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Preparer or translator?
10:31 pm yesterday

Keenen and Nidia

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We re putting together our I-485 form for the adjustment of status and need some help from others experiences. Your thoughts are welcome:)

Can the husband be a preparer or translator for filling out the I-485 form adjustment of status for the wife?

Just curious of those in the know how USCIS looks at this who have been/ or are going through the process.

For those who had a spouse at the time that could not read or write English fluently while filing their own form for the A.O.S. , what did you do?

English is important to us and is the language of focus, we re making progress. I think of a movie called Spanglish. Any did similar techniques, or different?

Thanks for your time:)

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Need some info
11:48 pm yesterday


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I am currently entering the interview part of the K-1 visa process I just started a job at Coca-Cola making ok money I m above the poverty guideline but I have no tax papers from last year for a lot of reasons and I m nervous that they will reject it at the interview I m make 32,000 or more a year I need 20,200 or something like that so what can I do I have a letter of employment I was going to show my bank statements and 2 to 3 pay stubs and a letter explaining why I did not file taxes last year

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I134 Affidavit of Support Evidence K1 Visa
11:37 pm yesterday

Fernanda R Sanz

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Hello everyone, we are up to send our K1 Packet, so we started learning about the I134 affidavit of support and we got overwhelmed with the evidence asked, also because we will have a joint sponsor who needs to understand how to prepair his affidavit properly.

We read the instructions on the forms, but got a little confused, hope you can help us:

1)"Statement from an officer of the bank or other financial institutions with deposits, identifying the following details regarding the account". This means my fiancee must go to the bank to ask for the information on the list? must this "officer of the bank" sign all the papers? Who is this "Officer of the bank"?

2) all deposits, tax returns, etc must be only for the past year? Does this also apply for joint sponsor too? we thought they ask more than one year paperwork

3) "D. List containing serial numbers and denominations of bonds and name of record owner(s)." We don t understand what they are asking at all.

We tried to find more information about how to prepair the affidavit of support, but the only videos or info are about how to fill the petition, but nothing about the evidence needed, we are scared to fail because of not understanding how to prepair this affidavit properly

Hope you can help us! <3

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Petitioner Job Change while K1 Process
11:51 pm yesterday

Fernanda R Sanz

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Hello everyone, I m new in Visa Jorney, hope some one can help us. We are up to send the packet to the USCIS, and my fianc e filed the I129F and all forms with his current job in New York, but he is looking for another job, better paid and conditions. More or less he has been working on this current job for 5 months already.

My question is: If he gets a new job before he sends the packet with the old job information, will that be a problem? Is there any form we can fill out and send to the USCIS to let them know that?

Please help, we have not send the packet yet until we know what to do in this case.

Thanks in advance <3

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Police report and birth certificate specifics
3:46 pm yesterday


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Hi all! I have a few clarification questions regarding these two parts of the k-1 petition.

1) Do both my fianc and I (foreigner and US citizen, respectively) have to complete the police report and turn in our birth certificate?

2) In order to translate these documents (Spanish-->English) does it have to be a certified translator? We both are fluent in both languages, can we translate them and sign that they are correct?

3) Do both of these documents need to be provided in the k-1 petition, or just brought to the Embassy interview?

Thank you so, so much for all your help!

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