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arrow"Updating Your VisaJourney Timeline" mass e-mail
August 25, 2014, 4:11 pm Last comment by Captain Ewok

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This e-mail that was sent out on 8/25 encouraging users to update their timelines contains an error. The two service centers that handle the vast majority, if not all, of K-1 petitions now are California and Texas, NOT California and Vermont as the e-mail states.


You may want to consider revising this so as not to confuse people. :)

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arrowQuestion/Issue about I-864
August 24, 2014, 11:54 pm Last comment by Nick&Diane

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My wife is a US Citizen, we got married here in Brazil in 2010 and she spent all this time here in brazil.


We're not sure what to do about the I-864, since she's been here in Brazil all this time without any income in the US.

Her parents are being extremely difficult so they won't be helping us, we're trying to have a few friends from the US to help us out.


My questions are, does she still have to file a I-864 even if she has no income at all? Will she have to show something about it?

Her status with the IRS is fine, but she didn't have to to file any tax returns so she doesn't have anything to show regarding that.


Also, what will the people sponsoring have to show financial wise other than the I-864? I was studying it but it's still not very clear.



Thanks a lot in advance!

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arrowI - 864 Part 6.5. Unemployed halfway through the year
August 24, 2014, 10:16 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hello all,


Please if anyone that has a similar experience or knows of similar experience could help me understand the following?


I was working full time for the past 2.5 years and left my job at the end of this July to go to Graduate School full time. On Part 6 question 5 of the I-864 form it asks for the current individual annual income. 


My first instinct would be to say $0.00 since I am officially unemployed and making no more money, but what about all of the money I received between Jan.-July that I will still pay taxes for and earned? Should I count the money I made from Jan-July 2014 as my total annual income (I won't be working at least until next year so I know I won't have any more income)?


My mother will be our joint-sponsor for the AOS and the I-864 instructions seem to lean towards only reporting salary in part 5 if you are going to use that value to qualify as the sponsor (with no joint sponsor)...


I plan on submiting checkings and savings account information to show how much I can contribute and show why I am needing a joint-sponsor...


Can anybody confirm how I should proceed?


Thank you very much and have a great Sunday evening.






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arrowTime between interview and visa in hand
August 24, 2014, 9:57 am Last comment by Al422

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Anyone know where on this site I can find recent stats for time between interview/approval and visa issuance? I've read that the State Department is dealing with delays because of computer problems. And I'm trying to anticipate approximately when our visa will come. Interview was on Aug 14. What experience are others having right now? Thanks so much.  

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arrowI-452 write N/A or let spaces in blank issue
August 22, 2014, 2:30 am Last comment by Diana SA
Diana SA

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1- Hi, i am currently filling my application and in the form I-145 and affidavit of support they say currently on the USCIS instructions ''if an answer does not apply, let the space in blank'' but for the other forms they say to write NONE or N/A.

Now I am seeing people telling everyone to just put NONE or N/A in all the forms instead of let the space blank in the form that the USCIS tell you to let it blank. (I-145 and affidavit forms are the ones that USCIS says to let in blank on instructions )
Why that? What is the real solution and how should people do?



2-also, my husband is the petitioner and his 2 middle names doesn't fit in the space ( i am filling with adobe and 2d bar codes newest forms), people told me to put the first middle name and handwritte the second or the first middle name and the initial of the second. Is that what i should do?


3-should i fill one form to track online all the forms (I-145 and derivates /I-130) or one tracking form to each form or one tracking form for I-145 and one for I-130?


4- I currently live with my fiance in a house of a friend, we move to our place next month, is it alright if in my marriage ceritficate we have the friend adress and the other docs our new to be adress?

5- can i sign the printed and computer filled form with ink and there is no problem that my signature is my actual handwritten name?


Thanks for everyone that can help me, I am filling the forms alone and would appreciate it!

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