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arrowAOS part 3. #7 error
November 27, 2014, 11:47 am Last comment by jafreitas

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I sent in my AOS on the 18th of NOV. after thinking about it i think i didn´t write how many people I was sponsoring*, 1 which is just my husand. Although I am living abroad therefore I haven´t filed for I have a joint sponsor, which filed the AOS correctly.. does anyone have any insite if my tiny error will result in a checklist.. if so should i already send out a new AOS, before i have to wait 60 more dayss ?? 


60 days of waiting is stressful.. 

* part 3 # 7 AOS forgot.. 


p.s has anyone paid for AOS vai money order??

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arrowSon of US Citizen applying for adjust status
November 27, 2014, 2:09 am Last comment by Transborderwife

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Hello everyone,


My mom just became an US Citizen, and i was wondering if i can apply for a Green Card trough her.


My case maybe complicated. I live in the US for almost 11 years with a H2B Visa expired since 2005.


I'm unmarried son over 21 years old. I think I would be in category F1.


Anybody know if I can apply from here ? I have my live here and I really don't thing about go back to my home country. I heard that Obama changed something about the 3/10 years bar, but I'm not sure if that could help me.


If anybody can help me i will appreciate very much


Thank you and god bless you


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arrowFrom case completed to scheduling of interview
November 25, 2014, 5:20 pm Last comment by The FH Project
The FH Project

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Hi everyone,


Our case was completed Nov. 13 and now we are just waiting for the NVC to schedule an interview with the Rio consulate.  I called the NVC a week ago and the woman on the other line told me that they get a report every month from the Rio consulate regarding times/days available for interviews. Any idea how long this usually takes?  If interviews have already been scheduled in December (as per what I've seen here on VJ), does that mean there are no more interviews left for December?



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arrowI-765 Application for Employment Authorization
November 25, 2014, 2:11 pm Last comment by A&B

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Hello guys!
How are you going? This is my first topic and I need your help to undestand what is happening, if you can.
Here is my timeline from my I-765: 
  1. On August 4, 2014: I did the online application;
  2. On August 6: I sent the docs for the Office;
  3. On Augut 15: The Office received my docs;
  4. On September 23: The Office sent me a letter, and I supposed it was to take the fingerprints. But I NEVER received this letter because the Post Office said that they didn't find my address;
  5. On October 14: The Office sent me an email and update telling me that the Post Office has returned my letter to them;
  6. On November 1: They sent me a new letter for Request For Evidence asking me a photo. I received this letter on November 6 and I sent the pics on November 7;
  7. On November 12: They received my photos and asked me to wait until January 11, 2015 to take a decision or send me another Request to an interview or to take the fingerprints.
As you can see my case is delayed and the Office asked me to wait until January for new update or decision.
Is anybody that lived this kind of situation?
I will appreciate any helps! Thank you!

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arrowBring my son to live in USA
November 24, 2014, 8:33 pm Last comment by RosiLima

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How can I bring my son to live with me?

I married months ago as tourist visa, so now I need to know what are the procedures to bring my son, he lives in Brazil.

The application to green card and adjust of status will be the same time for both of us (me and my son)?

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