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Sending our K-1 petition! question about signatures
5:40 pm yesterday


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Hi all!

We're Dani (US) & Mati (Argentina), filing for a K-1 visa. This forum has been an invaluable resource so far and I'm sure it'll keep that way through the whole journey, so we're very very thankful :)

We have a final question before finishing the first package and sending it. We're not sure which documents need which signature... the Intent to marry letter (Beneficiary - Mati) should obviously be signed by Mati, but what about the form G-325A (Beneficiary - Mati)? It's about the Foreign Citizen, but the form's supposed to be filled by the US Citizen right? So which signature should it have, and which name in the box in the bottom where it says "Applicant: Print your name and Alien Registration Number in the box outlined..."? We're also attaching a supplement to each of the G-325A forms, so they go signed the same way as their forms, we're assumming.

TL;DR: This is the list of documents and who we think should sign them, is this correct?

  • I-129F - Dani
  • I-129F Supplement: Part 2, Question 34.a - Dani
  • G-325A (Petitioner) - Dani
  • G-325A Supplement (Petitioner) - Dani
  • G-325A (Beneficiary) - Mati
  • G-325A Supplement (Beneficiary) - Mati
  • G-1145 - Dani
  • Letter of intent to marry (Petitioner) - Dani
  • Letter of intent to marry (Beneficiary) - Mati

Thank you!!

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NVC Scan date of February 2017 IR-1/CR-1
2:40 pm yesterday


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Hi to all filers of IR-1 / CR-1 with scan date of February 2017. Please join this thread to help/update all the people who has february 2017 NVC scan date.

Please update your timeline as well as your signature with all NVC steps for better understanding of NVC stage.

I wish each and everyone of you a very smooth journey. BE PATIENCE, KEEP SMILING, AND ENJOY. We all are almost there to be with our loved one :)

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Argentina and Packet 3
8:35 am yesterday


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My finace is from Argentina and we just recieved packet 3 from the embassy last friday. Is it necessary to have the medical exam before sending in packet 3? Or is it possible to get an inteview date without it if i send in all of the other papers requested?

My other question, the police report has been a nightmare with the 'exception of article 51', has anyone tried filing for this from outside of buenos aires? we filed for one last week specifying what we needed but it still came back with article 51 included. Any advice or suggestions on the subject?

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How long did you wait for Biometrics Appointment? And Work Permit?
6:05 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone!

I sent in all my paperwork on February 3rd, 2017, papers were delivered to USCIS Feb 7th, and I received the notifications on the mail that USCIS received everything on February 15th, they cashed my checks the following day. It is now almost a month later and I have not received any letters with an appointment for biometrics. I am getting a little antsy since I havent been working for like 2 and a half months already and I want to get my work permit already! How long did it take you guys to receive your appointment and your work permit? Should I call USCIS?


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How do I add a signature to my profile?
9:17 am yesterday


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I have been looking all over and have not been able to find the place to add a signature. I wanted to add a timeline to my signature so it is easier for people to see my timeline information. Thanks.

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