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arrowTemporary Work Visas from OPT
April 28, 2016, 1:40 pm Last comment by Boiler

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Hello there,


I was wondering if anyone has some advice regarding temporary work visas. I'm currently on OPT, an extension of my F-1 visa but it expires in one month. My employer attemped to sponsor me for the H1B but we run out of time since the cap gap closed quite early on April 5th this year. They are willing to process any other kind of visa in order to me to stay and I was wondering if anyone knows of any other options. I have a BA in Psychology, have bilingual skills, have 2 years of work experience for this particular job and have completed hundreds of hours of training to be qualified for this job. I'd appreciate any feedback you could offer. Thanks in advance for your time!






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arrowFiling N-400 and removed/excluded/deported questions
April 24, 2016, 3:04 pm Last comment by smashrun

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I've done multiple board searches and can't seem to find any specific info regarding our situation.  LPR married to USC will be filing N-400 under 3 year rule. To give a little backstory, LPR was a visa overstay who left the US, which triggered a 10 year ban. Waiver of inadmissibility was obtained and the 10 year ban was overcome. In order to obtain that waiver,  LPR had to formally apply for a visa (which we knew would be denied) and then apply for a waiver (which was approved). 


Question is this - on the N-400, Part 11 questions 33 and 34 state "have you ever been removed,excluded, or deported from the United States" and "have  you ever been ordered removed, excluded, or deported from the US". How to answer this question in light of the previously given background information? LPR was never removed or deported or ordered to do those things, but was denied an immigrant visa due to previous overstay. That immigrant visa was then approved after waiver was obtained. Does that mean LPR was excluded? And if so, should waiver approval documentation and an explanation be included with N-400? 


Many many thanks!



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arrowSilly mistake: Originals on P3
April 18, 2016, 3:07 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hi! We got our interview date at the consulate for next week. I stupidly sent in my original bc, original police cert and affidavit of support. Other than that I didn't take more copies of the evidence I sent in but I can reprint most of them. Anyone had this problem before? Since instructions say to bring the originals I'm not sure what to do. Sent an email to the consulate but they take a while to answer. Think it'll be a problem?


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arrowK1 Visa + Tourist Visa
April 18, 2016, 2:21 pm Last comment by jeessgb

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Hi! I´m from Argentina, I have an american boyfriend and we are planing in getting married. Im going to visit him with my tourist visa from may to august this year. We want to start the K1 visa process but we would like to know this before doing it:
1) If he starts the process of the K1 visa before I go to visit him, is that gonna obstaculize my entrance to visit him?
2) Let´s say thr answer of 1st question is NO. Can we continue with the process (interview, criminal records, forms, among other things) while I´m there (going to the Argentinian embassy or consulate) for now wasting time or do I have to do that in Argentina?
3) Let´s say the answer of 1st question is YES. Can we start the process while I´m in US?
Of course I understand that once I get my K1 visa Im gonna have to leave the country and come back with the K1 visa. 
Thank you so much for your time

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arrowWork with CR1 visa
April 17, 2016, 7:49 pm Last comment by milimelo

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Hello everybody!
I got to the states three weeks ago with a CR1 visa. I wanted to ask if I can work right away or I need some kind of paperwork done before. Usually at the job I worked in the States as a J1 they would take care of it but I am applying to another job before my old employer is in peal season.
Thank you!

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