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Confusing RFE on I-130
11:07 pm


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So we filed an I-130s for both my step son's wife and baby back in Sept of 2017. Received NOAs and all going well. Then we get an RFE.

It says, "" you failed to submit the required initial evidence in support of the petition." But it does not say what is missing. Did they lose the whole package? We went through all necessary documentation, many times, and had a cover letter listing all attached evidence. We have been trying to reach a second level person and was told hold times approaching 3 hours. Should we keep trying to find out exactly what is missing or just resubmit the whole package all over again. Advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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guide me pls-changing status (from tourist by marrige)
2:50 pm


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Hi everyone, need your help. I was on tourist visa, just got marred and need to apply as soon as possible for my green card, can anyone pls guide me -maybe that topic was discussed before.im so confused with the amount of forms and have noo idea how to fill it. than you very much

p.s. a-number-I don't have it right? coz I came by tourist visa. thank you very much

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NOA time for AOS from K1
5:15 am


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My husband came to the US on a K1 in March 19 and we were married April 21. We got together all the AOS documents and information and sent it off via FedEx, with an arrival date of May 10.

It is now May 20, and the money has not been taken out of my checking account yet.

I'm a little concerned because everywhere I see that the money is taken out usually with 2-3 days after receipt, and the NOA is sent via email/text shortly after.

I know that it can technically take a couple of weeks, but this is what happened when we sent our K1 application. A month after it arrived at the lockbox, it was returned to me saying my check was not made out for the right amount. The thing was, the check was made for the right amount. I had sent a check from my business checking account, since I don't have checks anymore for my personal account. I asked the people on the phone at USCIS customer service if that was why, and they said no, that it was probably because the price had recently gone up and whoever handled it had forgotten. Because at that point I was living out of the country, I had my dad reship it all with one of his checks and it was accepted with no problem.

I took USCIS's word for it that having a business account check wouldn't be an issue, and used one again this time (partly because I wanted to just send it ASAP and not wait for checks to arrive in the mail to do this), and now it seems we're headed down the same road... Is there any way that sending a business check (which is slightly longer than a personal check) would be a problem?

Is it normal to not see the money disappear from my account for a couple of weeks or get a text/email/snail mail NOA? I'm afraid if my payment method is a problem we'll be tight with my husband falling out of status (his K1 expires 6/19).

Thank you !

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I-129F Didn't Include Both Divorces
7:29 pm


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December 2017 filer here.

When I prepared our I-129F application, I neglected to include the fact that I was married twice - I listed only my most recent divorce and included that divorce decree with the application. It was an oversight on my part - based on an assumption that, in the US, I could't have been married to my 2nd wife unless I was legally divorced from my 1st. It seemed that the 2nd divorce made documenting the first irrelevant.

In retrospect, I obviously needed to have documented both. I'm trying to get a sense of how serious a matter this is. If it yields an RFE, I guess that's not a huge concern, because I have legitimate documents to show the validity of my first divorce. My concern is that my not listing the first marriage/divorce would be seen as trying to hide it (for reasons I can't even imagine).

Should I wait to be asked about the first divorce? Is there any proactive way to deal with the oversight? Obviously, I'll send both divorce decrees to my fiancee to have with her at her interview - but I want to make sure that we handle this the best way so that the oversight isn't perceived as an act of deception or cause any significant delays.

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Theory on processing times
1:06 am


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I have a theory on processing times. Younger couples go through quicker. They have less history that has to be checked. A couple at 20 that has no divorces, police records, no children, should be processed pretty quick.

On the other hand an older couple at age 40 with divorce, children, police records (not me), now has to prove they are divorced, their past activities examined by USCIS. Longer processing time.

Anyone have info on whether younger people get processed quicker?

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