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Jury Duty summoning while pending status?
7:50 pm


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I just received a jury duty summon by mail, even though im not a citizen yet, and don't even have my Green Card either. I sent out all my paperwork a few weeks ago. It says n the back I can be excused if Im not a citizen, but part of me is really curious to go through with it, since its something Ive always seen in movies, and not really a thing in my home country. Plus, Im currently not working while waiting for my work permit and bored out of my mind. Was wondering if anybody has any experience regarding this?

Thanks a lot!

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DS-261 needed with attorney?
4:19 pm


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Hi everyone,

I was looking through the very helpful NVC Wiki here on VisaJourney but had a question about choosing an agent. On the flowchart in the wiki it says "submit DS-261 online form (N/A) if using a lawyer)". An attorney is taking care of the whole visa process for me and will be my agent. So that means they will not need to submit the DS-261 at all? It seems pretty clear with what the flowchart says, however, I ask for clarification on this only because the NVC website says the following about selecting an agent:

"Your agent will receive communication from the NVC about your case. You may act as your own agent or you may choose your petitioner, a family member, friend, attorney, immigration professional, or any other person you trust. You may have an agent that represented you and the petitioner in the petition process with USCIS. However, you will need to formally select an agent to represent you for your visa processing."

That statement makes it sound like lawyer or no lawyer, a DS-261 is mandatory, because how else could I "formally select" an agent, other than by having my lawyer fill out the DS-261?

The wiki says "Note: if you have a lawyer/attorney/legal representative from the I-130 petition, then they'll be automatically selected as agent for your case, thus by-passing the DS-261."

That explains the "N/A" on the flowchart. I assume NVC gets our approved petition, sees that a lawyer filed it, and goes ahead and selects the lawyer as my agent. This automatic selection of the agent qualifies as formally selecting an agent?

The NVC page says "Please allow up to 3 weeks for the NVC to process your DS-261 before continuing to the next step."

So in theory, with all of this information, using a lawyer potentially saves up to 3 weeks of processing time from not having to submit the DS-261, according to the flowchart, or am I incorrect in assuming this?

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Email Processing for NVC
2:20 pm


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Hi everyone, our I-130 was just approved yesterday and we are getting our documents together for NVC while we wait for NVC to receive our approved petition. I read on the travel.state.gov website that there is email processing available at the NVC stage for the following embassies: ADD, BNS, FRN, GTM, HNK, KEV, MRV, PHP, RDJ, SYD, TGG, or THT.

Since BNS is our embassy, and it is on the list, I am definitely going to do email processing because I have heard it is faster. Does anyone have any experience with email processing, and if so, would you be able to detail your experience i.e. process for submitting the documents with email processing and how long it took for your case to be completed.

I am most interested in knowing how much time can be saved at the NVC stage by doing email processing as opposed to mail processing, that way I can figure out roughly how long we still have to wait in this whole process. Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to give me any information you might have.

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How do I show proof if our communication is almost exclusively Facetime?
4:54 pm


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Hi all,

I've been reading that chat log emails etc should be prepared for the interview, I am just wondering how I can prepare this since we barely email each other (forwarding travel itineraries), nor do we chat much (he works a lot and has phone on silence mostly).

But we do Facetime each other weekly. Would this suffice? How do I demonstrate this at interview properly?

Many thanks

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Backpacking while waiting for NOA2
9:19 am


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Hello everyone :)

My husband and I have filed our I-130 about a month ago and we have already received our NOA1 stating our case will be transferred to Nebraska. We are already consular processing our case but was wondering if anyone has ever backpacked for a longer time than 3 months while waiting for their NOA2? Any advice?

Thank you!

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