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CR1 GC can travel outside US
3:58 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone,i know there is no restriction to travel outside US with CR1 Green Card holder. But i am afraid to travel my country Bangladesh due to recent condition of immigration. I am a CR1 Green Card Holder and my Green Card is valid till Oct0ber 2018. I am planning to travel my country Bangladesh in January 2018 for a month. Recently anyone visited Bangladesh with CR1 Green Card? Sorry for such a silly question.

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Green card payment
7:24 pm yesterday


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I got my immigrant visa on my passport after five days of my interview. Now when I went to pay the green card payment $220 it says my alien registration number is wrong. I got 8 digits of number and A in the beginning. A********. It says i have to put a zero after A. I m very confused.

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March 2017 cases for Spouse Visa
5:37 pm yesterday


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Has anyone received any approval for form I-130 filed in March?

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Minor children of my spouse
10:38 pm yesterday


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I petitioned for my wife who is in Bangladesh. I forgot to file petitions for her minor children as I thought they would be on the same petition as hers. But now I am told that there has to be a separate petition for each child. She was previously married and now she is divorced, but has custody of her minor children. I am confused about question 2 on form I-130. What box should I check? Question 2 is about my filing petition for my child, but they are not legally my children, as

I do not have adoption papers for them. My wife would like to bring her minor children with her.

Am I allowed to petition for them?


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Time to get Permanent residency card
3:19 pm yesterday


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Visa catagory f4. After getting passport with visa an instruction is given for paying immigration fee of 220$. Is it to be paid for every person of the family? I think it should be.It is instructed to be paid before traveling to USA.Can anyone tell me how much time it normally takes to receive the green card after paying fees? Does the process initiate before or after traveling to USA?

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