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[K1] Buenos Aires (Argentina) embassy
3:47 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone who has recently done (or is currently doing) the embassy part of the K-1 process in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so I could ask them some questions about the embassy letter/package.

I (the beneficiary) have moved since we filed the I-129F and tried to somehow notify the embassy of my change of address, to no avail.

We've called every phone number possible, sent emails, etc, and can't really find out wether the letter was sent to my previous address, if someone actually wrote down my new one, if they're waiting for something...

If anyone has recently received the packet from the embassy I'd love to hear about its contents (the latest online copy I could find is from 2014), I already submitted the DS-160 and if I can just print out any extra form I need that comes with the package, and pay, and make an appointment for the doctor and the interview, to get on with the process regardless of this mail they're supposed to send, it would be awesome.

If anybody can help us, we'll be eternally grateful. Thank you!!

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CR1 vs IR
8:10 pm yesterday


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My name is Marnousse. My wife is a Us citizen and i have been in the us now for a month and i don't have my green card yet. The other day i had my driver's license and they gave it to me for 9 years which means it is going to expire 2026. Someone told me that the driver license would not be longer than the green card which means my green card will be for 10 years. My suggestion is, i would like to know before DMV issuing the driver's license if the check the eligibility with USCIS.

Thank you very much

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Answering yes to the visa refusal question when you have a petition denied
8:29 pm yesterday


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I answered yes to the visa refusal question and I explained that i had someone field a petition on my behalf with the uscis and it was denied by them before it became a visa application is that OK thanks

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Emergency advanced parole from USCIS field office
7:20 pm yesterday


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Does anyone have recent experience obtaining an emergency advanced parole from a field office? More specifically the Sacramento, CA field office? They recently halved the days the field office is open, so it has been extremely difficult to get an infopass mtg. scheduled. I will likely have to obtain an emergency advanced parole for my wife and still have some questions about the process. I was able to ask a field officer if our situation warrants an emergency AP, and they said it did. But I still have questions concerning the process and scope of the emergency AP:

1) Can one obtain an emergency AP from a field office any time before their departure date? Or does it have to be within 48 hours of the departure time? For instance, if I know she will need to leave December 15, can I obtain her emergency AP now or will I have to wait until December 13 to visit the field office and obtain the emergency permit?

2) If I remember correctly, the emergency AP is valid for 30 days and no longer? Is this correct?

3) Has anyone actual done this recently? What was your experience in general?

As always, thank you all for your support and the peace of mind it brings.



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[k1] argentina consulate - police records
5:02 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone! quick question: I am the K-1 visa beneficiary, and will have to do the interview in the Argentina consulate in a month or two.

I stayed for 9 months in New Zealand about 8 years ago. Will I need the police records from over there? thank you! :)

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