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arrowWedding Jitters / Cold Feet - Share your stories!
September 17, 2014, 2:26 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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I'm the US Citizen, I've been married previously and my previous marriage was very abusive, and a nightmare; Lifetime Channel movie worthy. I got out, but there are some scars I'm still working on healing, which may take a lifetime, if they ever heal.

Its just a few days until I marry my fiance, and I'm getting cold feet.


I just have so many concerns flying through my head. With my ex husband, I never cared... I wanted nothing to do with the wedding planning, I wasn't nervous, I wasn't excited, I was just numb. That's probably a bad sign in and of itself.


Now... I am most definitely not numb. I'm terrified of making the same mistakes, even though my current fiance has been nothing but gentle and sweet to me. He's great with my children as well, and our day-to-day interactions are surreal. I've never been this happy! My children adore him, my friends and neighbors think he's the biggest sweetheart (and he is).


But I still wonder... Am I right for him? Is he right for me? Is this right for the kids? Will he change after we marry? Is he using me to get to a Green Card?

We've been together over 2 1/2 years. I've gone to visit him and his family several times, he's always been a complete gentleman, treated me with nothing but love, respect, tenderness. He's here now and its the same. He holds open doors, doesn't let me carry anything heavy, in general treats me like a goddess. He's great with my children (12 and 11 respectively), and they absolutely adore him. He builds forts with them in the backyard, plays with them, when he has to discipline them, he has talks with them that seem to get through better than I could imagine. They listen well, respect him, and just love him already.


Anyone else get pre-wedding jitters?

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arrowHow can i contact a live representative at USCIS?
September 16, 2014, 9:53 am Last comment by iamatemple

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I've been trying to speak with a person but the robot says that i should call between 8am-6pm. Right now im in Houston and is 8:53 and Chicago is one hour ahed of us. I dont know why it keeps telling me that...

Any sugestions?

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arrowworried and depressed (going to waterloo wi)
September 15, 2014, 10:23 am Last comment by Caryh

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Hi everybody.


I havent started my K1 visa yet, ill do it in december bc we have to wait 6 months after my fiance´s divorce before filling the application.

The thing is. Ill go to live in a small town in wisconsin, called Waterloo. I have always lived in big cities, and i am used to this kind of life. Also, im very independant. I have worked since i was 18 and i never asked anybody for help.

Now im worried bc i wont be able to work for a while in the USA for a while, around 5 or 6 months maybe.

I dont like much the idea of depending of my husband (by then), staying at home alone watching tv or sleeping while he's out working.

I feel as if im going to be in jail in this town. there isnt much to do there except for going to the park. i cant go anywhere bc this town is far from madison for going by foot, i need a car, which i dont have, and it will also take me a while to get a driver license.

I wanted to take english classes, but they r in madison, and i dont have a way to arrive there, so i cant take them.

he says he can take me and drop me in madison, and when he finishes working, pick me up, but, come on!!!! im not going to wait for him for hours just doing nothing. Also, i dont like the idea of him driving me everywhere as if i was a 10-year-old girl. I wish i could do all those things alone, not depending of him, and the idea of not having other option than depending on him, depresses me. I know it could sound childish and stubborn, but, i dont want to depend on him, and i would rather stay home alone doing nothing than letting him drive me everywhere.

Also, im worried bc i wont be able to work, to earn my own money, bc ill need the work permit... ive been even thinking of working "illegally" for a while until i get the green card. I dont care if i have to do any kind of job and if the salary is low. this place is full of farms, and i would suck a cow udder with my own mouth for $5 an hour just to have my own money and be out of home and keep myself busy and meet new people. I dont want him and her daugther to be the only ppl i know and i talk with.

Also, i hate that he likes to live far from downtown, even in those smalls towns. He likes to live leaving the town, isollated, bc he likes the peace and quiet, and i dont!!!! i feel like if the house will be in the middle of a desert island. The only thing ill see is fields, a park, and few houses, when i would like to live in a neighborhood with more houses, and more ppl, and where i can find "life" in it.

We have been fighting for this "house" issue the whole weekend, i feel like if he wants me to accept all these things bc for him they r normal, but he doesnt really understand me, even if he says he does. he doesnt know how hard is changing ur life, going to live to another country, feel alone, make new friends, etc... i have passed through this before, bc im living in a country which is not my home country.

to be honest, im starting to have second thoughts. Things would be different if i could at least do things on my own, like going to study english, or windows shopping, or visiting places, etc. but i cant.

i dont do anything more else than crying the last 3 days. I feel depressed. I dont know what to do, In one hand i dont want to lose him, but in the other hand, i wish things were different, that i could go to a place where i can be independant, able to do my own things without asking him for help. I just see myself 5 months locked in a house doing nothing but sleeping or watching tv. I know this is temporary, but i cant be like that, bc i dont like to be lazy all the time.

Im sorry for this long post. I dont know if this is the right place to write it. i just needed to talk with someone and say what i feel. maybe some of u have passed through this when u arrived the USA and can give me some advice. maybe im just making a mountain out of a molehill



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arrowlying to POE?
September 12, 2014, 12:28 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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I keep hearing there phrase "lied to POE". I am not really sure what one can lie about.

My wife entered on a tourist visa. They asked her if she planned to go back. She said yes, if she had a husband which she said yes to, why she was here which was to see my family and travel a bit, and then if she intended to go leave after her stay which she said yes to and showed them proof of intent to leave. However we want to do an aos now and would get saying she had the intent to go back be considered lying? Or would it have to be something bigger like her telling them she wasn't married at all to a USC?

I can't understand what things are really even possible to lie about and be denied an aos since the govt knows about everything already for marriage and such.

Maybe some people could shed some light on what USCIS considers lying at POE to me? Just want to take caution with me and my wives future. A ban would be terrible id hate to have to go live for 10 years in hher country.

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arrowaos if married outside the USA?
September 8, 2014, 11:33 am Last comment by Azagarth

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So me and my wife got married 2 months ago in Argentina. She got here a week ago on a tourist visa. Is it possible to do an aos since we got married outside of the USA? Do I gave to wait a certain amount of time?

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