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arrowAnyone with experience with Argentina Embassy
July 28, 2016, 5:34 pm Last comment by Pitaya

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I was just wondering how accurate the embassy information is? Once the embassy receives the file they will send an email with packet 3 about 10 days later? Once we return the packet 3, packet 4 is also emailed about 10 days later with an interview date about 2 weeks later, or is it longer? Or do we set the interview date? Than the passport sent DHL about 5-7 days later?

I'm just trying to gauge a timeline on how long this will take.

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arrowNVC Expedite Request
July 27, 2016, 1:49 pm Last comment by Anthony12345

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I have sent all of my supporting documents to the NVC two weeks ago.  I want to expedite my case because I am in Peru and I will be moving back to the United States in September, leaving my family here.  I called in about expediting the case and they just told me to send an expedite request to nvcexpedite@state.gov.  Does anyone know what I should place in the NVC Expedite Request and how to prepare it?

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arrowInterview experience
July 27, 2016, 7:44 am Last comment by juand25

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My husband and I had my green card interview yesterday morning, so I wanted to share it with everyone in case it helps or alleviates someone's nerves! My interview was conducted at the Lawrence, MA field office.


We arrived 30 minutes early and the place was pretty empty. We went through the metal detectors, etc and went up to the check-in counter. They checked our interview notice, stamped it, and sent us to sit down in the waiting area. Not a lot of people there either, maybe 15-20 total. We sat for about an hour and were called in 30 minutes after our interview time (interview was at 11, officer called us at 11:34 or so). Luckily we had a really nice, really laid back officer. First thing he did was smile at us and ask, "are you nervous?" To which I replied (just sort of mumbled), "umm no, a bit, not really." haha. I WAS nervous!


He took us into his office and made us stand and put us under oath. He had our MASSIVE file on top of his desk (we sent a lot of evidence initially, as our lawyer suggested). He looked at us, smiled, and said, "I want you to know you sent more than enough evidence to prove your relationship and I'm going to approve your petition, we just need to go through a few standard questions." This obviously put us both at ease and made me very happy!! Then he asked for all my passports and husband's driver's license. After that he asked to see originals of marriage certificate, divorce decree (husband was married before), our joint lease (we recently moved), my current I-20, my I-94 (which he kept), my driver's license, my SS card. He used these to confirm that the copies we sent were real.


Then he went through both of our biographic forms and asked my husband about himself, then asked my husband about me (husband had to state my full name, date of birth, place of birth, etc). Then he went through my biographic info with me (asked me the same questions about myself, not about my husband). Then we went through the standard "are you a spy?" questions. He was really nice about it and made jokes -- he asked me "are you Batman?" so everyone laughed. ha.


Then he asked if we were happy in our marriage, we said yes, so he explained that we were approved and we would get the card in the mail within 3 weeks or so. He explained about ROC and citizenship. Then we shook hands, thanked him, and he walked us out. That was it! We were out by noon, so the interview itself took about 25 minutes (most of this was him just comparing originals to the copies we had sent, and taking new copies of our lease and all my passports).


I checked my status on the tracker right after the interview and it said my new card was being produced. This morning (next day) I received email confirmation of I-130 and I-485 approval. YAY!!


So my experience should reassure all of you with real relationships that there is NOTHING to worry about. And it *does* matter whether you send evidence with your package or not. I would NOT wait to bring all the marriage evidence to the interview -- it seems better to have the officer already on your side once you walk through the door. In our case it seems the officer felt he already knew us and was comfortable approving us right away.


Best of luck to everyone interviewing this week!! : )

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arrowTwo months after AOS interview, no news.
July 24, 2016, 5:25 am Last comment by bokins

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I filed back in june 2015. Dallas office. Got my biometrics a couple of weekss later and got my EAD/AP on October 24th. In april i got the interview notice scheduled for May 19th. It went well. The officer said he thought he had everything he needed and that he would review the case and I'd be getting the approval notice in a couple of days or a letter asking for information if there was anything missing. Well, it's been a little over two months and nothing, not a peep. I'm really stressing out here. I asked my lawyer what she thinks we should do, but she's not being very supportive, she already casjed her checks, of course. Is it normal for no news for so long AFTER the interview? Is anybody here on the same boat? Or have you heard of a case like this? Any and all information would be very much appreciated.

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arrownon immigrant Waiver
July 19, 2016, 3:35 pm Last comment by jan22

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Hi guys, im Agustin i currently live in Buenos Aires, Argentina i was deported about 4 years ago when i was 19 years old.  when i was traveling to visit my Family.


i was taken to to US when i was only 10 months old and i was raised there. both my parents decided to stay illegally in the US in 2011 when i finished i high school and i was still a immigrant i knew i had to leave to the US to go college and work etc i knew was not allowed to do anything in a country in which i was raised and though i was part of etc. for these reasons i left the US and traveled to my birth country Argentina. after a year being a part form family, i need to at least visit them for the holidays so my parents told me to to go the US embassy and get a tourist visa. i obtained this visa but did no tell them that i had lived in the US before illegally.so i decided to travel for a month to the US to just visit my family because in Argentina i had already started University and had a job. luckily i got in and was able to visit my family for the Christmas holidays i then returned to Argentina and decided to visit my family again in July 2012 fro a 1 month holiday.when i arrived to the Atlanta intl airport i was deported for breaking these laws 212 (a) (7) (A) (1) (I) & 212(a)(6)(C)(i) and was returned back to Argentina it has now been more than 4 years since i have not returned, and i really just want to go back as a tourist, even though i have 3 US citizen Siblings and parents are over there, i do not want to stay or live in the US  i just want to visit and go shopping etc. i have my life settled here in Argentina, im about ot ge tmy bachelors Degree and i work in a intl company! so after all of this introduction i just want to know if theirs a possibility of me obtaining any kind o waiver to gain  a tourist visa,  



Thanks for all your help!




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