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arrowI-485 Denver Interview Pending for 6+ months
July 27, 2015, 1:58 pm Last comment by ivanfrench

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My wife and I presented all paperwork on Nov 17, 2014. On Jan 2, 2015 biometrics. Online Status since Jan 15, 2015 is that Interview is ready to be scheduled. Still today have not received anything (Jul 27, 2015).


This means that the paperwork was approved, but somehow they are delayed on the interview process, although I read in this site's forums that the process is quite fast.


Since May 17, 2015, the Processing Times web page of USCIS it says that they are still on Aug 25, 2014 cases. How can the processing times status update be so outdated? 


I have plans to leave the country for 1 month in December to go visit my family, and I based my decision to buy the tickets on what the lawyer said: 4 to 6 months tops...


I am a little frustrated that one pays a lot of money to get the process done and they don't use those resources to speed up processing times in the offices that need it the most. A friend of mine from Iowa got his I-485 for Adjustment of Status done in 3 months total, since the time he presented the paperwork, till he got the card. I should have done it in Iowa when I was there studying.


I guess my question is if anyone knows more about the status of processing time than May 31, 2015 or can share their experience with an I-485 in Denver? I requested an update to USCIS on Jul 17, 2015, and they said we will receive something in the next 30 days. Hope that is the case and I get the interview scheduled shortly.



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arrowInterview is in the A.M. Plus question
July 26, 2015, 7:33 pm Last comment by NataliaLin

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Our interview is in the morning. Medical is not complete (not our fault though). Our interview is in the morning & our last part of medical is in the afternoon. Pray they let us bring it Tuesday morning since we live so far away. Any of you been able to bring a missing document the next day?

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arrowMedical not complete by appointment date...help!!
July 23, 2015, 6:49 pm Last comment by soncrazed

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We got an email 9 days ago with our appointment date for July 27. We contacted the two doctors they listed for the medical & stated our interview date is the 27th. My husband had the first part done today & the follow up cannot be done until after the interview time. We explained it all & how we have driven 13 hours! Any suggestions? I have sent the embassy an email & they were already closed when I called. I am planning on us still going but this is a huge aggravation!

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arrowShould I send the packet 3? (Buenos Aires) [edited title]
July 20, 2015, 11:27 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hello everyone!

I don't know and not sure if anyone already asked before about it because I couldn't find anything about it yet.. So I decided to start a topic and see if anyone here can help.



The thing is this: I got my case ready last Monday, July 13th, and I tracked my package over DHL trick and they signed and received it in the U.S. Embassy last Wednesday 15th morning. It been a week since CEAC website shows that I am "READY" to schedule for further steps, but until now I still haven't get anything yet, either my fiancé. The embassy website (http://argentina.usembassy.gov/immigrant_visas/how-to-begin-an-immigrant-visa-process/step-2-assemble-documents.html) has an example of packet 3 to download, and I already have it almost putted together, only missing the medicals exams which I'm doing tomorrow, and DHL registration (that I haven't finished yet, caused by I haven't any information of date that the embassy scheduled for me).



My question is: Can I send the package to the Embassy before receiving instructions from them, after my case status is "READY"? or Should I wait until get anything from them?


I have been e-mailed them three times (since around 15 days ago) and still haven't heard anything back but their automatic response.



If it is recommended to send the package 3 before getting anything from them, should I just leave the DHL registration as missing until I get a date scheduled by them, and take that to the interview when it is the date?



I am pretty much lost at this point! Any response and recommendation will be very appreciated and helpful.



VisaJourney has been a big and great help and support through my process.

Thanks a lot!


- Natalia

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arrowCan I adjust my status in the US?
July 19, 2015, 7:27 pm Last comment by Ontarkie

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Hello. My name is Gonzalo and My wife is American. We got married in January of this year in Argentina where I am from, and my brother in law was getting married here in the states and we just stayed because my wife got a job she wanted and we don't wanna separate. I am on a B2 tourist visa and I was wondering if I can just apply for an adjustment of status here, like that I don't have to leave my wife and go back to Argentina to apply. Do you think it would be ok? Thanks

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