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Us embassy Buenos Aires Spouse Visa Process
8:15 pm


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Hi I am so thankful to have found this website as I am in the process with my spouse now. We have a bit of a different situation and would like some advice. We are married in Mexico however he is a resident of Argentina and I the United States. We were going to apply here in Mexico, but they are telling us we have to go to ciudad jarez for the interviews and medical exams in which I would rather not. So now we plan to head to Buenos Aires where he is from but I have never been before and wait the process there. If I send the I-130 paperwork to the the Chicago Lockbox and then followed by the I-129f for the K3 visa I was hoping the interviews for the visa would then be directed to the us embassy of Buenos Aires. Is this possible? If so do you know the processing times of this embassy

thank you for your help in advance!

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J-2 visa holder - form I-765 to get EAD
6:20 pm


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Hi! I'm having some trouble to understand the whole process for gettinf a work authorization!

My husband is a fulbrighter, for that he will recieve J-1 visa, and I'll get J-2 visa. I would like to work in the US while my husband does his master, I know that I have to applty for a work authorization, and that usually takes up to 90 days. My husband is starting the semester on August, buy I wanted to go on September to start the application process for the work authorization, and return to my home-country for 1 month before formally moving to the US, on mid-November. What are the steps to apply for the work authorization? What do I need to send with the I-765 form? Can I start it and return to Argentina for about a month? What else do I need to do after sending the I-765 form?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!!


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Should I renew EAD or wait for GC? Please Help
1:02 am


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So USCIS took forever to get to our AOS, and at our interview (which was in April 28th), the medical exam I-693 expired.

Unfortunately, even though the interview was within 90 days of the EAD expiration date (July 17th 2017), the Immigration Officer never suggested that the EAD should be renewed....

Once we received the RFE for the I-693 (mid-May) we went to a civil surgeon to get a sealed envelope with the medical documents. It took some time because my wife needed vaccinations.

Anyways, today we just sent the RFE with the sealed envelope back to USCIS. I understand that when the GC gets approved, it arrives in the mail soon after.

This is my concern though: we did not apply for a EAD renewal, and the expiration next month! I mistakenly thought that the EAD renewal process was fast, not that it took 90 days!!!

Here's my question: Is it even worth renewing the EAD? If it's going to take 90 days anyways, wouldn't the GC be approved long before that? I sent back the RFE and it will arrive at their office tomorrow. (I even included a note explaining this situation, asking if they could expedite the process... probably won't work but it doesn't hurt to try).

This is stressful, my wife has 2 jobs, and we're thinking that at this point, it will be impossible to legally work once the EAD expires. If this is the case we're screwed, rent is way too expensive in SF

She also has plans to travel mid-September.... I certainly hope the GC arrives before this date.

Sorry for the rant, any helpful comments are welcomed..

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Cost of Medical Exam in Buenos Aires?
3:06 am


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We received the noa2 for our I-129 and now need to look at the next steps while we await our case number. I swear that last August I was able to find the medical exam costs and now I can't! Can anyone help me out who is luckier with Google than I am? The embassy page only gives the price of the interview.

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Traveling to another country while I-130 is pending
1:05 am


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I am US citizen and applied for a CR1 from a US address in May. At the end of the month I will be going to Nepal to volunteer with my wife at a children's school. Will this mess up anything in the process of our visa? Could I file the I 864 (Affidavit of support) from the US embassy in Kathmandu although she is from Argentina? If I am leaving my job (I do have a joint sponsor with sufficient income), do I need to notify the USC or anyone else? Could I check my case online or call customer service to see what forms are required in the future?

I would really appreciate some advice on this subject as I would wish to live abroad with her until our visa is approved and come back to the United States together.

Thank you all so very much

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