiance has arrived and two weeks have passed. We are going to my local SS agency this week. I'm looking at the application form and it says:


"If you check legal alien not allowed to work or other, you must provide a document from a US federal, state or local government agency that explains why you need a SSN."
does anyone know what this means and what document we may need to provide?

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arrowNvc case complete when expected interview date ?
August 21, 2016, 10:07 pm Last comment by teddy k

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Hello everyone !

My eb3 case is complete on August 02. My priority date is August 2015 so now it is current .
When should I expect to receive my interview date ? I called Nvc and they told me that normally this happens on the end of the month .

Thank you !

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arrowSending out package without tax transcripts?
August 19, 2016, 9:51 pm Last comment by Groogrux108

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Ive lived abroad my whole life, I've sent out a couple weeks ago my US taxes (last three years) which I had never done before. is there a chance I could send out my AOS/IV package to NVC (which should be due for sending in about a month, whereas the tax transcripts should take 2-3 months to be available) without the transcripts, and hope for a CC with checklist?, since they might take a couple months to be made available, and I could take them to the interview only?


Mind you I do not have W2 since I've always lived abroad.

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