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arrowwhat is the consular letter that i need to bring to interview?
July 28, 2015, 10:33 pm Last comment by mischsobel

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Question. I have the sheet in front of me that says:

You have successfully scheduled your appointment and paid the K Visa application fee. Here are the details of your transaction. 

You must print this instruction page and bring it with you to your consular interview, ALONG WITH THE LETTER YOU RECIEVED FROM THE CONSULAR SECTION.


what is that letter? Is that something that was mailed to me or the email they sent to me stating how to set up interview and pay fee and do the D-160 form? so confused on what that is. help. thanks.

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arrowPermanent Resident study abroad with Petitioner (US Citizen / Spouse)
July 28, 2015, 12:16 pm Last comment by alex06m

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I recently was approved for my permanent resident card with my spouse as the petitioner.


Long story short, I want to return back to my birth country and finish up my degree (2-1/2 years left). I am aware that I will have to obtain a re-entry permit and I will return to the US before the re-entry permit expires between semesters on break. I then plan to return to my birth country for the last semester without a new re-entry permit (only a few months) before finally returning to the US and continuning to make the US my permanent home.


I am aware of the resetting of the time. However, I would like to have my spouse (US Citizen) come with me abroad while I am studying and stay with me for the 2-1/2 years.


Is this possible with the re-entry permit, or will this prove difficult to convince immigration that I intend to keep the US as my permanent residence?

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arrowincorrect city of birth. Will this be a problem??
July 27, 2015, 11:18 am Last comment by Velvety

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Hello all,
NVC received our packets last week and we are really worried about a detail on our marriage certificate. On it, my husband's city of birth is incorrect. They wrote the city where his birth was REGISTERED instead. Because of this, we had to get his passport to match with the same info as our marriage certificate. However, now his birth certificate, marriage certificate and passport don't match. Do you think this will be a problem at NVC?? even if it goes unnoticed, Im afraid if it WILL be an issue during the interview. Is it really a big deal? I mean, both cities are nearby in the same state. If youre wondering why they mixed up both cities in our marriage ceritficate, its probably because both are mentioned side to side in his birth certificate. I would appreciate any opinions before calling NVC (because what if they dont even notice...?) thanks

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arrowChanging Green Card category after sponsoring spouse became US Citizen (CX-6 to IR-6)
July 25, 2015, 3:43 pm Last comment by newacct
R & M

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I got my conditional green card through my spouse when he was a permanent resident as well, so my conditional green card category is CX-6.


He became a US citizen last year, but I though it was a waste of time to request an update to the category then, since I would be filing form I-751this July.


So when filing for ROC this past week, I also included a copy of my husband's US Passport and expressly requested in the cover letter that the green card category be updated. I assume it would be IR-6.


Has anyone here done the same? Was your category updated after the ROC request was approved?


It's actually very annoying to approach immigration officers with a category CX-6 green card when entering the US. Since this category seems to be very rare, most officers start by questioning if it's valid and giving a hard time. I have since got a Global Entry card to avoid that (best decision I've made).


Thank you,







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arrowI-160 Question: Fiance is a foreign medical graduate
July 25, 2015, 1:36 pm Last comment by Fluffinhos

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Hello VJ,


I have a question regarding one of the questions in Part 5 of form DS-160 in advance of an interview for a K-1 visa.


The question is:

“Are you a graduate of a foreign medical school seeking to perform medical services in the United States but have not yet passed the National Board of Medical Examiners examination or its equivalent?”

My fiance is currently a medical student in Brazil, and will have graduated by the time she interviews. She is moving to the United States primarily to marry and live with me. After she is here, she plans on taking the US Medical Licensing Exams, and applying for a residency in the US. However, she is immigrating for me, not to work as a doctor. Her remaining in the US with me is not contingent upon her eventually working as a medical doctor in the US.


The question appears to be placed to screen out intending immigrant-doctors who may be seeking to circumvent a different visa process than the K-1. We would like to avoid any avoidable bureaucratic BS if possible.


So, how do you recommend she answer that question?

On the one hand, the answer is yes. However, it is neither the primary reason or a necessary motivation for her to obtain the K-1. She is immigrating to the US to marry me, regardless of any specific employment opportunities in the US.


On the other hand, answering NO may look suspicious and also raise red flags, as she will be working as a medical doctor in Brazil at the time of her interview.


Thank you,


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