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arrowWaiting for IV invoice!!
November 23, 2014, 6:25 pm Last comment by Karmarn99

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On Nov. 3, filed out DS-261 Choice of Agent.. I have already paid AOS fee bill and I have sent in I-864 AOS packet.. But my IV invoice says ´pay now´ although  when i click on the link there is a $0.00 balance, I called the NVC wednesday to see what the deal was, the lady said I should recive an email within, but still nothing...  Does anyone know why it is taking so long to process IV invoice? has this happened to anyone?? what should i do? 

- NVC also told me to already send in IV civil doc. packet with case barcode sheet (even though IV fee hasn´t been paid.).. so i did ASAP. 


This entire process really test one´s patients.. Since my case has arrived at the NVC I have been refreshing my email and CEAC page for any newss!! 





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arrowDCF exceptions for Brazil?
November 23, 2014, 3:56 pm Last comment by smgilley1

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Hi, I am an American citizen and I moved to Brazil about 6 months ago and married a Brasilian girl here. I have already received my permanent resident documents to live and work here.

However I have literally had no luck im finding any decent job at all and I am getting desperate.

My question is since Brazil stopped doing the DCF according to their website except in exceptional cases, does anyone know if I'd be able to get an exceptional cases for my wife to come back to the US with me since I have a job offer back in the US and can't find work here and things are very difficult now and I don't want to leave her in Brazil for an extended period of time waiting for the K3 visa.

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arrowWhat evidence should I take to the interview?
November 22, 2014, 8:54 pm Last comment by vitoralves

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So, my interview is right around the corner, and I'm confused on what to bring as proof of bona fide relationship


With my original packet I sent the following evidence:


- marriage certificate

- 2 sworn affidavits by friends/family

- pictures

- 3 months worth of joint account statements (not it is up to 8 months)

- public service bill with both our names

- copy of dental, health and prescription insurance with both our names

- car insurance with both our names

- Renter's insurance with both our names

- power of attorney

- Rental Agreement with both our names


So my question is: Should I take all the originals to the interview? And what about the affidavits that the originals were already sent?

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arrowStaying in Brazil with K1 pending
November 21, 2014, 2:57 pm Last comment by Mariana M.

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Hey all, I have a question about visiting my fiancée. We have the K1 pending and received our noa1 in September. I'm wondering if it's possible to stay with her on a tourist visa until it's approved (assuming it's within a few months). My main concern is the financial paperwork - I assume I will need proof of employment regardless of the amount in my savings account. Even though I'm sure I could return to my job, would it be problematic that I would not be employed while I'm in Brazil?

Thanks everybody!

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arrowTo say that you've bought tickets - how bad is it?
November 20, 2014, 2:25 pm Last comment by Mariana M.
Mariana M.

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Sorry about the long post, I wanted to make the situation clear.

Before anything, please don't patronize me, I'm already beating myself up enough!


So I had my medical on the 3rd and my interview on the 4th. I was approved, and the consul said that when my medical got there the visa would be issued (if everything was ok, of course). He said that it should be in my hands in 2 weeks.

I looked at Brazil K-1 VJ timelines and it seemed that everyone got theirs in 1 week.

For personal and complicated reasons, my family and I decided to buy the tickets already - for the 26th, Wednesday. No refunds, no rescheduling. For my mother, my brother and I.


Well, my visa status had an update on the 12th and one yesterday, the 19th. Still on AP. Two days ago I got an e-mail from the consulate (because I had asked) saying that the visa is still pending approval because it is waiting on my medical.

The doctor provided me a tracking number. Everything was delivered to the consulate on the 6th.

If my visa is not issued tomorrow, I don't have a chance of getting it in time. Tomorrow is already risky.


Today is a Brazilian holiday and out of all the US consulates, only the Rio one is closed.


They don't take phone calls about immigrant visas. Only e-mails, and that's 3 days to respond.


Tomorrow morning my fiance will try to call and see if they talk to him.


Lesson learned - if you're thinking of doing that, DON'T. 


Now my question is: I know they advise you not to make any trip arrangements before you have your visa. But if we told them so, could that do any harm? Could they purposefully delay my visa or something like that, or the worst I can get is a "we told you so"? 

I doubt that anyone possibly has an accurate answer, but I'd appreciate opinions.

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