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arrowWhere to send uscis papers?
July 24, 2014, 11:57 pm Last comment by Azagarth

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So I just got married 2 weeks ago and will be starting my wife's immigrant visa soon..... Looking forward to the 1 year ish process....

Anyhow I meet her in Argentina on a turorist visa and we got married. I can't stomach the thought of not living with her for the next year, so I decided to get my permanent residency here for the time being and live with her here in Argentina until she gets her visa to immigrate.... That was a hard decision for sure.

When I read online where to send the papers there are only two places, the Phoenix and Chicago lockbox sim told. I lived in Utah before coming to Argentina but my now permanent address is with my moms house in California. Both of those correspond to Phoenix. However I'm technically living here in Argentina right now as a tourist, which from my understanding all international applicants send to the Chicago lockbox.

I'm really confused of which place to mail my papers for the uscis process. Which area would I correspond?

Second random question in case anyone knows. If I apply for permanent residency here in Argentina will that be a negative effect on my wife's visa process?

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arrowArgentina-LA; K-1, CR-1 or get married in the US
July 23, 2014, 8:12 pm Last comment by Cwood81

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Hello, I’m new here and I thank you in advance for any help you may provide. I’ve found a lot of good information here. I recognize some of my questions might be answered by searching the site. I have read a lot here but maybe I am not properly processing it as I’m very stressed (I assume we all are here!)


I am a US citizen and currently live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have lived here for 8 years, however I don’t possess proper residency here in Argentina. My girlfriend and I have been together for over 2 and a half years. I start graduate school in Los Angeles in the middle of September.  After I was accepted, we thought she could easily transfer through her job at a large international corporation and they would handle all of the immigration hassles. Those avenues appear to have dried up. We are now investigating getting married.

The way I understand, we have 3 options: apply for a K1 Fiance visa, get married here (there is a waiting time of about 2 weeks) and apply for a CR-1 spousal visa, or get married in the US while my girlfriend is on a tourist visa (she has already been to the US with me before and has all the necessary visas/EU passport to enter) and start the immigration process from there.


I’ve read the comparison chart. We have several issues we would like to wade through.

1.       Time: I have to leave for Los Angeles in less than two months. How can we begin these processes so we are apart as little as possible?

2.       Do I have to be in the US with her waiting in Argentina to file either the I-129 (k-1) or I-130 (Cr-1) forms and begin either process?

3.       It is important that she isn’t without work for very long as I will be a full-time student and not making much money.  If she enters on a K-1 visa and we get married immediately, how long does it take for the EAD to become valid so she can work? How much of a gap is there between getting the EAD and obtaining Legal Permanent Residence status for purposes of work?

4.       Where can I obtain information about getting married in the US while she is on a tourist visa? Would she have to leave the US and/or return to Argentine in order to immigrate? How long would she be unable to work under this circumstance?

I have another issue too. I realize I’m a screw up for this but I haven’t filed taxes in about 4 years. I know it is awful. I was planning on sorting this all out when I moved but I didn’t anticipate that we were going to get married. I haven’t made much money in this period and have mostly been living off my savings. How much can this hurt us? 


I have no way of showing past results, but working in the summer when school is out and part time work while in school should be more than enough to get over the $18k-$20k poverty standard that I've read here.


Are there any other obstacles that I may be missing?

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arrowNo biometricals?
July 15, 2014, 6:05 pm Last comment by BellasCanadian

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Hello again!

I filled my I-751, is dated 05/13/14

I received the I-797 dated 05/26/14

And I didn't receive the biometrical appointment.

Since 06/26 I  have been calling the customer support line with no luck, they keep telling I should have received a biometrical appointment within a month of receiving the I-797. And that I have to be transferred to an OFFICER to answer any further questions, but for some reason or another they always found a excuse to don't be able to transfer me. 

Today I got transferred and after a long wait I finally spoke with an Officer, and his answer was that I will not receive any biometrical appointment. That now they are just using the old biometrical they took for the Green Card, and that they will inform me of the decision in 12 months.  So now the sequence should be 1- apply   2- receive NOA  3- Interview if needed 4- decision but not biometrical.

Is anyone else getting the same information from USCIS? Or I should just get an Infopass to be safe?


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arrowI-130 passport for beneficiary: What's needed?
July 13, 2014, 11:57 pm Last comment by illinoisjoe

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Hello! Recently married my Argentinian wife who has a Tourist B1/B2 visa. Now we're embarking on changing her status and we're having the first of probably many questions.


The checklist on this site says to include the intending immigrant's birth certificate or passport along with English translation. Well, we don't have her birth certificate here, so we were going the passport route.


Why is this required? None of the US gov's instructions that I can see require anything more than a marriage certificate for the I-130.


If it is, do I really need all the pages of her passport? And I need to translate them all? (Can I or she do the translating?)


She has two passports now (expired one with US Visa in it AND the current one) and lots of stamps to spanish countries that I don't want to translate if I can help it. Also, almost all of her passport has english translations right below the spanish, with the notable exception of stamps and some of the answers to the information (e.g. Marital status: Soltera, which means "single").


so... maybe I should have her mom scan and send her birth certificate? or does it have to be an official certified copy?





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arrowI-129F Packet was sent out
July 8, 2014, 11:43 am Last comment by DC&SC

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I sent it out this morning, usps express mail. Woo hoo! :joy: :joy:


Now the waiting begins..

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