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arrowWhen to complete DS160?
July 6, 2015, 6:59 pm Last comment by NataliaLin

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I just got my case number today, and I'm preparing my packet 3 to send.

But before do the electronic signature for the DS160, I had this question coming out of my mind.

I already complete it, but when it goes about the "intent date of arrival", I wanted to write down a month from now, but pretty sure that It won't be ready by the date. So, When do y'all suggest to complete it? once the Embassy got my case or could I just do it now, maybe putting down a date of two months counting from now?


Any answer will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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arrowAnyone ever get emails back from Embassy (specifically Buenos Aires)?
July 6, 2015, 3:06 pm Last comment by Ceci P

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I have just sent an email to the Buenos Aires Embassy, after an NVC agent recommended I do so. Has anyone ever heard back from their specific embassies? I am hoping so, but am wondering. Our case has been expedited, but we still have not heard anything from our embassy & the agent could not see an interview date as set. Thanks!

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arrowFilled in DS-260, next steps.
July 6, 2015, 11:55 am Last comment by mallafri76

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Hi all,


First of all, I want to apologize, because I know this question is answered in these forums, but I am at the point where each answer I read just confuses me more, instead of dispelling doubts.



Now that the tech issues with the NVC site have finally cleared up I was able to select my Agent just now. My following steps seem to be:


1) Pay AOS Fee

2) Pay IV Processing Fee (not available to me yet)


Question #1: Do I have to pay the AOS Fee before I can pay the IV Processing Fee, or can I wait until both are available for payment? (I am transferring the money to a friend's account and I'd rather do a single transfer than two).


Once those are done, I should be able to start Collecting and Submitting Forms and Documents. And that brings me to Question #2:


Some of the Supporting Documents I am being asked to submit by the NVC site ( are the same I have already sent in with my I-130. Some of them are not a big deal to obtain again (photos, passport photocopies) but others (marriage certificate with translation) are costly. The translation itself (which I have already mailed in) costs quite a bit, and I am not sure if I am expected to get a second translation done or if I can mail in a photocopy of the one I have already provided (I mailed in the original translation with my I-130, and now I am wondering if that was a mistake).


And that is it, as I said, pretty standard questions, but my brain is not processing very well right now. :(


Thank you all for your time.


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arrowAffidavit of support confusion!!
July 5, 2015, 6:31 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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After reading and researching I am still confused if not scared to make a mistake in the affidavit of support . I hope someone can help me out here. 


My particular situation is as follows:

I am a USC have been married for 9 years and  have 3 children with my wife. 


I declare income and file taxed every year in the US for work I do for my mothers company, this comes out to about 12k a year. I am employed by a major company in the country that I live in and will ask for and in all likelihood get my job transferred to the US, which would put me wall over the required income. This I do not think can have any bearing with the affidavit of support.  


Since I do not at this time cover the minimum poverty amount for a family of 5 ($35,512)I need to look for a sponsor.   


My mother has offered to sponsor my wife, so here are my questions:


1. Does my mothers Income have to cover the entire amount of income for the household or does our combine income get counted. 


2. Is the household size calculated for my mother to be considered a sponsor  my wife, children and me  plus her and my father, making the household size (7) or would it only be 3 (my mother, my father, and my wife)


3. If my mother filed jointly with my father do they both need to fill out an I-864 and provide proof of income for both or just my mother. 


I certainly would appreciate if anyone can help me clear my head on this. 

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arrowCant find my copy of NOA2 For AOS
June 30, 2015, 6:29 pm Last comment by Hank_

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I misplaced my NOA2, where can I get another copy? Or can I just omit it when filing AOS? Do I need it?

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