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Legalized police certificate necessary?
6:14 pm

Keenen and Nidia

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We have some question we hope someone on here can answer from Argentina or Paraguay doing the k-1 visa regarding a police certificate. Any others experience is welcomed.

My fianc e went to the Paraguayan consulate in Argentina today and was told by an official that a regular police certificate may be sufficient, but this official said she had a friend going through the visa process in Argentina and the embassy in Buenos Aires asked for a legalized police certificate to be accepted.

We can obtain this, but to legalize they want an extra 3500 pesos.

My fianc e is a Paraguayan citizen and a Argentine resident.

We want to know if it is necessary to legalize her Paraguayan police certificate?

Or is there some special wording needed so the US Embassy in Argentina accepts it, or is a regular police certificate sufficient?

We are obtaining police certificates for both Argentina and Paraguay.

We are just trying to make sure we re not paying more than necessary covered in packet three when we submit documents to the US Embassy in Argentina .

Help is appreciated.


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Planning on Filing Separately; NRA needs to file too?
4:57 am


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This is only my second year filing taxes (recent college grad that still lives with their parents) so I could just be unfamiliar with a lot of processes.

I got married in Sept 2017, my NRA spouse has never been to the US, never worked for a US company, and has no US-earned income. I spoke with the IRS on the phone for over an hour to figure out if he needed to file US taxes or not if we were filing separately, but was told that topic was "out of scope".

I understand that if I file 'married, filing separately', I don't have to apply for an ITIN for him. He pays taxes in his own country. At this point in time, I don't necessary care about receiving the spouse allowance on my taxes. Is there any expectation he would have to file taxes in the US purely because he's married to me?

I'd love any advice from anyone in a similar spot!

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3:40 pm


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My fiance is moving on his K1 in March and our wedding is set for early April. I plan on taking him to get his SS number right after we arrive. We plan for applying for his EAD/AOS, like, the next day after the wedding. :)

When he last visited me in December, we went to the local community college. Since we are getting married in April, they said he can start taking classes in mid-May for the summer semester. He would count as in-state since we would be married, which is super helpful for our pockets! As far as I know, studying is okay before receiving the EAD/Green card as long as he won't be receiving financial aid. He wouldn't, as I'll pay for his classes out of my pocket. Is this correct?

I suggested he try to apply for a summer internship while he is in school. This would be for school credit, not for pay. I had several of these in college and never received any kind of compensation. I figure this would be a great time for him to figure out what he wants to do and get some professional references over the summer. I figure he will have his EAD by the end of the summer, or early autumn and can at the very least, apply for a holiday seasonal position at a store somewhere as he continues studying with some past experience and references behind him. Is this okay to do? I don't want to accidentally mislead him.

Thanks for any input!

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How Long Until Case Displays on USCIS Website?
4:20 am


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Got my NOA1 on January 10th, 2018. On the USCIS website, it still says my case is invalid/not recognized. How long is the delay until it's updated? Some sources say a week, others say 45 days...


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K1 interview & affidavit: form 1040EZ
11:45 pm


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hey everyone! I'm having my interview on thursday and the embassy complained about something in a really ambiguous way, but we suspect it's this: my fiancee (the USC) filed her taxes with form 1040EZ instead of the regular 1040, which must go attached to the affidavit of support. they don't seem to like that.

has anyone here gone to the interview with a 1040EZ (or will do it in the future)? do you know anything about this, did the embassy complain about it or did everything go smoothly?

success and failure stories and how the problem was solved would help throw some light onto this.

thank you so much!

PS: her mom is a co-sponsor and has a regular 1040 which I guess should suffice, but we're afraid they still will demand that the petitioner bring something else and we don't know what to do.

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