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When do i need my police certificate?
9:13 pm


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Hi guys i am waiting for my NOA2 in spouse visa. Its been nearly five months. I need to get my police certificate from London. Do i have to submit my police certificate during NVC stage or i only need it for my final interview? Thank you

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Restriction regarding traveling to different country before coming to US as new immigrant
4:52 am


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Hi All,

My wife got approved for immigration VISA. She wants to travel Bhutan (she can get visa on arrival) before US with her parent for 3-4 days before coming to US. Is there any restriction about traveling different country before coming to US for the first time?

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Address Issue
8:05 am


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Hi Everyone

My current passport shows my permanent address where I don t live. I hava a different present address. I need to obtain a police certificate from UK for my interview. So is it necessary i have to give my permanent address (passport address) for issue the certificate or my present address is ok? They want my present address with two different proof of address. Does this address really matter? Coz i cant provide any proof for my passport address as I don t live there. Please help me with this issue

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Police clearance Certificate
5:14 pm


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I was in UK for 8 years with student visa. But returned to my home country two years ago. Do i still need police clearance from UK for my immigrant visa interview?

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f2b unchanged after naturalization
7:36 am

shakil hossain

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my mother is green card holder. she applied for me 26 June 2012 under f2b category country bangladesh , my question is if she now applied for her citizenship and after she naturalized my category change to f1. is it possible to do not change my F2b category after my mother naturalization.?? i don't want to change my F2b category after her naturalization. kindly advice my , thanks

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