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arrowArgentina Military Record
August 27, 2014, 8:35 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hi All Argentina VJers out there!


My fiance and I are in the final stages of gathering everything to turn into the Buenos Aires embassy but we are having issues obtaining his military service record.


Does anyone have experience with this?


He submitted his request over 45 days ago and has since showed up various times in person and calls at least once a week to check on the status. No one is able to tell him anything or give an update, just that "when they receive news they will inform him."


Any and all thoughts you may have would be much appreciated!


Thanks so much!

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arrowSection 221(g) Complete Admin Process (cases sent back to USCIS)
August 27, 2014, 12:20 pm Last comment by d3adc0d3

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The document issued by the Department of State under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) is for the most part used for requesting additional information from the beneficiary such as missing documents, additional evidence, or advising them of not being able to issue their visa due to pending name/security checks i.e. Administrative Processing However, Section 221(g) is also used by the Department of State when returning petitions/applications to the USCIS for further review ultimately recommending revocation. 

Why are Petitions/Applications Returned to the USCIS by an Embassy/Consulate Under Section 221(g)?

Petitions/applications are returned for a variety of case specific reasons. Returning a petition/application to the USCIS means that the embassy/consulate refuses to issue a visa to the beneficiary, but they do not have specific evidence to actually deny a visa application. So the next best thing to do is return the petition/application to the USCIS office where the petition was originally filed requesting further review and ultimately recommending revocation.

What Happens When a Petition/Application is Returned to the USCIS by an Embassy/Consulate? 

  1. 221(g) is issued to beneficiary at conclusion of the interview stating the application and/or petition is being returned to the United States. 
  2. Petition is returned to the United States by the interviewing consulate for "further review" 
  3. Returned petition is received by the NVC. It is reviewed and entered into the fraud database by fraud management. 
  4. Returned petition is sent to the local USCIS service center where the petition was originally filed and approved. 
  5. Local service center receives returned petition. 
  6. Local service center who processed the original petition sends a notice of receipt to the petitioner. 
  7. Local service center reviews the returned petition and consular officer notes on the case. 
  8. Local service center then sends either a NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) or NOIR (Notice of Intent to Revoke) to the petitioner also asking for more proof of the relationship, many cases have specific consular objections to rebut. 
  9. Petitioner is given 30-60 days from date of NOIR/NOID (depending on the service center) to respond with additional evidence of the relationship or other specific evidence. The timeframe to respond will be provided in the letter. 
  10. Local service center receives evidence...if in the timeframe given (30-60 days) the case is reviewed and either original approval is reaffirmed or the petition is officially denied. 
  11. If the petition is denied the local service center sends the petitioner an 'official' denial letter. This can be officially appealed if the denial letter states such. 
  12. If the petition is reaffirmed the local service center sends the petitioner an official notice of reaffirmation. 
  13. Local service center sends the reaffirmed petition AND its evidence provided in the rebuttal directly to the consulate along with a recommendation to issue a visa. 
  14. Consulate notifies the beneficiary of a new interview date. 
  15. Beneficiary has interview for the reaffirmed petition and the visa is either issued, or the case in placed in Administrative Processing which after cleared a visa is issued, or worst case scenario it is denied via Section 221(g) and returned again to the USCIS with a recommendation for revocation.

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arrowGo to USA for tourism with k1 visa in process
August 23, 2014, 10:02 pm Last comment by Dave&Roza

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Hello everybody.


I hope you can help me.

In december, my fiance is going start the K1 visa process for me. I live in Argentina, and he lives in Wisconsin.

I would like to go visit him in april for 2 weeks for vacations.

What i want to know is, how to ask for the tourist visa.

I dont know whether i should say that im going to visit my fiance and tell them that i have the K1 visa in process (and show the documents) or just apply as a tourist without saying anything.

Also, what if i apply as a simple tourist and I get the visa denied, will it be a problem with my K1 visa?

Thanks for ur help.



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arrowToday got b2 visa, going to start cr1, need help
August 19, 2014, 9:21 pm Last comment by Boiler

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So my wife got her tourist visa today, my moms sick so we are going to visit.

How long can she be in the USA? We plan to be there as long as possible, but we also don't want to ruin or delay her immigrant visa. Is the time limit really 3 months or 6? I hear separate things. Will she have to leave the country to stay 6? Is it per year or for the life of the tourist visa? Theoretically could she come the last 3 months of this year, and then the first 6 of the next? This would be great because she could stay 9 months with me and then we take an extended vacation and her visa should be done for immigration by then. Is this possible?

Also if I start her immigration visa while we are there will this at any way harm her? I want to be the most cautious I can be. Thanks!

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arrowNVC Case Creation Date Changed
August 15, 2014, 3:46 pm Last comment by d3adc0d3

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My NVC Case Creation Date Changed today. 

Our case has been at the NVC in Buenos Aires for about a year now (getting paperwork in Argentina can be like pulling teeth), and I was there for the interview but we were informed that we were approved but we needed to re-do the medical because it expired, get a specific certification/seal thingy on the birth certificate for the Argentinian citizen, and have him re-take his passport photos because they were not in spec.


We did that all and dropped off a packet with the remaining documents on 8/11/2014 at the very end of the day.


I've been regularly checking up on the status it still shows "Administrative Processing" which I expected, and it initially changed on 8/13/2014.


Now I have a new case creation date?! o_O






Any clue what this means?!

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