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arrowShould we expect a RFE?
February 23, 2015, 12:36 am Last comment by diane79

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Hello Everyone,


My fiance sent the package on 02/02. We got the NOA1 on 02/10 and now we are waiting for the NOA2.

Checking some posts from people on the forum, I read a guy's case who got an RFE because he had forgotten to tick a box on the I-129F form (Part 2 - Question 15. Has your fiancee ever been in the USA?), and for another thing I do not remember right now . So, I checked the scanned copy of the I-129F package, and noticed that he had missed ticking that box too (all the scan was ok, but this page was illegible, and since it has several questions that dont applied to my case, I didnt check this page thoroughly)

So, my question is, is it likely that we will get a RFE? If so, I have a couple of questions.

1) Does USCIS send him back the whole package he had sent or just the form they need to be completed?

2) How many time will it delay the process?

3) Once we send the RFE, do they accept our case quickly?

I'm both mad and dissapointed :ranting: :cry: . I don't know how I could miss that question. I double checked everything because I didnt want any delay, and the only page I didn't check, has the mistake.

Anyway, at least, I know what to expect since now, and I wont get the surprise in a few day when instead of finding an aproval, I find a RFE.

I only hope we can get it soon, so we can fix it soon.



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arrowEvidence of Support: letter of employment question
February 19, 2015, 7:27 pm Last comment by Cwood81

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Concerning the evidence of support that will be provided with the I-134, is there a proper format as to how the "letter of employment on letterhead including salary and start date" should be? I would be asking someone to draft this letter so I want to make sure it has all the necessary information. For this business, this is the first time they have been requested to provide this type of information.


Is there a template or anything? What elements does it need to have?


Thank you so much in advance. This forum has always been incredibly helpful.



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arrowK1 visa interview question
February 11, 2015, 11:14 am Last comment by diane79

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Hi to all. We have just sent the I-129 form last week and yesterday we got the Acceptance confirmation. It is just starting and I'm already nervous!!! :blink:  I dont want to image how the whole process with be. I know i have no reason to feel nervous about getting the visa denied bc we have a real relationship and we know each other very well, but its that i have read so many cases of real relationships who have get the visa denied for so many reasons that i think, that could happen to me too. Im already anxious. gosh... :dead:

My question is, about the interview, do u highly recommend that my fiance comes with me to the interview (whenever it will be) or it is not a must? Bc my fiance is likely not to be able to come by that time.

Have any of you (i guess the answer is yes) gone to the interview alone? is the interviewer too tough?

I would really appreciate it if some of you that have already passed the interview alone would tell me your experiences.

Thanks in advance.


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arrowNOA2 to NVC timeframe
January 30, 2015, 7:44 am Last comment by usmsbow

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Our I-129F application was approved (NOA2) by the California Service Center on January 9th but have not received anything yet from the Nationa Visa Center. What is a "normal" time to expect NVC notification?

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arrowI-134 Co-Sponsor Issue with Tax Returns
January 29, 2015, 9:50 pm Last comment by AR&CB

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Currently, I am a graduate student with no income. Consequently, I have asked my brother to co-sponsor and submit the I-134 document. However, for fears that someone may steal his identity or that his private information may fall into the wrong hands, he is averse to presenting his last year's tax returns. He stated that he is willing to sign a release to the embassy or State Department so that they could pull them; but he does not want copies of the returns floating around. I understand this release scenario has no chance of happening.

Are there any other documents, that would suffice from the co-sponsor (my brother) for the purpose of supporting evidence in place of tax returns? 
For example, in the I-134 instructions it states:
"Evidence should consist of copies of any of the documents listed below that apply to your situation." (My emphasis on "any")
"B. Statement(s) from your employer on business stationery showing:
1. Date and nature of employment;
2. Salary paid; and
3. Whether the position is temporary or permanent."
Would this statement be acceptable for our purposes of supporting evidence?
I observe that in part 13 Evidence of Support of the K-1/K-3 instructions that the embassy sent us, it states:
"Both, the Sponsor (Petitioner) as well as the Joint-Sponsor, will have to
present last year’s income tax return and proof of current and sustainable income (e.g letter of employment on
letterhead including salary and start date, most recent salary receipts, bank accounts, value of properties,
etc.)" (My emphasis on "and")
This seems to explicitly contradict the I-134 instructions.
If it means anything, the documents will be submitted to and her interview will happen at the Buenos Aires embassy.
I'm stuck here. Thank you very much for any help you provide in advance.

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