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arrowNew job and no W2's for Affidavit of Support?
October 25, 2016, 12:44 pm Last comment by bdshelton

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Hi everyone,


So a few weeks back my fiancee and I submitted our I-129f petition and were approved, we're currently waiting to be told when to apply for the visa and schedule her interview at the American embassy in Argentina. The question I know have is the following:


If I have began working at a new job with higher pay in the past couple months, should I include may tax return with lower wages from last year in my I-134? Could I include paystubs from my current job, as well as a letter stating my employment and current wages? Do Bank statements suffice? Or maybe I should just include all documentation? 




If I currently have the original copies of I-797 and I-797C, should i send them to my fiancee in Argentina? Or would photocopies work fine? 


Thank you guys so much for the answers and all the help!!



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arrowCurrently with F-1 looking to get temporary green card through girlfriend
October 18, 2016, 10:12 am Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hello there, I'll explain my situation. I really need help with this!


 I started a cyber-relationship a few months ago and we agreed with me coming to LA and reunite to get married and be together  :goofy:

 I got a F-1 Visa to do a 1-month english+film course in los angeles. Our plan is to get married and see if I can get my green card through the family process (adjustment of status)


 What are my options? What can we do? How long can i overstay and still get my 2-year green card?

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arrowPrevious Marriage
October 16, 2016, 3:53 pm Last comment by FerNic

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Dear Members,


Looking at the documents required by the embassy (Argentina), they ask for a marriage entry.


Does anyone know if this is for K3? The document is for both K1/K3


It is confusing because it says "or previously married" but the next item on the list is "divorce decree." I do not understand why they would require a marriage entry if you are divorced and you have a divorce decree:


6. (___) MARRIAGE ENTRY issued by the Civil Registry. All married persons or previously married people are required to present a certified copy of their marriage entry. Certificates of marriage from the U.S. MUST be original certified long-form copies from the Office of Vital Records from the state where the marriage took place. No other marriage certificate will be accepted as proof of marriage in the U.S.


Does anyone who was married/divorced know if this is really required for the K1?



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arrowI-134 Receiving Child Support Tax Returns Assets
October 15, 2016, 6:17 pm Last comment by Ash.1101

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Dear All, 

Received our NOA2 on October 4th and are now working on the next stack of paperwork. I have a few questions regarding the i-134:


- I receive child support for my two children who live with me 50% of the time. Do I add this child support to my income? If so, what proof do I need to add?


- I have read to include only dependents on the tax returns on the I-134 form. We each claim one child, but both of them live with me part-time. It would make sense that I list both of them as dependents on the form regardless of the taxes, correct?


- I read several conflicting answers on this topic in this forum: how many years of tax returns/transcripts do I need to provide? I want to say just one but not sure.


- Lastly, if my income is more than the required poverty line minimum, do I need to list additional assets or can I simply skip that? My income is also slightly more than the 125% required for the Green Card.


Thank you for any help/guidance you can provide.

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arrowK1? or getting married in argentina and K3?
October 13, 2016, 12:49 pm Last comment by Boiler

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Hello. I am an argentine medical student (I would be graduating in june 2017) engaged to an american citizen (same sex: woman + woman). She and her son came to Argentina in 2010 to live here with me until I finished med school. She has been working in a store since then. The plan is to live in the US. We never got married yet because we were waiting to have a nice wedding once I was a medical resident and could make decent money, we didn't want to get married just to have our papers in order, although that is what it will end up happening since there doesn't seem to be a better option. Our plan now is to apply for the K1 while she is still here in Buenos Aires (we would send the papers to her dad and he would file it with a check on her name), then she was going to move back in January 2017 to find a house to live and once I got my visa approved and my degree I would join her. However, I have a few concerns:


_ She was married before, to a man, and got divorced in 2009. Her ex-husband is not the father of her child. Would that be a concern for the people processing the Visa? I' m afraid that they will think that we are just friends and she is marrying me just to help me get papers so it would be easier for me to practice medicine in the US. Would the photographs, letters, etc be enough? Or should we get married while she is still here and then apply for the K3 or another type of Visa? if the latter, would I be able to join her in the states as soon as possible? (I have a tourist Visa good until 2018) or would I have to wait until two years or until the K3 is approved?


_ She hasn't lived in the States since 2010 and therefore has not filed taxes. Should she file previous taxes even declaring that her income was $0? Her father would be co-sponsoring the Visa.


Any advices? What Visa do you think it will be best for us: K1 or getting married in Argentina and apply for K3?

Thank you very much

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