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US Immigration from Belarus

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Now the Trump administration wants to limit citizenship for legal immigrants
11:32 am


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This may sound cruel, but it's true and exactly what this country needed for decades. Another proof about the Trump being the best president so far, in my opinion. I'm not quite sure why people who live in other people taxes and don't want to support the US, should ever be given a citizenship.

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"Under Administrative Review" at NVC, ohnoes
1:38 am


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After we received our NOA2 on our I-129F petition, it moved quickly to NVC. In fact, I called there about 9 days after our NOA2 and found that we already had our NVC case number. They told me that the status was "under administrative review". Naively, I thought this was the common status for all petitions as they're being processed at NVC. I've just found out otherwise.

I've tried reading on this site and elsewhere about "AR"... but most of the information is years old. Does getting sent to "administrative review" suggest that one of us was flagged in our background check? I don't know what the probable reasons are for getting our case pulled into "AR" but from what I've read, it's NOT something that we would want to have happen. It sounds like "AR" is some kind of administrative limbo where people have applications stuck for weeks or even months... perhaps as long as 6 months while no information is available about why the case is under review or when it may be released.

It sounds absolutely dreadful - I'm hoping that someone with more current info on this topic can offer a less bleak interpretation.


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how to know my office
2:27 pm


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Hello everyone, I have few questions, hope you help to make it clear:

1. 30th of June did send my papers, invited for biometrics august 3, what to expect next? I really cant wait to get advance parole to travel, how long it usually takes.

2. if something wrong with my documents or im missing something when they will let me know?

3. how do I knoe what office my papers in - I live in NJ if it matters)?

4. how long it usually takes the average to get the interview?

thank you very much!!!!

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2 YO coming with mom on a IR1 visa. what is her status?
10:37 pm


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My step son ( and everyone else) is anxiously waiting for approval on his I-130 for both his wife and 2yo daughter. It will be an IR1 visa for the wife. She would be given a 10 yr green card but I have no idea what happens to the daughter. How does she get resident status and possible citizenship? . Further, the child was born when he was a LPR so citizenship was not automatically granted. He subsequently naturalized and upgraded the petition. Your advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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Applying for mother, is that list of documents enought?
11:34 pm


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Can you guys check pls if I did all correct, I don't wanna miss something, at same time don't wanna overload it with any extra information (applying for my husband's mother who is not in usa right now):
1. form I-130
2.check 535 $

3. form G1145
from my husband (he is a petitioner)
4.A copy of Certificate of Naturalization
5. A copy of U.S. passport
6. A copy of Divorce certificate - do I need it?
7. A copy of Current marriage certificate- do I need it?
8. 2 passport photos

from my husband's mother (she is a beneficiary):
1. birth certificate
2. Passport copy
3. marriage certificate (we are not applying for the father) - do I need it?
4. 2 passport photos- do I need it???
do we need to file biographical form for both? G 325 A

Thank you!

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