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Where does AOS paperwork go?
2:32 am today


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Hello! This could be a really dumb question so I am sorry in advance. We submitted AOS paperwork a few days ago to the Chicago lockbox. From my understanding, somewhere along the line, they send the paperwork to a local field office. How do I find out where they will be sending this? Will they notify us?

Also on another note, at what point to they typically cash the check for the fee?


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how long does it take to receive the EAD card?
10:39 pm yesterday


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whats the current processing time for EAD carD?

i dont trust the uscis website..

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work online while waiting for GC
2:05 am yesterday


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is it possible to work online for a foreign company while waiting for the greencard?

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K1 Argentinos - Aqui se habla espanol
9:42 pm yesterday


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Hola a todos los amig@s argentinos.:jest: Tengo preguntas acerca del costo de los examennes medicos en especial el de gonorrea; en las intrucciones de la embajada dice que es "obligatorio" pero la verdad ninguna persona de Argentina ha posteado por aqui que se haya hecho ese examen. Ademas es el mas costoso de todos los examenes porque supuestamente hay que pagar 175

dolares:wow: y me parece extremadamente caro. Si alguien lee este mensaje y me da alguna informacion se lo agradeceria muchisimo.. Gracias de antemano. :help:

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I-864 Question 29 & Part 5 Discrepancies
5:29 pm yesterday


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My husband just entered on the K1 and we are working on the AOS paperwork. Our household size would be just the two of us. On Part 3, Question 29 I put "1" since he is the principal applicant and the one I am sponsoring. However, I think it is supposed to auto-populate on Part 5, Question 1. Nothing comes up as that answer and it won't let me change it. I have "1" for myself (Question 2), and from my understanding, I don't put anything for Question 3, since we don't count people twice. Because It won't auto-populate, it is giving me a household size of "1" but I need it to say "2." What am I missing here? Help!

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